bruger king headquarters corporate office

Burger King Headquarters at5505 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami.

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Burger King Headquarters.

List of corporate contacts and facilities.

Burger King is a multinational fast food chain headquartered Florida, where it was founded back in 1953 under the name Insta-Burger King.

Initially, the company did not achieve much success, but this changed after undergoing renaming and re-structuring during the 1950s and 1960s, when the company expanded internationally, first in Canada and then in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and Latin America.

Burger King went public in 2002, and during the following years much effort was put into re-branding and redesigning the menu.

Nowadays, Burger King owns over 40 subsidiaries and has more than 15,000 restaurants around the world, which serve 11 million customers a day.

Burger King Corporate Office Contacts.

Burger King’s global headquarters can be reached by phone and postal mail.

Find their contact details below.

Burger King Corporation Headquarters Phone Number.

Burger King Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Time Zone)

Burger King Email Address.
Contact the Burger King customer service by emailing to

Burger King Corporation Headquarters Address:

5505 Blue Lagoon Drive

Miami, FL, 33126


bruger king headquarters corporate office
Burger King Headquarters at 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami.

Burger King Executive Team.

This is the full list of Burger King’s corporate leaders.

  • Daniel S. Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer
  • Joshua Kobza, Chief Financial Officer
  • Azel Schwan, Global Chief Marketing Officer
  • Heitor Goncalves, Chief Information, Performance & People Officer
  • Alexandre Macedo, President of Burger King North America
  • Jose E Cil, President of Burger King Europe
  • Jose Dias, President of Burger King Latin America & Global Development VP
  • Elias Diaz Sese, President of Burger King Asia Pacific
  • Rodrigo Musiello, Global Operations
  • Jill Granat, Secretary & General Counsel
  • Jacqueline Friesner, Chief Accounting Office & Controller

Burger King Board of Directors:

  • Alexandre Behring, Executiev Chairman
  • Marc Caira
  • Martin E. Franklin
  • Paul J. Fribourg
  • Ali Hedayat
  • Neil Golden
  • Thomas V. Milroy
  • Roberto Moses Thompson Motta
  • Daniel S. Schwartz
  • Carlos Alberto Sicupira
  • Cecilia Sicupira
  • Alexandre Van Damme

Burger King Careers and Jobs.

Burger King has created a webpage where you can browse existing opportunities at the company. Job listings are classified into campus vacancies for students and graduates, in-restaurant jobs, and professional roles.

Once you have found a suitable vacancy, you can apply to jobs online via this page.

How to complain to Burger King.

Burger King’s Customer Service Department can be reached by phone on +1-866-394-2493. Customer Service agents are ready to receive calls and handle complaints daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. (CST).

Burger King also operate a Feedback Page, where you can provide feedback or complaints about products, services, the mobile app, and more. Click on ‘Leave us a message’ to get to the feedback form. Product and service feedback is anonymous, whereas enquiries about the BK Crown Card or BK Mobile App requires you to leave you name and email address.

The company also has an official support page on Twitter (Twee at the handle @BurgerKingCares), where you can contact customer care agents 24/7.

Other Burger King Resources.

A comprehensive list of additional contact details and resources can be found below:

Do you have an issue with a recent Burger King visit? Then join the conversation below.

209 thoughts on “Burger King Headquarters

  1. Made a mobile order for Burger King in Russellville Ky. Arrived to get my order and was told at the speaker they were out of whopper Pattie’s. Of course I had ordered a Whopper and a Large drink. Was told to pull to the second window. At the window was told again….”we have NO Whopper Patties and therefore we can’t serve you a Whopper and then was told oh and by the way we are out of Large cups so would you mind a Medium…..hmmmm. So that is like saying you paid for a Whopper and a Large drink, but would you mind taking a jr whopper and a Small drink instead….and thanks for the tip!!!!

    What the heck is wrong with this restaurant????

    They said I could ask for a refund but I would have to call corporate and the refund would take a few days…..and then when I asked for the number they didn’t have it and would have to make a call to the manager!!!!

    What the H is wrong with the Russellville KY restaurant.

  2. The current commercial jingle is as musically talentless as can b- forcing syllables, horrible singing voices, mispronouncing words. Hire a more creative writer. First half of jingle is total junk- last passable

  3. Was working there. I’m a single mom of two. I specifically had requested I worked mornings and not weekends (because of my children’s babysitter) and because it was easier to manage my transportation since I had to borrow a vehicle. Last night I asked if the schedule got posted. To which they lied and said it was but was never sent in the “chat”. I asked again later that night to which I had 0 reply. Today I woke up late and still no schedule was posted. After 12 hours past my time to work, they posted the schedule only to find they crossed me off completely. They retaliated against me and ignored my requests. If I could get ahold of the upper management I’d immediately be reporting the on site manager for what is going on. No one is talking to me about it professionally and I now have to find another job.

  4. The Burger King in Sedalia Missouri is filthy to the point of being a health hazard. It is the only place in town with an indoor play place, so many people would love to be able to take their children there but can’t because it’s too disgusting. I took my grandchildren there in June and a cockroach crawled across our table. As I was moving food, drinks etc away from that roach, I spotted another crawling up the table. I have a photo of that cockroach. Today, a member of a local Facebook group posted a photo of the restroom showing s disgusting mess in and around the toilet. This BK used to be popular in town and could be again, but the current management must be replaced and/or other significant changes made before we can trust it is safe to eat there with our family.

  5. Waited forever In drive thru lane with custom order of extra stuff on some none on others and all were wrong. Doesn’t matter time of day, breakfast, lunch and dinner are always over time. The only good thing is they get my jr burrito bacon light sauce, no hash right after an extended wait time

  6. Waited in the drive through for over an hour in Washington Indiana location. This is completely unacceptable and not good for business

  7. I’ve had multiple smarties blasts at the Grande Prairie, Alberta Burger King on 100 street. Way more often than not the blast has been liquidy with no ice cream and smarties. It was gross not what do you expect when you’re expecting an ice cream blast. Unfortunately for me I won’t go back and try another one because this is the fourth or fifth time that I’ve tried and the smartie blast has been liquidy with them having barely any ice cream.

  8. Placed an order on the app and my order needed up going to someone’s house several miles away I contacted them through email and they said it show’s delivered,yet I Never got it,it was delivered to someone else’s house

  9. Why in the world would you have a location open at breakfast time and the lobby closed?4872 Goodman road in Mississippi,was only open for drive thru for breakfast this morning.Sonme and my wife went somewhere else.Get it together people!

  10. I went to the Burger King’s on Government Street and one of they employee took my debit card and pulled his phone out and took a picture of my card in my face at the drive through!! I called Burger King’s to complain and no one would answer the phone!!

  11. I need someone to call me asap cus I have paper need filled out and turned in by the end of this week

  12. I’m writing to commend one of your employees at the store in Benson, NC. Her name is Vicky Covington. I was in the restaurant and left my purse. I didn’t realize it until I arrived at home in Washington , DC. Of course I panicked. My daughter was able to find the number. I called and told the person that I left my purse and in the most calming voice, she said, it’s here. Vicky found my purse and worked with me to get it back. She is an angel that helped me tremendously. What a dedicated employee you have. She deserves special recognition.

  13. Re: Burger King# 24999, Garland, TX

    I have a complaint about BK# 24999. We usually like BK. But today, it was terrible. The meat and french fries were just barely warm, not hot. But the worst part is the lettuce was old and brown! They obviously used leftover lettuce cut up from the day before or longer. It was GROSS! Your employees surely knew that the lettuce should have been discarded and fresh lettuce cut and used. But, they obviously didn’t care. We would’ve said something to the worker wearing the headset but she was apparently on a personal phone call most ofthe time we were there. BK advertises fresh ingredients but this was not fresh! What happened to “Your Way, For You”, etc. We won’t be returning to BK# 24999. Very disappointing.

  14. Location was Elk Grove Burger King.I was shocked as I saw a employee take a burger patty out of a pan of hot water and put it on the bun, then the cheese and lettuce,and tomato on top of this water bath burger. I don’t believe this represents what use to be my favorite Whopper. I ate the Whopper(which tasted discussting) because I was hungry, but I think this is horrible way to treat faithful customers. I would appreciate your response if possible. Thank you for caring about your reputation.
    You probably don’t know that some of your employees don’t mind serving GARBAGE to customers.

  15. Store 6815 place order for meals and fries, had to wait for order at window , call to tell them my fries was missing their phone is cut off/disconnected and this is supposed to be a business.

  16. I was double charged from the Lodi ca Burger King store 25081 on 5/19/23 @2:25pm. The amount of my order was $19.02. While I was eating my meal inside the restaurant I checked my bank statement and noticed the Burger King manager charged my card twice. When I showed the manager the error, she said there was nothing that could be done.

    Stealing money from customers and treating them unprofessional when confronted is unacceptable. I gave my contact information to the female manager who then said she would contact me the next day.

    I week has gone by with no contact. I contacted her again on 6/2/23 @ 5:24 pm and inquired about being reimbursed, she again had an attitude and hung up on me.

    This behavior is UNACCEPTABLE and will no longer be tolerated. I’m not sure if you have an employee double charging customers and pocketing the money or what. I have proven my card was double charged and is being dismissed by the store.

    I would like to be reimbursed ASAP. My contact information is:

    John Souza

    I would like a call back to discuss what is being done.

  17. I just stopped at the Burger King on Chicago Road in So Chicago Heights, IL to get myself supper. In drive-thru the employee said they had no fries, no onion rings and no drinks. I just wanted a Whopper. When I got the Whopper it was cold. I had to heat it up at home. This is not the first time I was given a cold Whopper. My total was $7.14 but I didn’t have enough change so gave the attendant $8.00 my change consisted of Pennie’s and dimes. I cannot believe the manager hadn’t prepared better for no fries, onion rings and drinks, let alone making sure there was plenty of change for today (Sunday, May 28, 2023).

  18. The new drink machine installed after Covid has been out of order for almost two years at store no. 25402 in Sebastian, Florida 32958. We eat there a lot and I think this is unacceptable. Not sure why it would take this long to get something repaired or replaced.

  19. Went to store, recd my drink and drove off. Went back to get my food (had paid for) and the mgr would not give me food or a refund. I will no longer patronize your store again. I am thinking about picketing this place. The help is great but the mgrs are rude & disgusting. (the 2 that I’ve had) Do you train them to be that way?)

  20. I have been trying to reach the store in Columbus TX for 4 days and no one is answering the phone. I visited the store on 4/27 and the cashier did not return my debit card. I wanted to ask if they would mail it to me. How ca I reach them.

  21. Perry Georgia Burger King Sweetner or something is so wrong with the Milk shakes for they are so sickly sweet it is like poison.

  22. Burger King North Versailles PA
    Waited quite a while in line with only two Cars in front of me. Had to repeat my order 4-5 times. Came with 2 lg drinks they had no ice and the coke was flat when I got home. My plain whopper had mayonnaise on it. So had to throw half away. Last time I’ll go there.

  23. Approximately 2yrs ago my wife,my nephew and myself stopped at the Burger King on 1601 McFarland BLVD Tuscaloosa Al one afternoon for lunch.We had eaten there many times over the years without an issue.On this particular day we had ordered inside and received our meals,all combos,sat down at the table and as I removed top bun from my burger to add ketchup I immediately noticed short black hairs on my sandwich.Informed my wife and nephew what I discovered,they also checked their sandwiches and low and behold they discovered the same black hairs on their sandwiches! Happen stance? I think not!! We threw them away and promptly left without reporting it to management disgustlngly sick!! Well we were near there today so since it had been awhile I thought I would give it a try cause I love BK.Went to drive thru placed my order Dbl Beef Whopper no cheese because I’m lactose intolerant and hate cheese anyway,heavy pickles large combo.I checked my order as we drove off (big mistake) and noticed cheese on my burger.We drove back to drive thru since we were only customers to exchange sandwich for one with no cheese like I ordered young lady that took my order opened window,my wife who was driving handed her bag with burger inside and kindly told her we ordered it without cheese,she took bag and told my wife to pull forward to a certain spot. In less than a minute the young lady appears at car window obviously irritated and wanted to know what the problem was in which my wife told her we ordered without cheese and she began to argue we ordered dbl cheese and she showed us the receipt saying so which she clearly mis-ordered.I would never order cheese on my burger let alone two slices! So I kindly told her if it was a problem to correct it to refund me my money.She abruptly walked back inside and soon returned with my refund and retrieved my fries and sweet tea so I assumed it was a problem.After leaving I called and asked to speak with manager who got on the phone and apologized but did not offer any help.I was not seeking a free meal as a lot of people will demand I just wanted my burger right,so I told her I was posting this episode on Facebook which I did,and would inform BK headquarters. I also intend to notify all local newspapers in this area especially The Tuscaloosa News.I have already received several responses on Facebook and have asked my post be shared.Please don’t offer any free meals as I never intend to eat at BK again! I would like to know if this BK is reprimanded.

  24. Attending meeting in Uvalde Tx April 1, 2023 @ 12noon. We hoped to eat a Whopper meal. As we entered about 4-6 people at dining tables & 2 young boys waiting to place order. A male which we presumed was the cook was busy doing his job. We, too waited & boys left-All this time 3 employees stood talking about who was in the restroom yet none of them bothered to even acknowledge customers. I then called on them by asking them “how long it would take for them to take our order” just then one employee came to the counter- I then informed I was to notify Corporate office-with no harsh raised voice. We then walked out. Went to Wendy’s . Customer service needs TLC .

  25. Store #4283, located at 386 North Avenue NE, Atlanta,Ga 30313, is without a doubt the ABSOLUTE WORST Burger King I have ever ordered from and they will not get another chance to steal from my coworker and I. We each spent approximately $16.00 each on lunch that was incorrectly prepared and/or inedible. Miraculously, the phone number on the receipt is no longer in service and the corporate office no longer accepts email messages. Someone needs to contact my coworker and I and give us our money back so we can order from an actual decent restaurant who give a damn about their patrons. My coworkers chicken sandwich was prepared incorrectly and the chicken tasted old, like it had been refrigerated and reheated and my Bacon King lacked the bacon to make it a bacon king. Unfortunately the best part of our meals was the drink! SHAME ON WHOEVER WORKS HERE AND TREATS PEOPLE LIKE THIS. I will continue to reach out to corporate until I receive an equitable outcome!!!!!

  26. Hi I just want to let you know that the Burger King located on Maclean blvrd in Elgin IL
    For 2 consecutive Saturdays I make mi order and when I show a coupon they give me any escuse for not to serve me please take care of this matter thanks

  27. I’d highly recommend getting a new owner for your Burger King across from Kings Dominion amusement park in Virginia off of exit 98 Rt 95, for the following reasons. I literally just left that store being insulted, being told to go xxxx MYSELF after ordering a Whopper with cheese meal with a chocolate shake. Let me preface by saying literally everytime I try a meal there I’m told “ our machine is down”. This is literally been 1-2 YEARS. So I suggested they replace machine only to be told that “I should buy them a shake machine for them”. At this point I’m pissed and I hear what I believe to be it’s manager in background stating I’d should leave after requesting they should get new machine “they don’t need to put up with that !!!” Got to tell you I’ve been totally disinfranchised by your brand and expect that it will be a very, very, very long time before myself or family will patronize your framchise again. PS: I have season passes as I only live about 8 miles from park and USED to patronize on a regular basis.

  28. Just drove through your store at Bird Road and 115th avenue in Miami, Florida. I was ordering coffee. I asked for sweeten Lowes they gave me sugars, my husband asked for creamer. There was no creamer in his coffee. There was no napkins in the bag. We were heading north on a trip and was sorely disappointed with the start. Tried calling the store and they do not pick up the phone, seems like they don’t pay attention to detail will not return to that particular store again

  29. 2/14/2023 The cashier at the Stevenson Alabama branch showed dislike and rudeness to me & my husband. We are in our late 60’s. She interrupted us Every time we were asking a question, and noncommittal with her answers.
    She made it very obvious she wanted nothing to do with us.
    And showed us disrespect.
    The next customer was a young black woman, and I observed that she was extremely nice to her, with greeting, taking her order, and thanking her for the business. She did not thank us, or in any way show appreciation to us.
    Nor did she offer us any condiments, although she did the next customer. Nor did she offer any kind of a seniors discount.
    It was my conclusion that she is bigoted towards seniors and needs a refreshing course on how to treat everyone the same !
    She also treated two young white women with friendliness after.
    I did not get her name, but she was white, heavyset with dark brown hair.
    And upon leaving, she looked a square in the face, and then with an air of rudeness, turned her head away with a scowl –

    Her behavior was total negative toward us, for no reason! Except that we were seniors.
    **We were neatly dressed, normal looking and did not raise our voice nor complain. We are not used to being treated that way!
    Shame on her!

  30. I just left Burger King at 9:37AM I preferred a sausage egg n cheese combo with a coffee it was 7.74 the lady handed me my coffee first and the lid wasn’t on literally burned my hand which isn’t even my
    Issue accident happen she neither apologized or asked if I was ok this disturbed me deeply
    I’m a nurse so I know it was a second degree burn and how to treat it but at the very least I’d like my money back which probably won’t happen either but teach your employees to have some compassion that coffee burnt me

  31. I purchased a gift card from Michaels craft store. The card was activated with $20. Go to a restaurant and it don’t work. Please contact me on how to fix this problem at.

    I also tried other restaurants

    Thank you
    Penny Champlin

  32. I visited your RESTURANT at 2122 fouintain green road , Belair Md 21014 and my app would not work for the whopper Wednesday discount ! I talked with a black girl that identified herself as the manager ! She refused to honor the Wednesday discount ! This was totally outrageous and not customer friendly !

  33. I am going to leave you a very nasty complaint. Your store in Shippensburg Pa on Walnut Bottom Road 1804 is the store number is full of people who have no business working for you. They treat customers like garbage,they accuse people of yelling when they are the ones who are ignorant. I will never again visit one of your franchises again. If I had a store like this I would pull the franchise and find a new owner. I also know that YOU as a Company do not care.

  34. The lady working today at the Burger King location in Sparta WI is completely horrible. She has a horrible attitude towards people. We visit this location a couple times a week, and it’s getting worse- she needs to learn how to be nice and maybe smile once!!!! The lady working yesterday was a delight as always, however the other one should not ever work customer service! Makes this location have a BAD name! And I really think we will start taking business elsewhere. Dealt with her just too long and never complained…now it’s just getting super annoying!

  35. I get multiple texts every day to claim my free Burger King coupons, and enter their drawings. I did not solicitation things. I’m trying to stop receiving them, but I can’t find out how. Someone at Burger King corporate headquarters. Please put a stop to this. I think it’s illegal. I am on the National do not call list.

  36. My son n law placed a 31.00 order when he arrived home they didn’t have his Fish meal in the the bag. The Manager argued with him on the phone it was there was three witnesses that is wasn’t. I don’t know if you train your Manager’s to do this but the customer is always right. I feel he is owed a gift card or free meal. Location on East Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio. Please send or respond to my Email

  37. It’s been getting very bad here in Rochester ny you have a few restaurants here and they all serve cold food when you complain about they give you dirty looks the quality of food and service has gone down hill for the last 3 years plus the cleanliness of the inside restaurants

  38. I visited your Burger King #13389. I went to order my food, however, the price on the menu board was one price, but the price rang up high. I bought it up to the cashier and she give me the manager, but the manager said you have to pay the price it rings up. It is illegal to advertise one price and charge another. 12024.6 No person, firm corporation,or association shall advertise, solicit, or represent by any means, a product for sale or purchase if it is in tended to entice a consumer into a transaction different from that originally represented, Manager could care less. This wrong, either train you people better in customer service, and correcting you pricing.

  39. Good Afternoon, I have a complaint about your Burger King in Nashville Airport. My husband and I each had a Whopper, Fries & Malt between our flights to MSP. Unfortunately, we got a huge surprise when we got home to Wisconsin. We both got food poisoning and were down for two weeks. I had it worse than my husband but we both were very ill. I had to have come from the airport Burger King because that is the only food we had. I have never experiences such sickness in my life. I don’t know if others have complained but it was really bad. Sorry to complain as I don’t normally do this but I just thought you should know.

  40. Major water leak across 4 lanes of traffic coming from Burger King sprinkler system for THREE WEEKS at 4200 block of DeGaulle in New Orleans! Water board cannot help because it’s private property.
    Please help.

  41. Hello, My name is Kenyatta Ellis and I’ve made several visits to your location at 2960 Goodman rd W Horn Lake MS 38637 in order to give them a chance to redeem themselves but after today I have made my last visit. I arrived around 4pm and noticed there was a extremely long line that didn’t seem to be moving in the drive thru (Very Normal Situation) so I decided to go inside. When I walked into the location there was a large puddle of dirty water collected around the front register so I refrained from getting close. I was immediately told that the dining room was closed and only the drive thru was available to place orders. This location seems to make up their own rules and policies and the customer service here is completely unacceptable. The Managers and staff need to be retrained post haste. Please feel free to call me concerning this matter as well as several others as I have made multiple google reviews and taken pictures of advertisements that aren’t honored 678-830-xxxx.

  42. I ordered food at the BK in Woodbury, NJ. Went through the drive through. I waited 25 minutes in line. The worst part was there was only 2 cars ahead of me. I have no idea what was going on but I will never go back there, ever!!! Not even if it was free! The way the workers acted was sad. Like they could care less.

  43. Burger King on Sr207 in st Augustine Florida are rude and made us wait 5 minutes to take our order and there was no one there

  44. Store 21300 brainerd rd chattanooga tn. I ordered a whopper combo meal no tomato with cheese. No cheese on sandwich so I tell counter didn’t get they looked at me like I was crazy and I said when you pay 10.00 for a meal you want what you order, the lady took my sandwich opened it up put cheese on it and gave it back cold. While all this was going on mgr. standing there.

  45. Got a fish nothing but pickles combo meal and a cheeseburger plain. Now cheeseburger had mustard ketchup pickles fish had a hard object in it about broke my fillings Burger King In ahoskie Nc on memorial drive

  46. Visited Burger King on Cooper Foster in Lorain Ohio today and waited in the drive through for quite a long time. Evidently there was a customer infront that had a discrepancy with her charges. Instead of having her pull to the side they held up the line. By the time they waited on me my food was cold. The young lady handed me my food repeated my order to me and just the window. I had to talk through the window that I didn’t want cold food. She was rude and said I had to come inside which was not a problem. It was her attitude. I realize she had been upset from the previous customer but I told her she needed an attitude adjustment she told me very rudely sorry you don’t have a good life. She should not be waiting on the public. I tried calling the store but the number listed didn’t go through. I wanted to get her name. She definitely needs customer service training.,I work in customer service and she definitely would have been disciplined for her rudeness.

  47. This Burger King needs to be closed down so the workers that are talking (working) will learn some manners.If it was not for there customers they would not have a job.l ordered 2 double sausages and two bacon got home had one bacon one sausage went back had to pay for two more lady came up to register said I don’t mean to be smart but move down. I told her I am not smart I am moving .I got attitude then after she smarted off I am not planning on going back. Hope you enjoy the 28.00 you got. Order was 2 double bacon 2 double sausages 1 platter 2 large hash browns! PS the Columbus Parkway is NOT A PLACE I WOULD GO AGAIN

  48. Had lunch at the BK in Elk City, Oklahoma. There is an ad over the counter, “Two sandwich meal deals for $6”. We were charged $24. When we asked the female why the apparent double in price? She said she didn’t know! That was the way the register rang it up. Other people have complained but paid the full price as we did. This is false advertising and won’t be back.

  49. I just ate a chicken sandwich at your location at the San Antonio Airport. Your “employee’s “ were absolutely PUNKS!!! Not even unprofessional. Just PUNKS!!!
    I’ll bet that location is bleeding money. Better do something about that!!! Get rid of every one of those idiots. Did not even see a “Manager”. They all might have been. Poor, poor representation.
    Will not be back. Can’t believe I stoped to begin with.

  50. Waited in line over 20 minutes at the drive through and got home with incorrect order! So frustrated when food is expensive and order is inedible due to food allergies!!

  51. Las Vegas location Westcliff/Rainbow ran out of buns for the whoppers & chicken sandwiches. With all your competitors here in Las Vegas we chose to come to your establishment to have dinner & your out of hamburger buns for your whoppers & chicken sandwiches took the time to drive to your establishment and try to fit a whopper patty on a potato bun & made it look like a small Jr Whooper yet still charge us for a full size whopper. Your Management Team should be more accommodating. Customer service needs improvement & your Managers needs a attitude adjustment & should have made sure your restaurants should have product. I WILL NOT GO BACK to any of your establishment & will put that out there

  52. 4351 blue parkway Kansas City Missouri 64130. day management and store manager are refusing to give me my check after payday.. they are retaliating because I quit after watching and having the over barring picking at people bully of a store manager target an elderly employee and young girl. these two are disgusting in their treatment of other employees.

  53. Would like to make a formal complaint about manager at 1721 Street Rd, Bensalem. Pa. Finished work and wanted to pick up lunch for my 95 year old Mom. Entered drive thru, approximately 12:30, one elderly man in front of me. Sitting in my car behind him, you could fear a female voice yelling. Not in a pleasant manor. Pulled up next to hear a loud female, I asked if she could lower her voice? Response “is a new system, what is your order. Completed my order and she yelled” pull up to window one” not THANK You or Have A Nice Day. crude rude and seriously wrong. At the window, the young-man was polite, mannerly, said thank you and fave a nice day. Kudos to him. Moved up to next window where I met tiger woman. Asked I’d she had taken my order, replied yes. Re commended she show some kindness. Answer” I’m very busy” pushed the bag thru window, no “do you want ketchup? Asked for the manager , was told” I am and I busy.” After driving off I called and asked for regional managers phonem number. When tiger responded , I asked her to hold on had to pull over. Again the words came out” I am very busy” I’m done, lived in 25 years and always went to BK. But not after today. Oh and my order number was 9. Word of mouth is the best advertisement, but not for BK today.

  54. We had the best Burger King in Medford nj . It really went down hill. What happened? Dirty equipment always broke

  55. everytime I go to the one on Chippewa and scenic hwy. I have to back up behind the pole until the call me forward again. it’s tiresome and unacceptable

  56. They play favorites get family and friends in same store and treat poor disabled lady like crap and make fun of her when she is not around then act like they did nothing wrong.

  57. Worst customer service experience ever at BK # 6144. This man wasn’t just rude, he was unapologeticly hostile to me & the car ahead of me. I’ve never left a bad review that could effect someone’s livelihood. But he has no business in the customer service industry with an attitude like his while taking his frustrations out on paying customers. It started as I was ordering & it escalated at the window. I thought by asking how he was doing it would take the tension down some but that seemed to provoke him more where he doesn’t respond for 20 seconds all while starring at me disgusted as if i personally done something to him. To finally snap out of it & yell that he was hungry & it’s a damn shame he works somewhere that serves food & he can’t eat. Constantly yelling HUNGRY that’s how I am. HUNGRY. There’s so much more ; too much to list here. My 7 year old kid is in the car so I’m trying to show her how to handle situations as she’s having a crap day herself. She broke her arm & we’ve just spent the day at orthopedic office. I thanked him & i told him I hoped his day got better for him to give me another death stare & start mumbling as I drove away. Luckily I’m not from this town & I never have to go back there. So thanks. She just learned that people suck no matter how nice you are to them. All she wants to know was why was he so mean to us.

  58. The store on thomas was great . I noticed the employees .with many compliments. And the manager wasn’t pushy ect, clean and music ect was in line with the furniture evt. Much more could I say this mrng about it . But I felt it instead thnx.

  59. Heard you was thinking of going back to flame broiling, you should! Also you need to bring back the dutch apple pie! I used to come in mostly to get the pie, now I rarely ever go to Burger King and when I do I never buy any of the sweets you replaced the pie with!

  60. Complaint. Your whopper is not what it is on your advertisement or bill boards
    The single thin burger I just bought $10,
    Was such a disappointment served cold and it was ALL bun
    Such a disappointment!!!!!!

  61. I would like to give a compliment but twice, twice, chicken nuggets over cooked, dry, like leather. I can’t stop for milkshakes as I did because you’ve been out of ice cream! There is no reason to stop anymore. When u had dollar nuggets, I would get $10. No more

  62. Burgerking on riverside drive in clarksville Tennessee looks as if it is deserted. The grass is overgrown, door is standing wide open , trash in parking lot. But it is open. This store needs your immediate attention.

  63. You should know that EVERY TIME that I have tried to get breakfast at your Broad St. location in Reynoldsburg/Blacklick Ohio, that NO ONE will respond to the drive thru spreaker or window. I do not go there every day. However, I have been trying once a week for the last month (4 times!) and there are people in there, but don’t take your order. I have been going there around 6:30 a.m. – 6:40 a.m. and it’s always the same thing, which sucks. It is to my understanding that you guys ARE open at this time and should be serving breakfast. Normally I wouldn’t complain, but when I pass every other fast food restaurant in the process to get YOUR breakfast on my way to work and I have limited time, then get there and NO ONE even responds or take my order in the drive thru and I’m left hungry going into work, this is very frustrating and annoying to be honest.

  64. On 8/16, my wife and I went to your Cayuga, Indiana location and had lunch there. There was only one employee present when we arrived, and she took our order. She was short in stature, with brown-blonde hair and her nametag read “andy” She repeated our order, made eye contact, smiled, and was very kind, all of which I appreciated. After placing our order, we walked over to the pickup location with our receipt in hand, but there was no-one in the kitchen. After she took our order, this woman walked over to the kitchen area, touched her headset, and said, “I need someone to make a sandwich,” but no one appeared. She then apologized and said that someone should be up soon. Another woman from the back of the restaurant finally came and started making our food, this being after Andy took another order and tried getting help again from other coworkers. There were other people waiting to place their orders with this woman, so we sat and waited. After twenty minutes, we had still not received our food, but others who ordered after us had received theirs. When my wife approached the counter, Andy asked her if everything was alright or if she wanted to order anything else. When my wife replied that we still hadn’t received our food, this woman apologized and informed the other staff members that it had been 20 minutes and that we still hadn’t received our food. My wife and the woman who took our order were treated rudely and disrespectfully by the other workers, who claimed to have already prepared and distributed it. This was spoken by the elderly woman and the blonde woman. She once more apologized to my wife before informing her coworkers that we still hadn’t received our lunch. The blonde replied she would remake our food while rolling her eyes. When our food was done, the blonde said “here’s your food”, put the bag on the countertop and then turned her back on my wife. We experienced a lot of discomfort throughout our 20-minute wait. The kitchen area was filled with loud, obscene music, a tall, foul-mouthed lady, a short, brown-haired woman on the phone, and a blonde woman who picked up something, ate it, and then disappeared from the kitchen. Our dinner was prepared quite carelessly and haphazardly. We lacked napkins and got cold fries. I strongly advise sending someone from cooperate undercover as a customer or new employee to this restaurant to face this catastrophe since I am confident that if they acted in this way in front of any form of management, they would be fired right away. As this is a hindrance to both us as consumers and the one employee present who appeared to be doing her job while everyone else lagged, I will be posting this on social media and we will not be back.

  65. Look I’m a cook, I understand this job is hard, but to go to a Burger King location and ask for a chicken sandwich, then to have the “employee” shrug their shoulders and go “we have whoppers” this location is rude NEVER has anything when you order it. Don’t believe me? Look up the store!!!

  66. I visited your Burker King no. 1237 in New Brunswick, NJ. Your nationally advertisement on tv offers the Whopper Jr. as a $5.00 bag. When I ordered I was informed it was $6.00. Well I paid the $6.00 and was dissatisfied with your chicken nuggets which the oil was not changed and tasted like onion rings. I am requesting a $1.00 back as it’s advertised ss$5.00 and the public should not be paying anymore.

  67. The. Workers. Stand. There. The. Order. On. Center. Pepole. Touching. Food. See. Witch. One. Is. There. I. Saw. Employe. Grabbing. His. Behind. Not. Right. Rock. Falls. Illnois. Bk

  68. Ordered my meals at drive thru in Breaux Bridge Louisiana. Upon getting home, all my items I paid for were not in my bag. Called and Manager Angels was extremely ugly, referring to me as “baby” and didn’t seem to care about my problem. She told me to come get it. I informed her that I live 30 mins away and she asked if I wanted to leave my name and I said yes. She continued to go on with her sassy excuses until I finally asked her if she would like my name since she hadn’t asked for it. Her rude behavior continued then escalated when I asked her name and informed her I was going to complain

  69. When i was a child i loved the commercials and the food. As far as i was concerned there was no other hamber place to be. But now oh have you fallen. I had a burger in savannah ga i did not know rather to cry or puke. Thanks for destrying the nostalgia.

  70. This is the second time I was charged for something and when I got home the food wasn’t in the bag. Same store#11108…last time it was 3 shakes…today it was chicken fries. I want a refund of $3.89+tax.

  71. went to a burger king in on 07/25/2022 Store #6 in Miami. My drive thru experience was not great. The person attending apparently was in a rush because she would not let us finish our order . Also of the 5 employees at the window only one was working the other where chatting about personal issues in which me as the customer heard everything. I believe this is inappropiate for a business.

  72. I went to the Burger King located at 119 Northside Dr, North Augusta, SC 29860 today, 22 July 2022. I ordered and paid for A Bacon King Meal Large and a Whopper with Cheese sandwich.

    What I received was a Bacon King with NO Bacon and a Whopper with Cheese, with NO Pickles. Thus, I was charged for a Bacon King $8.99 and received basically a Double Cheese burger meal. As noted, what I received doesn’t even qualify as a Double Cheeseburger as those come with pickles, for which this burger didn’t even have those. Now I live approximately 8 miles from the Burger King… thus to take it back would cost me about $3.00-$4.00 in gas. Let it also be known that the meat was hardly warm. Two burgers, a simple two burger order, one being a meal and yet they managed to short change bacon on a bacon king, and pickles on a Whopper with Cheese…. What is so hard about making a burger correct? (THIS ISN’T ROCKET SCIENCE)!

    Yet, the fact remains not only was I short changed on both burgers, I was still charged the full price!

    I have proof of purchase and likewise pictures of the burgers! If this is how Burger King Drive-thrus are run, then Burger King needs to be closed down!

  73. Visited the Burger King on bald hill rd, one car in front of me at drive-thru. Still Waited a long time, when finally got my food fries weren’t even warm never mind hot. Ate some right after gave to me, but not hot. Don’t go there much now I know why. If this when it’s not busy, what do they do when busy. This was around 7 p.m.. We only stopped there because it was getting late and on way home, We will not be going there any time soon, especially when there is a lot of other restaurants around. Thank you.

  74. There was metal in our chicken sandwhich employee said it was from scouring pad so GROSS did not offer another sandwich and refused to give me corporate number which I have now found and no one answers and they do not accept voicemails

  75. Something needs to be done about Tullahoma Burger King service not only is the order not right the last two times we have been but if you call up there to tell them they are rude hateful and argumentative. Will not be back and I advise no one else to visit this one. Day shift manager is horrible to the customers. It’s worth driving to Manchester if you want Burger King that bad.

  76. Burger King on east Broadway Missoula Montana is unclean dirty & basically a dump. They say their milkshake machine is mostly broke down? No way to run a business. I won’t be back.

  77. BK in Eustis/Tavares on 441 Florida.Went to eat doors open .Was stopped at from door by very rude worker stating it was drive thru only. I asked why and she just said because .They just redid the whole restaurant due to a fire. So everything inside was new and fixed . So I saw the number to complain to corporation.She flings the door back open and starts yelling at us stating if we are going to call make sure I tell them we have a problem and I asked with what and it took her a few seconds to think of one.Then said with ceiling and points so I looked exactly where she said and absolutely nothing there.So I wasn’t going through drive thru after that. Then she came out back door watching to see if I did .I wasn’t risking getting spit or anything else in food.. Since this restaurant was redone and reopened they have not once opened the dining area .Nor do they have any signs stating no dine-in.In fact on side door they have a sign saying use front door .I do have picture.But we were only going in to order it to go. Because drive thru had approximately 12 cars. Just very Rude and ridiculous ?

  78. If u run the Burger King in wabash in . It is the worse ran store right now . I was there in day time rude people working . Yelling standing around . Store was not clean . If u care about this store u may want to get a handle on this . U could hear them talking about other employees. And using language that should not be used in the store.

  79. Been to BK 4 times in the last month. Ordered a Whopper with cheese no pickles. Everytime no cheese and this last time 6 pickles which I am allergic to. Won’t go back. Is this the way to cheat customers? They charge for the slice of cheese and I have a burger covered with pickles. Not good at all!

  80. Heads up we have a lot of children that eat impossible burgers. Why not offer it in a kids meal

  81. Burger King looks like a very decent organization to eat at!! But the worker and customers would be more satisfied if you accommodated them with more AC while we visited!!

  82. I took my 2 grandkids to Burger King in Ware Shoals SC today Tuesday June 28th,2022 around 2:30 pm. I had seen the commercial for the mix and match for 5.00 dollars I ordered 2 chicken fries and a 1 medium fry got to window girl said 10.and some change the sign said correct change or card because they didn’t have change so when she said the amount I gave her my card she ran it. I remembered the advertisement 2 for five and I asked her about it she turned and talked to another lady and I was told to hold on, other lady came to window and said she couldn’t change the transaction . I told her about advertisement she said it’s 2 for 6 and it was posted on door I said whatever she then asked me for my card back and corrected it to 6 something but I am sitting here now at 1:05 amJune 28th and commercial comes on2 for 5 I just think that all Burger Kings should be on same page.

  83. I’m am disgusted by your company I’m shocked at the way I was handled because the doors are closed and I had to walk to get my son food I couldn’t be served I’m humiliated in…

  84. Hello. I just ordered $54.00 worth of food from a new location in Colquitt, Georgia. I had a list and read it to the employee who understood the entire order. When I got home. I was shorted 1 Whopper with cheese with everything on it ( that person didn’t eat) and I paid for it. Plus the two regular whoppers with cheese I ordered ( plain just cheese) had no cheese on them. This Burger King isn’t prepared to take large orders.

  85. I asked for 2 whopper Jr’s and nuggets got home 2 kids burgers no nuggets 1 sauce manager will not respond employees in street clothes no uniforms high on dope. Disrespectful bk11089 transaction number389165510155801502

  86. I asked for 2 whopper Jr’s and nuggets got home 2 kids burgers no nuggets 1 sauce manager will not respond employees in street clothes no uniforms high on dope. Disrespectful bk11089 transaction number389165510155801502

  87. To whom it may concern I work at store 90 and I’m not getting paid I’m getting like 32 .00I’m putting in the work but my manager Quadir right is not paying me what I should be paying who can I talk to or who should I call thank you

  88. Went to 4610 e kings canyon fresno at 2pm. One car ahead with one person ordering. Waited about 5 minutes for them to get order done. Drove to drive in order area. Greeted with “ silence”. Then finally “ we will be right with you”. Waited another couple minutes. I finally broke the silence and said “ my order is small. It will be easy”. The manager came back and said we are busy and you can just move on we are not taking your order”. Unreal. I decided to turn on video because no one would believe me. I repeated “ you don’t want my order?” No move on. We are not going to take your order. I said I have cars behind me. She said she doesn’t need the business and they are busy and they aren’t needing their orders. Caught totally on video. They drove off for long wait. I drove around and parked. Then two more vehicles drove up at a distance. I saw both drive off without orders. Manager Veronica was surely having a bad day but within 8 minutes she lost 5 cars full of orders. I contacted corporate. Unreal experience. If I didn’t have it on video no one would believe me

  89. I will not eat here anymore the Lawrenceburg Burger King is the worst if you don’t tell them you want your food made to order it’s so stale the fries are always cold not even warm and don’t order onion rings because if they aren’t made to order I just throw them away they are so dried out I ordered drove home before I seen I got the wrong order I had to drive back only to have the girl stand there and tell me I didn’t order chicken I ordered a burger why would I drive all the way back with gas so high if I got what I ordered and then took the sandwich out that was wrong and gave me what I actually ordered and I said the rest of the food is cold and she shrugged her shoulders like it was my fault it was cold first off it was barely warm when you gave it to me Burger King is to expensive for me to waste my money on 7 out of 10 times my food is trashed

  90. Deridder la burger king has the rudest employees i just ordered two spicey chicken sandwiches and was told i couldnt have them because they had none ready but took my damn money for them i had to get a texas wopper that they slopped togeather and didnt even try to be nice about it what will be done

  91. I have eaten at Burger King since I was about 9 years old . I am 56 now and I will never eat another BK again ! Go woke go broke ! You leftist just don’t get it . We go to spend our money in your business and don’t won’t politics involved in any direction but you leftist just can’t help yourselfs you have to try and shove your crap in our faces completely disregarding the fact that over half of your customers are conservatives and we don’t want anything from you but a good product without having liberal veiwpoints or conservative veiw points shoved in our face i.e. your new pride burger served with two tops or two bottoms . I have a gay brother before you go there and I don’t shove my politics on him and he has a little harder time trying to do the same . But once I remind him to cool it or he will hear my point of veiw he stops . That’s what you woke companies need to do and just stop with the politics or the customers that disagree go spend their money with your competitor like I am doing .

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