Dollar General Headquarters

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Dollar General Headquarters.

Everything you need to know about the Dollar General Headquarters and Corporate offices.

See the Dollar General Corporate Office address, phone numbers, customer service contacts, Executive Team, Jobs and Careers pages, and more.

About Dollar General.

Dollar General was founded in Kentucky in 1939 by members of the Turner family. The first Dollar General store sold wholesale goods whose prices were capped at $1, and its business model soon became a success. Today, Dollar General acts as a one-stop shop thanks to its diverse range of products for everyday use, which range from cleaning supplies to food and drinks, decorative items, toys, healthcare products, and apparel.

The company is now a leading small-box retailer and a Fortune 500 organization. Dollar General has more than 13,000 locations across the United States, along with stores in 43 states and 14 distribution centers. All in all, nearly 120,000 people work for this US retailer.

Dollar General Corporate Office Contacts.

Below we have listed the phone and fax numbers for Dollar General’s head office, as well as the company’s corporate address.

Dollar General Headquarters Phone Number.

Dollar General Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Central Time Zone)

Dollar General Headquarters Fax Number.

Dollar General Human Resources Phone Number.

The Human Resources department for current, former or potential employees can be reached on:
1-855-ASK-DGHR (275-3447)

Dollar General Headquarters Address.

Dollar General Corporation
100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN, 37072

The Dollar General Corporate Office employs 1100 people at its Goodlettsville, Nashville, Tennessee locations. The company employs around 120000 people worldwide.

Dollar General Executive Team.

The complete list of key leaders at Dollar General.

  • Todd Vasos, Chief Executive Officer
  • John W. Garratt, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
  • Jim Thorpe, Executive Vice President & Chief Merchandising Officer
  • Jeff Owen, Executive Vice President for Store Operations
  • Bob Ravener, Executive Vice President & Chief People Officer
  • Rhonda Taylor, Executive Vice President & General Counsel
  • Mike Kindy, Senior Vice President (Global Supply Chain)
  • Anita Elliott, Senior Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer

Dollar General Board of Directors:

  • Michael M. Calbert, Chairman of the Board
  • Todd Vasos
  • Warren F. Bryant
  • Sandra B. Cochran
  • Patricia D. Fili-Krushel
  • Paula A. Price
  • William C. Rhodes III
  • David B. Rickard

Dollar General Careers and Jobs.

If you would like to join the growing Dollar General team, the first step is to find out more about current job openings. You can do that by visiting this page, where you can explore the different career areas available at Dollar General.

Vacancies typically include jobs in sales, retail, distribution and logistics, and there are also corporate roles advertised on a regular basis. Military veterans can view suitable job opportunities here.

How to complain to Dollar General.

The primary Dollar General Customer Service number is 1-800-678-9258. If you have a complaint to make and prefer not to do it on the phone, you can reach the same department by sending an e-mail to

Dollar General also has a Media Relations line open 1-877-463-1553, where representatives are available to take calls around the clock. Written complaints can be sent to the company’s headquarters in Tennessee, or you can also use the contact form provided here to send a written complaint about existing orders, returns and refunds, or account issues.

Other Dollar General Resources.

Find additional information below about how to contact Dollar General’s different departments, social media profiles, feedback forms, etc.

Please share your experiences, praise or complaints about Dollar General, in the comment section.

143 thoughts on “Dollar General Headquarters

  1. The store that you all have in Coats North Carolina is the nastiest store inside and out that I have ever been in. It has been shut down by the fire Marshall due to crowded isles and when open went right back to the same. I will not even shop there. I drive 30 mins farther because of the mess. The staff are also rude.

  2. Dollar general is a joke Stock holders need to find out what is happening in their stores. All you are doing is money grabbing and do not care about your employees or customers. Shame on you

  3. The RIo Vista Texas store is a joke. It hasn’t been cleaned in forever. The AC when your last week and they were closed for at least 3days. The shelves are very seldom stocked. There are big containers in the aisles so you can’t get down them with a cart. Please do something about this. The manager acts like she doesn’t care and the employees also.

  4. Yes …. I have complaints … First … the cooperate office is building dollar generals on every corner but you’re not keeping up the buildings … Air conditioners aren’t working … coolers are out …. Employees are closing stores in the south because of heat … shelves are empty …. stores are nasty !!! I’m from a small town in Alabama who was excited about having dollar general but now not so
    sure …. Apparently wages are not good
    because of the employee’s hired …. people with no pride in themselves .. dirty … smokey …. appearance ….. please do something about your stores …. I’d rather pay more that be afraid of walking into these dirty stores !!!!

  5. Safety concerns in Janesville distribution center. I have informed 3 upper management ppl how unsafe it is with workers not pulling plastic and leaving cardboard in the upper racks. Unsafe for put away driver hanging plastic inside the racks, their pallets could get caught and cause someone to get hurt. I have pics to send if I can have an email address. I was told it’s not my concern by my manager.

  6. I am complaining about the dollar general in coats nc they have several isles closed due to u-boats. There is always stuff on the floor and the staff have bad attitudes. Most of the shelves are bare because obviously someone does not k ow how to order. They have to much over stock and not enough of other stuff. Someone needs to go in there and clean house and I don’t mean just with the stock I mean with the staff too. I have a pic of one of the isles that was closed due to y-boats on it if anyone would like to see it.

  7. Emerson Georgia manager Tia at this location was an absolute “BITCH” the most “UNPROFESSIONAL HUMAN” as she told me to go find my shit myself as I didn’t look hard enough to find what I was looking for and if you don’t like it the QR code is on the front door if you have a complaint I don’t care!!!

  8. Tia at Emerson Georgia location was a complete disgrace to your company, rude, told me to find what I was looking for by myself as I couldn’t find anyone on the sales floor. I asked to speak to management and she said I’m the show!! You got a complaint go scan the we code on the front door and complain cause I don’t really care! Will never be back to DG again and will let everyone know this is ok with how your management team operates.

  9. I go out of my way to shop at Dollar General. Why? Because I support literacy and DG’s support of adult education and family literacy! Thank you Executives and Board for your mission and how you support communities.

  10. A company truck hit my car than ran and my car is totaled I would like for you guys to pay off my remaining loan on it

  11. This is not enough to just place a complaint into this little box because I feel companies such as yourself will just pacifier the issue or situation at hand instead of resolving, the potential bigger issue it could cause in the future. But we will see. Im also placing a complaint with the BBB. Why too often there are issues in communities that a ignore because we as customers do not take the complaint to every platform.
    I stop by the Dollar General Store at 5405 Baltimore National Pike in Catonsville Plaza on Saturday Aug 12 between 11 am and 11:45. I picked up two 20 oz drinks, a large bag of cashews and a movie size box of candy. Once I got to the register the young lady scanned my items and then slid the box of candy to me. I asked for a bag and she replied no. I said excuse me? She replied “You can only get a bag if I purchase 5 or more items.” I said how much I’m spending? ($10 and some change) I then ask when did they start doing this! I asked her, Are you telling me I can’t get a big because I have only four items? She shook her head yes. Can I pay for a bag as they make us do within Baltimore City? ( In the city at Dollar General Stores we are made to pay for your bag if you don’t have one of your own) She said no. I then loudly ask for a manager and one of the other two cashier ( all three cash registers had cashiers) replied this came down from our corporate office. I assumed one was your store manager. CORPORATE OFFICE! I then told the cashier to please just cancel my transaction I had my bank card in the machine ready to pay while this was happening. Your cashier smirked as if the situation was humorous but it was not!
    When I can go to your stores in other communities, and going to be very straight forward with my complaints, majority white communities I receive better customer service from Aubutus up to Red Lion PA down to Wilson NC. Why is it okay with companies like yours to okay your employees not give good customer service in the majority brown skin/ black, American-African communities? I have been to stores that ran out of bags, apologize to us the customer to why they had to place our items in white plastic kitchen trash bag. I can appreciate that store (Ross) trying to accommodate the customer. Your store had bags and refuse to place my items in a bag. My money is green, my currency in the USA is the same as anyone else’s. Your company does not have the right to say I’ll let you shop and take your money but if you want your items in a bag regardless of what the items are big or small you have to buy 5 or more if not walk out with the items in your arms and carry them to where you have to go. Im beyond upset about this. Some my think its about a bag but its more. Im a customer, a paying customer, I have shop at your stores all the time but I see when it comes to the Black Community you allow your workers to treat customers any way they please to do. I guarantee, guarantee after this complaint is filed that store will still be doing the same thing because you think its okay for African -Americans to do other African-Americans that way as long as they are not doing this in the Dollar General Store in the majority White-American communities. When I go back just to prove that they will continue to tell customers in order for you to get a bag you have to buy 5 items I will have my phone video camera rolling.

  12. I recently visited the Dollar General Store # 862 at 1610 Airport Blvd, West Columbia, SC 29169 at approximately 5:30 p. m. While shopping, a lady approached the employee named Shawn (on her badge) regarding an issue with a phone card. Shawn was on the phone with her manager (so she said). Resolution of the issue wasn’t happening. While the customer became irate, Shawn became irate as well. She used the word “fuck” several times communicating with the customer. She told the customer to get out of the store. Shawn raised her voice so that others of us in the store could clearly hear her side of the conversation. The customer left the store. Shawn continued to speak about the situation to another person (a young male). He was advising her that she should remain calm. Shawn was argumentative with him. I decided that my shopping trip had come to an end. I carried my purchases to the register. Shawn and the gentleman continued to speak about the matter in front of me. Shawn was saying that she wasn’t responsible for what happened on another shift. While I agree with that, she could have handled the situation differently. I advised her she cursed at the lady several times. Shawn told it that the lady cursed at her. I told her she was the employee and it was her responsibility to remain calm. Shawn told me this didn’t involve me. I advised she had involved the entire store when she raised her voice and made us all aware of what was happening. I paid for my purchases and left. The young gentleman thanked me for paying. I feel this employee needs more training on handling customers. She doesn’t represent your company in the best of light. I cut my visit short today because of her. The upset customer could have been carried to an office to resolve the matter without embarrassing the customer or calling attention to the situation. When I told Shawn I was contacting corporate she had a smart remark to make about your being able to check the cameras. I agreed that you could and would. Please address this issue. This employee should not be allowed to have face to face contact with customers until she learns how to control her emotions better. She made a bad impression on me and didn’t represent your company well at all.

  13. What is going on with the stores in East Sparta , Mineral City, Dellroy and Sherrodsville Ohio. Always one if not several closed due to staffing!!! That does not look good for the company!

  14. I believe able I got a live chat person and o was informed I have pay money to file a complaint my attorney is goin to have a field day with these people whom you hire to ask folks who are filing a complaint why should I have to pay money to tell you your company is getting sloppy

  15. So why do I have to ask your employee to put down their personal phone And check me out to u r paying someone to make me wait while they are on their personal phone and y’all have no regards for your supposed to be valued customers your people who I think you didn’t care so why do Ijave to go down an isle and can’t get thru coz nothing being stocked coz the cashier helping the manager to make art for her Wallet yep your representive is telling me she’s helping her manager to have a WALLet made with pictures on her wallet and yet I’m still waiting to get checked out I personally think you should shut down all stores across America coz y’all don’t have and good staff and now y’all want to take our money and check ourselves out to be honest I’m sick of lazy and greedy people om fixin to contact my attorney and the BBB YALL HAVENO CLE

  16. So why do I have to ask your employee to put down their personal phone And check me out to u r paying someone to make me wait while they are on their personal phone

  17. I decided to try the new DG Market in Kaplan, LA. I wanted to stock up on cleaning supplies, paper products, etc. I had a basket that was overflowing. I asked the cashier if I could use the restroom. I am 70 years old and when I need the restroom, I have to go immediately. I was told the restrooms were out of order. A brand new store that opened just three days ago. I do not believe they were out of order but if they are, I wanted you to know so you can get them fixed. I left my basket full of supplies and went to Family Dollar where they let me use their restroom. I cannot frequent a store that does not accommodate their customers.

  18. Honestly had not experienced anything bad at McGregor Tx Hwy 84 location it until just now. When I got in parking lot, there were probably 10 total vehicles in parking lot.

    I pulled in the parking lot, noticed 2 women sitting just outside the door, appeared to be on a smoke break. I walked right past both of them, opened the door and customers were already waiting in line for someone to come assist them with checking out. So I went and got what I came for, then approached the register line. Noticing the women were still outside sitting there just enjoying each other’s conversation. Elderly customers just standing there waiting for help, asking other customers in line, has anyone seen an employee. I had mentioned to the elderly lady, ma’am I believe the 2 they do have may be outside smoking. The elderly lady yelled “Ma’am”, and then I again replied…I think they may be the only employees here it seems. She then walked outside to get their attention, one of the 2 lady’s then came in to assist with checking out. At no time, did either employee on break even poke their head in the door to see if anyone needed help. Not sure if Frank (evening shift manager) will see this. But it appears the current employees would much rather smoke during work hours than assist customers. They even went as far as putting a note on both registers stating, “Using self check out if possible, it helps us greatly thank you”

    How do you think it makes customers feel when there are only 2 employees and both take a break at the same time. With 10 plus customers in store. The Hwy 84 location use to be a great location. Hate to see this with any business, Frank is always going out of his way to help others. It sucks to see that the current employees are giving the store a bad image.

  19. Store was soo hot could not stay in there.. Employee Kelly was really nice and apologized …she always has a smile, very friendly unlike other employees…store number. 19376. Please fix ac, so i can go shop….thanks

  20. I am from Bastrop LA and frequent the new Dollar General Store here…I t is a shame that you have such great employees that really care about their work ethic and yet have to work in an environment that is so hot in the store…I don’t know about Tennessee but I can tell you that the heat index here is around 105 …yet your employees endure it as well as the customers …Shame on You!

  21. your app doesn’t work half of the time or says error when in store but soon as leave store app works fine

  22. 4712 S. 3rd Memphis, Tennessee 38109. This store doesn’t go by store hours. It’s like they open when they want. Several people have applied for jobs there with no success. Is the store closing?

  23. Please tell me why the DOLLAR GENERAL at 107 Highway 19 in Zachary, Louisiana is closed in the middle of the day on Saturday this is Sandra you have my number and this is ridiculous!
    This is not the first time this is happened either

  24. Today on KDKA news, they covered a story about one of your trucks causing damage to a residence in Uniontown, Pa. Both the resident and KDKA have reached out to your corporate office, but no one has responded. Step up and do the right thing, I hope this isn’t how you run your company.

  25. The store at charity cross roads. There is a cash only sign that has been there for several days now and we keep being told it is because the manager will not come take care of the situation. That store is really a good one, but it is not worth two cent if we cannot use it. Please do something about it. Please.

  26. The store at 3520 Waverly Road in Lansing, Michigan is horrible!!! I have never seen a store in such utter chaos!! Merchandise all over the floors, the merchandise that comes onto the floor in those carts all over the place. Aisle ways cluttered, merchandise sitting all over on the floor!!!Employees not in uniform, hip hop music playing loudly. That store is such a disgrace and it’s not the first time I’ve seen it like this. Do something with this store!!! I live across the street from this store but I will drive out of my way to spend my money in another dollar store that doesn’t look like a tornado went through it!????

  27. I used to go to Dollar gen on merriman rd in akron every day Now i avoid going even though it is the only store in the valley i went yesterday and as usual was over charged 4 dollars your stickers should match your register it has improved a little it was a little easier yo get down the isle not as much mess but still need to fix those prices

  28. That Dollar General in Olivia NC has real bad odor issues Soon as you get to the door it smells like Dog Shit Also it’s by far the nastiest Store I have visited

  29. To whomever is in charge of the Dollar General in Volga, South Dakota they need to get a maintenance person to fix the heat for the employees. As I am a frequent shopper of this store which does very well I’m very saddened as your company can’t even fix the heat for its employees. I as a customer am cold when I’m in there with a jacket on. Please graciously consider taking care of the working conditions of your employees. This is not giving your company a good rap.

  30. My complaint has two parties at the store in Ellaville on John, the manager and Kerri the assistant manager their both disrespectful to customers and both treat employees with disabilities with disrespect and talk down to them with crude behavior in front of other employees and customers

  31. Store 16619 has overcharged me 4 times now for different items I have purchased. The cashier said that that the product company sets their price but manger says corporation does the pricing. The cashier then goes back and changes the price on the coolers sticker. Over charged.60 cents. Yes I got a refund but how many prices are wrong and people overcharged if they don’t check their receipts. This is getting out of hand

  32. You refuse to pay for restrooms in your stores ! I refuse along with many others to shop your stores! Pathetic!

  33. Overcharges! They do not change price tags on shelves and then overcharge at checkout! This has happened on several occasions. Check your receipts before you leave the store!!!

  34. What do I have to do to get the trash at 4412 Manchester Hwy cleaned up? It’s so much worse that the dumpsters that the county provides!!! How about you get in there, CLEAN IT UP, fix and lock the gates. It’s an embarrassment. Dollar General should be ashamed. I’d be more than happy to send pics if I had a proper email to send it to.

  35. This is the dirtiest store I’ve ever been in..(used to be the cleanest just 2 yr ago). Trash all over the parking lot and items all over the floor inside. Unbelievable!! Location: Wallburg NC — please! PLEASE do something to clean this up! This is my neighborhood!!! May start reporting to health department as there were dirty diapers in parking lot .. no lie!

  36. This is regarding Saegertown Pa with a cashier that is in need of a talking to about how she treats customers. The gatorade is buy 4 get the 5th free and she has already taken black marker while i was at her register and scratched out the cut out so I didn’t
    get deal. She is the only oriental woman in the store so she won’t be hard to identify.
    i have seen that Ohio was over charging as she is doing now in Pa. The auditor general is my next approach.
    Miss Mistreated

  37. The store in my town is horrible compared to other dollar generals. They dont take 50’s or 100’s. Told me only the mgr can sell gift cards, wouldnt take a 100 on a $45 order. Its dirty and very cluttered, and they have a squeeky pig to squeeze if no one is near the register. The staff seems untrained and have 0 customer service skills. All the other stores I have been too seem clean and organized. Seriously disappointed in my hometown store! Mayville, Mi, 48744.

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