Walmart Headquarters

The Walmart Headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.

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Walmart Headquarters and Corporate Office Info.

See all Walmart Headquarters information here, including email contacts and customer service phone numbers, corporate addresses and a list of the executive board.

Learn how and where to complain about Walmarts products or services.

About Walmart.

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer with 11,539 stores and clubs in 28 countries, under a total of 63 brands or banners. Walmart is a discount superstore with food, clothing and  brands, but every items. The company was founded by Sam Walton. The Walton family still owns the chain.

Walmart Corporate Offices.

The Walmart headquarters, or corporate office, is in Bentonville, Arkansas, where the first Walmart store saw the light of day.

Walmart Headquarters Address.

Walmart Headquarters 702 S.W. 8th St.
Bentonville, AR 72716

Walmart Headquarters Phone Number.

The  Walmart headquarters phone number is 1-800-925-6278 or 1-800-WALMART.

Walmart Investors Relations Phone number.

The phone number for investor relations is 1-479-273-6463.

Walmart Customer Service Phone Number.

Walmart Customer Service phone number is: 1-800-966-6546 or 1-800-925-6278

Walmart Email Contact.

Walmart Customer Service Email is:

For Store or Corporate feedback, please use the Feedback Form.


Walmart Corporate Website:

The Walmart headquarters website is The website lists corporate contact information, the executive team and company news.

Walmart Headquarters
The Walmart Headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Walmart Executive Team.

The Walmart board of directors and key leaders include:

  • Mike Duke – Chief Executive Officer and President
  • Bill Simon – Chief Executive Officer and President of Walmart US.
  • Doug McMillon – Chief Executive Officer and President of Walmart International
  • Rosalind Brewer – Chief Executive Officer and President of Sam’s Club
  • Neil Ashe – Chief Executive Officer and President of Global eCommerce
  • Joel Anderson – Chief Executive Officer and President of

Walmart headquarters board of directors:

  • Rob Walton
  • Aida Alvarez
  • James Cash
  • Roger Corbett
  • Douglas Daft
  • Timothy Flynn
  • Marissa Mayer
  • Lee Scott
  • Jim Walton

How to Complain to Walmart.

You can Email, mail and call the toll-free phone number 1-800-925-6278 to file complaints with Walmart. The company needs all complaints to be sent directly to the Walmart corporate headquarters, and not to individual Walmart stores. If calling, then request a customer service representative and give the store number of the Walmart store that you want to complain about. Then clearly state the complaint. Customers can also request a follow-up phone call.

You can also mail a complaint to Walmart’s headquarters at 702 SW 8th Street, Bentonville, AR 72716. Alternativly, contact the company via its Facebook page.

Walmart Owned Brands

Walmart owns the following brands, among others:

  • Straight Talk
  • Great Value
  • Sam’s Choice
  • Play Day
  • Price First
  • Equate
  • Mainstays
  • Ol’ Roy
  • Special Kitty
  • Parent’s Choice
  • White Stag
  • George
  • Athletic Works
  • Canopy
  • Durabrand
  • VUDU

Walmart Resources and Social Media Pages.

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302 thoughts on “Walmart Headquarters

  1. I ordered a delivery and did not authorize a tip. This is fraud and theft. I will be contacting the BBB

  2. I live in Vallejo we have a grocery Walmart here I went in the store they had cherries on sale display $3.97 each when I got up to the counter it said that they were 397 per pound that’s not what the sign said they refused to give me the price that was quoted on the sign for the cherries so I’m filing a complaint with a Vallejo down Walmart grocery store and this is not the first time this is happened I’ve bought other items and they’ve said it was one price and when you get to the counter they’ve quoted another and refuse to give me the price that was listed for that item. this is against the law and I want my cherries for $3.97 my number is 707-474-xxxx my name is Deborah ReedJack. this is misleading customers and is against the law. this is intentional so I feel that something should be done about it. This is not the first time they have put up misleading signs throughout the store it seems to be a normal practice so I am filing a complaint and I look forward to hearing from someone from the store.

  3. I was treated like a criminal for shopping at store 2701 Carlisle NE in Albuquerque nm. Contacted Walmart Corporate, but nothing was done about it.

  4. Hello this is not a c complaint. I would like the address of your Marketing Dept.
    O would like to asked for a donation, we are trying to renovate our city park where l lived.

  5. Why has no one reached out to do anything about giving my address out. The customer you gave it to is still giving me hell. Over paper plates . I have been promised to be contacted by so many people.
    It’s a privacy policy. Hipa , I was told to keep them by Walmart. Then angry lady demanding them back.
    Now I have to move to another residence. Landlord thought it would be better. Walmart did not take responsibility. They knew who gave it out. 4 hours on phone on hold . Several different people promising me things. Not once did a manager supervisor or anyone contact me. This is not right. You should be sued.
    Again last couple weeks been promised . And nothing. In your corporate office also. You just brush this stuff under the rug? I will be doing a article on this for local online paper.

  6. 06/21/2022

    I have been a Wal-Mart customer for 35 years and online shopping for 8 years plus, Cocoa Supercenter 2700 Clearlake Rd, Cocoa, FL 32922. On Jun 09, 2022 Order# 4312246-304560, I order a pack of McCormick Italian Mushroom Spaghetti Sauce, 1.5 oz $1.28, on 6/10/22 they had to ship this to me stating will arrive on 6/11/22 but was delayed and will arrive on 6/12/22. Received it and they sent Williams Spaghetti Sauce Mix; this is no way near the one I ordered. I called regarding this and they gave me a refund of $1.28.
    Please look at this list below, I would like to know who is padding their pockets. I understand inflations year to year but this is ridiculous. These products are online shopping; someone needs to review all prices on your site. Wal-Mart states there prices are lower than other stores, but don’t see it, this is false advertisement.
    Also I need to know why it takes a week to post in my checking account. I put the order in on Friday with one amount and then a different amount on Saturday due to items out of stock.
    Crest Premium Plus Scope Toothpaste, Minty Fresh Flavor, 5.2 oz $2.97
    Crest + Scope Complete Whitening Toothpaste, Minty Fresh, 5.4 oz $10.33
    McCormick Italian Mushroom Spaghetti Sauce, 1.5 oz $7.99 (on 6/12/22 amount was 1.28 now is $7.99 what is wrong with this picture
    McCormick Spaghetti Sauce Mix – Thick & Zesty, 1.37 oz $1.28
    Angel Soft Toilet Paper, 9 Mega Rolls = 36 Regular Rolls, 2-Ply Bath Tissue $5.98
    Angel Soft Toilet Paper, 6 Mega Rolls = 24 Regular Rolls, 2-Ply Bath Tissue $5.28 now it is $33.25
    Angel Soft Toilet Paper, 4 Mega Rolls = 16 Regular Rolls, 2-Ply Bath Tissue $6.88, now it $17.00
    Thank you
    Teri Mitchell

  7. I am through with Wal Mart! You are removing Mike Iindells My Pillow Products! You lose me and my family as customers period! Everybody I am friends with to include my Church! I cannot believe you would do this! I am a Retired Master Sergeant US Army Airborne/DAV 23 years of service! See what I can do to remove a lot more customers!!! I cannot believe you would do this!!! Ichabod on Wal Mart! UnAmerican move and unpatriotic!!! To heck with you all!!!!!

  8. I have to say you guys have went down hill standards are low . I shop every week with you guys I’m nothing in comparison the billions who support you !! I worked for Walmart as well worked hard no holidays! Terrible beni .You treat then ones that work those stores to allow customers you bring you selfish leaders to where you are . I shot there all the time. The one time Really needed you couldn’t get my cats food injured myself !couldn’t get a small order promised yesturday still nothing my babies need their fun you let me down Noone helped thought promised 3x rediculas driver decided 3 min from my place to return to store not right . . You’ve tried yourself on this map and caring about the people the only ones that you care about is wants to make you look good so the ones you don’t need to of course you’d like them doesn’t make you company look good but what about the ones that made that business to pay that coming there every day to give you some of that might joke they don’t mean nothing to you dude they’re just money to you Be home starving I’m waiting for that in at 4 o’clock in order to someone else because they got the money held up none of that matters to you and now you got grocery pick up so that’s what you focus on..the people have delivery forget them.They still willd bill me for delivery even though I did not get service You’re terrible and you need to be exposed and then another company Will out do your service you . like you did Kmart you better company’s come along because when Sam was there it was hes no longer there and you guys let it go to hell Shame ! Can’t Amazon’s better than you guys at least they take ownership and replace it at least they get their stuff there when they say they will I’m afraid to say that wrong Extra mile for the customers you guys don’t care in your fancy seats but I’ll tell you’re gonna lose your business you can’t treat people like that and I work for credit card company and I get so many complaints over this so I’m not the only one really look at the what you doing here You make it seem like you contribute all this good to the community when you hurt so much

  9. Grove ok. Walmart is just awful!! Yesterday I saw oranges for 96 cents each!! What is wrong with you? Forcing people to go to the dollar store or locally owned stores. Lower your prices any you’ll get more people to shop there. You don’t care at all about people just your profits. You should be ashamed!!

  10. A large pickle jar was dropped on my foot cause my foot to catch an infection with glass in it as well I received one phone call and that was it

  11. Horrible phone service. Constant hang ups and phone ringing off the hook. Finally went to Walmart Store 1391, Beville Road, Daytona Beach and they did not have item website claimed they had. Will never visit that store again

  12. Why is the Walmart store in Burnsville, MN, starting laying off most of its employees, especially those of Somalis descent; it’s questionable despite their hard work!

  13. I went to the store talk to hiring manager Miranda Dalton at the 1060:store she talk to me like a dog it shows 6 positions open she told me they didn’t need any help and she told me that she got rid of it off line but it still showing that they need cashier’s one of the employee told me they need help she lied to me she has her picks I’m experience cashier she has no right to talk to me like that I need a job she thinks she is high and mighty they need to get rid of her she don’t care I even begged her for a job I got my application in

  14. Hi my name is Dianne Grockenberger, i work at Gensis southern Ocean center in Manahawkin, Nj . I have a resident at our nursing home facility who was a employee for over 20 years at the Manahawkin, Nj store. I have tried and tried to call Manahawkin and no one ever picks up the phone. We were cleaning out elanor Pelosi’s house and discovered that she has or had profit shARING. Per Eleanor she has done nothing with it. Is there a paper or form that I can have sent for her to fill out and see if she is entitled. Again her name is Eleanor Pelosi,. I am including my information as I am her contact.

  15. still havent received my refund for Samsung tv which was mailed back. tv was broken! $505.61 since March!! This is not right…help me!!!

  16. I went to Walmart to cash my check it was only for 56 dollar the two ladies was supposed to come back from the break at 1:00 didn’t come back until 1:30 then both of them had an attitude the lady that cashed my check shorted me $5 and then when I called up there cuz I love too far to see if I can call back if a manager could count down the drawer didn’t nobody never answer the phone so I had to call the corporate office it’s always something with the Walmart on portage I’m very upset this this should not have to happen and you shouldn’t have to worry about something being short or not being able to get in touch with anybody when I shop at Walmart all the time

  17. I went to a Walmart for a western Union, however I called prior about and hour before catching a cab and they said Western Union opens a 10. However I arrive at the store 1045am and the store managers said “I don’t know how to work the system” I was appalled. Well I returned later and Jackie was there for evening shift. Great lady she needs a raise if she is that important. Should cross train manai at customer service. It is mother’s day and no customer service desk oj the weekends. Unbelievable. There is definitely loosing money poor management. Although it a neighborhood Walmart no reason why management is not up to par.

  18. I purchased the “hot deal” patio set thru chubbyzara thus has never been received and no longer accepts emails. This is the biggest scam walmart has offered.

  19. You have employees who are bad at job and Acting like they are the police and telling people that they didn’t pay for things when they did and picking on special needs kids and adults for no reason and then trying to be best friends with the care giver and this was done to my family yesterday at the Plano il Walmart and the lady reason was I just came back from break so at this time and going forward you have lost a customer because of your employees

  20. I have tried numerous calls to the Danforth Store an the I 35 store in Edmond. Oklahoma. and there is no answer and they finally disconnect I trtied the Memorial store in OKC with the same results. I never got to speak to anyone. I called the customer service line to report the issued and when the operator came on the line, the first words I heard were Oh F**k. I could not believe what I was hearing. This does not reflect the rosey picture you paint in your ads. Clearly you do not want to speak to anyone in person at the corporate level about these issues, because I have been given the run around and then connected right back to the person who said the insult to me over the phone.

  21. I have ordered my thyroid medication Levothyroxin thru WalMart Store#1387 for years. A couple months back they sent me Euthyrox which is another form of medication and my first pill I took, I had a terrible reaction to it. I call my doctor and told him to be sure when they renew my script to be sure it is Levothyroxin and nothing else. And I call the store and told them to not switch to any other brand put the generic I have been taken for years. They sent my script. I just called to have them renew my script with the doctor and to mail me my pills. They mailed me Euthyrox. Now how Negligent can you get

  22. Good evening my name ts Teresa and I went to a Walmart in st Joseph MO , while I was there with my husband we seen a mattress topper that we wanted to buy it said 68.00 took and picture of it just in case because we have had a very bad experience with Walmarts before , when we got to the Registerto pay for it it came up 104.00 we should the lady that was working the self check out and she called her supervisor over and she told us that it wasn’t the right price and the supervisor said the Walmart tags read right to left the we as a customer I guess should know how the tags read , she then called the manager over after having a Attitude with us and then left . Then the lady that was working the self check had attitude with us also . The manager came over and when he walk up I instantly felt very uncomfortable due to the fact his zipper pants was down and I looked away instantly. My husband told them this was the price and he said no and that that’s not how the tags go at Walmart with attitude and said have a nice night and walked away . His name was Brian and he works the night shift . After we paid and was leaving I told my husband and we went and told the manager that was with that same supervisor that you just walked up to my wife with your zipper down and the supervisor lady that was standing next to him look down at is pants . This isn’t and very professional at all… store # is #560

  23. Last week I was at Walmart in mount vernon Washington about 8 thirty pm. I just started to shop, and a guy comes up to me and tells me I have to leave the store, one of his other employee had told him(Josh, says he is head of security))… I told him he was mistaken, I was accused of been shoplifting Five or six times and was not spose to be on the property. I asked who told him…he said a reliable employee and never was wrong..I told him,well made a mistake this time. He was pretty unprofessional about it, people around me heard all this..he wouldn’t even deal with name or anything. I left the store and called the store and ask for the guy that he named, the girl said there wasn’t a person with that name working there.i proceeded to tell that girl I want to talk to someone in security or store manager. Went around with her for a few, then the guy who kicked me came to the phone..told me his name then, said he was going out of town to Idaho for a couple weeks, and there was none except him to look into this matter. He wouldn’t even take my name or call police. I’m so pissed…he’s wrong, he embrassed me, and other people heard and saw this. I’m no thief, I never shopped lifted. I was advised to get a lawyer ….. This needs to be cleared up.. you can’t tell me, Josh is the only employee to handle this matter, and there is no one in the Walmart corp. Yo handle this matter.

  24. Seems that the assessment test for employment with Walmart is very difficult to pass. The management and people hiring said to think how Walmart would think not how normal logical people would think. That doesn’t make sense. How does Walmart think? I even talked to one of the General Managers at one of the Super Walmart’s and he said that he knows that there is an assessment test but he does not know what type of questions are on them. He said that he was going to look into it. I wander if these other employees that have been with Walmart for a while have taken these assessment test? If not, all the employees at Walmart should have to take it. I think even corporate management at Walmart should take it from the CEO all the way down the line. Maybe Walmart should give every customer that comes into the Walmart to shop an assessment test and all the customers that fail the assessment test should be turned away and be told to go shop somewhere else. Again, Walmart have all your employees and upper management all the way up to Corporate management and let me know how they do.

  25. I shop on line for groceries, clothing and much much more being I am disabled and cannot walk. I went to return some items I bought on line, one was a dress the other a bathroom set. I had trouble getting a cart but finally got one. I took the items to customer service and was told they could not return the items even though I had a receipt for everything because their shipping label machine was broken and had been she said for over a year. She said she reported it to management but it still to this day hasn’t been fixed or replaced. I don’t really believe this but nevertheless I need this store to respond to this issue. I cannot go to FedEX as she suggested because they don’t have electric carts. I wish somebody would fix the machine so I can continue shopping there or I’ll be forced to shop elsewhere. The Walmart is located at Tucson Marketplace, Tucson, Arizona.

  26. I ordered several items and they sent a delivery driver who tore the tag off the bags because they had delivered my items to someone else now they are pending the original amount even after they took $136.03 this has been the worst experience I have ever had I will NEVER order anything from WALMART again then 2 phone reps hung up on me anyone who does that where I work gets fired

  27. I have made 11calls to different people hoping someone could help me so far nobody has done anything I need help It”s impossile to reach corporate offices somebody please call me or send me an email look up order #3682202-461519 This is a terrible way to treat a customer This has been goin on since April7th somebody please help I am a senior citizen and disabled thank you Doris

  28. The store manager at the Laurens store in greenwood SC was very racist towards me and my kids.
    She has upset my child and this is not tolerated. I can’t believe that this is happening at the highest level of the store.

  29. Hi I am Heller Lopes. I am a Wal-Mart SPC. My coworker Yasnir Nasir has constantly made homophobic jokes. It is uncalled for and unwanted. I feel like this is interfering with my ability to do my job at work.

    He is a fellow SPC employee. This started when starting working at the location in aurora, IL . It has been three weeks and it continuously happening. I told Tim Hixen the SPC in charge and he did nothing. I have to continously work with him.

    I feel like I should sue Wal-Mart for allowing this. It was presented in front of Tim and Yasnar never denied it. Tim did not send him home or terminate him after he admitted that he did it and said it was a joke. Tim address the issue, and I do not feel safe or comfortable around him.

    I am really nervous because, I have to go to another location with him next week and work with Beth Harvey our lead RPL. Tim only doing something five hours later because, he know it may effect his job. That is very unprofessional. He was supposed to do something immediately after Yasnir admitted it.

    Please call me at 773 682 xxxx. If he is not fired for this action I will contact my lawyer and press charges against Wal-Mart and him

  30. I am out of my state visiting family at this time. Area Butler Missouri. A couple days ago purchased Self-rising flour. When I used it, it turned brown. I called in and the I did check the 2nd bag, also turned brown. Walmart is sending a gift card for replacement. However today go buy a bag of self-rising flour at walmart and it happened again. I have not called this one in yet.

  31. I order 4 tires out of 4 tires there was one that wasn’t the brand witch I’m so piss I tires to do a exchange they won’t allow me an it is they miss up an I paid thur afrim

  32. I purchased a gateway laptop less then a year ago. I did not purchase a warranty and financed the item. I have 4 payments left. The monitor came apart from the frame which appears to be held together by some type of adhesive. The product is no longer sold in the store. I have reached out to everyone and was told to contact my local store. No one has reached out to me. No one answers the phone when you call both stores.

  33. Bad protective coating on very expensive eye glasses I bought from Vision center of Walmart. See photos of lens bought from Glen Ellyn , Illinois

  34. Hi my name is Denise TargiA
    My name is Denise Targia my email address is targixxxx
    My mailing address is 13xxx Sw 258 th terrace Homestead Florida 33032
    I have place an order with Walmart as you can see on line like all the representative of Walmart was able to find them .I placed an order on 03/04/2022 03/10/2022 03/17/2022 Received some red cushions for patio furniture but never the furniture no one was able to tell me where did my order go one of the invoice said packages was left at porch which I don’t have. I made several phone calls and complain and at the last call a gentleman who took care of me said I will give you a refund but you no longer be able to shop for anything online because we have to give you a refund. I did a little of investigation because federal express said my furniture was left on a porch which I don’t have. So my investigation has my address which is a complex townhouse there are 8 different locations with the same address. I’m very upset with Walmart for just trying to insinuate the I stole it and that’s why I’m being band from shopping online.

  35. Live in California Madera and Mercedes can shop at both stores and Have had my leg amputated and none of them have carts charged up for people in my shape to use and they always have broken ones that are not being replaced the is so sad that we can’t shop in a Walmart store as big as you are you can’t fix tjem

  36. i just left store #842 one of your on line shoppers tony had his cart in the center of the isle and got very upset when i needed to get through he rolled his eyes at me and called me a bitch under his breath. when i confronted him he did not care told me his name and didnt care if i complained about him that was very horrible customer service

  37. I shop at the Walmart in Stamford Texas, Your clothing dept, has no plus size clothing for the older generation, Women my age 66, don’t like to show my boobs.Need a better variety of clothing.

  38. I have had an account for approx. 2 years now, and nothing but problems with being locked out of my online account for the last four to five months! I keep getting people who speak poor english and can’t understand the fact that I’m paying a fee for this so-called service. I’m a long-time customer, and don’t appreciate the fact that I have to go through this crap!!! I WANT THIS FIXED A/S/A/P AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK FOR THE PAST FOUR MONTHS OR LONGER! i ALSO PAY FOR EXPRESS SERVICE, AND YOU KEEP CHNGING THE FEE’S! OR TELL ME TO OPEN A NEW ACCOUNT,, OR CHANGE MY E-MAIL ETC. FIX IT OR i WILL SUE!! LOUSY CUSTOMER SERVICE! STOP ASKING ME TO INCREASE THE TIP TO THE DRIVER! I will pay what I can afford

  39. I have had an account for approx. 2 years now, and nothing but problems with being locked out of my online account for the last four to five months! I keep getting people who speak poor english and can’t understand the fact that I’m paying a fee for this so-called service. I’m a long-time customer, and don’t appreciate the fact that I have to go through this crap!!! I WANT THIS FIXED A/S/A/P AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK FOR THE PAST FOUR MONTHS OR LONGER! i ALSO PAY FOR EXPRESS SERVICE, AND YOU KEEP CHNGING THE FEE’S! OR TELL ME TO OPEN A NEW ACCOUNT,, OR CHANGE MY E-MAIL ETC. FIX IT OR i WILL SUE!! LOUSY CUSTOMER SERVICE! STOP ASKING ME TO INCREASE THE TIP TO THE DRIVER! I will pay what I can afford

  40. Just move to Oklahoma. 8 miles west of Marietta. I have to go to Gainesville, Tx or Ardmore, Oklahoma to shop. Both stores are always crowded. Can or when can we get a store closer to help. There is enought people to support a new store.

  41. I used to work at Walmart 5361 and I was recently fired because of how racist one of the front end managers were and the main front end manager Emma never stood up for me and always told us how bad of a job we did and Vlad would always yell at me for getting a drink a water or for going to use the restroom when I had someone covering me wherever I was whether it was at the door or at the scan and go’s. I would like my job back because I was unjustly fired for not doing anything wrong

  42. Very very disappointed with curb side shopping . You should not have reserve a time. Then when I finish my shopping. It tells you your reservation has expired How do you make a reservation 3 hours before pick up and your time expires very disappointed If the time not available than it should not let you pick it!

  43. FALSELY ASSCUSED OF STEALING, SO I WAS AT A WALMART IN WALPOLE MASSACHUSETTS. ON SATURDAY MARCH 26,2022. ON OR ABOUT 7:30 PM. MY DAUGHTER AND I BOUGHT $150.00 WORTH OF ITEMS FROM WALMART’S AS WE WAS SCANNING ITEMS SOME ITEMS DIDN’T APPEAR TO SCAN, A WORKER CAME OVER TO ASSIST WITH THE SCANNING, HOWEVER, THE WORKED PUT HER CODE IN SO THAT WE CAN CONTINUE SCANNING ITEMS, AS WE FINISHED SCANNING ITEMS WE paid for the bill, as we exited the 1st set of doors, A loss prevention ran up on us like we stole something, the guy said we notice some thing wasn’t bought, mind you the worker that worked the cash register came on several occasions to help us scan items, so what that being said the guy came and said we need to check your bags, we say oh of course he checked our bag, the items we thought was paid for was 2 green peppers, a lemon, a box of noodles. and a pack of salmon, dude takes my daughter Id to see if we was in walmart’s data base, which she wasn’t. so when we finally realized what wasn’t paid for we asked if we can buy the items since they wasn’t rung up, the guy said no! I said why you just said it was an scanner error, things like this happens sometimes, so if you knew we didn’t take the items intentionally why we could purchase the items that wasn’t paid for, the guy said it was against Walmart’s policy if a customer get their bags checked we can’t let them purchase nothing for 24 hours, I SAID YOU JUST CHECKED OUR BAGS AND EVERYTHING WAS PAID FOR. EXCEPT THESE 4 ITEMS BECAUSE OF THE SCANNER, EVERYTHING THAT WASN’T PURCHASE WAS UNDER $11.00. I WAS EMBARRASSED, TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL, THE GUY TREATED ME AND MY DAUGHTER LIKE WE WAS CRIMINALS, CALLING ABOUT 3 OTHER WORKER TO JOIN IN, WHICJ=H I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND WE COOPERATED TO THE HIGHEST EXTENT AND WE WAS TREATED LIKE THIS, I WILL SAY ME AND MY DAUGHTER WILL NOT RETURN TO YOUR STORE EVER AGAIN, WE WAS AVALUE CUSTOMER THAT VISITED WALMARTS 1-2 TIMES A WEEK, TRAIN YOUR EMPLOYEES TO BE PROFESSIONALS AND TEACH THEM EVERYBODY NOT THIEVES. SMH!!

  44. Hi, this is Diane Hanna. I contacted you yesterday Nancy Soriano sent me letter stating a decision has been made concerning my claim. She told me to contact her but she will not return emails or phone calls. I would like to know what the outcome is Please have her contact me by leaving phone message or email

  45. I purchased for my 15 year old son a basketball hoop for Christmas from I had it shipped because I could not carry it. And I also paid additional $99 for their handyman service to come out and put it together. Well it is obvious the handyman service just hire anyone. For one it took these two guys forever to put it together and the hoop fell and came apart I half. I called Walmart and they advised me to call the handy service back which I did they came out a week later Robert who works for the handyman service advised me the hoop was damaged and not put together properly. Now here is the fun part Walmart would like me to pay a restocking fee (the handymen threw away the box it came in. Not to mention I can’t box it up due to the weight and the fact it is still half way together. Fed Ex came to pick it up but it has to be boxed. So I called the handyman service back I was hung up on three times, each time I was asked to hold and bam hung on. So here I am paid Walmart almost $300 for the hoop and $99 for the handyman service not even two months and this is how I am treated. I am so upset the such a large company like Walmart lacks good customer service. I am forced to possibly take this to my local news station. As if we have not been through enough as a country. I think this is a easy fix on Walmart and their handyman service. How could these people be so cruel to a child and to their customers. I just want my son who has been through COVID from no 8th grade graduation to enter high school on line his first year to have an outlet and be able to be a kid.

  46. They let my stuff get stolen because your staff did not call as I instructed. He left it in the lobby and it was stolen. The refused to resend items. They want me to pay to order it again. I’m not. I didn’t want a refund and I wanted my stuff. Your staff needs to be retrained. They don’t know what they are doing. They want me to wait a week to clean my home. This is unacceptable and I want someone in cooperate to call me back

  47. Visited Walmart store in Virginia Beach at2021 Lynnhaven Parkway
    This store was immaculate.
    Floors clean, shelves stocked
    Nothing in the aisles to prevent one walking. Praises to the managers and associates for a Walmart that’s a number one store in my book

  48. i have 5 orders from 10/2019 that still show as delayed it is now 03/2022 and i have been trying to get my refund for these orders for 2 years now all they do is keep transfering me to different people,and telling me i should have my refund by email on a gift card total of 578.18 in 24 to 48 hours.2 years went by and nothing yet i been calling every week,they dont care time to hire a lawyer

  49. Suggestion: u own a strip mall around 7500 st n and park blvd pinellas park fl. I suggest getting rid of getting rid of anytime fitness*drugs) and turning it into laundry and or coffee shop.

  50. I shop at the walmart in boiling springs sc. They never have the parking lot lights on at night. I do not feel safe in this lot because its so dark. Please for the safety of the customers. Please have them to turn on the lights. Thanks alot

  51. I am currently at store number 3527 had some issues requested some assistance and Mrs Amanda took care of it. I appreciate her addressing my concerns. She actually turned my complaints in to a complement. Thanks Amanda,

  52. For the past month I have not been able to sign in for my Grocery pick-up order. Why am I blocked? I use Blairsville, Ga. store.

  53. Yes I would like to know how come I can’t be r store here in are town when someone else is in the store at the same time I am in there this makes the second time that I have been told that I can’t be in that store when the other person is in the store

  54. Pay online for television Wednesday got messsage pick up Thursday between 5 and 6 i work 2nd shift came Sat order was cancelled they won’t return my money or give me a tv no ans ever contacted corp office 6days ago no response fileing law suit

  55. Walmart can’t be as bad everywhere as my town. Even Sams is getting out of touch with the world. Got ripped off with home delivery that never happened..Call a manager? Good luck…! Try to buy a battery….Too much trouble to give me credit for core…too bad..bring it back later…Went to another store….great buys if you believe posted prices that were not true….but send the manager back to see and she can’t find them…..but they are still there next week when I take a picture and make her give me the prices….Remodeled Sams and then forgot to tell workers to go back to work. Funny how you got a survey each time you went till you complain to lazy manager who along with 3 other workers standing around letting 1 person work….while they laugh and talk smack….but would take any buggy that had 5 or less items…(might hurt her long nails and jewelry)…Got no survey that time…..Anyone could manage a store better….

  56. You Can stick you Survey up u know were Am going to have to change my Phone number to stop getting this Dam Calls Never again and yall have you’re Employees pass them out like its something great how much money yall making off of that

  57. Was wondering what is going on with the Walmart in Grovetown Georgia on Steiner Avenue. Went in this morning and the store looked like it was going out of business. So many empty shelves. Had no chicken or shrimp. Don’t know if there is a management problem or their just not ordering enough stock or delivery problems.

  58. Come to Walmart when the store opens and you don’t offer your customer service hour later that’s a big inconvenience customer service needs to be open at 7 a.m. just like the store

  59. Mcalester oklahoma store is one of the worst stores there is. It’s nasty, no cashiers no food on the shelves, customer service is horrible. Why can’t this store get it together for all the people they serve. Horrible horrible

  60. Do not buy from wallmart. If you have a problem on deliveries you will be talking to someone you can’t understand.and they will end up stealing your money via your credit card

  61. I’m a disabled veteran with PTSD and I want my account closed. I’ve never had experience dealing with this. I’m at 702583xxxx. I’m seeking legal help for what you have done.

  62. I am a 70 year Old Disabled Veteran and Loyal Walmart shopper from San Antonio Texas, trying to contact the Seasonal buyer For Mens Mardi Gras Mystical 2020 LED Blazer sizer 3X. Purchase from Lake Charles store was given wrong size. I can be reached at 210-885-xxxx. My internet is currently out for the last two days with Spectrum Cable, have a repair appointment tomorrow between 08:00-12:00 .

    Need immediate Help to get the right size Jacket Upc# 797642935400.

  63. The Uniondale store is the worst store on Long Island. Corporate needs to step in to address the incompetence from management down to the employees. The customer service desk is a joke. Totally a nightmare due to the lack of experience and training. I rate this store half a star. And trust me that’s too much of a rating.

  64. why does walmart store 2853 in laplata maryland not deliver???? i would jump on the 99.00 a year delivery in a heart beat, but my local walmart does not deliver!!!!!!! very upsetting through this whole covid thing…is it something you will change?

  65. Everybody can’t be family. Wtf ya have epidemic pandemic COVID symptoms and trying to place your self into my life.and it’s gamble complaint able

  66. Super Walmart in st Petersburg Florida would not give a refund on a coffee pot that did not work any more and I only had it for 2 days

  67. I had fallen in your bathroom on January 12th 2022 about 7:39 p.m. at the Walmart off of 288 loop 288 and Denton Texas the young lady took my information and said that I would hear back from you guys since then my hand my fingers are going numb and my left hand and my my back and my shoulder still hurt I need to speak with someone I’m as soon as I can please I’m not sure how come I haven’t been contacted she might have gotten the wrong information you can reach me at 469-904-xxxx or 214-836-xxxx or you can reach me at via email doina360nxxxx I’m about to hear back from someone if possible. Thank you Jamie Goodwin

  68. You need new management at Walmart in Mt Olive. I’ve lost everything in my phone because they don’t know what they’re doing

  69. I live in Olive Branch MS and the Olive Branch Walmart is horrible. Nevers has stocked items and I went into the cosmetic dept. and it looked like a bomb went off. I cannot shop like that. Do they not have people to restock and straighten up. I live close to Walmart but I am not going back. I will drive to Hernando MS to go to their Walmart. It is always nice clean and organized. Olive Branch Walmart is just trashy. Close it if you can’t get a Manager that cares.

  70. I have 2 orders – 1 says delayed – #6002124-143012 { 2 bed sheets SETS } I have Not Recieved them . Ordered on NOV. 26 .
    The other one is a WATCH #6262143512409 – It says it was delivered on Jan. 11 by postal carrier . I HAVE NOT Recieved it . And I am Home . I AM DEAF. Please find out what is happening to these orders ….. Thank you

  71. I’m a 88 year old Walmart shopper and I wish to express my sincere appreciation for keeping the
    prices on your Great Value products affordable

  72. I purchased 2 Buffalo head Lodge skillets & 1 Rosie the riveter. I was sent 3 plain lodge skillets. Skillets that are factory 2nds! Not only did I pay 2xs more, what I received sales for $10. I was given a refund after my attempts to return failed. It’s bad enough not knowing who you can trust to order from & turns out, most of them do business under your name. Factory 2nds…… really?!?!? $65. & $35. FACTORY 2nds! ????

  73. walmart acts like they care about diversity in the workplace and yet raises and fair and equal treatment do not exit. just because your a retail giant does not give you the right to be so uncaring to people. I always assumed that it was not true by the adds and slogans i see .I guess walmart really is maga bound because of their beliefs in where this country stands.

  74. Why is Walmart in Rive city Market Place In Jacksonville FL Will not accept cash we are forced to put on card. I’m sure Walmart is not hurting for money

  75. Three times my order has been delivered to three different neighbor a. I have been charged for them
    I called you office for refund. It hasn’t happened
    Please take control of this problem. Sincerely Nadine Kitchens

  76. My hire date is April 21, 2006. I am currently employed with the same store that I was hired at. There are quite a few of us that work at my store that have a question. The question is, how come only certain departments in the store received a raise? I have been told it’s due to high turnovers in those departments. Myself as a 15 year associate I don’t see how this is fair to the rest of us. 15 years later I am only making $14.98 a hour. I have also been told if I want more pay to move to one of those departments. I have been in the garden department for 10 years of my 15 years at Walmart. I do not want to leave my department just to make more money. I am asking is this pay raise going to eventually go to all departments? I really feel like I got a slap in the face when they did this. To make it even worse we are asked to go fill in in these departments periodically when people call out or not enough staffing. That is like a punch in the face. Please tell me eventually everyone that works for Wal-Mart will also receive a raise. I love working for Wal-Mart and I love what I do in the garden department. I just wish it was fair to all of us.

  77. I met Sam Walton when I was 13 years old. It was at the Van Buren WalMart; it was located where Experian is now. Sam Walton was shaking everybody’s hand and welcoming us into the store! He loved everybody and we all loved him. He was big on Customer Service. They announced a talent show over the intercom. My mom said go sign up. So I did. I played the Edellveiss Waltz. And I actually won! First prize was a thirteen inch black & white TV! I. was honored and thrilled.
    While most associates are friendly and helpful. I had a horrible experience returning things I did not order from pick up and delivery. It was the manager of pick up and delivery a young Iranian man
    I’m not only a senior citizen; but I’m also disabled. After waiting at the Customer Service Desk for over an hour. I asked them to figure their computers out later and pay me cash. It came off of my debit card. So cash is the same! The Iranian pick up & delivery man told me he was having me thrown out of WalMart. I said you and whose army? When I yelled for the store manager. The Iranian man said that does it I’m throwing you out. I said ok not until I get a refund in my hand. He had two Wal-Mart Associates come up and try to escort me out. I said I’m calling the police dept. If you proceed to throw me out! One of the girl associates rapidly gave me 73.00 back on items I didn’t order. I told them they need to give receipts to customers who use pick up and delivery! I respect Sam Walton so much and always looked up to him. Because I know if it was him in Customer Service This would have never happened! However I will NEVER USE PICK UP AND DELIVERY AGAIN!

  78. we got an ad from facebook for several different above ground pool through walmart. For 98.99 is this legit or Chinese

  79. The Walmart Pharmacies near me never have my Adderall 30mgs. 60 tabs, either generic or name brand, in stock for my 2nd or 3rd written script, even though I always get all of my RX’s filled there. Why are they always out of stock? Do they not order by the written scripts they have on file?

  80. Home delivery charges included items I did not receive, and Joanne, 355 Stonebrook, Frisco, TX not returning or answering
    calls. Delivery was a day late, in addition to being incorrect.

  81. I’m a former employee, I got fired on Sunday, May 30, 2021. The HR department said she had gotten an email stating that I Dawn Middleton has a criminal background, this is false, due to the fact Walmart did a background check n it says I’m eligible for hire, so now 2 weeks later Walmart fires me saying that I have a criminal record. This is wrongful termination. I asked to see the email n HR refused. I’m a CNA by trade, if there is any criminal record, I couldn’t become a nurse. I need this situation to be look into/investigated. I know it is a lie, thx for ur time

  82. I was call about a position and was told I should receive a email the next day..Didn’t get the email so I called up there 3x…went up there 2x…Call and was told I will get a call back…I just need to know should i just withdrawn my application…

  83. I have to travel 1 hour to get to a Walmart supercenter. I wish you would consider putting a Walmart super center in westchester, NY. Preferably on central park avenue in yonkers or white plains

    2105185178120008 -0000

  85. Dear Corporate Idiots!
    So you cannot defend Americans’voting right!!
    Democracy is not important to your company??
    The American Constitution is not important to your company??
    Then why don’t you just get out of America??
    You can’t support our citizens’ right to vote??
    Then we won’t support you!!
    I’ll start doing all my shopping at Target!! At least they support our right to vote!!

  86. Today 2-20-2021 I was looking on Microsoft Edge and in one of the windows was an AD stating “Goodbye Walmart every store closing in 2021” It was an AD from The Delite. Here is site: www r1- . Now they never say it deeper in the site but that is LIE I hope and I hope you call them on it.

  87. On 2/20/19 at approximately 10 am, I observed this driver entering I-4 east around Seffner Fla and began tailing a car within 5 ft of his bumper. At this point, I observed him turn on his blinker but I did not feel that I was in a safe spot to allow access in the lane I was in. At that point, the driver began drifting in my lane. I honked to let him know that I was there and he gave me the finger. Hopefully, this is not how all drivers are trained. Truck cab #16-415, trailer #147169.

  88. I live in Felton DE, I normally shop at Walmart in Camden DE, but that become more and more difficult, each month it gets worse and worse…the selves are COMPLETELY EMPTY. Someone dies not know how to order. It been getting worse each month for about 4 months now… I have to go to other stores to get the things I need.

  89. Do you ever eat the meat, BAD,Hamburger has so much gristle have to cook and pick it out, steaks cook on grill but was roast meat sliced, you are sad, and i’am old enough to know, work as a cashier,you know you can get away with it, no more Walmart for us,you always been sad,you all the money…..I been there had this to much,

  90. disabled, was catapulted from a 50 mph speed boat, hit house boat with head, suffered MAJOR head injury, no walk/talk, in a coma, had to have craniotomy to live. Do not have a printer to print return label to return the wrong cereal I ordered. NEED HELP PLEASE, cannot afford to be charged for something I did not want, PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE

  91. I have complained to Walmart about people taking up all the handicapped spots who are not handicapped and all I get is “they do that a lot”, I have taken pictures and sent them to the police and am told, unless the manager calls, they can’t do anything. You have healthy, mobile people using their parents or other persons placard to park in the handicapped spots. If it’s close to the Christmas shopping frenzy, forget about ever being able to park in a handicapped spot. I parked next to the buggy return and waited 27 minutes for a handicapped spot to come available only to have someone coming up the wrong way, take the spot. And no, they weren’t handicapped at all. They actually had 2 small children with them and they all ran to the building. I have to have a handicapped parking space because I need to open my car door fully just to get out of the car (impossible in regular parking spots). I watched a woman park in the handicapped space, no placard no handicapped license plate yet, she parked there because it was closer to the store and she just had a return. I told the employer at the door and pointed her out and all he said was “people do that”, all he had to do was turn around and ask the lady to move her car to a regular space, those spots are reserved for the handicapped but, I guess he was afraid she might say something back to him if he spoke!!

    1. Please just think that everyone that parks in the handicap but does not LOOK handicap is not just a liar! I have a placard and I do not look handicapped but I have had a Triple heart attack and I also suffer from COPD and use portable O2 but I do not take it in store if I am not going to be long. I feel for you and shame on those that should not park in the spots.

  92. I purchased the mainstays lamp about a month ago. Today I plugged it in and got electrocuted and the cord went on fire and broke off. I am very disappointed with this product. I am a loyal walmart customer and a previous employee. I would like you to be aware of what happened

  93. I’m currently a employee at 4450. I just had some major surgery in August. To help me with my work I bought a grabber to pick things up off the floor. My Dept. Manager told me I can’t use it . She said it’s not company approved.
    I only use it to pickup hangers mostly. Not only that they are threating to remove me from my area. I have been in this area for 11.5 yrs. every since the store opened in 2007. On Saturday’s we can get very , very busy . So it does take a lot to keep up with the returns and zoning. But I don’t slack on my duties.

  94. I currently work for Walmart. Back in August I had Major Surgery done. Taking awhile to heal. But anyways I bought a pickup/grabber stick to pickup things off the floor. It was working wonderful for me Then as of yesterday I was told I couldn’t use it. Not company approved by Walmart 4450. It helps me do my job.

  95. Yes i was an assoiciate and my thing is that yes i called in but not on purpose i was very sick any assoiciate czn tell u that im a hard worker and i did call in amd i still showed up on my days that i was really bad amd i am asking to reconsider me cominh back amd the ladt time i callled in was because i almost lost my dad so i wamted to spend the night before thanksgiving in case i dont have my dad amother year but im a real good hard worker and i didmt call in on purpose or miss days cause i was playing hookie i wasnt i was just so sick i woild like my job back and i wont call in again i need this job to support my dad with his heart condition so im askinh yall to let jimmy know veronica amd Mario i want my job back i cznt help that i was sick but i need this job i need to go back right away

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