Lowes Headquarters

The Lowe's corporate offices are located in Mooresville, North Carolina. The Lowe's corporate campus, can be found 25 miles north of Charlotte and the headquarters contain a main five story, 400,000-square-foot (37,000 m2) building, plus two new seven story buildings. The headquarters house around 10000 workers, including 4000 customer service employees.

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Lowes Corporate Office and Headquarters.

Everything you need to know about Lowe’s Companies, Inc and their corporate office.

We have listed allavailable contact details for the Lowe’s Headquarters, Customer Service department, their Jobs and Careers web pages, the Executive Team, and all social media contacts.

About Lowe’s.

Lowe’s is a hardware and home improvement company headquartered in North Carolina. The company was founded in 1946 and has since grown into North America’s second largest home improvement company.

Lowe’s has more than 2,000 stores and is present in Canada (since 2007), Australia (since 2011), and Mexico. Lowes’ product range include appliances, building & plumbing supplies, home security systems, tools, furniture, etc.

Lowe’s Corporate Office Contacts.

Use the contact details below to reach Lowe’s corporate office in North Carolina.

Lowe’s Corporation Headquarters Phone Number.

Lowe’s Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
Monday to Friday, from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Time)


Lowe’s Corporate Headquarters Address.

Lowe’s Companies, Inc.
1000 Lowe’s Boulevard
Mooresville, NC, 28117

Lowes Headquarters
The Lowe’s corporate offices are located in Mooresville, North Carolina. The Lowe’s corporate campus, can be found 25 miles north of Charlotte and the headquarters contain a main five story, 400,000-square-foot (37,000 m2) building, plus two new seven story buildings. The headquarters house around 10000 workers, including 4000 customer service employees.

Lowe’s Executive Team.

Ths is the complete list of key leaders at Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

  • Robert A. Niblock, Chairman, President & CEO
  • Maureen K. Ausura, Executive Vice President (Human Resources)
  • Gregory M. Bridgeford, Executive Vice President (Business Development)
  • Michael K. Brown, Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer
  • Rick D. Damron, Executive Vice President (Store Operations)
  • Robert J. Gfeller, Jr., Executive Vice President (Merchandising)
  • Robert F. Hull, Jr., Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
  • Gaither M. Keener, Jr., Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary & Chief Compliance Officer
  • Joseph M. Mabry, Jr., Executive Vice President (Logistics & Distribution)
  • Marshall A. Croom, Senior Vice President & Chief Risk Officer
  • Matthew V. Hollifield, Senior Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer
  • Thomas J. Lamb, Senior Vice President (Marketing & Advertising)
  • N. Brian Peace, Senior Vice President (Corporate Affairs)
  • M. Lee Reeves, Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel & Assistant Secretary
  • William D. Robinson, Senior Vice President (International Operations & Customer Support)
  • Janet M. Saura, Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel & Assistant Secretary

Lowes Board of Directors:

  • Robert A. Niblock, Chairman of the Board
  • Raul Alvarez
  • David W Bernauer
  • Leonard L. Berry
  • Peter C. Browning
  • Richard W. Dreiling
  • Dawn E. Hudson
  • Robert L. Johnson
  • Marshall O. Larsen
  • Richard K. Lochridge
  • Stephen F. Page
  • Eric C. Wiseman

Lowe’s Careers and Jobs.

With more than 285,000 employees and 2,355 stores in the US, Lowe’s is on of the premier employers in America. The company is always looking for new talents, so if you are looking for a career at Lowe’s, they have several career pages, that list their current available jobs.

To find job opportunities at Lowes stores across the US, use the company’s LinkedIn or official careers page.

For jobs in distribution, visit this page. Call center jobs are listed here. For corporate jobs, please visit their Corporate Jobs page.


How to Complain to Lowe’s.

Lowe’s Customer Care team can be reached on +1-800 445-6937. Lines are staffed from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. on Sundays.

Complaints can be filed via Twitter too. If your complaint refers to an existing order, you can email Customer Care at customercare@lowes.com.

You may also send a written complaint using this web form. Alternatively, mail your complaint to Lowe’s Customer Care, P.O. Box 1111, North Wilkesboro, NC, 28656.

If your time is limited, the fastest and easiest way to complain to Lowe’s is their Rants and Raves Feedback Page. This official company website allows you to log in with your Email, Facebook or Twitter account. Company representatives will usually respond to your query or complaint within 24 hours.

Other Lowe’s Resources.

Additional Lowe’s contact information.

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216 thoughts on “Lowe’s Headquarters

  1. The Lowe’s store in Greenville MS has terrible customer service. It’s strange whenever you’re in the store you can’t get help most of the time. Whenever you call someone may answer the phone or may not. If someone answers you still don’t get to speak to anyone because when you’re put on hold you stay in hold. I been trying to find out for 3 days has the refrigerator I ordered come in yet. I don’t want to make the drive to the store and it may not be there. It takes me an hour to get there. That whole store needs classes in treating customers with respect. If the store is boycotted they will realize people are tired of the treatment they are getting. Plus the fact everything in the store is to high.

  2. I bought a refrigerator from you. The first person was sent to deliver alone without any assistance and no tools toget the door off for entry. The second one came by himself after I told them to send a two man crew. He was too tired when he got here as I was the tenth one one the list and he was by himself. The third man came by himself again but he was finally able to get it in with our assistance , Your delivery system is horrible. They still did not hook my ice maker up. Horrible.

  3. I bought a dishwasher from Lowe’s in Parkersburg WV. Paid for delivery, install and removal of old one. When install contractor arrives he tells me there is an up charge of $100. Nothing was mentioned about this when purchased. A $489 dishwasher is almost $1,000 will all the charges they hit you with. I would not pay that and told them to return it to Lowe’s. I can’t wait to go in and get my refund. They are nothing but a bunch of crooks and should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. I bought a dishwasher from Lowe’s in Tyler Texas. Was supposed to be delivered and installed on Friday July7, 2023. Did not call or show up. I called and was told when the installers went to the store No one could find the dishwasher even though it was staged for pickup by an associate named Jasmine. I tried to call the store, rang for 15 minutes and no one answered. Called back got customer service asked for a manager, they sent me to flooring. The associate in flooring put me on hold for 20 minutes, no one came to the phone. I called back and this time no one ever answered the phone. I finally went to the store and ended up getting a refund so I could get a dishwasher somewhere else. I explained to the girl that I could not get anyone to help me and she never apologized or tried to help.

  5. I’ve been trying for months to get a blower for insulation and it’s never working what is the problem this is just poor management in my opinion

  6. The Lowes delivery phone number is a scam and a joke. I call the number to resolve the issue that my generator delivered today got a forklift ran through the box and damaged the unit. My local store told me to call the “lowes delivery” number, and no matter which option you choose, IT HANGS UP!!! Total BS. I’ve spent a thousand+ dollars for a damaged unit and everyone keeps passing the buck down a rabbit hole with a dead end. I’m switching to a Home Depot. Lowes is garbage.

  7. Water running full blast in women’s restroom. Can’t shut off. Been that way since January. NOBODY CARES! Work order sent to corporate ages ago. Idiots. We’re in a drought. Turning into the state.

  8. I have a complaint about the assistant store manager, Luther, from the Silverthorne Colorado branch. It’s 2:30 in the afternoon and I was asked to leave the store after Luther escalated a benign question into an altercation. Now I am unable to complete the job I’m currently working on and thats $50 an hour, that’s gonna add up fast. I need somebody to call me back immediately at 970-409-xxxx. The way I was just treated is unbelievable. I will be holding lowes accountable for every dollar I am missing out on because of this

  9. I have a picture proving that a gas grill was $154 when I seen the associate from the store, I was made fun of laugh that and also belittled and showing that it wasn’t 154 it was 1549. Then I spoke to a manager named Jennifer, which never called you back she had sent associate assistant manager a bill out and he also belittled and humiliated me more or less and said you will never get that grill for $154. I have pictures proving and showing that it’s accurate. I don’t understand why this can’t be done. I had also show the associate on the day that I was there and he went to another guy and both of those guys in your Lowes store at Brooklyn had said you’re never gonna get it for that never so keep wishing so what can be done. Thank you

  10. I was at Lowe’s in the BOCA, Florida store on Rte 441 my dad is 95 years old he used the motor car and left his cane in the cart. I had shortly called the store and spoke to a girl at the customer service center she said she had the cane and I told her I would be back in the afternoon to get it and I called at 1:15 and I returned back to the store at about 3:50 where the girl at customer service said she threw it out. I am totally annoyed and this is not a way to treat a loyal customer. The cane was worth close to $40 but it was something my dad needed and they threw it out. The girl took my name and she said she would hold on to it. I think someone should do something about it thank you. Anne Benzacar (201)805 xxxx

  11. As I was walking up to the register to purchase my plants, there was a lady being rung up in front of me. There was no one but me and her. After the sales associate gave her her receipt, the male employee said to me “We are closing the register”. There’s no sign to alert me. It’s just me and her in line. This would have been better received if I wasn’t the only one left in line waiting. You have to see how this action appeared to me. As I went inside to pay for my purchase, both he and the female associate who let the lady out the gate who was in line in front of me …both seen me standing inside waiting. Now the male associate said, “I’m headed out” as he was walking up the aisle. They both asked me if they could help me and I told them both I was waiting on Jackie the manager. Well the male employee who was “heading out” never left. He came from the back and then He stayed at the service desk.
    Here’s the thing. Get a standing sign that lets customers know that after said person, any other purchases have to be made inside. Don’t wait until the lady in front of me is finishing getting rung up, I’m the only one left in line, and then you decide “we are closing the register now”. As much money as my family has spent buying our appliances from here… this was very very distasteful and horrible customer service.

    1. I would like to commend employee Natalie R. at the Lowe’s store in Indian Land, SC 29707. She was extremely professional and helpful helping me resolve credit issue. She was very patient and kind. This is the kind of customer service you should be proud of. Thank Natalie!!

  12. I’m in disbelief that a store of this magnitude has treated my wife and I like they have. Every time I have Called and asked to speak to a manager I get some young kid who could give a shit about my issue. Fuck Loews I’ll never return and they lost out on 2k which I know it’s nothing to them.

  13. I have purchased $10,000 in cabinets, $$5,000 in appliances and $5,000 for countertops. I have had the cabinets and appliances installed BUT CANNOT EVEN GET A PHONE CALL FROM THE RAPID CITY STORE on an install date on countertops!!!!!!! I am SO DISAPPOINTED!!!! I paid for the countertops in March! I was told they would be installed in May….today is May 31! PLEASE HELP ! Please call meat 720-891-5505!!

  14. qI am questioning your policy of 48 hr for discover card purchases where you have 30 days for Lowes cards.

    Its discriminatory

  15. The Lowe’s store in Kingwood Texas must be the worst run store I’ve ever been in today. I went there to buy fence pickets and look for a cart. There was no carts available. I finally found one out in the parking lot brought it back in. I went up and down every aisle in the wood department and there were no pickets so I asked somebody they told me they were outside on either side of the front door. I went out there in every rack. A pickets had a pallet of CMU block on it, every picket for the first I don’t know 1 foot layer was warped and are damaged. Needless to say I left the cart there left the pickets there and will go to Home Depot to buy what I need. This is not the first run in at the store, about three toilets, spent 80o plus got them home had somebody installing them one of them had a cracked lid. I brought it back to the same register that I purchased it from. I had a hard time getting it out of the truck, putting it on a dolly and it was a very heavy product, trying to push it up to the register. When I got there this gentleman told me he would help me. There was a lady standing next to him that said no he will not help you. You have to take that to Returns at the other end I couldn’t hardly push the thing to go down there and then I had to wait till somebody come up to help me load it on the card a new one and then loaded in the back of my truck I find this very disturbing that where I checked out they can’t take my return regardless, the people are rude and disrespectful.

  16. I’m a veteran Ret USAF, you have been using many changes for using military discount..now not only show your veterans, but I showed official USAF Ret ID card.not show that which also considered as Real ID for regular Travel, I showed it and now they also want to see driver license and scan the back if it .. This is Bull ????!!! Showing my military ID should be all I need….I called for manager….she processed it…it’s not the little money discount, the principle that my Military ID not worthy…..she said that corporate requires to verify you…how much more verification do you need with a Federal. ID card..This sucks..what I don’t have a license ??? Home Depot you have a App on phone they scan the little black code and fast…if this keeps up, I’ll pass this on to my veteran friends we can go to state college pa at Home Depot and be better represented…….ps, I have 40 years of Management….and Commin Sence. Lewistown PA 17044

  17. Every time I go to the Lowe’s on Bechtle Ave Springfield ohio The saw in the back to cut lumber is down I bet home depots saw works

  18. I have tried to get a flooring quote for days. No one answers the phone, the associates do not listen to the issue. And just transfers me.

  19. We have been dealing with a kitchen remodel since July 2022 and are still waiting on cabinets, granite, and back splash. We have had incorrect cabinets ordered and installed, flooring issues, and can not seem to get answers. We have been promised discounts/refunds by our local store but haven’t seen anything. We are now going on 10 months with no finished kitchen!! Very isappojnted and want answers!!

  20. We ordered a utility trailer online to be picked up at the Kerrville, Texas store. The customer service people were very under educated in this process. I called the store to tell them we would pick up the trailer on a Saturday. The employee did not tell me we needed to pick up the trailer on a weekday so we could get it registered at the DMV during their office hours so we wasted gas and 2 hours of our life making the trip to the store. After waiting at the store for quite a while the 2 employees told us we couldn’t get it Saturday. Now I’ve been sitting here at the store (this is Monday, waiting for over an hour for several employees in the customer service center to get the paper work figured out, I guess. Lowes needs to train/educate customer service employees in Kerrville, Texas. This is rediculous. Last thing we’ll be getting here.

  21. Managers at Lowe’s Iwilei, Honolulu are the most in-dependable management team I had to deal with concerning my issue order for a 30” stove. We placed an order on Jan 30, 2023. A stove was delivered to our home on Mar 4 but the wrong stove was delivered. A manager setup another delivery. And no one called to inform us that there was no stove to deliver. So on Mar 11, I spoke to another manager who checked the store inventory that showed 4 stoves available. A physical check on the storage areas were accomplished that confirmed zero balance. On Mar 12, another manager supposedly placed an order for the stove. I have been following up with a total of 6 managers. Only one manager took the time to call us and provided updates. I am extremely disappointed with the service we received on this matter. A replacement stove was re-ordered on Mar 12 and we did not get an answer that the stove was no longer available for order until Mar 30.

    Lowes lost a sale from us for this reason because we decided to ordered the stove elsewhere.

  22. Purchased washer and dryer from Madisonville KY Lowe’s in February 25, 2023. Was told the next delivery date for my area in Clay KY was March 26, 2023. At 3:37pm I called Lowe’s to see about when the delivery people would be there and I was told that they did not deliver on Sundays. Lowe’s scheduled for them to be delivered on March 30, 2023 without calling me to see if that date would be ok. It WOULD NOT HAVE. I work away from home Monday through Friday and no one is home. I explained that to the guy that helped me. I could only have them delivered either on a Saturday or Sunday. But no one ever called me!! I gave away my old washer and dryer to someone that needed them and we had to turn the water off to the house because the valve is stuck and will turn. So no water and no washer and dryer!! And then have kids as assistant managers that want don’t care as long as they get the sales!! That it is MY FAULT that I had to turn my water off because LOWES said they would be there March 26, 2023 between 8am and 4pm. Lowe’s need to reimburse me 50% for being lied to!! If not all the amount!!

  23. Very very hurt and disappointed by treatment of my delivery today. Purchased a gas range and over the counter microwave. Delivered today and left on carport because delivery guys said they could not get in the house. (Not TRUE). Made several phone calls to our Pooler Store from where it was delivered and it was stated we did not want them in the house. ????????‍♀️Why would we say that it we wanted it delivered. Anyways spoke to delivery manager Ben at around 10 or 11 am. and he said I’ll see what I can do. It is now 4:30 pm and I have yet to hear back from anyone. I was originally told to just leave it outside overnight. My husband and I are both elderly (85 and 70 years old). How are we to move this by ourselves. No help no response. I used to love Lowes not anymore. I at least expected an attempt to rectify the situation.

  24. I purchased FR Dishwasher on 2/09/2023 along with a installation and removal of our old dishwasher and also a 5 yr protection plan. We were told the day of the purchase (2/09/2023) that the selected dishwasher was in stock on site. The sales person Micheal Gordon told us that the dishwasher would be installed and delivered on the same day. We received a call informing me that the dishwasher would be coming from one Lowe’s warehouse. I’ve called and talked to two different sales associate in appliances to find out why the dishwasher was dropped off and who was going to install it. The contract states the the job would be completed on 2/19/2023. The appliance associates each told me that they would find out what was going on I have not received a return phone call from anyone and I keep calling the store #1097 to find out why the dishwasher is still in the box at my home and no contact from anyone at lowe’s no one is answering the phone why is that by the way. Jon Berry is the store mgr at store #1097. HELP PLEASE!! My contact info: 828-442-xxxx I just to be refunded all of my money and for someone to pick up the dishwasher and return it to Lowe’s I’m very unhappy and this whole situation is very very unprofessional. Constance Payne

  25. Ordered riding mower with bagger, understanding we could get both. Sales person persuaded us to use Lowes credit card. Paid off credit card then found out bagger was on back order. Not knowing when it would come we cancelled our order. We didn’t get a mower and now they have our money. Says it will take 15 days to get out money back when it only took 10 minutes for them to get our money.
    No more shopping at Lowe’s for us!

  26. Starkville, Mississippi Walmart on Wednesday, 3/1/2023 around 6pm. Employee by the name of Cassie was incredibly rude to a customer standing at the self checkout behind me. She was sitting in a chair playing on her phone when a customer had an issue with the self checkout and she huffed and cussed and got up and told him if he wanted to use cash to use the ones that say cash. He apologized to her and she scanned her badge or whatever to clear other the sale and slammed the hand scanner back into the holder never acknowledging the customer’s apology (not that he owed her one, but he was trying to be kind and respectful even though she was being completely rude). She kept mumbling, cussing and huffing at the customer. He moved over to a different register that accepted cash.
    This is unacceptable. I called store in my way home and was on hold for 8 minutes. Finally hung up and just decided to put my complaint here. I hope I never See this girl at the Lowe’s in Starkville again. She should be let go. She treated this customer with such disrespect.

  27. Hammond la. Store not enough employees, waited 2 hours for 6 sacks of mulch and top soil won’t be going back there!!!

  28. I just want to say lowes is a great place to get what I need for the locations but their management is so pathetic with out intelligence and you get to wait for a hour for a manager they don’t know much of anything except hiring people that don’t know nothing about the area they are in it’s is so pathetic I worked there in 2022 never again will I work for a company that is so unorganized I now go to Home Depot because when I need a question answered there’s no hesitation and they are quick with the answer

  29. The Redding store closed the garden shop @4:00pm while I was loading cart with heavy bags of top soil,,this day. Called the manager, she was not much help. Said she didn’t know why the shop was closed. The shop people would not help get my purchase to the check out at the other end of the store. I have been a customer from day one when this store opened. The manager didn’t even give me her name. But was told by her to come back and ask for her. Do you know how long it takes to get to see a manger when asking any store people.? I was always told the customer was king. Dale Egger

  30. I was to have a delivery yesterday they never showed up or called. When I call the store (s) the phone just rings and rings. I want to go back to the covina store and get a refund. This is unbelievable how none of the stores actually answer their phones nom so disappointed.

  31. I purchased a dryer from lowes in Middletown ny. And it is not working. i want to return it and no body at the store wants to help me.

  32. return policy. I purchased a delta compound miter sliding saw on line within two weeks, it was not working properly . On day 30 I went to the store with a receipt I was told that I would have to pay a 20% restocking fee . just saw cost $253.32. I was charged a $47 restocking fee.. I did not have what I did have the owners manual .I was told because it was special ordered. That was the reason that will be the last Time I ever shop at Lowe’s . due to a mechanical issue and because I ordered it online, I am out $47. I can assure you that Lowe’s has lost much more than that. being that, I will never shop there again it’s sad that such a large corporation has such a policy with no exceptions

  33. Today at around 3 PM I went to the Lowe’s location in Conway South Carolina, which my company frequents on a regular basis. At this time, it was extremely busy with no cashiers, only self check out. The item I purchased was double the cost at Lowe’s than what I could’ve purchased on Amazon, but unfortunately I needed it ASAP. Since I was not at a Walmart and paying a high price for this item at Lowe’s…I would at least expect some cashiers on hand, so I would not have to do self check out. I did tell the employee just standing there doing nothing how unhappy I was and to make sure he mentioned this to the manager today. Moving forward, my company will definitely be purchasing elsewhere.

  34. Bought an extended warranty on my he stacked washer dryer malfunctioned in October 2022 called warranty dept they directed me to bills appliances,who kept putting me off then finally told me December 15th they didn’t have time to fix it call somebody else, called Lowe’s they said they would call back in 2 days no call back, I paid 396 and then renewed it in December for total $892 for useless warranty and had a broken washer for 3 months. I want my 892 back. I am 82 years old, this is scamming the elderly

  35. I get a call every week about a delivery. I did not order anything. It’s been weeks. I asked to have a block on my card until further notice.

  36. Shame on you Lowes! You gave Veterans a 10%discount on purchases. You have all but taken it away. Our veterans are responsible for what you have today! Now their discount cannot be used on appliances, cannot be used on any kind of lumber and not to be used on sale items. Shame on you! The greed and inflation is already bad enough in this country, now you have to all but take away a 10% discount from men and women who fought for you. I hope that extra 10% you take from them, will allow you to live easily.

  37. Lowes sold me a defective GE refrigerator and defective part was documented by GE technician. Tech says Lowes should replace . Mangers at Lowe’s refuse. GE tech said Lowes responsible.

  38. My husband and I are both military veterans and have been using Lowes for over 30 years. We’ve been avid DIYers and have always found Lowes employees knowledgeable and helpful…until now. I’m trying to do a kitchen renovation project that includes cabinets, flooring, countertops, and backsplash. I began the project in April with a virtual consultation. The designer was great, everything went well, and we paid for the project in cash at our local Lowes in June. That’s when the bottom fell out. I was given a name of a coordinator whom I was told would be coordinating all deliveries. I was given an estimated delivery date of 10/11 for my cabinets and assured that I would have a “working kitchen” by Thanksgiving and an estimated completion date of 11/30. Within 30 days, I began receiving phone calls from individual companies trying to confirm deliveries for flooring and countertops. I couldn’t accept any deliveries because my cabinets weren’t installed yet. I’ve now received 6 calls at different time for my flooring delivery alone. No one is coordinating anything. At this time, 12/9, I’ve had my cabinets in my living room and dining room for a month and no estimated installation date. The installation department tells me everything is in place and they will “accelerate the process and get the managers involved.” Lowes corporate HQ tells me all they can do is transfer me to installation and my local store, who was happy to take my payment in June, tells me the problem is in the virtual side. I have other home improvement projects that need to be done but they will NOT be done by Lowes and I will take all my other business somewhere else.

  39. Spent $800 on a washing machine to be delivered. Forget about the supposedly “courtesy call” prior to arriving … and forget about then being very late to deliver. But how could you send installers that don’t speak English? They bust my connector, leave the washer in my garage with a scratch and dent on it and leave. It cost me $250.00 for a plumber to fix their damage. I saw online where my signature was forged claiming a delivery was made. Unreal!! That was a week ago, Lowes keeps blowing me off. I still don’t have access to my washing machine and NO HELP from Lowes. I am looking into legal action now!

  40. I went to the store to get some Rustoleum black paint. They didn’t have it so they offered to mix some for me. I specifically requested black paint. When I was ready to use it it was a different color. Took it back to the store to get the right one. After almost an hour of waiting they did nothing to help me. The manager was called but never showed up. The guy at the paint department told me he could not replace it because it was a special order.
    But they gave me the wrong color of paint. I paid for black paint which I didn’t get. I am a regular Lowes customer and I am very disappointed with the way as was treated.

  41. The stores do not do as the corporate level instructs them to do. I was told the store level and the corporation are two different entities. Almost like we don’t have to do as the corporation instructs us to do. So my problem I thought was solved is not.

  42. Customer service has went downhill and they don’t care. Call and all they will do at the store is pick up and then hang up. Call customer service and hold for ever been holding for over 20 minutes now

  43. I ordered a refrigerator. I wanted to move the kitchen refrigerator to the garage. I was told that was not possible, I thought the salesman misunderstood that I wanted to pay for this service, so I called the appliance department at the Hamburg Lowes the next day. I was told there are two options haul away to the truck or keep – no room to room option. They have to go through the garage anyway- right past the spot I informed the saleman. He was quite annoyed with me. I am not ok with the disrespect from the salesman and the subsequent call with 4 phone transfers with 15 rings (I counted) for each transfer to the final hang up. The lack of support and customer service I received from the Hamburg store was so BAD that I cancelled my order to purchase a refrigerator. Then a man had the nerve to call me that night and say Jen was in a big meeting with corporate and that’s why she didn’t answer her page. My question is if this meeting was so important/big how come no one else in the store knew about it. Shouldn’t customer service at the very least know not to transfer when she’s in a big meeting? He also had the nerve to say he hopes to see me in the store soon! Why would I?

  44. My name is Miriam. I purchase a Frigidaire 3 months ago. It was not be able to repair the damage so it is supposed to be replace. I have a schedule for it on Dec 2/22. Today my husband and I have being calling the store (Harbison, Columbia, SC) and nobody was able to give information about the time and nobody gave any information. I have been waiting for more than 30 minutes for an associate to answer the phone. NO ANSWER AT ALL!!!! REALLY!!!! a big company like LOWES , doesn’t have employees that can do a simple job like give such information. I’m still here waiting for somebody to answer the phone. This is my third time that I’m hook on the phone and NO ANSWER. I have to schedule my job for tomorrow and with this inconvenience that your employees are doing I don’t know if MY FRIDGE is coming or not. One more thing, when I ask for the manager, any manager, I was told that there was NO MANAGER, maybe he is on vacation???? But I know that the store MUST HAVE/BE a MANAGER!!!! Or maybe an assistant manager all the time. That’s why probably the store runs like this. I have a business and I know that somebody must be in charge at all time. I’m very dissatisfied with this store. Probably you don’t care because I’m a small customer but I will tell all my friends about the treatment that I received here. This must be a wake up call for somebody, if it is really a concern for you.

  45. Dear Lowe’s my home improvement has been going on since 4/2022 they have failed to have what is needed to finish my project with time and time cancel of installation you have caused my husband and I much suffering why are you treating your loyal customer so badly you have given us a unfortunate wish that we choose you to do our project!!!

  46. I would like to file a complaint against Lowes Sylva. I returned a product and the staff typed in the drivers license number incorrectly. I came to the Sylva Lowes and Jimmy was both rude and incredibly sexist towards me. Unwilling to help with my gift card that Lowes messed up. He continued to be condescending throughout our conversation.

  47. Lowe’s warranty’s that are being sold by Lowe’s on new appliances are terrible! I need someone from corporate to call me; I have spent hours trying to get a problem with a Maytag washing machine evaluated! This machine is still under warranty! I have done all I can do! I t appears to me LOWE’S is selling a product without honoring it! You have taken my money; now I need your help!
    I am requesting a phone call from someone in corporate; not an email!

  48. not able to log into my account using safari browser,,,guess I may have to close my account and stop purchasing at Lowes

  49. I was just at the Lowes at St Rose PKWY and Eastern Henderson NV. All the other Lowes are selling the Carole Town Village store displays. I went there and it was the only one left. I asked the associate if I could buy it and he said no, I have to wait till 12/12 and it’s first come first serve basis. I said well last week your associate was willing to sell me the firehouse off the shelf and other Lowes are selling displays and he goes well I don’t know what to tell you that’s not us real snotty. I went to get store manager and thought he would make it right. He told me the other associate was in the wrong and pretty much backed the snotty associate. Told me some bs how they’re the #1 store across NV and the other Lowes are in the wrong. I drop a lot of money in your store and to be treated that way is unacceptable. The others are in the wrong, please!!!!! Since when do you pass up a sale. I wasn’t asking for a discounted price just the item. I don’t appreciate being treated like a second class citizen and the managers line of bull is crap. I bet he didn’t reprimand the associate. He seemed irritated he had to speak with me. Rather give Home Depot my money then you guys if that’s how you treat customers .

  50. Numerous noise complaints have gone nowhere loud Christmas music and a security loudespeaker in a residenal area blue flashing lights in front of windows nightmare I will sue !!!

  51. Waited for over 30 mins to buy a stove and with 15 employees just walking around no one helped us even after we asked for help ! We called to talk to manager and he didn’t care either !!! Just ridiculous customer service !!! Durant Oklahoma

  52. I’m thoroughly disgusted with the treatment we’ve received with our window replacement project. I’ve spent over $40,000 this year at Lowe’s and this is how I’m treated ?? Our windows were to be replaced August 15 , 2022 and now it’s November 14 , 2022 and the windows have yet to be installed. It’s getting cold here in Pennsylvania and I have plywood in my kitchen for windows. What are the chances of Lowe’s giving us a partial credit to help me pay the heating bill ?? My wife and I are fuming angry.

  53. The security speakers and blue flashing lights are driving me insane , then it’s the Christmas music next! My apt is right next to it. Please I asked them to turn it down .

  54. I Purchased a AO Smith Water Softener about 2 years ago and it has Been A Piece of Junk from Day One ! I have called AO Smith and Loews from Day One for help to no Avail! This Product you carry should be Backed Up by Loews we Purchased This with Loews because of Help and Support But you Did Nothing! I am a Veteran and cannot afford Expenses Like This ! I will be writing a Review of Loews on the Internet Next ! I am very Disappointed in Loews For not Standing Behind A Item You Sell ! James

  55. I purchased a frig on Saturday Nov.5, 2022. Delivery date was supposed to be Sunday, Nov.6, 2022. The delivery guy called and said he was 10 minutes away. About 20 minutes later he called to say he had the wrong delivery address. I attempted to give him the correct address and he refused and me to contact the Brenham store for the correct address. I tried calling the store and was unable to get honest support. Now, I am still without a frig with out any real support from Lowes. Lowes made a new delivery order for me on Tuesday. Mind you this is the 2nd day and time I am giving Lowes. On Tuesday I was delivered a broken frig. The driver told us to call the store to set up a replacement frig. I spent all day trying to reach someone of intelligence to no avail. Finally, I talk with someone about a replacement to be delivered on Wednesday. I told her, okay but it would have to be delivered after 2:00 pm. I was told there was no guarantee it would be after 2:00 pm. At this point, I can continue living from my ice chest. LOWES YOUR 3rd party delivery company is a joke. A TWO-YEAR-OLD WOULD HAVE HAD THE SMARTS TO CALL THE STORE FOR THE CORRECT ADDRESS, ESPECIALLY SINCE THEY WERE 10 minutes away from my house. When I tried to get the driver to deliver he said, SPEAK NO ENGLISH and hung up on me. Marvin Ellison, you might want to look at your 3rd party delivery company because they don’t have your customer’s best interest at heart. Marvin Ellison, you may want to hold back on some of those millions in bonus to your employees. The phone rings at this store as though there is no one to answer. And when they do answer they send you to any extension on MARS. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!! My available time on Wednesday is after 2:00 pm or cancel my order. Home Depot is across the street. Sorry, Lowes, I can not afford to pay you to jerk me around. Marvin Ellison, this needs your attention.

  56. I purchased a Samsung stove with five year warranty (protection plan) After several attempts to get this fixed they are telling me it’s fixed but do not clean. The oven has soot in it and don’t know for how long this has been.
    The individuals they have sent are telling me that the oven should have been converted before it left the store.
    Lowes states that they do not do this and nor do they install. I don’t know why they sell things that they do not install. As a result I had to find a company to install for me.
    I have the five year protection plan on the stove but they are saying it does not cover cleaning. So I guess they are expecting me to clean the soot from my oven. Even though it was nothing that I did wrong.
    Lowes warranty protection plan sent one technician out but could not find the problem. So he put in a new oven door and replaced the fan in the back of the oven. Needless to say it also turned black with soot.
    The second technician said that they were too big so needed smaller ones. The third technician fixed them using what was already there that the prior technician said smaller ones were needed. So they claimed the oven is now fixed and that the soot situation is my problem. Should they not test the oven to see if the cause of the soot isn’t coming out before they claim its fixed.
    I paid for the protection plan and they should be responsible for the soot issue. It was nothing I did and if not professionally cleaned it should be replaced.
    Lowes is saying that they did not install so not their problem.
    I am saying that Lowes should take care of this issue since I have the protection plan. Lowes should not be selling items if they can’t install them. Lesson learned for me. If they cannot install then won’t be buying there.
    This soot issue needs to be handled ASAP. Soot in the oven is a health hazard

  57. I have an online order that was never filled nor refunded. I have called the store numerous times, at least twenty or more. They answer the phone and immediately put me on hold for hours. I live over three hours from the store and cannot go in person. I do not know how to get a refund for this order. It is extremely frustrating. Worst store ever!

  58. We purchased flooring for our flood damaged home. As they loaded it some of the boxes were already damaged. Your loader said to return them. We would not have enough flooring with some boxes damaged. They would not allow us to return it. We had to go unload it at a friends because we don’t have room and your store would not let us store it there till they could do returns. We ordered online flooring from you but will cancel and never shop at Lowes again!!

  59. Me and my daughter went to Lowe’s yesterday we were over near the tile and hardwood floors and it had bright yellow stickers under a few certain boxes well maybe we stood there and talked about it and couldn’t believe what it said I would just saying $.15 that’s what drought our attention so as we stood there and talked about it and looked harder a salesman come over to see what we were talking about I asked him was this price right are you sure he said yes but let me check well he checked and he double checked to make sure when I went up to the restaurant to pay for it they had 16 boxes of One kind four boxes of another kind and three boxes of another kind well we got it to the register and it took about 45 minutes for them to get me checked out I was in a car so I was trying to figure out how I could get it home or they didn’t have any rental trucks I couldn’t find anyone with a truck so they told me I could come back to pick it up I sent someone up there with a truck to get it with my receipt and they wouldn’t let them get it and then I get home later on I’ll check my messages and now they’re saying it was a pricing error to come get my refund and on top of that the guy up there was talking shit about us saying they are but everybody’s always trying to get something free blah blah blah. I don’t think that that was right as false advertisement that’s rudeness and very unfriendly so that’s why I’m complaining today and if I have to I will sue that company the one in Matthews North Carolina but the little guy named Daniel was so very helpful to me and made sure that that was the right price and it was everyone checked it in the system updated and they checked it again and now I can’t get my wood my hardwood floors . So as I’m finishing it I would like to say yes it was a very good deal and yes I thought it was too good to be true but no that’s not right but he assured me it was. One box of hardwood flooring was $60 but yesterday on cell it was $2.49 or $2.69 a box and $.15 per square footage. I’m going up there this morning and somebody better give me my Hardwood flooring.

  60. Lowes installed doors and trim and looks like a first grader did it. Corners don’t match up. Light plates were covered up. Trim doesn’t reach floor. Large staples half way sticking out. No one will stand behind this problem. I requested a refund and no one from Lowes had the fourth to get back to me. Lowes has stolen thousands of dollars from me and it seems as though I am helpless over this matter and will have to get legal help. Do not go to Lowe’s unless you want to get robbed. With all the complaints I have read it maybe time for a class action.

  61. My husband and I have been waiting for repair on our extended protection warranty since last Wednesday August 10, 2022- STILL WAITING AND NO ONE CALLS and today is August 15, 2022- I made Appt with your LOWE’S 800 number- a joke they made appt with your service and guess what they had no clue! Shocking NOT- I have many of documented times for you as well. If you cannot handle the service part of your appliances how are dealing with these complaints? If I knew your services were this terrible -I would have never purchased your protection plan and we would have never purchased appliances thru you either. My nephew was looking and I made sure to stay with the mom and pop places. He made is own decision and I am happy to say he did not want the aggravation and went to mom and pop. Pay a little extra but totally worth it. I am typing this and I will be shocked if anyone answers. My cell is 845-650-xxxx oh and you can cross reference your computer I am sure I am in there too.

  62. I have been working with the Lowes in Madison TN since May 2022 for a shower door. Initial order was cancelled by vendor due to pricing, however per the lowes website and threat to call corporate, Store manager placed the order again 6/29/22 with anticipated delivery date 7/23/22 for store pick up. Since 7/27/22 I have been in contact with the Vendor and obtained tracking number for the carrier and my item is noted as “on hand 7/20/22 at BNA Nashville”. called the Lowes store 8/5/22 and spoke with Jade, she was to call the vendor and get back to me. as of today, 8/9, no associate or manager has called me back. I called vendor who confirmed they spoke with someone and provided the carrier number. I called the store directly 3 times this afternoon to speak with Katie the store manager and twice I was disconnected during what seemed to be a transfer and the 3rd time, no answer. these calls were made between 153p CST and 2:04p CST on 8/9/22. I am now on the phone with Corp Customer Service regarding my order and filing a complaint on the store. I have been dealing with this issue since May and here it is August 9th and no resolution. Nothing but poor customer service with no urgency or follow up. Your corp customer service Agent kept referring me to the store manager, I do not want to speak with the store manager and need someone from corporate to contact me. I have asked for the District or Regional Manager and she referred to the store. This is BS….I ordered a shower door that only Lowes has. I have my inlaws who are now living with us in their mid to upper 80’s who cannot SAFELY use the tub shower. I need my walk in shower for them, but i need the DOOR!

  63. I have a LG refrigerator that I bought from lowes four years ago. I have the five year warrantee. The refrigerator broke twice – had three compressors replaced and it is broken again.
    The repair men that came said it is a Lemon and can not be repaired again! I was told I will get a reimbursement gift card but that never happens! It will be three months without a refrigerator. The run around they give you is insane! I want my money back now! What kind of customer care is this! Please send me my money so I can get a new refrigerator! I paid for the extended warrantee!

  64. Bought Cali luxury vinyl plank flooring. It has white pit marks all over it. Got nowhere with Cali. Told us it was part of the design. Lowe’s in Avon, OH received the same response. The rep from Cali blocked me from their email saying they denied the claim–period. No one would even send a rep to look at their defective product. Lowes has since said they will not answer anymore questions or anymore emails and passed the buck as well. How can Lowe’s continue to have a company like Cali sell their product, then no one will back it up. Do not buy anything from Cali or look to Lowe’s to back up their customer.

  65. I purchased a stove fridge and microwave on may 29.
    I got notice saying delivery for Jult 22
    July 21 I get a call saying they do not have a fridge
    A shipment came in but they disappeared!
    After many dead end calls to Lowes in Hadley Mass I finally reached Dave in Appliances and we picked out a different brand . The appliances came on July 22 and fridge would not fit through the entryways and the delivery guys were arguing with each other in Spanish. They tried to take our used stove with them and I had already told them it was to stay here. They had to take the new fridge back to the store. Again after many calls to Lowes I reached Dave in Appliances and told him I would be going to the store that day and meet with him to get a stove that fits
    Dave and I found a fridge but it would not be able to be delivered until July 29th,
    I asked to speak with a manager. To no avail.
    A Supervisor , Chres in Appliances approached us and after some discussion he asked Dave if he was busy on Monday July 25 and that he and Dave would deliver the fridge.
    I agreed but Chres said I had to something for him. And that was to complete a survey giving him and Dave a top review
    That night Friday so I did.. Morning of July 25 I get an alert on my phone saying my appliance is arriving between 10 and 2. 1:45 pm I call Hadley Lowes and Dalton in appliances says they have left the building..
    2:45 pm I get a voicemail from Dave saying the are leaving and will be here in one hour and 15 minutes
    It’s 4:00 and we are waiting
    This costs name a day from work and I have had my food in coolers since Thursdayevening . And through an unprecedented heat wave. Lowes needs to reimburse me for all my fridge food and condiments

  66. My mother had windows installed in December 2020 and there are problems with two windows keeps falling down. I have contacted several customer service number, but no one is able to assist with windows that has been installed after 1 year. I looked on the website and there is Double Lifetime Window Protection Plan and the telephone number listed on the document (1-866) 480-2468 keeping hanging up the call. What are the steps for filing a claim for this window protection plan?

  67. I had flooring installed and Keller Interiors did a horrible job. Lots of errors, white glue on pieces that separate rooms. Clear glue on several vinyl plankets Keller could not get off so they had to replace them. There are still spots on the floor I can’t get off. Keller marked up my walls with green that came off flooring boxes can’t get it off. Scratches half way up the wall the paint is off. With all the return trips an installation of 500 square feet took from June 16 to July 21. I hate the flooring and wish I wouldn’t have done it. $4,800. MISTAKE.

  68. Delivery was so poor that the frij tore up the stairs and no one has bothered to reply from the delivery team even after the store manager emailed them. Please resolve asap.

  69. Today is day 60 since I ordered my washer and dryer. I still do not have a working dryer. After countless promises by management, failed promises by delivery drivers, and overall being treated like I was causing the problem, I still sit with a broken NEW dryer, and a washer that works. I would have preferred to keep my old ones, they didn’t help me do laundry, but after spending $1500 at Lowes, I still cannot do laundry in my own house.

  70. Lowes Mount Airy will not answer the
    Phone. If they they do pick up they will hang up. Called five times today with at least 15-20 minutes holding time then cut off. Finally did get through and find out about the status of an in-house order.

  71. I called to discuss an issue and a person named Ashley said she had no manager or director and refused to further identify her self.
    I want to discuss the rude service from your Customer service corporate and at your South Jacksonville store.

  72. Ordered a refrigerator and ice maker, was called on Saturday twice and was told they would deliver 2 refrigerators and ice makers on Sunday between 12 – 4. Tried getting in touch to tell them we only ordered 1 but no one ever answered. Delivery never came on Sunday and didn’t get a call or anything, so went to Lowe’s at 6:00 on Sunday night they said it was on truck for delivery and would be coming later tonight. Told them at that time we only ordered one! Never come so called store on Monday morning and was told they came to deliver on Sunday at 8:30 that night and we didn’t come to door. We were on our porch until 9:40 that night and they did not come to our house, all lies! Called on Monday and was told they were brought back and would have to be credited back for the extra refrigerator before they could bring 1 out for delivery so now it is suppose to be another day or so did not give a time. This place needs upper management looking into things and half doing their job. All things works according to how the top management is handled!

  73. So, Lowe’s doesn’t care about the customer anymore because no one will answer any of my calls. I need answers or a refund.

  74. The WORST delivery service ever. Didn’t deliver the appliances and called the wrong number. My wife called the Westminster at least 5 times letting the phone ring 25 or times each time and no answer. Lowes should be ashamed. Now no refrigerator for 3 more days. Do not ever shop this location. I won’t.

  75. My husband and I purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator on 05/29/22 and once it was installed on 06/10/22 the installer found out that line going to the ice maker and the water dispenser was not connected properly. He gave me the option of having a service technician come out to service the NEW refrigerator or having the NEW refrigerator replaced. He informed me that we could keep the refrigerator while a new one would be ordered for us and once it would be delivered then the new one would be installed and the one that does not work would be taken away. I informed him that we would like to have a NEW REPLACEMENT refrigerator that has ALL of the components working. He informed us that all we had to do was contact Lowes (and showed us the number on the copy of delivery slip that he was leaving with us) the next day to reiterate what he had informed us to the person on the phone. He also said that he would be turning in the same paperwork to the customer service desk in the store and they would handle everything for us. Needless to say 2 weeks later I am STILL fighting an up hill battle over this and at this point LOWES is trash. My husband and I have always loved Lowes and have not every experienced any problems with this store or their products until now, the customer service suddenly is terrible and as far as having my NEW refrigerator replaced so far it’s still in my kitchen “half” working. I’m beyond disgusted and if and when I get this situation taken care of the likelihood of my family patronizing Lowes in the future is slim to none even if the product is free. Right now I want my NEW Frigidaire Refrigerator replaced as it was stated to me that it would be and I want EVERYTHING that is supposed to work on it to work.

  76. After being Harassed touched inappropriately, while working as a customer Associate,Someone also put a marijuana joint in my only water bottle in my assigned locker.
    After speaking to Ron I thought things would be better. Someone that I have Never seen in the 8 months That I was there with Amber fired me for a false accusation of telling someone to f-off. My 1st week There they Told me I don’t get breaks? I had to show them the Washington state Labor laws and then was given a break for a 5 hour shift. You should clean house on the Management team at 2733 sedgwick Lowe’s before someone sues you. I have never been treated like a slave but that was pretty damn close.

  77. Lowes 5 yr protection plan on major appliances is a sham. Placed 4 calls to number on receipt and got 3 people in the Philippines and another in South Africa. Was told by all 4 that there were no service appointments available. All they could do was to read a canned message about how sorry they were for the inconvenience. By the way, because of language barrier it was very very hard to understand them. Having trouble getting anyone anywhere to respond to any requests for help, including the store #3026 in Columbia SC. The people answering phone are rude and very unhelpful. I want my 5 yr service plan money refunded. I have no washing machine going on week 2 and no where else to go, other than to pay for the service myself and NEVER NEVER buy from Lowes again.

  78. Lowes 5 yr protection plan on major appliances is a sham. Placed 4 calls to number on receipt and got 3 people in the Philippines and another in South Africa. Was told by all 4 that there were no service appointments available. All they could do was to read a canned message about how sorry they were for the inconvenience. By the way, because of language barrier it was very very hard to understand them. Having trouble getting anyone anywhere to respond to any requests for help, including the store #3026 in Columbia SC. The people answering phone are rude and very unhelpful. I want my 5 yr service plan money refunded. I have no washing machine going on week 2 and no where else to go, other than to pay for the service myself and NEVER NEVER buy from Lowes again.


  80. As a 15 year customer of Lowes, after the runaround I am currently in the middle of I’ll never be back. Home Depot here I come. You buy a dishwasher 1000 worth, it works once and they will not help you at all. Had it a week. Can’t speak with anyone at the store. I guess they are too busy. LG doesn’t care at all. Terrible experience. Cutting up my card and will never visit the store again. Stick to places that help after the sale. Those companies are truly the best.

  81. I ordered electric weed trimmer on line from Portland, OR. The pick-up Lowe’s shop was 20 miles from my house. More than half an hour on hold, I talked to a person, who said Lowe’s can not to ship Lowe’s store five minutes from my house. Why not ? I have to pay $5.99 for the shipping. I ordered one tool from Home Depot, and they said it will be delivered closest to your house store, which is three minutes from my house. I didn’t pay $5.99 extra shipping.

  82. I’ve been trying for a couple of weeks to get a refund on my warranty and getting no where. I keep getting put on hold to only have no one answers. Lowes sold the dishwasher they ordered for me and I had paid for and now it’s like pulling teeth to get my money back. Hmmm do I need to get my attorney involved to get some help????

  83. I have done business with Lowe’s for years. No problem getting things delivered. until now! Place order a week ago and still have not got my order!! First told the order is on hold, then it was backordered. They have everything in stock. Then I was told it was an IT department issue. Still no order received yet as of 5/25/22. If you want the items you may want to go to the store to pick it up yourself. Delivery Suck! Will mostly never to shop at Lowe’s. Will cancel my CC too. I don’t need this kind of frustration from a retail store.

  84. Lowes heath Ohio refused to deliver my lumber from 5/16/22. They just ignored me when l ask why they had not delivered . I agreed to use their pickup&do it myself,but needed someone to help. I finally gave up and ask for a refund. They didn’t seem to
    Mind. Elton Savage. Tele 7404058816

  85. Today visit Lowe’s in Harriman Tennessee garden center upon going up to check out I use my debit card which I mistakenly use the one I hadn’t activated cause it to decline I told the girl this was the wrong one was looking for my other card she said you you need to hurry up or do something line backing up told her I just pay for this only handed her 2 twenty dollar bills she said well you need some more money told her sorry mean to hand you 3 twenties she said the lines backing up I had tru to give her my correct debit card no luck I am 73 years old by husband with me was 80 years old with dementia made us both feel awful told the young lady she did not have to be so short I just gave her wrong card she would be old some day when inside to talk to manager ask for manager a very young kid came up told me he help me what did I need told him I was sure he was not the manager he said he was head cashier could not speak with manager I had to Thur chain of command at Lowe’s aftyi told him what happened he just look at me quess Lowe’s hurting for help you get treated anyway and can be talk to anyway great customer service

  86. Really like selection, people who work there and the store.I applied for Lowe’s credit card,couldn’t get one.No problem,I am using my Discover card.Have purchased over $6000 so far on home renovation. I had to let company who was doing floor installation for 3 bedrooms about not receiving tile and ask them to help me . This is something Lowe’s set up but I had to make several calls and emails myself.There was 5 cases of tile to return with other items,took over an
    hour and several people to do this and ended up with a $700 store credit instead of being returned to my Discover card.No problem, we will use it.I have been in customer service for 40 years….I see lots of things you can fix. I tried several times to sign up for Lowe’s MVP, offered $100 off when spending $500….no such luck.Thanks for listening.
    Rosemarie Muscato
    Rosexxxx @aol.com

  87. I’ve been waiting for my refund check. It’s been two months. I spoke to several people. The ones I spoke to was nice. My washing machine could not be fix.
    This was sent to me.


  88. I’ve been waiting for my refund check. It’s been two months. I spoke to several people. The ones I spoke to was nice. My washing machine could not be fix.
    This was sent to me.


    Lowes Service Advantage
    Fri, Mar 11, 1:11 PM
    to THERESA

    A Message From Lowe’s

    This email pertains to your recent repair.
    Your washer has been deemed uneconomical for repair. Under the terms of your Extended Protection Plan contract, the full purchase price including sales tax (where applicable) is being processed for your appliance payable to you.

    We will wait to send your reimbursement for 1 business day, to allow you to review the address information we have on file. If no response is received, the payment will be issued to the name and address below. If the name or address listed below is incorrect, please reply to this email with the correct information so that we can revise the claim prior to mailing you your payment.

    Address: 1008 W 7TH ST
    CROWLEY, LA 70526

    This payment by Lowe’s will fulfill the Extended Protection Plan contract.
    Please allow 2-3 weeks for receipt of your payment.

    If you have any questions on the Extended Protection Plan, you can review your plan’s Terms and Conditions at https://www.lowes.com/l/help/lowes-protection-plan?searchTerm=protection%20plan.

    Please keep this email for your records.
    Thank you,
    Lowe’s Service Advantage

    NOTICE: All information in and attached to the e-mails below may be proprietary, confidential, privileged and otherwise protected from improper or erroneous disclosure. If you are not the sender’s intended recipient, you are not authorized to intercept, read, print, retain, copy, forward, or disseminate this message. If you have erroneously received this communication, please notify the sender immediately by phone (704-758-1000) or by e-mail and destroy all copies of this message electronic, paper, or otherwise. By transmitting documents via this email: Users, Customers, Suppliers and Vendors collectively acknowledge and agree the transmittal of information via email is voluntary, is offered as a convenience, and is not a secured method of communication; Not to transmit any payment information E.G. credit card, debit card, checking account, wire transfer information, passwords, or sensitive and personal information E.G. Driver’s license, DOB, social security, or any other information the user wishes to remain confidential; To transmit only non-confidential information such as plans, pictures and drawings and to assume all risk and liability for and indemnify Lowe’s from any claims, losses or damages that may arise from the transmittal of documents or including non-confidential information in the body of an email transmittal. Thank you.

    [Message clipped] View entire message

    Thu, Apr 7, 10:45 AM
    to Cheryl

    Theresa A. Henny
    Crowley Middle School
    (P) 337-783-xxxx
    (F) 337-783-xxxx

    “Don’t Let Nobody Steal Your Joy!”

  89. Do NOT ever purchase an appliance with an extended warranty. The appliance will go bad, they contract with idiots that can’t fix a burnt out light bulb, then when they determine that the appliance is not fixable they “CLAIM” they will send you a check for what you paid for the appliance not what the warranty paperwork says which is “REPLACE” the appliance. When the reimbursement never arrives, and you call to find out the status, they don’t know what you are talking about!!!!!!!

  90. My husband and I went to the Lowes in Estero, Florida this morning (5-13-2022) to purchase 31 cabinet pulls for new cabinets. The slot where the pulls we wanted was empty. We asked 3 times to have someone to help us in aisle 16. No one ever showed up. After waiting 45 minutes for someone to help me, I found a Lowes employee named Bill who was not busy standing near by and asked for help. He said it was not his department. Then I asked for a manager. Finally got Michelle who checked and said they had 18 packs of the cabinet pulls we needed. She got a ladder and got down the pulls for us. This should never had to reached the manager level. Our order totaled almost $190.00. I feel we should be compensated for our time and poor customer service. Think a 10% credit or gift card would be appreciated.

  91. Lowes is VERY difficult to deal with. They have my money for a kitchen project and are aware of the issues they have caused. Manager, Doug is unresponsive as well as Amy in Customer Service, and Maricia on the Virtual Design Team. The designer ordered the wrong cabinets which I found out as they were being installed. One cabinet that was ordered matched nothing. Seven weeks later after the installers closed the case (which I am not sure how that happened), NOTHING has been done. Doug, Amy and Maricia have all dropped the ball. I only went with Lowe’s because I thought they would make my project easier. I should have went with Home Depot. DO NOT hire Lowe’s. They will get your money and stop responding.

  92. Had a dishwasher purchased on feb 28, 2022. Installer picked it up on March 12, 2022 and canceled 3 times on installing and it still has not been installed. Been holding for over an hour for store manager.

    1. Much the same with my dryer experience. This is day 60, I guess I have another couple of months to go

  93. I bought a whirlpool dishwasher. It was installed 2/18/22 I used it three times. Called Lowes Burlington Ohio they told me to call whirlpool after about calling for 3 weeks every day. We talked to someone they sent the service man out. He told my husband it has fuse that half of it was blown. He didn’t have one, he didn’t know when he would. I have talked to Mike Adkins at the store where I bought it. He said he would call and have them to fix it or install a new dishwasher. Now I can’t even get Mike to answer the phone. I want it taken care of.

  94. I and my family (retired Air Force) have been customers of Loew’s for years in Fort Worth but No More! I just tired to get store credit for a locking mailbox; I did not have receipt but the item was in the original box still in original packing. The item is still listed on Lowe’s website, and I was Not asking for cash return, I was asking for a store credit which I would have used today towards a more expensive kitchen faucet. The woman helping me was not helpful and basically told me that was just the way it is, no sorry that I cannot help you.
    I plan to make everyone I know on neighborhood social media and around the country that Lowe’s is not the place to go for products or service.

  95. Third Party Delivery Service is a disaster. I purchased a high end kitchen suite & first fridge ice maker didn’t make ice, & poured water all over the floor. Replacement fridge delivered. Friday. We heard delivery men cursing in our garage, so we knew things weren’t going well. 4 door fridge. 1 door not adjusted. Looks like hinge may be twisted. Cover is missing from hinge @ the bottom of opposite door, & door has 2 small chips. They were scheduled to return Sunday between 8 & 12 to adjust door. Called Sat. night & confirmed. One o’clock Sunday I called & was told they were “en route”. 5PM I called again & learned that they had kept none of their Sunday AM commitments. “Big Dave” was supposed to call me back @ 1PM today with an update. He never called. I called @ 3PM & was told I just missed the person I needed to speak to by 10 minutes. Asked for manager & was told none available. All in a Meeting. Had a meltdown, & finally got “Shelby”, who said she escalated my issue to the delivery company manager & someone would call me back. It is now 7:30 & no call. Hendersonville, NC Lowe’s is the WORST!!

    1. AGREED!! Outsourcing to third parties has completely obliterated accountability and reliability. It doesn’t help that you cannot get anyone with any ability to make change happen call you back. Customer service is at an negative numeric, as is satisfaction!

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