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  1. Good morning I’m Cavangaline Anita Ballenger 07 09 66 creator of Herbal and pharmaceutical medicine for COVID AIDS Monkey pox Cancer active Asthmatic Attacks laryngitis Pink Eye Bacteria Infection Green Food Supplements my Luekemia Sickle cells MS arthritis regimen well being victims of trafficking I spoke to someone in the seal CEO office before around May of 22 I think it was around May 2022 what I’m trying to say to you is this they have these domestic terrorists have taken myself and my family and Wells Fargo you have known about it because you have allowed them into my banking account the CEO and I forget his name and a lot of my journals have been stolen and to be fat with that name in it and they have called you and you have replied back to them if you rehearse the name Lawrence trash or station Brown because see right now they’re staying in a DoubleTree Hotel in silver springs and see and July of 2021 in Annapolis there was another double Sprint another double tree Hotel in which they stayed in Annapolis and Stacia Brown signed the receipt to pay the bill with my Wells Fargo account and I didn’t get a copy of that email but if I’m not if I’m not mistaken it was over $1,000 I never was reimbursed by that and see Catholic charities was supposed to straighten all that out and Sarah’s house but they never straightened it all out but see right now as as of today that I do own Catholic charities okay so somewhere somehow something was straightened out but see as of Wells Fargo only Wells Fargo I feel as solid eye that eye right there now let’s get into the matter at hand another one text from the name Kerry flowers which is Lawrence that’s his mother and the form of I think it is $97,000 was mailed to 1009 11th Street Patricia handy shelter for women in a care of sweet 705 unit 1 that would have been myself Nicole Paul received that check and turned it over to Lawrence trash along with a personal letter written by none other than that carry flowers before she passed away there was another check in the sum of 94,000 now I have these songs backwards and these were checks that came from Wells Fargo institution okay from his sister who has the last name Thrash as well and I’m not sure of her first name but lost if you call him in and put him under oath or under polygraph test I’m sure he will identify with the correct spelling of his sister’s last name she bought two children so he would definitely tell his sister’s last name okay because her son’s last name was Andre okay her son’s left her son’s name was Andre okay so definitely he would definitely tell you his sister’s name Clarissa something but either way around those checks were never supposed to be in the bank banking institution of Nicole hall or Lawrence thrash or anybody else’s other than this myself Cavangaline Anita Ballenger 07 09 66 what you have had an account for and you chose to let other people to go into that account on numerous occasions too many accounts occasions now I’m here and I am at the metropolitan area and as I introduce myself to one of your bankers your managers here and silver spring I do I have diplomatic immunity and that doesn’t sway anything with Nicole Hall and she knows that and I am a victim of trafficking and domestic violence and so that doesn’t sway anything to Nicole Hall who’s supposed to work for DHS and help the women at Patricia handy shelter food for women in Washington DC at 1009 11th Street and not steal their money not go by cars and I put the cars in their names okay and I think that she deserves nice little frilly things and that’s what she thought she deserved with that check that check was due to an amethyst or something there of being sold or taking custody of from The underground in Georgia or home sunset I need these funds either a check written we have a meeting and all of this done it dealt with by the end of days because I am without Shelter without food as we speak and see there are laws in the United States that a victim of trafficking or domestic violence should not be on sheltered and if you’re handicapped there’s a 508 law that you should not be on sheltered and then there’s the right to shelter law that was just passed and as of my ethnicity there are rights as of my diplomatic immunity they are rights so please let’s fall in line with all of these laws and reach out to these people who have broken those laws and yourself as they do have copies of my email address and my phone number please contact this institution Jassa that’s the Jewish department for social services for Jewish people please contact them they are in Rockville I’ll be contacting them today and letting them know all about this matter at hand as well as the court system I have I have deemed less and I will let DHS know about this as well as I did let h UD housing Urban development know all about this as well as well as the Temple of praise so thank you very much in advance and any other pieces of mail that you mailed to 1009 11th Street Patricia handy shelter for women I have not received an over the last decade the last 3 years that I have been in that well look I’ve been in that self January 13th 2012 and I have not received any mail from you all going to that shelter Minister and male going to 1313 New York avenue I haven’t received any either and that is in Washington DC and please don’t let anybody into Cecile Spiegel account Bruce Barnett account or any other subsequent account that I ride at the bottom of or they’re off Diana’s people’s account Richard’s field account and I’m going to say it again any other account that I write anywhere on there there are because see there’s too many domestic terrorists that has been lurking in the background to facilitate cash from each and every one of those accounts and Galen Sterling Galen Gallagher does not own any of my banking institutions nor does he own any of my assets and should he be retrieving any money from any of these accounts no I should not from Natick alabaster box nor from Fox e Court North of Avalon alchemy nor should not not at this time not at all nor should Tracy Gallagher. ..Nor should Williams Gary Ballenger Crystal Rouse Kimberly Collette Williams and Crystal roost is not dead attorney he is not an attorney at right now she has been formally just barred and she is running with William Gary ballinger my ex husband I’m not just Stacia Brown or Lawrence thrash nor Dwayne Jackson Maxcell Johnson nor my First born Daughter Cavangaline Nikyva Ballenger 09/09/83 and ask her to ask for her after all of her identification every last piece of it because you’ve been letting her suck every last time out of that account without asking for a whole lot of anything okay so thank you so very very much nor should any other church or facility thank you

  2. I opened an business account so that I could get a down payment on a job of mine. And not even 10 minutes later I received 2500 from a contractor. This was my first transaction with PayPal ever. I don’t know why or how but I got flagged, my guess was that it was a large transaction. Back then they said to wait 6 months to get the money back, I don’t get why been a business account it would be hard for you to proses this amount. I offered to show you my credentials, business insurance, along with the cooperation of my customer wish he is a business that uses your Cervices. I got the cold shoulder and my request was not even considered what so ever. It’s been 6 months and again I have to start from scratch. This is a form of theft in my opinion because that money belongs to me not them. Also why am I accumulating fees for you to keep the money from me. It’s like going into a super market, taking money from the cash register, take it home with out explanations, and every month come back and take a portion from the register, and also charging them for me to take away and keeping the money that’s it, because I want too. I would go to jail for this right. But just because I fight on a paper that from the beginning that was my intention (customer agreement) does not give me the right to be inconsiderate or plainly say OPERATING MOB LIKE
    Can someone please help me with this? My family would really appreciate it, thank you

  3. Your prices in wanting a Okla are redickless 20.00 for 2 egg and cheese wraps you just lost my vines forever that is robbery

  4. I have a complaint about management at Willow creek terminated me for no reason and he terminated me through a text message and still won’t tell me why he terminated me.

  5. Who do I need to speak to about legal charges? I have a friend who’s locked up over a rental truck ……. I need to speak to someone asap so this can be taken care of..

  6. My survey code is 8904-6033-0903-3026
    They have the best customer service
    They only had 2 people working still had my order fast
    And then when I had to take something back They made it right with a smile and friendly service
    On a skill from 1-10 the customer service experience is 11
    Thank you for your time
    And thank them for their fast and very friendly service
    The time I was there is 8:12 am

  7. Hey my name is Janelle phifer. I am a currently employee at your local regal movie theater and I would like to make a compliant about how regal movie theater in Greensboro,NC has wrongly written me upToday. This afternoon my manger Mr.Mark asked one the females to go to the females bathroom and to clean poop off the wall. Me.Mark didn’t specifically ask a certain person he just asked someone. One of my employee locked the stall with the poop to specify that this certain stall was out of order. My manger Mrs. Ashley goes and see that the poop was still on the wall and cleans up the stall and goes tell another manger name Mr.Rankin that we didn’t clean the stall. Rankin has written up every Female up who didn’t clean the stall. My concern is the mangers didn’t specify who they wanted to clean the bathroom and they just said someone and the mangers didn’t specify how to clean it . They wanted one of us to lock the door and put a sign on the stall and because my co-worker didn’t put the sign on the door the manger has decide to written us up for not cleaning the stalls right.

  8. I bought 2 gift cards with 500 dollar’s on them when I tried to activate it they said they were not activated and when they went to get it done they said they were locked but they still had my money on them told me I had to get ahold of Walmart froud department and they would take care of it two days I have tried to get ahold of anyone to no luck I have called every number and still no luck

  9. This is about WayUp Corporation which provides internships for college students. I am a business owner with a disability. Because we r having financial difficulties in this time, we cannot afford to pay students internships. So instead we provide college credits for any course they choose like Marketing, Business, Education. WayUp Manager refused to advertise our business for offering nonpaid internships. So I explained to him of my disability and that I thought that they were discriminating based on disability and financial matters.

  10. worked there for 20 hours and only received two check one for 4.42 hours this was the 8 hour of grammer school orientation. Then second check was for 3.75 hours and this one is for 8 hours and 4 hours. Its a run around trying to get someone to get your check and of course its not any coach , team lead, people lead, ect….. that you know and no one knows nothing about nothing. and of course the people lead are on a leave of absent now. .

  11. I only have a problem with store number 17902 in south Fork Colorado. She did not lock employees files and most the employees knew everything about me even grandmothers maiden names name this was turned in to you the regional and district managers did nothing. In January I was notified that my social security number has been compromised and Monday i was taken for everything. I am turning this in to Dept of labor a and employment, BBB, and the ADA since no one wants to address this. It was also turned in by two other employees and nothing was done

  12. Refused service by manager Miss Cunningham at McDonald’s located at exit 9 on 575 , truck is oversize not able to fit through drive-through , very rude . Said she didn’t care about policy

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