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Papa John’s Corporate Office and Headquarters.

All available corporate information about the pizza restaurant franchise Papa John’s, as well as a brief company history, links to the firm’s social media, the Headquarters phone number and address, Careers & Jobs information, and more.

We have also added a guide to contacting the Papa John’s Customer Service department via phone or email forms.

About Papa John’s.

The America restaurant chain Papa John’s specializes in pizza delivery and has been established since 1984.

The company was founded by John Schnatter, who opened a small takeaway pizza outlet in Jeffersonville (Indiana).A year later, he opened the first Papa John’s restaurant and began run the company on a franchise business model, and a decade later, Papa John’s had over 100 franchises.

By the mid 90s the number of Papa John’s locations had grown to 500. The company’s success earned Papa John’s a high ranking in the 1995 Forbes List of the Nation’s 200 Best Small Companies.

Nowadays, Papa John’s operates nearly 5,000 restaurants in 37 countries across Europe, Asia, and North America, and continues to receive high rankings for its commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality.

Papa John’s Corporate Office Contacts.

To contact Papa John’s Headquarters, please use the information listed below:

Papa John’s Headquarters Phone Number.

Papa John’s Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time)

Papa John’s Corporation Headquarters Address.
2002 Papa John’s Boulevard,
Louisville, Kentucky, 40299-2367

As an alternative mailing address, you can also write to Papa John’s International, Inc. P.O. Box 99900, Louisville, KY 40269-9990.

Papa Johns Headquarters
The Papa John’s Corporate Headquarters in Louisville is home to around 720 corporate employees and directors.

Papa John’s Executive Team.

This is the full list of Papa John’s most senior leaders.

  • John Schnatter, Founder, Chairman, and CEO
  • Steve M. Ritchie, President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Lance F. Tucker, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Administrative Officer and Treasurer
  • Timothy C. O’Hern, Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Papa John’s Board of Directors:

  • John Schnatter, Chairman of the Board
  • Olivia F. Kirtley
  • Christopher L. Coleman
  • Laurette T. Koellner
  • Sonya E. Medina
  • Mark S. Shapiro
  • W. Kent Taylor

Papa John’s Careers and Jobs.

Papa John’s Careers site is the gateway to job opportunities with this fast-food company. To view the job vacancies currently available at the corporate headquarters in Kentucky, visit this page.

This website lists job opportunities at Papa John’s restaraurants in the United States. For all other jobs, use the search function in here, where you can browse jobs by keyword, ZIP code, and career area.

Other employment opportunities with Papa John’s are listed in their LinkedIn page.

How to complain to Papa John’s.

If you have a complaint to make, you can reach the Papa John’s Customer Care team by calling 1-877-547-7272 (within the United States).

You can also contact the company’s customer service department by filling this feedback form, which can be used to raise concerns with the Customer Experience team.

Online Support is also available on Twitter via the handle @AskPapaJohns, where customer service representatives are ready to listen to complaints and concerns between 8 a.m. and 10.30 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time).

Other Papa John’s Resources.

Here’s a comprehensive list of additional Papa John’s resources that may be of interest to the general public:

Please share your experiences, praise or complaints about Papa John’s pizza, in the comment section.

148 thoughts on “Papa John’s Headquarters

  1. I ordered a delivery order of a pizza, order of breadsticks and chocolate chip cookie, received two orders of breadsticks, a cookie , and no pizza. The driver told me he can’t check the orders, and I would need to call the store. I did so to be told it would be here in 35 minutes. At 55 minutes, I called back and was told it had already been delivered and perhaps it was left on our porch without any alert. Indeed it was not only there but had been thrown there to the point it did not resemble a pizza. I have a picture, which I will be happy to share when I hear back from you. This type of shoddy customer service is unacceptable. I would appreciate a call back at xxxx I would expect a refund for the very least the pizza.

  2. Made an order for delivery. They told us 45 mins an hour and a half later still no delivery. Order taker messed up order. This was the Florence Mississippi location they are horrible

  3. The wilshire n burleson Texas stole from me forgot my drink and over charge me when it said it was going be 29.11..and my bank statement said 34.93 then call the manager and they told me they can’t do anything for me so y’all rob people or what cause this is bs I want my money back please and thk u

  4. I ordered papa johns on uber eats and build my own papa bowl specifically stating each ingredient. It got delivered and noticed the bowl was wrongly made. My girlfriend called papa johns for a resolution so papá Johns didn’t have to lose money and possibly correct my order (no cheese only ingredients tally marked (I’m allergic to dairy n lactose)) as my girlfriend was explaining to manager Veronica cool calm and collectively the manager whom answered the phone ( Veronica at store 2113 wells branch prkwy suite 1100 in Austin tx phone number 512-251-7272 ) was not in any way shape or form wanting to find a solution other than to advise Uber eats in which we did (again before getting our money back or papa johns losing money and as well as in hopes to get a re-dilevery to fix the situation being that it was late in the evening and we just got off an 18 hr shift. The manager in training (as per other manager from another store named Kenneth)) Veronica hung up in mid explaining and conversation on my girlfriend. We called back several times 3 -4 more times to be exact until Kenneth answered my girlfriend made him aware of the unprofessionalism and that this store has had more than to many incidents and should do better for it isn’t fair as a pizza delivery and carry out food restaurant that the customers receiving their order should undergo that kind of treatment. All we was doing was trying to eat dinner and get rest before another day. Instead the food had to be disposed of and couldn’t eat for what we paid for. Not a good night. I order papa johns because you guys are open later (i work a lot of night shifts) and I love the build ur own pizzas but a lot of times it seems like the staff do not take their time to read their orders. I just ask as what I and my girlfriend consider (loyal n constant customer if staff to this store as well as management can be trained better and more professional.

    Thank you

  5. I ordered a pizza from your business at 1853 E. Memorial Blvd. according to the manager I screwed up the order. I did not glet pepperoni on the Shaw-a-Roni. The pizza had no pepperoni on it. I called the store and tried to get a new pizza. I was told it was my mistake, and there would not be a replacement or credit for the order. I told her that I would not ordering from them again. She told me that that “they would not loose the business over me “. She then hung up on me, I asked her for her name. I called back and was told that “they do not give out that type of information”. I was LIVID and still so. Order number was 1006323825. I do like your pizza if I order again I will get it from a DIFFERENT location in Lakeland Fl.

  6. Yes definitely I’ve been on hold 17 minutes at the most since 525 at the Vineland Landis Avenue location of Papa John’s which is the worst whoever this guy is he’s answering the phone Spanish guy answering the phone and he saying please hold and he don’t come back I’m trying to order us dinner wings and pizza and I can’t even get through and I’ve been calling since 25 after five this is ridiculous I mean seriously this is this is ridiculous I’m 45 minutes away from home trying to order dinner and cannot because he won’t take our our our our order

  7. It took us a hour to get our 2 pizzas when they finally got here not only were they cold we ordered extra peppers they weren’t there. We paid 40.27 and when i told the driver this is unacceptable he tells me delivery has been outsourced to Door Dash! The store we ordered from is at 1668 East Main Springfield Ohio. Something needs to be done.

  8. We have been a loyal PJ customer for years and have always enjoyed your pizza. The last three pizzas we have ordered have been well below the standard we have come to expect. I’m afraid we may have to change our pizza store. Can you explain what has happened? Thank you. Fred Layton

  9. They ran out of garlic parm and used the butter sauce that they use on the cheese bread most likely.

  10. They sent me a spoil condiment pack of blue cheese from the 868 Tremont Ave store Bronx,NY. I opened the packet and I dipped my wing before I realized the Blue Cheese was rancid.I threw up and I was sick to my stomach. Why did your establishment make me sick to my stomach? It is so unfair that I had to endure rancid food.

  11. Ordered a NY Style Pizza (new item) from Papa John’s 2201 N Story Rd Irving, TX 75062 (972) 594-7272 on 07/14/22 @ 8:26pm and was delivered at 9:17pm cold – no warmth what so ever (store is only 1.7 mi from home delivery location) The pizza consisted mostly of bread – lacking appropriate amount of cheese. The pizza was super bland with no taste of seasoning, however they did add a garlic butter container (free) in the box (seems they are aware of the blandness). I would not recommend this pizza, probably should be removed from the menu. Also, not sure if Door Dash or the restaurant was responsible for the pizza being cold upon delivery. I’ll be following up with PJ’s management on this complaint tomorrow morning.

  12. Store in Lexington,nc rips ppls credit cards off doubles tips…crooks. I caught them…the refunded my complete order ..guilt n wanted me to go away…I made a police report. Crooks

  13. I am extremely disappointed and angry/upset that my delivery order was delivered by doordash without notifying me first. I always tip considerably (at least eight dollars despite price) for the simple reason that I know when that delivery driver is done bringing me my food while I sit on my butt they are going to clean or contribute to the store between deliveries. I do not reward doordash drivers who don’t do any actual work. I will not be ordering for delivery anymore unless there is an option to request an actual person employed through the restaurant I am ordering from. This doordash person that got my eight bucks plus delivery charge was horrendous. They had a passenger in the unmarked car (a serial killer who poisons all their victims for all I know). They did not have a hot bag. They did not double check my order for accuracy. They did not have a reciept. I didn’t even get thanked. I am furious. I worked a ten hour day today to come home and give my hard earned money to someone I didn’t want to give it to without an option for it. Papa John’s is so worried about their bottom line that their hard working EMPLOYEES are missing out on money. Also their money spending, LOYAL CUSTOMERS are not receiving the service they deserve and have always recieved per Papa John’s standards. You might as well have a call center in foreign countries with no one who put into the US economy and only employ noncitizens who can barely work in the US instead of veterans who fought for our freedom. PAPA JOHNS … YOU SOLD OUT. If it wasn’t for the fact that I know for sure my local Papa Johns’ are locally owned and operated I would never and I repeat NEVER order for the name again. There are extremely hard working people who have given their time for many many years with the company who deserve people like me who actually reward excellence. Change this before you can only employ lazy/unmotivated employees who run the Papa John’s name into the ground.

  14. What happens in Papa John’s in Tunisia can only be described as a homemade schematic stratagem to destroy the brand and struggle is fast-food market share. Please walker up or you re going to be lost and shut down your Tunisia premises son. Other restaurants are taking the tool over your renowned pizza high quality…
    Call or email me I will explain more

  15. No one wearing gloves Handling pizza and money no washing hands at all
    Please change your policy for them to wear gloves handling food

  16. Memphis TN. Your employee on the phone was great, your delivery guy was great, I’ve never complained before, but the pizza tasted like poop!

  17. Your website is herendous. Food great. Service great. Just tell us the specials.Ordeal to find out specials. Whoever designed this should be fired.

  18. Your Lexington Park Md.employee who was working the counter on 05/11/22 around 6:50 pm had a very bad attitude and non approachable.

  19. At 9PM on 5/7/22 I picked up two Papadias at the Papa Johns store in Floyds Knobs, IN. After we opening them t home and realizing that they contained virtually no ingredients I called the store and punched 5 for manager . I explained to him that both of the sandwichs consisted of bread, some sauce and a small amount of pineapple but virtually no sausage and mushrooms in one case or sausage and onion on the other one. No apology offered but he said that the would write down my name and give me two Papadias when I visited the store again. This was nothing like simply getting a pizza which had a skimpy amount of toppings. The sandwiches had little on them but sauce and pinapple. Far less important was the fact that the maker took absolutely no care in cutting the sandwiches in two equal parts. They were cut much closer to 1/4, 3/4. I thought that you should know.

  20. Place a online order wait two hours and when I called the papa John’s
    They said I only have one driver nothing I can do about that.

  21. Claremore Ok. Ordered pizza online @1030am, 30 minutes later thought I would track where pizza was. Pulled up email and they had canceled my order, so I call them by now it is 11am, guy said computers was down for a little while.
    So I placed my order again, 1200pm not pizza so I called again, said driver just left. I ask what color of car so I could keep an eye out. He even gave me the car color, I ask so they have left? No but he is now 1245pm still no pizza. I call back and was told that they had door dash deliver my pizzas and it shows it delivered.
    I said well interesting as I am setting here with my staff who we have lunch times now we have no lunch!!! I ask why did you not just tell me this the first time instead of lying to me.
    I could have come and got the pizza and fed my staff!!
    Then he starts telling me how he was late and had a flat and so they had no one there supposedly the computer went down so they canceled my order. then had door dash deliver my order somewhere!!
    I ask to speak to the person over the store he gives me her number I call, it is plain that I had woken her up.
    I ask for Papa John’s headquarters she said you can call me tomorrow when I am at the store. Also, she told me they are not connected to Papa Johns.
    So needless to say she did not care and my staff was trying to find some lunch!!!

  22. Went to Papa John’s Friday night Anderson Indiana and the man asked me for my VA card and we will not honoring it charge me the same price bullshit

  23. Recently, I ordered pizza from The Golden Gate location located on 4885 Golden Gate Pkwy. in Golden Gate, FL.
    Upon picking up my pizza I witnessed that the person handling the pizza dough was not wearing gloves. Is it your policy that one does not need to wear gloves when handling food like that? Regardless, I find it unsanitary. How does one know that their hands are being washed continuously? I look forward to your response concerning this matter.

  24. Waited 2 1/2 hours for my nasty cold pizza. Called 12 times to try and get a manager on the phone only for the “ordering line” to tell me they can’t help me and transfer me to a dial tone every time. A huge disappointment and waste of money!!!!!

  25. The first time I ordered the Whitlock location in marietta, ga just never delivered nor did they even attempt to call back or anything then on Wednesday April 20 they finally arrived after 2hrs of waiting and the food was cold so this is 2nd time I have not received my food. I feel like this is the poorest service I have ever received. Not to forget twice I had no dinner. Maybe Corp. Should have a little more communication with these complaints against the PAPA JOHNS NAME AS WELL.

  26. Just want to say thank the papa johns in bay st Louis Mississippi are very rude, At my Rv park we have a 5 miles per hour speed limit and I’ve been telling telling the manager several times about the speeding and been told they will talk to the delivery person. We’ll I had a driver doing well over 10 through the park. So I called to speak to a manager and was told that they won’t deliver to the Rv park anymore because of the calls about the driver’s speeding.

  27. Tried to order through the call center..three time and would not go through.On the 4th attempt pressed to speak with a person.The Germantown ohio store would not take our oder and would not take ur order and said don’t know what to tell us.Not going to take the order. The end result-Papa John’s lost my business. we ordered from a competitor!Poor customer service !! Even though tried to explain about several attempts..Bad business. Apparently making more than enough money that diffently don’t need any more.

  28. Tried to order pizza’s last night online and the system was down. went to the store and they said that the system was down and I could not order take out either. Wht would you have a system that shuts your whole operation down. Something needs to be fixed here.

  29. So no on seems to be interested in the atrocious service that is received by both corporate and the franchise. I have been contacting both places for 3 weeks, are you having that many complaints that you can’t handle them? Get more help.

  30. Papa Johns. Six Forks and Strickland Road. Service is so bad and unknowing Final Four. Staff does not know special advertising on National TV. My second and last pjs experience

  31. I was at your store I’m volunteer parkway and I have ordered a pizza what she told me it was a Conair well she had an attitude I asked her for the knots and I was asking her to put more garlic and parmesan cheese on it and she says we do it our way and she had a hateful attitude and then I go back in and tell her I won’t have pepperoni and half supreme and she had another attitude and she says well that would be a $1.75 more she’s not a very nice person she’s a really hateful person someone like that doesn’t need to be working in a public place like that if she can’t be nice dancers at Papa John’s on volunteer parkway and her name is Donna

  32. Brunt Papadias delivered. Papa John’s Merrill Rd. Jacksonville, FL. Asking only for my money back. Delivered March 28, 2022.

  33. I’m am very disappointed in my papa John’s experience today.0
    Order #944858325

    I would like to discuss this experience

  34. I ordered a stuffed crust pizza from a Papa John’s in Bakersfield store # 4219. When my order came and noticed it was not stuffed crust and called and spoke with the manager Glen. He told me the matter was above his pay grade. and instructed me to call back maybe Monday or
    tuesday. I asked Glen why couldn’t he correct the error which was clear as I took a picture of the pizza crust. Glen replied it was above his pay grade so I have to wait from Saturday to Monday or Tuesday to speak to the owner to correct the error that was made by Papa John’s. I find that whole procedure poor poor customer service. I called on Monday afternoon and the owner was not there nor did the owner call me. It seems like this Papa John’s just want you to pay for pizza and don’t care about their quality.
    Which is funny because I looked up Papa John’s policy on Quality Guarantee and followed all the steps and still did not recieve a replacement pizza.

  35. Ordered at 22nd and Broadway, Louisville 2 large pizzas meat lovers had 3x’s more dough very doughy wasn’t hot and hardly no toppings..Very dissatisfied especially paying 31dollars for two large horrible doughy cold topping less pizza.

  36. I have immediately stopped buying papa John pizza. I support Ukraine. Not the Russian killers who are right now watching tv eating papa johns pizza as their military kills children and women

  37. Do you have pizza with Ukrainian blood on it? Get out of Russia you parasites. I WILL NEVER EAT YOUR PIZZA!

  38. I say to you, as you currently due business with Russia, I/we will do all that we can to spread the word throughout Facebook and social media. You are basically supporting a “Hitler” and Americans are very angry. The fact that you put profits over righteousness tells America what you truly are about-caring only to make money when so many of us are willing to make sacrifices. I live in California where gas prices locally are $6.49 a gallon. I’m willing to make that sacrifice as well as the 80% of Americans are. The word is spreading, and not just by me. Your name is currently mud. But we will cease our boycott when you cease business with Russia and Belarus, if you’re in Belarus.

  39. SHAME ON YOU FOR CONTINUING TO DO BUSINESS IN RUSSIA!!! I can no longer support your company at this time

  40. What are you waiting for on stopping all business in Russia immediately. What shameful corporate greed! Haven’t you executives been watching the news? I am boycotting all your products immediately! You need to support the Ukrainians!

  41. My family, friends & I (over 50 people) are boycotting Papa Johns until you pull all your business connections from Russia. That you have not done so yet within the international sanctions is unconscionable as Russia has violated international laws in its invasion of Ukraine…so many lives lost…so much destruction!
    Your profits are stained in blood!
    Shame on you!!!

  42. As a papa John’s delivery driver with the price of gas we need more mileage pay you keep raising the delivery fee but not paying us more for mileage

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