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55 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Lowes stoped using the LAR preload account. I have $700 in that account and can not use it. I can’t even get a store credit. I have been told I will receive a check in the mail. It has been two weeks now. Very frustrating, I have been a very loyal contractor who has spent hundreds of thousands each year.
    Home Depot is half the distance from my office, I will surely go with them if this is no tv rectified.

  2. Window installation very poor
    Product not good quality
    Customer Service very poor
    My charge account is incorrect
    Managers not answering the phone

    I refuse to pay for bad quality windows

  3. Taco Bell sun city center. Location is advertising sipping taco delux box. Manager states that they have discontinued the item. False advertising

  4. Please have some one from corporate to visit the dollar general in Hancock Ny. 550 Main Street. Every body very nice but the store needs a tune up. You’ll see.

  5. Poor window installation. Poor communications because it should be done by phone and not email. Poor window quality. Manager don’t answer the phone

  6. dishwasher bottom has greasy mock
    on drain plates, rinse arm etc.
    grease must be ozzing out. This is a lemon product and I need it replaced,

  7. I called my local pharmacy for assistance I held for one hour 55 minutes. They hung up on me. Unreal.

  8. I’m sure this isn’t the correct site to ask a question about charitable donations, so if there’s someone in particular I can contact?

  9. Logansport Burger King messed or order up so we called to get it corrected and my food was old and not even warm. They hung up on us twice! Our order number is #92

  10. Hello,
    I would like to comment on our dining experience at the Sturgis S.D. location. The service was good but what was troubling is while we waited for our pizza my wife and I observed the the cooks did not where latex gloves while preparing our order and witnessed one gentleman take a drink no of water, rub his face a checks after he took a drink then proceeded with our order. I then noticed that there were no hot pepper flakes or Parmesan on the table so I asked for some and the help informed me that it was a addional cost, what? Thanks like getting charged extra for ketchup and mustard at McDonald’s. Red pepper flakes and Parmesan should be a condiment, because your specialty is pizza right? Sorry no longer a Pizza Hut supporter.

  11. I purchased a 3seat swing for my yard in June. Today my son was sitting on it anc the entire seat tore away from the pole that goes thru it. My son only weighs 165 lbs and no one else sits on it. We bought it for him because he’s autistic and likes the motion of a swing. I am terribly disappointed and such a waste of my money.

  12. I have information about many Nike apparel products and shoes being stolen. I am finding a large quantity among my husbands things. Who do I contact. I have taken pictures of all the merchandise with the serial #’s? The police say I need to contact the retailers of all that I’ve found but I am not reaching anyone. Among all there is a great deal of Nike products. Thank you. Thea

  13. I was charged twice for good I did NOT receive. I can NOT get anyone to speak with to resolve this issue. I do NOT want a $5 credit!!! Horrible business practice. I will NEVER purchase food at Burger King again. I want my money back. Both orders the were NOT filled, from two separate restaurants that are 3 hours distance apart!!!!! Impossible, yet I was charged in both places. Neither being fulfilled!!!

  14. I was cussed out by an associate at your Northeast Columbia, SC store yesterday. Also racial slurs. The manager never even acknowledged us. You may want to pull the video footage of the incident occurring at the Garners Ferry Rd store in southeast Columbia on Tuesday August 16th, 2023 at approximately 5:25pm-5:30pm. The associates name was Nette. I felt threatened. My husband is a licensed contractor and we have also personally spent a lot of money at your store this year. The store is a mess and mismanaged to say the least. I would like to say from now on we will for sure choose Home Depot. This was the only time I have ever felt threatened while patronizing a business. I also called your call center in Indiana??? Provided to me by the ASM on duty and they didn’t seem to care either…stating, “you many not get a call back.” Is this what the world has come to?…some big corporation that doesn’t care. I don’t think I will be spending any more money with Lowe’s.

  15. I am a customer at the Lowe’s on FM 544 in Murphy, Texas.
    I had a problem and without hesitation Josh Heigle, the Manager, assisted me.
    He was kind, professional and treated me with great value.
    I was impressed and wanted you to know that he went above and beyond to solve the problem.
    Jeff the assisted Manager helped me today and he also was kind and helpful. They are both excellent men and great managers Thank you for having such a great team at my Lowe’s store.

  16. I’m sick and tired of the damage that your wrestlers put on afflicting body damage to other wrestlers, that ruing their careers, been watching 1970 to now yes it been fun ,, but the past few years I was getting up set. , torn muscles, broken bones, the chairs they use to hurt others and need to stop. Let then put your head in it and see what happens , it should not go that far, to keep a title , or losing a job due to injury.

  17. Are you kidding. To fire the Ga. woman for trying to stop a theft in your store getting punched in the face 3 times, and then you fire her ! Shame on you ! She is standing up for good and against wrong. That should be rewarded not condemned. Your policy is the reason stores are closing, moving and losing profits. I have long been good customer with a business account for decades, but now I don’t want to frequent our local stores because of the way you have handled this incident. She didn’t have to confront the thieves but did so on her on volition and loyalty to your store and to what is right. I truly shocked and disappointed Gary Wells, Brevard NC

  18. we got a pizza with metal in it!!! in nashville when we called they told us to fuck off really!!!

  19. I already did! My NY pizza had barely any pepperoni and I already went through your complaint monitor and she said okay we will give you another pizza! I have had zero response and would like this resolved now!

  20. The terminal in Barrington, NJ is terrible! They don’t have enough help, they are getting the contractors out really late which is causing customers not to receive their packages in a timely manner. Is there any way this can change?? Its summer, its hot there is tons if traffic. Its causing alot of frustration and contractors are losing people left and right. It would be ok if this happened once in a while but its happening daily now. Please help with this?

  21. I worked at Hilton inn for 2 weeks and haven’t gotten my pay it’s been 4 months have talked to the supervisor she didn’t give me no response of where’s my payment

  22. Taco Bell located in Norwell ma, is by far the most unorganized horrid experience. The manager walks outside and does nothing while door dashers and patrons are waiting for 30 mins plus. I have been here multiple times hoping it improves and it only gets worse.

  23. Bring back the honey oat bread! Its the only bread you had that I will eat. Lost my business because of it!

  24. I have read a lot of complaints against Dollar aGeneral to no avail so ya are lazy and pass the buck to folks who
    have not been trained at all property

    and yet y’all get to ride around

    And how dare y’all try to charge me money to file a complaint it used to be y’all would try to improve there is no room hardly to walk thru the store in napoleon Michigan so I will continue to let it be known you are just trying to make money without putting in the effort sloppy work people
    And isome district managers don’t do a dang thing I think they should shut down all store till DOLLAR GENERAL CAN TRAIN YOUR employees to wait on customers and no phones on the floor except the store phone what a sloppy business yall run good luck I’m goin to tell anybody not to shop at your stores coz you do not train your employees

  25. I have been a plus member for going on 2 years and will not only not renew but will not shop Walmart any longer. We order or try to order groceries for pick up and delivery on regular basis but can never get checked out on line . The order always freezes after making the time selection and I have to call to finish the order. Your website ordering is a mess and always has been. You have had enough time to fix issues and have a good interface for your customers but you still make ordering from you a challenge! You need to fire and hire another developer who knows what they are doing. Amazon doesn’t have these issues and you have had years to get up to speed. Now for an issue you really need to be concerned about and that’s delivery issues that is costing you lots of money. The last 2 orders we had delivered contained items we didn’t order. My last order had 7 containers of hand sanitizer and the previous one to that had about 12 cans of cat food that belonged to someone else. I even called both times and gave the name of the customer it was meant for along with the order number and was told nothing could be done. At about $20 an order this will add up to millions of dollars in losses for you that is totally avoidable. I guarantee your profit margin is on the decline with his kind of haphazard delivery system. It also explains why I constantly have missing items from my orders.

    Jesse Mccoy

  26. the taco bell on lake Murray Blvd has tooken 300 dollars from me without even paying me and the gm knows this as well they need to be check thoroughly

  27. I have read a lot of complaints against Dollar aGeneral to no avail so ya are lazy and pass the buck to folks who have not been trained at all property and yet y’all get to ride around
    And isome district managers don’t do a dang thing I think they should shut down all store till DOLLAR GENERAL CAN TRAIN YOUR employees to wait on customers and no phones on the floor except the store phone what a sloppy business yall run good luck I’m goin to tell anybody not to shop at your stores coz you do not train your employees

  28. I also-went to the same location 7310 veterans parkway cols ga 31909 and was told they couldn’t make modifications to the 2/5 whopper jr. Each if my items already had what I wanted extra of on them ( onions & pickles).

  29. The store in Oinderay Idaho that serves Idaho, Montana and Canada never has items on their shelf!!! EMPTY EMPTY EMPTY 80% of the time and people are starting to go to the store 45 miles away to get what they need!!! I know myself and many others have complained to no avail!!! Stock their shelves and get the things people want!!!

  30. I purchased a LG refrigerator from Lowe’s. It was delivered on the 4th of July. We purchased food for the 4th of July, and the food spoiled and melted because it didn’t work. It wasn’t on the display setting. The movers damaged my brand new front door by putting the door back on. The fridge wifi didn’t download the refrigerator information. I went to Lowe’s this morning and they found the same refrigerator, and I got it for the same price I bought it for with the five year warranty. The manager looked at me and said that I got a good deal for it, and I agreed with him. Later on today I get a call from a female Lowe’s manager telling me that I need to pay full price because they sold me a damaged refrigerator. I told them that they need to honor the price I bought it for. They never told me that it was damage. I told them that it was in the box when they sold it to me. My wife told me that her and my daughter had to unwrap the refrigerator…so it was brand new. The female manager was rude and told me that she could refund my money back. I told her no…she need to honor the price I had already paid for the refrigerator. I asked to speak with the regional manager and she told me that she would have the regional manager call me. I never received a call, and I still don’t have a replacement.

  31. I went to the Taco Bell, (that it took me a half hour to drive to). I ordered 3 chicken burritos and when I got home, I only had one. I have been going there for years and this is a huge screw up! I paid for 3!!!!!!

  32. The Taco Bell on South 14th Street near Barrow in Abilene Texas needs corrective action. My husband works for a delivery service and had to wait @30 minutes for the order, due to manager and employees standing around talking and not doing their job.

  33. Went to Taco Bell in tullahoma tonight to get dinner for my family. Was told it would be 5-10 minutes before they could take my order. So we waited 10 minutes at the drive thru just to be told they can’t take our order. We pull into parking lot next door to try and figure out where to go next and watch them take the orders of the cars BEHIND us! I’m furious. I am a manager at a restaurant as well and we would have fired someone for that. This is unacceptable.

  34. The store in eureka, Mo needs to be shut down. I waited for 25 minutes in the drive thru. When I finally went in, the three “employees” were leaning on the counter talking and hadn’t even started my order. One actually had the nerve to ask me to wait for them to make new onion rings. All I wanted was a refund. Plus, the place smelled like a pigpen. I guarante it would not pass a health inspection. This store continues to go downhill and should be shut down.

  35. I recently (6/26/23) bought a gas stove at the Medford NY location. The stove was delivered damaged 6/28/23. i call the store right away and was told someone would contact me on Monday. Monday no one called so i called and was left with the line ringing for 35+ minutes. Finally i drive to the store and spoke with customer service. The could only offer me a discount on the broken item or a replacement 2 weeks from now, of course our old stove was removed and we are left without our appliance. I shop at Lowes often and have spent over 20k$ there.
    This was not only inconvenient (as the screen door we bought at the same time was also damage and needed to be brought back and replaced).
    I would image that if you value your costumers that a large company like Lowes would try harder to resolve broken items to please the customer.
    I requested a full refund and for Lowes to take the broken stove away. I have bought a replacement from PC Richards delivered Wednesday.
    This has been a real disappointment for Lowes.

  36. The location at 1985 Airline Drive/ Bossier City, Louisiana 71111 is horrible. I just left there, I was in the drive through and sat there for about 15 minutes and the line was not moving at all. I got out of line and drove up to the pay/order window. The employee opened the window, I asked if they were having problems taking orders. She replied, what is the problem? I told her I had been waiting in a line of cars wanting to order and no one had even responded from inside. I was second in line so I would have heard if anyone was taking orders. She said, “Did you order?” I replied, why would I be here asking if I had. No, I was waiting like everyone else and you people aren’t taking orders and appears you aren’t doing your job. She closed the window, so I just drove off. As I was leaving, the “person “ at the pick up window hollered don’t come back here. Why they did that I have no idea. But after the unprofessional behavior they displayed, I wouldn’t go back anyway. I looked online at this location and found numerous complaints from many others. And to top it all off, when I went around to the windows, there was no cars in line waiting for food, so it wasn’t a n issue of them working to catch up. No wonder Burger King doesn’t seem to have the volume of business that othe burger places have. I would appreciate some sort of response, especially since I tried calling the store and nobody answered the phone. Thanks David Shelton xxxx

  37. I was told by your assistant manager on Dickerson pike that the district manager told her they can’t hire me because my background didn’t come back good and that it’s confidential. I called advantage and they stated that my background is still pending that they sent nothing over.. I haven’t received any documents denying my role..

  38. Hi, BK in Germany is ruining your reputation !!! Please watch „Team Wallraff“ on youtube or other channels. It is not the first time the journalists went undercover to tell the chatastrophic situations.

  39. Isiah Saylor works at shell mart in hazard on east main street he was very rude to me and my man he yelled and cussed at us

  40. I made a online order on 06/24/2023 for 17.51 and when I went to pick it up they where out of the salad I order. They said they were refunding 9.19 and I have when waiting for the refund. I never received it so I looked at my receipt and saw where they showed 9.19 in change instead of the refund. I have heard before about the employees cheating like this. I want a refund now or I will make a police report. Yes i contacting the Wendy’s and they are being stupid about it.

  41. “If our customers put us on a pedestal, the least we can do is return the favor.” A quote from a nauseatingly silly Netflix show. But it hit home with me today.

    I’m one of your pharmacists. Our computer tells clients when their meds will be ready with no mathematical calculation regarding the hundreds of prescriptions that came before that one. The computer promises what we can’t possibly deliver. The anger and disappointment is never registered by that computer., but the reputation of our company is made clear. We can’t be trusted, but our clients have few choices.

    It’s been more than a decade since I worked for Walgreens. I expected changes for the benefit of our clients and our staff would’ve been implemented by now. This company has the financial standing to become the best. That’s more than being a reliable stock trade. This is health care. It always has been.

    Please take back the mission.

  42. i was just delivered pizza and the driver knocked over our very large garbage and it went everywhere. he didn’t even try to. pick it up

  43. I had a vanity delivered that was damaged. I called and they said they would order the replacement. They came back and picked it up. Called the next day, left on hold for an hour and found out the replacement had never been ordered, they were going to “research”. Called the next day and left on hold for 30 minutes only to be told the same thing. Just order the replacement

  44. I have been going to our local pizza hut for years and have always gotten my senior discount. But last night I was denied because of a new manager that said no. What is going on.

  45. I got the wrong order once again didn’t even get a straw for my soda. This is happened so many times in your Phillipsburg, New Jersey location 22 W. I tried to call but nobody answered for 15 minutes. I tried this place is the lousy ass Burger King I’ve ever seen in my life I will not Support you no more

  46. Your return Policy needs to be updated. I had a return with a gift receipt that would not be accepted even for an exchange.
    I think this is part of the reason on-line shopping, specifically, Amazon is eating your lunch. Not only would I have been able to exchange, they would have delivered it to me, and picked it up for return or exchange. This could have been done in the window provided for transactions to take place. My illness and treatments would not have interfered with the process of a timely request for a return.

  47. I have been trying for almost one hour to reach someone at the lowes in Amsterdam NY. I purchased a new washer and it was delivered today. The old washer was removed and when he disconnected the hose he said it was leaking. It WAS NOT leaking and there was no water on the floor. I could tell he was in a hurry to make another delivery somewhere else. I told him to please hook it up as there was no leak and in the 8 years my washer had been used there was never a leak and there wasn’t one now. He refused and said he had to make his other delivery. I am totally disgusted. I tried to contacty the Amsterdam store where I bought it and all you get is a recording. What an outfit. I have never come across such rudeness and even though I told him to hook it up he said
    Lowes wouldn”T let him.

  48. I had an order Saturday 6/24 totaling 24.12 and had gotten a notification 6/26 that my total was changed from 24.12 to 50.24 doubling my price which should not have happened. I contacted store, asked to speak to manager and was told that was manager, explained I was double charged and after getting further into from me I was told nothing could be done and to call my bank and that he was unable to fix this and I’m wondering if this is true. It’s my La Porte Indiana Pizza Hut. Please let me know if this is accurate as it doesn’t make sense to me. A double charge on my account that just went through and with immediate call, seems it should have been able to be fixed. I don’t ever complain but it is a big deal to me and I enjoy Pizza Hut but doubt I will continue to order if these things happen and no one can fix the issue.

  49. Threatened by under age employee while trying to pickup an order n manager on duty said she couldn’t do anything

  50. Was threatened by an employee (under age) while trying to pickup my order that was placed for curbside. Manager on duty REFUSED district manager and head managers info along with all female employees working tonight. Manager on duty while the underage female employee threatened me n continued while I was on phone with 911 did NOTHING!!! But state employee was under age n couldn’t stop her.

  51. On Feb 14 th we actually only purchased one hot water heater but because Summersville Lowes could not get us the correct hot water heater we ended up having several transactions because even the manager could not ring up the correct one when I went in to get it changed.Ling story short we bought one which was for 512.45 but since February they can not get us credited correctly and even though they took off one charge they put the 512.45 back in again. I have called every month trying to get them to correct and one lady said she promised it was done two months ago but still it is not. If you can not get it corrected I will pay our balance down to the additional 512.45 we do not owe and cut up our cards and return them to you. We have been a customer for years and have built several homes and never cheated Lowes and this is very disturbing . Our account number is xxxx

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