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Walgreens Headquarters and Corporate Office Contacts.

See the Walgreens Headquarters and Corporate Office address, phone numbers, Human Resources contacts, Executive Team, Social Media and Emails contacts, and the various ways you can complain to Walgreens as a customer.

About Walgreens.

Walgreens is the second-largest health chain in the United States of America behind CVS Health. It specializes in filling prescriptions, health and wellness products and photo services. Walgreens operates 8,177 stores in all 50 states and has over 245,000 people employees, including more than 76,000 healthcare service providers like pharmacists, pharmacy techniciansand nurse practitioners.

Walgreens was founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 1901. The Walgreens headquarters office is in Deerfield, Illinois. near Chicago.

In 2014, Walgreens bought Boots Alliance and the Walgreens Boots Alliance holding company now owns Walgreens, Boots, Duane Reade and a number of pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

Walgreens Headquarters Contacts.

Walgreens Corporate Office Phone Numbers.

Walgreens Toll Free Customer Service phone number: 1-800-925-4733

Walgreens Headquarters phone number:  1-847-914-2500.

Press ‘4’ to report a product or service at any Walgreens

Walgreens Investors Relations phone number: 1-847-315-2922

Investors Relations Email Address: investor.relations@wba.com

Walgreens Boots Alliance corporate phone number:  1 (847) 315-3700 or +44 (0) 1932 870 550 for International.

Walgreens Employee Human Resources phone number: Payroll Department: 1-847-964-4363


Walgreens Corporate Office Address.

Walgreens Headquarters
200 Wilmot Road
Deerfield, Illinois 60015

Walgreens Boots Alliance Headquarters Address.
Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.
108 Wilmot Road
Deerfield, IL 60015

Walgreens Customer Service Address.

Write to

ATTN: Consumer Relations
Walgreen Co.
1419 Lake Cook Rd.
MS #L390
Deerfield, IL 60015


Walgreens Corporate Website.

The corporate website of the Walgreens Boots Alliance, including News, Press, Leadership and Investors Relations contacts can be found here: Walgreens Boots Alliance.


Walgreens Corporate Email Contact.

Walgreens has a variety email forms that you can fill out, depending on your issue is for store management, the corporate office, product defects or other issues.

Visit the Contact page and click on the link that best describes your issue. Then choose if you want a reply or not and you well be able to submit an email.

If you want to send an email directly to the Walmart Corporate Department, then it can be done via this form.

Walgreens Headquarters
The Walgreens Global Headquarters is still at the Wilmot Road Campus, Deerfield, also after the Walgreens Boots Alliance merger. The corporate office houses around 4000 employees. The previous Rite Aid Headqarters (Rite Aid is part of the merger) will likely be converted into a regional center.

Walgreens Boots Alliance Executive Team.

This is the complete list of the Walgreens Boots Alliance Board of Directors.

Walgreens Board of Directors

James A. Skinner Executive Chairman, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.

Stefano Pessina Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.

Janice M. Babiak Former Managing Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

David J. Brailer, MD Chairman, Health Evolution Partners

William C. Foote Former Chairman and CEO, USG Corporation

Ginger L. Graham President and CEO, Two Trees Consulting

John A. Lederer Former President and Chief Executive Officer, US Foods

Dominic Murphy Partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. LLP

Leonard D. Schaeffer Judge Robert Maclay Widney Chair and Professor, University of Southern California

Nancy M. Schlichting CEO, Henry Ford Health System


Walgreens Careers and Jobs.

If you are looking start a career at Walgreens, then you can visit their Careers page here.

You can also contact the Walgreens Careers Department by email by writing to one of these email addresses:

In-Store Positions – retail.opportunities@walgreens.com

Corporate – corporate.careers@walgreens.com

Pharmacy – pharmacy@walgreens.com

For assistance using the Careers Website, please call on 1-866-967-5492.


Walgreens Jobs.

If you are ready to search for available Walgreens Jobs, the search must be done from a separate Jobs Website.

You can also contact the Walgreens Jobs Department on corporate.careers@walgreens.com if you have a question about a particular job listing.

How to Complain to Walgreens.

If you have a complaint about a Walgreens Store or product, then there are various ways to file an issue. First, try to speak to the manager at your local Walgreens to see if they can resolve the issue.

Next step should be to file an email complaint via their Contact Us page. Choose your issue and file a complaint in their email system.

If you prefer speeaking to a Live Person, then call the Walgreens Customer Service number on 1–800–925–4733 or on 1-877-250-5823. Press 6, then 1, then wait.

Walgreens Email Customer Service support can be contacted on Customerservice@mail2.walgreens.com.

Walgreens Live Chat.

If you are online and you need an immediate answer for a question or to report an issue, then Walgreens Live Chat option can be very helpful. Open the Contact Us page, click on Need Help? Live Chat box on the right hand side and the Live Chat window will open.

Walgreens Twitter Support.

Alternative, you can contact the Walgreens Social Care Team on Twitter, if you have a quick question or minor complaint. The Twitter page can be found at www.twitter.com/wagsocialcare and their Twitter handle is @wagsocialcare.

Walgreens Resources.

Walgreens Boots Alliance Corporate Website.

Walgreens on Facebook

Walgreens Twitter Help

Walgreens on LinkedIn

Walgreens Employees Portal

Walgreens Contact Us Page

Please share your Walgreens experiences, or Walgreen complaint, in the comment section below.

185 thoughts on “Walgreens Headquarters

  1. Hi my name is Jacqueline Richardson and I’m complaining about store number5032 Dearborn mi I was denied my pain medication but they would fill all my other prescriptions and that’s discrimination they told me that it was a law that I had to go in my area there’s no such law walgreens should be aware of the people they employ because it’s the holiday weekend and I won’t be able to get my meds until Tuesday hopefully and again that’s discrimination I need my medication for my everyday daily life I am disabled and should never have a problem getting my meds however im going to alert the media I have never been told I had to go in my area to fill a prescription I’ve even filled a prescription out of town before so I know it’s a lie I need corporate’s immediate attention to this complaint

  2. I waited in the drive thru for 20 minutes before I could get 3 emergency pills which I had previously discussed with the pharmacist before I went there to pick them up.

    Two people were in the pharmacy, two cars pulled in before I was acknowledged.

    If i didn’t have to have Coumadin to protect my prosthetic aortic valve, I would have left and never returned. I’ve been getting my medicines from Walgreens for 47 years, which is the age of my aortic valve transplant. I’ve always been treated as a valued customer, definitely, not ever ignored.

    This is totally unacceptable for me.

  3. Every time I go to the Walgreens on Tennyson in Hayward they are never ready!!! I’d doesn’t matter how long my prescription was put in they are always behind!!! This is unacceptable!!! People are sick and they have no regard for their customers!!! The express lane is a joke as they never offer it when picking up prescriptions!!! Horrible service!!! I’m sick of this!!!! Get some help or care about peoples time!!!!

  4. Afternoon.. my daughter purchased an apple gift card. When she tried to put it in phone, It didn’t worked.Went back to Walgreens to see if I could get an .even exchange and the store manager said we don’t take gift cards.He then said call apple .I called apple an she told me that the numbers don’t match ,that’s what it wouldn’t work. Ashe told me to get to Walgreens and get another one, Cause the one she bought was defected , The store manager said no again. I called customer service 3 times, and all I get we are working on it .It takes a month to figure it out . The card was 14.00, she saved up for that gift card . And no one we help me. I have the reference number, xxxxxxx; Was purchased on July first, I am not asking for money just replace the gift card, It’s very frustrating.

  5. .I got in line to get a perscription at 1:28. no service. At 1:30 They closed without helping me. I argued. They finaly told me They had to talk to the doctor. They were going to let me Wait 1/2 hour and then tell me They could not fill the request. The store manager was no help. I was treated terribly.

  6. I was in your store to redeem my UCard benefits. The cashier scanned my barcode and then the register froze so she went to another register and scanned it again. When I got home I realized I had been charged twice for the products and have no money left on my UCard balance. I went back to the store but they told me the transaction had been voided not even recognizing that my UCard had been charged twice. They would not help me try to fix this. I have filed a claim with UnitedHealthCare in hopes that they will recognize what happened and credit my UCard balance. This was unacceptable customer service. And…….your store in a beautiful neighborhood looks horrible. Someone needs to address the cleanliness outside and inside.

  7. Walgreens in Columbus Ohio at the corner of James Road and Livingston Avenue. An employee confused me with another ‘Stevenson’ gave me the wrong medication, entered the wrong data into the computer, and now I am unable to get life giving medication due to the computer saying I received it when I did not. Insurance will not override due to what is logged into the computer. I have to go one month without life giving medication because I do not have $858. I am seeking legal counsel.

  8. I am a loyal customer. My family and I medication are processed through Walgreens. However my interaction today with Mari the store manager was horrible. I purchase a skin product cerave. I unfortunately came back to exchange for the correct one. Dealing with Mario was horrible, granted I did not realize I needed a driver license to return, I went home 2 minutes away and got my license which I unfortunately had left. When I return to the store, I unfortunately did not want to no longer purchase any more beauty product. I informed the manager to complete the return so I can go about my daily routine. Mario informed me that he was going to call the cops on me (not sure if it was a way of intimidation). The store manager interaction was very inappropriate. I had my form of payment, I had my drivers license and furthermore the purchase was done the Day before. I just purchase the wrong skin product and the intent was to exchange for a much more expensive skin care. Customer sensitivity is probably warranted and also to threaten to call the cop in this climate is not the correct managerial move.

  9. This will probably not get to top management but Walgreens need to review their automated systems. I am so tired of having my scripts messed up and having to make 3 trips to the pharmacy to pick up my medications. I have done everything I can to ward off this confusion only to find out I have been enrolled in a “Save A Trip” program that sent my order to the wrong store.
    One more incident and I’m going to Publix like my friends (former Walgreens customers) suggested.

  10. I have a policy of speaking directly to an offending party rather than telling others of the offense. My husband and I have had very bad experiences with the understaffing of the Walgreens in Hollister, MO. The staff they have are pleasant and hard-working, but there was a chronic shortage of staffing in the pharmacy. On top of this, it is more than norm. Then an occasional issue that a prescription is not totally filled. They don’t have enough to fill the prescription. They say. I have come back now. Five times to refill my most recent prescription.. !! I have never had such a bad experience with a Pharmacy in my 66 years of life! I am fed up with Walgreens. I will be switching my prescriptions as soon as I possibly can to a pharmacy that is more efficient and is staffed appropriately. I am shocked at the consistency of giving partial filling in the prescription. I would suggest if Walgreens cannot keep enough medication on hand, and it Hass to be a partial fill that you deliver the second remaining amount, free of charge to the individual. My having to return and stand in line and wait a half an hour each time five times for one script is unacceptable!

  11. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing to express my deep dissatisfaction with the consistently poor service I have received at your pharmacy at 1401 N. Main St. Fuquay Varina, NC 27526. Specifically, my complaint pertains to the repeated failure to meet the estimated time of readiness of my prescriptions and the extensive wait times experienced when attempting to communicate with your store.

    On July 11, 2023, I requested a medication refill via your app and a call in prescription via my doctors office However, despite the given timeframe, my prescription was not prepared within the promised duration. This has unfortunately become a recurring issue, as I have encountered similar delays on multiple occasions. Such consistent failure to meet the ETA raises concerns about the reliability and efficiency of your pharmacy’s operations.

    Furthermore, the experience of trying to contact your store via telephone has been equally frustrating. I have endured wait times exceeding 30 minutes, which is both excessive and unacceptable. In contrast, when I contacted Walgreens, I was able to reach a representative immediately who informed me that my prescription should have been ready an hour ago. The disparity in customer service between your pharmacy and other establishments is highly disappointing.

    As a customer, I place great value on prompt, efficient, and reliable service, especially when it concerns my health and well-being. Your pharmacy’s constant inability to meet prescribed ETAs and the significant delays encountered when attempting to communicate with your store have caused me considerable inconvenience, frustration, and unnecessary stress.

    In light of these ongoing issues, I kindly request that you take the following actions to rectify the situation:

    1. Conduct a thorough review of your pharmacy’s operational procedures to identify the root causes of the consistent delays in prescription preparation.
    2. Take immediate steps to improve your communication system, including reducing wait times for customer calls and providing accurate and timely updates regarding prescription status.
    3. Implement measures to ensure that the promised ETAs are met consistently in the future, or alternatively, provide customers with more realistic and accurate timeframes.

    I trust that you will address my concerns promptly and take appropriate actions to rectify the situation. Failure to do so will leave me with no choice but to reach out to business review contacts and consider transferring my prescriptions to a more reliable and customer-focused pharmacy.

    I look forward to receiving a prompt response regarding the steps you will take to resolve this matter. Please acknowledge receipt of this complaint within 5 business days and provide an estimated timeframe for when I can expect a resolution. You may contact me via email at xxx or phone at xxxx.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter. I anticipate a swift and satisfactory resolution.

    Yours sincerely,

    Matthew Woodstock

  12. Hello, I would like to comment the turnaround customer service. I had made up my mind not to return to the DeSoto Texas store (731 W. Beltline Rd., DeSoto Texas, but the manager spoke with me personally and ask that I give them another chance to fill my prescriptions. So I did and it only took exactly 18 minutes to complete…there were two cars ahead of me (I arrived at 11:01) and at the window at 11:15)…and pulled out at 11:18….the lady at the window smiled and said hello and thank you! A huge difference then before….thanks again for excellent customer service, please keep up the work!

  13. I would like to see Walgreens as a big supermarket it already has some frozen and dairy items Walgreens is the second largest company in the world for medicine it would be great

  14. So sad and sorry here! My “ Ocean avenue @ Faxon Wallgreens us so empty. And homeless people walk through stealing whatever that they want. I feel un safe. I respect that this has been my main Pharmacy for 12 years.

  15. Any one living in the Gilbert, Az area should absolutely shy away from the Walgreens at Power and Queen Creek. Not only are they, in my opinion, incompetent, they will totally misrepresent what Medicare needs or faxes that the swear they never receive. The person I spoke to (Ashley) , several times today gave me some accurate information and also with a terrible attitude gave me some wrong information. Needless to say never to be trusted again with my prescriptions.

  16. Pharmacy says my prescription be ready at 9:30 am got there all of a sudden didn’t have my script telling me back ordered. So they sent me to Taylor Mi and got a text saying rx ready for pick up get here not ready. They say they are waiting for doctor to call when my rx script is in their system. I have been getting the same script for over ten years.

  17. Trying to get them to answer the phone. I have been on hold for 30 minutes. I am trying to get a prescription refill of 300 one touch ultra test strips for my glucose meter. I had a problem in December and it took me 30 days to get strips. I ended up buying a cheap meter and strips until I could get the ones My insurance company would pay for. Your pharmacy is a joke and y’all do not know what customer service is.

  18. Called to refill prescription ls with refills on them. At end of call the message was to hold on for pharmacy staff. I held and held and held for 15 minutes then someone picked up then hung up the phone. This has happened to me several times prompting the complaint.

  19. The pharmacy at 7900 Central Avenue in Burbank, IL is horrible. The machine they use to count pills isn’t correct. Then I called on a Saturday and was told there wasn’t a manager until Monday and to call back. I was also told that the manager would have to review the tape.
    When I went there on the Monday, I asked to speak with the manager. She did not review any tape. I was given the two pills my brother was shorted.
    I do not appreciate being lied to. I’m going to call Medicare to see if there is another company pharmacy we can patronize and would appreciate the business.

  20. Pharmacy dept. in Sussex N.J. route 23 north
    I am 76 years old, I live less than 3 miles from Walgreens. I scheduled an appointment for a shingles shot for myself and my husband. I did it two weeks prior to my appointment. I got confirmation for both appointments. Unfortunately unknowingly I scheduled one for the Franklin pharmacy, 9 miles away. Your very rude pharmacist in Sussex would give me the vaccine but not my husband. Stating he doesn’t have any appointment. That was my mistake, but as I said making an appointment on the computer at this age isn’t easy.
    There were not any people waiting in a long line at the pharmacy or dropping off prescriptions. We were the only ones there. Your very rude pharmacist said they were too busy to give us both shots. We left.
    We left there very upset went to the Acme which is 1 mile closer, ask them if we could get a shingles vaccine? Do we need an appointment, no. Within 15 minutes my husband and i did our paperwork, got the vaccine and were very happy.
    Never again will I go to Walgreens in Sussex.
    Because They Are Too Bus!!!!!!!!!!
    Elaine Bore

  21. When Walgreens has to file Bankruptcy and every loses their jobs only THEN will it become REALwhat ALL of the complaints here have been saying.
    Read them!
    These are Real people!
    Who have stood in line !
    Who could have died!
    No one cared…..
    Go some where that does……

  22. I’m at this location:
    1280 HIGHWAY 95 A NORTH
    FERNLEY, NV 89408
    I deliver prescription medications to patients in assisted living facilities that cannot pick them up themselves. I work with several different Walgreens locations with no issues with the exception of this store. The pharmacist at this store is rude, confrontational, and very disrespectful. It’s my hope that someone reads this and is concerned enough to contact me to discuss this issue. Again I work with several different walgreens stores and will continue however I will not work with this location again.

  23. I am very very disappointed with the phone service at the Forestdale Walgreens in Birmingham, AL. For more than 45 plus minutes I waited. One caller was ahead of me. They picked up the phone at least 10 or more times but hung it up. What is going on at this store. Finally I got a tech named Tyler who had just arrived at 7:20 pm on 6/12/23. I am very grateful to him. Please address this problem or I will be moving on. Is something wrong with the phone system or with the tech reason I had this problem. Please let me know what the problem was. Thank you very much.

    Respectfully yours,
    Chauncey Gardner / Consumer

  24. I have recently stopped using the Walgreens at 834 West Market St., Akron, Ohio. The final straw was the failed (twice-once by me and once by a Walgreens pharmacy ((on line)) employee to enter two prescriptions to be filled. Not new. The prescriptions disappeared into the ether. This followed months of frustration with the pharmacy. Surly plodding pharmacy clerks. Long lines to pick up or drop off. Pharmacy being closed with no notice online. First made aware that the Pharmacy is closed by the sign in the drive through window. I have switched to a local non-corporate pharmacy. The price is the same. The attitude and performance are superior to that of Walgreens 834 W. Market. I will also no longer make the occasional purchase that was convenient since I was picking up a prescription. If my experience is typical of Walgreens across the country you should be closing some of the thousands of stores you have in order to properly and continually staff the remaining stores.

  25. I just went into my local Wal-Greens.
    I noticed the PRIDE section is is the seasonal section. The items being sold are targeting children. (Stuffed animals- Disney- Mickey and Minnie mouse, Goofy, Donald and Daisy duck. ) rainbow tutus- that are very small for like 2-5 year olds -beads for children, face stickers, etc. very few adult items a few caps and small mugs which were actually put on the very bottom shelf. Why is Walgreens allowing these children pride toys to be sold? Why are you going along with grooming children ? By the way this Together with pride collection is right next to the crayons and Play-Doh in swim toys.
    Walgreens should correct this. I will be taking my business elsewhere.

  26. My Memorial Town and Country Houston Walgreens now process RX’s thru a central fulfillment center. I don’t know who’s bright idea this was but what a nightmare. The last two refills have been either the wrong medicine in the bag or the telephone reorder was not processed. If Walgreens doesn’t get this sorted out there’s a CVS down the street.

  27. Visiting Grand Junction CO for 10 days and had to refill my Effexor XR from my home Walgreens in AL. First called in 6/26 and was told it would be filled . Then told delay due in Insurance issue. Called 2x was told pharmacist had to review. Spoke with pharmacist on 6/27 said she was putting it through and I could pick up on 6/28. Didn’t tell me pharmacy was closed on Sunday 6/27 and Monday Memorial Day 6/28. Therefore I was off my Effexor for 4 days which a cold turkey detox is dangerous. This is beyond unacceptable and unprofessional for a pharmacy to treat a patient in this manner. Had I known this would happen I would have had my home Walgreens to call my rx in to Kroger. I’m going to try to pick up my Effexor tomorrow 6/30. Hopefully it’s ready if not I’ll tx to Kroger and take my business elsewhere when I return to AL

  28. I am writing to complain about the Walgreens at 450 N. Ridge Ave. in Richmond, Virginia. I came to pick up a prescription on Friday before memorial day. The pharmacy was closed with no explanation except no pharmacist was available. I was told I could pick it up on Monday as they’re closed Saturday and Sunday, I am here Monday, Memorial Day 2023 and they are closed again. The medicine I need is a controlled substance that cannot be transferred to another store. Also, since the holiday I cannot locate my doctor. This is the second time that this is happened to me in 2 months. I have been met in the parking lot with elderly people crying. I left a formal complaint on Friday and was told that someone would call me. Of course no one did. Please respond to my email or call me. I intend to take this up with my state legislator, news media etc. You have put people in harms way. The staff, the 17-year-old clerk and the 60 something stocker could not provide me any information. I have 100 solutions to the problem either you don’t care about clients or have no creative thinkers in your corporate level. Do you understand the harm this causes there are people who need controlled substances for cancer, diabetes, COPD, asthma, etc. what is their alternative clog the emergency rooms? This is totally unacceptable.

  29. The Walgreens in Mahoning County have refused to fill prescriptions. My Dr. sends online order for me to pick up each order the Pharmacist say your never been here. Not true every month during my office bust which Dr. Paolone I am all way told you have never been here while they are looking for the online order

  30. Walgreens won’t refill my medication prescription. I have tried several times. My requests have been ignored. This has affected my health.

  31. I just pick up my medication VITAMIN D3 50,000 IU RX 1891487xxxxx with 4 qty instead of 12 qty for paying same amounts of $11.99.
    I called pharmacy and technician said prescription only 4 pills left and computer came up $11.99 with 4 qty which means that is nothing she can do.
    I think that is not fair and is Walgreen’s system problem.

  32. Filthy parking lot, dark at night, trash everywhere and homeless people! Close that place down as people don’t want to go at night anymore. You are always out of stuff, Publix across the street has the same things…Complaint about the same thing many times but complaints fall on death ears! No wonder your company is in bad shape!
    Store: Wooldbright and Military Trail
    Boynton Beach Fl

  33. My husband and I have taken our six prescriptions and moved them to our local CVS solely on Walgreens decision to stop selling The Plan B medication.

  34. The Walgreens in Lansing have the worst lines in the driveway pharmacy ever. Everytime I come to pick up my prescription. I’m in line for almost an hour. It takes them about 30-30 min to service each car. People should not be allowed to sit at the window, holding up a line, waiting for their prescription to be filled. What is the point of calling in a refill, then waiting 50minuted to an hour to pick it up. I’m going to start filling my prescriptions at the Walgreens near my job. When you call on the phone the wait is also bad!! I’ve lived in Lansing 25 years and have never seen Walgreens Pharmacy service as bad as it is now. I’m going to move my meds , possibly to another pharmacy.

  35. This company vows down to right wing extremism and will do what they say because they are cowards and refuse to fight for women’s rights over their own body. Even though I live in a blue state they’ll never see a dime from me ever again.

  36. If you have chosen to stop providing legal women’s prescriptions, I certainly hope that you will also stop providing men’s ED medication, in the spirit of equality.

    Bad move.

    I’m taking my business to RiteAid…

    as a Chicago native…I’m embarrassed, angry, disappointed, and disgusted by your choice to take away the choice of women.

  37. Will not step foot in any of your stores since your CEO’s decision to bow down to right-wing pressure regarding prescribing mifepristone & therefore restricting the access to this often life-saving drug for women. Shame on him.

  38. I am very upset with your corporation. I just heard you will not supply women with legal drugs that help women can get the abortion pills in states that are pressuring you to stop. What about the people that are customers of yours that don’t share those pressure views and need assistance? Your company has no spine and are neglecting these customers. I will be taking a stand against your company and will no longer be a customer of yours. I will be on social media telling everyone I know to boycott your company. You do not deserve my money. I know you don’t care you are a big company and I am just one old man but you need to consider your actions to your own employees.

  39. I have NEVER called a Walgreens pharmacy and been on hold for less than an hour. My store is at 939 York Road in Towson Maryland and I’ve driven to the store, stood in line and got to the counter while still on hold. At present I’ve been on hold for an hour and why I called there were 3 customers on hold ahead of me. It’s egregiously disrespectful to make your customers wait like this when you know very well they’re calling for what is often life saving medicine. Im disgusted by Walgreens.

  40. my meds was thr before 1:00 to day,,I called @ 1:25,, was told I have to wate until after 3:00 to get thm,,I just missed a car wreck on the way home, ,thks to her ,@ pharmacy,,3hrs 25 minutes later,,way have to wate it only 30 pills,,other was already done it it’s 120 ,,pills,,Newton Iowa,,thn she hung up on me whn,,I call 1:25,,NOT VARY NICE @ ALL

  41. Stalking me for money
    I informed the DOJ
    I worked for Homeland Security and know what your companies have been doing to me for profit

  42. Photo Department at Fremont Decoto store is unreliable and always has broken machines. No email or communication when your order is delayed or can’t be completed. If you want something printed or book made, go to a different store.

  43. I have deep deep concerns with your pharmacy in Lincoln Park, Michigan. When calling on a prescription the wait time has been 3.5 hours waiting on hold for them to answer for them to hang up.

  44. There has to be something done about the pharmacy lines at the pharmacy that’s located on Lake Street in Addison Road and Addison, Illinois. Inside there was at least 15 people waiting in line outside eight cars. You need to get more staff to help so that people can get their prescriptions in a timely manner. This is ridiculous. This is going on for quite some time now and nothing being done about it and people can’t sit and wait two hours to get their meds. I don’t believe a company as big as yours doesn’t have the manpower to take care of their customers that alone can turn people away to go to other pharmacies.

  45. I transferred a prescription from CVS because I had issue after issue. I went to pick up my prescription a week ago and was told it was too early to come back. Ok came back a few days after the date they told me it was not ready said I needed to come back. Couldn’t get back that afternoon sent my husband the next evening they were closed!!!! They had closed at 4:30 are you serious. Went the next day they are closed again!!!! WTH. Even worse than CVS

  46. You closed a very nice Duane Reade on 98th and Columbus in NYC, and kept open the grungiest, worst run Walgreens ever at 700 Columbus ave. Long lines at the pharmacy, really disgusting infrastructure.

  47. How come I have been waiting for my Amatriptyline 50mg prescription number 39xxxxxxxx. Haven’t had it in stock for 2 weeks. They say we don’t have the name brand. That does not make sense I can take a generic or something capable? That’s fine. Only name brand I take is Nexium 40mg. Sooo discussed eth Rt59 Caton Farm Rd. Plainfield IL.
    Got only 5 days. Still waiting?

  48. My partner and I have an anniversary today. He’s having brain surgery on Thursday so I have been working days and hours and hours on a photo book of our time together to give him before his surgery. I have always been very happy with Walgreens as far as getting my photo gifts printed however today I have called seven stores in my area and not one of them can print this book for me. One of them can print but they don’t have the cover one of them has the cover but they can’t print I ask if I can get the cover to take to the store they could print it and they said no Someone from the store would have to come and pick it up which is absolutely absurd. I am so very disappointed in your service. If you cannot offer a service you should not be advertising it. I will never use your service again for any of my photo gifts And I’m so upset right now I may seriously transfer all of my prescriptions that I’ve been getting from Walgreens for the last 30-40 years. This is no way to run your photo business. If you can’t supply what you offer at any of the stores it would be different if one store had a problem but they all have the same problem apparently and I am in Houston so there’s a lot of stores.

  49. I just spent 50 min in the Walgreens Store on Twelve Bridges in Lincoln Ca after speaking to the pharmacy for a prescription that my Dr called in. I was told it would be about 30 min. After browsing the store & then sitting forever I decided to go get a coffee and come back. I went thru the drive thru this time as I’d already spent enough time waiting and the pharmacy told me again that they were behind and that it would be about 30 min.. I’d already gotten that story an hour ago. This is not the first time I’ve waited forever to get a prescription that should be easily pulled from the shelf and filled. What is wrong with this pharmacy?! This is unacceptable customer service.

  50. I came to pick up my son’s medicine for seizures they just said to me that they don’t have it in stock they have no protocol or any idea how to help me I feel so bad this medication is for seizures if my son misses a dose he will have seizures for sure the person that was helping me has no sympathy at all very bad experience today I felt helpless and sad I been crying

  51. What is happening? Our pharmacy was closed and transferred to Walgreens. Went for pick up and sign indicated pharmacy was closed…Your customer base has expanded, I wait in line for up to an hour with husband for his prescriptions. Now hours cut to M-F 10-7.

  52. I went to an on demand dr. Because I needed medication for a uti and acute bronchitis. I had my prescription sent to Walgreens because my other place was closed on the weekend. My dr. Visit was at 3:15. In which the Walgreens in Franklin was closed because of an hour change. However I went to Miamisburg and they stated they can not fill my prescription because Franklin had already filled it. How can someone fill a prescription when they are not even in? And now I am without much needed medication another day. Never use Walgreens again. I will take my business some place else.

  53. Since this pharmacy was changed from Rite-Aid to Walgreens, it has had terrible service. The employees are rude and don’t care if they have your business. I never get a courtesy call if there is a problem with a prescription. I live 35 minutes away so it is very inconvenient when I get there to pick up my medicine and find out there are issues. Both my daughters were on Accutane and they never had it even though I told them numerous times that we would be getting it there monthly. I never knew they didn’t have it until I showed up and was told they would have to order it. Yesterday, they couldn’t get my prescription to process with a coupon savings card and they rudely told me just to take my prescription somewhere else. I did and I will be moving all my business to the other pharmacy.

  54. Is our Walgreens in Hollister getting ready to close? No pharmacist. Been waiting weeks for scripts. Closed 3 days last week. If closing I need to know so I can find another pharmacy

  55. I wanted to bring to your attention the Walgreens in Verona NJ is an embarrassment. It’s run down, empty shelves, black mold on the ceiling in the pharmacy, trash all over outside and in the lobby. The store is falling apart and is the only convenient store and pharmacy in a upper middle class neighborhood. Please fix this store!

  56. Telephone audit necessary for calls placed to the pharmacy located 145 Street & Bradhurst Avenue NYC 212939-xxxx. Calls are placed & remain on hold until disconnected.

  57. I ordered a photo book and was given a date when it would be ready.
    On that date I received an email that my order was ready to be picked up.
    I went to the store and no one could find it. Then a “supervisor’ told me that the equipment necessary to make the book “had been out of service for the lst several weeks”
    This meant that it was notworking at the time I placed my order!
    I asked why then did I get an email telling me it was ready and to lpick it up.
    The response was that the automated emails have no connection to what is really happening.
    The attitude was “Wht do you expect when the machine isn’t working?”
    I wrote to both the local s and to corporate headquarters and received no response!
    I would expect at least an apology – I did take time out of my day to drive to the store and my book was not available in time for the birthday it was intended for.
    I do want an explnation

  58. I have call several times to talk to someone about my problem at Walgreens each time I was told I would receive a call back but nothing. My reference number is 910574xxxx.

  59. I had a store coupon from my mother when she went there and spent about $50 a week ago. The coupon said Save $7.00 off your next visit. You just had to spend $25 to use the coupon before it’s expires on 09/21/2022. So went on that day in Corpus Christi, TX. On Staples & Everhart. I had $30 worth. I put my reward # in and then I hand the clerk my coupon they gave my Mother a week ago. She told me that she couldn’t give me the $7.00 off my purchase today it would have to go on my reward card and I have a year to claim it. I said this is not what this store coupon say. She said I know it’s misleading the people’s. I said you don’t say and I walk out mad and didn’t purchase the items because what she told me I have to keep coming back to received and spend money to get a $7.00 off a store coupon they gave me before I get the discount. How did we get the coupon in the beginning from the last purchase we had made a week ago. Go to school for training Please.

  60. i would like to talk with management about a rude and dismissive pharmacy technician. i attempt to resolve with local management of backlick road in annandale va. i’ve been waiting for 20 minutes and no one has come out. still standing here.

  61. You should close your store at SPEEDWAY and craycroft in Tucson. I am very very UPSET at their services. I will no longer go to any of your stores as they have a VERY BAD RECORD OF NO PHARMACY SERVICE. I HAVE VERY SEVERE HEALTH PROBLEMS AND CAN NOT GET MY LIFE SCRIPTS WHEN I SO BADLY NEED THEM

  62. My prescription says 2x a day for glucose test & my doctor wrote 200 quantities it’s show on app too but the pharmacy gave me 100 only I cannot do 2x a day with that for 3 months

  63. I was just at the Walgreens CVS#15439 Cloquet MN
    I have gone to this place forever and just had the worst service in my whole life.
    My dentist called in and spoke with someone in the pharmacy at 3:38 today and put in a prescription for antibiotics
    I showed up at 4:30 and they said they didn’t get it.
    I had waited in line behind 9 people to be told they didn’t get it and it would be too late to fill it. An antibiotic!!! So I got in line behind 15 people and called the dentist and they called them back and were put on hold for over 15minutes. How convenient, they close at 5:00. Don’t answer then it will be too late when the error message as yours in the first place. So while I had the dentist in the line and they were still on hold I was speaking to the clerk. They pushed it through with a partial order cause they didn’t have enough to fill it. They treated me like I did wrong. I had said thank you right away but they apparently didn’t hear and snottily said “your welcome” I said I said thank you even kindly.
    So I got upset and said wow, corporate is gonna get a call on this one and a young gal spoke back and condescendingly said YUP?
    I don’t even know how to respond to this
    Make good or I’m going elsewhere.

  64. On Thursday, August 26, 2022 I was at the Walgreens store at 1191 Dixwell Ave., Hamden, CT where I fell in the parking lot. I stepped in a hole in the pavement and went down on my hands and knees landing on my right side. I have several bruises and a few minor scrapes on my hands, knees and right shoulder.

    I was on the job so after reporting this incident to the store manager, Cameron, I returned to work and reported my mishap to the Benefit’s Manager.

    When I spoke to your manager he took my information and told me he would fill out the proper forms and someone from corporate would call me. It has been 5 days and I have not heard from anyone.

    I went to the occupational clinic the following day. I missed a day of work and I’m now on light duty.

    I would like to talk to someone from you corporate office about this incident. Please have someone contact me at 203-631-xxxx.

    Betty Berger
    Regxxxx @yahoo.com

  65. Hi this is from customer. At Walgreens 9150 Skokie blvd, Store manager John and previous , assistant manger, were getting Lot of stuff from Walgreens , I suggest u guys to check cameras

  66. I went to Walgreens on Merrick and Central Valley stream NY. Young lady name Melissa was rude, unprofessional, disrespectful and arrogant. While discussing my medications. She walked away from me. I feel hurt and discriminated against. I need this matter to be address. Her behavior affected me mentally. Thanks

  67. Pharmacy closing early then listed hours with customers still in drive thru staff rude on phone when asked .

  68. I been with Walgreen for close to 40 years and I am very disappointed with the services at the 24 hour Walgreen in Olympia Field. Twice this year I have dropped off an prescription before going to work just to learn after work that is was not filled due to not having in stock and need to order. Each time I was told I would get a call when filled and never did. One prescription was never filled and I ‘m still waiting on the second. I asked if the staff could check with other Walgreens in the area but staff did not. I will shop around for a new pharmacy.

  69. Everyone that is employed at your store in Tapphannock Virginia should submit to a random drug test. A known fact there is a male cashier that sells and take drugs. He should be watched regarding befriending pharmacy staff.

  70. Walgreens customer service is bad, I have been on hold with the local pharmacy( Champlain, NY) for over 15 mins

  71. My pharmacist at the 1 Cowesett Ave. West Warwick,RI is the best there is. He goes above and beyond his duties all the time. I would always go there as long as he’s there. He definitely needs recognition. Thank you

  72. The system for the Walgreens on Greenwood and Glenview Road has been down for 9 days. When is the system going to be fixed. I understand that someone did come out but still down. I don’t carry alot of cash and use my credit card. Lucky I had enough money to get the items I needed.

  73. Hello, treating women as second class citizens regarding birth control is unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE TREATMENT. If workers don’t like selling birth control, get another job. You need to act now and choose a side. Choose wisely and for what’s right. Hint.. it’s about women’s health. Not sex. Ministers and politicians are not doctors.

  74. Complaint about discrimination. Reference Saint Lucie west, Florida store,pharmacy drive thru section, in more than one ocation, techs name Leslie, very insulting, referring to my name and other information, while I’m picking up a prescription for my wife, I had a difficulty understanding,
    And instead of explaining, she is
    Ordering me to move my car out of then way, no prescription, I requested the pharmacy manager,
    Not available, so I refused, finally she threw the prescription on the drawer and screemed, GET Out OF THE
    WAY!!!!! You’re holding the line!!!!! I’ve never felt more humiliated in my life, I’m 85 years old, and I’ve always used Walgreens
    For my pharmacy needs. Do I have to change to Amazon after 70 years? I will go to the social media with this story, Thank you.,Saint Lucie
    West, Fl in Port Saint Lucie, Fl 34986


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