McDonalds Headquarters

The McDonlads Headquarters at McDonald's Plaza, Oak Brook, Illinois.

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McDonalds Headquarters and Corporate Office.

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McDonalds Headquarters.

The Mcdonald’s is the hamburger fast food restaurant chain in the world with more than 36000 restaurants in 119 different countries. The McDonalds Headquarters is located in Oak Brook, Illinois, USA.

Mcdonalds Corporate Office Address.

If you want to send mail to the McDonalds Corporate Office, then correspondence must be addressed to:

McDonald’s Corporation
2111 McDonald’s Dr
Oak Brook, IL 60523

McDonald’s Corporate Office Phone Number:

The main phone number for McDonald’ Headquarters is:



The Customer Service Toll-Free phone number is: 1-800-244-6227

Fax: (630) 623-3994

The line is open 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST

The corporate website is located at


The McDonalds Investors Relations phone numbers are:

1-800-621-7825 (U.S.A., U.S. Territories & Canada)

1-312-360-5129 (International)

1-630-623-3424 (Institutional Investors)

McDonalds Corporate Office Email.

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The email for McDonalds Board of Directors is:

McDonalds Headquarters
The McDonald’s Headquarters at McDonald’s Plaza, Oak Brook, Illinois.

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165 thoughts on “McDonalds Headquarters

  1. I love the mobile app ordering. My only concern is the lack of a receipt that allows me to do a survey. The two double cheeseburgers I had at lunch today were very dry. And not very tasty. Please add the ability to do a survey to the mobile app.

  2. I was offended by the kiosk. So I made it clear to the CASHIER? She was very rude while the useless manager hid around the corner hearing the whole conversation. I received my meal with one of my sandwiches marked with tape. Of course being in the food and beverage industry for 30 years I did not eat that item. I will never visit your establishment again. 3828 Diamond Anchorage Ak.

  3. I went to the McDonald’s at 7253 rt 36/71 sunbury Ohio That place is ran by a bunch of kids all they do is cuss and play around and make customers wait and I see them smoking with vape pens smoke rolling out their mouths the managers go along with it they don’t seem old enough to even run a McDonald’s if they are joining in with them

  4. in Tucson, 12th and Valencia, uninformed employee carrying meals.
    12th and Valencia, uninformed employee at drive-thru failure pickup lane, delivery Boy problems today, yelling at his customer, as if he was disrespected in the pickup lane.
    12th and Valencia, uninformed delivery of my order in drive thru lane, has people wait, as I observed, waiting so long they got down off of their vehicle However, I do not appreciate being yelled at by that particular employee of McDonald’s when I have to get off my car and ask for my meal. Why did all of the customers in front of me and behind me, misunderstand the restaurant employee? Furthermore for that employee to tell me I was wrong by being in that lane And moving forward after the front vehicle left requiring all cars to move forward, is the Worst kind of interaction to have. I haven’t been to your place in 8 months, I seem to recall why!

  5. I go to the McDonalds on South Wayne St. in Milledgeville Ga for my 85 year old Mother Every Sunday. I order her 7 sausage an egg biscuits. She warms them an eats one every morning. Most of the time I get us something too. It’s usually around 30$. Every week their is something missing. This morning she only got 6 biscuits. I ordered my husband a Mc Griddle meal an one extra Mc. Griddle No has brown was in the sack. They never answer the phone an it takes to much gas to go back.The other Mc Donald’s is across town an too far to go. If this were the first or even here an their you might could understand . But all the time an I ask is everything is here . Yes they say, an at least every other week it’s short something.

  6. Macdonald’s Restaurant
    3420 E Walton
    PO BOX 214080
    Auburn Hills, Mi 48321-4080
    Phone # 248-4751806

    October, 5th, 2022

    Dear Madam/Sir

    I would like to begin this letter by making it clear that this is the first time I have written to a company with a complaint. On 10/01/2022 at 1:44 PM, I visited this location with my brother. I was wearing leopard gray sweats and my brother a black hat. My order locator was #12 and my order was 74. My brother ordered a bacon QPC MI Lrg and an Lrg coke.
    I waited a long time at the cashier because I wanted to pay for my order. Everybody working from the back did not want to make eye contact or acknowledge me. A few staff members were passing by without acknowledging me, so I decided to call someone that was working in the drive-through. I expressed my concerns about nobody caring to acknowledge me. The Hispanic girl named “Mary ” working at the drive-through around the time that I was at the location, answered: ” If you are not satisfied with the service in this location, you can go to someone else”. I said to Mary: “you can’t mistreat customers the way you do and in my opinion, you need to do some customer service training”. I asked to see the manager on duty. There was no manager on duty that day. She went to the back and started laughing with the rest of the staff about what happened. I know her name is not Mary, but why does the employee not have a name tag? I know when people do not carry name tags, they can get away with being rude to customers because they know they won’t get in trouble. I believe that name badges help your customers to find and identify your staff. Since the manager was not available, another girl, a little heavy set with a black hoodie came and told me that she was the co-manager at the location. This co-manager was laughing in the back with the rest of the staff members. My answer was ” Sorry, but I do not want to speak to you, I would like to speak to the store manager”. She rolled her eyes twice to me. Do you think I really want to talk to a co-manager who rolls her eyes at a customer? Moreover, one of the staff put my food order on the counter and did not advise me that my order was ready, so I kept waiting for my order.
    I was wondering if this location has any expectations or policies that will put a worker on notice for such behaviour. Behaviours like this can impact your business because this is serious misconduct in the workplace. In addition, name tags with the employee’s name imprinted on them allow customers to identify the staff who have given exceptional services to the customer. Name tags increase employee accountability and professionalism. It is frustrating to hear a customer complain about a bad service or rude treatment and the employer is not able to identify who is responsible. My next question is if this location has an employee handbook that may set out policies for standards of behaviours and conduct expected from an employee. I believe this location has a lack of training and this can be managed by implementing consistent and ongoing customer service training. In my opinion, this was a serious offence because my husband and I have been business owners for 50 years, and I do not allow my employees to disrespect my customers in any way. I hope this complaint gets resolved to avoid any further customer mistreatment and verbal abuse. I felt so invalidated and disrespected by this employee.

    Best regards,


  7. Closed Dine In 30 min before closing extremely rude to a pregnant woman with no remorse… Wen the pregnant woman just need to use the rest room drive thru service is very bad

  8. I live in Milford va. The mcdonalds near me is bowling green va. I literally went through the drive thru. 20min ago and purchased two dinner options a big Mac value meal and a 4c value meal. Both were overly tainted with cleaning agents… my wife and I had to go to an urgent care for poisoning. This is the 3rd time in a month for the same occurrence. I’m not a complaining or absurd whiny customer. But this is over $1000 dollars in food poisoning with actual video proof. On 3 occasions. I want no money or lawsuit things because we are all trying our best but thus is crazy!!! How many other people besides my wife and I are they poisoning??? Somebody is going to sue youl … not myself but be forewarned… the people that work there are great. But what they are passing out is poisoning. Already had it lab tested and urgent care diagnosed. Cleaning agents from thekitchen cross contaminated.over 400%

  9. McDonald’s in McLeansboro Illinois August 17th 2022 manager not friendly at all I was asked to park problem but the food was made wrong fries were cold just overall nasty food

  10. You recently changed the way your iced coffee is brewed. It tastes like it has cleaning chemicals in it and the taste remains in your mouth for hours. Big mistake!

    I will no longer go to McDonalds for coffee, etc. if others figure it out , they will stop purchasing or complain as well.

  11. I am a good customer of the McDonalds located on S. 212th St in Kent, Washington, where I have lived for nearly 50 years. Recently I was victimized by thar stores maintenance worker who stole my bag and damaged, destroyed AND stole it’s out of my backpack bag before finally returning what was left of my property and bag over 2 hrs of distress later. I attempted to address this very serious matter with the manager lady and was basically denied any form of relief or replacement for my losses and distress. Manager’s name is Abbey, but she wore no name tag.

  12. Well I don’t want the company but I was texting Natalie jeffer. Because I thought she was the Natalie that’s work at my job. She was so rude about me text about cousin death. I seen 5 red flags that’s why I didn’t choose to work the company. If you well like to see the text message she sent me I Will be glad to show you.

  13. On 7/4/22 at 9:35am my wife and I went to the McDonalds on 23rd ave in Greeley, Co . We ordered two breakfast combos and waited for it seemed like 7-10 minutes before being served. We witnessed at least three orders that were given out before ours even though our number showed in progress. It was then we saw a customer come in the store and make their order and was promptly served before us. It was then I realized it was a race isssue. The clerk seemed unwilling to help us, they seemed even a bit rude in their attitude. Racism comes in all colors, I am not happy that McDonalds has these kind of employees and will not patronize anymore.


  15. While my daughter and I were sitting in McDonald’s deciding what to get an employee named Barbara, who actually said her name was Kim, approached us and rudely declared that if we were not eating we were not able to be inside. How presumptuous and rude!

  16. Yes I’m really disgusted I went to McDonald’s and purchased a McDonald’s chicken nugget Happy meal on the box is displayed a gay couple black and white couple with two little kids in their hands this has to stop I don’t believe I will be taking my grandkids to McDonald’s again this stuff doesn’t have to be advertised and never was before this just thoroughly discussed me

  17. The mcds on faunce corner belittl r s the disabled I’m disabled always being called slow tell me I can’t do anything but fill up sauces and the employee Connie morning shift she actually put her hands on me she elbowed me twice r in the side ad she was waking by me a mansge r was told n nothing was done about it my lawyer said that goes against my disability rights if something ain’t done well be taking further action

  18. Lets go for the wow. I just ate 2 saugage egg cheese. From circle k. Coffee name brand at walmart. Can we do frozen . in supermarkets. Plus can mcdonalds get sausage pancakes on sticks.

  19. My complain is about the McDonald’s located at the Tippecanoe mall in Lafayette Indiana. I have lived in Lafayette Indiana since June of 1995 and everytime I have given this location another chance they fail to get the order correct or they are out of a menu item I wanted! I’m through with ever going here again may as well turn the lights off lock the doors and find a job that you people can handle because you sure are not making anyone happy the tried to have a pleasant dining experience at this location here in Lafayette Indiana!

  20. I am very upset about the QPC sandwich that I just purchased. I requested the cashier to make my sandwich fresh and hot. She responded that they are all made fresh. What I received was a very dry and cold piece of beef. After eating most of it I came across an area of the meat that was extremely salty! I felt betrayed. I approached the cashier and stated that I wanted to give her some feedback in regards to my request/sandwich. I related my complaint to her. She did not say a word. I would expect her to say something like “I sorry.” Or, “I can make you another.” Instead I got nothing.
    My receipt does not list any information about the location of this MacDonald’s. Here are the facts: Pick Up 174 (I ate inside your store), register: blank, 06/22/2022 02:23 PM, bar code: “no address,” On another receipt it has MFY SIDE1, GRILL SLIP Time:14:23, KS #1, FC # 74, etc.
    I had just left dialysis treatment and was very weak. Your employees did not know how I felt. But, if they treated me as they would want to be treated, I sure I would have been pleased/satisfied with my sandwich and service. I did not expect the sandwich to be so distasteful, especially paying over $5.00!
    The MacDonald’s store is located on Eagles Landing, near route 42, in McDonough, Georgia.

  21. Your McDonald’s in searcy , Arkansas on race street ,, needs to be shut down ,thru can’t seem to get the orders right ,, and the head women that is in that McDonald’s is a smart ass to people

  22. Y’all kimball restaurant has an employee that can not do the jobs they are required they can never get your order correct or on time or your food is not correct .I am a customer every morning but I will not be back to this restaurant

  23. The McDonalds on Broad st Meriden ct in town line plaza is the worse Mc Donald’s you can go to. No one understands English you ask for a coffee with 4 creamers and it takes 15 mins for them to figure out what you want they still get it wrong and have to toss the one they made and start over I had to pull over and wait while they brewed another pot of coffee to make me an ice coffee the way I asked for it. 3 people asked me how I wanted it and still had it wrong. During the peek of Covid they did not wear there masks nor gloves. The girl behind the counter had on tiny short shorts with long fake fingernails no gloves no mask and she was the only one taking orders because she spoke broken English

  24. Store #12359, Long Pond Road, Rochester, NY, has a giant hole in its entrance way that has been there for over a year. I have seen cars drop to the axle when the fall into it. The owner has put cones over the top of it. There is barely enough room to get through as it is, without his silly cones and contraptions over the top of it. Many of us have to enter from the exit lane. It’s that bad. This has been pointed out to the employees on numerous occasions, I am not the only one. Once you pass the entrance way, the rest of the lot is as disaster, especially the uneven pavement at the payment window. If you are stopped, you have to actually accelerate to get over the hump. Not so good when the car in front of you is close. As a former restaurant owner, I find this disgusting. If you cannot afford to fix your lot, get out of the business.

  25. Today, 5-28-2022, at about 8:30 AM, the unit in St. Peter, MN has a bird in the Playroom. A friend and I went into the play area (to find a seat) and heard the bird chirp. The manager brought our food to us. We mentioned the bird sound, then the bird chirped again and he heard it, but did nothing about. He did not suggest that we move or that he would “close-off the room. I wonder if children are climbing on the equipment after the bird has pooped on the it.

  26. Do not go to the McDonald’s on Panola Decatur, the store is nasty and the employees are rude.

  27. A manager being nasty and told customer you can go somewhere else to eat which is something you don’t tell your customers that’s very unprofessional

  28. The McDonalds at Baseline and 52nd sSt area SUCKS. We have been in the drive through line over 10 minutes with NO answering Get up to the window to pay and they have NO change so they wanted to keep my 2.00 fir a 1.08 cost. I said give me my dollar and you eat the .08 cents. They refused. They are willing to keep my .92 cents but we’re not willing to lose .08 cents to keep a customer. They kept my drink if I didn’t pay the .08 cents. Can you believe this. This place is the worst. It really gives McDonakds a very bad reputation. Because I will tell everyone I know to stay away from that place.

  29. Dear McDonald’s Company.

    The McDonald’s on 47th East on the corner on Cottage Grove. There’s no restriction there.
    * People that’s not eating is hanging out inside.
    * Tables are always filthy everytim I come.
    * The outsid is always filthy so bad it was a dead bird on McDonald’s side walk as I walked in the door.
    *The manager has the food right and running the kitchen top shift but th rest outside the kitchen is terrible. Can you let her know so she can hav the outside of the kitchen clean and she needs a security guard in there to keep all these people out that’s not eating. Thank you. I know that manager is doing her best but she needs your help.

  30. Water is flooding the rear parking lot and many gallons are going in the street, 2:00 am, every morning. Lemon and 91 frwy, Anaheim, Ca.

    City of Anaheim has been notified.

  31. Yes my name is April and I just started working with y’all about a month and 2 weeks I’m still learning but I have a complaint on my manager her name is shaniqua I do not know her last name but she is constantly on me hollers at me in front of customers the customers complain about that to me from her and I feel she’s discriminating me so I’m a good worker I’m there every day on time date on time I don’t call in I don’t believe in that that the address to it is in Anniston I don’t know the specific address to it is right off the interstate but I feel highly discriminated the woman has laughed at me made fun of me and all my co-workers do the exact same thing except for two now I pray for this lady she never has nothing good to say about me or to me I don’t know and I don’t care but I just wanted to bring this to you as attention I don’t know the last name or anything about the lady all I know is I feel is highly discriminated from her toward me so hopefully they can get to somebody that can do something about this lady have a blessed day

  32. Y’all did Russia a favor. Y’all food is shit a person shouldn’t eat. Everyone needs to come together and put you out of business. Who do you think y’all are. With your food that causes cancer and other health problem. I’m going to make sure people stay away from y’all food. Russia aren’t messing with the deap state and y’all are apart of them to. So go to hell.

  33. The location by me Alway miraculously has something wrong where they stop serving people at 8 when they are open until 11 or they say we can only do fries or drinks or just plane we’re closed and won’t serve you it’s happened numerous times

  34. Checked phone for hours at McDonalds Tujunga (2). Both showed OPEN 24 HOURS. Wasted time and gas to buy food and found both locations closed. Sloppy. Are all McDonalds services this sloppy? 05/14/22

  35. I went to the McDonalds at 3005 Fern Valley RD this morning 5/13/2022 I got to the location at 9:10am only drive thru was open so I got inline there was maybe 2 or 3 cars in front of me seem like it took them a while to get the orders taken. When I finally got to the speaker I was left there for 7 mins while the worker was having personal conversation with the other workers over the intercom she did not know it. I heard her talk about how Donna or Diana was calling there the wrong name all day so she was just gonna change her name to it. Then she was talking to another customer then telling someone they had to go lobby was closed, then back to talking to someone else inside about how the one girl cant get her name write today. I said hello 2 times finally the second time she heard me and said just one moment but she had to help the armor car guy first. So why is the only one working having to take car of the armor car guy and do drive thru when only drive thru is open. Needless to say I had to leave without getting to order cause after about 15 mins and now being almost late to work cause they decided to have only one person do all jobs which left the customer being left without. This is uncalled for and I will not be back to this location. Poor customer service.

  36. Albany McDonald’s on holland drive is the worst one ever dirty ass hell and very rude employees

  37. You all are giving these managers to much slack on closing companies when they close at 11 pm and they lock their doors at 930 pm ….I wanted a big Mac and couldn’t get because to messy to eat in car….this needs to stop they need to close what time it says…no one in drive Thursday either this is BS

  38. We have been enjoying your Big Macs and chocolate shakes for years but lately they suck I don’t know what is happening but we get a half white half chocolate they(the store) tell us it’s a chocolate shake but you are not going to convince us that it is chocolate its bad, we will be leaving McDonald’s especially your chocolate shakes

  39. Ted 209 331 xxxx drive thru at Macdonald.s on kettelman lane on Monday may 2 2022 at 7:10 pm ordered a big mac meal & child meal with strawberry shake.s which were milk no icecream all Liquid also no fries in child meal no ketchup or napkins in bag so not very happy with your drive thru at this store i tried to call this store and no body answers several times tryed to call

  40. 121 North Cove Terrace McDonald’s service. I placed a very simple mobile order large fry and a slushie I had to go inside the McDonald’s to pick my order up after sitting outside 15 to 20 minutes. I place this order around 6:35 6:40 p.m. and didn’t get my food until after 7 p.m. Monday May 2nd 2022 I will never buy anything else from this McDonald’s again if I’m in this area and I need something to eat

  41. I went to McDonald’s this am on 5/01/2022 at 854 am. I spent 14.16. l was very dissatisfied with the treatment l received. I went through the drive thru and when the cashier handed my drinks, the coffee spilt on my left leg. I have had 3 blood clots and surgery in that leg. I almost died when l had the surgery about a year ago because of the clot going to my heart. After l got burnt, l told the cashier and she didn’t apologize. I was furious from her lack of empathy. So l had to get home to take my daughter to work. I called the manager and she said l should have come inside. Possibly so, but that’s the reason l came through the drive thru. So l could be served quicker. So the manager didn’t believe me what l said. She only said to come back and possibly get a free meal. What kind of world have we gotten into? People are so irresponsible and not emphatic!! I wonder how they feel if it happened to them! So now, lm sending this message to the corporate office and hope they show responsibility and make their employees held accountable for their actions when they work with customers in any situation.

  42. This is to make a complaint regarding store
    2336, Seminole, Fl
    Tonight at 10:22pm, 4/25/22, I went thru the drive- thru and ordered an apple pie. The employee couldnt hear me so i asked again, this time she SCREAMED at me, “How’s many you want?”
    I said, “You need to lose your attitude.”
    She rudely replied, “No thank you!”
    When I asked for the manager she replied, “I am the manager!”
    When I got to the window to pay I asked another employee what her name was, the manager.
    Her name is Sonia.
    I hope that someone in your Customer Service Dept. or your Human Resources Dept. reprimand her for speaking to me in such an incredibly rude manner and incorrect grammar.
    I eat at this McDonald’s frequently. I can assure you I will no longer waste my money on a place that allows “management”to treat their customers so
    Sonia should be repremanded severly and demoted to counting fries, away from the public. She needs to be sent back to training on how to treat customers with respect and drop her ugly “ghetto” attitude.

  43. I want a phone call immediately after what has happened tonight I’m certain your wworkers got my food from the trash and served me acting like they did me a favor. I expect a call immediately, I’m very sick after eating the little I did. I suspect I’m about to go to the emergency room 304-543-xxxx

  44. A complaint: store location in mid-town @ 1994 Howell Mill Rd., The employees customer service is very poor. The employees are believed to be involved in a conspiracy against some citizens while preparing cook food for the public, easy access to douse poison. I were refused service when approach drive up window, the dinning room were locked when it reads on their front door the operation hours, door should have been open/unlock for customers use. When attempted to place order at drive up window, I were refused because I wasn’t in a car, and dinning room front door locked. The employees voice tone were for the streets, bad communication skills. I contacted police department because I am aware of the employees at that McDonald’s involved in a conspiracy against citizens while on their jobs. I refused to be treated as a 2nd class citizen and most of all conspiracy is a crime that should be taken seriously inside businesses where the nation citizens spend it monies and prepare food for the public.

  45. I’m very upset with mc Donald’s in Charlotte hall maryland because I was supposed to be getting paid for the days I have worked and I still haven’t gotten no payment 3 weeks later.

  46. I am being discriminated against at the Camden Tenn store by someone and it may be because of their religion or drug situation they are in or by the government. I need help keeping my job. Thank you I have never been on drugs and could use this job. Thank you

  47. I need my sub taxes I’m not getting paid like I am supposed to and I already talked to the general manager and she still never did anything about it nor checked to see how much I’m supposed to be making

  48. Every time I visit my local store they are forgetting my bacon or extra cheese I pay for it’s becoming a serious issue at the prices being charged for extra cheese .79 $1.89 for the bacon they have forgotten both numerous times so as far as I’m concerned its stealing from its customers the food already is worse than any McDonalds I’ve ever worked at or revisit counting the days down until taco bell opens here and I can boycott this McDonalds once more

  49. I thought that only McDonalds in Holland was bad but when I read all the complaints here I have to come to the conclusion that it’s a WORLDWIDE problem! What on earth is going on at McDonalds? Customer service has to be first priority, the quality of the food the second priority and hygiene the third one but all of these are nowhere to be found! The staff is rude to customers, the food is cold or the wrong items are served (or both!), the places are a mess and so on! It’s a disgrace how these so called ‘restaurants’ act! Time to shut this business down!

  50. It is a darn shame you offer specials on certain foods and then you stop 2 times a week to get it and the restaurant you stop at never has it until the offer is over with including ice cream it is boyce VA. I will never stop at a McDonald’s again

  51. TY McDonalds…Yesterday I went through the drive thru as I do in good weather to purchase a smoothie or frappe as I do 4 or 5 days a week on my way to work. I, on a limited budget consider this something nice I do for myself. PRICE went up…No, I won’t cut back to maybe 2 or 3x a week. Used to take 5/7 minutes to go thru the FAST FOOD drive-thro now takes 15 minutes. And no, this older adult is not smart phone savvy….I will now make my own smoothies from HOME
    before work.

  52. On 4/2/2022, 11:24 am, I and my son purchased $14.35 worth of McDonald’s. I am not able to climb or go up stairs without difficulty. On our way out, we both took the elevator to exit, the elevator door was blocked and we could not exit. I set off the red button alarm and partially opened the door, yelled for quite a while before a male came and removed the wooden pallets blocking the elevator door. That was a really bad experience.

  53. The McDonald’s restaurant in Jacksonville,FL32207.The address is:3143 Emerson St.The phone number is :904-423-9225.The McDonald’s restaurant in this location has a toxic,dyfunctional work environment.The manager of McDonald’s was informed about the situation and did nothing to resolve the issues.He has allowed other employees to be disrespected by other employees.He is the manager and he has the power to put a stop to toxicity in his workplace.The manager needs to do a better job at putting a stop to the confusion on the job.Please do an investigation on the manager.Thanks.

  54. This place is a disgrace they always screw up my order they aren’t looking at monitor for orders I don’t get all of my order I suggest someone goes and trains them they have kids doing orders and I always have to correct them on what I ordered. It’s awful they need training but I’m done. Sitting in drive thru is a joke

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