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44 thoughts on “All Customer Service Departments

  1. Came in this place and ordered our food. The young lady was very nice and took our order. She must have been new because she put one burger in wrong. We ordered a double whopper w/cheese and got a small double cheeseburger instead. I took the burger back and said this is suppose to be a double whopper. The girl apologized and went back to talk to her manager to fix the mess up and agreed she put it in wrong. Her manager told her to come back out and tell us she will give us the double whopper if we pay the difference. WHATTTT!!! We are setting down eating!! Mr. Or Mrs. Manger of this Burger King? You need to find yourself a different profession!!! First of all, it’s your mistake!!! It’s your JOB to fix it and make YOUR customers HAPPY!!! Make them what the ordered and then take it to them!!!! You DON’T get to ask for more money!!!! Whatever happened to the old days!!! When a business cared about their service and customers!!! WON’T be back to this place again!!! ‍♀️
    Courtney & Morgan was the so called managers on duty at the time we was in there.
    Burger King on 4000 Johnson Ave. in Jonesboro Arkansas 72450
    Date : Nov. 8th 2023

  2. I was charged $79 for a delivery of a $17 item. I did not understand I was being charged that. I had two other items ordered. One was $79 so that is what I saw. It was one order for 3 items of the Christmas village. I saw free shipping and did not see an additional $79 tacked onto the bill. Now my Lowe’s does not even show me a complete bill for the order. They cancelled the two bigger items. It would have maybe cost me personally $5 to mail a little waterfall. I spent more than that in gas driving around to find the items after my order was cancelled. I would not have done that if I had known I was being charged $79 for a delivery I didn’t need. Common sense says someone on the Lowe’s end should have questioned that but your policy is apparently black and white. Your employee manager #Christie 2541635 defended your ridiculous policy. She was no help at all and it seems you purposefully block attempts to treat individual complaints. We have spent thousands and thousands of dollars at Lowe’s through the years and this is the breaker. My husband is retired military. Worked with a vendor company for Lowe’s for 32 years and this just really shows no respect or understanding. I know I am a small fish in a big see but I just can return to your stores again and will not promote it even though I have done that for years.

  3. We live in williams az. We have a Pizza Hut. We love it but it looks like it is closed. The have not cleaned the sidewalks in years. Weeds thru out the property. Please help to clean up this place

  4. I order a pizza wings and ranch. I’m in Richmond va and ordered from the Williamsburg rd location. Pizza comes and no wings and no ranch. I ask Uber where the wings and ranch are. They say they only see the pizza. The order was for $38.10.

    I call the store and ask where the rear of the order is and she says she only sees the pizza and ranch. Bay I didn’t get ranch and where’s the wings. She says she doesn’t have any wings in the order. I said you’re kidding me. Uber ears charged me $38.10 for a medium pizza. She says it’s a different total. I said then they must have a GUI issue.

    I get a call back from your manager telling me how dare I call and complain to a CSR. I said are you kidding me right now ? You mess up my order then call me back to complain at me for complaining. ?? This store has a 1.5 star rating on Yelp which I wish I would have noticed. Will never order from you or Uber eats again. What a bad experience.

    Uber tells me the order doesn’t match the story. I said check your technology.

    Couldn’t have a worse experience.

  5. I went to the burger king on main street in Whitehall, ohio. I was not acknowledged at all when I was at the drive thru. I waited around 5 minutes before I just drove off. That is just rude and inconsiderate. At least let the customer know if it would take a while.

  6. This morning I took Uber from Salt River to CBD Cape Town a trip that is usually under R100 but I was charged over R300. Even the directions the driver was using were wrong and I had to direct him. It’s a 20 min ride. I’m asking for a refund of the excess charge.

  7. I was in your store walmart super store 942 in Ocoee florida
    I went to cosmetics department and had found some makeup that was on sale it clearly was prised and was in a clearance section there was over 50 piese of same kind of make up the lady at register had something going on before i got there a hold or something well i went to check out she rang up all except two piese of make she said it wont ring up she did not put nuber in by hand or try to she then say i cant buy it i ask why she say it is not in sustem i then ask to go to the make depart and get another couple she refused say i cant take it back there then she say that there no way to put it in so i ask for manager she brings back the service department person she say we cant rimg it up ot not in system but again she did not put number in by hand i know she is not manager so i ask again to speak to one she then say there is no managers there then she say there is four but no one avay then she say she will try to find one but just walks off and did not try my son needed to go to work so i just left it all did not buy anything and left your store cashier needs to letn how to properly scan in bar code and if need be have csm come do override this is wrong to turn us away when it could have been solved

  8. I have had trouble with this Motorola stylus since I bought it March 3rd. I do believe I was ripped off as I was never going to receipt and the amount for the phone was Far exceeding what I expected pay. my phone cuts off in the middle of conversations it rings and I cannot hear people it disregards and interrupts many times for my music all I get is a circle running around and round and round I’m sick and tired of this garbage and I’m about ready to go back to Metro tell him to take this phone and shove it if it is not get fixed right now! help me

  9. I have been trying to get in touch with the Sherman TX customer service for 2 days. there is no answer. can someone help me with a complaint. thank you

  10. It is indeed a very much shocking and disheartening that you and your mobile app for UBER RIDE, Demands Rs20:90 as my dues to be paid, along with the fare shown for the chosen ride. It is a very old issue and I could not search the contact details to inform of this unfair/undue/ unwarranted amount of Rs20:90 which your company has raised as a dues to be paid, but, why this amount was shown is important to know. When the car came, on my confirmation, I enquired about its Airconditioning condition and I was replied by the driver that it was a car run on Gas, and cooling effects are almost negligible, as a result, I refused to travel in that car.
    There was no fault of mine and on my side, but, fundamentally, it was a fault of the UBER RIDE, that it had not bothered at all with the contracting Car owner as to it had sufficient and satisfactory cooling effect in his car being used for customers and hirers .
    This undoubtedly tarnished your image in the public as I have talked to at least 20/25 people/my friends of your so hopeless method of imposing such penalties, just for your own negligence of not confirming with the car driver or owner for the condition of the AC in his car.
    I still can give you opportunities to remove the unwarranted dues/demand of some rs20:90 ; from my Uber-Account, if you have a little value for the image of your company.
    I have hope that you would not leave any scope to dissatisfy any of your existing comments, and would certainly take all necessary steps to pacify my anger/anguish and utter dissatisfaction, just, only and only on your defective system.
    Thanking you in anticipation of your quick compliance.

    Faithfully yours,
    Dipak N Shsh.
    Mobile No: +91-94291xxxxx
    Stste: Gujarat
    Country: India

  11. Looking and trying to get help with a sewer pipe line bust in our apartment for over 4 days it smells bad there’s no emergency number to contact our place has been unavailable to live in for 4 days nobody is picking up or Answering the phone what a terrible business that me and my kid have to live and go threw this stuff

  12. Trying to get help with a rebate that was offered with a Samsung fridge. Supposedly Samsung won’t ship to our zip code nor will they ship to the Lowe’s store in our area. If you’re going to run a promotion with a company you need to honor the rebate. Or at least have some way of honoring it. I tired of hearing that it’s not our problem. I will be reporting the incident to BBB in our area.

  13. I ordered my food from the bk app and paid for my food when I arrived at the store to pick it up they said they were closed it wasn’t closing time and the gentleman who was working there said they were closed I never received my food. I made a complaint on the app and was promised a full refund witch I never received. Therefore I was not only lied to but also charged for food I never received I will take whatever legal actions possible in order to get my money back. Unless this is resolved and my money or food is received

  14. I came into the Benton store to buy 4 x 8 x 16 concrete block which was clearly on the website for $1.71 when I get to the store they’re $3.29 I say something to them about it and they tell me I have to order it online and I never heard no bullshit like out of my life I think the manager is a lying piece of shit just didn’t wanna mark price down#UnhappyCustomer

  15. I will no longer use the services of CVS. My wife tended to get vaginal yeast infections and since she was wearing pull-ups for bladder issues. I found that %%%%%%%% helped ease the discomfort and began buying both it and the cvs brand for several months. In 2019 she was diagnosed with alzheimers and in 2020 we were rear-ended. There were several other things that happened that contributed to her death in July of this year. In early August I asked Tiffanie the concierge at #3113 if I could bring them in and have them put on a gift card. She checked with the manager and said there would be no problem. On Aug 17th I I took them in to have them put on a card. It was denied. They thought maybe it was too much approx $163 and they tried to break into two Trans. They had no idea why but I could call this number on the receipt for something called TRE. TRE says I have to have the receipt. I told them that staff said I could get it on a gift card. TRE said I had to have receipts but I could request an override after they emailed me a form which I did. I also filled out a customer complaint on your site while waiting for TRE to respond. When a week went by and I had no response from either one, I called TREand they said DENIED, YIU HAVE TO HAVE RECEIPTS and You are banned from refunding for 180 days.
    This policy is in direct contrast to the policy on your Facebook page and your staff was unaware of this change, I have one prescription that beeds refilling on 22nd and I will cancel my Carepass and find another pharmacy. I will tell everyone about your new rigid and idiotic policy that will cause you to lose other customers. You have made staff look uninformed because you have not let them know about this new policy. This is the worst example of poor customers I have encountered in many years and it reflects bad on your corporation. I neglected to tell you that I had been a loyal customer since I got out of service inn Dec 1973.

  16. Subway 1700 Tallapoosa Street Birmingham, Alabama – took my order AND MONEY online – page said sandwich was being built – clocked out of work to go pickup – STORE IS CLOSED !! Second time this has happened to me!! I want my money back for sure for this one and for the last one also.

  17. Complain about why someone was Allowed to get a free government phone in my name my ID was stolen and I still need my ID I was wondering if u could cancel all of the services in my name and used with my Gmail crystalgxxxxx my name is crystal Michelle geer I want to see if I can reapply for myself

  18. Have spoken to multiple managers at location at Phx, Az store and can not get anyone to correct a poorly installed appliance.

  19. Subway Store #47186-0 1901 W.103rd St.Chgo. I’ll 60643. I had a coupon for Get a free Footlong when you buy any footlong exp 8/20/222 I told her I had a coupon she said we don’t take them an ask me out the store I ask for owners phone # she said he don’t have one I could her his name is on the License on the wall she said she can’t give me no information to leave now she treated me like she was racial profiling me like I was poor and black an was looking for a hand out I only brought the coupon in because it was the nearest Subway well I took it to another Subway it was accepted I will never go to this Subway ever

  20. You may want to know that on The Five last night (7/26) one of the panellist really bad mouth Subway. Jessica Tarlov said that ‘Subway is gross’ and than added the food is not real. Other on panel said her grand-mother used to work at SW making the tuna salad. Tarlov asked was it real? The Five has a large audience and you were pretty bad mouth by Jessica Tarlov.

  21. I feel that you people have ripped me off I filed my taxes with y’all from my stimulus check y’all took my information and probably took my check cuz today I haven’t received it ever since I tried getting a hold of you it’s been b******* either y’all took my money or screwed by my taxes up not very happy that money should have been here a long time ago now I have a different number different phone now a different account I don’t remember my last account y’all do because y’all kept sending me all kinds of s*** I never could get through I don’t know what y’all did but y’all screwed me up

  22. Way are coupons not allowed in many restaurants if it is a subway no matter who is running it they should except all coupons no matter the cost

  23. I made a purchase on June 10, 2022 for over $3400 of materials from Home Depot in Johnson City, NY. They set the order up to deliver to Afton, NY in 2 deliveries, the 1st being June 24th, the 2nd being July 1st. Received no notifications from the store indicating the July 1st shipment was being rescheduled. After calling the morning of July first (waiting several minutes to finally get a rep on the phone that could provide some input) I was told the earliest delivery was going to be July 9th. I’d inquired as to why I was not notified and was told “we don’t do that”. As a customer, I have to call to confirm delivery arrangements that are set up BY the Company! I don’t need to spend that kind of money to be treated with such disregard and not even so much as “we apologize”! Now I find it’s impossible to get in touch with anyone up the “food chain” that I can express my frustration with. It does me no good to talk to the local customer service department as they can’t offer any assistance. Is this seriously how you run an organization? Make customers wait through several minutes of phone recordings to actually get transferred to an “associate”, only to be “in the que” and wait another several minutes to get someone on the phone who has to put me on hold and then finally speak with a live individual. I would very much like to speak with someone from Home Depot in regards to this but it’s very difficult to get anyone on the phone or even in person. Go to the store, and oh, manager isn’t in today, etc. I wonder, just where does the buck stop with Home Depot?!!!

  24. Ken’s Quickly Market on Rauhut Street NC. Burlington the boss’s that is running store ask me to work their the 1st time i did not get pay the second time they ask me to work their i did not get pay for the work i did their at all im not happy at all i did that on a broken ankle im supposed to wait 6 week before working on my broken ankle.. I need help on this matter..

  25. Your contractor pulled up my hedges left big holes in my yard ,lots of damage , thank you dollar general we want your store in Lakeview closed ,

  26. Dear Sir,

    Kindly let us know whether your company is manufacturing electric passenger vehicle/motor bikes. If so, kindly give details of capacities, delivery time and prices. Please also let us know whether these electric vehicles attract carbon credit and any other type of incentive.

    Please also confirm whether Batteries for charging the vehicles are also supplied along with vehicles.

    Thanks & Regards.

    S. C. Sharma
    Regional Director (African Operations)
    Mehta Group
    i) C/o SCOUL- Lugazi Office
    P. O. Box 1
    Lugazi-Buikwe District.
    ii) C/o SCOUL- Kampala Office
    Plot 133/135 6th Street Industrial Area
    P. O. Box 1185
    Tel: + 256 312 5xxxx
    Fax: + 256 414 44xxxx
    Email: scsxxxx

  27. Deliveries in Jefferson Maine are VERY poorly handled. One driver has a great reputation for careful and accurate delivery, but another driver has the reputation of just leaving packages wherever he wants. Many deliveries from Fed Ex are not done accurately.

  28. Today, in an attempt to schedule an appointment for a booster on the phone, the Robo information segment of the call failed and hung up on me 3 times at exactly the same point after indicating what shot I wanted, then indicating a search would be made for the first available appointment near me. I have been a customer of Walgreens in Clarence NY (Main/Sheridan) for over 20 years. I highly doubt you will do anything to rectify this situation, since corporate hasn’t even informed the employees there regarding letters/ emails about the excellent service I USED to get at that store. The pharmacist, Dan ( I’m not sure of his last name) Ornish was outstanding, but didn’t get recognition for his customer service and knowledge. At least fix your damn number that is used for the essential purpose of scheduling appointments for COVID vaccinations and boosters. My computer is in for repairs, so I’ll go to a pharmacy that makes it extremely easy to schedule or walk in. Maybe you could retain employees if you raised your starting pay and gave performance benefits. On to CVS!

  29. . years 44 in correspondence regular eerecieving not mwas and investment an have I . A307 and Apt Ave Central 3343 at residing currently am I

  30. I had to use the restroom but they had it completely blocked off with chairs. I never saw that before. I went through the barricade, The employee was not happy. I have a medical condition. Sorry

  31. I have not been able to access in over 2 weeks. It keeps telling me that my username and password is incorrect but I can login in at work.

  32. Covington VA Taco Bell needs to close it’s doors now Before you make people sick! If you haven’t already
    Had very many bad trips to this Taco bell over the last few years but this trip was the worst. First you had nothing to offer so just close the store. Second said you could fix something and then get it home and half the ingredients was not on there. When called to complain was told you was out of those ingredients. Should have been told before ordering and getting a half made burrito. THIRD and one of the most important one. When inspecting the second burrito found a 3″ x 2″ piece of paper laying right in the middle of it. This is not acceptable. This is health code violations and ethically just wrong to feed your customers this. Long story short you either need to fix this store and fire everyone in it and start over or just shut the doors until you can find someone that can run this store.

  33. customer-service-contacts/

    To whom it may concern. My name is Jordan Pollard. I placed an order for my family on the 14th or 15th of July.
    We live in Aurora, Ohio. Our drive to the Solon’s Papa John’s is roughly 40 minutes away. We have 5 pizza companies here in Aurora but we favor Papa John’s. I was at home and placed an order directly with the store, not with the online order rep. I contacted the store directly because I wanted all flat bone in wings. I’ve made this request in the past and it was never an issue. A female agent took the call and said “let me ask my manager” He was in the background and I heard him say yes. The agent returned to the line and confirmed my request for all flats.
    My husband was coming from work and I asked him to stop by Papa John’s and pick up our order. He was unaware of all the items I placed. It wasn’t until he got home that I told him our order was not correct. This was the first time in years Papa John’s has ever messed up our order. I ordered two large pizzas one with 2 toppings the other with three, A 2 liter Pepsi, a small order of BBQ boneless wings, and a small order of all flat hot wings. Over a $40 order. Our 15 yr old daughter was very upset she didn’t get her boneless wings. I was upset I didn’t get my Pepsi and all hot flats. And my husband was upset the hot peppers in our pizza boxes were very old. Plus he was upset he had to hear us all complain.
    I called and spoke with the manager. He explained they were really busy. That we should’ve returned that day not knowing we were 40 minutes away. He ultimately agreed to replace our entire order for the trouble. I explained the pizza for my husband and boys were fine except the hot peppers. But he insisted on replacing the full order. He said he would add my name to his list and that I can replace my order anytime. Today Thursday July 29th I called and spoke with a Dan. I asked if he saw my name on the books and he said no. I began to explain our entire situation. He said he didn’t remember and that he would have never replace an entire order. He asked who I spoke to, and I didn’t know. He said “ Well more than likely it would’ve been me the general manager” He said “I will only replace one large pizza”. I felt this was a complete insult and that I didn’t want his free pizza when half my order was wrong. He then had the audacity to offer me a 12 wing order and a Pepsi. I was totally upset but maintained my composure. I told him I was contacting corporate, and that my family makes more than enough money not to have to lie about a $40 order and that I’ll never order there again. He than said “Go ahead, all corporate is going to do is call me and ask what happened and then you really won’t get anything” Discussed I said I’ll take my changes and hung up. I have never experienced such rudeness at any restaurant. I appreciate what they do and often leave a decent gratuity.

  34. I have a account with Xfinity. I need make a payment and find out why is my balance is so high. I previously take to a customer service representative and told him I was having trouble making my payments. I asked if the company has lower prices for seniors. I then told him I could make the payment in three days. But my phone was turned off for services. So I called customer service and they can’t help me because they have the wrong number for my credit card that use.

  35. I have issues with Pizza Hut South 17th Street Wilmington North Carolina I have called twice and ordered a delivery one delivery did not get to me for hours second delivery did not get to me at all I had to call again I was told I would be comped a medium Pizza they would put it in the computer I believe his name was Mark I called today July 19th 2021 spoke to a very rude woman who could not get my address right my phone number right my apartment number right and was rude about the information not being in the system my name is Wanda McCoy m c k o y my phone number is 910-368-xxxx my address is xxxx Captiva Court apartment 201 Wilmington North Carolina 28412 the most awful experience and still did not honor the comp Pizza terrible

  36. I have an antique electric desk top clock that still works and keeps good time. it belonged to my parents and I believe it was a wedding gift. i’m not looking for money, just seeing if there is any interest in old electric time pieces there at GE? Model # 7H102.

  37. I have some issues regarding my time at one of the taco bells. At T28953-Largo, ive felt repeatedly harassed and troubled with from the general manager whilst trying to just do my job. Ive been yelled at, gestured to, and passively abused by what this manager did.

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