Southwest Airlines Customer Service Phone Number

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Southwest Airlines Customer Service Phone Numbers and Contacts.

Contacting a live person at Southwest Airlines can be difficult. Their main customer service number is 1-800-435-9792, but though it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it takes a reported 53 minutes of average wait to get through.

We have listed all alternative phone numbers and contacts for you below. We recommend use the Twitter Support service for minor issues or their email contact form for major issues.

How to complain to Southwest Airlines.

For complaints related to Southwest flights, you can call 1-800-435-9792 or 1-855-234-4654 (lines are open 24/7), or 1-800-VAMONOS (1-800-826-6667), for espanol.

For written complaints,  write to Southwest Airlines, P.O. Box 36647-1CR Dallas, TX 75235 or send an email send an email to, fill in the contact form under “Email Us”.

Contacting Southwest Airlines on Twitter is often the fastest option for minor issues, tweet at #SouthWestAir at and you will get a reply within 20 to 30 minutes.

Southwest Airlines Customer Service Phone Numbers.

What is the 1-800 number for Southwest? There are many to choose from.

Reservations & Information: Call 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) (24/7)

Tip: Press 5, then 0,  then 3.

  • Thank you for calling Southwest Airlines, your call maybe monitored or recorded for quality purposes, lower fares maybe available on, to ensure that we’re best able to serve you please choose from one of the following choices
  • if you have questions regarding your Rapid Reward account or if you’re an Avis member press 1
  • to make a new reservation or pay for an existing reservation press 2
  • to make changes to an existing reservation press 3
  • if you’re calling for flight information press 4
  • for all other calls press 5
  • if you would like to hear these choices again press 5
  • or you may wait on the line for the next available representative.

Southwest Airlines Customer Relations: 214-932-0333
Hours: Mon-Fri, 7am-8pm CT

Tip: Press 2, then 1.

  • Thank you for calling Southwest Airline customer relations Rapid Rewards
  • if you know your extension please press 3 now
  • for customer relations press 1
  • for Rapid Rewards please press 2.

Rapid Rewards Customer Service: 1-800-445-5764

  • Hello, you’ve reached Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards, we’re here to help you access your member account information, for a more detailed view of your account activity and to learn more about the Rapid Rewards program visit today
  • in the meantime let me access your account information, I’ve matched your phone number to your account, for confirmation please tell the month, day, and year that you were born.

Automated Flight Information: 1-888-SWA-TRIP (1-888-792-8747)

  • Hello, you’ve reached Southwest Airlines flight information, what flight number are you calling about? It’s okay to say I don’t know it.

Reservations & Information – En Español: 1-800-VAMONOS (1-800-826-6667)

Baggage – General Questions: 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792)

Articles Left at TSA Checkpoint: 1-888-269-9673 or

New Hotel Reservations: 1-800-733-1137

Teletypewriter (TTY): 1-800-533-1305

Public Relations & Media Relations: 214-792-4847

Jackpot Deal Packages: 1-877-308-4216

Group Reservations: 1-888-433-5368

Rewards Pre-travel assistance: 1-800-833-4861.

Rewards Assistance while traveling: 1-877-532-5678. International: 011-386-236-0040.

Cargo—Air Freight Service call: 1-800-533-1222

Existing Hotel Reservations: 1-800-545-4489

Southwest Vacations: 1-800-243-8372

Southwest Airlines Community.

Southwest Airlines is now running a community website, where customers and SWA reprenentatives can ask questions and get answers.

It is located at Use the search function to find the answer you are looking for, before asking a question.

What happened to

The official webste at no longer exists. The page now redirects to

Other Southwest Airlines Resources.

Other useful resources relevant to media organisations, investors, and members of the public.

Please share your experiences, praise or complaints about Southwest Airlines in the comment section.

4 thoughts on “Southwest Airlines Customer Service Phone Number

  1. What is the phone number for Southwest airlines visa cards I can’t find it. You got 15 different things to call me out here.

  2. I can’t login with forgotten password, the online system insist on repeating with giving me chance to enter the proper one, but no guess worked, neither I got an offer to change my password. Now, even the Southwest app does not give a chance to get a new password…so, I am waiting to get a Southwest human over the phone to let me know what to do…is the loss of password so uncommon?

  3. I am currently in South Africa.

    I have tried every way I can to check on a flight I will take when I return to America. says i don’t have permissions.
    Every phone number I’ve called hangs up without connecting.
    The e-mail links are a page on (fancy that!!)
    I don’t have facebook, twitter or googleplus.

    I am totally baffled that Southwest would go to such lengths to prevent contact from customers or potential customers!!

  4. One of my daughters is flying Southwest today to Florida and was so impressed that one of the stewardesses asked the passengers to clap for the military on board! I have a big facebook following and posted this on my site. I said people need to support those honoring our patriots/military! God bless you for standing for America! I will be flying Southwest the next time I fly thanks to this act of kindness to our military!

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