Pizza Hut Customer Service Phone Number

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Pizza Hut Customer Service Phone Number.

If you have a complaint about a Pizza Hut order or if you have a question about services, then you can call the Pizza Hut Customer Service number.

The official Pizza Hut Customer Service phone number is (USA): 1-800-948-8488

The average hold time is:
3 minutes.
Pizza Hut Customer Care Call center Hours are:
24 hours, 7 days a week.

TIP: When calling Pizza Hut, please Press 1 and hang on the line for a few seconds.
Press 2 when the recording asks if you want to speak to a representative.

Alternatively, you can try calling:  1-(972) 338-7700. (Corporate)

If you are in the United Kingdom, then call: 0800 028 7034

If you are in Canada, then call: 1-866-664-5696.

For customers in India, please call:  3988 3988

Pizza Hut Email Customer Support.

You can also fill out the Pizza Hut email form, if you have an issue or complaint.

The form is quite detailed. You can describe your issue and the location that served you.

pizza hut customer service phone number

Is there a Pizza Hut Phone Number for Delivery?

If you are looking for a nationwide Pizza Hut Delivery phone number, then we can tell you, that there is none. You must call your local Pizza Hut restaurant to phone in a delivery order, or use the the delivery function on the Pizza Hut app.

28 thoughts on “Pizza Hut Customer Service Phone Number

  1. We went to the Pizza Hut at 821 E Ninth St, Mission TX last night (11-30-23). When we walked in there was a woman a the counter with customers,whom I made eye contact and a man sweeping in the dining room. My husband asked the man if we could sit anywhere and he moved his hand and said over there. So we went and sat down in that area he indicated. We sat there for well over 5 minutes without a single attempt to acknowledge or wait on us. We were the only customers in the dining room!! Since no one was interested in waiting on us we decided to leave. As we were walking out, the woman at the counter was on her phone and looked up but made no attempt to say anything to us she just went back to her phone. WORST customer service I have ever had anywhere or maybe I should say NO service!! My opinion you should close the dining room to this location and make it delivery only because they don’t care to wait on anyone!! Our first and LAST time!!

  2. Patricia Arnold, I have been using the same Pizza Hut here in Lafayette Louisiana for more than 30 years. Always at the same store. However, our last experience was so bad that I will not be doing that again. I called in my order and spoke to Christie. She took my order, credit card number, expiration date and security code. Christie said that our pizza would be to us in about 45 minutes. An hour and a half later we were still waiting. I’ll called Pizza Hut again using the same direct number that I’ve always had. A lady who identified herself as the manager and her name is Christie said I never place an order. I tried to tell her that I think that she was the person that I spoke to in the first place. What are the odds of calling twice and getting to 2 different Christie’s, when I was speaking to Christie she was not interested in fixing this problem. All she was interested in was telling me to lower my voice. I do speak louder and more distinctly than most people because both my parents, my brothers, my husband and our youngest son all have some degree of hearing loss. She asked me if I wanted to replace the order. I asked her if I would be billed twice on my credit card. She said that could not happen, which I don’t believe! I handed my phone to my husband and left the room. The original order was billed at $36.80 . When I walked back in the room my husband said the bill is now over $40 for the exact same order. Both of these to be delivered. Our order did show up fairly quickly, but we had ordered a pan crust on our pizza and that was not what we got. We also ordered Chicken wings. Boneless with honey barbecue sauce. Stone cold! After eating my husband looked at me and said we will never buy anything from that store again. By store I mean the closest Pizza Hut on the corner of Congress and Johnson Street in Lafayette Louisiana. I don’t know if you can do anything about this, but your service stunk!

  3. I ordered a supreme pizza without sausage, I did get sausage on the pizza and it is super salty. I can not eat the pizza . I order from pizza hut all the time and have never had a problem with any of it. I called the store in Escanaba MI. where I received the pizza, I talked to a girl. this is on 7-2-23. I told her that I didn’t want any sausage and I received sausage and that my pizza was very salty where I can not eat it. She apologized, but refused to do anything about it. So here I am with a pizza I can’t eat, and wasted aproximately 24.00 on pizza I can’t eat, delivery charge, and tip. Please can you do something about this.

    Thank You
    Maria Johnson

  4. I had the worst experience of my life with Pizza Hut on steamboat Drive the girl that I spoke with called me a xxxx and told me that she didn’t care what I thought she would never lose her job I called to let her know that I have been waiting an hour for my order and when I called I was on the phone for over an hour and then she had the audacity to tell me that she didn’t care if I called corporate or not corporate can’t do anythin to her and she will never lose her job she doesn’t care how bad she is at her job corporate can’t do anything to her. I generally genuinely hope that this is not the truth because she was the rudest person I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with or talking to because she was stuck up snobby and she did not care about anything I said to her and I was on the phone with her for five minutes before she started cussing at me telling me that I’m a disgrace to customers everywhere just because I wanted to know what took an hour for my order to get here and then not only that but she took my money and hung up on me.

  5. We ordered a light sauce, citrate pepperoni Detroit pizza from your store on Chapman Hwy in Knoxville,TN and wasn’t what I had asked for. The manager at store #037614 was very rude as all get out to us when we took the pizza back in cause it had heavy sauce and had very little cheese on it. She threatened to press the silent buzzer for the cops and we weren’t doing anything but trying to rectify the situation. She said we were yelling at her but we weren’t at all. She told me that she would refund my money but weren’t welcome back in her store. You can believe that we will never visit that store again. The manager’s name was Amanda.

  6. I recently bought a pizza from Pizza Hut it had no tomato sauce only Pepperoni and Sausage and it taste like nothing I will never go back to Pizza Hut ever again you’ve lost a customer thank you

  7. Terrible service! Can’t get orders right. When you call and complain for getting the wrong order, they have you on hold forever. After calling back 3 times, they refused to give my money back and gave me a store credit. After the fiasco I went through after my last visit, I just wanted my money back, because I never intend to go there again! Trouble is, I can’t get anyone to answer the corporate phone, and I’ve already filled out a survey in an email I was sent saying I want my money back.

  8. A DEPLORABLE condition of finding hair in the pizza that was DELIVERED ..can you imagine this during this worlds covid that they speak about 1,000 times a day Hair

  9. I order the $10 tastemaker from Pizza Hittite pepperoni, Italian sausage and bacon. When my order was delivered, it was missing the pepperoni and then it was over cooked. When the delivery person finally came back, Pizza Hut in Leesburg, Ga tried to charge me $21 for their screw up and then the delivery person left without giving me my receipt.

  10. I’ve been at the pizza hut in west Virginia on Patrick street I’ve worked there over a month they will not pay how do I get my 2 paychecks

  11. I had an bad experience with Pizza Hut in Ocean View. I called Pizza Hut on 8/3/18 at 5:15 p.m,. I was informed that my order would take 1 hour and 5 minutes before getting to me. I was okay with that. My order arrived exactly 1 hour and 5 minutes. I had used my debit card to pay for my order when I called in my order. First when my order arrived I was told I had to pay for my order. I informed the delivery person I had paid for my order by my debit card over the phone. After talking with 2 or more people the delivery person informed me my order card had been cancelled because of a double order. I only made 1 order which I told them. I paid for my order again. My total came to $38 and some change. I had ordered 1 medium pizza deep pan, cheese and pepperoni and 1 medium pizza with chicken, bacon, on it. On some of the pizza slices there was no chicken at all and the one side that had the chicken on it had 1 or 2 look like scrapes of chicken on it) Plus 12 traditional wings. I got a pepperoni pizza with 1 pepperoni on each slice, some ham (which should not have been) on one pizza, on the pizza with chicken I had a little piece of chicken and almost no bacon on it. In f My traditional wings that were suppose to be breaded with honey BBQ sauce was not breaded, little bit of sauce on each wing, not even any sauce at the bottom of the container. I was really upset about my order. I complained about the one pizza because the other one had not been eaten yet and the wings. Ocean View almost AT ALL TIMES mess up my order. I am really disappointed with Pizza Hut as a whole. I had tipped the driver $2.00 for the delivery so all in all I spent $40.00 on a messed up order without any satisfaction. What can you do about this, to rectify this problem? I really ready to go on FACEBOOK and put it out on the Pizza Hut especially in Ocean View. I am patiently awaiting to hear from the Corporate Office concerning this matter !!!!

  12. Tonight at the Pizza Hut in Houston Texas located off veterans memorial area code 77066 telephone number 281-583-5100. I placed a order that included 4 ranch dressings. The driver forgot to provide it. I contacted the store back and the store manager called me “lying bitch” Unbeknownst to the manger it was just a courtesy call since I order from this location all the time. The manager discriminated against me, called me a liar multiple times, wouldn’t provide his name, and repeated to disrespect me. He wanted to brag that they were franchise owned and him calling me disrespectful names was well in within his right. I would like action to be taken against this store which I originally called at 7:35 pm on 07-20-18 located in Houston Texas 77066 or I will be taking legal action.

  13. I work at the in Lawton Oklahoma on 11 st for 3 weeks. I left because of poor training and management skills the shift leader had. Then gave back hat and shirt. The manager didn’t ask why I quit are did he care. I would have told him his night managers. I seen one of the talking to her boyfriend when the store was busy and the other one would yell at us as soon as we walked in the door. I was trained on phone one time . Only had 3 hours of the 6 hours computer training. I was told about people’s pay that worked at the place. I seen people make food and not pay and the consuming it. When I made deliveries guess would complain about the order being wrong. I liked the job but for 7.25 it’s not worth it. To get yelled at talked bad about by managers.

  14. My family and I recently had a horrible experience at pizza hut located on St. George ave in linden NJ. We went there to dine on and the shift manager told us that no one was therr to serve that they were short staffed. According to one of my family members they go there all the time and there’s never a problem until March 16,2018 when the shift manager Robert told us that he couldn’t make the big box for us. We had about 9 kids with us. Needless to say I won’t ever go back to that dine in in linden. The shift manager was beyond disrespectful and wasn’t very helpful. No one in this location had name tags so I’m not to sure if that was even his name. I’m very disappointed that my 1st experience wasn’t a great one.

  15. We went to the Pizza Hut in Greeley Colorado on 10th St. It was horrible the restaurant was dirty the food was cold the manager Kendra was disgusting the male cashier was rude the waitress was nice.

  16. Good afternoon.

    I am a regularly customer of the 34th street pizza hut. My entire family uses the branch and we love the people that work there. Mike and Jen and Krueasha always deliveries the best customer service on the phone and in person.Yesterday I call to place and order and I lady Amanda answered the phone. I told her what I wanted to order, asked to do the half beef and half chicken on a 2 topping pizza deal- I was not no which I normal get. I said ok i will do the entire pizza with beef. I ordered wings and was asked to wait. Amanda came back on the phone and said please can i have your order again my computer has issues. Gave the all the information again and at checkout was told i needed to pay full price for the beef pizza. I explained its a $7.99 deal. She was so rude stated that’s the price..After explaining this is a deal i normally get she removed the extra charge. I asked to speak to the manager or Mike who I saw at the store on the 10/31/17. She said he has not been there in a very long time and she was the manager.I was not going to continue talk to a rude person and i was so disappointed with her. My order was placed at 5:40pm , my husband went to pick it up at 6:15 and it was not ready. He was asked to wait. When he came home which is 5 mins for my house the pizza was cold. This is not the service customers should be getting. I am so upset. Please can someone look into this and not allow this kind to behavior to continue.Thank you in advance for taking time to read in concerns.

  17. My name is terry wood im disabled and just found out i have cancer ive been trying to do online order over 12 times and even went to stores for help but they said they couldn’t. Newmarket store Newport news va and others. I get 733 dollars a month but love your pizza, the stores say they don’t have numbers about online that is pretty bad. Sorry.

  18. Todo ,el tiempo me a gustado la pizza hot,creo que era la mejor,vivio,en tulare,Ca,la pizza esta por la prosperty, pero tienen el peor servicio que peor, servicio que pueden dar ,lo curioso que es la mánager, y la maneger de la tienda,las dos un un malísimo, servicio,y malísima actitud,no atienden nada bien creo que no saben que el cliente es por quien ellas tienen el trabajo,si me lolesta,que por personas así tenga que cambiar de pizzeria.

  19. My 18 yr. old daughter, until recently, was an employee,(server) at the Pizza Hut in Marion, Indiana (N Baldwin). I took her to work on 3/19/2017, as she was scheduled to work that evening, 5p-10p. I had taken off work to do so, I work nights, 7p-7a, so I could take her and pick her up. Upon arriving at the PH, around 9:45, she seems visibly upset, being early, I patiently waited for her to be released, it seemed the Assistant Manager, Marissa Working was making an effort to extend the time she was there, eventually we were able to leave at about 10:15. Once we were on route home she confided that upon arriving at work, she saw that she had been put on the schedule for 3/24/2017, but had requested a fellow employee,(a practice she had witnessed being used), to tell the Manager, Adolfo Marin, she needed that day off. She had approached Mr. Marin in the Kitchen and asked about the schedule, Mr. Marin begins a tirade of profanity including the repeating of the F-bomb,directed at her, physically gesturing with his hands and arms flailing around, and throwing a pan across the Kitchen. He then called in Ms.Working into the Kitchen area and persisted with his physical and verbal intimidation. The next day, woke me, very upset and emotional, saying she thinks she was just fired, she had texted Mr. Marin about the schedule and he had answered saying he had taken her off the schedule, and she need not bother coming in, she immediately asked if she were fired, and he tauntingly replied “lets just say its a parting of ways”, never clarifying the termination. Mr. Marin has taken various liberties at this store, including Drinking at the Bar after closing the store, and leaving intoxicated, and has a history of DUI”s. He frequently delivers for the store, keeps his tips and doesn’t claim them. He allows friends and acquaintances to eat at the PH and leave without paying. Because of his treatment of my daughter, I’m seriously considering litigation, she was frightened by his behavior. Its my understanding that he does not have access to the Video feed in the store, a Mr. Danny Nelson, (not sure about the last name), is a District manager for PH and has access to verify his behavior on the date provided. Question: Is it YUM’s policy to allow this behavior by a Manager toward their employees. Is it YUM’s policy to allow Mr.Marin to abuse his privilege in Drinking on the companies tab. Additionally, Ms. Working stays after hours on a regular basis to drink on the companies dime. I would adamantly request a return comment of conformation on this email. Thank You.

  20. Im a registered regular customer and unable to login on to pizzahut website account, getting ” LOGIN FAILED: INVALID USERNAME AND/OR PASSWORD ” message each time, ive been a customer logging in and ordering for a few years regularly.

    My username and password are correct.

    Occurs on and

  21. After reading the facebook article where a serviceman went to a Pizza Hut and asked about a serviceman discount. They belittled him and said they were tired of service people, police people and fire people asking for discounts. After seeing the way he was treated and one of the reps were there and told him if he didn’t like it to get the *#@* out I have decided to not darken your doorsteps again. Remember, you need us, we don’t need you.

  22. I loathe Pizza Hut! For years YEARS I refused to spend money with this company, against my better judgement I started back, BIG MISTAKE. The service is still as dreadful as ever. There are three locations here in Florence SC, the ONLY one worth even considering going to is the one on Palmetto Street. I went to the Second Loop location last night, they DID NOT get my crust right, which was one of the reasons I stopped going in the first place, they took/take FOREVER to simply answer the phones!! And your order was always NOT what you ordered, this so called “call center ” is a complete JOKE, they are just as bad. Still waiting on the so called manager to call from that order, spoke with Leo, who says it was entered correctly but, surprise, the store for it wrong.From last night’s visit I thought my son left my debit card , tried calling tonight to see..called was told I was getting transferred, she hung up! Called back again held on FOREVER,only to get some smart mouth young “supervisor of the so called call center who was as rude and unprofessional as they come. Just clueless about anything related to real customer service. This was supposed to a better remedy? It’s a wonder Pizza Hut is still in business, just falls short on every level!

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