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Taco Bell Headquarters.

Comprehensive information about the fast-food chain Taco Bell and their corporate office.

We have compiled the contact details for the company’s headquarters and customer service departments, as well as information about Taco Bell’s leadership team, career opportunities, and much more.

About Taco Bell.

Taco Bell is a US-based fast-food chain that serves Mexican food (Tex-Mex) in approximately 6,000 locations nationwide. The company is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands and is operated under a franchise model.

Taco Bell was first established in 1962, and only 5 years later the number of Taco Bell restaurants had reached 100. Franchise operations began in 1968. Currently, this fast-food chain is present in 25 countries across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Taco Bell Corporate Office Contacts.

You can phone, send a fax, or write to Taco Bell’s corporate office using the contact details below:

Taco Bell Headquarters Phone Number.

Taco Bell Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. , weekdays only (Pacific Standard Time)

Taco Bell Headquarters Fax Number.

Taco Bell Headquarters Address.
1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine,
California 92618

Please note, that the Taco Bell Brand is a subsidiary or Yum! Brands. Yum! Brands also own the KFC, Little Sheep, Wingstreet and Pizza Hut brands. Yum! Brands headquarters address and phone number is:

Yum! Brands Headquarters Address.

Yum! Brands, Inc.
1441 Gardiner Lane, Louisville, Kentucky 40213
Phone Number: (502) 874-8300
Fax Number: (502) 874-2690

Taco Bell Headquarters
The Taco Bell headquarters in Irvine, California, is spread over 181.000 square feet and is home for 600 employees. The facility includes test kitchens, a dining center and an onsite fitness center.

Taco Bell Executive Team.

Below you can find the complete list of key leaders at Taco Bell.

  • Greg Creed, Taco Bell CEO
  • Tracy Skeans, Chief Transformation and People Officer (Yum!)
  • Scott Bergren, CEO Pizza Hut and Innovation Officer
  • Jonathan Blum, Senior Vice President
  • Anne Byerlein, People Officer
  • Christian Campbell, Senior Vice President
  • Niren Chaudhary, President (Yum! India)
  • Roger Eaton, CEO (KFC)
  • Larry Gathof, Vice President & Treasurer
  • Patrick Grismer, Chief Fianancial Officer
  • Micky Pant, CEO (Yum! China)
  • David Russell, Vice President (Finance)
  • Marisa Thalberg, Chief Marketing Officer

Taco Bell Board of Directors:

  • Michael J. Cavanagh
  • Massimo Ferragamo
  • David W. Dorman
  • Mirian M. Graddick-Weir
  • Bonnie G. Hill
  • Jonathan S. Linen
  • Thomas C. Nelson
  • Thomas M. Ryan
  • Robert D. Walter

Taco Bell Careers and Jobs.

The company’s Careers page can be found here. At this page, you can view all current job opportunities in Taco Bell restaurants, franchises, and at the corporate office. You can also use this page to apply online to suitable vacancies and sign up to receive job updates by e-mail.

There is also an active Taco Bell LinkedIn page that lists career opportunities with Taco Bell in the US.

How to complain to Taco Bell.

To reach the Customer Service Department at Taco Bell US, call the toll-free number at +1-800-822-6235.

You can also get in touch with the customer care department by using this contact form. Fill it in and a member of the Customer Service team will get in touch either by phone or email.

Customers in Canada can use this web form to file complaints about restaurant experiences and to provide general feedback.

Moreover, Taco Bell also maintains an official Customer Care account on Twitter (@TacoBellTeam). Messages are replied to on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time).

Other Taco Bell Resources.

Please browse the list of resources below to find additional contact details and useful information about Taco Bell.

Please share you experiences, praise or complaints about Taco Bell,in the comment section.

309 thoughts on “Taco Bell Headquarters

  1. I respect the restaurant business. I’ve been running a business for 20 years straight, but I must say when I came through the drive thru 2/29/24 I Ordered a number nine added extra sauce, add sour cream which did not receive. after working at 10 hour shift trying to feed my child that is a diabetic type one . I spoke to the manager Freddie on duty and told him what happened. He said come back this week to get it remade. I came 3/2/24 on top of my husband spending $31. The lady on drive through was rude and said we don’t have you on for remake. As if she didn’t care at all. I call the store to speak to a manager Michael and explain what happened,he went on telling me about the protocols for remake like as that reply to me as a guest . This is no way to treat guests that spends money here very often.And how the crew handled it was very unprofessional. Now I’m wondering how this crew prepares, food, or temperature control. I not be returning my business there anymore.

  2. The manager of Burger king went to Russia and as the president if he could build a burger king in russia the president said YES then the president of mcdonalds, In & out and wendies all did the same and the Russian president said yes to them all next the president of Taco Bell went to
    Russia and ask the president if he could build a Taco Bell the Russian pressident said no and told him to leave, The manager Taco Bell adk him why when he let them build a Burger King, McDonolds, wendys and in & out cafes. The Russian president said because in Russia you cant tell anyone to Run for the Border.

  3. I placed an order and all my food was smashed. They said I some wanted free food how when I had the food in my damn hand. That I paid for and threaten to call police on me. Warsaw store on Frontier Street

  4. I just went through Taco Bell in Elkin, NC. One of the girls had sweet tea in a cup with ice, shaking it around. When I asked the cashier what she was doing, her reply was mixing sugar in it. This was my sweet tea. The cashier hands me the sweet tea, and says it’s all good, you’re all good, and when I started to say some thing about the sugar settling on the bottom, she just kept saying you’re good you’re good and shut the window on me. I didn’t have time to sit there and argue with her, but I have crunchy sweet tea. So not happy right now. I was gonna ask for something else to drink, but she wouldn’t even give me time to ask her.

  5. Umm I’m an adult and I’ve…highly questioned your manager at Sierra lakes prky. I asked for the mngr but when spoken to he was very rude and all I asked for was for an opportunity to join the crew. Totally unprofessional and hung up on me which was very rude.

  6. My daughter went to Taco Bell on Bruceville across the street from Consumnes River College. I don’t usually go there because I’ve had food several times that has been bad. she didn’t know I don’t go there as it is closest to our house. She got Mexican pizzas for me and her and also a bean burrito. I tasted the Mexican pizza and I could only do one bite because, I’m sorry, it tasted like dog or cat food that had been soured and dug out of the can. My daughter did not like it either. She called TB & complained and asked about the ingredients. I had called many months ago with no change in taste. I don’t know what is going on with that Taco Bell & like I said I don’t go there. I go to the one on Laguna even though it is out of the way. I shouldn’t have to do that but I will not eat at that restaurant on Bruceville. Someone needs to come in and evaluate it and see what is going on there because if someone forgets and goes to that one and brings me something and I take a bite and I start feeling sick like I did this time I will be getting the health inspectors down there , so I would appreciate your taking care of this matter because this shouldn’t happen!

  7. Taco Bell Oconomowoc WI HWY 67. Please… guy at window with 3” fake nails!!??? I threw my bag away!!! Repulsive in food industry.

  8. We were at the Taco Bell in Lafayette IN on Saturday June 16. The restaurant has changed to a kiosk/computer screen for ordering. We attempted to use the screen at least 4 times, having to delete our order and start over. It was difficult to navigate and there was not one employee making them self available to help. They were all in the kitchen. There was another customer we were talking with and she too was struggling to make her order. We finally gave up and left.
    There was a long line of cars at the drive up and hardly anyone eating inside. We decided, if we ever come back, that the only way to get any customer service is the drive up. T least there is a person to take care of you. Even Walmart has one checkout for personal service. You have ruined this establishment.
    Chipotle is more expensive, but better food and personal service. I would gladly pay more for better service.

  9. I live and dine at the Taco Bell in New Rochelle and everyday I would go there and have three breakfast burritos but have not for a year because they constantly trick the customers. The door for the dining room is supposed to be unlock at 9 but is never unlocked until lunch time. Why lose your customers to McDonald’s two seconds away who always have their doors unlocked. I’ve made this complaint three times with no response ever. Terrible customer relations!!! For sure.

  10. i asked to speak to share feedback of what found confusing, the manager walked away saying they didn’t have time for that

  11. Went through drive thru and ordered one crunchy taco supreme and they did not get the one item order right. When I got home I had one taco no tomatoes and no sour cream. Cost me $2.85.

  12. we are at taco bell now they are so so slow they also locked the doors so more customers couldnt enter the store

  13. I need for someone to call me back 911 I got treated so so badly I’m shaking bad my name ms Murphy my number is (336) 825-xxxx

  14. just sorry don’t care what they give you . How hard shells can be soft when you get it and the lettuce no good. Just pathetic need to close the place down Taco Bell, 8th St., Meridian, MS.

  15. Boaz ,Alabama store is the sorriest store in our state. When you order you never get everything, the food is half wrapped, and their frozen drinks are torn up or on defrost 2or 3 weeks at a time.

  16. I have trouble getting the correct order when using your Columbus, NC location. This is an ongoing problem. At first, I let it slide thinking you could have a staffing problem, etc. It just keeps happening. Power bowl, no lettuce, add ground beef, no chicken is just not that difficult. Yet my power bowl had 2Tbs. of ground beef, no cheese, 5 pieces of diced tomato and no guac, but saturated with sour cream. My 2nd power bowl had no cheese, guac, or beef. Neither of them had the normal amounts. At this point I’m not sure about portion sizes. Will you please correct? I’ve called the local number. I’ve called Corporate using option 5. I don’t get an answer. Please contact me. 828 817xxxx. xxxx Houston Road, Columbus, NC. 28722. Thank you.

  17. My complaint is, as a one of many Taco Bell Facebook members, we have for many, many years requested you “bring back the Bell Beefer” and received no satisfactory response or action to our requests. If you are staying with your decision to not bring it back, will you please at the very least by showing you care about your customers send me your recipe for the Bell Beefer and instructions on how prepared so I can pass this on to our members so we can prepare them like the original at home.

  18. The Taco Bell in Chelsea , Al has gone to the dogs .worst experience I’ve ever had this Taco Bell should be closed . Portions ,no receipt at purchase , had yo go to drive thru to redo fir recirpt let out a taco . Plus drink machine was over flooding either water cone set out but water drowning table next to it.cooks were rude yelling to call cooperate . Shift manager came to apologize about her coworker boyfriend attitude, condoned I will never go back again

  19. The Taco Bell in Cumberland md not only gave me the wrong change but also the wrong food. I drove 13 miles home only to find out nothing was right. This isn’t the first time this has happened. I went back in and got my money back. There’s no need to be this careless.

  20. Taco Bell in Grenada Ms has the music too loud , can’t be turned down according to manager, no mild taco sauce and food on the floor under the tables. I could not reach headquarters on the phone while I was there. We do have other eating options in Grenada. DO YOU REALLY CARE ???

  21. The man at the window was using tobacco products (snuff) and spit out the window!!! How discussing! Had a big hair on his jacket. We ordered 4 of the potato tacos and they were very cold! I do have to say that the supreme burrito and Mexican pizza my mom and 17 yr old did were very good! The potato taco were not eaten. The service with the spiting unset my stomach to the point I could not eat the other 2 potato taco my sister saw the same thing I did and could not eat either!! So disappointed

  22. I wrote to your office several months ago and suggested that you serve chili fry’s (which means fry’s with Mexican seasonings) and never heard from you – so now you serve them with cheese and Mex/spices – maybe you can sent me some coupons Rose Baldwin 201 No Julia Cir ,St Pete Beach, FL 33706 (I’m Mexican by the way – we have made fry’s like that for years) have a Blessed Merry Christmad

  23. Tried to order at the counter they said no only the dirty machine on a table I said no way will I touch that thing that everybody has touched. Will not go to Taco Bell ever again. Davie Florida on university drive.

  24. hi so today in 11/19 i visited your location in monaca pa on brodhead road and your employees were nothing but rude and disapointing. i was cursed at and asked “ what the fuck i wanted “ after they made my order wrong three times. i was in no way shape or form rude or deserved treatment like that. i ordered a bean burrito no cheese add rice. as i do all the time and have never had an issue before. i was told there wasn’t cheese on it when clearly there was. i was also told i was ordering wrong. which i never had an issue before ordering so i’m confused as to where i had ordered incorrectly. the girl making the burrito was the one who cursed at me and was openly rude to me for no reason. i’ve never been so disrespected in an establishment in my entire life. i work in the industry and am a manager myself. i’m extremely disappointed with the way everything was handled. i asked the manager how i should order next time so i can order correctly so i’m not being cussed at. he told me to order the exact way that i normally order. the girl who cussed at me was a younger girl with glasses. i’m not sure her name or the managers name. anyways to say the least it was a very disappointing experience and makes me never want to go there again ! which is sad because i love taco bell ! there’s not many fast food options for vegans. i know that times are hard trying to find good employees or any employees at all for that matter. anyways i thought i would just make you aware of how your establishment is treating their customers.

  25. Chicken power bowl is never the same. Got one today it was lettuce, rice & chicken. No black beans, avocado or avocado dressing.

  26. Taco Bell in Baraboo wi alway Clothes in their dining room when there’s employees sitting out in the parking lot smoking cigarettes and not doing their job this is been going on for the last two weeks it’s time for them to open the dining room and start doing their job

  27. My complaint is, we visited the Tack Bell on Camden Road, Pine Bluff, Arkansas. It was to WORST customer service I ever received I believe one of the worker’s was taking pictures of me, which was very uncomfortable and I didn’t know who she was. They were extremely loud and the food was very distasteful. Where or who was the manager at this location? Please can someone in higher manager contact their office and get some kind of help?

  28. The rudest and most incompetent employees I’ve ever encountered. The order is never correct and more than half the time items are missing

  29. So the past seven weeks I have been to I’ve been to Taco Bell a few times in the past few weeks the first time they’re out of shredded lettuce and tomatoes and now they’re out of taco shells and sauce… That seems pretty stupid to me for a large chain like yours… I mean it’s not like it’s winter even though it is Alaska the roads are open

  30. Went to one of your taco Bell’s and me and my friend was treated very badly we walked for about four hours we had taco bell cups from earlier and we walked up through the Drive through and asked very nicely if we could get a cup of ice and the lady named Joyce called us white crackers and was cussing at us I just wanna see what the ccorporate office does about this it’s the taco bell on Dorchester road thanks for your attention

  31. I went to taco bell in downey ca, on Lakewood. They told me the $2.00 double beef cheesy burrito costs $2.99 at their store even though it’s advertised for $2 on your commercial. Why is this?

  32. There’s this girl Katrina that’s ashift leader at Booneville Ms tacobell, she is very hateful there has been 3 incidents that she hollowing at customers in the drive thru telling them not to be yelling at her and the other 2 was she throwed food are 81year old man and another at a doirsashdruver,vthe manager has seen and geardherbehavior and still hasn’t done anything , she’s constantly saying and the GD WORD

  33. It’s sad that I haven’t worked taco bell in hardin county for 2weeks and I walked out today do to managers been rude people in the lobby spitting in my face

  34. 2918 E Whitmore Ceres Ca , well , the food has gone down in every way ! The chalupas are dried up , there’s 5 tiny pieces of meat inside them . Way too much lettuce on everything! Everyone loves Del Taco on Mitchell Rd Ceres Ca because they put lots of meat and big amounts of cheese and sour cream .

  35. Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. Taco Bell serves you power bowl, then informs you they have no silverware. Company is out of it. Really? My question was then why didn’t you tell me before I ordered it? Am I supposed to eat guacamole and sour cream with my fingers? Ridiculous! Manager stated there’s not anything they can do. My husband suggested going to the Walmart behind the store and buying a fork. Can’t do. They said. Then post it and I would have ordered tacos. Left meal and Taco Bell. No excuse for ignorance and no customer training.

  36. I went too taco bell on North West Ave And my food was really bad my taco had sour cream on them went i today not too it make me sick and and my beans where really bad

  37. This morning I had 4 rewards, so I used one. Later I had lunch at Taco Bell and bought it. Came home and tried to get on your app. to register my lunch food. Had trouble signing in and after changing my password, I got on but my three rewards had disappeared and one new one was there.
    Help. How do I get them back???

  38. We waited in line for 45 mins (because lobby was closed). For a door dash order just to be told they were closed. They didn’t come out to say we are closed! They just let all these cars sit there and wait to get to the speaker! Then I finally get to speaker they say we are closed. I pull up to window. I say I have a door dash order! This young kid pretending to be management is laughing at me! I told him this Taco Bell sucks. He laughed at me and said I know! Then shut the window in my face! Every time I go to the Taco Bell on 104th and chambers in commerce city I get poor to no service. They suck!! There was another time I placed order online. Got to Taco Bell they again said they were closed. This place is never opened. How can u make any money. I dread door dash orders from Taco Bell. This place is horrible! Has rude teenagers working there. No adult supervisors!!

  39. Also the home depot tried to get me to human traffic my kids for one my kids were never for sale for 2 I didn’t receive any payment so idk why they thought it was legitimate because the lady literally confronted me and people were setting up shit to kill me in the store . And u can literally watch it on camera .

  40. The Cartersville, Georgia location at West Ave needs to open the dining room. I don’t understand even short staffed there is not much for them to do. People throw away trash and all they have to do is wipe down the tables and trash when it’s full. We sit in line over 20 mins all the time because it’s wrapped around. Some people just want to go in place the order and sit down with family especially with summer coming up it’s not nice to sit in the car when the air isn’t working that great from it being in the high 90’s here. I mean it’s been forever it’s time to go back to normal and open things up. We go to other places and they are open. We live about 20/25 mins away so it’s nice to have fresh food when being able to go IN THE RESTAURANT!

  41. I was shorted part of my meal and store level didn’t get anything accomplished. New pizzas was smashed and the 2 cinnamon crisp was forgotten. This was done at the Norwell Massachusetts store. Please feel free to call me at 810-240-xxxx or email me at ambersmomxxxxxx @yahoo.comWill be waiting to hear from you. Thank you.

  42. Taco Bell on Kingwood Drive in Kingwood is HORRIBLE! Worst management ever! I will never step foot in there again and I will spread the word to everyone I know.

  43. Mexican Pizza just came back and I already had to return 2 of them for failing to add extra meat and pizza sauce. Your sorry inconsiderate employees made me wait over 20 minutes for replacement which is UNACCEPTABLE AND BULLSHIT might I add. I know they made me wait that long because they can’t get their sh*t together and make orders how they’re requested. After spending close to $30 I should be happy but the service I received today was ridiculous and I’m rather pissed!! They should’ve made mine immediately instead of me seeing customers walk in and out with their food after I came back. Took longer for my replacement than my first order.
    Apparently they need more training.

  44. Taco Bell closes at 1am but when we got there at 12:11 to pick up an order for Uber eats they were already putting the food up and told us someone had already picked up the order. I called the customer and asked if she had her order and she did not. Worse store ever!!!

  45. Taco Bell in Glasgow K y refuses t make a door dash order saying they dont have it on screen and reality is my girlfriend use to run a taco bell and l8ke she said it bc they cleared ot.ofdlf the screen they are always doing somthing lile this and it hurts yalls franchise alot and it makes me waste money coming here bc they do this all the time and inloose lomey by wasting gas yall meed to clean this placw of bad managers out between thatnamd them smokijg pot in the parking lot when were in line my girlfriend said she will come run this store for yall and this will never happen again give me a call plz 2703924773 they also said I couldnt come to drive thru window to grab order bc they wasbt allowed but then im waiting and they let a guy walk plum thru drive thru and never said shit Tom him about it..

  46. I have went to Taco Bell three different times now on a Friday and today was one of them May 13 2022 They said the computers were down and you could not place an order! So Frustrating I just wanted some Nacho Fires I guess they were not my fries today either!

  47. About 5:35 PM my wife went to taco bell in highland city Florida and placed an order and brought home. The entire order was ice cold, right out of the refrigerator, over $10. Inside was a mess, 6 employees doing nothing

  48. i went to taco bell on north bend cincinnati i was there 20 minute with 4 people working there a few minutes late a woman came with her 2 kids she in there start to work with 2 kids playing back there i had show my order because she said i did not order any thing that place need to be close

  49. The Taco Bell located at 2356 W Washington St, West Bend, WI is on a service road called Wildwood. We, Westwood Road Association, owns the road, removes snow, cuts grass, and makes asphalt repairs. Taco Bell is a member of the association. We have sent two invoices for the $370.89 annual expenses since December 2021 without receiving a response. We need help in working this out with them.

  50. You have a guy on tik tok live
    That is not changing gloves touching his phone register boxes then making food
    Tik tok name
    Just watch for yourself
    Managers are just letting him work like this
    Everyone is yelling change your gloves
    When he is live

  51. Taco Bell drag shows? I’ve been a customer once a week for years, but never again. Go WOKE go BROKE. Drag shows and Sex have NOTHING to do with Taco Bell. Whatever corporate moron came up with this should be fired. Like Disney, you have permanently lost my business. GO WOKE, GO BROKE! Truly disgusting.

  52. I’ve never heard the tell of you can’t have two orders in the Drive-Thru my daughter and I came through the drive-thru Taco Bell at the corner of Georgesville Road and Atlanta Drive having two separate orders one for her family one for mine we were told that we needed to go around and order again it should not matter it’s the same amount of food same amount of cars and I even went and told them good I’m in my car right behind her right now I need to place an order they can’t do it I understand you guys are short handed it’s still the same amount of food that you were going to be fixing and same amount of customers and then I’m so aggravated I don’t even think I got all my food I paid almost $40 for crap service and believe me I work in customer service I know how it is

  53. The restaurant lobby is closed and we have 2 orders we were told only one order if we wanted anther we would have to go back to the line and order the second one as far as i can tell theres nothing written on the website that says this we will not be coming back.

  54. What in the world are you thinking???

    Bringing Drag Queens to Taco Bell is not a positive thing for me, my children, your company, or our society!

  55. gaybrunch ? When will you have “old angry white guy” breakfasts ? idiots. All about the money

  56. got food poisoning from your burrito supreme was sick for two days. Also have UC which eating your food gave me severe stomach pain. Should get my $8.68 back {Bought two}

  57. I went to drive thru at location number 028891. Order number 346815 on 5-2-2022. When we got to window they had charges for two drinks and we only asked for one. So they reimbursed for that. We left and noticed they did not charge us or give us the two soft tacos we requested. The guy claimed he was manager and had to charge for them. I should not of had to pay after they messed up. No other location would do that. So I will not be back to taco bell.

  58. Hello. My name is Felicia Lovell, cashapp tag $feshalove. I was offered deal winning (through facebook, Kristen Teague) I send $100 win $1500. Once they received my payment they tell me that winning isnt available, and offered donating more. I told Kristen from the beginning I only had $100. Now Kristen is telling me i have to donate more and i csnt get my money back. At this moment I recieved nothing and cant do other option, so my 100 needs to be refunded immediately. I kept my end but they did not, so at this moment my $100 was stolen. I would appreciate it figured out to have my money refunded or I will go to the authorities.

  59. The Taco Bell in Bloomington, Indiana on West 3rd Street has been a wasted trip for me the past 3 times!!
    Cash only, closed due to who knows, and today closed due to ‘ maintenance issues »…I only have a 30 min lunch.. not happy!!!

  60. I visited the Taco Bell in Vinita Oklahoma this evening. There was a female and 2 males working when I walked in there was 3 families in the lobby. I walked up to the counter to bring back a fiesta veggie burrito I had ordered 5 minutes before in the drive thru. Spent $27.98 in all to feed my family. I told the lady that I had just came through the drive thru and got some food and that they didn’t fix the fiesta burrito right. I told her the Black beans was burnt and there wasn’t even any lettuce on the burrito either. She told me that she would get that out to me real quick. This was at 9PM. within a few minutes later a lady walked up to the counter and told her she didn’t get her large Blue Raspberry freeze. She quickly goes and get the lady her drink. There wasn’t any one else ordering in the lobby an a few cars in the drive thru. 15 minutes later (9:15) the lady comes back and tells me we are working on your order. As I stand at the counter waiting for my food. I see the 2 boys in the back on the table laughing. The one who was making the orders Said something to the other and here I am still waiting then instead of making my order they messed up on and letting me go. The decided to make my order last as they get a little rush. I was there way before the cars in the drive. At this time here it is 9:30PM still no food. At one point all 3 of the employees was just standing there not making any orders. At 9:45PM The lady comes to me with my order and I asked her for the corporate phone number she looks on the back of a receipt and then tells me that she will have to call her store manager (serria) for the number she would have it. Then once she’s on the phone she tells her that she has a customer that needs the number she tells the lady (who’s name I never could get) that she don’t have the number how can you be a store manager and you can’t even give a customer the main number or have it posted in the store. This happens all the time I’m sure more then you know.

  61. Website is awful. The store location finder puts out locations from a completely different state than the one I typed in and sometimes randomly changes the restaurant I picked on its own. Then once I order and go over to the cart to pay, the cart is empty even though the icon at the top says it has the items. Please fix this. The website is literally making it harder to order normally.

  62. My last 5 orders they messed up rely bad could not eat them so then I have to drive 15 .miles one way to get them to fix it so that’s a total of 60 miles for one order 5 times and I think I am owed something out of this. The gas is very expensive and my family deserves an explanation and something out of it this is yalls mess up. Agsin 5 times 60 miles for one meal due to people not paying attention to what they are doing. Please reply back

  63. 12910 Brown Bridge Rd, Covington, GA 30016.
    Just curious why everytime I come to this location employees are parked right up front. One is between 2 handicap spots in the handicap persons loading area. And customers have to park way off to walk in and order food. Plus the manager is always sitting in her vehicle and employees are coming out to ask her stuff everytime I come here….doesn’t seem very productive to me. Bathroom always looks like a tornado ran through. This location has real went down hill last few years. Hope yall can check it out and make some much-needed changes

  64. Paid 10 for original chicken brest was like rubber would not come off bone in pleastview,tn kfc/tactfully talked to mgn hung up twice

  65. Taco Bell is one of my top choices for a quick meal. I have ordered tostadas since the 70’s. They are light yet filling and a tasty vegetarian option. I have not been to your restaurant as much as in the past. Please bring the tostadas without chipotle seasoning.

  66. I went to the tacobell newtown road location for a quick bite to eat and I was so extremely disturbed when I over heard an employee saying that there are managers that have sexual intercourse in the building and smoking marijuana. Who knows what’s in the food if they doing all of that. This is not how a business should be ran. I am too disgusted to ever eat at that tacobell again

  67. I am in Canada. I just watched the most horrible commercials in TV. What a way to portray the poor habits of eating. You are setting a poor standard. Also to use minority person in such a bad light is discussing.

  68. I visited the Taco Bell location on Verity Parkway in Middletown Ohio. There was a girl (Alexa?) that was waiting on customers at the drive thru. She had blonde hair down to her thighs in the back that had a hat on, but her hair was just hanging down. She didn’t have it pulled back or didn’t have a hair net on. I feel this is unprofessional working around food. At one point she had put gloves on and she was placing something in the fryers. Just thought it would be against your policy for employees to not have their hair pulled back. Even if your lobbies are closed and the drive thru is operating serving your customers, I feel that hair should be pulled back as a proper measure when working around food. Thanks for your time, not asking for anything just thought you should be aware.

  69. yall need to bring mexican pizza,taco salad, and southwest steak bowls back.We are missing them and yall will make plenty money.

  70. Your Taco Bell in Millersburg,Ohio on south Washington street isn’t fulfilling the orders in there drive thrue ,an there sweet tea taste like water ,getting very bad service there

  71. Just an observation of a situation that my family experienced today at one of your restaurants. It is the Taco Bell in El Paso Texas with a location on 6055 Montana Ave. 79925. Trying to order in the new digital station inside the restaurant and both devices had costumers. I approached one of the employees with the name of Monique (according to the person in charged) and asked her if she could take my order. She responded with a bad attitude that I had to wait for one of the devices to be available. I asked her to take my order instead, since she was just standing doing nothing and she told me that she couldn’t take my order and that I needed to do it in one of the new device in the store -which my family did. A few minutes later two more customers approached the counter and she did take their order. I have pictures of that to prove that one of the devices got available and still she took their order. I don’t think that is right. Employees should be more courteous with customers since they are representing the company. I spoke to the person in charge who told me her name was Priscilla and she didn’t offered an apology about the situation with the previous employee but instead, she looked with a bad attitude towards us -the customers. I think your corporation needs to do more work training your employees properly. This incident happened on Sunday March 27, 2022 around 4:45 pm. I hope you may do something about it because it is unfair for us customers that spend our money at this store and we are mistreated.

  72. I’m trying to apply for area coach but I’m not putting my social on app…for security reasons and I’d like to speak to the right person face to face please

  73. Always adds extra condiments when requested on bill but NEVER put them on the order(extra beef or topping) Casselberry Florida location

  74. Berto Villa says he is manager and authorized to close early (11:30pm multiple times) and any time he wants at the Casselberry Florida location

  75. Please make it easier to find the store number (not phone number) for surveys. It’s not always on the receipt and sometimes I dont get a receipt. I want to leave positive survey responses but I can’t without knowing the store #. It’s not listed on the website, and if it is, it is not easily accessible.

  76. I was Just wondering if we could bring back the volcano burrito, and the 2x burrito. Those were my favorite items. Mesa az

  77. I received a rapid card from taco Bell in lake Charles Louisiana on nelson road and it won’t let me activate it

  78. How is gonna take for me to know the results of my complaint plz .there’s have been no gmail,no phone call to me ,even though it was promised. Thank you.

  79. Taco Bell #036452 954 Indianapolis, Hammond IN
    Placed a simple order 3 crunchy tacos and 1 order of cinnamon twists ( total $7.23). As long as it took me to get my order she should have gotten it right. Unless she mistook the 20 packets of hot sauce for the cinnamon twist
    NO NAPKINS either must have ran out..
    I tried calling the 708-723-xxxx no answer says the voice mail has not been set up.

  80. I went to tacobell on nw 23rd and may avenue okc ok. Went through drive through 2 people were arguing it was a man and a women. The woman was telling him she is lying and something to do with a doctor or something about an employee I found it very rude and disrespectful this really needs to be addressed I was there around 2:30 pm 3/9/2022

  81. The Garden City Idaho chinden road location has gone down hill in the last few months. Watched employees rub/pick at their noses then touch food with no gloves. The kitchen was filthy as was the supposed manager. They messed up my order and wouldn’t fix it claiming they were too busy to fix it. Tried to get a refund but they refused. Couldn’t stomach what I ordered and threw it right in the trash. When we called we were yelled at and cussed at. The supposed manager should be fired and the place should be shut down for the numerous health code violations.

  82. I was a long time fan of Taco Bell but I can’t say I appreciate rice being in most of the food. It’s a cheap filler that has no health benefits but contributes to the obesity problem I would love the return of bean and cheese burritos without rice and the bean tostadas. My friends and family are in agreement with me. I am a 67 year old female customer

  83. I would like to know why you removed the Mexican Pizza. I ate it at least 3 times a week and so many people love it. It would be so good if you can consider bringing it back.

  84. I ordered a to go order from the Fairview 83704 restaurant in Boise Idaho. I received the order and it was all made wrong. When I called to complain I was told that I was wrong and the server made it right. He was rude and refused to make it right. I will NEVER go to that franchise again

  85. Hello this is not complaint. I just doesn’t know who too contact. I really want to know if you guys can please bring back taco lights. I really missed them and I know sales would be great right now .

  86. I’m offended by your bell commercial – the 2 friend that were having pictures taken by parents. You have a white couple taking pictures an a black woman taking pictures. Where is the male of color in the script. Contrary to what you believe men of color are present for there families events. On top of that, is the little ‘brown’ boy shooting basket ball.
    Shame on you ‘taco bell for the racist view you’ve given the world. Its extremely hurtful and a bad visual to those who have limited vision of people.
    Ray Boswell

  87. Please explain the thinking behind your tv commercial with the interracial couple where the black teenager has a single mom and the white teenage girl has both parents? It’s a negative subliminal message that is unwarranted.

  88. Jackson Ohio site / food is sloppy,rude Drivethru employees/ My Burrito was a joke-all wrap and super sm! I’m cinnabon order had 2 inside the bag! Too expensive for slop food! Pepsi tasted like syrup! A dog wouldn’t eat the food at that site/so disappointed

  89. Every time we go to the taco bell on Wilson rd in Columbus ohio, they say they aren’t taking orders…
    When do you take orders??!!
    It’s absolutely absurd at this location and something should change..
    Wait in line every time to pull up and be told over the intercom “We aren’t taking orders” no apology or anything.
    And its 4 o’clock in the afternoon.
    I understand everyone is short staffed with the “covid epidemic” but damn, every time? (At least 3 times in the past month)

  90. Visited Taco Bell 015599, Hesperia California 2/11/22 @ 3:07 pm. Visited the restroom while attempting to exit the restroom the door handle came of in hand and fall backwards and hit head the floor very hard. Had to visit a hospital emergency room for the contusion to the scalp and the pain. A CT scan of the spine and head was performed. Please take care of stores maintenance.

  91. I have always ordered your steak taco which included the avocado ranch sauce. When I moved to Florida I found out that none of your Taco Bells out here put the sauce on. They all said they discontinued it. I then called the Taco Bell in Lemont Illinois where I lived and they also said they discontinued it, yet when I google it, it says avocado ranch sauce as an ingredient. Without that sauce you may as well not sell the steak taco. They are dry and tasteless and I purchased six and took them home! Terrible!

  92. I left comment about taco bell on north Michigan in Saginaw. They do not have proper hold times for food which I feel made me sick having eaten their food on break. The next day or evening I always got sick. The dropping of food and still serving it and asking me to lie for the bosses by giving out fake names. I quit the company unfortunately because I actually liked working there.

  93. Taco Bell over on North Michigan by the hospitals in Saginaw is the taco bell I am referring to. They are serving food from the floors to customers and not following the check in process for the OSHA/ ADP app before coming to work. Further more, they do not have correct hold times on their food. They place “good enough for core” stickers with make shift timers. This has caused myself, a previous employee to be sick from eating my own food from work. Furthermore, we are told to give out fake names to customers with complaints.

  94. My 15 year old works for Taco Bell in Kansas City mo his birthday is on the 14 of this month all he wanted to do was take his check that he worked for and go shopping with friends and have family dinner somewhere with my help only to find out two days ago his check was stolen by one of his managers and they tried to cash it now his birthday is shot I’m sooo mad

  95. Hello… I am Marquel Randall I am a coworker at tacobell south in Marion IN. I have a complaint about the store manager and how she has been very unprofessional, Rude, and very disrespectful to employees… We try to communicate with her with no response, I ask about my pay check since I have yet to be paid, and she continues to read my messages with no response. She does not answer the phone when I call, and is never available when I go to the store. Can you please help me with some answers?

  96. I was just at you’re location on 108 east Broadway Louisville KY April 8:25:830 I had a order in the amount I paid cash of 29.99 she had no penny for change I get home I had no chx burrito not even an burrito was in the bag I was short to a beef hardshell taco and the other two soft tacos had no chx on them as they were ordered to they got the bell grande right and the drink nothing else this is the third time I get tired of driving up there again for them to fix it. Meanwhile my kids and hubby are down my throat I want a full refund . April Sago

  97. Yes… Taco Bell on Buena vista rd in Columbus Ga. I
    Ordered #6 (chicken). with no tomatoes and add an extra one with tomatoes and extra sour cream and a beef burrito with extra sour cream. My order was all wrong. My food was consistent of steak and beef, no chicken. What a disappointment. They have no customer service at all.they had me pulled back behind the yellow pole to prevent the time in drive thru from going up. No smile, no thank you, have a nice day or nothing. Need more training. I called to inform them of my order but no answer. Drove quite some ways to go get something to eat from the business and didn’t expect sorry customer service and for my food to be all messed up. And the young lady didn’t give me my receipt My food came up to $19.84. Would like a refund for my food. Spent my money on food that was no good and wrong
    Cold as well

    1. I am so sorry. I having been an employee in Michigan , they trained us to not give back receipts unless customer asks for it which I find insane for your reason right here where you need it.

  98. Taco Bell on Lake Murray in Irmo SC is the worst and I mean the worst place to eat, Went thought the drive thur due to after hours paid $13 for 5 tacos that had about One teaspoon of meat a pinch of cheese apparently they ran out of sour cream and the rest was Lettuce WTH if I wanted a Damn Lettuce taco I would had went home to make it, Needless to say i’m so upset right now I will make sure corporate and I will talk to somebody at corporate they got to do something about this that’s ridiculous because of course Lake Murray Taco Bell isn’t going to answer the phone because I’ve tried four times and I will be taking my phone and showing them pictures tomorrow of what they served as well as send pictures to corporate.

  99. Hi. I’m a Taco Bell Employee for 15 yrs and to Up the Business in commercial advertising I’ve come up with a Perfect Beyond Perfect idea. Please contact me because it cannot go unheard of.

  100. I visited taco bell in Manchester 37355. I left the restaurant embarrassed..the staff especially the manager is very disrespectful and unprofessional. I went in and i tried to get something different after the second mishap the manager flipped out on me …. she has horrible communication and did not wanna hear what i had to say even though I was pretty calm about it im not the type to make a big deal about things but im beyond livid right now im an easy person to talk to but she straight up embarrassed and disrespected me in front of everyone, i dont even want to go there anymore, its jus super disappointing i have to drive 45 minutes to the other locations for some taco bell because i dont want to give her my business anymore. It has so much potential if it had better service.

  101. Macon Road Columbus Georgia location is so rude. I came to the drive-thur at 1230a he was texting on his phone and can’t tell me that the store was closing, very unprofessional customer service. I can also do contact of you like, I’m so upset about this matter.

  102. Please get a
    new FREEZE MACHINE for Taco Bell on Roxboro Rd, Durham, NC. They NEVER have freezes or take it off menu

  103. When you decrease the size of your taco salad charge more quality of your other products went downhill I will no longer eat at Taco Bell

  104. I ordered a 12 pack and 3 burritos and she told me the cashier that everything was in the 13 pack box, I went home and there was only 7 tacos in my box… I never got a full 12 pack and my 3 burritos. I have been to my Taco Bell a few times near me and have had many issues and I’m tired of it. I need a refund immediately.

  105. We ordered from Farmington NY location, 6 items in our order. Every item on the receipt was correct but every food item we received was incorrect and 1 food item was missing completely. We are very frustrated. It is nothing but lazy when the receipt was correct but the food was not/missing.

  106. Appleton wi taco bell on Express had terrible service and very rude employees. When i called to say my order was wrong they said to come back though the drive thur to fix my order. There were 10 cars in line and when i asked if the could bring it out to me they told no that i would have to wait in the drive through line again. I already waited 15 minutes. Will never go back and will tell other people not to bother with taco bell.

  107. Taco Bell on 320 New circle
    Lexington Kentucky 40505
    This is the 3rd time I go to Taco Bell at midnight and they seem to forget my chips yes they give me my cheese but no chips it’s happened to many times so something is definitely wrong with night shift crew it’s obvious there not paying attention to orders instead there talking worried about other people instead of working ….this situation must be addressed to the shift manager if in fact the shift manager is there then there not doing there job correctly I myself worked for Taco Bell at one time but because there so inconsistent and the communication is off that’s the problem I’m seeing

  108. I literally ordered 4 burritos with ONLY steak n cheese and add extra extra steak to them paid a load of money for extra steak and they give me 5 little tiny pieces of steak in each one so I go back in to ask for extra like I paid for she makes me open the tacos w my dirty hands bc I just got off work and then gives me enough extra for one instead of just making me new ones oh then I get home and the rest of them have no damn cheese at all

  109. The boy was rude and disrespectful my food order was wrong his name is I ask him his name he said radshawn Taco Bell from lakewales highway 27 and I am a loyal customer and I think that employee not deserve to be there I spend my money there every week he was drive tro window

  110. I have been sitting in line 30 min. The line moves about 1 car per 5 min everyday past 6pm. The staff is at fault and must be loafing inside hoping cars leave the line. There is no other explanation for fast food this slow… Oxford Location

  111. On Thursday, 8/5/21, at about 7:00pm, I went through the drive thru of the Taco Bell on South Plaza Trail and Holland Road in Virginia Beach to order 2 Craving boxes. I was told I could only order most $5 craving boxes using the online app. So, I spent the next 35 minutes in the parking lot trying to get the online app to take my order and it wouldn’t work. When I went through the drive thru again to tell them that and asked if they could just take the order instead, the manager got on the speaker and started screaming at me at the top of her lungs. Needless to say, I was appalled by her and was forced to leave without my order and will never go back to that Taco Bell again even though it is the most convenient one for me.

  112. I wanna complaint taco bell 820 Southbridge St, Auburn, MA 01501 they were rude the manger was cause my taco wrong he had attitude

  113. I would like to make a complaint on taco bell of Brownwood tx.someone I know very well ,works there does and wonder job ,he always getting yelled out ,he has a very good personality .love ppl and do his best at work .,but the mgrs there on his shift often bully him because of his disability name is Morgan and Andrew , different mgr always harassing him over every little thing ,I’m tired of him hurting over this situation get write ups for nonsense he ask for change they say he don’t speak up .I’m letting you know its not right to make fun of others of what they are..she’s been doing this for awhile I tryed talking to the gm about this but nothing seem to change .is it right to be called out your name ,retarded stupid.im not very happy someone doing disrespectful things to this young man ,mean to the customer her name again is Morgan bullying someone is not right .plz take action and do something about this young lady .thanks

  114. I live in a small community in Phenix City Alabama. Our whole community was thrilled when we found out we were getting aTaco Bell. Unfortunately having one in our area has been nothing but a disappointment. I understand with COVID why the dining room is not open but half the time the drive through is closed as well. We go to the speaker and try to order and they say we are closed. When we asked why we are told the power is out. The thing is we can see lights on both inside and outside of the restaurant. This is at 7:00 in the evening. I have always loved Taco Bell. It has been a favorite since I was a child and I am now 56 years old. If this was a one time thing I would not be upset but this happen ALOT.

  115. Just about every time I go to the taco bell on Western ave. Knoxville TN they mess up my order. I order the same thing every time I go there.. 2 Bean burritos no red sauce no onions. A Nacho Bell Grande no tomatoes no sour cream. And every time they put everything on my bean burrito including sometimes rice and the onions and red sauce. Cheesy roll ups & nacho’s & cheese. I came to this Taco Bell because this one is close to my house.. The employees are really nice at the window they just can’t get my order right..


  117. The food was absolutely awful, no meat in the beef burrito mostly that processed liquid cheese and the bean burritos tasted like it was straight out of a can…cold. i am very disappointed and in still hungry but no time to get anything else due to my munch break being over…

  118. Some of us do not figure out what we’d like to order before we get to the drive-through. Some of us do not “pay attention” to commercials on tv when companies are advertising new products.
    I surmise it would be beneficial to your company to have a menu board as you FIRST approach a drive through – while waiting in line, we might just find an item on the board that we’d like to try. Because the menu board is PAST the speaker asking for our order, we feel obligated to “hurry up” and order something we’re familiar with – poor tactics – we’re easily talked into something new when we’re hungry!

  119. We placed a mobile order after waiting in the store for almost 30 minutes we asked about our order we showed the worker our phone and she said she could make the food for us but she’d have to charge us again

  120. I live in Seminole florida, I went last night to get afew thing’s for a older couple I check on every week and take them Dinner of thir chose, I went to taco Bell on Park Blvd in Seminonle Fla, They only had brown paper towels the one’s you dry your hand’s on after washing them, I got 4 soft taco supremes, 1 five layer burrito and 1 small chicken soft taco thing, The bag I was given was plastic big enough for 40 Item’s and I ask for a recipient and the young kid that apparently likes to take pill’s or smoke thing’s while working said they we’re out of paper, I hope and pray this taco Bell dosent have to close down, But I am certainly letting my friend’s know about my experience, I worked there in 2000 and I really liked working there

  121. At the Delran, NJ store, the employees were grossly unprofessional. The supposed manager D’Nasia asked why I wanted to know the wait time in a very disrespectful manner. Made a sarcastic comment about how I won’t make any money for canceling the order and made a disparaging comment “that’s why you do Uber” which is not only inaccurate but also stupid since I likely make more money than her with DoorDash. Another guy, last name Givens was very disrespectful as well. He kept cutting into the exchange between me and D’Naisia. Please discipline and train these employees on how to speak with customers.

  122. I can’t get with that red color and odd taste of what’s supposed to be beef in the tacos . I am 73 so you can say I have loved tacos for years why would you fix something that’s not broke and has help put your company where it is today . Well I’m done unless you go back to making a taco taste like a taco

  123. So my girlfriend works at the Mohawk store in Springfield Oregon, and she informed me that she’s been sleeping with her boss and said she was forced into it by him otherwise she was going to lose her job, so she’s been sleeping with him his name is Pete that’s all she has told me about his name her name is bree lee shepley, now I’m trying to get her to go to the cops , but she is scared, if you guys don’t do anything about this I’m going to file a lawsuit and call the media until then

  124. I am 100% disappointed with the local taco bell. The employee that took our order was making racist comments so customers could hear her. She was clearly not happy to be there.

  125. taco Bell in Clemson, SC constantly says their credit card machine is broken. Or they can only take doordash or online orders. This has been going on for a month now.

  126. Taco Bell in Ponchatoula La is the worst place to get food! The customer service is terrible! The workers catch attitudes with customers and the way they packaged food is unsanitary

  127. I entered the drive thru at 9:06 pm there were two cars in front of me that still had to place an order. The csr at the speaker sat there waiting to order for probably 15 minutes and I was getting really annoyed. I had my window down to see if I could here him ordering a lot of food but he wasn’t saying anything. Then finally he started to order when someone came back on and he pulled forward. The next car ordered and drove up a minute later. I contemplated backing out as did two cars that pulled in behind me because of the length of time it took for them to get the first cars order but when I started to another car had entered the drive thru and I was now blocked. I got to the window and it had been 25 minutes at this point. I ordered and pulled forward and I am now two cars from the pick up window. By the time I got to the window it was 9:55.!! The woman at the window only gave me my total. Not even trying to explain or apologize for the extremely long wait. I was very upset because I stopped there thinking it would be fast I had to be at work at 11 pm and still needed to eat and get ready which now I was going to be late so I asked her is she not going to give an explanation as what could have possibly takes so long I sai that we have been in the drive they for an hour and she just aaid “I know” then closed the window and came back again and said the total again. I paid and asked how long will it be now and she said “ I don’t know” what do you you want me to say” the inside had a few people in there and the workers were just all talking and laughing and not really working or doing their jobs it looked like some of the customers must have been their friends or something. I was more than angry and I will never go to Taco Bell again because of these people.It was 10:11 when I got my food. Unacceptable! And the treatment from these people should be an embarrassment to the Taco Bell corporation. This is the Taco Bell at 91 freeway cherry ave exit in north Long Beach California.

  128. I just waited almost 40 minutes for food when I got there they said we could only take exact change so I waited for nothing I didn’t have exact change it wasn’t posted and I think this is just

  129. Tacobell on 3511 devon street need to change the person in charge and the staff please corporate it take 1 hour for a family 12 pack of taco and costumer are in line for their food unprofessional .

  130. I purchased 2 taco supremes soft tacos and asked for no lettuce because I’m exstremly alergic to lettuce and both had lettuce and no tomato’s or sour cream and I eat at that restaurant every day and almost 3 days a week my order is wrong and the employees don’t care about what they’re doing and there rude and don’t listen and if I eat lettuce I will be in the hospital and Taco Bell will have a law suite, please correct this and either fire the current staff or re train them, and I definitely want something done about that restaurant in Chester Virginia

  131. Ordered onlinefrom Taco bell. Order did not take when I arrived at Taco Bell, 1220 W. 6th, Lawrence, Ks. 66047. I ordered again. Later I received my order. Took my order home. The taco shells were rancid. I called them, they started they would remake the order. I drive back to the store. The round trip is 12 miles. Now I have 2 trips(24 miles). They give me new tacos. I ask for a gift certificate to compensate me for my trips. I am informed they do not give certificates. I receive a coupon for a free taco next order. I do not think Taco bell believes in customer satisfaction.

  132. Why is it so difficult to get napkins and sauce when requested with your order???? And why when I ask for extra meat on my nachos I get NOTHING, but yet I’m charged for it!!!!

  133. I went to Taco Bell on Deer Valley rd Antioch Ca. I walked in placed my order and was shorted 2 crunchy tacos. My burritos were wrong and I asked the lady if my order was complete when she handed it to me. Getting home I found I was missing the tacos and the burritos were wrong. I tried to call at 7:00 pm 2 times. No answer. I’m very upset and would like a contact back please. My # is 925-753-xxxx or email

  134. The store at 685 Duluth Hwy in Lawrenceville Georgia was filthy today…every table was dirty trash on the floor…one of the workers used the f word where customers could hear it…they never have sweet tea why? We’re in Georgia we drink sweet tea…I eat there every week but it’s really gone down

    1. I just visited my local Taco Bell in Northport Alabama. Time was 12:30 (after midnight). This particular Taco Bell says they’re open until 1am, and the door it says 2am, but I digress. I went thru the drive thru and the person on the intercom says they’re closed, after one person started taking my order. So I leave and call the store. The guy answering was the same guy that interrupted my order being taken and claimed they were closed. I asked him what time they close, he states “we are closed now”, I ask, “so you guys close at 12:40am?, he then states, “yeah”, so I ask politely, “I’m sorry, what?”, he then says, “mam, the fryers are down and we are closed?”, and hangs up the phone.

    2. Hi my name is Steve Caballero Del Rosa from Austin Texas I placed an order on your online app August 7th I say about 6 or 7:45 when she go pick it up at the Riverside location here in Austin Texas that was knowing it at the pickup entry of the cab interior I know an answer through the drive-thru you guys took my money off my bank card but I never got any food like this place

  135. Sent daughter to get multi pack box of tacos for dinner.Asked her to make sure they give us hot sauce.No hot sauce with order and broken tacos in box. The hot sauce is a big deal.Broken tacos not big deal

  136. The oneida toco bell is a disgrace to your chain if you go there in the after noon i got over half way through my crunch wraps and no meat in them and my wifes salad was a joke i would love to send the pictures of the products we got served oneida ny drive-through i spent 28 dollars and wish i didnt waste my time going there email me back at kdeexxxx @gmail.com looks like a district manager needs to go there and order some food

  137. I thought taco Bell would be a great first job for my kid. After school and through the summer. It is a total toxic work environment. No management skills. Just yelling and screaming at employees. What a terrible experience for someone starting out in life. Never work there. Lake City FL

  138. I thought taco Bell would be a great first job for my kid. After school and through the summer. It is a total toxic work environment. No management skills. Just yelling and screaming at employees. What a terrible experience for someone starting out in life. Never work there.

  139. Taco Bell in Wapakoneta, Ohio is absolutely ridiculous. Open times posted on the billboard outside the building says they are open from 3 to 9 —– that is definitely not the case. They close whenever they feel like it. You can pull thru the drive thru and see plenty of workers inside but yet they refuse to take your order, they just completely ignore you. Tonight we pulled up to the drive thru at 820 and no one would take our order, then we noticed all the employees were outside in the parking lot “hanging out” and having a good time. I understand no one wants to work but when you have employees at work and your open hours are 3 to 9 you should make sure your employees are waiting on your customers until it’s time to close, they should not be able to close whenever they feel like it. Wapak Taco Bell is definitely not what it use to be and that’s so sad. I will be taking my taco business elsewhere!

  140. Why are you still advertising the naked chicken chalupa when the Taco Bell in Mount Orab, Ohio drive thru clerk told today that they are no longer serving it? They also do not give a receipt with your order.

  141. Taco Bell in augusta kansas is the worst run store that I have ever been to. Still no lobby only drive thru. They had tea but no sweet tea. I had to beg for sweetener. How do you have one and not the other. I ordered a meal with side of beans. They forgot beans. When I got them they were cold and pasty. Wish I could post a pic. No plastic ware to eat cold beans with. THE most awful service and food ever.

  142. Came to pineville location of Taco Bell at 1am on my way home from work, the cashier instructed me that their computers were down and they would be with us in 15-20 minutes. Okay said no probleM and told the team members that we would run and get gas next door and we’d be be back. At 1:10 We pulled back up and they again told us that their computers were down and that it would be 15-20 min, I told the team member that they told us that 15-20 min ago. And they responded with “it hasn’t been 15 min” so we told them we’d wait it would be fine. After about 5 min, I made a comment out loud about contacting corporate and all of a sudden they said “order when you’re ready” we ordered and 2 -2 chalupa meals with 4 extra tacos and the team member was very very rude to us, and gave us 4 mild sauces and when my fiancé asked for more sauces she Ricky almost shut the window in. His face and then he said “ma’am I need a couple more sauces” she then rolled her eyes and handed him maybe 5 more. He said thank you and she just shut the he Window. I am floored at the level of customer service these employees have and honestly they looked to be managers that were doing that.

  143. While getting an order at the drive through, the person at the register had finger nails three inches long and had trouble making change due to the length of her nails. She dropped change as she handed it to which fell on the ground. No apology or acknowledgment of the issue. How is it that she can work with these long nails? The store was in Florence, SC on Irby st.

  144. Every time I come to this place they are always out of something or c as n not take your order this is bs come on every time rude staff lazy place is always a mess

  145. Add is it your skinner location in University city Missouri. The cashier was very rude and combative. She forgot to give you my drinks. I ordered two naked chicken Chalupa meals. One meal was fresh and the other one was the old shell that has been sitting up there.What would be the point to give me one fresh Chalupa and the other was hard and cold. I am highly upset and the location will not answer the phone. I sat in the rain for trash service and food.

  146. I’m very much complaining. 7/8/21, order#368367. Alum rock. My soft taco seems like it was watered down, n no it wasn’t grease, the burrito Supreme same thing. Very unhappy. I hope head quarters gets this cuz, its disgusting.

  147. We used the drive up window and ordered 2 soft tacos, 2 regular tacos, and a burrito. They said nachos bell grande. We said no, 2 soft tacos 2 regular tacos and a burrito. He said Burrito Surpreme? I knew they cost more, but wasn’t the driver so she told him “yes”. I mean, come on, changing the order for a few dollars?
    They offered no sauce. Three napkins. The lid was off of the large iced tea.
    Look, when I was young I worked the drive through at taco bell, it’s not easy… but common courtesy went out the window with this guy.

  148. I went your store on Reynolda Rd in Winston Salem and found the door locked. Looking i. I could see several employees. I feel sure it was enough to operate the place. I’m in there two are three times a week. I guess I will have visit one of our local Mexican restaurants

  149. I placed in order at the drive thru at your Winder,Ga. Location at 9:27 pm. I was asked to pull around and someone would be out with my order shortly. There was no customers in front of me or behind me at the time. I thought it was odd but pulled around anyway. After 10 minutes of waiting I went into the restaurant to ask about my order and was told very rudely that I had already received it. The drive thru employee and cooks started arguing about remaking my order. The cook was yelling and cussing about remaking the order. I finally received my food at 9:52 pm. I have had several bad experiences at this location, but last night topped them all off. I will no longer stop at this location.

  150. The kiosk needs to be more user friendly. Customers should still have the option of verbally ordering at the counter. It is confusing and turns away customers and the employees are not willing nor friendly enough to take an order. The order is never correct nor complete, always have to go back to get it right.
    All this makes for a loss in customers and unfavorable visit.

  151. I ordered a nacho bell grande with NO BEANS and they gave me no beef and extra beans. Unacceptable

  152. Omggggg I was at thevEast Capital location store 037200.. went in to order.. no tomato on the chicken chalupa meal.. sour cream on everything.. so she goes to hand it to my I said no tomatoes add sour cream right.. she goes oops I forgot no tomatoes.. takes it back hands me 2 for my having to wait…get my order went to my car… .. no straws!! They’re out btw!! Go to eat my taco.. no sour cream.. yes i paid for extra.. checked the burrito no sour cream… get b in drive through line… get a new taco n burrito… get home…. No sour cream on the chicken chalupa… it comes with damn sour cream it’s in the picture… besides I ordered sour cream on everything!!!!!!???????????? I’m tired of these messed up orders!!!! The 10 napkins look like a flower they were all just balled up in my bag!!! Then I take the cap off the mtDew which remember no straw. So I’m wearing a good part of it… happens to be off… it was all seltzer flavored not like Dew… so dissatisfied n disappointed.. nnnot hearing from yous either when I had issues a few weeks back!!!!!

  153. Open till 11. Came by at 10:50 they told me they were closed and it was ok to close early to be done by close. Going to repost on Facebook

  154. I had a order online, my husband had to get of the drive through line to get food and once he was home they forgot two bean burritos. I had to drive all the back and the man that seem to be the manager just gave me a look and told them to make them. I didn’t a get a “I apologize or nothing”. Then they never put enough sour cream in the burritos when I do order them. This has happened a few time and I wanted to actually do a complaint this time

  155. Went to taco bell ordered 3 nacho cheese chalupas they told me they don’t have it, ordered 3 beef chalupa 5 dollar boxes they told me no, then ordered 3 beef chalupa meals they said yes, then proceeded to give me 2 chalupas with tastless chicken and one chalupa with no meat. What kind of customer service is this? Your standards should at least be somewhat human?

  156. I have always loved Taco Bell for many years it was my craving during two pregnancies and the longest was 34 years ago that’s how long I’ve been a customer and still am. However as time goes by its has really go downhill in the service and especially the portions most of the time the food comes out cold there food is sitting under heats light or reheated. A suggestion you could probably send people to your franchises to see what is happening in your stores and then approach them to bring back the quality Taco Bell used to be and how about bringing back the Mexi Melts.
    Good food but needs huge improvements especially in Windsor Ontario Canada

  157. Please give up your right serve food. Your service is terrible. Can’t even sit down wait to enjoy food that come at late period. No service no money.

  158. I order the $5.00 box and I received have a order I couldn’t come back.cuz I live to far…but I didn’t appreciate getting home and not having my food that I order…

  159. I just spent almost 30$ and the only thing decent about the order was the drink!!!
    The chalupas I ordered were missing..
    The tacos was mainly lettuce.
    The potatoes in my 3 fiesta potatoes must have been sitting there all day they were rock hard!!
    The crunch wrap tortilla was super hard!!!
    I go here once a week for the last year and it has NEVER been bad like this….this was absolutely awful! ?
    I want my money back I don’t even want a replacement!

  160. Today, I wanted to use a fire reward with my taco bell order. I ordered a doritos Loco taco as my free reward. I ordered the free locos taco, 2 crunchy tacos, 1 chicken Chipotle melt, 1 spicy potato soft taco and 1 beef burrito. I did not get the locos taco and 1 crunchy taco. This happens too often. I used a reward and received nothing. Please help

  161. On May 20 I ordered food at Kapolei Hi location the total bill was $37.83 Paid with my visa ,got my order but cashier forgot to give me my card and no receipt was given so I asked the cashier for my card ,oh she then said ur card only got approved for $19.08 so I have to give her $4.00 in cash plus 8.63 charge on my debit the total bill for the second charge was $31.71 which I think was the next customer I know that my visa had enough to pay the 37:83 cashier inserted my card twice I never been so embarrassed when cashier told me that my card (visa)was only approved for $19.08 ,my friend was with me at that time I then went home check my statement it should that I got charged twice so I called store manager her name is Carol I explained what happened I also did snap shot and send it to her phone to proved that I was charged twice I told her that I needed to get refunded for the $31.71.Carol said she cannot refund my money because my charges still in pending I told her it’s their fault and that’s the only money I have she said that I should go back and get my refund when charges go through. I have to wait for five days . I went back on May 25 for my refund so I told Carol that I would order instead of getting my money back she said ok . So I ordered came up to $31.57 she should refunded me .14 cents which I didn’t get .I know it’s only few cents but the principle is she owed me that so got my ordered they again messed up my drinks and store manager never give me a sincere apology for what happened .

  162. I like the Taco Bell on E. Main St., Reynoldsburg, OH. Lately things have been going down hill with this store. The store closed one day last month – not enough staff. A friend of mine, who is 57 years old with plenty of experience in the food industry, was in the drive-thru and saw one of the employees spit on a customer’s food. My friend left immediately and refuses to return. I’m not going to patronize that store either. Someone at corporate needs to take a look at whatever is going on. I’ve been a Taco Bell fan for years – frequently stopped in while doing errands since I’m a diabetic and sometimes need to eat while I’m out.

  163. Went to taco bell in warsaw indiana. First they shut down drive thru orders. Went back about half hour later. Went in ordered. While waiting on order took my beverage to car. And they had locked the doors and were only doing drive thru. Not sure what happened no explanation provided.

  164. Taco Bell # 026461. Order# 334016.
    Visit on 6/21/2021@ 11:29:06 AM
    Asked For ID to pay Cash with $100. & $50. Biils ? Is this Policy Required ? We did not find anything Writing like this any where ? We would like the answer, is not a discrimiination ?

  165. Just wanted to make a few observations about the Taco Bell on Broad Street in Fairborn Ohio. Never have I pulled up thereThree times in two weeks oh, to be told we’re out of meat
    and particular shells. Then I started to understand what was going on as I met your new manager through the drive-thru a few more times. She is always yelling and screaming at the new help which is sad because it took forever to get New Help in there that was much-needed. And the new manager appears to be higher than a kite at all times and therefore cannot function to do her job properly much less how to help her staff. She’s always embarrassing them in front of customers . Definitely need to look in the mirror she’s a mess! I used to be able to go to Taco Bell in like 10 minutes or less now your minimum wait is 20 to 25 minutes and then you’re usually told to pull ahead and wait longer. At this point the people in town are all talking and assuming that store won’t be open much longer. Sad!!

  166. The Taco Bell in Shrewsbury, PA is open until 1 am yet they throw away their sweet tea by 10:30. Why? Do they think no one drinks tea after that time? I have been there three times after 10 and they never have tea. Just don’t want to clean it up at closing.

  167. I visited a toca bell at main st and 71 hwy .The crew is rude, cussing in front of your guest and laughing when they get upset about the wait time. This is the worst place I have ever been. I will no longer be a guest of this establishment.

  168. I came through the drive-through and had a order of four meals. When I got home was missing the majority of one order. This is crap. It’s not hard to count items. I want my money back! For the entire meal!

  169. The one in Ashland Ky serves the worst food ever. They throw food in a bag and it goes everywhere and the mgr did nothing about it. I will not go back there. The worst experience

  170. Ok so I work for Taco Bell 649 in Mayfield KY and I work my but off but yet I’m constantly getting yelled at or being told I’m not doing my job and the manager at Taco Bell 649 Mayfield KY is always on me for something and I always do my job when I got Hired I was promised $11an hour and I only make $9

  171. Ok, I just two tacos and the crunch wrap. Limon Colorado. Excuse me, if you do not have the ingredients to fulfill the correct menu item . Either don’t serve it or at least explain to the customer and they can make a differen decision. But to charge me full price for bull , less and missing ingredients pisses me off. This has happened to me twice in limon and I’m non to happy. I work hard for my money and you are robbing me. …..if you don’t have the ingredients, I think my brain would say go buy what you need and work it with the stupid inconsiderate owner, who probably is never on site anyway.
    I have a feeling you are not going to respond so if not I will find a friendly way of unraveling the mystery of missing ingredients and having to pay full price, HA you upped your prices and individual owners are gouging customers. Not good for business, to who ever reads this. The news Channel can be very unforgiving
    This is not a threat but a wake up call for your CEO.
    David 720-788-xxxx

  172. The store on Rocklin Road in Rocklin Ca can not get a simple order correct. Today I ordered a soft taco supreme and a cheese and rice bean burrito. And I received the soft taco supreme and a taco with potatoes. Not a cheese and rice burrito. In Sunday I went there and the same thing happened when I ordered cheese and rice burrito we received two bean burritos. I am reporting this stored to the Better Business Bureau because I paid more for what I was supposed to get then from what I received. This is ridiculous and I will never go to Taco Bell again there are plenty of other taco places that are far better quality and actually cater to their customers needs.

  173. Ok this is ridiculous. your info says open from 7am to 5:30pm I call at 7:15am and your closed. Why should I expect the service at your restaurants to be good when management can’t keep a website accurate? I had the worst dining experience of my life Saturday night when I chose Taco Bell here in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

    1. What 5:30 p.m. they close? I have never seen a Taco Bell close that early anywhere. What is the point? Who can eat when everyone is at work all day.

  174. All of the taco bell in Charleston SC are closed @11:30 pm. !!!!! No wonder all of resturants are going under. The signs say 0200 am !!!

  175. Last week waited an hour in line got up to order said sorry we’re closing early. Tonight waited 40 minutes got up to order said computers down. Happened to my husband twice. Taco Bell on Gratiot in Clinton twp Michigan

  176. I use to work at Taco Bell in glasgow ky I just quit last month on the 20th & I had 73hrs on my last clock out paper & they didn’t give me the rest of my money didn’t even turn the last part in they only gave me 40.93 for my last paycheck & I was suppose to get 500 & something from 73hrs & never got it but only 40.93 that was it.. & it was on my cash app the last deposit..

  177. I do not know the number. The people in this store were very rude. I ordered my stuff online and received an email saying it would be done by 5:59 pm I got to the store at 6:15 pm and it still wasn’t done. There were people there that were waiting for an hour or more to get their food. They finally finished my food then left it sit on the counter for another 15 minutes until a worker came to the counter and opened the bag and I saw my name on it. The didn’t even tell me my order was up/done. The girl behind the counter taking peoples orders was too busy looking at her phone to help. Also some people had hair nets on and some did not. I don’t believe that to be sanitary.
    I only know of one name because non of your workers had name tags but I asked for this one because she was RUDE her name is Denasia (sp).
    My food was lacking lumpness. My cinnamon delights were smashed and I had to wait for them to make an item they didn’t put in my bag. I am not pleased with this location one bit.

  178. I used the online ordering app to place my order around 12:30 am. It said to check in at the speaker. I head that way and there is a line of cars. I could hear the lady on the speaker tell customers in front of me that they were out of beef, chicken and beans. After waiting a while, I pull up to the speaker and boom, lights went off. I called the store and they said if you order this late, we can’t guarantee we will have the food. This is the second time this has happened. The first time they “checked my order in” and it shows I got my food (they were out of everything) therefore it charged my account. He said come back tomorrow and we will fulfill the order. I couldn’t come back tomorrow, or the next day, or the next, so I just totally gave away my hard earned cash. This time, it shows my account debited from Taco Bell again .. with no food in exchange. I don’t like giving you my money for nothing… You have more of it than I do. $30.00 gone. Times are too tough to be giving money away. Whose gonna make this right??

  179. Taco bell is nasty.. you want to charge the prices you do and put no meat on any thing.. pretty sad when you pay almost 4.00 for a burrito and it has nothing on it..

  180. Went taco bell in auburn alabama, put in order at kiosk…I did not like the ideal of having to give text number or email to get my receipt…and the only other choice was a no receipt button to finish order….taco bell has always made sure you got your receipt. Now I had no receipt to prove I purchased my order…was behind 5 different people. Anyone could have claimed my order.

  181. I got the worst tacos and chalupas I ever ate on main st Lafayette Georgia my tacos tasted like they been laying out for 2or3 days

  182. Losing my families business because you got rid of everything that we liked….. taco salad, chicken tacos, double decker tacos, Mexican pizzas and the meat has turned into mush!!! I was a HUGE fan of TB until you cut the menu in half!!!! Things that I have been eating for years and years! I am sure that this isn’t the only complaint that you have received about this!!!

  183. Helena, Alabama location. Store manager said his name was Dalton. Bought a #2 thats 3 taco Supreme, and a drink. And 2 chips and cheese. Guy in drive thru wearing fingernail polish and no gloves. Get my food, bag bleeds through and ruins my shorts I have on. Not 1 napkin in the bag, and the taco Supreme were so small, I would have had to eat twenty to get full. Size of a fruit roll-up, seriously. Called to tell the store manager and he didn’t even act like he cared. Not very good with all the choices that are out there. If I do not hear back from someone on this, I will no longer eat at any of your establishments ever again. Thanks
    Larry Watkins
    no1nrexxxx @gmail.com

  184. I went to the Taco Bell 2040 Lincoln Hwy East in Lancaster, PA 17602 on Saturday, 5/30/21 around 4:00 pm. The gentleman taking my card did not make eye contact and kept talking to other employees about SPITTING on the food. He did not thank me or offer to give me my receipt. He had to ring my card twice because he was not paying attention to what he was doing. I got home and the food looked disgusting. I totally lost my appetite. There was nothing to it so I threw it out. I tried to call in to the restaurant to talk to the Manager on duty and the phone just kept ringing busy. I will never, ever go to that establishment again!!

  185. Tied to order from 2015 Whitesburg Dr, Huntsville, AL 35801 at around 12:30am on Sat. 5/30/21. Nobody came to the speaker as I tried to check in. There was 1 blue car in front of the store. After around 20 min. I cancelled my order. I drove to the University store to be helped. Later, at 2 am. which is the posted closing time. The car was gone and it was shutdown. The person running the store is not taking customers but staying till 2 to keep the hours. They want to take taco bells money but not do their job by taking my for company. This isn’t the first instance that’s how I recognize the pattern. I think this is terrible for your business and want to continue to enjoy your product, but that person turned at least 5 cars away by not responding to them pulling up. This is not how to make money. Please contact me if you need more info. I’m contacting that store manager too because I’m sure that doesn’t help their bonus.

  186. The taco bell on wynnton road is columbus ga has the rudest employees i have ever encountered the manager is the worst when asked his name he decided to hang up in my face my food was ice cold but he tells me I didn’t order from there and the slow ass girl at the window didn’t even give me a receipt…I guess because jobs are needing help so bad they just hire any body ..im allergic to tomatoes and asked them 3 times to make sure there was none on there and when I get my food it’s extra tomatoes..that place needs to be shut the down …

  187. Richland MS. Why does our tacobell not have any boxes? After I looked online to see the menu I sent my son up there to order 2 chalupa boxes and the build your crave box. They told him they didn’t do boxes here but you can order them online. So taco bell charged for every item separately. He brought my receipt to show me I called up and asked them why am I able to order the boxes online but not through the drive thru she told she don’t know but they don’t sell the boxes there. I asked what 9 sides of sc charge was and it was probably the drinks they need to bring the sc sales up. SMH take the dam boxes off your menus online and at the stores if they are not available.

  188. I just purchased 6 soft tacos and normally, I wouldn’t complain because it’s fast food at 10:00pm, but the truth is, quality across taco Bell’s is severely inconsistent. You have to cross your fingers every time you go thru the drive thru. Tonight I got half a taco worth of meat, a few strands of cheese, and rusty, yellow lettuce that got stuck in my throat it was so thick and miscut. Again, it’s taco bell, but c’mon guys, put an honest effort into it. Every time I turn around you raise your prices, which was ok, when the product didn’t suffer. Now it’s twice the price and half the quality.

  189. I went to eat a taco salad. And now there none. I m not really like the power bowl. No beef just chicken. Not so good.
    Please bring back taco salads.

  190. Taco Bell 8430 Dorchester road North Charleston South Carolina. I went there on May 21, 2021 for dinner only to not get what I ordered because the cashier playing with her long braids, manager and another employee laughing and playing in the drive thru. She didn’t even give me a receipt Lobby was closed and was told by an employee that I have to go back through the drive thru long line again, I got the rest of my order with no apology for my order nor me having to wait for a second time. When I got home Taco shell was cracked up and quesadilla was burnt. Corporate her I come because fast food restaurants are getting away from decent customer service and it’s awful!!!!!!

    1. Had no idea how bad it’s getting. I thought I was getting mistreated for being alive. No provocation. I have a pleasant voice and was mocked by the second manager. Lots of sighing she did while grudgingly taking my simple order. Ijust smiled. Now I see it’s not me. Thx website. Bullies are miserable people.

  191. Always get my order wrong…complain when I stay at drive through window to check order… then ORDER ME OUT OF LINE TO WAIT ON OTHER BEHIND ME IN LINE. The Laurinburg Taco Bell will NOT ANSWER TELEPHONE when I call about my order being wrong and will NOT LET UPU INSIDE TO STRAIGHTEN OUT the mess they made with my order

  192. Please bring back the Taco Salad. It was my favorite item on your menu!! I read where it wasn’t cost effective, well raise the price!! I will be willing to pay a little more for something I like.

  193. Terrible rude service. NO LETTUCE. Food was stuffed in too small a bag. Pontiff and cheese on its side spilling onto my cinnamon crisps that were dumped in the paper bag, not their own bag.

  194. Hello Hi, my name is Mrs. Smith and I’d like to make a complaint about one of your locations and the traumatizing experience that I encountered on the night of my family’s visit the night of 5/12/2021. well first I’d like to start with a young lady”(Lucey)” that took our families order in the drive-thru at around 11:27 pm that night, this young lady by the name of Lucey was very rude and confrontational to us as children were in our car as well, she threaten to have someone beat my husband up and then said that she didn’t give a F@#$? we then asked for our to be corrected and replaced but then got confrontational with me and ask me B@#$ what do you wanna do? I didn’t have clue as to why she said this but she also started to become really create and belligerent saying that she would have someone do something to me and my family. I then asked to speak with a manager and she said to me B@#$ IAM THE MANAGER NOW WHAT DO YOU WANNA DO!!!!. another lady came from the back when she heard all this going on to help descale the situation and to try to calm her down,after giving my family our food this other woman seem to really apologetic and told us to “contact the GM tomorrow”.
    I will try to contact who ever I need to that is higher in your corporate office to look into this unbelievable unjustly behavior within this company and also its training with employee’s form them to act in and non professional way to any customer as having a customer service job.
    my contact is 206-578xxxx and my name is Mrs Smith
    Thank you and have a great day.

  195. Really disappointed that Taco Bell discontinued Mexican Pizzas. That was the ONLY reason I went. Now, i’m just disappointed if I try anything else. Please bring them back

  196. So tonight my friend and I went to get some taco bell. I dont eat out much, but tonight I was craving some taco bell. We went to the store that is located in Knoxville Tennessee, off walker springs road. We ordered our food at 1:30, and the sign on the door and window says they are open until 2. I paid 21 dollars for food which honestly I didnt even know was possible at taco bell…especially because we didnt order all that much. But I read the screen and our order was right on the screen. We pulled up to the window and our food immediately came out, which in some cases is cool, but we were suspicious because the bag wasnt even remotely heavy. My friend and I pulled up to check our order to see if everything was in there, and sure enough we were missing half our order…and the receipt mind you. So we pulled back around and when we got to the drive through…well before 2 by the way, they said they were closed. We pulled up to the window and tried knocking, and the two girls working very blatantly ignored us. I’m not one to complain much about food because I’ve worked in many different restaurants over the last 12 years…so I get the struggle. But what they did was wrong…on every level, and incredibly unprofessional. And to top it off, the gentlemen in front of us experienced the same difficulty. He pulled back around to try and get their attention again…because they ignored him as well. his wife had ordered food online at 1, and they completely denied him his entire order. Like I said…I’m not normally one to complain…but what they did was wrong. And I fully expect to be reimbursed for what your employees did…because what they did makes you guys look bad as a company…and I’m sure that is not something you want. Oh yeah, and when we got our food…it wasnt even cook all the way.

  197. While visiting your establishment on 4/30/21 a employee entered from outside with gloves on She had no name badge so I didnt say anything do to other customers in ear shot the young lady was with reddish brown hair. I VISITED THE TACO BELL SR 200 ocala fl

  198. I have maybe made 2 complaints in my life on a food. But this makes no sense. Two weeks in a row I do a drive through at your location in Woodstock,IL and both times my food was cold and order was wrong. Waste of $13.00 and some change. Why I do not know I use the drive through so once on hwy. I loose to much time to go back to store location. I have no idea why this is going on.

  199. I want my Mexican pizza back and my taco pizza back!!! I have been a long time customer for over 20 years, and almost a daily customer and know I rarely eat taco bell

  200. Nicole byers works in the location in advance nc. She was cleaning the glass on the entrance door. Witch faces the cvs. I was leaving the store an observed her showing me her middle finger. There has been some issues between her and I sense I rented to her. But I should at least be able to shop at my local cvs, with out the negative reactions. I can’t even eat at your restaurant. Taco bell was my favorite. I do travel to your lactation in clemmons nc. Enjoy your taco salads. Thanks for your time. Loyal customer.

  201. Taco Bell 027653. 1802 Russellville Rd, Bowling Green, Ky 42101. Manager: Kathy. Horrible experience with this location. Will NEVER return here. There are a total of 4 Taco Bell locations in BG, Ky and this is definitely the one to avoid. Ordered $23.55 worth of food, made sure to ask the girl attending the window several times if EVERYTHING was in the bags, she assured me that it was all there (all the while on her phone looking at FaceBook)…got all the food back to work, giving out everyone’s food, guess what? MISSING ITEMS! Call the location, the manager Kathy says “Oh sorry, you can come back because the girl at the window forgot one of your bags” So, I’m expected to use my gas, drive back to get food that they forgot? I’m plenty mad at this point. I ask if she’s going to make fresh food, she says she will, I then ask her about MY food which is sitting here getting cold while I’ve got to drive all the way back to her restaurant to get the forgotten food items, her reply is: Nothing I can do about that. WHAT? So, let me tell you! There’s something I CAN do about that! I took my Chulupa Box and drink right back, told her to keep it and the FORGOTTEN FOOD items and give me my money back. She looks at my receipt which clearly shows I paid with CASH and she point blank asks me if I want that money on a Taco Bell gift card? Really? Why in the world would I want it on a gift card? SOOOO…..I get the money back, drive 2 streets over to Zaxby’s…Better customer service and they NEVER leave items out of your order! NOT EVER GONNA GIVE THIS TACO BELL MY BUSINESS! In the past we’ve gone to this Taco Bell location as many as 3 or 4 times a month, with ALL orders being between $20-$30. Until something chances with the management and employees at this particular location, I regret to say, we’ll not be returning. The manager, Kathy really needs to learn so customer service skills, which she is clearly lacking.

  202. Do not use the Taco Bell across from Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho. They only fill one order at the drive-thru. So if you have two or three people who want seperate orders they have to go inside. So why use the drive-thru? The weather here is snowy and if your disabled then you can fall, that’s why a person uses the drive-thru. Lazy idiots.!!!

  203. Bring some meat to the soft taco orders, one has to order double meat to get back to where it used to be for the correct taste. Also, the crappy paper used to wrap fhe taco is way too thin. It adhears to the taco before a person can get the food home, gross!! Paper wrap is not on the menu. Get your quality back up or you’ll soon be losing out to the competition like a bolt of lightning. The stupid little stuff you think noone notices is where you loose the game. Come on Taco Bell, get in the game to win not get by or a continuous quest for a bigger profit margin. There is a point where the bottom drops out if you take these things for granted…. good luck and get some real wax paper for those orders…

  204. Do not go to the Taco Bell on Lee Hwy. in Chattanooga, TN. They have the rudest elderly cashier on the planet. She makes it her job to deny the elderly customers their 10% discount. If you remind her she did not give the discount she will say well it’s too late. This practice happens repeatedly everyday. She gets even with customers trying to embarass them foe even requesting a discount. This woman is just mean to seniors and she has no place working in the public. Will not visit this location again because of her rudeness.

  205. stone mountain ga location promotes ice drink posted for $1 but upon paying its 1.29 advised cashier that price is not what is posted Ask for manager he (refused to give me is name yell at me 3 times calls the cops because I asked for corporate number to report this situation. He stated is not his job to update the menu board other customer have paid the wrong price all day why can’t you. Please move from drive thru messing up his number!!! I was very disrepected of my kids and being a longtime customer. The gentleman needs to be fired or if he represents your brand.. I need to file a civil right case because his tone to a woman, in front of my kids, and no customer service skills at all. To call the police to get me moved out of the drive thru for so quoted, is not acceptable!!! He toss a receipt out of the window so I could reach this office. #030593 5201 Memorial Drive

  206. The commercial with a car speeding through a traffic signal is totally unacceptable. Promoting dangerous driving is wrong! Please remove immediately!

  207. Because of your new commercial, stating running yellow traffic light is a “Safe” thing to do. I will no longer eat or buy from Taco Bell.

  208. Went to Taco Bell in Oak Grove Mo. Waited in the drive through for 23 minutes. Got home with my order, and there’s literally maybe a teaspoon of meat in all the Tacos. Complete RIP OFF. You should be ashamed to serve such substandard food!! Never again, this happens over and over !!

  209. My husband talked me into Taco Bell for dinner. I don’t do taco bell and especially now, this is beyond low rated. He got 10 soft taco supremes and 10 hard tacos. The taco supreme cost more of course, only 10.00 more however the issue is when we called the manager, he would not compensate our time or give us our money back due to their mistake in not giving us taco supremes. We are missing tomato and sour cream on everyone of them. It’s a 20 minute drive and now it is 8:00 in the evening.
    Today is 12/1/2018 … Store number is 027043. Phone number 937 439-4739. We will keep the receipt.

    On top of all this when we called back to get managers name, the young lady didn’t want to give us his name. Then we heard cussing in the background using the “F” word. Then she tells us there are two managers and playing cat and mouse with us! Then she said she wasn’t giving out any names…then she said Ray Shawn is the name we need.
    Look. I’m not sure if this is the correct name or a real name but the experience is beyond wrong.
    This place needs some serious attention and customer service training.
    Just now my husband was on his third taco to find only meat and cheese with no lettuce on top of no tomato and sour cream.

    Deepest regret to inform you of all this.

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

  210. Brand new taco bell in East Hill Pensacola, FL. Been open a couple days. Stoppped in after work (a 13 hour peds nurse shift) tonight to get an effing chicken burrito supreme! YyyyyyyEahhhh!!! YES I had had an IPA before. Sue me. I haven’t been to taco bell in years bc there hasn’t been one anywhere near anywhere I’ve lived for that long. (For real tho what does that say about me? …about the taco bell???) So tonight I was SSSSSOOO hungry and tired and wanted to take advantage of the yummy food I remember (THAT IS NOW ON MY WAY HOME AT LEAST 2 X A DAAAYYYY!) What a mistake. The chicken burrito is literally about a third of the size it used to be and there are indeed tiny flakes of shredded chicken that can be visualized, but certainly are not tasteable. It’s basically a FARTY bean burrito with sour cream and lettuce for double the cost. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt and I looked at the online menu, but NOOOOO! The pics there show what I remember…a juicy, luscious, shredded chicken burrito bursting with all that shredded chicken GLORY! That is not what I was served. How expensive is chicken really, tho? I got enough refried beans for a small family but not nearly enough chicken…on my “SHREDDED CHICKEN BURRITO SUPREME” to feed a juvinile bearded dragon for one meal. As a matter of fact, I came home and added crap TO MY PURCHASED BURRITO so that it would fill my belly after a days hard work nursing babies! Wtf taco bell!?! Can’t feed a cardiac peds nurse? What CAN you do? Also, customer service was lovely. ADD A REAL AMOUNT OF CHICKEN GODDAMMIT! IM A SINGLE MOM!

  211. On Sunday, Sept 16, 2018 my wife and I stopped in at the Taco Bell Restaurant on Airport Hwy in Swanton, Ohio 43558. We frequent this Taco Bell probably 3 or 4 times a month. This day, among other items, I purchased a Bean Burrito. While eating the Burrito I noticed something “:crisp” and thought it may be the edge of a shell. Found out it was a tie-wrap probably from one of the plastic bags. Fortunately I didn’t swallow it – it was a wire wrapped in plastic. I got home and decided to call and inform the Manager, I asked for the Manager and the female said “I’m the Manager”. I explained the situation and her reply was “Really sorry, these things happen once in awhile, I notify my boss”. She never took my name, address or email. Needless to say our trips to Taco Bell have stopped for awhile.

  212. The taco bell here in richmond, Michigan is awful. No one there is friendly and 9 out of 10 times they get orders wrong. Do you hire ANYONE with higher than a second education?

  213. Very disappointed, driving home from work and decided to pick up dinner at Taco Bell store #030403 1000 Kennedy Dr Carpentersville IL. The service is horrible if you are going to hire people to work at this location make sure they represent your company. Don’t have people looking like studs from the street and not knowing how to speaking to customers. Make sure they understand the business before you place them to service the customers as well get experience management that know how to run the business. I ordered combo #6 2 chalupa steak supreme with a soft taco and a second combo same but beef, had to repeat myself a couple of time before Britten F got my order. Order placed at 6:09:05 it took two guys to make my order, waiting 45 minutes to get my order. once I received the order guy read it out to me and it was wrong he gave me Chicken Chalupa instead of the Beef. When I told him it was wrong he came out and said “” I messed up. Manager came up and said we will fix it just keep the chicken chalupa waited another 10 minute it take 5 minutes to get home once I made it home the food was ice cold lettuce and tomatoes tasted like freeze burn nasty. Bad customer service as well need experience management to represent Taco Bell business.

  214. name is william mcconnell im trying to reach person in charge of taco bell restraunt in st charles Missouri for a serious complaint and mistake i ate at the taco bell on Zumbehl rd in st charles and asked numerious times no sour cream on my order when got my order no wrappers were marked asked cashier if she could tell me what each item was she told me that couldnt because not marked she did tell me what one item was and told me no sour cream on it i sat down ate one bite and found sour cream im deadly allergic to sour cream spit it out took it to counter and got another one 30 mins after i was in hospital for several hours i went back next day to talk to a mgr and get refund on my whole order of 11.91 and asked how to contact you to have my refund and to pay my hospital bill call me at 253 344 xxxx would like to take care of this matter without me taking further action thank you william mcconnell

    1. My complaint is for the Store located 3220 Stockton Hill Rd., Kingman AZ. I made the mistake of going to this location for a 3rd time. I walked in and noticed about 10 people in the whole place. I placed my order at 12:50pm (Peak lunchtime and they always have only 1 person taking orders). Betty took my order and I sat down and waited and waited and waited until 1:05 pm when I went up and asked Betty what was taking so long, she replied “We are short staffed today, sorry.” I sat back down and waited until 1:25pm when my Name was finally called. I went up to get my order and asked for the Manager. After waiting another 5 mins. the Manager came out from back somewhere and said “Can I help you?”. I said, Yes…I would like the name of the store owner, the number for your Corp. office and your name. She replied, ” I can only give you my name, Kimber and the Corp. phone number. I wrote them down on my Reciept and then asked her “Why does it take 30 mins. to get 3 Tacos?”. She replied, ” We are short staffed and I am back doing paperwork.” I said, “Why aren’t you helping your staff get the Customer’s orders out?” She replied, I am sorry Sir, but I have paperwork to do back in my office. ” I Said, ‘Don’t you think as the Manager of this store you should be out here helping your staff get the orders out?”. She replied, Sir, we are short today and that’s why it’s taking so long” (No answer to why she was NOT helping them get the orders out). Thus, I am going to post this complaint everywhere I can on Facebook, the BBB, Yelp, etc. Be warned, do not go to this location unless you are prepared to wait for a very long time for your Food. Like I said, this was the 2nd time in a month this happened to me and I won’t be back!

  215. I want an email of who is in charge of training for locations in the Dallas metroplex. I got a Mexican pizza I a bit ago that i was ashamed to give to my lady for dinner. I want to send a pic.

  216. We recently moved to Marion Ohio due to my husband job. I was not thrilled about this move. Our daughter got a job at the Taco Bell located on Mt. Vernon Ave here in Marion. She was never taught how to clock in and out for a shift and a manager explained to her that she won’t get paid for her time. I told my daughter that is illegal and I reminded her i was once a manager at another Taco Bell before and they can go into the computer and fix your time. If they don’t i will be making that call to the better business bureau because momma ain’t playing. Plus they advertise all the time hiring all shifts, but send people home early all the time. Oh and my daughter has been working there now for a month without getting a pay check, she has asked why she hasn’t received one they said because you haven’t worked enough hours. I personally know that’s a load of crap. Why are they doing this? What do you as a corporate headquarters plan on doing about this? I personally would love to get in this establishment and fix it because the general manager you have in there now just doesn’t have a clue I’m afraid. I absolutely feel for the gentleman. The management team needs re-evaluate. I feel a training team needs to be put into place as well. I have over 15 years of manger experience so I know exactly what I am speaking of. I am also serv safe!

  217. On June 17th 2018 at 2:27pm I went to Taco Bell At 9802 Two Notch Rd, Columbia SC 29223,After Work To Get My A Snack Before I Headed Home, As I Pulled To The Window I Was Greeted And Then Asked What I Would Like As I Began To Tell My Order I Was Rudely Interrupted And Asked To “ Hold On” And Well I Held On For Approximately 7 Mins Before I Was Allowed To Order. First Of All They Did Have Not One Of The Freezes I Wanted They Explained That They Weren’t Selling Them Because They Where “Watery” So I Settled For Pink Lemonade And I Also Order Two Shredded Mini Quesadillas. I Received My Food And Continued To Drive Off. As I Got To The Next Parking Lot I Took My Food Out The Bag To Eat And Took a Bite Into The Mini Quesadilla And Realized That The Cook Didn’t Toast My Tortilla Like It Normally Comes , It Was Very Doughy And Unpleasant. So At The Point I Turn Around And Went Through The Drive Through And Explained That The Cook Didn’t Cook My Food Properly And I Was Asked To “Show The Quesadilla” Which I Did And The Drive Through Cashier And The Cook Went Back And Forth About If It Was Cook Properly Or Not , The Cashier “Arianna T” As it States On My Receipt Explained That The “ Quesadilla Wasn’t Cooked Properly” And The Cook Argued It Was With An Disgusting Attitude. At This Point He Had Taken The Quesadilla And I Couldn’t See Him Anymore. They Handed My A New Bag With The So Called “Correct Items”. So When I Returned Home I Checked The Food And I Realized That The Quesadilla That I Had Bitten Was In The Bag And Now Cooked Properly, So It Came To My Understanding That He Just Threw The Quesadilla I Bit Back On The Toaster And Gave It Back Which Is Highly Offensive And Disgusting. It’s Very Unsanitary And I Can Just Imagine What Other Unsafe And Disgusting Things That Are Done At This Place, I Just Moved To Columbia SC and That was My First Time Eating At That Taco Bell Location And I Will NEVER!! return. Horrible experience! I Also Preceded To Call And Report This Incident And No Answer I Call Approximately Three Times And No Answer But I Should Had Figured That Coming From This Disgusting PlAce ! Do Better

  218. I Stephanie Rena Powell wrote a reply last week with an idea about the future of taco bell with food trucks. I gave you an email address. Unfortunately I did not get your email IF you sent me one at pxxxxxx@yandex.com because someone keeps hacking into my accounts. If you have a reply please call me at 615 xxx xxxx. Thank You.

  219. I received counterfeit money tonight at the Taco Bell on Malabar Rd in Palm Bay Fl.. I went back in the store admittedly to show them the money and this guy comes to the counter stating how he’s the salary manager and how I need to get the F%#K out his store, he was so rude yelling and screaming at me like I was a 2yr old.. it took everything in me not to snatch his little short A%# over that counter and put something on him.. I called the police, who came and tested the money and clear as day it was FAKE.. The police confiscated the money for evidence and told me to call corp for a refund of my cash… Can they get away with things like this or what??

  220. You need to have someone from corporate go to the Ottumwa Iowa location and do drug testing. The new manager that was just hired there, Crissy, is a meth addict and was fired from the local KFC for the same thing. She is bad news and bad for business. Besides being a drug addict she is rude to customers and she and her husband have a rap sheet a mile long and when in trouble they turn in their “friends” to get themselves out of trouble. I will never support either establishment until they are “cleaned up” of all the trash.

  221. My daughter work 4 days in February at Taco Bell Linthicum Heights in Maryland, had to quit due to the unprofessional managers and staff. Now it is the second week in March and still no pay. What kind of a business is this? We did not get any answers from the so call mangers at the location. Now we are trying to get in touch with the corp.
    office with no success. The corp office should do an under cover boss at their location to see what is really going on.

  222. Your “Belluminati” commericial is disturbing and insulting. In general I don’t eat fast food, but when I do, it is usually at Taco Bell. Well after viewing this disgusting commercial, I made a vow to never eat there again. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  223. you need a new commercial i watched it the other day and made me and my girl sick we will never eat there again nor any friends or family members we are not going to support Illuminati this was the worst move you ever made now you can watch this business go down hill I have already read thousands and thousands of comments people will never eat there again taco bell you should be ashamed of yourself I want that crap taken off the air!!!!

  224. Flatout bigotry against Christians outrageous bigotry no member of my family or my classroom or myself will ever eat at Taco Bell again Illuminati is a satanic cult if you Google any of the clips they are still currently practicing pedophilia and feed his sacrifice in the UK Illuminati is a diabolical satanic cult that murders and kills proven with thousands of witness and escapees with true website interviews the flashing of the word Illuminati at the end of the Taco Bell shows that the corporate CEO is a member he must be to allow this it’s not a joke it’s the most bigotry bigotry and hate message what about the KKK would you make a joke about idiots racism and bigotry against anyone who believes in Christianity or good and judeo-christian Hindu or even Muslim religions condemn the Illuminati as a hate group this is the most outrageously stupid and irresponsible I’ve ever seen in 55 years again I will make sure that every student that I meet every customer I have and every family member I know don’t go to Taco Bell

  225. This goes out to all of my friends that stop at the Taco Bell in Ashland City: Me and my mom went in there on Friday and ordered 6 hot wings a 5.00 Taco Bell box and a 3 piece chicken dinner that charged me 25.00 for just that in which it should have only been like 11 or 12$. So what it comes down to is I actually paid for someone’s order in the drive thru also because the guy who took my order was ringing it up w on the drive thru register also he was the only one taking orders. I talked to one of the managers down there and they said there was nothing they could do about it. So BEWARE my friends that eat there this could happen to you. And believe me I AM ANGRY!

  226. It saddens me to write this message. Today my niece, Tyler Williams had to call out due to not having a babysitter at Taco Bell on South Orlando Drive in Sanford Florida. She was told by her general manager Joe Parker that she could put her baby in the store cooler. I pray that Taco Bell invest in their general manager with training programs that we’ll teach them how to speak correctly to their employees. Taco Bell general manager Joe Parker never forget all lives matter even babies. I’m sure this comment was made due to the National story of Kanika that was found in a hotel cooler in Chicago. I am writing this on my niece behalf because she is home distraught by that comment tonight.


  227. The girl “porsha” that is working right now with Jessica at taco bell on Markham in little rock arkansas has been allowed to treat her co-workers badly on Friday and still have her job but now today at about 7:30 this morning I went to use the bathroom porsha had to turn the light on and then comes banging on the door saying that she seen me go in there and I need to bring my a.. on out of there, I hadn’t even been in there not even 5 minutes and had to put toilet paper on the toilet seat cause it looks like someone has been standing on the toilet seat it was all brown and had not been cleaned I was telling Jessica that I wasn’t a kid and did not need to be talked to like that porsha was standing there I looked at her while I was talking and told her I was contacting Mr Lee. porsha replied f.. you biatch, while i was in the bathroom porsha was yelling in the store saying that she should turn the lights of on me. there are 2 bathrooms in that store and aside from that her actions are very disrespectful and unproffessional a business can’t be a good professional business having unprofessional people working for them are y’all just going to let one bad egg drag y’all down this has been one of the best taco bell stores on speed, getting orders right and professionalism and this one girl has been rude and foul to not only her co- workers but customers. WHAT IS GOING TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS

  228. Very disappointed, I travel a lot , and I always have my dogs with me. I have 2 German Shepard’s that are 9 years old and never been a regressive once in their whole life. I was staying at an rv park down the road from Taco Bell, in okc off of Rockwell. Store number 7024, they were very rude to me over the headset in drive-thru and not only that but you could hear everyone talking about inappropriate things, but I still proceeded to order. Then I go to the window to pay had my back window down 1\3 of the way, the lady asked if I’ve been there before, I said yes, I was there last friday , she asked if I had my dogs and I said yes, then she said HELL NO and slammed the window shut, I waited to see what was going on, she came back 3 minutes later with my money and said I refuse your service. The people in front of me had a dog and they didn’t deny them! So with that being said I will boycot tacobell out for life. This corporation needs to hire people that aren’t so rude. DONE!!

  229. I have been waiting for a good while now to get my card activated and will be going on our second pay period, really getting stressed and cant seem to find anything out what can i do.

  230. Arrive 8:59 PM to a long line in the drive thru in Corona/220 Ontario. Cars build up behind me and cannot back out at 9:15… Still waiting with no way to exit out of the ridiculous line and the only excuse is that ” we are short staffed”. HELLO! Let people out of the drive they that are trapped and want out. It’s now 9:37 and still available waiting to get thru!! B.S service and poor management.

  231. June 27, 2017
    1:56 pm
    Store #022455
    Order #212632

    Extremely disappointed. The double chalupas did not look anything like the picture in the advertisement (half the size of what the picture showed) and the tacos were 99% lettuce. Where’s the meat? This was certainly not what you have advertised and by no means a good deal.

    Sorry ….. this is not a big box meal and did not meet my expectations of Taco Bell.

  232. <