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Home Depot Corporate Office and Headquarters.

Her you can find all the contact details for the Home Depot corporate office, a list of the full Home Depot Executive Team, career information, and other useful resources about this Georgia-based company.

About Home Depot.

Home Depot is a public US company that offers home improvement and construction products. The company was created in 1978 and currently employs more than 315,000 staff in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Home Depot Corporate Office Contacts.

You can contact the Home Depot headquarters by phone, postal mail or fax. See below for more details.

  • Home Depot Headquarters Phone Number: +1 770 433 8211
  • Phone Line Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (EST)
  • Home Depot Headquarters Fax Number: +1 770 384 5038

Home Depot Headquarters Address:

Home Depot Corporate Office

2455 Paces Ferry Rd.

Atlanta, GA, 30339


Home Depot Headquarters
The Home Depot Headquarters at 2455 Paces Ferry Rd, Atlanta, Georgia.

Home Depot Executive Team.

This is the complete list of the Home Depot key leaders:

  • Craig Menear, CEO, Chairman, and President
  • Ann-Marie Campbell, Executive Vice President (USA)
  • Matt Carey, Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer
  • Tim Crow, Executive Vice President (Human Resources)
  • Ted Decker, Executive Vice President (Merchandising)
  • Mark Holifield, Executive Vice President (Supply Chain & Product Development)
  • Jeff Kinnaird, President (Home Depot Canada)
  • Ricardo Saldivar, President (Home Depot Mexico)
  • Bill Lennie, Executive Vice President (Sales & Service)
  • Theresa Wynn Roseborough, Executive Vice President (Corporate Secretary & General Counsel)
  • Carol B. Tome, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (Corporate Services)
  • Kelly Barrett, Senior Vice President (Home Services)
  • Giles Bowman, Senior Vice President (Merchandising & Building Materials)
  • John Deaton, Senior Vice President (Brand & Product Development)
  • Aaron Flow, Senior Vice President (Western Division)
  • Paul Gaffney, Senior Vice President (Information Technology)
  • Crystal Hanlon, President (Northern Division)
  • Tim Hourigan, President (Southern Division)
  • Kevin Hoffman, President (CMO & Online)
  • Jeanine Huebner, Senior Vice President (Hardlines)
  • Dwaine Kimmet, Senior Vice President (Payments & Treasury)
  • Richard McPhail, Senior Vice President (Finance)
  • Hector Padilla, Senior Vice President (Store Operations)
  • Kevin Scott, Senior Vice President (Decor & Merchandising)
  • Mark White, Senior Vice President (Merchandising Services)
  • Tom Shortt, Senior Vice President (Supply Chain)
  • Stacey Tank, Corporate Communications

Home Depot Board of Directors:

  • Craig Menear
  • Gerard J. Arpey
  • Ari Bousbib
  • Jeffery H. Boyd
  • Gregory D. Brenneman
  • J. Frank Brown
  • Albert P. Carey
  • Armando Codina
  • Helena B. Foulkes
  • Linda R. Gooden
  • Wayne M. Hewett
  • Karen L. Katen
  • Mark Vadon

Home Depot Careers and Jobs.

If you want to apply for a job or view career opportunities at Home Depot, visit the Home Depot career page. Alternatively, you may check their LinkedIn careers page for current job opportunities.

How to complain to Home Depot.

To file a complaint with Home Depot, use this contact form or call the Customer Care line on 1-800-466-3337. Alternatively, you may contact the Support Team via Twitter: Visit Home Depot’s Twitter Help page or tweet at the Twitter handle @homedepot_care.

Home Depot Resources.

See the resources below for more information on Home Depot, including links to their social media accounts, corporate website, customer service information, and more.

Please share your Home Depot experiences, complaints or issues in the comment section.

183 thoughts on “Home Depot Headquarters

  1. Installation services are terrible, absolutely terrible. On August 18th installers came to install Sliding Glass Door (Simonton) installers measured opening for new door, they told me that the door would not fit in existing opening, so they left. I called Corey M and Terry D about the problem. This was a door that was ordered on June 6 and now on August 18 the door would not fit. I guess after 2 hours the installers show up again and said that Homedepot was going to pay them for the extra work they were going to have to do. Great now I’m going to get my door installed.
    The installers made the adjustments and cuts around my stucco and finally got the door to work. They told me that some from Home Depot would send someone out to repair the stucco (great). Today is August 28th and the repair to my stucco still has not been repaired. Installer had someone set up for today, but wait they pulled him off my job for something else. Called Terry D he was going to call Corey m and some one would call me back. Now it is after 5:00 pm and still no call back.
    If this is the way Home Depot does installation I will never buy another product from you all.
    Customer Service and installation sucks.
    Tim Curtis (once a loyal customer)

  2. I bought a $2000+ washer/dryer tower in may(?). They delivered it (awesome delivery guys!) but couldn’t install it because we didn’t have hookups in the place where I wanted it. It wasn’t until months later that we got that resolved but they refused to come back and install it because of the damn “48- hour “ rule.
    I finally had to hire someone to install it.

  3. We had an order for countertops and we were told a sale was coming up. Granted we went on the 4 th which they were open but not one person could help us with our order. We were then told to come back the next day and someone would be there to help us. Mind you the sale only goes to the 9th and we do not live close by. We came back the next day and again no one was there to help us. So we went to Menards and it was half the price and will be delivered in 2 weeks instead of 6 to 8 weeks. Very poor customer service

  4. To whom it may concern,
    I sure hope I get a response! I bought my washer &dryer the first week in May and when it was delivered they had sent me 2 washers!! Had to send 1 back. So here I was without a dryer again another 2 weeks for I had to go back to the store and reorder the

  5. I started a 3 to 5 day kitchen cabinets reface project on 10 April and am still working towards completion. Many details and to much to type

  6. Been waiting on my dishwasher to be delivered and installed. when they arrived, no dishwasher on the truck. When rescheduling they do not accommodate my time only theirs. What has happened to customer service???

  7. Worst Company we have ever done business with in our entire lives. More than 14 Mo. after ordering and paying for windows for home, we still have not received them. No one there keeps their word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or takes responsibility!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dear sirs
    I went to Home Depot in Emeryville, Ca. The service was terrible. This place could really need customer service training. If you need more details I can provide.

  9. Do not use Home Depot for the kitchen cabinets refacing!!! 6 month wait, order wrong , sold a bill of goods that’s pure shit! $19,000.00 for nothing. No reimbursement offered!!! No one gets back to me. AVOID this company.

  10. Can not reach corporate office. I got done horribly wrong in your Mesquite, Tx location. Have customers as eye witness but store will not listen or look at camera. Do I have to file a law suite to get what is fair. Can not reach know one.

  11. I bought a Weber Grill and had it delivered last Saturday. I used for the first time tonight and It will not go above 400 degrees. I left it on for an hour! I called your store#0276 and they still have me on hold. That was an hour ago!

  12. Home Depot has been picking up a return for over a week, every day they say they are coming. They never show up

  13. I would like to speak with a person. Someone that can tell me why my order was canceled and no one called or emailed me that my product was not coming. Then, I have to proceed with a return because the supervisor, Bri, could not do this and I had buy another one of the same product.(pushing back my purchase 2 more weeks)
    I was told it is Home Depot’s policy not to get in touch with the customer. I had not canceled the order and do not know who did so. So, I would still be waiting for my order a week later, not knowing it was not coming!!

  14. Jeff the Asst. Manager and staff at Home Depot in E-Town Ky needs more training on what to do after special orders reach their store. Ordered a water heater 28 Feb 23 , they said it would take seven days. Called the store around 10 March , the product wasn’t in. The product was delivered to the store 16 March logged into their system and no one called nor email me until 26 March! Talked with Jeff the Asst. manager of 22 years and he could tell me why this happened and the nonchalant attitude let me know he didn’t care. My family has had to jimmyrig my old hot water heater for almost a month because people too lazy to email or call customers! This is my last time buying from Home Depot, Lowe’s here I come!

  15. I recently bought some of your Behr dynasty interior enamel in nocturnal blue. We had our kitchen cabinets painted by a professional painter with it. It took several coats to cover. It’s been a couple of weeks and when my wife went to wipe them down with a damp cloth the color was coming off on the rag. This is the most expensive paint you carry and I’d like some one to help me understand why this is occurring and how you plan to resolve this problem.

  16. I love Home Depot. I ordered a workbench from HD to pick up in the Littleton NH store. A friend of mine drove me over to pick it up. We are senior citizens and noticed the box weighed 135 pounds and thought maybe the only way to get it inside his SUV was to take the parts out of the box and when we got home do the same, and I should say it was cold outside. One of the store employees “DJ” is his name is the store superhero. He came up with a plan and spoke with his boss/supervisor who agreed, they would not only assemble the bench, they would have it delivered to my house. I will never shop anywhere else but Home Depot. You guys rock!!!!

  17. The worst experience ever!!!! Long story short we purchased a riding lawnmower Sunday thru the cashier and we to load it and manager stated it wasn’t purchased right and took us to customer service where she was a horrible person!!!!! She didn’t want to help us due to another lady was in line first and mind you the MANGER took us to the front of the line!!! My card had been ran twice so I was overdrawn in my account and tried ALL DAY to get in touch with the Home Office and nobody answered all day. Mother went back to the store to speak to the manager which the lady at the desk stated the manger wasn’t there that he was off! That was a lie because after my husband got off of work he went there to speak to management and lo and behold the manager that assisted us Sunday was there so they lied to us!!!!! We were charged by the bank for an overdrawn account that I should not be responsible for. Want buy again from y’all!!! No one is trained correctly and they lied to us .

  18. I hope this complaint goes to Home Depot (HD)Corporate!
    I am very disappointed with H D Honolulu!!! I paid for a washer and promised it would be delivered between 10a-2p. At 2:30 with no phone call from the movers, I called and they said when they went to the warehouse to get the washer they were told that the washer was not in stock and that I should’ve received a call from HD, which I did not!
    I called HD and they said there was a mix up that the washer that was supposed to be delivered was sold to someone else. HD found a washer in the warehouse, even if it was not the one I wanted I didn’t mind cause I REALLY needed the washer because mine stop working. I was assured that the new washer was at the warehouse and that it would be delivered on Tuesday. Like dejavu…. no washer arrived! I called the movers again, same story, warehouse said it was out of stock. Called HD, spoke with an associate there, call got disconnected and every time I called back the phone was picked up and immediately hung up. It has to be a really weird coincidence or my call was being rejected; my call was picked up in other departments. I’m really frustrated!!!!! I need a resolution!!!!They wasted 2 of my days off, and caused me a lot of stress!!!!!!

  19. I have 4 older gift cards that the store won’t acknowledge or give me credit for. I can send you numbers. Please advise

  20. On 27 Dec 2022, I purchased a Dyna Glo grill (M/N: DGH474CRP from your store at:
    7677 E Broadway Blvd
    Tucson, AZ 85710
    United States
    and I asked for a brand new one out of the box because I did not want one that had been sitting outside in the weather. The Cashier said no problem, rang up my purchase, then told me the person who puts things together would be back on Thursday (29 Dec) and that I would receive a phone call, text, or email when it was assembled and that I would be able to pick it up Thursday after it was assembled. Today, I never received any notification, so I called the store around 4:30pm and was told that it has been assembled, but could not pick it up until Friday (30 Dec). After arguing that I was told I could pick it up, the person I spoke with said I could pick it up at will call. When I got to the store about 6:30pm, I saw the grill that had my last name on it. As I inspected it, I knew immediately that the grill I was being given had been sitting out in the weather. There was plastic covering it that had water spots all over it, then where the plastic stopped, there was water spots up and down the legs and on the front panel of the grill. I asked if this was brand new out of the box and was told it was. I asked to speak with a manager (forgot to get her name), and I showed her all the water spots. She said they may have put the new grill out where the other ones were. I walked out with her and sure enough, a brand new one was at the back of the other grills. There were no water spots on it like there were on the one being given to me.
    I feel I was lied too and being taken advantage of. I had specifically asked for a brand new one and this store was trying to give me one that had clearly been sitting out in the weather, and don’t know how long. The manager swapped it out for me, but could not give me a reason as to why this was done, only apologized.
    I usually don’t complain, but I feel something should be done because I may not be the only one this is happening too. But this is the second time something has happened. Back in April 2022, I purchased a new workbench for my new home. I was told I could pick it up in three days after purchase date so they had time to pull it down from the overflow rafters. I did not have a problem with that. I actually went to pick it up four days after purchase date (same store) and no one could find my workbench. I was told to check back in about an hour and a half and they would have it ready. When I went back, it still had not been pulled down. I asked for the manager and he could not believe what was going on. He personally got some employees and it took another hour, but he got my workbench and again, just apologized for what had happened.
    Again, I am telling this to you because I feel something needs to be done to help this store know how to be honest and to treat their customers better. It is going to be hard to shop at Home Depot right now, because within a 6-7 month period, two major incidents happened, therefore I will not be shopping there again.

  21. This delivery never happened!! Your driver never called and we were inside the house! We didn’t have any notice he was actually in my driveway and did not let s kno! Bad reviews everywhere I can think of!!
    Called and customer support would not reschedule the delivery and actually hung up on me!! I truly thought Home Depot was better than Lowes! Nope, both are the worst!! Unprofessional is an understatement! Unbelievable is what it is!! Worst customer service ever!! Why?? Just do your job!! Contact me immediately!!

  22. We ordered an outside furniture set. We ordered all gray. The couch we received came with blue cushions, not what we ordered. Customer service told us it was from a vendor of theirs and they have a hard time getting in touch with the vendors that we need to keep trying. Which we called, left messages and sent emails. In all honesty we shouldn’t be the ones trying to get in touch with the vendor. We ordered through Home Depot, they need to fix this problem.

  23. I have tried many times to contact by phone to flooring in Pembroke Pines and the lady hangs up on me several times! Very rude!

  24. I bought flooring online (order #W893942576) by the pallet and had 5 boxes left. Took them to Belton MO store. They could t return and had me got to Lee’s Summit MO sore. They would not refund my money as I had bought them by they pallet. The order for this was over $6,100 and I was trying to return $379 worth. Sign behind returns says “Fast and easy return at any store”. Pointed that out, didn’t matter. Talked to someone on the phone, same story. Since we drove an hour to the belton store and unloaded them and they told us to go to Lee’s Summit, another 20 minute drive, we told them to keep the boxes as we did not want to load and unload them again. I even asked for a store credit if they wouldn’t credit my credit card back and the answer was no. I have spent over $25,000 at Home Depot this year building my new house. And they can’t return $379? Ihave bought stuff at Lowe’s online that they do not carry in the store and they refunded my money no problem at all. Worst experience ever will not shop at Home Depot again. Unbelievable. $379 lesson learned. Will make sure to tell all my friend and my builder to never shop at Home Depot

  25. I ordered an 8’ platform ladder on November 12 and it arrived at the Coon Rapids, MN store Monday November 21 at 8:30 am and it’s Tuesday the November 22 at 1:00 pm and they haven’t processed it yet for pickup. How frustrating had I known it was going to be handled this way I would have spent more money elsewhere to receive it without being at the mercy of complacent handling. I have purchased a lot of items from this store and I online. I will be looking elsewhere in the future. I’m sure this item at 11’ tall is in the way of the people that half to move it out of the way to fill orders. It’s not like a box buried in a pallet.

  26. I don’t understand why your store 1208 store looks like you don’t spend any money on remodeling the store it is unsafe the floors have holes in them and your store 1274 West Hempstead looks the same I guess it the location you don’t want spend any money in this store as well I remember how home depot Used to care about the quality of the stores

  27. I purchased appliances through Home Depot with a pick up of the old. The old appliance is now sitting in my guest room and no one can come to get it until after thanksgiving. I am expecting out of town guests that I now have to put up in a hotel! I am upset! I want a refund and you guys and pick up your appliances. I will also be filing with the BBB

  28. Went to purchase 20 bags of wood Pallets I buy all my pallets from the Home Depot in Edgewood Maryland waited a half hour for someone to come out and load up my truck went back inside and got a refund going to tractor supply or I will be buying all my pallets for the rest of the year

  29. I was discriminated against at the Gastonia NC store at 10/30 am 11/12/22. The employee at the paint counter refused to fulfill my request for paint not stain. She a black women pass me off to a white man and said I will not deal with you any more .

  30. I bought a washer & dryer Sunday, October 30 & took delivery November 2. Both went on sale Monday October 31. I paid $275 more on each of them than the sale price of $849 less than 24 hours after my purchase. I tried to resolve this at the Plymouth location where I bought them & was told there was nothing they could do because they had already been delivered. The differential is over $500.
    The only remedy they offered was to have them picked up & cancel the sale & pay a restocking fee. Then rebuy them & set up new delivery. I find this unacceptable as they had just been delivered & not used. I hope you can help me out with this. If not I’ll never buy at Home Depot again & make sure everyone I know knows how your company deals with customers with real issues.

  31. I am extremely disappointed Home Depot has chosen to fund a candidate in the US Senate race in Ohio. I am a lifelong Republican but feel your participation and PAC contribution is totally wrong!

  32. I am a former employee and I was emotionally abuse by my manager and Home Depot never took the time to listen to my story
    I want to be heard

  33. I was referred to a contractor by proreferral because my contractor was busy and I was on a timeline to get my home refinance to a lower rate. This contractor did not complete the Job because he kept leaving to do other projects. The initial bid was $10,500.00 and I ended up paying over $24,000.00 withe job not completed. I was offered $500.00 for the error on proreferals . I signed and returned the paperwork sent to me . I was never contacted again after several text and emails. I have even reachout to Customer Service.

  34. Trying to watch football game today, Alabama and Tennesee. Every few seconds game interrupted with the Home Depot logo flashing on hiding the game!!!! If I am disgusted you know others are. Also reporting to FCC. This is JUST WRONG!

  35. Berlin, MD worst of all stores I gave dealt with all my life, and that’s a long time. Ready to turn my complaint ms over to the MD Attorney General’s office. Charges you for items you did not receive and can not even do simple math ever!!!!!!

  36. It’s obvious complaining DOES NOT HELP, your company is gone down hill soooooo bad. Always hated Lowes but I guess I better learn to like them, I can show my VA disabled veterans card and get my discount but to many hoops at home depot and NOBODY IS WILLING TO HELP. JOHNSON CITY TN STORE SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS. GO ANYWHERE BUT HOME DEPOT IF YOUR A VETERAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yhey don’t want to give you the time of day, in Johnson city TN. Called Corp office and he hung up on my husband so that really sealed the deal with us and home depot in Johnson city TN.

  37. I Do not want to download an app for my military discount and they claim that’s the only way to get my discount. What’s wrong with just showing my VA card? Im a disabled vet and i have a card for proof. I can do that at Lowes, so if you don’t want my business I’m sure Lowes would love to have my money, and we have always preferred home depot but this changes my mind and we have spent a fortune in your stores. If you can fix this problem I would love to still shop there, if not it’s your loss and I Will!!!!! let others know how you treat veterans.

  38. October 7, 2022

    The Home Depot Mid-Atlantic Regional Office
    5325 Nottingham Drive #120
    Nottingham, Maryland 21236

    I am writing this letter to file a complaint against store number 2584 at 6620 Reisterstown Road location in Baltimore, Maryland. I ordered and paid for the measurements for a door for my home. I made several attempts to contact the store this month because it has been quite some time now. Each time I called the store I would get transferred back and forth and end up with an answering service. I left my name and phone number, and no one would return my call. On October 07, 2022, I had to keep calling back because I was getting the same run around of being transferred and ending up with the answering machine and no one returning my call. I finally got to speak with someone who informed me that I still must wait another two weeks for my door. I asked what the process for this is and was informed that the door must go to the contractor, and they must inspect the door then call The Home Depot to let them know the door is in good condition and then contact me to set up an appointment for installation. So I still do not know when I will have my door installed after almost 3 months. I am not clear on why this is taking so long; the weather is changing and on the cold days we have been having my home is very uncomfortable and I must turn on my heat. I put in a down payment of 500 dollars did what was expected of me, I am truly not satisfied with this service. I would appreciate someone from this office helping speed up this service. My contact information is 443-226-xxxx, leoaugxxxxx @yahoo.com.

    Thank You in advance
    Joanna Johnson

  39. Hello Home Depot Corporate Team: I notice that your company is price gouging with delivering items in South West Florida at the Fort Meyers store.

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  40. It is not possible to get more done when a store is managed so poorly. At least at store 1901. It’s Saturday morning and there are only 2 pieces of 2×6 10 on the floor. At least one unit is in the overhead rack. That’s not preparing for weekend business. When a pro sales associate was asked to page a lumber associate he didn’t even offer to help. There was a time they would have gotten up from the desk and get the lumber or at least spot for the lift operator if they did not have a lift license.
    No lumber carts were available at the lumber end of the store. I was told “oh he’s off today that’s why”.
    The level of service is terrible for a company that was built on customer service.
    On the bright side. I wrangled a young man named Ponce and he was great. He got a spotter and brought the unit of lumber down in about 10 min. Not bad for Saturday morning. If badges are still awarded he deserves one.

  41. My daughter moved in to a house in Nutley NJ. Ordered a refrigerator,dishwasher and range from Home Depot gave her a delivery date and the night before they canceled,gave her another date and canceled that one .The gave her another date which was yesterday(9/28)they showed up with only the fridge.On the phone trying to find out when she could get rest of order they said (9/29) after 12:30 ok.My daughter received a phone call this morning her product did not make the truck. This is horrible delivery service you have

  42. my mother in law was waiting for her frig and the drivers didnt want to deliver it and took off . We tried calling and all jennifer who is the warehouse manager
    told us we would have to wait until monday 10/3/22 for the refrigator. Now she has no food for the next 5 days . How sad the she has to wait. Also what happened is that the drivers who were delivering didnt care. My mother in law is 92 years old. All I Can say is how sad.

  43. ordered samsung fridge stove n microwave recived stove n micro no fridge here in nj 4 so called delivery promises. was irdered 9/11/22 today the 25th no one knows where fridge is now they will let me know next wednesday i wanted to cancel they will not refund money put a complaint with home depot credit card this morning i can have my fridge directly from samsung in 2 business days. i will never buy appliances from home depot again and will not recommend others to go there your company needs to go online and see all your complaints specifically deliveries of appliances. terrible service
    marthe konczal your customer!

  44. I shop at some of your Home Depot stores in the Atlanta, Georgia area, especially on Ponce de Leon. I was shocked to know that the manager of the store, is from the Caribbean. Why does Home Depot hire these people to manage their stores from other countries and they come from countries that are broken and messy…to save money? Why is this manager requiring employees to come to a meeting on Sunday, 9/18 at 6:00 am? This is just plain evil. I heard her say with a nasty response to an emplyee, “If you don’t attend, that could cause you to lose your job.” Sunday is a worship day here in America, but I say to you, Home Depot, why do you hire these people in management positions? Why is this particular female manager so hateful. I know that the big bosses at Home Depot know her mistreatment of the employees at this location. I mentioned this to someone and I was old that many of your stores are hiring these types of people, leaving Americans to fend for themselves or just feel totally stressed working for Home Depot. I guess that it is all about you bragging and making money just to say that you are on the stock market. I once spent about $10,000 with you. At the moment, I was shopping for appliances for the holiday season, but I am going to spend my money with Lowe’s. I heard that Lowe’s does not hire alot of foreigners over Americans to work for them.

  45. I currently live in the Sacramento, Ca area, close to Roseville, ca. I have been checking around to all of the local Home Depot stores for “Sparklett’s water, in the one gallon bottles. In the last 2 months there have been no deliveries to any of the stores. I buy 30 gallons per month for my personal consumption. Has there been a cancellation from Alhambra to stock the stores? Are the stores still carrying this product.


  47. Every appliance in my kitchen was purchased from Home Depot. I recently ordered and paid for a new LG Refrigerator to be delivered 08/13/2022. The outgoing fridge was purchased from Home Depot about 7-8 years ago. When it was delivered, doors had to be removed to get it into my kitchen. The delivery people who came this past Saturday were adamant about not doing anything but rolling out the older one and rolling in the new one. They would not consider any alternatives citing Home Depot liability policy. We offered to get neighborhood men to help in moving it if the delivery men would wait and hook it up once we got it in…they could not (would not) wait. The order was cancelled, the merchandise returned and I do not have a refrigerator! I contacted customer service they contacted my local store (Cedar Park, Texas) and told me the store people would look into my situation and contact me. That was two days ago…no contact. I would still like to have the fridge and I cannot believe some solution is not acceptable. My Order number for this transaction is WB2020xxxx

  48. My name is Lydia, I am one of the purchaser’s for Kawasaki Rail Car and I use my pro account. I placed an order on 3/17/2022 9:26Am – order number W883967267. I ordered 36 items and only received 10 of the order. Now, I called the college point, NY location and was put on hold for over 1 hour to then have the store hang up on me. I tried calling another number and received the same result. Finally, I spoke with a representative and was told that I would need to go directly to the store in order to get a refund of $77.22 for the items that were not received. I placed the order on-line to be shipped to one of our sites. Why do I need to visit the store in queens to get our refund? I work in Westchester county and going to the store is NOT an option. Can someone please contact me to resolve this situation.

  49. Attention: Mr. Dwaine Kimmet. I made a $100 cash payment in-store @Sequim, WA 98382 on 08/08/22 with cashier “Zachary” who may have stolen it, very angry. I am outraged, I’ve made approx 12 calls to speak with many people in the organization. I’ve talked with people in the Philippines, plus people @Citibank in Idaho, a couple of store managers, and “Marie in bookkeeping “ who has been the one Angel in this pathetic story … I want a phone call from a Vice President @Home Depot corporate to help resolve this. I have lost faith and patience in this process, however I love the washing machine I purchased on my new Home Depot credit card. I have been faithfully paying it off, trying to be helpful to the company by giving them $100 bills so they don’t have to wait for the stupid bank transactions. Action is required by somebody way above the level l am experiencing so far !

  50. i have placed an order last month have not received my item, order# WB19737461 i have not received this order, i’ve contacted home depot, went the store and have not gottin a valuble responce

  51. Andrew Jay Robles here I’m the fifth grate grandson of the second signer of the declaration of Independence Josiah Bartlett I’m the owner of Pechanga casino SoFi stadium I requested that a home air conditioner unit and furnace be sent to a residence at 1642 Sycamore Street Perris California 92570 that the invoice be sent to Pechanga Indian gaming casino yet still I have received nothing from their store for a two-bedroom home. The location maybe scamming me and billing me for things that I haven’t even ordered so other people can go and sell to get money for drugs or sex and gambling habits with an insider in the business.This home Depot is located in the city of Perris California I believe the exit on the freeway is ethanac they call the city there too Menifee on the other side of the freeway.

  52. I purchased LG Range and above the range LG Microwave and LG Refrigerator on July 15 2022 and the first delivery truck was too big so delivery was rescheduled for Today August 10th delivery guy called at 10:30am said they would be here in 30 minutes to a hour delivery truck arrived 2hours late without a call only one delivery guy spoke English and he went to pull my existing range out and he broke the over door and then the other guy came in speaking Spanish and the English speaking guy told me they would not be able to install my appliances today and just drove off and left after I told them I was calling my local home depot then the customer service lady I was speaking to hung up on me yes I was angry because the delivery guy lied and said my range door was already broken I don’t need this stress Home Depot has put on me I lost my beloved husband of 31years recently and I’m going through a lot of stress right now without having to deal with a terrible situation with getting my appliances delivered Dionne Foley

  53. I just bought two replacement blinds,your white stock blinds. I wouldn’t have but my entire house is done in them with cord. My windows are tall,and now can only be raised three quarters of the way up without a stepping stool. I understand the need for cordless but every doesn’t have children. Why not at least give your customers the option!!! All my other blinds are convenient except these. I am sorely disappointed with The Home Depot! By the way may I mention that all the hardware was also changed too, which made replacing them a maker pain in the a-s, thanks a lot! Sorry,but you need to do better. Think of all of your customers. Rich Custardo

  54. I was at the store on Liberia ave manassas yesterday, buying 2x10x16 treated lumber,and noticed a sign above the door that said nobody beats our prices . You were almost 10 dollars higher then competition. When I brought it to the attention of one of your managers he told me it wasn’t on all materials and me a lower price just to satisfy me. When I ousted the issue he said he would do the price match this time only . But didn’t give me the 10% discount and wouldn’t honor my additional items. So do you beat the competition or not. I shop at that store a lot.

  55. Home Depot discriminates employees by showing favoritism to one of their employees at the Montville Home Depot in New Jersey. We are all cutting hours or told to leave at our scheduled times but 1 special employee doesn’t have to follow those rules!! WHY???

  56. Hi. My name is Tatyana Bakieva. I am Hime deposit Card holder. I have a huge complaint on what happened today at Home Depot location. Our store located on Chantilly p.w. Montgomery Al.
    I purchased 2 months ago a Dishwasher LG STOCK # LDFN454HT. Order # WD98074044 .(not cheap! $ 747) I paid in the store with my Home Depot card. It was shipped to my house. After 1,5 months it started leaking at first a little bit from one side then in a week it started leaking badly. I came to the store today and explained the situation, told what happened, said I would like to exchange or return it. Even without Protection plan we still have 90 days to return by HD warranty return policy. The man by name Colton Preciti(last name not sure) said he is a SM when tired if explanationsto 2 people requesed a SM, he said that if I bring it back he will do refund. I have 2 ladies witnesses from that department staying near when he said that. I rushed home, asked some people to help Uninstall it and loaded on the truck, it took us an hour, we brought it there. I came to the desk and told hom we brought it can smb help to unload it and bring in. Then he said he can not accept it as he found out warranty only 48 hours. I was shocked I said he you just 1 hour ago told me to bring it in after looking all details of my order on your computer, I spent time and people power to bring it in now you ate saying this???. He said Appliances return 48 hours, first of all utilities is ridiculous, all retailers have 90 day and more always, second he himself told me bring it in he will handle return. Then I told him ok at least can they exchange he called lady by name Katty, the lady came and said she is a SM. I was surprised again. I told her what happened and that man who said he is a SM told me to bring it back now saying this . Like is I a game? I am weak woman had to find men power to Uninstall and bring it in. I am a card holder for 6 years, I bought huge amount of Kitchen Appliances, LG fridge, 2 LG washer and Dryer,, 2 lawn Movwrs, bunch of repair stuff, floorings,blinders,tools, decorations, spending much money on all. Never had enough issues with Customer Service. Never was a trouble customer, paid all my bills all in time and in full amounts. Why do they do it with me? She said they can not help. Even after he said he can. I myst call LG. I was shocked I told her why when I was buying it the guy by name Jordan who took my payments never told me it is 48 hours policy (whichbis ridiculoushow I can check it if we do washing1-2 times a week only. Other time not much dish I can wash by hands). No one warned us. I asked at least to exchange they have others on the floor. She said they do not have the same model they can not. Now I have to ask people again to bring it back and unload again. It is not a joke, it is time, money and nerves. How they can play this games with honeted customer? They can find a way to any conflict resolution at the store as all respectful retailers do. I also worked 7 years in Retailer Big companies Never we treated customers such way, especially if Manager said to bring it back for return and then just disappeared behind smb back for false introducing and false promises which cost me much! We always found the way to earn best customer satisfaction . I am very dissappear in Home Depot now. I always thought it is the best Home retailer never went to Lowe’s and others. I always was loyal to the store and now I got this very very bad attitude!
    I am very sad and do not know how and whom I should adress this complaint. Please help me to resolve this very disrespectful situation and dissatisfaction of the customer.

    Tatyana Bakieva
    xxx Bridlebrook blvd
    Pike Road Al

  57. The Home Depot Headquarters
    2455 Paces Ferry Rd SE,
    Atlanta, GA 30339

    Phone: +1 770-433-8211
    Email: public_relations@homedepot.com

    Complaint Regarding Home Depot Flooring Department- 301 S Research Pl, Central Islip, NY 11722

    On June 19th, 2022, I went to my local Home Depot, location mentioned above, for a vinyl flooring project in my home. They sent an estimator the next day. I explained that I needed to have a portion of my kitchen tiles cut and removed for the vinyl flooring, including the two bedrooms, and living and dining room. The estimator said that this would be no problem and that the installation would be completed exactly to those requirements. He took measurements, and the following day I received the total estimation for the merchandise and labor costs. On the June 23rd, 2022, I paid online by Home Depot consumer credit card the full amount for the merchandise and labor costs, which totaled $5,126.61. It took about 19 days to deliver the merchandise to my home, which I understood. Once the merchandise was delivered, the Home Depot authorized installer scheduled with me a date for installation on July 20th, 2022. In preparation for the installation, I took three unpaid days off from my work, from July 20th-July 22nd. The installer came on Wednesday July 20th, with a rude attitude and disagreed to cut and remove the tiles from the kitchen. As per his version, it was not on the contract he got from his office to do so. The installer then left without any proper answer. I called the Home Depot office right away, but they sided with the installer regarding the cutting of tiles. This was confusing and frustrating, as in all my previous discussions with the estimator, the cutting of tiles would be included in the project.

    They forced me without my intention to do the work without cutting the tiles. On July 22nd they sent a new installer to do the work without cutting the tile. This time after cutting and removing a portion of the existing carpet. They said the floor was not fully level, and so Home Depot called me and tried to influence me to pay an extra $3,450 only to level a portion of the floor. This felt 100% like blackmailing, as they left us in a situation where they could force us into an expensive decision. They had already done irreversible work to the home ripping out the carpet, making it a mess and unable for me to live normally. Even more was, that there could be more additional charges after they removed the remaining portion of carpet where I am staying in the house. I declined to do the job anymore with Home Depot and on July 25th I fully canceled my installation. I was given only a refund of $1,374.58, whereas I paid $1,898 for installation only. I am sending this complaint to Home Depot Headquarters to request justice for the malpractice of misleading me and blackmailing me and to receive the full remaing refund of $524.19. Please understand as I am not asking any extra compensation for the mental pressures, time expended, and work hours missed because of this. Please contact me by email, phone, or letter regarding this. Please find attached also my special services customer invoice.

    Jamiul Alam Athar
    xxx Feller Drive
    Central Islip, NY 11722

    Cell: 917-435-xxxx
    Home: 631-761-xxxx
    Email: jxxxxxx @optonline.net

  58. I am trying to find a way to discuss a service related issue on an appliance delivery in NW Ohio. Please forward the appropriate e-mail address from Home Depot Management

  59. I purchased a LG refrigerator on 07/072022 using my Home Depot credit card at your Mexico Rd. store in St. Charles, Missouri. It was suppose to be delivered on 08/15/2022 between 3 and 7p. They delivery never showed up and they called me at 830p to say they couldn’t deliver it as scheduled.
    I spoke to your store manager Kyle. He made nothing but excuses, saying the delivery company didn’t work for Home Depot. I wouldn’t be so upset if I hadn’t already empty the refrigerator and shut it down as instructed prior to delivery of my new appliance. Now I risk losing all my food. The delivery company said they would have to reschedule but did not give me a new delivery date or time. I’m very disappointed in your service and most likely will never shop at Home Depot again.

  60. I purchased a LG refrigerator on 07/072022 using my Home Depot credit card at your Mexico Rd. store in St. Charles, Missouri. It was suppose to be delivered on 08/15/2022 between 3 and 7p. They delivery never showed up and they called me at 830p to say they couldn’t deliver it as scheduled.
    I spoke to your store manager Kyle. He made nothing but excuses, saying the delivery company didn’t work for Home Depot. I wouldn’t be so upset if I hadn’t already empty the refrigerator and shut it down as instructed prior to delivery of my new appliance. Now I risk losing all my food. The delivery company said they would have to reschedule but did not give me a new delivery date or time. I’m very disappointed in your service and most likely will never shop at Home Depot again.

  61. Home Depot in Montgomery, AL at Chantilly held a refund over $2,000 on my order for a month. Someone received interest on it. I sure did not. I DEMAND INTEREST ON MY MONEY.

  62. On 5/27/2022 we ordered 7 appliances from Home Depot. Our choices were also influenced by what was available and “In stock” with delivery date of 7/13. On 7/9 we called to verify we were still on track for 7/13 and were told “Yes” and we could give our old appliances away so we went ahead and gave our range, washer and dryer away. Today, 7/11 we get a text to say delivery pushed out to 8/12! On calling we learned it was the dishwasher that wouldn’t be available until August but it was Home Depot’s policy to push the whole order out! We escalated to Connie a manager in customer resolution and was told she could do nothing, it was Home Depot’s policy. On asking if she personally could see our issue through to see if cancelling the dishwasher could result in the rest of our appliances being delivered this week, Connie says she was “unable to follow up tomorrow as she was off for several days and so was her team and she had no one she could hand this issue over to and we had to call back tomorrow when the vendors were open”. Seriously… there is no one to hand this issue to because everyone was off? Absurd on so many levels! The “policy” needs to change and the customer should not be penalized at the last minute because one item was now on back order!
    I am now interested to see if anyone from customer resolutions will be in contact and if anyone is interested in resolving our issue?

  63. I purchased a LG window Air Conditioner model LW1216ER with an 3 year small appliance protection plan which was delivered to my home. I am a disabled veteran, so prior to purchasing this AC unit I called the Home Depot nearest my home in Lockport, NY #1268 to ask if they have installation and was told yes. So I went ahead and ordered it. So once it arrived they now tell me they do not install AC. I need this installed and have called Home Depot Customer Srv. numerous time which people were suppose to return my call. So I am reaching out through this medium hoping some one at customer service will reach out to me by phone 716-523-xxxx

  64. To whom it may concern. From time to time I go to pick up orders from home depot store #2611 for the second time I’ve been disrespect by the store manager and spoken to in a matter that I do not appreciate,The 1st time I arrived to pick up an order and I walked into the store a few minutes before it open I was confronted by the manager that I had to leave that store because home depot insurance he walked me out of the store and stool at the door waiting for 2minutes for the store to open.Today June 28 2022 I walked in to pick up an order the store manager was a customer service counter I say good morning to him and I told him what I was there for he replied that someone will be with me for me to wait for them I thank him I was there to pick up a power washer I noticed several big boxes I tried to ask him showing him my order how big was the power washer because I drive a small Toyota if it was one of the big boxes I seen I couldn’t fit in my car so I can let my company know to make other arrangements for the older to be picked up. The manager became very rude using language that offended me I didn’t know that he was the manager ask I if a manager was available he stated that he was the manager and continued acting rude and ignorant I want home depot to know about the incident because I fell he has anger issues on it has do do with my race and color.I have to go there if my job sends me.Im lodging this complaint because I feel that a person like that should not be the face of home depot.He is a lawsuit awaiting a due date.

  65. i have been dealing with homedepot here in Biddeford,Maine . to get a new kitchen installed..
    they sub the work out to Rick’s Flooring..
    it’s been 6 month that i haven’t had a complete kitchen..
    i need this done now ..
    i told Rick’s Flooring i have one appointment this week on Wednesday morning with my Doctors..
    i m 78 years old with health issues..
    They now say that they would come Wednesday morning after i already told them that i need to go to the doctors that morning..
    i told if they don’t come wednesday morning it won’t be done till the middle of next month July because they are going on vacation..
    homedepot has been paid in advance and i don’t think i should continue to have to have an unfinished project.
    this needs to be done now i have had chest pain’s all day trying to deal with this and if i go to the hospital it will be because of the treatment i’m receiving

  66. My story is apparently just an echo of what I have read thus far.

    My 86 year old parents live just outside of Wichita, KS. The end of May both of their AC units go down. I live in North Carolina and was unable to get to them. As a stop gap measure until the new AC units would come in (delayed a couple of months due to supply chain issues) I ordered a portable AC unit online from a Home Depot in Wichita. The website listed 22 units available. Apparently that was not true as HD cancelled the order because in actuality there were NO units available.

    I went back to the website and ordered a different unit. The site guaranteed delivery on Monday, June 20th.

    Keep in mind my parents are 86, my mother is unable to walk and my dad has alzheimers. And they are dealing with 90+ degree weather. So getting them this unit was as much a health issue as a comfort issue.

    Monday came and the delivery service couldn’t get down my parent’s driveway because their truck was too big. And they did not have a hand truck, so they would not deliver the AC unit. The driver saw that both of my parents were quite a bit older and limited in mobility. The delivery service said they would deliver it the next day, on Tuesday. Meanwhile I have received an email on Monday saying the unit had been delivered. IT HAD NOT.

    Tuesday came and went, so did Wednesday. No delivery of the AC unit that I had already paid for, etc. I called the store from which it was coming out of. They contacted the delivery company which claimed that had delivered it on Wednesday to a “guy named Bill.” Bill is my dad. He had not been home all day, and NO DELIVERY HAD BEEN MADE. So they lied to us about that. I eventually spoke with a manager whom was very nice. He sympathized and said they would try and deliver it on Thursday.

    Thursday, the unit did get delivered. FOUR DAYS LATE. To an elderly couple who has been sitting in a home with no AC with 96F temperatures outside. If I had not called it would have never been delivered.

    Nobody was taking responsibility nor did they seem to care. The store blamed the delivery service, which is an independent contractor. He blamed a delivery service that his company hired and ultimately is there responsibility.

    I came to Home Depot because I was fed up with Lowes. Home Depot dropped the ball on this completely, and was actually just as bad if not worse than Lowes.


  67. Your customer service at Sixes Rd Holly Spring’s Pkwy is withholding my ordered items Again! Because I complained of their unprofessional behavior and I get sick of their treatment to customers! Have my paid for items released!

  68. After last month and a half I wouldn’t order a bottle of Windex from you people your online system sucks you’ve held my money spent hours on the on the phone and you’ve lost thousands of dollars.

  69. Purchased refrigerator 12-20-2021 The refrigerator was delivered 1-8-2022. Refrigerator shut down march 2022. It is now June. Still waiting for replacement or refund.

  70. I responded to two “promotions” I received in my email that appeared to be from Home Depot. These response resulted in me wasting many hours with the fraud deportment of credit union resulting from fraudulent charges to obtain delivery of the promoted items. Your fraud department should monitor what is displayed on your website and stop the scammers before they result in Home Depot having big problems with State and Federal Law Enforcement.

  71. I purchased hanging plants that were outside & on plant rods or shelves. All the sale signs $19.98 for $12.88. I was charged $12.88 & $16.88 even though 80+ plants were on a rod or a shelf w/ $12.88 signage. There were at least 80 plants in the same location as the one’s I spent 2+ hrs picking. The sales person said they were not supposed to be there. Regardless, all plants were under the $19.99 for $12.88 signage. Not good business

  72. My local HD doesn’t stock the items I need. They tried to order it, but cancelled the order. Two stores about 25 miles away each, may have the items, but my local store says they can’t be delivered to my local store . How come? Order # H4007-00097-xxxxx.

  73. I don’t understand why Home Depot hires so many foreign people but expect Americans to buy their products. These people are put in key positions inside Home Depot. Foreigners as we all know look out for foreigners. Places like Home Depot contribute to part of the problem in America. This country is falling fast and Home Depot, you should be ashamed. Many Americans need jobs. Everybody is not sitting at home. Then you brag about the money that this company is making; paying for cheap labor
    and crazy funky foreign attitudes.

  74. I bought a washer and dryer. Before the delivery, I canceled my order. I waited 10 days for a refund, and hasn’t received my money back yet ?

  75. My wife and I purchased a door for our home in January of 2022 at the HOME DEPOT in Naperville, IL. We were told the order would take 4-6 weeks. The delivery date was then pushed back to end of February. Then pushed back a second time to end of March and a third time to end of April. When the door finally arrived HOME DEPOT would not put us on their schedule until we paid the install fee up front, as if my house, my wife and I were going to run away. I paid the install fee up front and was given an install day of May 3rd. On May 3rd HOME DEPOT calls and tells me they don’t have all the parts. They have the door for over a week and don’t bother checking to make sure everything is ready to go. The HOME DEPOT pushes the install date back to June (today). Once again the HOME DEPOT misses the install date. One person tells me its because of the rain (THE DOOR IS UNDER AN EAVE!) And next door a construction crew is building an entire house. While another representative tells me they aren’t feeling well. So We are not getting the straight story and a second installation has been missed after HOME DEPOT DEMANDS their money up front for the install. This place has just lost a customer! I will never go into a HOME DEPOT STORE AGAIN!

  76. Your store manager Jeff Boss retaliate against me, and he have other managers harass mean follow me to the bathroom refuse to let me be off my religious holiday refusal to give me my Raise a year ago, supervisor Sheila Rogers yelling me in front of customers I have witnessed customers Winnies phone numbers of a customer that we can situate employee witnesses saw it she also threatened me and said I was going lose my job and I told Bill the other manager but he didn’t do nothing about it. My friend and supervisor also had a husband come to Home Depot and she was saying him know who I was at the sound OK they both walked up to registry does happen this month and I told the manager and the district HR and I refuse to do anything about it because they are working together they also mistreated other people. This being going on for also most two years at the store so when are you all going to do something about it Homedepot 4155 Porter Washington Rd., Milwaukee, WI store 4912

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