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Google Customer Service Phone Numbers.

List of Google Customer Service phone numbers, contact and complaint methods.

The preferred way to contact Google’s customer service is by using their Support Help Page. Click on a product or service and then click on the Contact Us button in the top right corner, if it is available for that service.

Google Customer Support Phone Numbers.

Google’s main customer service phone number is 1-650-253-0000.

Be prepared for a fairly long wait, if you use this number, however.


G Suite (Google Apps) Customer Support Number: 


G Suite (Google Apps) Customer Support Number (USA):


Available to G Suite administrators only.


Google Adwords Customer Support Phone Number (US):

1-866-2GOOGLE (1-866-246-6453)

Adwords Support hours:  9:00 am – 8:00 pm EST Monday – Friday.


Google Gmail Customer Service phone number:



Google Media and Press phone number.


Or contact by email on press@google.com.


Please use the comment section to share your experiences with contacting Google Support.

11 thoughts on “Google Customer Service Phone Number

  1. my mail-id is not open , verification codes over email, phone call, or message. not availed verification email-id .so please help

  2. I do not even have access to this account. Please delete it. I’m not sure if it’s clkearxxx@gmail or kearboxx from gmail. But I can’t access either email. Please cancel these services.

  3. Google installed a screenlock on my smartphone and now I cant use it no one at google has contacted me despite a number of messages I sent them there is nil customer care at all.

    Peter Bush

  4. It’s impossible to talk to anyone in customer service at google. Their automated answering service dosen’t address my problem and I want to ask a representative how to get help. So far they and their sites and phones are useless. I just dumped AT&T phone service after 20 years because I kept getting the runaround on a simple question. Seems Google is infected with the same too big to care attitude.

  5. I am having problems trying to log in into my Android phone with my google account. Please help me. I cannot use my phone and I am a sick person. Please help me. My number is 228-596-xxxx. My email address xxxxxxx@gmail.com. Somehow my email address was linked to another one which I do not use for a long time. I don’t know how to fix this so that I can continue using my phone and my above mentioned email.

  6. I need help getting into my G-Mail. My laptop was updated via Hewlett-Packard, I do not recall my password and I think the phone number you have for me is incorrect. My name is Alison & Please contact me at (956) 245-xxxx. I need to get this situation rectified, ASAP. Thank You

  7. I have been using this computer for many years with the english language whick I read and speak. Now somehow every thing is switched to spanish which I cannot read. My facebook and gmail accounts are spanish. Convert my programs back to english. Thank you.

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