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Uber Customer Service Phone Numbers and Contacts.

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What is Uber?

Uber Technologies Inc. is an American online transportation company, that operates the Uber mobile “app”. With the Uber App, customers can submit a trip request, a private “taxi” ride, and the app automatically sends the nearest Uber driver to pick up the costumer.

Uber drivers use their own personal cars. The Uber service is available in 66 countries and 507 cities worldwide, so far. Uber is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Uber Phone Numbers.

Uber is notoriously hard to get a hold of over the telephone. The company is actively discouraging phone calls, so do not be surprised, if you are met with a recorded message, when calling these numbers. Instead, use the Uber In-App Support.

Uber Emergency phone number (USA) is 1-800-353-8237  (1-800-353-UBER)

The above number is used for medical and police emergencies only!

Uber Customer Service phone number: 1-415-986-2104

Uber Customer Support Info Number: 1-415-801-4068

Uber Headquarters Phone Number: 1-866-576-1039

Uber App Contact.

The fastest way to contact Uber, however, is through the Uber App customer service. Use the trip support link in the app to contact Uber. You can choose between 12 catogires, including “I lost an item” or “I had an issue with my driver.”

Question usually answered in less than an hour.

You can download the Uber app from iTunes or Google Play.

Uber Online Email Support.

Uber’s online support include an Email Form, where you can submit an complaint about an Uber trip or service.

The Email Form can be found here.

Uber used to have a customer service email address at: support@uber.com, but this email address has been phased out.

Instead, drivers and passengers are requested to report everything from lost bags to bas service inside the Uber App.

Uber Twitter Customer Service.

If you about complaint, question or issue about the Uber service or app, then you can also contact the company on Twitter. Their Twitter account page address is www.twitter.com/Uber_Support

Tweet your issue to their handle: @Uber_support.

If your issue is about a ride, then please submit the ride details.

Uber Mail Address.

The Uber Corporate Address is:


1455 Market St #400, San Francisco, CA 94103

United States

Uber Live Chat.

You can chat with aused to be able to chat with an Uber representative by visiting the Uber Chat page on t.uber.com/chatwithus. However, as of 2016 the chat service has ben discontinued.

Uber Drivers Community.

The Uber Driver’s (Partners) community forum can accessed here.

This website, Ubermovement.com, also supplies local information for new or aspiring drivers and has dedicated pages for many different countries and cities.

How much does an Uber Driver earn?

The average pay per hour for Uber Partners/Drivers vary from city to city and from country to country.

In the USA, the average Uber driver makes approximately $19 an hour. In Los Angeles, drivers make $20-$25 an hour, while drivers in New York take home more than $30 an hour. On average, full-time Uber drivers make approximately $40,000 a year in the US after commission, fuel expenses and taxes.

In London, United Kingdom the average driver makes around £36000 a year before taxes and expenses and £20-25000 after taxes.

How Much Does Uber Cost?

An Uber fare is calculated based on:
Base fare – A flat Starting fee
Cost per minute – Charge per minute, once you enter the ride
Cost per mile – Charge per mile
Booking Fee  – A flat fee

The fare is then calculated like this: Base Fare + (Cost per minute x time in ride) + (Cost per mile x ride distance) + Booking Fee = Your Uber Fare. Uber rates vary depending on the typeof car also: UberX, XL, UberSelect, Black Car,and SUV. The base fare, cost per minute, and cost per mile can likewise be different from city to city. Lastly, please note that Uber charges more during work commute times, from 7am to 9am and 4pm to 6pm.

Uber Fare Estimator.

Use the Uber Fare Estimator, to get an idea of the costs, before you book your ride.

Fare Example for major American cities in 2016:

Base Fare Cost per minute Cost per mile Booking Fee Minimum
UberX $0 $0.15 $0.90 $1.65 $5.15
UberXL $1 $0.30 $1.55 $1.65 $7.65
UberSelect $5 $0.40 $2.35 $1.65 $10.65
UberBlack $8 $0.45 $3.55 n/a $15
UberSUV $15 $0.55 $4.25 n/a $25


Uber Resources.

Uber San Francisco

Uber San Diego

Uber New York (NYC)

Uber Los Angeles

Uber Miami

Uber Chicago

Uber on Facebook

Uber Support on Twitter

Uber Help Page

Uber Driver Login

Uber Rider Login

Please share your Uber experiences or Uber complaints in the comment section.

52 thoughts on “Uber Customer Service Phone Number

  1. My daughter was robbed and beaten last nite after booking an uber ride , by the driver an accomplice who joined him

  2. I have had more than one Uber Eats order delivered to me missing an item or missing the entire order. This happened again yesterday, Sept 1, 2023. Through the app I reported that I had one item missing. On Sept 2, 2023, I received response from support saying that the decision was made NOT to refund me for the one missing item because they researched and say that this problem had occurred for me multiple times in the past. They would be correct but their conclusion is incorrect. It seems because of the recurrent nature of this problem, I, as the customer am being penalized and being forced to give Uber money for items not received instead of realizing that if this has happened to me multiple times it’s because the problem of missing items and/or undelivered orders is a recurring problem when using Uber Eats. I informed the person relaying this decision to me that I have no choice at this point other than to use an alternate food delivery service. I hope they are better at delivering the orders in their entirety than Uber Eats is and I certainly hope it is not their practice to blame the customer without any evidence that the customer was actually at fault.

  3. I’m an American here in Toronto Canada for the next few months I’d like to work for Uber as a driver my car and license and registration and plate all from USA can I work here in Toronto Canada with an American car

  4. I am being charged for rides I did NOT take. I want them to take me off their list and they won’t. Please investigate mr Treybullen sanfrancisco he’s charging me when I did NOT use. I regret ever getting involved with Uber. Glenn iwaasa. GET ME OFF LIST.

  5. Most Uber cabs in Bengaluru claim their air conditioning is not working. Action needs to be taken against driver Alagu, car registration number KA53C8285 and I should get a refund for poor service.,

  6. What happened was a driver did not show at my house. I don’t know what the problem was or how to address it. I had to reschedule my flight & pay an extra $400.

  7. Don’t you want people to use your business? I’m trying to download app onto phone and you’re sending multiple pictures to verify of bicycles and streetlights etc… These pictures are too small to see with magnifying glass. What!!!!

  8. I am trying to sign up and drive for Uber, I’ve given everything you as for thus far…UNTIL you asked for my SS#, now I stopped…Is this for real? Why would you expect me to give you my social security number online? I would expect a bank account number, yes, but that’s it. Please get back to me? Thank you. Sincerely Frank

  9. Anyone interested in pursuing a “Class Action Lawsuit” against Uber for numerous infractions of the law, i.e. fraud, theft, etc. please contact me.

  10. I don’t have an account with uber. but you still charged me 229.29 and now I can’t get ahold of any one to get it back. good going you stole money from a youg disabled gal. you should be proud

    1. Don’t feel bad i am a driver and they locked me out over a faults report and will not provide me with a unlock to my account i just keep getting told you must be patient and wait another 24 hours and how they understand my issue no they don’t cause if they did they would fix it Good luck i hope you got a answer

  11. I use uber to go to the city normally it will run me 11.00 – 14.00 but when there is any kind of activity going on the rates will go as high as 24.00 more than a regular taxi they claim it’s because they are too busy
    Not true because I found out that on those days uber drivers will come from all over the state to make money
    Taxi companies don’t do that how is it Uber can get away with this.

  12. Just this past weekend on Friday April 14th, me & my friends requested for an uber driver to pick us up from the bar. My friend ended up getting sick but did not throw up in the car, she managed to open the car door & throw up outside. The driver complained saying that there was throw up in her car. 3 of us checked & there was no throw up in the car! Also let me remind you, the uber made us get out of the car & didn’t even drive us to our destination!!! So we walked home. The next day my card was charge over $150 from the uber because she said there was throw up all over her car. When I contacted customer service, they send pictures over of what looked like dried soda on the floor of the car. When I looked closer at the the vehicle, it WAS NOT the same vehicle the uber picked us up in. The car we got picked up in was a beige color & the pictures that were sent over was totally a different car & the color was RED. & now im stuck going back & fourth with uber customer service for a refund. I will never take an uber again!

  13. On 2/28, I requested an uber, the car that arrived was not the car or license plate that matched the app,when I complained, they shrugged it off. On 3/5, I requested an Uber, the license plate did not match. They shrugged it off. On 3/25, I requested an Uber, the driver started the trip several minutes before picking me up, they shrugged it off. I guess it’s time to use Lyft.

    1. Lori, I agree about how you may have been shrugged off, more so ignored. Perhaps this why I faults with Uber. I too have been shrugged off and can see that Uber is into more than they claim with no respect to privacy, the law and their false assurances. I have written them but they use a embedded mail contact, and I can see where they may find excuse why they have no record of your complaint. My advice is to discontinue the use of Uber or accept their conduct. The best to you and your endeavors.

  14. Was charged today $30 by Uber for a ride (Miami) I requested but the driver never appeared. When I raised the issue thru the Uber app, their “customer service” personnel responded within 6 minutes that they looked into the matter and found no merit for my claim!! My follow-up message was similarly dismissed within a matter of minutes. Clearly Uber cares nothing about customer satisfaction.

    On to lyft.

  15. Congratulations on the publication. To Uber every day more has evolved around the world helping drivers, passengers and respectively a city. It is also loved by many and hated by a minority.

  16. 11 false Uber rides were charged to my Dillard’s charge card in January. About The same number were charged to my Chase card in December. This may be an inside job. I will provide more information if you respond to this email.

  17. Uber customer service. they sent templated responses that don’t even answer your questions. Even worse, I replied back stating your response did not answer my question and they sent me the same template two more times. And there is no way to speak to a human being. Guess I’ll have to start using Lyft

  18. sir my driver not arrive and im wating 40 minutes, then cancelled this trip but 150rs charge in my account plz help me. Car number Amt726 toyota vitz driver name shariq

  19. Congratulations on the publication. Uber every day has evolved around the world helping drivers, passengers and respectively a city. It is also loved by many and hated by a minority.

  20. Uber company is cheating its customers. Drivers did not attend the call ,came late TOOK MORE THAN ONE HOUR, switched off their phone and then the company unnecessary charging cancellation charges.Not on the same day, they sent mail when you book next ride.Driver fights with customer that is why again customers are switching over to some other company. Waive my charges.

  21. I am a Driver and I do NOT wish to die while making 50 cents an hour in my $30,000 car. The neighborhoods I serve are War Zones and you prevent ME from carrying a gun but HOW DO YOU PREVENT THE GANGS THAT USE MY CAR FROM CARRYING? You “San Frans” are a bunch of Liberal Idiots and you don’t care if I get shot.

    Eugene V. Clements UBER Driver – Memphis, TN

    1. Eugene, I was told I would be compensated for two rides. I have yet to receive my money. was to riding 24-48 hours. The next day when I emailed Uber to ask about the compensation I was told I could not get any money because it was the third day. Very unhappy driving for Uber. Not worth the wear and tear on my car,plus gas and you get paid pennies and can’t reach anyone.

  22. I signed up as a driver last week and Uber won’t accept my bank account even though I’ve re set it a million time. There is no way to contact someone and they haven’t paid me, yet they got their fees. Pay me my money!

    1. Jess, I was a Uber Driver in Australia in the Gold Coast for 2 and a half months and i had over 1,500 customers on my Uber platform and 2 customers falsely accused me that i was a dangerous driver.

      Another customer falsely accused me off drinking and driving as it is defamation and i am going to put Uber Company on the news in Australia for not looking into the case as i do not drink and drive.

      So everyone that wants to come a Uber Driver do not do it please because Uber Company is not there for the Driver’s at all.

      If need USA people that like driving and what to make 100% money in profit because I am a App developer in Australia and i am needing driving in USA this year on my platform as my new app and it is call Ridershare With Great Rate’s and it is a against Uber Company.

      I DO NOT recommend being a Uber Driver at all. Because Uber is not there for the Driver’s at all.

      Thank you Kojack Pam

  23. I received seven randomely priced charges on my card, so when trying to contact support, the first number I tried was not even a connected number, and the second one rang for abount 2 minutes and hung up. wonderful customer support I must say.

  24. As a person trying to sign up to do deliveries, i have found the app and website don’t work well together and that customer support to get sign up issues resolved is awful.
    They dont really read your questions or perhaps they don’t speak English and are poorly translating. But in the end I never get my questions answered.
    To complicate matters when you respond to their answer. You dont get the same person and the new person doesn’t read the history of the problem and you have to start all over again.
    Definitely awful. So far unable to get fully registered.

  25. I ordered an Uber to go to the airport in Toronto Ontario. When the fee came up on the screen it said it would cost $28. I took the car because it was a good price.
    After getting out of the car I gave the driver a ten dollar tip as I thought it was a good price and wanted to thank him. At the airport while waiting to check in my bags I connected to the airport wifi only to find out I was charged $5 & $60 for the trip!! I am still trying to resolve this. I have been taken advantage of by Uber because I was flying out of the city. I have no number to call and not only have I been told that they have resolved it, they have taken a further $28 out of my account. All I wanted was a refund because I have been misinformed and overcharged (which is theft) and lied to multiple times. I am taking this matter further and will never use Uber again.
    They advertise that they are cheaper than taxicabs which is false advertising, I have have been charged for trips I did not make and I was overcharged for a trip that should have cost $28

    1. I also got ripped off by Uber, as my ride was estimated at 2.99 then got $9.20 taken out of my account for a 2 mile ride! Using lyft from now on.

    2. Sarah,I too had a problem with Uber last year but it was easily resolved by my email request. They immediately put the disputed amount as credit back into my Uber account which was fine with me. This year I can’t find an email address to contact them about a problem I had with Uber not being able to arrive soon enough. (40 min wait?) Of course, I’ve trashed all my old email.

  26. My uber driver expected a to for assisting my with my bags and due to not recieving it, he claimed that his car needed cleaning from my dog. My dog didn’t even slobber in his car and if he had a problem when transporting an animal be should have refused the trip. A $16 ride is now $96 and we are fighting this.

  27. I’m getting unsolicited text spam messages from uber I want it to stop but no way to contact uber by phone. Ive submitted emails no response facebook messages no response


  28. I recently signed up to do Uber bicycle deliveries. I made a delivery to Brooklyn from Manhattan.

    In their video, it says simply contact them for long trips and they will adjust the rate. I traveled 11 miles and they refuse to acknowledge the adjustment.

    Also, I have to be vigilant about checking my fares. They always seem to “forget” adding the correct boost amount or at all!

    Anyone else having this problem?

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