Starbucks Customer Service Phone Number

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Starbucks Customer Service Phone Numbers.

Starbucks has several Customer Service phone number, that you can call, if you have a question, complaint or recommendation.

If you want to give feedback on your store experiences, or have a question about your Starbucks Card or My Starbucks Rewards, then the preferred Starbucks Customer Service number is:

1-800-STARBUC (1-800-782-7282).

The Customer Care number is reachable from 3 AM-Midnight PT, 7 days a week.

An alternative Starbucks Customer Service Number is: 1-877-309-3180

The Starbucks Online Store Customer Number is: 1-877-421-9062.

The Online Store number is for issue relating to the Starbucks Online Store, only. The Online Store number is open from Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST.

Starbucks Live Chat Customer Service.

An easy way to reach the customer service, if you are online, is by accessing the Starbucks Live Chat.

Simply visit their online Customer Service Page, and look at the right side of the screen. A green ‘Live Chat’ button will be visible, and by clicking it, a chat window will open. Enter your screen name and wait for a customer representative to enter the chat.

Starbucks Customer Service Email Form.

Use the Starbucks email form system, you need to contact Starbucks, but can wait or day or two for the answer. This method avoids any waiting time that you might experience, if you call the call center.

Starbucks also has a dedicated customer service email address, though it is unknown how long they take to answer emails sent to this address. The Starbucks Email address is:

Starbucks Twitter Customer Care.

Starbucks have staff at hand to to answer any tweets, that you might direct at their Twitter handle, @starbucks. Remember, that tweets are limited to 140 characters.

Alternatively, you can contact Starbucks via Facebook or LinkedIn.

My Starbucks Ideas.

Starbucks runs a feedback website for ideas and recommendations. You can find the Starbucks Ideas Site here. You can submit ideas, see the most popular ideas and vote for suggestions and recommendations.

10 thoughts on “Starbucks Customer Service Phone Number

  1. I have spent countless time on the phone, awaiting customer service twice now my card has been completely hacked and all of the money gone. I don’t know why this is happening and feel very uncomfortable, loading the card over and over to have this happen.

  2. I cannot find the VIA latte instant caffe Mocha packets. They made 1 8oz cup of cafe mocha. Have you discontinued them?

  3. Visited Starbucks in Munich, Karlsplatz, „overground“ ( not in the basement): Order not taken correctly, quality not as I used to have!! This location needs different management !
    While I was waiting, more customers were wrongly served..-sorry!! Bad experience with Starbucks!!

  4. Really annoyed as just placed an order at the Nuneaton drive through branch, to be told they only accept card, and not cash. We unfortunately did not have any cards on us, just the money. The lady at the window was very rude and bluntly told my partner “we do not accept cash” my partner apologised and also Informed the cashier that he could not find a sign regarding this information. The cashier said. No more, puller the order back in and closed her window,
    I feel really ashamed and. Humiliated right about now! Disgusted!

  5. I have seen your commercial from India. I will never buy your coffee again. And I will be sharing this with ALL my friends, all over the world . SMH. Shame on you all!! God will remember this. As will I. But you don’t have to fear me. Only Him. Amen

  6. I think it’s totally unfair and absolutely ridiculous that we wait in line at the airport for an hour for a drink for the barista to tell me the new drink displayed is not available. It would be nice to have a sign out so people aren’t waiting forever nearly missing a flight to not get a drink. The new brown sugar oatmilk

    1. You should all see the commercial airing in India…. goggle it. Incredible … an Indian mom and dad waiting for their son to show up….. he shows up in drag. Can’t we all just have a cup of coffee without all this …. don’t fear me. Fear God …. Ashamed to say I’m a member of this world membership.

  7. here’s a shout-out for Justin and Leanne, who work at Plumb Lane and Arlington shop. Not only a great team but able to give the customer exactly what was ordered; Leanne remembered my order after only one visit. She is very intelligent and deserves a raise!! Or a promotion to management. or both. Justin and Leanne also have a nice team-sense of humor; give ’em BOTH a raise. I tip my hat to them.

  8. Kindly check starbucks branch here at SM Tarlac, their wash area in their restroom had been defective for si long ( on my count, almost 2 months), in fact i’ve already completed my stickers and it is still temporary defective. Define “temporary”? It shld have been marked, permanent, instead. Thanks

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