Straight Talk Customer Service Phone Number

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Straight Talk Customer Service Phone Numbers.

See all Straight Talk phone numbers, email addresses and Live Chat customer services.

Learn how to contact Straight Talk for refills, new SIM cards, Wireless plans, complaints and more.

Straight Talk is a mobile phone operator, that offers several different rate plans, through a partnership between TracFone and Walmart.

Straight Talk is exclusive to Walmart stores, because of a joint-venture program between the companies. Phones, SIM cards and services can also be bought directly from or by telephone.

Straight Talk Phone Numbers.

Use these contacts numbers to reach the Straight Talk Customer Service.

Straight Talk  Customer Service Number: 1-877-430-2355

Straight Talk Toll-Free 800 Customer Service Number: 1-800-876-5753

Straight Talk Customer Service Number – Alternative: 1-800-353-1842

Straight Talk SIM Card Customers Number: 1-855-222-2355

Straight Talk Toll-Free Home Phone Number: 1-800-299-7784

Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot Number: 1-877-430-2355

The Straight Talk Customer Care Call Center Hours are:

8 AM – 11:45 PM (EST)

7 days a week

Average Wait Time: 15 minutes.

TIP: When you are asked for a phone number, then press 1, 1, 5, 2, 5, 2 and then 0# to reach a real person.

To activate a new Straight Talk phone online, just visit You can also activate by calling 1-877-430-CELL (2355) from any phone.

Straight Talk Customer Service Email:

You can contact Straight Talk with email via the following email address:

Straight Talk Live Chat Customer Service.

Straight talk has an excellent Live Chat service, that you can contact for any queries, complaints or questions.

Use the Live Chat by visiting their Contact Us page and click on the red “Click to Chat Now” button.

Straight Talk Customer Service Mail Address.

Send your correspondence to this mail address, if you choose to communicate by mail.

Straight Talk, Inc
Attention: Executive Resolution Department
9700 NW 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178

Straight Talk TEXT Helpline.

You can text a question or keyword to 611611 to have help information directly sent to your phone via text.

Straight Talk Resources.

Straight Talk FAQ.

Straight Talk General Support.

Straight Talk Refill.

Straight Call Activation.

Straight Talk on Facebook.

Straight Talk on Twitter. Tweet your question to @AskStraightTalk.
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12 thoughts on “Straight Talk Customer Service Phone Number

  1. On phone with customer service an entire day! Yes! Over 12 hours trying to get my number switched over to another svs!!!

  2. I bought an iphone from walmart and tried to activate it for 3 days ! then had to return it to walmart.. they told me that when i bought it they scanned the wrong serial number thats why it would not ativate!! so now after all that the phone that i tried to transfer it from does not work either and the 35 dollar refill card i used is no good either!!! can ANYONE help me??? phone # I tried to transfer is 1-662-598-5928….

  3. I never get data. When it went up to 5gb, I still didn’t and now it’s going up to 8gb and I still won’t get any and I have a straight talk phone. I’ve been with them for years and it’s happened for years. I was included in the class action about them not give good us the data and at the end, I got like $2 and some change after not having data and paying $45 per month for over a year (at that time). They blocked me on Facebook and I got a return email a while ago saying that the email address for them is not valid. What a joke. I don’t use data a lot anyway, but when I need it or need to use gps, even in open areas, I have none. They are stealing from me and not providing what they promised. I’m sure I’m not the only one and I’d like to figure out how to sue them for stealing and false promises.

  4. Purchased phone and 45.monthly unlimited card. Made call to activate and phone was activated and service plan applied to phone. Call ended without giving us our new cell number,so we called back. second and third fourth calls the automated system begins telling us the mei number and or sims card number dont match their records. Finally after searching on the internet we were able to find a number that connected us to a live person who explained simply that everything matched fine but our sim card was defective and we would have to be mailed a new sim card taking 2-3 business days. My husband wanted to return the whole package back to wal-mart tonight but because we had applied the prepaid service plan to the phone and the phone itself had been activated we would lose the 45.00 plan if we chose to not wait for new sim card in mail. ok, not the end of the world but not conveniant. The phone representative was very nice and spoke clearly. Hold time was less then 2 minutes. One strange thing was when we found a listing of numbers to contact straight talk when we called them their automated system answered with thank you for calling SAfelink…..Not even same service provider at all! Weird! It would help our own people to have these call center jobs and would give better call quality in communication with people that speak and understand CLEAR ENGLISH! I guess the non us citizen have better credit and background checks since we cant get those jobs here. Sad really. Who’s dominating communications? we forget how very important that department is in our country. Communication.

  5. I added minutes to my phone on my cell, but nothing works now. No data no phone service. I have chatted with a couple of people. But they tell me to call customer service. I never could get through to a human.

  6. Your long wait for a customer car agent , waiting more than 15 minutes, do you not employ enough agents? You say our call is important to you, doesn’t seem to be! Don’t even know why I have to even make a call in regards to my service since I am on a monthly auto deduct payment, and have been , my service is a home phone.

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