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CVS Headquarters.

Everything you need to know about CVS Health, their corporate office and their customer service operations.

We have provided all available contact details for the company’s main departments, including the CVS Customer Service phone numbers, CVS Corporate Office address, Investor, Media Relations, and Careers pages, as well as a detailed guide on how to complaint to CVS and CVS Caremark.

About CVS.

CVS Health is a Rhode Island corporation that was established in 1996, although its origins can be traced back to the 1960s, when Melville Corporation / Consumer Value Store began selling health and beauty products in Massachusetts. The company expanded considerably during the 80s, when it became one of the largest pharmacy chains in the US.

CVS is now a public Fortune 500 company with more than 9,500 stores across 49 states. The company has several subsidiaries, including CVS Pharmacy, MinuteClinic, CVS Caremark, and Omnicare.

CVS Corporate Office Contacts.

Use the contact details below to reach the CVS corporate headquarters in Rhode Island:

CVS Headquarters Phone Number.

CVS Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time)

CVS Headquarters Address.
1 CVS Drive, Woonsocket,
Rhode Island, 02895

cvs headquarters
CVS Headquarters in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. CVS Health and CVS Caremark are Rhode Island’s largest private employers with around 6000 employees located across the state.

CVS Executive Team.

The is the complete leadership team at CVS.

  • Larry J. Merlo, President and CEO
  • David M. Denton, Chief Financial Officer
  • Helena B. Foulkes, Executive VP (CVS Health) and President (CVS Pharmacy)
  • Jonathan C. Roberts, President (CVS Caremark)
  • Troyen Brennan, M.D., Chief Medical Officer
  • Thomas M. Moriarty, General Counsel and Health Strategy Officer
  • Robert O. Kraft, Executive VP (Omnicare)
  • Lisa Bisaccia, Executive VP (Human Resources)
  • Andrew J. Sussman, M.D., President (MinuteClinic)
  • Stephen J. Gold, Chief Information Officer
  • J. David Joyner, Executive VP (Sales and Marketing)
  • Per Lofberg, Executive VP (CVS Health)
  • Eva Boratto, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer

CVS Board of Directors:

  • Richard M. Bracken
  • C. David Brown II
  • Alecia A. Decoudreaux
  • Nancy-Ann Deparle
  • David W. Dorman
  • Anne M. Finucane
  • Larry J. Merlo
  • Jean-Pierre Millon
  • Richard J. Swift
  • William C. Weldon
  • Tony L. White

CVS Careers and Jobs.

Visit this page to browse the current retail job openings with CVS. The page includes links to other opportunities in retail store management, pharmacy internships and store leadership internships.

The CVS Health LinkedIn page also lists the top US-based jobs at CVS. Nurses and physicians can email the HR team at minuteclinicjobs@cvs.com to enquire about job opportunities.

How to complain to CVS.

Call 1-800-746-7287 to reach the CVS Customer Service. Contact customer service agents are available from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. (EST).

If your complaint is related to website and account problems or prescription management, you can call 1-888-607-4287 anytime between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. (Monday-Friday) and 8.30 a.m. and 9 p.m. on weekends.

Written complaints can be sent to:

CVS Corporation, Customer Relations, One CVS Drive, Woonsocket, RI 02895.

An email form is available here and complaints sent using this method are usually replied to within 5 business days. Alternatively, you can send an email to customercare@cvs.com, if you have an issue, question or complaint.

Another fast solution for CVS Pharmacy customers is to tweet your issue at the handle @CVS_Extra here.

Omnicare Contacts.

Omnicare is a subsidiary of CVS Health and you can write to the at:

Omnicare, Inc. Corporate Offices
900 Omnicare Center
201 East Fourth Street
Cincinnati OH 45202

The Omnicare Phone Number is: 1-800-990-6664

Existing customers can also reach Omnicare by emailing: results@omnicare.com.

CVS Caremark Contacts.

For questions regarding Caremark prescription benefits, you can call the Caremark Customer Care toll-free phone number at 1-800-552-8159. For technical support, please call toll-free at 1-877-460-7766.

You can also write directly the CVS Caremark at:

CVS Caremark
Customer Care Correspondence
PO Box 6590
Lee’s Summit, MO 64064-6590

CVS Caremark  also has a customer service email form available. Provide an email address or aphone number, if you want to be contacted by a Caremark representative.

Other CVS Resources.

Here you will find a compilation of additional CVS resources to help you find the right contact / department at this healthcare corporation:

Please share your experiences, praise or complaints about CVS and CVS Caremark, in the comment section.

108 thoughts on “CVS Headquarters

  1. I went to pick up my medicine at CVS on W. Market St. in Akron, Ohio. The lady behind the counter with Mary Ruth, got loud to nap her lips, and then you had a customer in my conversation, dipping, which I find disrespectful. this happened March 21st at 11:55 on West market on the corner Frank Boulevard and West market at the CVS. The girls smacked her lips and I smacked them back then you had a customer and all in my conversation being disrespectful you need to look at the video tape because I know they had cameras in there. I did nothing wrong, but check your worker she needs to be fired. She doesn’t have any people skills.

  2. Manager at cvs dirchester rd Summerville sc She is rude treats her employees terrible I pray and Hope other managers are better in their stores than she is no wonder every time u go in there is a turn around of employees Sad

  3. This is the second time this has happened with promotional products at the 13400 Immokalee Rd Naples FL location. I try to purchase a sale item (BOGO) and they clain they don’t have any in stock. Go home and place an online order of said item and pick up an hour later. This is the a recurring problem at this location.

  4. I come to the drive-thru I thought what it’s supposed to be a drive-thru But when you come up you got to sit here for it 15 minutes in a Drive-Thru to wait to pick up A prescription Not the first time this has happened.

  5. My brother disable person went in to get his breathing medications the CVS,495 Charles Hardy Pkwy in Paulding Georgia- 770-445-2148.
    He was treated very bad. The lady at the counter gave him the wrong breathing medication.Then ask him why did you drive to far to this pharmacy. Like he was trying to get medication to get high on. He lives a long way from any pharmacies. Which was none of her business. He standing 6 to 7 feet from her and told him back up get out of my space.
    She rude and hateful. If she is that afraid then she needs to lock herself up at home. This happen morning of July 14, 2022. His name is Donald L. Nicholson. I called and got his medicine sent to another pharmacy. This person needs to be fired! Not work for CVS! I see you have a very lot of complaints. My name is Cathy Silvers and I am the Trustee for Donald L.Nicholson. If that the way CVS runs their business then I think I should post this on all the social media’s. You lost a customer . You keep running a business then you will be out of business. You won’t get any of our business anymore.
    Cathy Silvers

  6. Hello my name is Samuel Burke I went to the Minute Clinic inside CVS store today July the 7th I went there for a medical examination for my CDL the problem is the nurses practitioner is trying to override what the fmcsr says it says that I do not have to take a sleep apnea test but she’s trying to force it on me she’s saying that this is CVS and like like CVS overrides what the federal government says now I am in litigation already about a case I’m going I’m going to call my lawyer tomorrow because this should not be forced upon me my telephone number is 267-294-7425 the Minute Clinic is located Harbison Ave and Roosevelt Boulevard and the nurses practitioner name is Maureen McLaughlin and she said that they’ll be somebody should call you also they’re going to send you the the apparatus for the sleep apnea please call me back if I don’t hear anything from you I will be contacting my lawyer because she does not override the fmcsr the federal government under President Trump he got rid of force sleep apnea for CDL holders. Please call me back. Also I went to see my doctor and she gave me all the forms for my pulmonary doctor and the test so I showed that too the nurses practitioner but she didn’t didn’t she act like she wasn’t even interested I tried to tell her look it up on Google it says it playing CDL drivers are not subject apnea test she wouldn’t even do that my lawyer is Martin’s law Firm 1800 Market Street 35th floor Amit Shaw is my lawyer.

  7. Hello my name is Samuel Burke I went to the Minute Clinic inside CVS store today July the 7th I went there for a medical examination for my CDL the problem is the nurses practitioner is trying to override what the fmcsr says it says that I do not have to take a sleep apnea test but she’s trying to force it on me she’s saying that this is CVS and like like CVS overrides what the federal government says now I am in litigation already about a case I’m going I’m going to call my lawyer tomorrow because this should not be forced upon me my telephone number is 267-294-xxxx the Minute Clinic is located Harbison Ave and Roosevelt Boulevard and the nurses practitioner name is Maureen McLaughlin and she said that they’ll be somebody should call you also they’re going to send you the the apparatus for the sleep apnea please call me back if I don’t hear anything from you I will be contacting my lawyer because she does not override the fmcsr the federal government under President Trump he got rid of force sleep apnea for CDL holders. Please call me back

  8. Thisis Janice Ann farrow empoyeeat cvs northridge has resent the customers right to wire money and envied Hawaii land and envied her owner Mrs former firstlady Michelle Obama.

  9. This has absolutely got to be the worst pharmacy ever in buisness! The one I have had to visit unfortunately is located in Bowling Green Ky. I have had to go 3 times to try and get my prescriptions that I have had transferred from a different pharmacy because we have moved and still have not gotten the prescription we need. They refilled prescriptions from 2 years ago! They are not professional at all. The pharmacy is so cluttered and nasty they have prescriptions sitting in the floor and wherever else they can put them. The employees are so rude they act like they hate their job. Then for everyone sake please quit instead of being rude to the customers. I will be switching pharmacy again because I refuse to have to deal with their unprofessional attitudes. One of the worst representations of a pharmacy I have ever come across.

  10. Dear Sirs: My name is Nadya Williams, I have been trying to get in touch with the pharmacist for a very long while, each time I’m on hold for over 35 or 40 min, no one is available to respond to my call. My physician have ordered Omeprasole Po, they claim there is no refil, My Dr states that she have sent them orders with 3 refills and there is always some excuse stating that there is no rifill and i need to get in-touch with my physician. Now instead of taking my calls i am been left on hold then after 30 or 40 min I am been disconnected. I have called my doctors office and i was told to discontinue using CVS pharmacy and use any other close by who will give me a better service. Last month I had a similar situation My Gyn prescribed ESTRADIOL I called and asked if my prescription was ready? i was told i didn’t have any refill?? Again i had to call my Dr. office and
    the secretary informed that 3 refils were ordered by the Physician and they are lying?? They in turn had to call the Pharmacy and get things straighten out. Last month i was at the pharmacy on line, awaiting my turn to be attended to, I saw this Cuban lady made a terrible stink at this pharmacy, she complained of the same problem, poor customer care, You call ask about your med. then you leave home get there then you are told ether you have to get in-touch with your physician or some other excuse??? She also said the employees at that pharmacy are no good, and don’t care about the customers I’m also Latina, and I’m happy she spoke up because she is not the only person who gets poor customer service even though we are paying and not begging. I’m now given a prescription with 12 refills and I’ll be taking a copy of it making sure there wouldn’t be any talk of not having any refills ordered. For your information this CVS pharmacy is located here in South West: on US1 across from Burlington store.

  11. I called a CVS pharmacy here in Virginia Beach just off of Virginia Beach Blvd. I just wanted to find out when was the earliest I could get my eye medication for glaucoma.
    I’ve done this many times before at this CVS.
    Unfortunately, the person who answered, told me that I could not refill until 2 months after the date that I last picked it up. I last picked it up on May 19,2022. In 2 months I would go blind. I explained in detail that it has always been a month refill. And I usually ran out early and my insurance would pay for it even though it was early by a few days. Well, I was told that now it’s 2 months. I explained that I almost went blind when I was 40 yrs old. I’m now 73. I needed 3 surgeries a that time to save my eye sight. I had a pressure of 43.
    But they would not listen. And when I told them that I knew what I was talking about because I was in the medical field then all I got back was. Then You should know.
    I was getting nowhere. So I called my original pharmacist in Miami at the Publix off of 18485 S Dixie Hwy. The pharmacist name is Amaya and she was so professional, kind and helpful to me. She told me that my prescription for Timolol and dorzolamide combined being in a 10ml tiny bottle had 150 drops in them. I used 4 drops a day making that 120/month. Unfortunately, because I had severe angle closure glaucoma like Ray Charles and now I also have cataracts I’m more cautious and make sure that I use enough.
    My insurance always allows me to pick up early.
    But when I called back to the CVS on Virginia Beach Blvd they didn’t pick up for quite a while.
    But I waited patiently. When someone did answer I asked to speak to the pharmacist. The young lady told me that she was busy giving shots and was backed up. I just spoke to her there didn’t seem to be a problem.
    The lady said that she would help me.
    Unfortunately, I did say, is there anyone there with common sense.
    Right away this young lady told me that I was rude.
    I said that I needed to explain something and needed someone that could understand.
    So I repeated what Amaya the pharmacist told me.
    This young lady agreed and said I was right. But I couldn’t get the prescription not until June 23th.
    I explained that I was running out.
    She said I could pick it up but I would have to pay the complete price if I’m getting it early.
    I told her that the insurance always lets me get it a little early.
    But she said no that the 23th was the only day.
    I said again that the insurance always let me get it early and I’ve done this many times at her CVS.
    When I went on she kept saying I was rude. I kept saying please let me explain and over and over again she said I was rude.
    Finally I did get upset and said to her that she was a very rude young lady.
    Then I call a CVS on N Military Hwy. Kelly answered the phone. I explained my whole dilemma. She was so kind and patient I almost cried. She kept me on hold and called my insurance co., when she came back she told me that I could pick up my prescription today.
    I’m going tomorrow. Mainly because I’m rather disabled. I’ve had major brain surgery for a Hemangioblastoma on my cerebellum plus now 50 screws in my back.
    I did not let on about all my problems. But yes I did work for the Jackson Health System in Miami until I was 69.
    It’s a real shame that just because I’m old and those working with all kinds of people can be so uncaring, rude , unprofessional and refuse to listen, unfortunately this was horrific customer service.
    I also have a gait ( balance ) problem caused by the brain tumor.
    I’m here in Virginia Beach taking care of my daughter’s house etc while her being a naval officer is on the Harry S Truman aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean because of this Ukraine/ Russian war.
    Please May there be more customer service kindness.


  13. You have some very unsafe location and operations of CVS stores on Broadway and area in Columbus oh
    I am a an avid patron of CVS For years and these stores do not represent what you stand for! Drugs everywhere inside and out! No safe to wait for medicines! So sad please close these stores or revamp neighborhoods

  14. Closing the S.Roan St location in Johnson City Tn and expecting customers to go to another CVS is ridiculous. The Roan St location is convenient, clean, well lighted and has amazing personnel. The recommended “new” location is small, dark, bad traffic pattern, and the pharmacy is located at the back of the store (no consideration for handicapped customers). Like many others, I will be using the Walgreens across the street!

  15. Regarding unusable coupons: At checkout, I have received coupons for Colgate Total toothpaste, pay 3.49 for 5.8 oz size. This size is not available so this coupon is not useable,(CPN#324091) Could you please correct this. Thank you.

  16. I visited the pharmacy store #7477 to pick up a prescription and the were extremely busy the drive thru had approximately 7 cars and inside had 6 people waiting in the pharmacy line the 2 employees they had working in the pharmacy were doing a great job at trying to help everyone as quickly as possible the pharmacist even called for assistance and when the employee from the front of the store came back there he just told her that since they have their own work to do they were not allowed to help in the pharmacy per the manager.. my question is are your employees not supposed to work as a team to help all your customers?

  17. the CVS on HEMPSTEAD TPKE., WEST HEMPSTEAD, NY has become a VERY DANGEROUS store to shop in … thefts are daily, destructive actions take place, disgruntled customers who are hostile to others … the employees do the best they can, but they hardly have any staff to help each other out.


  18. CVS Store at Jackson and 42nd street in Indio California the Pharmacist told us they don’t have enough staff to answer the phone lines. Tried calling several times for issues with prescriptions and placed on hold indefinitely! Had to get in the car and go in to the store to speak to someone. Pharmacist told us to call and complain to headquarters as they don’t have enough staff or enough paid hours.

  19. 6800 Collier and 41 Naples FL
    They refuse to answer their phone sat on phone for for an hour every day no one would answer have to stand in store for at least an hour to get Medicene plus they do not have their filled medicines in order they are just thrown on top of the counter I know this is Florida and season gets busy but it is nothing new they should have a plan to deal with it I used to live in IN and I never had the problem with getting anyone to answer their phone or fill a prescription have been CVS customer for number of years

  20. Not enough staff for drive-through window to be open causing my elderly husband to park and go inside. Pillow case over window stating not enough staff. Never allowed this as a registered nurse what a joke. says:

    Not enough staff for drive-through window to be open causing my elderly husband to park and go inside. Pillow case over window stating not enough staff. Never allowed this as a registered nurse what a joke.

  21. I have a complaint! I called my regular pharmacy at 6632 Pacific Ave in Stockton, CA. During COVID-19 my medication was delivered I really appreciate that. On Friday March 25 I called because I knew that my insurance would end free delivery. I spoke with more than one pharmacist. I was told delivery can’t be done because of insurance. I said “more than once, I will pay to h6 my medication delivered because I had appointments and couldn’t get to the pharmacy. The “head pharmacist” said it can’t be done.” Again I said I would pay for it! Still the pharmacist argued with me. I said to pharmacist “if I am ” paying” for delivery what insurance said wouldn’t matter! I did not keep track of how long I argued with pharmacist. Pharmacist gave me phone number to corporate office (at least that is what he said he gave me). I called number it was busy, how convenient since it was Friday. Thing up and called again, and again, and again. Two times I did hear one ring afterwards it was busy. I called this number 28 times, I did not get to speak with anyone. On Sunday the 27th I check website it said delivery was available. I thought I actually got someone to listen to me. I quickly selected “delivery” clicked send and waited. It’s now Wednesday I realized package should have arrived by now. I checked website again and saw that delivery was not available after I waited four more days. I at home took out my bag of medication in order to fill my pill boxes. It was then I saw that I am “completely” out of two medications. I can’t go to pharmacy today just like last week that is why I asked that my medication be delivered. If I mention this to the pharmacy they will say “order your medical earlier” that is exactly what I did. I have had it up to my eyeballs having to “argue” with pharmacy staff! Afterwards at least one of your staff would “badmouth me” I have proof of this! I recorded “her” when she didn’t know I could still hear her. I have contacted a legal team and made sure someone outside of cvs was aware of what was going on at cvs. I need my medication today and I don’t have it because of cvs staff! I expect this problem will be resolved “today” I will be expecting a call as well. An apology should be given to me for all of this trouble I’ve been caused by cvs staff.

  22. I had a pharmacist at the Indian trail cvs in aurora get realy rude with me told me since I waited an hour she had not called to switch my medication over from Walgreens that she was busy and when she got time she would do it. I explained I had waited and hour as told she said not my problem I will get to you when I get to you and walked away. If this is the way ur cvs pharmacist works why even have her. there.

  23. I purchased covid test from Navarro Pharmacy which I wanted to return but was told that I couldn’t. The government was giving free test so I no longer need the ones I had purchased. I was told they could not refund my money and to call my insurance and they would reimburse me, the insurance company told me that was only for commercial insurances only , I have medicare and on a fixed income how can I get this resolved and my money back.

  24. The pharmacy puts you on hold and never goes back to pick up call. Has happened several times.you can hear them laughing at you in the background .

  25. This how I not understand why your store manager took my money with no spouse for my understanding that u have to take Government I’d to get money back if u still have your Receipt just because I’m ubran diversity i am disabled this my feedback to your company so please respond and solve this problem or issue

  26. Paramount Realty and CVS New Britain, Connecticut at West Main Street and Corbin Avenue are enabling unsheltered persons to engage in illegal activities on the property. Littering, trespass and loitering damage quality of life and business. Please ask the site manager to remove the homeless individuals from the property.

  27. CVS refuses to stop my CVS cares membership and continues to charge my account $5.47 every month. Every time I call the number they provide it takes over an hour to talk to somebody in the Philippines who never does it and refuses to give me a confirmation number. To say that I am furious is an understatement

  28. I lost my CVS card so the cashier grabbed another one scanned it and gave it to me turns out obviously there’s no information about me on the system because he scanned a totally different number so I spent an hour on the phone a week ago with customer service at CVS corporate office and supposedly she put and supposedly she put all of my information in there that linked up with that card number.. I go to CVS today To use my card and use my coupons there’s no information about me anywhere but yet I’m still being charged $5 a month for the carepass program

  29. My family uses the CVS in Latham, NY. We all have to take many maintenance drugs and spend quite a bit at the pharmacy on a monthly basis. please stop encouraging customers to use auto fill for prescriptions because that feature causes more problems than it solves. I recently needed a refill on a maintenance drug before the date my insurance would cover the cost. The pharmacist said I could purchase one bottle out of pocket to hold me over until it was time for the insurance to cover it, which I did. However, my daughter stopped last night to get one of her prescriptions and they asked if she wanted to pick up the prescription they had ready for me. She did, but when she brought it to me it was just one bottle instead of my three month supply. I just got off the phone with the pharmacy and they told me there was nothing they could do because it was on auto fill. I have been a Customer Service Trainer for over 20 years and this person I spoke with was clearly in need of more training. When someone flatly responds “ we can’t do anything” it really doesn’t help the customer service rep in the long run. A similar incident happened not long ago to my daughter and the person she dealt with was able to do something. I guess when you’re as big as CVS has become and have a monopoly on prescriptions you can treat your long time loyal customers as crappy as you like!

  30. I went to a CVS pharmacy 5 minutes before they closed, because I had just gotten out of the hospital on the Friday 4th and I went to the CVS on Westover and Riverside in Danville Virginia, and their was a young women pharmacist whom instead of taking my prescription, and telling me to return tomorrow, she filled it, I was so grateful, because it was pain meds, and I was looking forward to a night of pain. Thank you so much

  31. the cvs on US hwy 41 cannot get my rx refill straight to save their life and have not updated my address. My Neurologist has to send corrections. I never had a problem with the one in colorado

  32. I called the cvs in Texarkana tx on Richmond road and waited on the phone for 4 hours and 10 minutes and still never talked to someone. I have been with y’all for a couple of years and the service is crap. They are trying to Boycott the place. I think it is time to make a switch. But if y’all can’t make things better this will be all over social media, and newspapers, if I don’t decide to get a attorney. They will not answer the phone and talk to you like a dog.

  33. The CVS in Alexandria, Virginia at 259 S Van Doren Street 22304 must be improved! The stock must be filled in in a more efficient way! We need a pharmacy and store to open earlier. There is a new population of people using our mall and they are posing a threat, there needs to be a security person in thy r area or store! There are kids cursing, stealing has increased and we need exactly what you are offering in other neighborhoods!!!!!

  34. Hi, I am writing to let someone know that I am being cheated.
    My last 2 orders online for my over the counter items has been missing items and I’m not getting the items resent to me nor am I getting credited the cost back on my account.
    My name is
    Raymond Barber
    ID 101465186200
    CVS orders are the January $340 order and the October $610 order

  35. I received a So clean machine as a gift. I went to two locations yo do an exchange as it was suppose to be a humidifier. At the carytown location the store manager was nasty n walked away from me when I was told being that it was a gift and I had no receipt return it to the location of purchase. They did nothing for me so I’m stuck with a cleaning machine valued at $300

  36. I just wanted to cancel my Care pass !! Where on Earth are we calling!!! The connection is the worst !!! I was on the phone for ONE HOUR – and nothing was done !!!! I just want to cancel this program and I will NEVER join another program with CVS !!!!! Disappointed Customer !!!!! Please cancel this program !!!!!!!!!! I will tell a lot of people not to join this program

  37. I wanted to cancel my Care pass – #1 they had my name in wrong ! I went from one department to another – then back again twice !! With NOTHING accomplished!! #2 – where on Earth are we calling??? The connection is TERRIBLE !!! I just want to cancel this program – I was on the phone for ONE HOUR – with nothing done !!! I will never join a program with your company again . And I will tell everybody I know – NOT to join this Care Pass !!! Please cancel this program for me !!!!!!!!!

  38. Your Alexandria Indiana store pharmacy is always closing with notice! Long lines, no help, and scripts don’t get filled, or they get filled but can’t get them because they are not open. Happen three times in the past month. This time was closed two days in a row! Only pharmacy in town and people need the medication. For instance I am diabetic. I get a text saying my medication is ready only to show up and it’s closed!

  39. I’m taking the time to write this complaint in regards to your Coram , New York store, residing at 1710 Route 112. The general store itself is great. No problem there. However, the pharmacy has a major issue with answering their phones. I know I am not the only customer with this complaint as I have witnessed other customers complaining while I’m in the store. When I ask why your not picking up the phone, I’m being told either, yes we are, like I’m lying or I’m sorry miss we’ll work on it. As you can see with those answers we are not being taken seriously. It is very frustrating not to be able to get in touch with your pharmacy. Equally as frustrating to hang on the phone for 20 minutes and nobody picks up. I’m a very good customer since the day your store opened. If you can’t resolve this matter I will be forced to take my business elsewhere. I really would hate to do this because it really is a nice store but I need to be able to get in touch with the pharmacy. Thank you.

    Sharon Goodman
    Sunshxxxx @gmail.com

  40. I have been trying to get my mom’s prescriptions delivered to her home by contacting your company online. I am having a problem so I decided to call for help. By doing so they tell me to go online never helped me over the phone. This is very frustrating & a waste of my time. My mom is 90 yrs old & cannot get out of her home all the time. Can someone please help us regarding this matter. You can contact my mom on her phone 845 630 xxxx. Thank you.

  41. So I came down with covid. Was out for 14 days. Was yold I would get paid for only five and that they would put it in so I can get paid. Well yesterday was payday and I I got nothing. So now what. Whos gonna pay my rent this month? Certainly not Cvs. I have been with Cvs (started when it was Osco) for 29 years and this is how I get treated. Mind you they kept trying to get me to come back even when I was having symptons and still tested positive. Union here I come

  42. Called CVS yesterday to check status of medications they had me on hold for 2 hours and 45 minutes and still didn’t pick up so went in and they were literally talking amongst them self while listening to rap music with 8 other callers on hold I understand maybe short staffed but it only takes a minute to answer the phone. This was not the first time. The store is located on Jefferson Avenue Newport News VA

  43. Pharmacist talks to you like you are an idiot…my new Pharmacist at Quik scripts takes her time and makes sure to answer everything and talks to me like the 56yr old adult that I am!!!

  44. I’vealways loved shopping at CVS, especially because of their great discounts coupons and extra care bucks and rewards. They really give the most for my buck. But the last few visits iv taken to the Hanford location on West Lacey Blvd. Have made me very sad. . Two visits ago there was a homeless man being escorted out of the store and he was exchanging words with the security officer.. who was very rude.i made a comment to them both and continue inside the store. That day specifically went in for acrylic nail filler and I could not find it and for some reason the security officer kept approaching me approached me three times without me asking him and darn thing three times this is on the 26th of November. Finally he gets really rude and I asked him what does he need like why does he keep approaching me so then he proceeds to tell me that I need to leave the store while the next month which is December I went inside the store in the same day to use my care pass and I made a shirt to mention it to the owner that during that that check out I asked her to use my chair my $10 care pass and she did not use it and I ended up paying full price because the security guard was harassing me.. so in December I made sure to go in on the 26th to use my extra care bucks and I made sure to tell the owner that on the 26th of November at the checkout the security guard was very rude and that the checkout lady at the checkout failed to use my care pass and I ended up paying $10 over he totally disregarded everything I said and told me he never had $10 so he didn’t know what I was talking about and he also failed to check his books forever it is his transcripts whatever his receipts whatever cuz I never said that she stole $10 I said that she never used my care pass.Today when I went in , for some reason my care password didn’t work and I sat down to look at my pictures and I’m done with some pictures but I needed to turn my phone on so I plug my phone into the computer and then the security guard comes over and tell him I need to leave the store and doesn’t give me a reason and it really hurts my feelings because I spend a lot of money in this place is not some place that I just go on a rainy day like I save a lot of money there I spend a lot of money there in fact in my kidney patient dad and my daughter has seizures they get medicine there so this is very offensive to me and why I’m being thrown out of a store on two occasions for doing nothing

  45. CVS on college grove the lady she looked like managnent was following me all over the store and she was in every aisle I was making me very uncomfortable I don’t think this is rite and I believe it’s a race thing

  46. CVS in Old Georgetown Rd, Bethesda, MD is the worst. This is the 2nd week getting my prescription filled. My doctor has called it in twice, sent my insurance documentation cards twice, spent hours calling pharmacy on hold for over 30 minutes with no answer, sent email to complain. Somebody called back to inform me delivery on Monday, just to get another email, needs scanned insurance card holding delivery and to scan insurance card for the third time but won’t go thru , called pharmacy, again on hold for 20 minutes with no answer. Still unresolved. At the end of my wits. Wasted today 2-1/2 hours for nothing. H.E.L.P.!

  47. I have been using the CVS pharmacy located in Target at 1919 Fulton Ave. Sacramento, Ca 95825 for several years.
    I have had the worst experience today. I called in a refill yesterday which was to be ready at 5pm. I went there today to pick it up and the pharmacy was a mess. Cashier said it was not ready they were working on it. Have a seat should be ready in 15 minutes. 30 minutes passed and I got up and asked what was going on. I did explain this was called in yesterday. She then sent over the pharmacist who called me by the wrong name corrected himself said they were short handed. Not really my problem get help from another store. He proceeded to tell me they couldn’t find medication or they were out. Told the cashier to transfer Rx to another store. She did not ask where I would like it transferred to so I did tell her because she was sending me way out of my way.
    I will be transferring completely from this store and maybe CVS completely. I have never seen such a mess. Totally unacceptable.
    Just a little heads up I worked as assistant manager for Rite Aid/Eckerd/CVS for 17 years plus my full time job in a different state. Reason for all three they were bought out. Worked pharmacy plenty 1st of the month and it was busy and never did I ever see what I saw today. I would appreciate an answer about this complaint.

    1. Hello I see you feel the same as I do about cvs. My complaint hasn’t been posted yet. I called to have me medication delivered. During covid my insurance delivered it I do appreciate it. My insurance no longer delivers. That’s ok I called pharmacy and asked them to deliver I would be more than happy to pay delivery fee. The pharmacy informed me delivery is not possible. The reason I couldn’t pick up is because I already had two appointments for the day. The most important one my sister and I were at the Cemetery ordering the gravestone for our Mother. The pharmacy doesn’t care they gave me the wrong phone number to corporate office if was busy each of the 28 times I called.
      I hope you have better luck in the future especially if you change pharmacy. I also had bad luck at Rite Aid and Walgreens.

  48. Be on the look out for guy pretending to be doctors office to get codine liquid he has a group of ppl that goes state to state and they pick up for other names BEWARE!!!!

  49. Not a big deal but the music when you are on hold is so distorted it is hard to listen to. This is with every CVS I have called. Just a heads up no need to reply

  50. The drive through window at the Tavares, Fl. CVS is disgusting. It has dead mosquitoes, insects and pharmacy information taped all over it making it difficult to communicate. I would go inside but don’t want exposure to COVID. I hope this problem is addressed otherwise I will be looking to change Pharmacies.

  51. Good day sir. I tried to file a complaint on your complaint email form but once I filled out the form the page disappeared.

    My name is Pamela Hacker Connolly. 2266 Altamont Ave #3 Ft. Myers Florida 33901. My phone number is 239 565 xxxx.

    I sent cash via moneygram online to my sister in law Jeanette S. Hutcheson. She lives in Folkston Georgia.
    At my suggestion I told her to go to CVS to complete the transaction. The closest Moneygram vendor to her was CVS at 54325 US HWY 1 Callahan Florida.

    She went there today to pick up her cash and was not only treated rudely and condescendingly by staff but was unable to pick up her cash.

    Staff told her there was no moneygram with the transaction Number she gave them.

    She phoned me to confirm the number It was correct and I immediately sent a snapshot of the confirmation to her. They then told her the computer said transaction incomplete. Well it was incomplete due to their ignorance in not processing the transaction.

    They then told her she had to go online download the Moneygram App and open her own account to get her cash there. Said it was Moneygram rules.

    She is not savvy in computers etc. So in her frustration and embarrassment having been made to feel like an imbecile. She left.

    She suffers from pulmonary issues and the rude condescending staff treatment she received exacerbated her condition. She could barely breathe. She called her daughter and asked her to drive her into Jacksonville Florida to a Wal-Mart to complete transaction.

    I use Money gram weekly have an online account and am a daily shopper at my local CVS on Edison and Cleveland Avenues in Fort Myers Florida. So I am familiar with procedures at CVS and moneygram.

    Imagine my shock when I called the Manager David Of the CVS and discovered it was not a new employee in trainIng who treated her this way and had no knowledge of how Money gram transactions work it was Him. He was adamant that he follows Money gram procedures and every customer has to download the app open an account to receive funds in the form of cash.

    He was rude and talked to me in the same manner in which he addressed her.

    I immediately called Moneygram Customer Service and verified that CVS was not following any Moneygram Procedures or directives. All they have to produce is their Identification not even the number to process pick ups. I lodged a complaint with them. They forwarded it to the Department liaison that deals with vendors such as CVS.

    I am just appalled. My CVS is fabulous. Has the best manager Eddie Knight and he hires the best customer service reps. It is a family neighborhood store and the staff especially Eddie Knight knows most customers and families by name. You are always treated with a smile and welcome to CVS. They all go above and beyond to provide exceptional service.

    When Covid began I looked everywhere for gloves masks and thermometer. Of course they were nowhere to be found. Mr. Eddie and his assistant Kevin Grant went in the stockroom found a thermometer that came in in a damaged box and gave it to me. They also gave me one of their personal masks and gloves. This is customer service. They may have saved my life.

    Imagine how bad I felt having referred my elderly ill sister in law to CVS for great service.

    Callahan Florida is a small town just over the Florida Georgia border. This poor and I mean poor
    woman drove from Folkston in Georgia to Callahan Florida and then had to go to Jacksonville Florida to get help to get to Wal-Mart. Then drive back to Folkston Georgia.

    I am a semi retired legal assistant and have worked at both of our Macy’s stores in Ft. Myers for 7 years now. I used to be on the sales floor and still fill in where necessary but I now am assigned to the AT YOUR SERVICE department. Handle irate unhappy customers and complaints of all types, credit and billing issues damages penny stock store transfers and on line orders online in store and curbside pickups. In the past current and future brick and mortar retail climate
    Providing exceptional service and turning their experiences into positive ones is not just essential but mandatory to survive.

    In my humble opinion this CVS location needs training not only in customer service but in processing Money gram transactions. I do not know if CVS makes a dime to Do business with Moneygram but imagine they do. And it brings customers in the store to shop who may never have shopped there and drives sales and return customers.

    They also owe Mrs. Jeanette s. Hutcheson an apology and perhaps a Gift Card to make reparations for the way she was treated. Her address is xxxx Hamp Chesser Road Folkston, Georgia 31537.

    Thank you for your time and to your staff that is assigned to respond to this complaint.

    When I have serious issues that I feel are not addressed adequately by my local store chain of command I go to the top Jeff Gennette at Macy’s. All concerns have been addressed and dealt with appropriately and timely for all concerned.

    So I say the view at the top of the mountain is better than the view at the bottom. So I am going to the TOP.

    God Bless and stay safe and healthy.


    Pamela Hacker Connolly.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  52. It takes 1-2 hours to reach the pharmacy. I joined the delivery program in person and they tell me I have to call every time I get a text to confirm the service picked it up for delivery. I cannot through to them and I have called regional office 985-386-xxxx constantly for 3 hours and it stays busy!!!! Service is terrible!

  53. 216 Henry street. Hempstead, NY,11550. No one answered the phones. The drive thru line is always long. Always a problem with their system. Very poor service. I am planning on switching to another pharmacy. Please look into this matter.

  54. You don’t have enough help in Clover sc bethel st location. You are working a pharmacist and giving shots at the same time. Drive through lines up also. This has been like this for many years. Tell Mr Merlo to travel and talk to his people

  55. I was just on the phone with customer care about my account. She was transferring me to your dept to file a complaint, and I was disconnected?? This is a math mistake on the part of a young cashier in Boynton Beach, Fl 33436. I purchased 4 six-packs of ENSURE that totaled $42. The CVS store gives $5 extra bucks for the purchase of two sixpacks, so, I ordered twice so I could get $10 extra bucks. She was confused, and didn’t know how to do that. (very strange) When I checked my credit card account, she charged me over $32. And, I had a CVS 30% coupon? You do the Math. The bill should have been 20 not 32. She was young and very little experience(no name). The store:: 9824 S Military Tr, in Boynton Beach, Fl, 33436, Phone, 5617329115. The date: sunday eve, May 10, 2021

  56. I tried to use your discount card for Proctofoam HC 1% rectal foam and was told a totally different price by phone. Less than 70.00, I went to three different CVS and was given a price of over 160.00 or more
    Pharmacy card “single care for CVS pharmacy.
    Why aren’t discount cards not helping customers?

  57. I’m a little upset at the treatment I received today at CVS on International Drive , Myrtle Beach , SC. I went to the pharmacy at 12:15 today , was told it would be an hour , that there was 60 people in front of me. I went home , got a text that my insurance didn’t cover the med., so I called them to say I would pay for it . I asked if it was ready and the make Pharmacist said it’s in the process I said ok , so 3 hours passed and I went back to the store , and the attendant told me it was not ready that she would expedite it. Was told to have a seat so I did. After about 10 minutes or longer a young lady with 2 children came in for a pick up and she was told they they would expedite her rx. I waited 45 minutes, and the white male pharmacist kept looking at me , same guy I seen earlier in the day . So after 45 min. The young lady with the children was called to pick up her rx. By this pharmacist . At that point I was not very happy because my husband works 12 hr Evenings and we have one car. Needed to start this med early in the am. Multiple looks from the pharmacist during my 45 minute wait , after the young lady leaves , then the same guy calls me up, He was rude at 12:15 and had no concern about helping me , that was clear . I have multiple meds and my husband uses CVS too. We have since they opened in our area. His passive aggressiveness is not professional at all . No one ever came back and said we’ll have it shortly . I Can move my RXs to another pharmacy if this is how I am going to be treated !

  58. I shop in the CVS pharmacy in Montvale, N.J. regularly. I was in the store on Friday, April 30th. When I went to pay for my items, the machine would not take my TD card. After trying about 5 times I gave up and paid cash. I reported it to the manager in the store who said it was the first time he was hearing about it. I knew it wasn’t, but I left. I am back here today, Monday, May 3rd, and it happened again. The young gentleman, Carlos, who works at the pharmacy register, said I wasn’t the first one and had me go it manually. He said he reported it a couple of times in the last couple of weeks. Apparently making customers happy is not a concern in this store. If I didn’t have cash to use on Friday, my husband would not have his medication he needs for an upcoming surgery.
    I know there are problems everywhere, but I think this one is important. If the glitch in the machine is not fixed, you will have many unhappy customers.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

  59. I work odd shifts and come to Green Springs CVS in Homewood, AL to get my scripts filled late night because it is SUPPOSE to be a 24 hour pharmacy however I can never get my script filled-the pharmacist at 12-2am is very rude and always states that she can not fill them until 8 in the morning. If you can not fill script at these hours then you are not a 24 hour pharmacy. I have keep my reviews to myself but from now on I will be voicing my complaints on all social platforms including any rating app I can find. This is the 3 months in a row that this has happened.

  60. April 11thI was in CVS in Lawndale The black woman with a smalle child in the store that was constantly yelling in using obscenities the woman was using swear words in her language Management never said a word to her nor was she or the child wearing a mask, I would like for someone to contact me at 714322xxxx I was highly disturbedBy this individual In lack of management to step in.

  61. Hello. My name is Donna Tieri. My husband and I are seniors, and have diabetes and cancer. We have spent a small fortune at our local CVS in Berea, Ohio. That is about to change. All of the pharm techs are polite and helpful, except one young lady who is extremely rude at the drive in window. She turns off her speaker, so you cannot speak to her. When I asked her to add some otc allergy med, she said she wouldn’t unless I called first. I have gotten it before at the window with my prescription, but was not going to make a big deal over it. When I went to pay for my meds I put my credit card in the drawer, and she said” stop throwing your card at me!” I was shocked….especially when she pulled a co worker to window to tell me “she is just trying to do her job!” I felt attacked…whatever her problem is, she should not take it out on customers. I believe I will be taking my business elsewhere, because this was not an isolated incident with this individual.

  62. The pharmacist who was working at CVS on Reservoir Street in Holden, Ma at 12:45PM on May 23, 2019 is rude and demands customers to “respect” him as he is yelling at them to do so. He needs an extreme course on Customer Relations, as do some of the staff who were also working there that afternoon. When I returned to pick up my prescription later in the day, the staff and pharmacist on duty at that time were conscientious and customer friendly. People who work with the public should NEVER disrespect, by yelling or otherwise, the public they are serving.

  63. I asked the Pharmacist at CVS Pharmacy on W. 4th St. in Winston-Salem where was the restroom only to find out they don’t have a public restroom. Why not?!

  64. I bought a bottle of scotch at this store 5 days ago. Today when I went to open it I found it still had the anti-thief cap attached, I went back to CVS and asked them to take off the cap. But no, since I no longer had the receipt they made me re-pay for the bottle. What! I’ve been a every week customer for 5 years. I have five prescriptions there. I am mad. I called them stupid. I felt like they thought I was a thief.

    I don’t know how I got out of the store originally with the scotch.
    But I know I got back in without alarms going off.

    I am canceling my prescriptions unless I get my $16 back and will never use this store again!

  65. I loaded $26.00 in extra care bucks to my card and the next day they disappeared. They were not expired! Same thing happened to my coworker and they gave him $2.00 from his $8.00.

  66. I moved from Mo. to La. I’m 85 with diabetes.. I have prescription froml local MD.fr glucose strips. My son has been refused 3 times at the prescription counter for 3 different reasons. I told him to go to Walmart. They give good service. Did I do right” Lake Charles

  67. Their phone personnel ,such as, Customer Relations is rude, untrained, not professional, will over talk you and disconnect. When you call their Call Ctr. to resolve a simple issue you’re given the run around from dept. to dept.

  68. biggest bunch of r…… ever! LOCAL CVS CONTINUALLY GIVES ME MISSING OR SMALL ITEMS!!!! after me being a customer for decades and never having problems to problems everytime I go there now theres a problem! including abuse from staff members and a regional manager that thinks its funny, even after sending pictures? BECAUSE IM MIXED I DONT DESEVE PROPER TREATMENT??? BUNCH OF R……

  69. To CVS Ceo: Today I went to your CVS in Willis Tx. I had called in a prescription in and of cource it wasn’tready. They only had two employees working and had a slew of people waiting. You really should hire more people or close the store. I will not go back.

  70. Not exactly concerning store items etc. I called today because I lost a gold hoop earring somewhere yesterday. Since I had been to CVS I called & asked if an earring had been found. I was told that the person I was talking to didn’t work yesterday so she would have no way of knowing and all she could do was take my name and phone number in case one I does get found. This is a solid gold hoop earring!!! Again a perfect example of “customer service” at my local CVS store. I will NEVER go to CVS again.

  71. I love the CVS store on Asheville Hwy. in Greeneville, Tn.
    But lately I have to wait for so long. They are always so busy that one clerk or the pharmacy can’t get to everyone in a timely manner. They used to have enough people to help you immediately. The employees that are there are very friendly and helpful, they just need more help.
    Some of my family has taken their business to Wal-Mart because you get waited on quickly there. Please hire more people at the CVS in Greeneville. I love that store and don’t want to leave. I waited for 30 minutes to get waited on at the pharmacy. They were so busy, with the window, walk ins and the phone. They are so overworked at this location. Help

  72. My husband and I are frequent customers of CVS, particularly at the Pharmacy Dept. Ever since you changed from plastic to paper bags, we find it difficult to shop at you stores. We are both elderly, and between the canes and purse, etc., we find it difficult to carry the paper bag WITHOUT HANDLES. In fact, it is very dangerous. Unless you offer paper bags WITH HANDLES, we will have to take our very active business elsewhere. I am sure we are not alone in this problem.

  73. Hello, on 1/7/19 my Mother Dora Pena went to her favorite CVS pharmacy located in Aurora Illinois corner of Hefenrichter and Eola Rd.
    She was very embarrassed due to the Cashier (Indian) not knowing the correct pricing on the vitamins she was buying. The cashier snagged the vitamins very rudely to the point of wanting to smack her hand. My mother has been going to this pharmacy for 10+ years and this never happened before. The cashier was going back and forth with the pharmacy representatives, because he was confused on the pricing. Apparently my mother grabbed the wrong ones causing him stress. Due to his behavior my mother decided not to buy the vitamins. I really feel you should discuss his behavior and lack of customer service skills. I’m very disappointed that my mother was treated this way. I called the Pharmacy and the Manager wasn’t available I did however talk to the cashier who did apologize however this shouldn’t of happened to begin with.

  74. Something need to be done about the Apalachicola Florida store pharmacy. The store itself is great but the pharmacy sucks..

  75. Good Evening My Nmae is Luanne Garvin and I’m emailing you because I have put in a complaint on December 14.18 . And haven’t heared back from you guys . The complaint was about the ITunes card I had purchase for $100. No one has email me back or told me anything so can someone please contact about this .

    Thank you

  76. Very unhappy that for a cash transaction return required me to get out of my car go in and show my ID to complete my return. CASH transaction! Why do you need or require a passport, driver ID or other ID to make this work.

  77. My local CVS (US 27 and Rt. 621, Lake Placid, Florida, failed to notify me that my second refill prescription for Bicalutamide ((Rx# 789763) can’t be made because they now tell me it is unavailable from their supplier. I’m down to my last pill (for my cancer treatment). I called in my prescription refill about one week ago and got a taped message that it wasn’t ready yet. Last night (1-4-19) I received a text message that CVS was placing an order from my prescription, and that they would notify me when it was ready. Since I was down to one pill, I went to CVS to pick up my prescription today, only to be told they don’t have any Bicalutamide in stock. CVS knew my second (and last) refill was due tomorrow, January 6th, so IMO they should have ordered this medication earlier so as to assure it would be ready on my due date. The CVS associate gave me no indication as to when I could expect my prescription to be filled. Again, CVS dropped the ball by not informing me as soon as they knew they couldn’t obtain my prescription. I am requesting the corporate office investigate this matter and consult with the CVS pharmacist as to why I wasn’t giving notice that my prescription may not be able to have been filled before I ran out of pills so that my doctor could direct me to have my prescription filled elsewhere. I can only assume had I not gone to CVS until tomorrow, January 6, 2019, when I would have been out of pills, they wouldn’t have even contacted me by phone. What is CVS’s policy on notifying the customer when they can’t fill a prescription? I feel I should have been notified.

  78. Dear CVS
    Each time I have filled my prescription at CVS Village Court Gary Indiana (Modesta) ) a young woman by the name listed is extremely un-professional. Modesta is rude and offensive in her counter manners and I have decided not to fill anymore prescription at this CVS. I now go to another CVS to fill my prescriptions even though this CVS is nearer to my home. Something needs to be done concerning Modesta as she waits on the people and she does this with other people picking up their medications.

  79. I have told the pharmacy 4 times that I didn’t want auto refills. Since then they have called my Dr to get refills for medicine that I’m not even taking any more, refills that i didn’t even request. I get texts numerous times to pick this medicine up. I’m tired of telling them to quit. I guess the only way to stop it, is to go to another pharmacy. I’m beginning to think it’s a scam to cheat the insurance company

  80. The pharmacy employees at the CVS on the corner of San Marnan Dr and LaPorte Road in Waterloo, Iowa are some of the rudest people I have had the non pleasure of talking to! They act as though you are a nuisances to them and sound exasperated that they are even talking to you,and will hang up on you! Now I am not saying they are all that way for I have talked with some that are very pleasant. I have gotten to the point that I dread and procrastinate calling or coming in.

  81. I can’t believe your closing my store .our store 16 main ave.I really need to keep this open we are a simple neighborhood .its our store please please reconsider I can get 1000 signatures

  82. Calling the pharmacy is ridiculous. I have tried for over a week to speak to someone in the pharmacy, all differnet days and times. I have also called the main store number to get them to pick up the phone. The manager on Sunday night at Kempton st., new Bedford, wouldn’t help me, she would only transfer my call again, no one will answer the phone, was told they only have 2 people on with long lines. This happens all the time. One time they didn’t even call to tell me that they didn’t have the medication in the store. I’m extremely angry at the disservice from CVS Kempton st., you will be losing another customer. The store is employing terrible people, but you don’t staff the 24 hr. stores adequately, cheap, cheap, cheap, but not your prices. Paula Abbott

  83. Your automated system is extremely annoying. It keeps calling asking me to allow them to put a recent prescription on automatic refill. It does not give me an opt out option but keeps calling me several times a day and even late at night. There are some meds that I do need auto refill for and I appreciate notification when my meds are ready for pickup but this latest call is extremely annoying and I don’t like it at all and it does not help.

  84. Minute Clinic Fraser
    Went there with a bit of a lung infection and after 5 minutes of assessment was refereed to an emergency room. When I asked if I need to pay for my visit (not having insurance) I was told that there was gonna be no charge…. As per their payment policy at the time of the visit you have to pay, and I even asked if I needed to pay and I was told NO! I had my card in my hand ready to pay for the 5 minutes. After 2 weeks I just received a bill for $99 for five minutes of being told to go to the ER. I may have an accent and I may be a first generation emigrant but I know thieves when I see them. I will pay you “your” money but I will NEVER EVER make the mistake of using your “service” again. And I will make sure everyone knows about it too!

  85. 08/08/18: Following sent to CVS this date

    1. Feb 27, 2018 purchase made at CVS (West St., Pittsfield, MA 01201). Check (#7076 cleared bank (Greylock Federal Credit Union, Pittsfield, MA 01201) Feb 28, 2018. SAME check posted at bank on Jul 12, 2018.
    2. Aug 03, 2018:
    a) Called CVS to advice of duplicate posting. Assigned Ref. # 9462335 by Nicole.
    b) Notified bank of duplicate posting. Bank representative called CVS and was told issue had been referred to their “Treasury” department.
    4. Aug 07, 2018:
    a) Called CVS (8007467287) citing reference # 9462335. Told to call CVS (8003661049). This number forwarded me to TELE-CHECK.
    b) Called TELE-CHECK (8882880131). Was given a new reference # (16258749) and told to call TRS Recovery Services.
    c) Called TRS Recovery Services (8003661048). Received telephone run around.
    Not only has this issue resulted in my checking account being rendered useless, it has caused humiliation and embarrasment at a checkout line in another store.
    Proof of resolution required. Please use EMAIL.

  86. I’m a healthy senior citizen, I have find out just few months ago that I am a type two diabetic,
    As per my doctor recommendation I Purchased a glucose meter from CVS ( with CVS name on the Device printed) after reading the Guide I still had a problem with the display number and still getting error message on it.
    This morning I went to my local CVS in Westlake Village Ca on Agura road and ask & meet the( Asian) shift pharmacist,
    She was absolutely rude and unpleasant and after a few seconds she put her back to me and walk away without
    really trying to help me.
    After meeting with the store Manger, he took me to a unit clinic ( I have never see at any other drugstore RX)
    Introduce me to a very very professional and sweet lady Kelly, It was like a day and night at the same store a differents between two employees of CVS .
    Kelly Was able to show me that to not fear and do the advanced glucose testing myself and how to read to me after 10 minutes of caring and compassion of Kelly I was so happy that I learn to check my sugar level and helpfully manage and control my diabetic .
    Thank you CVS for having staff like Steve and specially Kelly on your team.
    I thanks Kelly form bottom of my heart.
    Sean Westllake Village Ca.

  87. 303 Franklin Ave
    Wyckoff NJ 07481
    United States
    Today, Tuesday, Dec.12,2017
    I had a very unpleasant experience in this store. Usually the staff is very attentive and courteous, but this evening around 8-8:30pm, this CVS employee, with no name tag , the manager I guess (because the other employees were kinda shy too to ask her questions) was treating me and other 2 customers very very rude , not professional at all! She has blond hair, up to the shoulders, wearing today an orange top, I think s smile will make a prettier too. This happened in photo area . First she was with no patience
    and no kindness whatsoever to help a poor old foreign person with some pictures that he was trying to buy. I heard her saying “ I can’t , I cannot deal with him anymore “ …Then another lady that was selecting pictures too, was kinda scared and shy , seeing the atitude she had with the person before her , wanted to asker something , and this CVS lady didn’t even pay attention or have the sales person right attitude… then It was me selecting pictures and witnessed all above, and my turn came … asking her to help me with a store credit … she made faces, asked another cvs employee to help me, the way she looked at me and behaved, made me feel like I didn’t want to be in that store ever, if this lady is around, or she’ll not get the right training or something ! I couldn’t take her attitude anymore and I told her respectfully that I don’t appreciate at all her behavior with me and others, and I rather call the corporate then to deal in CVS store at the time.
    I left buying nothing, and I would reconsider buying at CVS .
    I love CVS as a store, but this employee is representing CVS and should respect the clients as much she will want to be respected in every other store .. I hope this lady will get that proper training, and will get better on her job.

  88. I went to orientation on October 13th from 9;00 am – 2:00 pm, then went to the store I was to work at and did my computer training on the 16th and 17th both days from 9:00 am – 5:00pm. I never heard anything back from the store regarding my work schedule. I called the store on October 20th and asked to speak to the manager and was told he wasn’t there. I left a message for him to please call me back. He called today, October 22, to tell me my schedule, but I already went and applied and got another job. Shame on CVS, their so worried about the CUSTOMER, but forget about their EMPLOYEES. I shouldn’t have had to chase them down to get a schedule, THAT is NOT my job. The store itself is in great need of better security as it is located in a rough part of town and they only have, at the most 3 employees working at one time. BAD MANAGEMENT. I’m glad I won’t be working there!

  89. Very disappointed on CVS -Main st Tipp City Oh. Upon our Mother getting out of Rehab. Four prescriptions were called into the pharmacy from Rehab facility . (One prescription) was filled incorrectly. The amount for the tablet was filled by the Pharmacy at 25 mg , which was suppose to be 125mg. Which we did not discover until later. Upon talking to the Pharmacy, they admitted to it being filled incorrectly. Needless to say, we were pretty upset about this. Upon talking to CVS, they were let know this fact. Have asked what, is going to be done to, make sure that this does not have to anyone again. They just kept advising how sorry they was. Would like to make sure that they do indeed, follow up on this. Have called and spoken to Corporate, they are to call.. NO call yet. Also, Manager is suppose to get with up from the Tipp city store–NO Call yet Our MOTHER may be just another person to CVS, but we care very deeply about her.

  90. I have called the corporate office and spoke with someone on 4-14-17 and was told I would be called back in 2 hours.. This was said because they take customer matters seriously. I had not heard from them on 4-17-17 and called back.. I was told again they would call me back and was pushing my concern to the regional manager of my area. Laugh again because it is now 4-24-17 and I have heard from no one.. This whole matter was over a recall issued by CVS regarding my son’s epipen. I took matters into my own hands and went the ridiculous route to get him another pen.. When I went to get the new one your company charged my insurance and tried to charge me again for the pen, that you recalled. The worst company service. We will not be using CVS again, which I often frequent being right outside my subdivision. I realize a company this size does not really care that my little 3 person will not be using your store but I will take the opportunity to let everyone I know to avoid CVS if they can.

    1. Please give me the number you have for corporate. My number is 424 370-xxxx, I was employed in the past with this company. They wrongly terminated me.

  91. The employees at my CVS at 978 Boylston Street in Newton, Massachusetts are undoubtedly the most competent and caring team I’ve ever dealt with- including other local CVS stores. I need to fill many prescriptions each month and they always go the extra mile to make things go smoothly for me for refills that require renewal or if issues come up with my doctor. I am always greeted by name with very friendly service and feel very supported by this team who seem to genuinely care about my well-being. I so appreciate these people – especially Helen and Maxi who go above and beyond- for such outstanding service and care. Thank you to this excellent CVSPharmacy team.

  92. What is wrong with your return and buying system.Problem on feb 16 at I bought Osteo Trp with D at San Marcos S Rancho and hair spray for a friend. I discovered the Osteo was wrong as hair spray. On feb CVS Twin Oaks I had my receipt gave it and items to cashier Jody. Found correct Osteo. She proceeds to tell me they all have to be separate transcation, WHY return 2 items charge for one refund of hair spray on my debit card. Now my debit card decides I using it to much and will not let finish, so I have to use a charge card. And all this of course held up the line, of which I apologized to your customers.Manager had become a cashier, could not express to her my concern.

  93. I am on 2 different kind of pain meds plus gaba pentin for nerve pain. I am so sick of the employees that look at my profile & see this then tell me they are out of stock & will have it “sometime next week”. I am disabled & am physically & emotionally tired of running to 5-6 different branches to fill my meds. It is illegal to refuse to fill a legal prescription. I am filing a complaint with the ADA (Americans
    w/Disabilities Act) & I encourage others who face the same circumstances to do the same. Since when do employees decide what med you should have, unless they don’t mix with a med you’re on? I have been on the same meds for 10+ years and ever since the CDC put out the new guidelines, many people including myself find themselves in the same boat month after month & I for one am tired of it. And by the way, a store can order meds overnight so why all the lies & deception? It’s funny how I was told this before & a couple times I took the script back the next day when another employee was there & had no problem filling it.I have the most problems w/the CVS located at 25 E Red Bank Ave, Woodbury NJ 08096 with the employee Norm being the worst culprit. The other store that is almost just as bad is the CVS on RTE 45 in W. Deptford NJ


    1. Karla & Scott…. According to the ADA (American Disability Act) it is a violation of your civil rights to be refused to fill a legal prescription. You can look into filing a complaint at the ADA website here is some info, hope it helps….. If a patient is disabled as determined by Social Security/Medicare, or private insurance disability insurance the patients is covered under ADA( American Disability Act). The ADA parallels the Civil Rights Act of 1964. People w/disabilities CANNOT be discriminated against because of their disability.The failure of the pharmacist/pharmacy to fill your valid/on time control medication prescriptions is a violation of the patients civil rights under the ADA. This may happen because of the pharmacy’s policies, the Pharmacist’s “professional discretion” or the wholesaler’s rationing the amount of controlled medications they can purchase.Only the patients can help rectify these issues by filing complaints with a couple governmental agencies. The patient does not need an attorney but go to the listed web-sites & file a complaint form. Besides an ADA violation the permit holder/store owner,Pharmacist in charge, Pharmacist refusing to fill prescriptions & wholesaler are all licensed by the various State Board of Pharmacy & it is recommended that a complaint for unprofessional conduct be filed against each w/the appropriate Board of Pharmacy, Some believe that they are in essence “practising medicine” a complaint to the State Medical Board may be appropriate. If the RX department staff has disclosed some of your Private Health Information (PHI)in a manner someone else could hear you may be able to file a HIPAA complaint. Here are some links: Board of Pharmacy link -http://www.nabp.net/boards-of-pharmacy ADA complaint form and/or HIPAA complaint form www. hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/complaints/index.html – Medical Licensing Boards- www. ama-assn.org/ama/pub/education-careers/becoming-physician/medical-licensure/state-medical-boards.page? Here are the 3 drug wholesalers who have elected to arbitrarily establish which each pharmacy can buy of controlled medications: Mc Kesson Corporate Headquarters One Post Street San Francisco CA 94104 (415) 983-8300, Cardinal Health 7000 Cardinal Place Dublin OH 43017 (614) 757-5000, AmerisourceBergen Corporation P.O. Box 959 Valley Forge PA 19482 (610)727-7000

  95. We signed up for your redifill prescriptions at our local cvs in Moreno Valley. They can’t get our orders right yet! Have to keep going back to cvs! Is this false advertisement or what. We may have to choose another pharmacy since they can’t get the orders correct!

  96. Please address the absolute mess that has become of your store located at 20 Broadway in Massapequa, New York. It is dirty, shelves not stocked, expired food items, and NO cashiers! Help! !

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