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General Electric Headquarters.

This informational page lists key contact details, resources, and information pertaining to the General Electric Headquarters and its various corporate divisions.

We have also added a list of the Executive Team, the Jobs and Careers pages, and the different ways you can complain to General Electric.

About General Electric.

General Electric is a conglomerate that delivers energy, transportation, healthcare, and other utilities worldwide. Furthermore, the GE Appliances arm sell and produce a variety of kitchen & household appliances and refrigerators.

The company was founded in New York in 1892 and was one of the first organisations to become part of the Dow Jones index. GE is now one of the top-20 most profitable firms in the US and ranks high on the lists of most innovative and most-awarded multinationals too.

General Electric Headquarters Contacts.

GE’s current current corporate office can be reached by phone, fax, and mail. Please note that the company’s headquarters will soon be relocated to new location in Boston. The new temporary corporate address is at 41 Farnsworth Street, Boston, MA, 02210, USA. The old address was at 3135 Easton Turnpike Fairfield, CT.

General Electric Headquarters Phone Number.

General Electric Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
Monday to Friday, from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Time).

General Electric Headquarters Fax Number.

GE Corporate Headquarters Address.
41 Farnsworth Street
Boston, MA, 02010, USA

General Electric Human Resources Contacts.
Verification of Employment (Verify Job System)
Phone: +001 800 800 4857
Company Code: 8100
Fax: +001 910 392 8159

General Electric Headquarters (GE)
GE’s temporary headquarters at 41 Farnsworth Street, Boston, houses around 350 employees over 66000 square feet. General Electric plans to build a 300,000 square feet campus in the same neighbourhood with room for 800 employees. It is slated to be completed in 2018.

General Electric Executive Team.

This is the complete list of key leaders at General Electric.

  • Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman & CEO
  • Victor Abate SVP & Chief Technology Officer
  • Jeffrey S. Bornstein SVP & Chief Financial Officer
  • Philippe Cochet SVP & Chief Productivity Officer
  • Beth Comstock Vice Chair, GE
  • Matthew G. Cribbins VP, Investor Communications
  • Alex Dimitrief SVP & General Counsel
  • Shane Fitzsimons SVP Global Operations, GE
  • Jan R. Hauser VP, Controller & Chief Accounting Officer
  • Mark Hutchinson President & CEO, Europe, Alstom Integration Leader
  • Jay Ireland President & CEO, GE Africa
  • Daniel Janki, SVP & Treasurer, GE & GE Capital
  • Puneet Mahajan, VP, Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Jamey Mock, VP, Audit Staff
  • Susan P. Peters, SVP, Human Resources
  • John G. Rice, Vice Chair, GE

General Electric Board of Directors:

  • Jeffrey R. Immelt, Chairman of the Board
  • Francisco D’Souza
  • Rochelle B. Lazarus
  • John Brennan
  • Robert W. Lane
  • James E. Rohr
  • Mary L. Schapiro
  • Marijn E. Dekkers
  • James J. Mulva
  • Lowell C. McAdam
  • Peter B. Henry
  • Susan Hockfield
  • W. Geoffrey Beattie
  • Andrea Jung
  • Sebastien Bazin
  • Steven M. Mollenkpf
  • James S. Tisch

GE Power Key Leadership.

  • Steve Bolze CEOGanesh Bell, Chief Digital Officer
  • Lynn Calpeter, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
  • Keith Carr, General Counsel
  • Michael Chanatry, Vice President (Global Supply Chain)
  • Robert Duffy, Vice President (Business Development)
  • Brian Gutknetch, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Clay Johnson, Chief Information Officer
  • Kelly Lafnitzegger, Vice President (Human Resources)
  • Andrew J. Lammas, Vice President (Gas Power Technology)
  • Andreas Lusch, President & CEO of Steam Power Systems
  • Heiner Markhoff, President & CEO of Water & Process Technologies
  • Joe Mastrangelo, President & CEO of Gas Power Systems
  • Paul A. McElhinney, President & CEO of Power Services
  • Jay Wileman, President & CEO of Hitachi Nuclear Energy
  • Russell Wilkerson, Managing Director (Communications & Public Affairs)

General Electric Careers and Jobs.

Job-seekers can visit General Electric’s careers page, which features a job search function that works by enetering a keyword, your location, and your experience level.

The company also has a Career Guide page available, which can help job-seekers find a suitable role. Information about internships and jobs for university students can be found here.

Available jobs are also listed at LinkedIn jobs, Facebook Careers and on the Twitter Jobs Listings pages.

How to complain to General Electric.

There are various Customer Service departments at General Electric.

GE Appliance Service & Repairs Customer Service.

+1-800-432-2737 (7 a.m.–10 p.m Monday to Friday and 8 a.m.–6 p.m. on weekends, all Eastern Time).

A Live Chat customer care function is available here.

A Customer Service Email Form can be found here.

GE Appliances Mailing Address:

GE Appliances Consumer Relations
PO Box 1780
Rapid City, SD 57709

GE Branded Products.

Small Appliances/Housewares: +001 877 207 0923
Telephones: +001 877 394 9775
Consumer Electronic Accessories: +001 800 654 8483
Cameras: +001 800 730 6597
Home Generators: +001 888 575 8226

GE Lighting Customer Service.

+1 800 435 4448

An Email Contact Form can be found here.

GE Customer Service for Industrial Solutions.

Visit this page for further contact details. Call 1-800-431-7867 for Product Information, or 1-888-434-7378 (US) for Field Services.

GE Power Customer Service.

Phone: +001 518 385 2211
Water: +001 215 355 3300
Oil and Gas: +001 281 448 4410
Energy Management: +001 678 844 6000
Industrial Solutions: +001 860 747 7111

The GE Power Contact Us page is here.

GE Healthcare Customer Service.

Phone: +001 262 544 3011

Fill out the GE Healthcare Email Form to contact the support department by email.

Other General Electric Resources.

Social media links, departmental contact details, and information for investors and suppliers are listed below.

Please share your experiences, praise or complaints about General Electric services or products, in the comment section.

31 thoughts on “General Electric Headquarters

  1. Very unsatisfied with the way GE treats its consumers. On May 8, 2023, I was charged $440.47 to have range oven igniters (broiler and oven) installed. Today, July 5, 2023, I called customer service to let them know the oven is not working again and asked to have it repaired/replaced again.

    I was then astonished to hear I would be charged another $114.00, to have the Tech come back out to replace the part again. Upon asking two different customer service people why GE would charge its customer another charge for a service (part) that obviously was not up to par for any company with integrity.

    The best they could/would do is offer to sell me a new stove at a discount (some incentive that is). Now, why would I want to purchase any GE product -ever again? I am incentivized to inform as many people as I can of the lack of concern and respect GE has for its customers If they will not make this right.

  2. GE has been the WORST COMPANY I EVER DEALT WITH. You cannot get ahold of anyone, I sat in phone for over an HOUR just to find out about part ordered and still nobody picked up. Then the website I was on hold for over 20 minutes and when my turn was up said 1:49 to connect for chat and then just disconnects me. I then contacted them again and they said we can just put you through to the number again TO SIT ON HOLD FOR ANOTHER HOUR WITH NO ANSWER ARE YOU CRAZY. After owning a GE Cafe for 4 MONTHS the ice maker broke and we had FOUR visits with technicians. Then the one technician changed the icemaker and other technician said it didn’t need replacing, just needed to thaw out for day. Still what an inconvenience what refrigerator icemaker freezes up after 4 months. Then after that our refrigerator wasn’t cold at all, freezer was but fridge wasn’t then couple days later got cold. DO NOT DEAL WITH GE, what a lemon for large EXPENSE..

  3. Thoroughly disgusted with GE. 7mo washer went up they can’t get parts and give me the runaround.. Been 4 weeks and I’m 81 and tired of going to the laundromat. Help!

  4. will not deliver to basement apartment and promises not kept to do so. Bought Sept 11, 2022 and still not installed as of Oct 21, 2022

  5. Have been waiting almost 3 months to get a washer fixed that was bought on May 3rd 2022. No one will show up or take responsibility to fix the washer

  6. My new GE refrigerator failed 35 days after delivery. I contacted GE consumer relations immediately. I made 14 calls, heard a variety of excuses and have talked to 11 different representatives. They refuse to refund my money,
    and I no idea if or when the refrigerator will be replaced. Their warranty service is worthless. Do not buy a GE appliance. I have been without a working refrigerator for 15 days already. After talking with various other GE owners, I find my problem is common with GE.

  7. My wife (she is 75) has been without a dishwasher for over 8 weeks. It is unrepairable. GE agreed to replace case #0813xxxx. First one delivered was damaged. Still waiting. Chat does not work. Called customer service and have been on the line listening to music for hours. This is rediculous !


  9. I have a close friend who purchased a washer/dryer about 1-1/2 yrs ago. Approximately 2 months ago she noticed that the inside of the washer bin was rusted on the top portion. She wiped it and took the rusted pads to the store where she purchased it. There she was told that she needed to contact the extended agreement company. Long story short, they came out told her they would order the part that she needed, the part came to her house the next day fedex. She contact the store & the agreement company, she was told to discard the part. She called the store they sent someone out to pick up this brand new part. Numerous calls have been made along with visits to the store. In the meantime, numerous people have been sent out to evaluate the issue, while during this time the mother board was replaced. This has been a long and exhausting problem now for over two months with promises not kept. My friend is extremely distraught over this having spent many hours bth on the phone and in the store. My friend, Gabriella is a senior citizen and the widow of a veteran. Is this anyway to treat her or anyone else? Is this a ploy for consumers to get discouraged and discard the item to buy another?

  10. HAVE A GE MIRCOWARE OVEN . This is second one that I got. and having problems with it. I Need to talk to someone regards this problems. I don’t need to buy other one. please give me a call at 770-786-xxxx my is Irma Ballard

  11. I need a Slate colored, 18inch dishwasher. Presently You do not have 18 inch in Slate. I have all My appliances in GE slate. To complete my kitchen I need an 18 inch dishwasher in SLATE COLOR

  12. I want to have a small appliance repaired and would like to know who I can write to regarding it. I have had it 75 years and do not want to just farm it out.

  13. None of GE phone numbers including to the CEO. I purchased GE TQD200NE WPCB DISC 10 years ago. Power surge wiped it switch TQD22200. Looked for replacement. Black market has them for $400/800 because GE is not producing them GE left me high and dry. Finally found store with box plus switch inside and bought two for $199 each. Removed switch from new box and installed in old. Looks like you have to buy whole new unit if you can find them and do as I did. The steel boxes become scrap metal. What a waste. GE has created a black market in these switches by stopping production and you cannot talk them because GE hides phone numbers of management including the CEO. I will think long and hard about buying GE products in the future and will spread the word of GE failure.

  14. I purchased JB655SKSS on 11-06-2019 I am very disapointed with my range not even two years old and the burners are not working properly ,it gets hot to quickly and when you turn temperature down it doesn’t go down quickly enough. I now know why you only have a one year warranty. Your product is not like I remember, when I purchase a new refrigerator it will not be from General Electric.

  15. I have tried all day to contact a representative of this company to attend a historic marker unveiling that is favorable to the company….I tried a dozen numbers and got NO ONE. There is no mystery about G.E. financial downfall.

  16. I received a letter from the Social Security Administration. It states that potential private retirement benefit may be due me. My name at that time was Carla R. Rolader I was an employee of General Electric Credit Corp. The IRS in 1981 reported that I was enrolled in the GE Savings and Security Program. I need help communicating with the department that has this information. Please help me with this.

  17. It has been over a month to get my GE dishwasher fix. GE has the worst customer service. My son works for face books I would like him to stay away from GE products.

  18. I am a loyal GE customer I have for the last 40 years purchased only your product recently I spent in my new home approximately 5k on all new appliances I happen to get a defective washer I called the ge customer service and a repair service came out and said it was fine but I didn’t think it was so I called and voiced my concern will my washer is now 4 years old and the shaf barring is worn out I called ge again to see if the company valued my loyalty to this company but for 400.00 dollars a customer is lost I’m so disappointed in the American industry ge doesn’t value me our my money .


  20. I am trying to find out where my dishwasher is. I was told during purchase at Lowe’s it would be delivered on 8/1. I have waited for 2 weeks. I called the store to verify delivery and was told it was shipped yesterday and would be here on the 8th. Why was I not notified? It’s not ok for people to rearrange there schedule take days off from work only to be tolds “ we don’t know why” “ we tried to call them but only got a recording”. So for 2 weeks you’ve spent the money that I forked out for a dishwasher ( wasnt cheap) and now you have no idea when it’s coming! Shame on you Lowe’s for not contacting me and shame on you GE for having me sit on hold while I type this. Very poor customer service!!!!! It won’t be hard for me to boycott either place. I have refused to shop at sears for the same reason. They are not able to send out any techs For 2-3 weeks for their own product and will not reimburse if I go out side to have my frig kenmore elite repaired! What a crock of crap! No wonder they closed stores.

  21. I bought a window unit for my apartment cause I’m the summer it gets really hot the unit I payed $400 for broke 3 months after and 5 months after that I still have a broken unit sitting on my floor in my apartment called numerous times to get it fixed and nothing has been done now they are telling me I will receive a check from them and 3 weeks later I’m still getting the run around no check no new unit I have a baby in this hot apartment and no air and no money to buy a new one now I think I’m going to a lawyer and see if what they are doing to me is ethical cause I believe that they are pushing me off until the factory warranty is over just so they can save from doing the right thing ..I’m very unhappy with GE and im no longer going to be Patient

    1. we were told the same thing, to be patient. 3 months later we are still waiting for a dishwasher part. I plan on calling the better business burogh and reporting it. Probably wont do much good but cant hurt. I cannot believe how bad their business is. Dishwasher wasnt even a year old when it broke. Sad thing is that we bought over $5000.00 worth of appliances from them. Not a lot of money for them but it was my dream kitchen. Now I dont know what to do. oh yea, and every time we call they tell us another 48 hours. pathetic.

  22. I ordered refrig, stove and dishwasher from Home Depot in late April. Delivery scheduled for 5/08. Rescheduled or 5/29. Rescheduled for 6/5. I have not received merchandise but an being billed for it with late charges from CitiBank. I can’t find out if the problem lies with Home Depot, who blame the delivery company, or with GE. I am furious at being billed for merchandise I don’t have. How do I know when I’ll get merchandise. Home Depot was not forthcoming explaining credit terms. I told them I I’ll take delivery, check everything and send a check for the entire amount. I am so irate with everyone especially GE. It seems you are taking orders for merchandise you don’t have available. WHAT IS GOING ON❓

    1. Cancel your order. You do not want GE appliances. I have a $6,000 GE Monogram stove and I just found out today they do not have any parts for it and their answer is “We can’t control the supplier!” They assume no responsibility and will offer no help in finding the necessary part (Our home had a lightening strike next to it and it took out the oven hot wire relay). This is so sad that no one cares anymore. They sell these products, get your money and then will not see to it that you can keep the appliance going. They expect you to just buy another one. This is pure greed. Please do not buy GE Appliances!!!!!!!

      1. This is happening to us also. We have been waiting for a part for our dishwasher for 3 months. No one cares. This is the last time we buy a GE appliance.

  23. Im a contractor at Ge Healthcare in Laurel Maryland i recently had my vehicle broken into burglarized vandalized on company parking lot in front of building. I haven’t heard anything about helping repair the damages or anything cameras and security is very poor. Multimillion dollar company. Makes you scared to park your car and try to work.

  24. I own a small black booklet with GE’s name and logo and “1947” printed in gold on the front cover. It is full of fascinating information and numbers about the company and the country. Your president was Charles E. Wilson and the board chair was Phillip D. Reed. Pages 27- 28 are pure company history. If you have an archivist or historian who has an interest, please tell me to whom it should be addressed.

    Thank you.

  25. Tonight I have to say goodbye to my Portable Hand Mixer that I received as a wedding present forty-four years ago. Yes, I said 44 years ago my husband and I got our first hand mixer which is a “Harvest Gold/Yellow (319) Mixer Model #M24. This mixer was my first one that I used to make cookies, cakes, pies, etc for holidays, birthdays, parties, picnics that were for my family and friends over the years. My General Electric Portable Mixer has served me well over the years and I will miss it. I guess I’ll have to go shopping for a new one because I like using it better than my daughters KitchenAid mixer. Thanks for the memories General Electric. ❤️

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