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Target Headquarters and Corporate Offices.

Everything you need to know about the Target headquarters: Corporate office address, phone numbers, email contacts, social media contacts, the executive team and how to complaint to Target.

Target Headquarters.

Target is openied its first store opened in Minnesota in 1962, and now operates 1,700 stores and have around 360,000 employees.

The Target headquarters aRE located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Target Headquarters Address:

Address your letters to:

Target Headquarters 1000 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN 55403

Target Headquarters Phone Number:

Call 1-612-304-6073 for the Target corporate offices.

Target Customer Service Phone Number:

The Target Customer Services can be reached at the number: 1-800-440-0680 or on 1-800-591-3869.

Target Media relations Phone Number:

Contact media relations on: 1-612-696-3400.

Target Investors relations:

Investors relations can be found on: 1-800-775-3110.

Target Contact Email: There is no headquarters email address available, bu you can email guest.service@target.com for customer enquiries. The company also has a help page, where you can contact with an email form. This page also will give you an option to chat LIVE with a representative, once you choose a Topic.

Target Corporate Website: The Target headquarters website shows financial news, customer history and job listings and can be found here.

How to Complain to Target.

Firtst, try to contact the store manager. If your complaint is about a certain Target store, call the store and ask to speak with the manager. Contact information for individual Target stores can be found on their website using their store locator.

If that doesn’t help, your destination for complaints and questions should be the Contact Us Page, which allows you to pic a topic and chat live online about your issue. Secondly, you can call the Toll free customer service phone number: 1-800-440-0680.

If you still can’t get an answer, we recommend taking your issue public on their Facebook page or Tweet the company on @Target.

Target Executive Team.

These are the Target Key People and Board Members:

Target Leaders and Executives.

Gregg Steinhafel – CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Timothy Baer – Executive Vice President

Anthony Fisher – Target Canada President

John Griffith – Executive Vice President

Jeffrey Jones III – Executive Vice President

Jodeen Kozlak – Executive Vice President

John Mulligan – Executive Vice President and CFO

Tina Schiel – Executive Vice President

Kathryn Tesija – Executive Vice President

Laysha Ward – Community Relations President

Target Board of Directors

Roxanne Austin

Douglas Baker Jr.

Calvin Darden

Henrique De Castro

James Johnson

Mary Minnick

Anne Mulcahy

Derica Rice

Kenneth Salazar

Gregg Steinhafel

John Stumpf

Solomon Trujillo

Target Brands.

Target owns and operates a variety of brand names, including:

  • Simply Balanced
  • Archer Farms
  • Trutech
  • Champion
  • Cherokee
  • Circo
  • Gilligan and O’Malley
  • Market Pantry
  • Merona
  • Mossimo
  • Room Essentials
  • Threshold
  • Up and Up
  • Xhilaration.

Target Resources

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47 thoughts on “Target Headquarters

  1. For years, I and my family have enjoyed shopping at your stores; variety of quality products with an appealing price point have always been appealing. Unfortunately, with your seeming support of the trans agenda I can no longer support you. This movement is unconscionably targeting young people at a time when they are very vulnerable and enabling them to make unalterable changes to their bodies when most aren’t mature enough to make their way in life without parental support. Please, for the sake of this upcoming generation, won’t you reconsider your position? For the sake of the children…

  2. Target is against the people that shop and spend money! All the racial slurs and bias backing of all the left radical will make most people stop shopping at Target! People will boycott your store and you’ll loose millions! So it’s your stupidity decision making that will be your demise!

  3. As a stock holder in Target and one of its largest proponents over the years, I find myself ready to sell my stock and never shop there again!! I am embarrassed by your lack of dignity in what you promote as LBGT clothing . Are you not aware that the majority of this country is looking to put values back in the lives of families and singles parents? If we could put stability in the lives of children instead of letting them make decisions when their full brain has not developed to make smart life long choices. I will take my business elsewhere .

  4. Your woke articles for sale in your stores ar Rees so offensive that I will never set foot in any Target stores. And I will convince as many others to do the same. So Disappointed.

  5. Placed an online order… your Systm approve one of the two items on my debit card. Your system denied the second item , a comforter. We called the bank and called back to Target to add that second item. Target separated my order…when I placed the order for the second item it duplicated the comforter, charging my debit card twice. When I discovered the error, I called back within the hour. I was told your system only gives two to three minutes to cancel an order and I would have to wait til it’s delivered and then deny the delivery and wait til Target receives the item back to put 71.01 back on my card. I haves called multiple times and escalated my concern because now my bank account will overdraft charging me 30.00 for each overdraft attempt on my debit card/checking account. Upon callback today to follow up on escalation report 8/22… there is no mention of such a report and I am told that I have to wait til order is processed delivered denied and returned bro Target to have the funds put back on the debit card. I can’t afford these overdrafts. I need that duplicate order cancelled and the monies put back to the debit account to avoid penalties. Please help
    The order number is 917783655xxxx

  6. Target Complaint

    On Sunday July 17, 2022. My wife and I had the worst experience at Target Macedonia, OH. We were profiled while shopping at Target Store in Macedonia. My wife and I was celebrating our wedding anniversary and decided to pick up a few things from the store on our way home. While in the store we pick up several different things for ourselves and our grand kids. We went to go get into the checkout line and there was a couple in front of us checking out. As we preceded to wait for them to check we noticed they were having a transaction problem. We continued to wait in line until it was our time to checkout. We were greeted by cashier Nathan who was very professional and friendly. Nathan began to ask us how we were doing and converse with us as he began to check us out.
    After Nathan bagged a few of our items into the bags sitting in the bag holder a employee with a security shirt came up and began to look into our bags that were still on the bag holders with our items in them. The cashier asked him did he do something wrong? The security employee told him no. I asked what he was doing and he stated he was helping pack the bags and put them in the cart. I told the security employee we did not need any help with bagging our items or putting them in our cart. We did not have a lot of items that would call for assistance. The couple that was in front us had multiple items including some large items and no one not even the security employee came to assist with their transaction. At this point we realized that we were just profiled. My wife and I both have 25 years of retail experience in processes, procedures and observations. This was the worst customer service we have experience. Our cashier Nathan realized we were upset and was very helpful in letting us know we could call and speak with the manager in the morning. He notice a supervisor walking by and ask her for assistance. While talking to her the security employee came back over to our register. The cashier asked the security employee why did he come over to his register to help pack bags. At this point this was confirmation that this was not Target’s normal process for normal checkout as the security employee stated he does on a regular bases. The security employee stated they do this all the time and would show us the tapes of various times he does this. We have never experienced any form of this type of unacceptable practice while checking out at any of your competitors or other retail stores. The optics of us standing at the register checking out our items as African – Americans and the abrupt decision of your security person to walk up and look through our bags that were still on the bag holder and begin to transfer our bags which only had a few items was an a embarrassment to us as we felt profiled. In spite of this horrible experience we still purchased the items we picked up which was roughly $90.00 purchase. This was not the way we were expecting to end our wedding anniversary day discussing the horrible shopping experience at Target.

    My contact number is 330-475-xxxx

  7. Absolutely disgusting that they would not reimburse $20 on a gift card that a child had bought and lost the receipt the child was utterly saddened when the gift did not go through to the right person

  8. Hello my name is Allie it’s short for Alexandra, I am a Formal employee that recently lost about everything I did not have any way of contacting my store about me not being able to go back they knew my whole situation I worked my ass off for you guys for 6 years an I loved every minute of it the only thing I have a complaint is that I have not yet received my last pay from you guys and I know I had a lot of sick and vacation hrs left my store knew i didn’t have an address attached to me but I still have my bank account and it was set up to Direct deposit why couldn’t I receive it that way ? I have no intentions calling the store that I was at because they could’ve dealt with the situation different so that is why I am contacting you guys to see what you can do for me

  9. Target 0200 as one employee called it is a great store. It’s my community a target and I love it. The managers working there have an awful attitude and are never helpful. The talk down to their employees and lack leadership. I am here often and it’s annoying to even see them, as soon as a client walks in they run to yell at their employees with disrespect. There Is a lady named Laura and she’s there during the day it’s awful. I actually go on the evenings in purpose just to avoid her negative energy. Please someone go there incognito and I promise you will see what I am saying.

  10. I visit your target Honolulu location as a tourist and they had no baggies for the groceries ! I was applauded being a loyal Minnesota target shopper ! How do you expect tourist to have bags are you kidding me it’s something I didn’t know I had to bring bags on vacation to grab stuff I don’t mind paying a buck for bags but not 5 for small tourist bags ! Target can do better!!!

  11. I am the mother of a son who spent 15yrs in the army in combatzones ann when he came home we went to school to be a nurse, bujt had to take time off the last three years to help me take care of his father who recently passed away at 82 with Alzheimers. He has applied to two Target companies in the Chamersburg and Marion location and was given the opinion that he would be hired at one or the other. After about 6 months of the run around we find out it was given to a minority worker who has never done anything woththwhile.
    I have spent 30 thousand in the last three years paying him to help me, pay his car, insurance, life insurance,, food, and necessities and it is not fair that he is not given a chance to find a job now. He is 48 years old and deserves some respect from someone since the Army still owes him $14,000 plus that he was to get when he retired.
    Thank you for reading this if someone gets it.

  12. Corporate should look into how some stores are cheating its Cashiers out of 15 minutes ..The cashier work 8 hours get only 45 minutes broke down into a 30 min lunch and a 15 minute break(45 min)labor law not enforced..This store is in Arlington,Texas.

  13. Let me start by saying today is January 19, 2019 and I have contacted Target Corporation via emails (plural) or phone numbers (plural again). As of this date Target does not seem to be concerned one iota with the courtesy of replying to my correspondence/phone calls. That just adds to the original problem. Shame on Target!!! What, all of the technology division is too busy to take the time to reply to my messages? I logged on tonight to once again send another email to Target Corporation and the screen tells me that it is not working. Well isn’t that convenient? I am not sure who exactly is going to get this and read it, but I am putting myself and my experience out there and more of us “little people” should take on these businesses that appear to be too big for their britches. Who do they think made them who they are? Still waiting for my $100 gift card that you sent to me as you apologized for the inconvenience of an incident that was out of my control. But no, you folks say it was a mistake and no way am I going to get this $100 even though you sent me that email and although you admit it was your mistake how that was done and although like I suggested Target will never miss a measly $100 for them to make amends for THEIR mistake. I can’t call the number provided and quite frankly I don’t appreciate being hung up on. I physically went to the local store in my community and the very nice Target associate made a phone call to the people in charge of such incidents and after a few minutes was once again HUNG UP ON. OMG, that person made no attempt to call the store back and that was not a secret as the associate was quite clear who was calling and from where. Target’s outsourced employees are good at that too. If they don’t like what they hear or don’t have the time or have been trained properly (all of the above apply) they too just hang up. That is what prompted how I came to get that gift card in the first place. I thought you -Target- felt some kind of empathy. Ha. Target, you are a class act indeed. I have a copy of what you sent me. Care to see it as to refresh your memory? If anyone else reads this and knows a way or someone specific I can talk to about this that may actually listen feel free to let me know.

  14. I tried to work with target.com regarding an item I received as a gift, so I didn’t have any purchase information. I called the manufacturer and got verification that the item is sold through target.com, and all I wanted to do was exchange the defective item (a set of lamps, but missing the lampshades). All I got for a response was that without the purchase information, they wouldn’t even do an even exchange, and that was from the supervisor. I asked to speak with his supervisor and he said he didn’t have one! I apparently talked to the owner of target then, if this guy didn’t have a boss. What BS! I then called the manufacturer back and they arranged for the missing pieces to be shipped to me. I was on the phone with target for a about couple hours each day for two days, no resolution. Manufacturer solved my problem in 15 minutes. Needless to say, I won’t be shopping at target or target.com, I stopped going there because of poor selection but the poor treatment of customers will keep me away from target permanently, I will never buy anything from them again.

  15. Dear Sirs/Ma’am

    Where’s my application/s? I was emailed, I sent a reply and I visited no one can find my app/s. TAke me TAke me!! All shifts no sunday’s please unless in chicago or on 59th (I think)

  16. I went to Target on the east side of St. Cloud MN this afternoon. As the clerk was packaging my items she was going to put a bag of chips in the same bag as pop cans-since I didn’t want crushed chips I asked her to put them in a bag by themselves, which she did. Then at one point I saw her take the chips out of the bag and put them in another bag with MORE HEAVY ITEMS! At that point I asked her what the hell she thought she was doing? I told her to put those chips back in a bag by themselves and leave it that way. I gave her my check and when she handed me the receipt she said in a very snotty way “God Bless You”. I replied but I won’t say what I told her to do! To bad her old lady never knocked her upside the head for being a beligerant snotty b….! All she had to do was use her head and put the chips in a bag by themselves and there wouldn’t have been anymore drama! I went to the service desk and asked for the head store manager and complained-I will never go to Target again! I also used the bathroom and it’s lucky there was no guy in there or I would have thrown him out on his ear! There is no work ethic or customer service anymore!

  17. Went to target this morning 9/2/17 in Selinsgrove PEnnsylvania, I have been traveling for 2 weeks trying to get the target exclusive hotwheels for my 12 year old. I knew they got a shipment in that morning. At the store was told by associates they could not find it since it was not right in front of their face on a pallet. Over heard the manager( did not know he was a manager ) tell an associate he was not digging in the back to look for it. When I went to customer service to ask for a manager who do I get but that same person, manager Todd who tells me to my face we don’t dig in the back for collectible stuff like Hotwheels. Shouldn’t matter what I was there to buy, where is the customer service? I would have probably spent $50 on Hotwheels that morning but since no one would take the time too look , nothing , and missed out on the exclusives which will not be out again. Thanks Target fManager for the poor customer service. They should find better people to fill those positions. After all if the customers were not there to buy your products there would be no Target.

  18. I have a 3rd class experience with eBay. Its was my 1st tym shopping with eBay and eBay is not able to deliver the package on time. 1st they says package will deliver b/w 2-Aug to 4-Aug. Then I received a message for delivery 9-Aug, Bt it still can’t deliver and I also can’t find any way of refund. 3rd class service.

  19. Consumers don’t waste your precious time complaining to a
    Corporation which don’t appreciate it.
    I had the experience this morning from 3:30am to 4:43am
    to place an order valued at $229.99; 3 employees involved
    and none of them took the order; therefore I decided to cancel
    the order and get the article from another source.
    If employees don’t care what can you expect from the Managers?
    Wish this Company get a better Management and hire valued
    employees with business attitude.

  20. Karin Wrape in silverthorne, co. trying to leave a compliment for Target employees and cannot do so, please call me at 970-xxxxxxx so i can give you the compliments I think are deserved as the store staff handled my complaints inside and outside store amazingly well and you have people assessing your lighting in the parking lot at silverthorne , co. store so that they cannot do crimes to me and my rv in the dark, karin wrape 970-xxxxxx.

    1. I also want to access security footage from lot on 3-28-17 between 2pm and 4:30 pm as there is an allied security truck that has been stalking me and i want to know if they got into my rv and did some thing and how long they were there.

  21. Hello,
    I’ve searched around but cannot find a way ( that works ) to actually contact the corporate office via: email. I’m a trustee for a Veterans ( United American Veterans ) group in N. Cambridge, MA. 02140. I wanted to know if there are any used refrigeration ( w/glass doors ) units available that you could donate. If you could please send contact information to me, It’d be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time and effort.
    Bob Connelly

  22. Play music other stores/restaurant’s do. Have sweats for women, year round slippers for families, cute clothing for older women.
    Have more employees on the floor.

  23. I am very frustrated with my return! Box was picked up Feb. 2, received at the warehouse Feb. 6th. I was told 7-10 days for a refund. I called several times to check the status and was told it was in process. Today is two weeks (10 business days) so I called a 4th time. I was told that the order wasn’t processed correctly so it’s going to be another 5-7 days for me to get my refund. I don’t understand what the problem is! If the item would have fit in my car, I would have gotten my refund two weeks ago. Very disappointing Target… very disappointing. I expected more from you.

  24. I think that all corporate levels should be let go. Target needs someone that brings fresh and new ideas to run the company. Someone that cares about the Guest and team members. Someone that cares about getting product into the stores that people want. Stop asking people for a red card. Have more employees on the floor. There is no one around to ask for an items when shelve is empty. Get a whole bunch of cute holiday product like clothing (cute) and jewelry.
    Cartwheel needs to you on the register of how much you are saving when you check out. Play classical music when I shop.

  25. Just had the worst experience at Target. An hour after they opened, there is no cashier and with a cart full of stuff I was expected to check myself out. The floor personnel didn’t even know the name of the manager and she certainly didn’t care that I walked out. I’ll never understand why so many store employees stand around socializing but are unable to accommodate customers at the checkout lines. The store at Pembroke in Virginia Beach has lost my business indefinitely.

  26. I am a previous Target employee that has retired from the company last October 2016. 35 years and loved the company. I was given a gift card as a little something extra. Well today I received another gift card 4 months later which caught me by surprise. This has to be an oversight from the company. Advise is needed to get this taken care off. Thanks Gloria presas.

  27. Based on your support of transgender bathroom rights, I will NEVER enter a target store again. I have been a customer for 25 years.

  28. Target! Pay that lady in New Jersey’s repair bill for your red ball damaging her car! You are now doing so looks SO BAD to your customers. Normally, we supppot you (even though we
    Know we pay more at Target, we like shopping there for a better experience and also it feels like we are supporting a company that typically “does right” by consumers.) Even if your insurance company denied her claim, just cut her a damn check and fix her car stat. Not doing so makes you look like a greedy, awful, stingy and money hungry corporation. Just do what’s right and put your customers first.

    Thank you,

    Michelle C.
    Mid-30s mommy

  29. My husband was going to buy a pair of glasses at the store on bald hill road Warwick ri all the prices were between 14.99-19.99 . The glasses rung up 37.99 ! We did not take them ! This is misrepresentation of a product! Spoke with someone who said he was a manager but was NO help! We have pictures of the display also. We would like to know how this could happen and what are you going to do about it!!!!

  30. I purchased a extended warranty for my LG Smartwatch. A year after owning my watch I started having problems with it. So I tried to contact LG for a warranty only to be told it was past the manufacturer warranty. So I remembered I had an extended warranty. So I started a clam. They sent me out a ups shipping label to send it back to them. I boxed it up and sent it out well let’s say I thought it went out. NOT! UPS Lost the package. I have been emailing and calling Target only to be told that ups started a clam. After waiting for a update from either Ups or Targets Warranty department. Nothing. I had to email once again. Got a response January 5th that UPS was going to issue a refund. NOT. I spent today 2 1/2 hours on the phone with UPS and Target to be told from UPS that I needed to call Target and be told from Target I needed to call UPS. After 2 1/2 hours of going back and forth I was told that UPS can’t find the package and they cancelled the clam and then to be told that Target was not going to replace nor refund the cost of my Smartwatch. Now I am out of the cost of the watch and the cost of a no good extended warranty. I so hate Target. That is the worst customer service I ever had to deal with. This whole process has gone on for over 4 1/2 month’s. Filed claim at the end of August sent watch out on September the 1st. What sad and poor customer service.

  31. Team member stole my personal items then called security. I told sercurity to check the cameras and they banned me for a year. I want those two employees banned from ever working there and I want someone from corporate to contact me and make this right. Do the right thing target and stick up for customers who are being abused by staff. I don’t know who to contact or how. This is really unfair and I didn’t do anything wrong. I need a response from someone in corporate as this is a serious matter. I left me my email so that someone with authority and integrity can resolve this for me. I don’t want to think bad of a historically decent store chain because of one badly operated one in North Tacoma. I was even threatened to have the police called on me. Unacceptable. I am a law abiding citizen and I have the right to shop in any store open to the public without fear of harassment. They are other issues as well that I fear will only get worse if management, regional or corporate, does not get involved.


  33. Although i have been a loyal target customer for years im turning in my red card and wont shop there anymore.the bathroom policy is beyond ridiculous and the new policy of spending 20 million dollars to make it more acceptable is just stupid.what happened to common sense

  34. I was in Target this past weekend and saw that towels had a sign on every brand that towels were on sale for 30% off. SO I purchased some. When I got home I reviewed my receipt and saw that I did not get the discount as advertised. I immediately called the store to find out why no discount was applied. I asked for the store manager and was given to several different people before I got someone named Jennifer who said she was In charge, I explained my problem and was told did you scan the app on your smart phone???? I told her I did not have a smart phone phone and she replied then you are out of luck to receive the discount. “WHAT, YOU TURN AWAY BUSINESS BECAUSE YOU DO NOT HAVE A SMART PHONE?”
    She was rude and did not care one way or another when I told her I would be returning the towels. There are many other stores in this area where I can buy towels and they will gladly give me their discount and accept my money. This happened at the Lacey Washington store and I will never set foot in there again. I will tell everyone who will listen to me to do the same.

  35. Thanks but not thanks Target.com! Worst service ever!

    The person that did this refund hung up after I asked for another manager. I’ve been waiting another 20 minutes to just get someone on the phone, ridiculous! Never got anyone on the phone from escalations. You’ve got your money but I don’t have my items that I paid to have here for Christmas. Than you tell me I have to be inconvenienced by returning them once they get here after Christmas or set them up to be picked up ONCE THEY ARE DELIVERED AFTER CHRISTMAS. I am the customer why do I have to do work for your mistakes. I ordered these items 12/14. It’s funny your advertising if you order after 12/16 you guys will deliver items. I wonder how my item order on 12/14 is not here and I paid for expedited shipping. At this point I don’t want anything from Target, I am very disappointed in your response to your mistakes. You can take them back to wherever they came from, you delivering them after Christmas is not helping the kid they where for not to mention you are holding up $50 of my holiday money. Somehow I have to now figure out how to get my niece another gift in between my job and spending time with my family for the holidays. Instead I have to suffer because of your delivery mistake. I ordered online for a reason!

    From now on I will use Amazon, a company that actually does what they say. My items will arrive before Christmas if not they will actually care unlike Target. I will tell all my family and friends and coworkers not to order from Target.

  36. Experience with target.com is one I will never forget, worst customer service, so sad that each rep I spoke to gave the same “scripted response” and “I know how you feel”. When a customer is not happy, that’s the worst response you can receive from a rep. I don’t like to say what I won’t ever do, but the likelihood of me shopping in physical store or online is 1 in a million. Target just lost at a good customer, but I guess one lost customer doesn’t mean anything to target.

  37. I received a very offensive and harrassing email on Facebook by a Samantha Graham- Chicago IL. I do not know this person nor am I from Chicago! The message stated I was a horrible mother and person. I have reported the profile and now I am reporting this to your company. The facebook profile states this person is a Team Lead for your company in Chicago IL
    I have screen shots of the message and profile

  38. So I order two of these tv stands on November 27. I was supposed to recieve them by December 2nd. I only recieved one of the tv stands. Called target they told me something wrong happened with the shipping and they would send me a new one which was supposed to arrive December 5. Again, the tv stand never arrived. I called target to ask why I have not received the item. A very rude customer service woman named Maria told me fedx damaged my tv stand and sent it back to target and I would not be recieving my item once again. She refused to send me a another one even though they are in stock and forced me to do a refund. I strictly told her I did not want a refund. She did it anyways then pawned me off on a manager. The manager also refused to help me and told me she wouldn’t since the other lady did the refund. Since she did the refund she told me I would have to wait even longer to recieve my item and I would have to buy it again with a different form of payment if I wanted it sooner. THE MANAGER told me she would not help me and I need to call back and talk to someone else to reorder my item since Maria messed up gave me a refund. Called target back. At this point been on the phone for a hour now… I talked to two more associates who also would not help me because Maria the customer service rep did the refund with out my permission. They said since she did that I would have to re buy the item . I spent three hours on the phone yesterday with target nothing got resolved. Caller again today. Same situation. This lady was over the top. Worst customer service. Would not help me get the tv stand. So I asked to talk to a manager. She was even worse. I can not believe these employees are allowed to treat people so terriblw. All I asked for was the tv stand I purchased. It was not my fault there was shipping issues 2 times in a row. I needed this item by December 2nd. Now I wont recieve it until December 16… the manager gave me an choice. I had to pay for more than I originally have had for the tv stand or not get it at all. When I purchased it was on sale . It isnt now and she wanted me to pay full price for it since they messed up and refunded me in the first place. She said she would give me a ten dollar gift card to make up for the inconvenience. I never recieved this gift card. I was overcharged on this tv stand. Treated extremely poorly from several employees . I will not ever buy anything from target.com ever again. Worst experience I have ever had. Talked to corporate. They said they would send me a 20 gift card to make up the difference the customer service manager over charged me on. I have not seen this gift card yet or recieved an email conformation for it. I am truly shocked at the behavior of the employees and their lack of sympathy and compassion towards my situation. I would not ever recommend anyone to buy ANYTHING from target . com. Just be aware that you will probably not recieve your item, get over charged, and treated severely poorly by the employees when you ask for the problem to be fixed.

  39. I have called corporate office five times and nobody will get me to a supervisor to discuss the false information I was provided last Friday. I don’t know what kind of company they are running here but this is ridiculous having to go through this much trouble to speak to someone higher up over a mistake, they made.

  40. I placed an order for a doll house and received a one hundred pound piece of furniture instead. I called customer service and informed them of the mix up and was offered 3 options: 1) bring the 100 pound piece of furniture to the store for return, unfortunately it’s too heavy for me to even lift off the floor of my living room 2) wait for fed ex to pick up the item between the hours of 8am and 8pm, this won’t work as I have a job and children and cannot wait 12 hours for a delivery driver. If fed ex does happen to come and get the package I will still have to wait 2 weeks for them to send out what I originally ordered 3) place my order again and pay for expedited shipping, never mind the fact that when I ordered the doll house initially it was on sale and isn’t currently. I feel like I am being held responsible for the mixup made by their target employees. I can’t believe this is the service I get from target as I’ve been a loyal customer for many years.

  41. Something fishy is going on at many Target outlets and I have also read complaints from other areas of the US.
    Lots of people are trying to secure the Hatchimal toy for Xmas, many of us are tracking stock that comes into Target over night. The stock count will show Hatchimals available in the morning and people go and stand outside before the stores even open and then are told there are none in stock when the site shows they are there.
    My opinion Target employees are hoarding these hatchimals as they come in the morning freight and either keeping them for friends or selling them on Ebay for huge amounts of money. Somebody further up the Target line needs to look into this now

  42. Never shopping there again. Everything I bought did not ring up on sale, not even clearance items, and lets not forget the rude employees.

  43. Why doesn’t Target carry gender equality clothing for toddler girls who love Mickey Mouse? They made the brilliant step in taking away toy labels for boys or girls, so why not do the same for Mickey?

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