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Pizza Hut Headquarters and Corporate Office.

See all Pizza Hut Headquarters information here, including corporate and customer service phone numbers, corporate addresses and a list of the the executive board. Learn how and where to complain about Pizza Hut’s products or services.

About Pizza Hut Headquarters.

Pizza Hut is the worlds largest pizza restaurant chain and is owned by Yum! Brands. The corporate headquarters of Pizza Hut is therefore that of Yum! brands, so you need to contact the Yum! brands Headquarters in order to formally contact the company.

Pizza Hut Corporate Office and Headquarters.

The Pizza Hut headquarters (Yum! Brands) is located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Pizza Hut Headquarter Address:

Pizza Hut Brands corporate office can be reached via mail by writing to:

Yum! Brands attn: Pizza Hut Headquarters 1900 Colonel Sanders Ln, Louisville, KY 40213

Pizza Hut Headquarters Phone Number:

For the Pizza Hut headquarters call 1-502-874-8300.

Pizza Hut Customer Service Phone Number:

1-800-948-8488 or 1-866-364-0825

Call 1-866-664-5696 in Canada.

Pizza Hut Email Contact:

There is no email address available for the corporate office at Yum! Brands. You can contact the Pizza Hut Customer Service via this form or email your feedback to feedback@pizzahut.com.

Pizza Hut Headquarters Website:

See the website for Yum! Brands to see company news and investor relations.

Pizza Hut Headquarters
The Pizza Hut Headquarters is located in Plano, Texas, spread over 177.000 square feet. The corporate office houses 400 Pizza Hut workers, 200 Yum International employees and around 100 employees from sister brand Taco Bell.

How to Complain to Pizza Hut.

To file a complaint at Pizza Hut, the best way is to use their Feedback Form. Include as many details as you have, including location of restaurant, time and date.They will usually get back to you in two or three days (working days). You’ll might get a coupon for your trouble.

You can also call their customer service hotline for free at: 1 (800) 948-8488.

Usually, you can just ask to speak to the manager at the offending restaurant. More often than not, you will receive a replacement pizza.

Alternatively, tweet your problem to @pizzahut or voice your complaint on their official Facebook page.

Pizza Hut Headquarters Executive Team.

These are the key leaders and Board of Directors at Yum! Brands. Scott Bergren is the CEO of Pizza Hut.

Senior Officers

  • David Novak – CEO
  • Sam Su – Vice President
  • Scott Bergren – Pizza Hut CEO
  • Jonathan Blum – Senior Vice President
  • Anne Byerlein – Chief People Officer
  • Christian Campbell – Senior Vice President
  • Niren Chaudhary – President, India Restaurants
  • Greg Creed – Taco Bell CEO
  • Roger Eaton – Kentucky Fried Chicken President
  • Larry Gathof – Vice President
  • Patrick Grismer – CFO
  • Mickey Pant – Kentucky Fried Chicken CEO
  • David Russell – Vice President

Board of Directors

  • David Novak
  • Sam Su
  • Michael Cavanagh
  • David Dorman
  • Massimo Ferragamo
  • Mirian Graddick-Weir
  • Bonnie Hill
  • Jonathan Linen
  • Thomas Nelson
  • Thomas Ryan
  • Robert Walter

Pizza Hut and Yum Brands.

Yum! Brands own the following companies and brands:

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken.
  • Taco Bell.
  • Pizza Hut.

257 thoughts on “Pizza Hut Headquarters

  1. I have been to this Pizza Hut dozens of times in the past few weeks as it’s the only one around I get boneless bites and pay a good price for them. They send them to me with the smallest teaspoon of sauce even when I tell them they did that last time not to do it again they still did it. This is the 3rd time this week. It’s the one located at 64 Elizabeth street Brighton Ontario it’s so ridiculous

  2. I am not happy that you all are going to door dash instead of delivery. I don’t door dash and feel you are forcing me to order from another pizza place since they deliver and you will no longer be doing that. I am disappointed in your organization in deleting this service.

  3. Order 2 large pizzas and 2 orders of breadsticks. They forgot the breadsticks and had to go with the Doordasher back to the store . When I get back home, I see both of the pizzas are charred. Spent $58 on food that most of it was inedible

  4. This is twice we have had issues with the Shawano, WI location. We were charged 3 times by this store. One charge valid: the money was to be returned and it has not been. Please contact me before this escalates.

  5. I received two pizzas from your Pizza Hut in Smithfield Virginia. Both of them had something under the cheese that looked like clear rubber bands. I have photos and videos. This is unacceptable especially when my kids were the ones to suggest Pizza Hut for dinner and then I see this in our pizza. You all are feeding people clear rubber bands and then want to argue with me the customer like I’m the one who put the stuff in there. I even told them to ask the gentleman they sent to my house with the second pizza because I showed him the piece that was found in the first pizza and he told me if I had a problem with the new pizza to call them back and they all were very rude and nasty about it. Even one of the managers named Sonja. She asked me if it is possible that someone has braces in the household. No we dont. She was trying to pin it on me instead of taking accountability for their ingredients, toppings or whatever the case may be. I do not appreciate being blamed for their mistake. I did not make the pizza or work there but it’s my fault. Yeah I will not order anything else from you all. And my kids love pizza and your big New Yorker pizza but we will take our business elsewhere. Out of all the times we order from you all and they want to get nasty with a loyal customer. I will not tolerate the disrespect from your business.

  6. We order from Pizza Hut in Masontown, Pennsylvania. For the last 2 weeks we have been trying to order sandwiches, but they have been out of the buns. What kind of places stays out of stuff that long

  7. I have tried the “Melts” 3 different times and all times were nit as advertised, the first time the melt had no cheese: 2nd time cheese was included but wasn’t melted throughly. 3rd time it was over cooked, very crunchy and dark. The Pizza Huts J visited was in Forestville and Oxon Hill. Maryland. Can I please get a melt that looks like as advertised on tv. Thank you!

  8. We purchased a 14′ pepperoni (dining room was closed) so we took it home. Pizza was fine except it was DRY. I remember a friend and his wife buying a Hut pizza when on their travels and same problem so he asked for extra sauce. They brought them a medicine cup of sauce which “wouldn’t work for me”. When they checked out he was charged for an additional topping! I remember the original Hut pizzas before Pepsi changed things but what has happened to Pizza Hut!? I know how much it costs to make a pizza (not much) and chince on sauce!? I wanted to submit a, How Did We Do but there is no code on my receipt.

  9. Today I went to your Pizza Hut in Weirton order from my app. I received an email that my food would be ready at 515. I sat behind one car for 15 minutes. I reached the window at 530, I received my big box and an order of breadsticks. The box was handed to with the front of the box not closed and I was unable to close the cheesy breadstick box. I got home and I opened the box to find that I was missing my pasta. I called the store and spoke to a delivery driver who was speaking to the manager but the manager would not get on the phone. He offered to give me a $10.00 credit on my next order. This the second Pizza Hut I have been to where the service was not good. I have worked in the food industry for 20 years and I definitely believe this has been the worst service I have been provided.

  10. Today, I encountered a rude and very condescending young man named John who said he was the manager. It really bothered me because he was going back and forth with me in a very unprofessional manner. I fear that my order may be tampered with. The location is in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and the phone number is (336) 595-1469. Please investigate this matter. I was very disappointed and insulted.

  11. We called to order a pizza and we’re put on hold. We drove 25 minutes to the Pizza Hut on North Frontage Road in Meridian MS and we’re still on hold and no one had came back after 25 minutes on hold, to talk to us to take our order. They were not busy. Not a single customer in the store!!! My husband went in and asked if we should continue to hold or place the order in person?!?! One employee was outside on the phone, one was eating and 2 others wandering around. He was told our one pizza would be ready in 40 minutes!!! What terrible service!!!

  12. They have the wrong email address at the local Pizza Hut store BUT the correct address at headquarters! I have pointscredits on both addresses. They will not merge the points to let me get the free pizza I have earned due to an error in entry at their office!

  13. There is ONLY 1 Pizza Hut in Our town Turlock and they REFUSE to deliver to North part of town. We are the richer half of town. I never thought your restaurant would be racist and NOT want our money. Like we are not good enough for you! We are big talkers and even TOLD the Mayor of Turlock that you refuse to deliver to us. One thing about our town we eventually run businesses like you out of town when the segregate us. Come on Pizza Hut step up and serve ALL of us!!!

  14. There has been a new manager & district manager of the store on lower brownsboro road . The manager is removing long time employees & bring in his . 1 long time employee just turned down $ 4 an hr rise after workin there for 8 yrs . This employee is disabled & federally protected . He has done thing wrong . Please look into this .

  15. I ordered pizza this week from the Pizza Hut on W WT Harris Blvd, Charlotte, NC and it was the worst pizza ever, the pizza was dry and looked as if it was a week old because it was hard. I called and asked for the manager when I got home and a young white man placed me on hold for an hour and a half. I could not send feed back as they did not list the long order number on my receipt. I eventually hung up but will never buy a Pizza Hut pizza again. My order total was 30.27, money wasted as I could not eat it nor contact the store.

  16. We arrived in Eureka Springs late and needed to eat before going to bed. We arrived at the Pizza Hut located at 2048 E Van Buren, Eureka Springs Ark at 9:30 pm and we were told that we could not sit inside even though they didn’t close until 11. No one else was in the lobby… just a server vacuuming. The waitresses excuse was that she was tired. Three other parties came in after us all made to sit outside.

  17. Tuesday 10/11/2022 I called to order a pizza. I was on hold for 27 minutes. I came inside to order my pizza. I stayed on hold to see if anyone would answer… I don’t blame the workers. There are not enough of them working. But this was a extremely long time to wait! I’m still sitting here inside the store waiting. I am at the lake wales store. Again, the workers were polite. But 27 minutes to answer the phone… that is unacceptable. Please fix this, because I do like the pizza

  18. the pizza hut on Manchester expressway in Columbus ga Is the most unprofessional pizza place I’ve ever been to and I will never go there again I called and placed a order a 3rd party operating system answered they were nice and polite took my order and credit card information told me I had a 30 minute wait this is at 4:13 10/7/2022 I then hung up the phone and waited I called the store at 5:15 I ask for a update on my order then told them I have not received it the girl Carla Hodges was like oh crap hold on and put me on hold she had to retake all my info and she kept leaving me on hold then said a driver will be otw I tried to ignore the time frame which was a bit over a hour I then said ok a little later 5:32 I called back to check on my order that still wasn’t here she was very rude she said omg and put me on hold for 5 minutes exactly I then hung up and called back she answered the phone very rude after my order was a hour and a half late ! what’s going on my order still isn’t here and she was like look outside do you see the tall white pizza guy at first I didn’t see him then I saw I said yes I do she said ok ! then hung up in my face I waited for the Pizza guy to come to the door when he got there I instantly checked on my order with it being a hour and half late I needed to make sure it was right I tried to take my food because the delivery driver never offered me the receipt where I confirm I received my order paid with a credit card he told me that my receipt says cash I said that’s not true I paid with my credit card please keep mind I’m already upset for one I’m in town helping plan my cousin funeral and two my kids are starving my order is late they charged my credit card I have my transaction report to prove so I asked him to call his manager he gives her a call I talk to her asking her why my order is saying I have to pay with cash she has a very nasty attitude saying well I don’t see in my system where it says that i said that can’t be true the operator got my card information and says it was successful she says well we didn’t get it and hang up I told her I want to see that and I’ll be down there to get things straightened out she hangs up saying ok ok I’m not getting loud I’m just trying to speak in a professional tone I then pack all my upset children in my car bummed about pizza night and that I’ve been busy helping plan this funeral we been cooped up in a hotel I drive down to Manchester and enter the store I’m not getting loud I’m talking calm the bald blonde lady Carla Hodges was like omg your that lady from the motel I said yes I would like to get to the bottom of what’s going on with my order she’s yelling at me I asked to speak to manager brushing her off then the so called manager comes to register I say maim I’m speaking to you with respect I’m not here to fight I’m here to get down to the bottom what happened with my order she started raising her voice again I’m not raising mine bc I needed to prove to my bank that I never received this order so I need some type of recipe showing I had to pay cash the lady is getting loud mocking me for being at a hotel I guess she was discriminating and assuming I was some kinda hooker for being at a motel I then corrected her and stepped out of my character because I wasn’t too happy after that she tried to insult me saying I bet you paid with a cash app card and calling me stupid but I corrected her I didn’t i paid with a Masters card she mocked me again said what’s your bank you don’t have one I told her that’s none of her business and it wasn’t I’m with bank of America but it’s truly not her place to judge me because of where I was I’m no hooker I’m a single mother of four kids I’m a insurance agent broker and I watch the so called unprofessional manger treat me a certain way when the mistake was clearly on their end she was rude disrespectful she didn’t follow protocol and went against the policy she was discriminating against a customer no police were called tho I asked her to call them because I made no scene and I had proof of why I made my arrival I got in the car and disputed the transaction and I have a transaction history report to prove it charged my card the office is closed on weekends so I can’t call but Monday I will check on this complaint the manger didn’t follow the policy and I’m not sure she deserves that position or the Carla Hodges employee at Manchester expressway Columbus ga pizza hut

  19. I have been trying to get a refund for over a week. I had my credit card over charged 4 times before I had to cancel my card and request a new card just to stop the reoccurring charge of 41.06 from Checotah Oklahoma pizza hut. the manager Angie said to me repeatedly “I just make pizzas I can’t help you, call corporate.” completely done with pizza hut in want my money now.

  20. we have called pizza hut several times in the past two months and no one answers the phone. tonight they did, but they gave use the wrong order and when I called back the person that answered the phone, was still on the arguing with her employees. terrible phone etiquette

  21. I ordered a pizza at 4:05 or 4:10 pm. By 5:19 pm my pizza had not arrived. I called and listened to a recorded message for 3 minutes so I hung up and called again. My call was answered at 5:23 pm and I was told that the driver couldn’t find my address. When my pizza was delivered it was at 5:27. That’s an hour and a half. I called the customer service number and the person I spoke with barely spoke English.
    I want my money back 21.80

  22. Are Pizza Hut employees supposed to wear gloves? There is a store in Grandview, MO. On 71 Highway. It’s close to my home so I use to frequent there. They and I mean none of them wear gloves. And I never saw anyone washing their hands.


  24. Pizza Hut at 156 Market St., in Paterson is HORRIBLE! If you can’t take an order due a lack of understanding or communication you shouldn’t be at the register. and If I need to make a complaint, it needs to be to someone who doesn’t have the same issue as the person taking the orders. Ridiculous!! I don’t go there that often but when I do, it’s usually not clean either. I don’t want to see anyone lose their job but they need to do better. Someone from Corporate need to pay their franchisee a visit from time to time.

  25. Online order was placed…it took the incorrect address for delivery…we attempted to call the directed pizza hut on South 4th street in allentown pa and no one answered. We called the online order assistance extension numerous times and they were of no assistance, they could not cancel order, change address or do anything to help us. We rushed across town to try and catch the order. This was an extreme inconvenience and I high level of disappointment from your company. We will never order from.pizza hut again due to the lack of assistance that your company provided and the time and hassle that we had to go through because your online app took wrong address and that we couldn’t get help.

  26. I ordered a supreme and I got a cold slime over crispy with no cheese pizza. I called them and they offered another supreme with cheese this time but it was so SALTY it was impossible to eat. Didn’t call back simply I’m let you know and I will complain to BBB.

  27. On aug 4 we order the new meat pasta did not like .1. It looks like domino pizza pasta 2.hardley no sauce in it. Some of the noodles burn and it was warm where the cheese was not gooey it wascold like it was sitting on the shevles before doordash came and got it .3. And doordash do not have hardley any insulation bag .everything was warm inculed the wings .4. I have better food from pizza hut before

  28. I had a manager at 909 Gross Rd ask me to make a bank drop 75.00 short. I told his boss I got moved and nothing has happened to him. But I feel that I am targeted every time something goes wrong at the store that use to be his bosses store. There is favoritism shown and it’s causing a lot of stress on me for just being honest about my former RGM.

  29. The one in Batesburg Leesville SC give me a hard time with my pepperoni lovers pizza I get a regular pepperoni pizza only time my pizza is right was with the last manager that was there


  31. My name is Dishone Livingston,my son was attacked by 4 of your employees and I’m filing lawsuits against them on southeastern pizza hut happened Saturday 9, they came from behind the counter and jumped my son.i have video u can call me 463)2210814. Tony Alvies All he wanted was his money back and his 2 daughters was with him

  32. Please call 936-286-xxxx I I ordered two pizzas on the 7th of July a pepperoni and a supreme they sent it both out the supreme was done wrong it had Italian sausage on there and I told them that I could not eat Italian sausage and it come out to the house with the Italian sausage on there so I called them and so then they send another Pizza out there the same way with the Italian sausage on there and I called them today trying to see if they would make it right and they would not so please give me a call back and I spoke to the manager Chris

  33. ordered meat lovers pizza from Splendora, Texas, pizza had less topping than a store bought frozen pizza. To make matters worse they charged my credit card 3 times. I paid 160.00 dollars for this Pizza, now got to wait 2 to 3 weeks to have money back on card. On SSI, disabled Veteran….need my money now. How do you not know that you charged it 3 times…? The money at the end of the night should of told you. Contact local police this is outright steeling

  34. I have a complaint about the store in Ainsworth Ne. The manager Kendra and a assistant manager Amanda. Are rude to customers and staff. They sit in the lobby and gossip about workers and ppl that live in the area. I’ll never eat there again. Never. Clean up your management this is the 3rd party in 2 yrs. What a joke. Hire someone who is qualified to be a manager. Not 1 that treats there employees like garbage and do nothing but sit on there butt.

  35. I placed an order for 2 pasta and bread sticks and a drink and when they deliver it I go to eat no pizza sauce for the bread sticks and no utensils so I call the store the first female says so how do you want to handle this I said can they bring it to me and she hangs up on me so I called her back and the manager answered I told her that the lady hung up on me and that what was going on and she says it doesn’t come with any of that stuff and hangs up on me again and u have these people running ur maltemillon dollar company’s and they want 30.00 an hour and they can’t handle a small complaint like this I would fire everyone there and close my doors before they loose all my money and ruin my name that’s me not y’all so anyway u understand where I’m coming from customer service has went down horribly and no one wants to do or make it better or anything it’s really said how much this country has changed in my life time just imagine or grandparents they are and would be devastated I hope and pray that y’all start doing the right thing bye the customers sorry for all of this but dam Jason Fogg

  36. I called to his location 901 624-7901@8:00 I politely asked can I still place an order for delivery, the young man said yes & took my order & address & told me the amount due & the pizza would be delivered to me within 45 mins, I called back @ 9:09 to confirm if my order was still going delivered, I was told yes & my delivery should be delivered shortly, it’s now 9:45 & I I was told the Pizza Hut closes at 10:00, again no one never showed up nor did anyone contact me concerning this order. This is very unacceptable to have a customer waiting on a delivery that never happened. Please feel free to contact me at (901) 287-xxxx or mslxxxxxx @gmail.com

  37. I can assure you I will never take my kids or extended family to pizza hut again. You are trying to turn our kids into “Drag Kids”. Not over my dead body and NOT with my kids!

    All my friends are boycotting you and your filthy propaganda!!!

  38. Vidalia, GA Pizza Hut
    I love 28 minutes from the Vidalia Pizza Hut. At 8:33 pm on Sunday, June 5 I called to place an order. My husband and I were on our way as I tried to place the order from my cell. When the phone rang someone would answer and then say “hold on” before I ever had a chance to say a word! I waited 5 minutes and hung up. I called back and the same thing happened again. I held another 5 minutes. Once again, I hung up. This went on until we arrived at the restaurant. I could see two employees inside standing around talking. I went in and told them I had been trying to call them. The older lady told me the phones were not working. So, I took out my cell phone and called. It rang immediately!!! She then told me “they must be working now”. I was angry and left. I was going to let it go, but today when I was talking with coworkers, they said they also experienced the same exact thing when they would try to call. Vidalia is a small town with limited eating establishments. I hate to see Pizza Hut shut down but I know that if the employees are not doing along orders, then no money is coming in!!! Please investigate this!!!

  39. A book targeting pre-K children supporting and promoting drag queens and such? Seriously? Companies need to focus on their product and their customers, period.

    Keep an eye on your stock because it is going to take a big hit just like Disney’s did.

    Adios Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell. No Mas.

  40. I am totally disgusted with Pizza Hut in joining the WOKE agenda. The company needs to stick to their pizza making and staying out of promoting transgender to younger kids. It is not your BUSINESS to indoctrinate kids, but for the parents to make that decision. I will no longer patronize this company and will help and encourage others to boycott patronizing Pizza Hut!

  41. 6/5/22 made purchase @ Carthage, Ms. Mgr flew n my face when I told her I had to repeat my order 3 times I call in. In the 80’s I was Mgr @ same store. This mgr was very rude & intimidating. She needs a repimand.

  42. I am disgusted by your “Big Wig” book for children. Why can our children be left to be children not some experiment. Never will I spend one nickel at any of your stores. I am a casual customer and am completely finished with your product. There are plenty of other pizza places that I can buy from. Go woke, go broke.

  43. I’ve ordered pizza, wings, salads, and bread sticks from the Paw Paw pizza and I swear my wife and I get robbed every time. Not anymore and I will post this all over the internet. Always cold.Never what we want. And over chargered everytime. I ordered 12 bone in wings tonight. Along with a large 3 topping 10.00 pizza and was charged 50 dollars. I could have bought Ribeyes with all the fixing plus got a large soda for that price. CARRY OUT!!! Steve & Mary Nix. (269)529-xxxx. xxth, St Paw Paw, Michigan 49079


  45. I am a 30 year loyal customer whom you just lost over your decision to push homosexual books to children.

  46. I thought policy was if u had covid that u was not to work but in February management allowed it even though the person tested positive for it from a ER visit….. junction City Kansas

  47. Employees are rude they all are smoking drugs on the rooftop of the facility they also are having sex up there the one manager is allowing her underage daughter to have sex and perform sexual acts on employees at the workplace along with doing tattoos at that facility….and if you need weed or meth delivered to you then they will deliver it while on deliveries ounces at a time very pitiful….. Sixth and Eisenhower Junction City Kansas over half of them are meth and weed addicts and since when does managers bail out employees….they need investigated that bad for business can’t catch them or bust them though cause businesses or higher ups always have to let manager know when they coming that’s why half the police and business get away with things cause you can’t catch no one if u tell them u coming but what do I know I am just a s citizen of this messed up world with a messed up judicial system all my information comes from someone that works there

  48. I have enjoyed pizza hut pizza for my entire life!!! Your Wilmington NC office nearest to my location in the 28405 is terrible, I didn’t mind paying up for your pizza, your just not on top of your franchise!!! The service nearest to me, is beyond terrible!!! Look into what I am saying, I feel sure, I am not the Lone Ranger

  49. No bread for sandwiches no microwave to heat sauce up no bottled water. No lids for take home! NO CARS IN THE PARKING LOT. Should of known better. People we very nice! Not their fault the didn’t have the thing they needed to take care of the customer! Very dissatisfied ?

  50. Ordered my pizza at 3:16 pm on line tell me it would be here in 25 minutes 5:16 we try calling the store tells me they are closed on 1st ring online tells me it’s being delivered but never has showed up yet it’s 5:26 pm now nothing but they have done took my money off of my card this is away to lose business Ty Starving customer

  51. I want my money back. Worse pizza ever. Blane no seasoning available no hot peppers no napkins no plates or forks. The employee gets on his cell phone and starts chatting while I’m speaking. I would Never serve a piece of Blane cardboard!
    Location Washington Blvd in Laurel Maryland.

  52. I have seen a commercial that your company put out and I see what most people call bullying. Would you allow your own kids to become the person that you portray in your advertisement. I think it is shameful.

  53. I am not a complainer. However, this is the second time in a row that this has happened. I ordered and paid for extra ingredients on 2 personal pan pizzas. Neither one had enough ingredients for a normal pizza, much less for extras. I have photos if you would like to see them. Thanks

  54. 1396 Dual Hwy, Hagerstown, MD 21740 this location has not opened up the inside for indoor dining its past the plandemic if this location remains like this atleast increase the delivery range since they want to be lazy if not just shut em down i will no longer support this pizza hut

  55. I wish you would bring back the pizza buffet. There are so many buffets opening back up . its time to get back to normal. I went in the pizza hut in Galax va and we got the sald bar but not the pizza buffet. Thats the main reason we go. You would get alot more business if you would go back to haveing the salad bar and the pizza buffet.

  56. Why are pizza hut drivers getting scam on their delivery payouts from around 1.75 per delivery now managers and supervisors are telling drivers to sign a paper for their new wage but wont tell them their new wage, only thing they would tell them o it depends on ur car an at the end just be paying them from 20 cents -35 cents a mile.

  57. I got an unauthorized charge on my credit card, apparently as a tip. I tipped the driver with cash. I ordered the $10 pizza special, and was charged $20.25 for the pizza delivered.

  58. your corporate office needs to check your employees personal hygiene, such as not washing their hands after they use the restroom, wearing dirty clothes to work, coughing and sneezing on the food products and maybe having illegal activities going on in the building and out in the parking lot durning and after hours. Pizza Hut store on 3748 N. Main street Rockford,il

    1. They do the same thing here in Kansas in junction City Kansas only they deliver the illegal on deliveries do illegal at the facility and allow people to work when they have covid

    2. Yeah try to call corporate. You get a message telling you to leave a message then you are told that the mailbox is full.

  59. Ordered pizza (if you can call that card board tasting crap I just got)!!! I ordered it at 5..45 and got it at 7..20. It was $20.00 of my money wasted!!!. It was the worst pizza I ever got from pizza hut
    . Never again!!! I want my MONEY BACK!!! DIANA HELDT.

  60. I placed an order 4/10 at 3:17pm. I received my order at 6:48pm. It said on the tracker I should have it in 30-40 minutes. I just wanted you to be aware. Also they were out of Pepsi. The first time I called I was given a $4.09 discount. The manager called to say they were out of Pepsi. I told her that the turn around time was ridiculous. She said it was on its way, 43 minutes later I got my Pizza. The manager did give me a $20 credit for next time I order. This location is notoriously late. This really is unacceptable. I will give them one more try before I quit ordering from your company. Thanks for reading my venting about this problem.

  61. I live in tappahannock va you all need to bring pizza hut back to tappahannock that place was all ways busy

  62. It’s a bad day when you can’t eat at Pizza Hut, you had a good idea for eat in with salad bar now your just like all the rest of the cardboard pizza joints.

  63. This is the second time I’ve had issues with my order. Last time they shorted my order and had to send another driver food was cold this time the driver went to an office building and not my apartment so once again my food is probably going to be cold and the driver had to get phone call translated because he spoke no English. Very disappointed pizza hut is supposed to be a reputable company but service has gotten terrible

  64. My complaint is you said you were coming back out with the Mexican pizza and I want to know what the hell is taking so long I refuse to buy anything else not no pizzas not anything from Taco Bell so what is taking so long for you guys to make that decision

  65. Dear Sir, I’ve ordered Pizza today at 17:10 Egypt time, it’s now 19:00 and still the order is not here. I called the complaint line and even that is not working. I called them 3 times and the same reply: order is on the way. My 3 years old is starving and so is everyone waiting for this order. I really hope you don’t take my complaint lightly as this is not the first time, and due to this delay, the pizza come so cold!!
    Much appreciated.

  66. Pizza hut in Salina Kansas. We ordered a large supreme thin crust it arrived well we picked it up it had a very very little sauce little cheese and crust the crust was excellent I swear to stop toppings for a cream I was informed after the fact that it only had so much and something that I needed to have a supreme supreme I don’t know what it’s called but I wasn’t informed then on the phone the price is absorbited the first time that I called this was the I mean I was in shock the first time I called the phone was answered and it went like this Pizza Hut I’m sorry for the inconvenience but we’re not closed and hung up on me I could not believe it so I called back again and I got the manager who did not know where the corporate office was I found that really hard to believe and said that just call back sometime the next day and they would replace it well that’s not that’s not the point it’s a principal the matter so I will call them back but I’ve never heard the manager not knowing where corporate office was or being hung up on I understand 11:00 you ready to go home I mean I’ve worked I mean I’m retired but it was just ridiculousness

  67. Terrible, just Terrible. I cldnt use the 25% off code that’s offered online for starters. Then, I clsnt order a medium pizza. The rep that answd the phone at the Lewisville location confirmed he knew the discount was online was not allowing ppl to use it and apologized. Then I order a “specialty pizza and I got a cheese pizza. I ordered a meat lover’s. My online order email only said specialty not cheese or meat lover’s. This was close to closing so I get that part but the guy said he wld give 5 bucks off my next pizza. He shld have offered to remake the pizza at another date. Macros pizza did this for me and I tried to go to them but they were closed. Looks like I need to make sure I order from marcos pizza only.

    Yall take care, I’m not going to pizza hut ever again.

  68. I work for pizza hut in holt summit and one of my managers Carey does psychedelics during work and today during her shift acted like a child slamming absolutely everything and when I ask for help learning something I have never learned she tell me “figured it out urself” instead of helping me.

  69. Man answering phone was illegible and rude. Hung up on me after a long conversation trying to find out if they had sandwiches. I will Never order from any Pizza Hut ever! This was Pensacola old Correy field store!

  70. I am complaining about your store on 11928 Elam Rd, Balch Springs, TX 75180. I called to order a pizza and the representative could not pull up the address. I asked to speak to a supervisor. He spoke to me in a impatient tone saying the zip code is not being pulled up. The zip code I gave him is the 75180. I asked him who delivers to the area and he replied,” I dont know, you will have to find out.” I called another pizza hut and they told me Elam store was the store who delivered in my area. I called back and asked for the supervisor and told him he is being racisit for not delivering in this area and he said,”Im not going to deal with this racisit bs.” He hung up in my face twice, his name is Michael. It is UNACCEPTABLE in my opinion. and a coupon is not suffice for his rude and unprofessional, racist behavior. I

  71. Why are your counter service and pick up personal and online pick up orders asking for tips? These are regular wage employees, not waiters or bartenders that are making $2.13 an hour. Your counter staff is not reliant on tips as 90-95% of their income. The impression you are showing is that they are dependent on this and you are damaging the proper use of tipped employees everywhere by allowing this. I have noticed that Taco Bell doesn’t have this option when checkout there…?
    Your delivery drivers do however deserve tips! Because they are using their vehicles to “deliver” to my home, much like a waiter whoo delivers food to the table.
    I ordered online the other day for what I believed was a delivery of my pie. After waiting an hour I called the store looking for my food. They said it was a pickup order. I questioned “why would your system ask me for a 15-20-25% and my home address if I am picking up my own pizza?”. See the confusion?
    If you are not compensated your employees enough to work for your corporation that is on you and your shareholders. Don’t feel like you can squeeze your customers more by asking for handouts! Its rude and unethical!

  72. I won’t go back if you permanently remove the black forest ham sandwiches..I love these and am VERY UPSET that I can’t order them anymore!!

  73. Been a pizza hut customer for years. Always been a great plan to call the store and place my order. Now, for whatever reason Hut has decided it would be a great idea to farm out the phones so that we have to talk to someone overseas, doesn’t speak good English, messes up my order everything and you still want my business. Hear the pizza hut, if I can’t talk to my store I won’t spend another nickle with you!

  74. I was wanting to find out why you charge 1.00 extra for Pan Crust? Honestly that’s doesn’t make any sense. It’s not like it’s a stuffed crust.

  75. Pizza Hut is not doing the right thing by not providing insurance information regarding to one of there delivery drivers involved in a accident

  76. It’s disappointing that I had to get the around around in placing a delivery order 1) call center anwers takes my order but had to spell out my address 2) then I get a call from San Antonio # to confirm the order 3) I ask to directly contact my local restaurant because the San Antonio lady couldn’t enter my order 4) Chuck and Jose get on the call take my order (1 lg 3 toppings Pan Pizza 2 (12) chicken wings parmesan garlic & barbeque they know I’m in the system but now tells me that the system will not deliver because I’m at a 4.2 mile and can’t deliver
    Well it’s ashame I shared with Jose that I’m retired teacher of 40 years and I made sure every student could read graduate and become productive individuals I didn’t limit my student. Of all the time I had an injury unable to drive and pick up my orders this was my first delivery request and it will be my last because the poor communication and limitations me the customer can’t get my order delivered. Well I’m not ordering Pizza Hut will boycott and try the local pizzerias.

  77. Complaint for the Streetsboro, Ohio pizza hut,, the WORST pizza I have bought from your company and ruined my dinner, I ordered from online app, it said would be ready in 15 minutes, I got there in 25 minutes, paid, $12.25, we ordered extra cheese with taste maker, opened the sealed box when I got home, wife had table and everything ready and wow, I wish I took a pic, of course, couldn’t get thru on phone, I DROVE back and pulled up and was pretty IRATE to the lady at window, so send my apologies to her, but really, 2 employees, who BURNT my pizza and who SEALED the box?? She wouldn’t tell me anything but not to speak to her like I was, VERY IRATE,, did I mention my wife had table ready for dinner?? I even gave the guy at the window a $2 tip – so, my name is Alan Zepp and my cell# is 330-607-xxxx

  78. Why don’t you have the Detroit pizza all the time ? It is the best pizza you carry. I don’t like any of the other pizza’s

  79. You have changed many years ago. Not sure if it’s the sauce or cheese maybe a combination of both. But Everytime we try your pizza, it’s not very good. You used to be the very best pizza.

  80. I ordered some brownies with my pizza on Feb 13 and was given a chocolate chip cookie instead and not notified. I called to complain and told it was because they ran out of brownies. Not pleased because I wasn’t given the option to cancel my order. I am now a lost customer.

  81. I placed $41.00 order with Pizza Hut and received items I didn’t order?..trying to get someone on the phone is impossible. xxxx W Ind Sch Rd 623 215 xxxx Friday order no.3220211195555001432036528 2/11 6.55

  82. I ordered a pizza for delivery it was delivered late the pizza was cold and stale pizza was like Pizza Hut ran out went to the grocery store and bought a frozen cheep box of pizza I won’t be ordering from a Pizza Hut again.I spent 30.00 a waste of money for garbage

  83. All of us in penn yan new york would like our beloved pizza hut back it is greatly missed by many we have to drive over an hour to auburn to enjoy the greatest

  84. Order two pizzas from the Pizza Hut in Benson North Carolina… About 6:30 p.m. it was the worst meal I’ve ever had from there…had 2 pieces of pepperoni In each one…and no cheese..every time I go there for pizza or pizones..they get the order wrong…it’s horrible

  85. We ordered the spicy lovers vegetable pizza for pick up this past Wed. We have never enjoyed a Pizza Hut pizza more, it was amazing, we couldn’t wait to order again! So today, we ordered two for delivery. I am beyond disappointed. Almost no sauce or cheese and nonexistent vegetables (yes there were tiny slivers of onion and bell pepper). I could buy a frozen and sprinkle chili peppers on it myself.

  86. Through the website it says you don’t deliver to us. I called the local store and told them that they have delivered to us before. She takes my order and I asked her if it was being delivered. She said yes then told be the total and that it would be there around a certain time then hung up. She didn’t even take my payment! I called back and was put on hold by two different people. I waited around 10 minutes before a guy got on the phone and td me they don’t deliver to us. I asked why did she take my order then? He says I don’t know but we don’t deliver there. I said well that’s funny since you deliver to the road before us and after us. He just repeated himself and I told him I’d take my money elsewhere. Update your website showing that you deliver to us and get your employees to speak correctly to customers.

  87. We got 2 pizzas and they were not what we ordered so we were told they would replace them free and we feed them and their charging us 12.88, hwy 60 lake wales fl

  88. Kendra Gable Gm at 21st Gage Topeka KS location is a meth user and uses while at work.She also carries large amounts of meth in her purse

  89. My receipt did not have a code, did not have a phone no, but did have the store and address-Pizza Hut Chestnut #033993 in Washington, PA. I saw a TV commercial advertising a large stuffed crust with pepperoni for $12.99. That day I went to order at the store. When I put in my card to pay, I found out that it was actually$20.44. No way was that pizza worth that! It was mediocre at best and I seriously wondered if real cheese was used in the crust. Very odd texture. I asked for a menu on the way out as I took the pizza home for my family. There were no prices on the menu- none posted at the location either- strange…

  90. I recently received gift certificates from pizza hut for an issue awhile back. They came today in an unmarked envelope . They were 3 corners of what looked like 3 certificates. As much as I appreciate them I don’t think our pizza hut will accept them. Is it possible to get them resent? I will keep them if you want them. Thanks sue Lewis, 804 seminary st. Jersey shore pa 17740

  91. This experience I had with your Pizza Hut here in Corsicana is horrible I waited two and a half hours to be told that the delivery man came and no one came to the door which was a lie number to lie was that they tried to call my phone that’s the second lie then I called the store and the young lady said that I had spoke some type of profanity to her the third line I was so concerned on why my order had not received I made it to my house I’ve never in my life

  92. The pizza hut in shelbyville tn will not answer the phone and when I went in to place a order she said she was to busy to answer it

  93. On Saturday 08/28/21 I had some family reunion at home and I decide to order some Pizza Hut even I had some issues before with the delivery before. So I ordered Family two pans of pasta grilled chicken with Alfredo sauce and I upgraded the breadsticks to cheese sticks.I also ordered 2 large pizzas(one stuffed Crust created my own and the other one Thin ‘N Crispy created my own). I was taking a bath while my family was In the patio…when I finished I went outside to check for the order and it was already outside ,I grabbed the order and took it to the kitchen when I noticed that instead the family two pans of pasta was only one and so I was so upset, that I got in my car with the pasta and I went to the restaurant and talked to the manager or so he told me…While in the restaurant one of the employees tried to argue with me about why I was upset with what happened, i took the two pastas they gave me and left.Monday morning I called the restaurant trying to talked to the manager with no

  94. The price of a med. pizza, course has gone up (blame it on cost of wages). I had to make a 20 mile trip to get a med. pizza last night. when I got home my husband mentioned that where is the pepperoni there is only half and that stuff that was supposed to be hamburg didn’t taste like anything not even hamburg. a frozen pizza would have been an improvement I was under the impresssion that pizza used to be a good place to eat If may SS check goes up to the cost of living I wont waste in pizza hut

  95. I’m writing from Mongolia, Ualnbator city … I’m ordered pizza from local pizza hut , but never show up… I called 3 time, first time they said order takes from 60-90 min to deliver, when I called first time already gone 60 min, after 25 min I callef again they said its still in shop and will deliver soon after 30 min again when I called them 3 rd time operator told me that operator will contact shop! Thats how pizza hut works in Mongolia!!!

  96. We ate at your Delhi NY Pizza Hut the food was disgusting the service was bad and the employees were dressed discussing dirty Hair and cloths

  97. The singleton parkway location in memphis, tn has a major backup in the parking lot problem. Is there any way that the inside can open for pickup? It causes problems for all the businesses next door with parking for pick-up.

  98. Please ,please change your TV commercial. It plays repetitively and is quite annoying. This seems to be your method of advertising
    Thank you.

  99. We had 2 PH closed permanently they was closest for delivery . So we called another PH that is 3.1 miles away refused to deliver . Told us to call the 9th Ave which is 7 miles away .
    Domino’s was glad to deliver to us . NEVER AGAIN

  100. I ordered a Pizza in store today, this is the 2nd time that I’ve complained about this store bought, a Large taste maker for $10.90 , there was no sauce on the 1st one, remade it and still no Sauce, didn’t ask what Crust I wanted just gave what they wanted me to have Very Upset Please Respond Thank You

  101. Ordered 2 pizza’s online. Didn’t get what I ordered. Called restaurant, was told to re-order, at my cost. Nope.

  102. First of all let me say we love your pizza. Today we ordered a pizza from the Underwood store in Omaha Nebraska. The manager’s name was Mary. We called, and stated our complain about this particular Pizza tasting funny like salty something that we couldn’t describe. All she could focus on was we don’t have salt in the restaurant, etc etc. The funny part was our wings tasted weird as well. Not your Classic Pizza Hut wings. My wife is very distraught and I’m disappointed being that we are both at work and she was just trying to eat a late lunch. How are you going to Sisters would be appreciated. I know it’s not going to be immediately, although I wish it was. Thank you

  103. I ordered pizza last night on the app & when I arrived to pick up my order they advised me that they didn’t receive the order & they were out of pizza?!?! How is this possible & can this be fixed??

  104. Hi
    Please check pizza hut in Oman,every month they remove ingredients from salad bar, it become the worst salad amount all restaurant’s, and the price is the same, why?

  105. Waited 2 hrs for a pizza delivery in Hilton Head SC. Finally drove to Pizza Hut and they were unaware of our order which had been charged and credited to our card twice. The guy working was nice enough to make us one after closing. But someone needs to be aware this happened more then once on the same night. We also called multiple times to ask about our order which goes to a calling center. Very unprofessional

  106. Server Melanie
    Unit 002885
    My name is tawanna me and my family went to pigeon forge for vacation and where we was staying pizza hut was right across the road. I called and placed my order which was a big order and she said it would be 2/3 hours before they could deliver so I told her I would just pick up. SHE TOOK MY CARD number and we paid over phone she said we couldn’t pay in the store . She never took my name or contact info or anything. My brother in law went to pick up the food she argued with him and said a large order was never been made. He came back to the room I called she argued and got really ugly I told her I will just come over there. She said come on but you never ordered from her. I had to call my credit card company capital one and put them on speaker and they confirmed we purchased from that store and the amount . She said yeah here is your order I’ve had it. Really now she found it when I told the credit card to flag the store for fraud

  107. The Pizza Hut app on my phone has not worked for months, neither have I been able to order online. What’s up with this?

  108. I got bad service at your Greenville, SC location. They gave me a credit . When the order came we gave the driver $25 no mention that they used my credit. I contacted the dm and he said I need to call in my order to redeem credit. I called in and a man got on the phone and spoke to me in such a disrespectful way raised his voice at me. All I asked him was do I need to bring in my email. I tried to interrupt him to say no worries ill just place my order and contact the dm.he shouted some more and hung up on me. I’m passed off! Wow

  109. I felt I was overcharged for my food order this past Saturday, May 1st A friend of mine and I went into the location at 8860 N 43rd Ave,
    Glendale AZ Around 1:30 PM or so and we ordered a large pizza and an order of breadsticks. The total that I received on the receipt that was not itemized and I only had the total came to $24.22 There’s no pizza listed on your Pizza Hut menu with an order of breadsticks that should’ve come to that dollar amount. So, I am contacting my bank and I’m disputing the charge because I felt discriminated against based on my sexual orientation and also when I asked to use the restroom the person who had the key didn’t even speak to me when I was speaking to them that’s bull if I had my way you wouldn’t have those employees in there anymore because they wouldn’t be around if I got my hands on them.

    Again I’m calling my bank and I’m disputing the charge and I would seriously speak with them because the people who are on shift that they need an attitude adjustment and they need to stop overcharging customers

  110. Store management in corporate office not available when needed or wanted.
    current and former employees need forms and paperwork filled out to better their livelihood and no one is available or they get dodged this is not a good company to work for or to do business with.

  111. How about consider closing the Pizza Hut down in Baxter Springs, KS! Sell the the property so another business can move in and make money and not be a waste of space. If you’re not going to open the doors to the restaurant then sell it!

  112. I need to talk to a GM or somebody very very important I’ve been waiting an hour and a half for my pizza kind of here to get it and they tell me it’s like dying and she’s a little girl running her mouth and kissing you is not going to have happened I like someone to call me right now I know it’s not your of my children so it’s my name is Hannah

  113. Just got a personal pan pizza it was awful. Crust greasy, no taste, edges very hard. You should have left well enough alone. I won’t be buying another one. Too bad you ruined a good pizza.

  114. Unfair treatment of delivery drivers. I recently learned that the $4 delivery fee you pay to Pizza Hut goes to corporation and not the driver. Drivers work for less than min. wage, have to drive their own cars, and pay gas. Pizza Hut assumes they will get tips to bring them to min wage. This is not the case since many people assume the delivery fee goes to the driver. Come on Pizza Hut…sweat shops are a thing of the past.

  115. So my girls little sister works there and she is a minor the manager delmar barney keeps her there 2 times a week tell 4 am – 7 am to “clean” but the store still looks like sxxx. He has numorous of time stuck his tongue in her ear. Their allowing a him to be the manager. Defenitly would not recommend anyone working her specially if they are minors because he likes minors. Please do something about this. The store is located in richfield utah go through your cameras and do something before we sue your company for harrassment.

  116. So i order a pizza online for catskill ny..after i made my order,i get a call saying they dont have a driver did i want to come get it or cancel. They dont deliver where i live. So she says ok and hangs up. No i apologize,sorry for the inconvenience. Plus i was never refunded my money. Catskill has one if the worst employees ever..always got attitudes or being rude.

  117. My husband and I went to Pizza Hut in Lebanon, Missouri 7/10/2019 for dinner around 5:20 pm. We were really disgusted with their behavior. There was only a husband and wife in the restaurant and she was paying for the meal. The gentleman that was taking the money said how are you doing to us while we was waiting to be seated. Now remind you there are no other customers other then the one paying. So we waited no one came to sit us. After the gentleman finished collecting the money and the customers left no one came. A female employee came over to the gentleman and started yacking with him while we are still standing at the sign to be seated. We waited a little longer, which was sign one and I asked could they get someone to please seat us. She grabbed the menus like all my goodness they act like I have nothing to do but wait on them, sign two. She smarted off she was sorry and I told her we had been waiting awhile and we was about to leave. She smarted off I said I was sorry, which was sign three. She took our drink order and went back over to the gentleman she was talking to and went back talking to him. Not even doing it while making our drinks. We could see all of this because it was by the cashier counter. My husband was worried that they would do something to our food or drinks and that was sign four. So obviously they did not want any customers in there at all. We have always respected the employees that worked in restaurants and tried to be passion especially if there are lots of people they are waiting on and would leave a very nice tip even if they only bring us drinks and the cooks bring the food. We felt really disrespected and thought they were very rude. As we got up to leave I told her to cancel our drinks we was leaving and she just turned her head back to the gentleman and started talking. I guaranty if I had employees like this they would be fired. This could ruin a business really quick. Well we will not step foot back in this Pizza Hut ever again.

  118. I use to work at Pizza Hut in the 80’s. Pan, thin pizza, sandwiches, priazzo’s, cavatini etc… was a great establishment. Over the last decade, I’ve noticed when dining in, servers aren’t in uniform, the pan pizza just isn’t pan anymore. I took my son there one day, cost forty something for two pizza’s one was just a cheese pizza. Outrageous price for dough, sauce and cheese… Also noticed lately, all pizza establishments are adding this delivery fee… WHY??? so I don’t order delivery anymore, because can’t afford the pizza price, fee and tip… I’m so tired of consumers being charged out the ying yang, and put all these extra fees on everything.

  119. I purchase my Pizza’s at the Abbeville, Louisiana store & have for years; a few years back the store went down in service; but has improved as of late. The problem I have now, this is the 3rd time I have ordered a lg. Meatlovers pizza, extra meat! Today, I got a Pepperoni pizza, I realize you think I should just bring it back, but I live 20 mins. oneway, & driving back to complain just isn’t feasible. I think the store should at least make sure they make the correct pizzas. Thank you! GS

  120. Hello,
    I take exception to your taking the Lord’s name in vain in the commercial with the two young ladies. Please be responsible and respectful.
    Thank you.

  121. I called Hayti Missouri Pizza Hut and a female named Marian wanted to get plum smart with me because I told her I was gone pay the delivery fee then when I asked to talk to Jess the manger the first time she ignored what I said then when I asked again she slammed the phone down and then the manger got on the phone she acted like she didn’t even want to get on the phone poor customer service

  122. Our local VA store has screwed up about every order for I’d say 6-10 orders. We stood at road even trying to get ignorant drivers attention because we were tired of watching him go up and down road. I even screen shot every order just to show what I ordered because I normally do it online. We have had conformation then go pick it up just to be told we don’t have your order.
    So yes EVERYTIME this B.S. happens I call or fill out complaint form AS PIZZA HUT SAYS TO DO…..but then I get grief for it.
    Once again on 2/3/19 they screwed up order didn’t even bring the correct order. Most was right but not all. So I contact them only to be told CORPORATE HAS SAID DO NOT GIVE MY ACCOUNT ANY MORE CREDIT…….BUT ITS OK THE STORE SCREWS UP AND GETS TO KEEP MY MONEY AND I DON’T GET REFUND OR ANYTHING!!!!!!!
    The manager did try to correct issue today but informed corporate did the other.

  123. The store was filthy! Our server Jazmin Never washed her hands, also the cook did Not wear gloves nor did any other food handler. The floos we’re greasy enough to be a hazard the tables sticky. Not only that after a long wait the pizza was served cold, the store was not even busy. Ajo, Az

  124. This is n regards to the Pizza Hut 49th & L St Omaha. Still waiting to hear back from Yumi Corporate abt service recv’d New Years Eve from that store. If don’t hear by Monday will involve the BBB n Board of Directors by direct email complaint to them.

  125. I usually eat at Pizza Hut in Greenville Alabama once a week. Every time I order there something is wrong. I always ask what time will my order be ready? On 1/3/ 2019 I ordered pizza and wings at approximately 8:05 p.m. They told me that it would be 30 minutes. Well 30 minutes passed bye so I called to find out when my order would be ready one of the employees said that they had put the wrong topping on my pizza and they had to remake it. When I finally received my order it was after 9:00 p.m. What happened to the Pizza Hut that I knew with all of the employees that had been there for years that made sure the orders were correct and delivered or ready in a timely manner. I miss everyone of those managers because they cared. It has been many times that I have ordered and they say your order should be ready in 25 minutes and hour goes by and my order was still not here. We need Mrs. Mack, Mrs. Malisham, Mrs. Cook all these ladies cared about their Pizza Hut customers. Until then I will be taking my business else where.

  126. The pizza hut restaurant in harrisonville mo. Is without a doubt the worse at customer satisfaction they have a manager who is the rudest individual I’ve ever known. She doesn’t need to be working in a customer oriented industry.

  127. I’m still waiting on my pizza. I called the order in at 4. They said an hour wait. Around 5 :30, l called again. This time a worker said l was loud and hung up on me. I called again at 7pm. Worker said l should have got my pizza, I told them l hadn’t. She got an attitude and hung up on me At 8:15, I asked to speak to the manager, Calvin. He said l should call corporate office cause l should have my pizza by now. I will not order a pizza from them again. Its 8:30 pm and l still don’t have it.

  128. My second time at pizza hut @ Compton & Florence in los Angeles California …each time I’ve ordered my waiting time is more then 40+ minutes per walking / today I called in – waiting 25 minutes before I drove over to pick up my pizza …more then 6 people has ordered and walk out with their pizza call in / walk ….I need someone with in this company to call …I have been standing in the lobby more then a hour waiting 323- 496-xxxx

  129. I ordered pizza late night 12/4/2018 at 9:40 pm from Whitehall Ohio Pizza Hut at 4440 East Main Street 43213. Paid with our Debit card as well as delivery. Pizza was supposed to arrive at 10:30 pm and I was watching the tracker. 11:30 came and I called Pizza Hut Whitehall location and spoke to a man who said he was the owner. I ask him when my pizza would arrive he told me they delivered it. I explained to the “owner” that we never received our pizza and he told me the gps says my pizza was dropped off and somebody sign for my pizza meal. I explained that since the pizza was paid for then of course they would sign with no problem. (After knocking on my next door neighbors door to see if Pizza Hut made a mistake, well they did they delivered our food to the next door neighbors house). So the “owner” begin to get irate so that upset me and I told him I will be coming to the location to speak with him in person he told me I better bring a gun. I told him I was licensed to carry and he told me he would come to my house because he has my address, called me a “xxxxxx” and hung up in my face. The embarrassing part is that he said those things in front of my woman and kids. I will never eat at Pizza Hut again, and will be taking legal action.

  130. Order pizza hut on november 28, food, deliver driver were great…gave us coupon code thing for free large pizza for being late…awesome…the problem is the following day we went to use it..says invalid code..so we call the local store…nothing but attitude…we are highly upset

  131. Placed order online at 12:23 was told 2:10 deliver time. Received pizza at 2:30pm and it was cold and burnt and prior to arrival when I asked to speak with the manager he spoke with me in a very intrusive manner and stated that he only had one delivery driver so it will
    Arrive whenever it arrives!

  132. Call pizza hut of South Hill 5 times at 10:30 to place a order only thing that picked up was voicemail it’s crazy people want a job but don’t want to work

  133. Did not get what I ordered online. Was told it was not their problem pretty much. Said they didn’t place the order. So I paid more for what I did get then I should have. I order from there all the time, but not anymore. Very disrespectful and no customer service skills at all . Was very disappointed and will not spend my money on pizza hut anymore.

  134. My friend Penny Parks who works at the Skowhegan pizza hut, she spent her day off with me and my wife hunting on Thursday in the rain…she returned to work yesterday on Friday and was informed that on her day off she was clocked in and was accused of stealing, I know Cody wants her gone and him. And the other manager have her code to clock her in cause she was not there and did not clock in or steal anyone’s tips. Cody should be fired or at least demoted cause if by Monday this isn’t fixed ill bring it to light on fb neighborhood watch and you can watch that store fail and be protested the rest of this year I promise this even in the snow

  135. These people are just garbage and the one in Fort Worth Texas off of Camp Bowie which is 4640 Camp Bowie Boulevard I believe they would have to be the worst ever the district manager never did call me in reference to my complaint I filed. My online several times but you can rest assure I will continue to complain on their ass until I talk to somebody

  136. Hello, I have had some really bad experience with Pizza Hut in Lakeland.. The address is 5750, U.S. Hwy 98 North. This is the 3rd time I have bad experience. Early this year, I ordered a pizza, and they had some meat and vegetables in it. Even though the cashier checked before she handed me the box, when I got home it had meat in it. I had ordered a Veggie Lover. Had to throw it away. Very disappointed with Pizza Hut.On October 14th, I order a veggie Lover over the phone, the cashier told me that pick it up in 20 minutes. When I reached there in 20 minutes, there was no customer in the store. All the staff were standing ideal. My pizza was given to me, when I reached home and to my surprise the pizza was ice cold, no such sauce on the Pizza, and hardly and vegetables. Again very disappointing to see that. I could not get back to the store as I was going out of town. I complaint to the manager, and she gave me a credit of $14.97. Yesterday, I decided to use the credit, so I call the store number on the receipt, NO it would go to the call center. where it took me 1/2 hour to get to someone and order. No, the call center is equally bad, they kept on talking their sweet old time to get back to them. Initially, few time the phone was put down on me, or some person who probably could not understand simple English, will not answer me.. The lady who I did speak to was trying to look for the credit and did not come back to me until I reach the store. This went on from 4.40 pm to the time I picked up the pizza which was 18.13 pm. This is including the waiting time of 20 minutes of them preparing my veggie pizza. There was only one family of 4 in the sitting area. So, finally I get home, nice piping hot. open the box and it had pepporoni on it. You can imagine how furious my husband and I was. Despite giving my veggie order, asking the cashier to repeat it. So once again I had to call the number, Call center, waiting time, one person answered, repeated what had happened, she checked and said that your pizza is still there.OMG, I shouted at her and told her that ( DO THEY NOT CHECK THE BOX , BEFORE THEY HAND IT TO THE CUSTOMER, OR CALL THE CUSTOMER THAT THEY HAVE MADE AN ERROR. ) I did tell that lady that my pizza better be piping how as I do not like eating cold pizza. She assured me that it will be hot. Come home, and the pizza was cold. But by the time we were in the house I did not have energy to go back the 3 time. Are those staff trained in the customer service area, how important it is for them to make sure that each customer is happy when they leave the premises. There were couple of customers that were just nodding their head and looked disgusted. For a customer to be there to pick up the order, how long do they have to wait? I am just disgusted on that store, the staff and the call center. What is the purpose of that store having phones, when call center has to pick up the call when they do not even know how to greet the customer initially with nice greetings etc. That place is never busy and bad staff. First server that served me was Patricia, and yesterday’s was Ashley. When I went back to return the pizza and pick up my veggie, she looked at me and asked – now what is wrong? I said that I was given the wrong pizza and opened the box. So, she looked at me and said ( who gave you the pizza?????) I told her that it was you who handed me the pizza, and she denied that it was not her. I asked her, so you mean to tell me that all the guys in red shirt are allowed to come in the front and serve the customers?
    Anyway, I am looking for a nice satisfactory answer from the head office, as I can go further with this.

    Mrs. Patel

  137. I have never had a problem with pizza hut until tonight. I called to order for delivery and first the guy tells me they have no wings because their fryers are broke. So I order a medium pizza and asked for a site or anchovies….they don’t have those either. Meanwhile he joked and said they were out of pizza also. Which he was joking. Then he tells me they can’t deliver it to me because my one pizza didbt cost enough for delivery!? I’ve never heard such a thing before. He said that it has to be $16 or more to be able to deliver. He suggested other things for me to buy to make the price go up. I told him no I don’t want those things. I would of gotten wings but you don’t have any. So then he makes it sound like he’s going to pull some strings and to me a favor by delivering my pizza. Seriously???? Then never gave me a total amount or time it would be delivered. By far the worst pizza hut experience I ever had. Don’t think I’ll be getting food from there anymore!

  138. We live at 328 Sherman Avenue. 5 Blocks from 1 store and 5 miles from the other. Someone took our order for delivery, told us the price of $21.00. We waited 1hr and a half. No pizza, we called the store we ordered from and the first phone call we made, they said they didn’t deliver to our area, second phone call they told us that another store delivered at our area. They gave us the phone number of another store. They too said that they didn’t deliver to our home. Mind you they had our phone number and could have called back. We can practically walk to one and the other one is across town from us. All we got was the price if the pizza and no phone call back, NOTHING!! Can you please tell me what Pizza Hut delivers to our home? 328 Sherman Avenue, Lexington KY 40502.
    This needs to be made right.
    Kimberly Stinnett

  139. Pretty sure this comment will go unnoticed…like corporate really gives a rats butt, but anyway…i went to order a pizza this evening…delivered always and was told they no longer deliver this far out. That their delivery range had changed…mind you if we lived in bum youknowwhere Egypt I could understand, but less than 4 miles…really?? Not understanding that decision at all.

  140. OK I sent my boyfriend into the monticello Indiana branch to pick up my free bread sticks and the g Guy who took my order was very inconsiderate rude so when send boyfriend into place to pick up bread sticks he said we never called the order in and he cannot find my phone number on their this happens all the time and I’m about sick of it something has to be done or fixed

  141. how do u order a pizza on Saturday to a location then try to order again 3 days later to the same place for them to call me when my pizza should of been being delivered the manager calls to tell me they don’t deliver to caterpillar nomore that the Englewood store can help me, I call Englewood to order and they said Brookville was full of it they just didn’t want to deliver to us no more. I have still yet to get my refund and they made the pizza and threw it away… plus the manger issac didn’t know any customer service number or nothing just poor customer service

  142. Pizza Hut located at 6430 FM 1960 Suite 600, humble, TX has the worst customer service and food. October 27, 2018, my family and I purchased two large pizzas. Delivered 2 hours later cold and greasy. Returned the pizzas only to have two more pizzas burned. We got our money and will not be returning.

  143. I placed an order online at 5:20 pm and it is 7:30 est. no pizza has been delivered. Called the store phone not even ringing finally got thru call center answered forwarded me to store been on hold for 20 mins

  144. Pizza Hut employees on Innerarity Point rd. In Perdido Key will NOT stop parking in the customer parking ! The parking is very limited! There are 12 spaces for 3 businesses ! We understand the delivery people in and out but the rest of the employees need to park in the big lot like everybody else there!!! Please do something about this! Publix corporate has been contacted trying to resolve this solution !!! Your help would be appreciated!!!!!

  145. Pizza Hut use to be the best pizza in town and had the best deals, but now days the only deals they have is the same as Little Caesars 2 topping for 5 dollars and that is why they are losing business, If I just wanted 2 topping I will go to Little Caesars but I want the Supreme and Meat Lover’s but I’m not going to pay almost 20 dollars for a Pizza so I will go to Little Caesars for cheaper Pizza, but if they even brought back the any way you want it for 10 dollars I would be a Happy Camper but instead I guess I will be a Little Caesars Pizza Fan..
    Thanks but no thanks from Knoxville Tennessee!!!!!!

  146. i wish they would get rid of the gay commercial with the pizza hut guy dancing with the two guys, its especially during a football game.

  147. well i had placed a call in order and then drove 20 miles to pick it up to only be told it wasnt in the system so i left and went home again 20 miles away.my wife then called them and was told it was ready.so again idrove 20 miles to pick it up .i got it and at the first light my pizza slide out of the box as it wasnt even put together right. so i lost my pizza.got home called the manager to let him know to only be disrespected by him.so with that i will never buy from pizza hut again and have told my friends and they will also not visit pizza hut again.this place is in kinston nc i wouldnt go there

  148. I live in Spencer,WV. We had recently ordered pizzas on two different occasions and they had been messed up both times. I contacted the manager who was very apologetic and even gave me a 30.00 credit towards my next order. I placed an order said I would pay the difference of 1.22 when I got there the total changed 3 times. By the time I left they said I owed 30.00 plus dollars needless to say I told them to keep their pizza and their credit and I would never be back!!!. So disappointed in the group of employees they have there now.

  149. Get rid of that awful, annoying and assinine commercial with that loud mouth kid screaming at the TV watching a football game. IT”S AWFUL AND STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. My grandson got hurt last night 9/18/2018 at pizza hut in henderson tn. We had to take him to the er cause one of the tables fell on his face. I think the staff at pizza hut is sorry as crap. They didnt bother checking on my grandson. He had xrays done and luckily his nose isnt broken. He is in pain and now he had to miss school. The tables there are not stable at all. The store needs to be updated and the tables need to be anchored down.

  151. I made a complaint against a store manager but I gave the wrong address in the complaint the address is actually 4802 University Dr. NW, Huntsville, AL.35816

  152. I want to make a complaint against the manager at the Pizza Hut store at 4820 University Dr. NW, Huntsville, AL.35816. The manager at this store was very rude and disrespectful towards one of his waitress and treated her very unprofessional by telling her to get her a** to the back where she belongs and he also said to her “b**ch if you got any tips you need to give them to me”. I told the waitress to make a complaint against him but I’m doing it for her in case she didn’t because he needs to be disciplined for his actions.

  153. The pizza hut on Jefferson highway in baton rouge has got to be one of your worse stores! First off I call to place a order next thing I received 100 text messages from pizza hut workers following the manager Brittany they all texts my phone cursing me out telling me to come there for a fight I don’t know these people at all and the pizza wasn’t done my baby has gotten ill I need help


  155. My husband and I visited Pizza Hut in Covington Va on Monday Labor Day 9/3/2018 . We went in to dine the waitress told us we would have to wait an hour before our order could be fixed because they had to fix the orders on line and call ins first. There were other customers that came in and was told the same we all left. Pizza hut lost a lot of business that day.

  156. Ok so I’m in Salina, Kansas…the Pizza Hut address is 2935 south ninth street…one of your manager was being mean to the waitress but before that manager showed up another manager told her to sign off and count the money so she was doing that and then the phone started to ring and while the waitress was counting her money the female manager came and answered the phone and after she got done with the phone call she was a ROYAL Bxxxx to her waitress and then she came back out and yelled at the waitress when another manager told her to do something and consequences needs to be in forced like if she can’t Straighten her attitude out I think a demotion she be played but I overheard that she getting a promotion and I didn’t think she deserve a promotion if she going to turn into a Bxxxx on the employees that another manager told the waitress to do something else but like I said consequences needs to be enforced and that manager need a demotion From the manager spot and see how it feels to be in employee that gets yelled at by another manager

  157. Abilene, ks pizza hut has a Meth problem. A waitress/ Front manager is constantly doing meth with her son in her custody, who she just got back because of drugs. If you are going to have a manager represent a store they probaprobably shouldn’t be doing drugs on the clock. She is always rude and the RUN there doesn’t even do her job. She puts her troubles on normal.employees so she can take a week off every other week. The waitress asks employees if they want drugs. I heard all of this eating there. Pizza hut has gone to pieces and stores need to be closed down. I will be calling corporate to make a complaint.

    1. Arent you worried about meth getting in your food. Like hey that was the meth you just sprinkled on that ladys pizza not parmesan. I got a feeling that you have a vendetta with the person your tattling on. And why would you go there to eat if all this is going on. You really know too much about the personal life of the employee.
      Oh and by the way you dont state if youre a male of female. But I can tell you just from the way you expressed your complaint.That you are a FEMALE. Im just a customerr filing my own complaints and seeing what other customers complain about. But I dont believe yours not for a minute

  158. The Pizza Hut in Garfield height Ohio at 5526 tourney road has got to be the rudest most incompetent people I have ever delt with. Let’s start by they have drivers that drive with there kids that sit on your pizza while it’s on delivery I called and left a complaint with that manager. My pizza box was distroyed when I got it and the driver looked at me like dude you stil have to pay for this. Or my favorite on New Year’s Eve we ordered three large pizza and I’m not joking when I say I literally got an empty freaking box. The driver was already gone I called and got repeatedly hung up on. The next day I got ahold of a manager and was told that I was crazy even when I have had multiple people to confirm this occasion. And then there was last night I ordered my pizza and wings and was super excited to see it got here in like 20 minuets but my three topping pizza was a med pepperoni and yet again it was knowhere near closing and I called about 30 times just to repeatedly get hung up on by this store. This store needs shut down. And I seriously want my money back from my last order. These people are thieves and can’t make a simple order if there lives depends on it.

  159. I was in Sawanee, Ga tonight and ordered from Pizza Hut, first time.????. The service was great but my pizza was totally undercooked. I am usually not a complainer about fast food but it was late and left the pool to get pizza and was extremely disappointing. I called and they were like we will lost a credit for your next order thru your phone number. No thank u. I will never be ordering again. However looking at the reviews on this site there were several conplaints about undercooked food. My crust looked like a saltine cracked and taste stale and soft. Nothing like a thin n crispy pizza. Wish I could take a pic.this was a mistake I will order from papa johns from now on

  160. On May 20, 2018 at 7:46p, I placed an online order at the 15002 Ella Blvd, Houston 77090 location. I received an email that my order would be delivered at 8:40p. At 8:45p I called the Pizza Hut store to find why I haven’t received my order. I called 5 times and did not speak to anyone to help me. I also ask to speak to the manager, they put me on hold, and 3 minutes later I heard a busy signal. Later on I drove to the store to see what was going on. I sat in my car, called the store again, and an employee named Marcus answered the phone. I asked for the district manager and Marcus put me on hold. He came back to the phone and told me that I would have to get the district manager`s information Monday morning. I could see the store manager in the store and he still would not come to the phone. I cancelled my order that would’ve amounted $41 and I am glad that I cancelled my because the service stinks. I will not spend my money with Pizza Hut anymore after 20+ years as a customer.

    1. Today 06/15/18
      I am very curious wether or not anyone from corprate office most importanly the CEO would every take the time from counting his money, from us Customers but here ist goes.
      For the 3rd time this Spring I have had my pizza made WRONG and I have been getting pizza hut pizza for 41 years always the same way made deep pan peperoni which this location in hilliard 4504 Cemetery Rd, has repetitly made Wrong right in front of me putting garlic butter on crust and I Hate garlic and she knows this from the last few times, I Complained, and she kept putting me on hold till I gave up waiting she told me all pan pizza has always got garlic butter which is a lie!!! so I asked her again while watching the girl put garlic butter on my pizza again today she said No pan pizza dont get garlic butter and I said what is she putting on my pizza right now, she said opps we will make you another I DONT HAVE TIME TO DEAL WITH UNPOLIGETIC MISFITS THAT WANT TO GET ME PISSED OFF! BECAUSE I AM BEYOND HEARING SORRY, SHE GETS A KICK OUT OF GETTING ORDERS WRONG ON PURPOSE!!! NOW THIS YOUNG LADY ANSWERS THE PHONE NOT THE YOUNG GIRL THAT MADE AND PUT GARLIC BUTTER ON PIZZA BECAUSE I WOULD BET YOU SHE WAS TOLD TO DO IT BUY THE ONE WHO ANSWERS THE PHONE SHE ALWAY RUNS THE FRONT AND SHE NEEDS TO BE FIRED ASAP!!! THIS IS ENOUGH!!! PIZZA HUT PHONE# 614-876-2716 SHE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON WHEN I ORDER NAME ON RECIET SERVER SAYS BRITTANY SHE HAS BEEN THERE A WHILE.TICKET #19 TIME 02:47 PM INVOICE #14 BETTER YET I WILL NEVER! NEVER BUY EAT FOR FREE OR BE IN THE SAME ROOM ANYONE EATTING YOUR PIZZA AGAIN, GOOD JOB YOU LOST ANOTHER CUSTOMER AND WHEN WE HAVE PIZZA AT WORK FOR ALL OUR LOCATIONS WORLD WIDE ABOUT 674,000 EMPLOYEES I WILL NOTE NEVER BUY PIZZA HUT BUY ANYTHING NO MATTER WHAT IT COST!

  161. I am very disappointed. Tonight i have had a pizza remade 4 times and it still isn’t right. This location is always a hit and miss when it comes to my orders. Lately its been a lot of misses. Unfortunately it’s the only pizza hut that delivers here. The pizza quality is poor, but when it’s made correctly it is amazing. I would really hate to leave them alone and take my money else where but i just might. The manager calls and asks have i eaten the pizza in question and i told him No and I didn’t eat any of the other 2 that was sent back. Which he should have already known so what was the purpose of the call.

    4711 Elvis Presley and Shelby Drive
    Memphis, Tn 38116 location.
    This location is horrible

    1. Hello. I live in Kansas City Kansas in the us. Once again I called to order a pizza and the young sounding girl was an idiot. I had to repeat my number 4 times to her and she thought I was someone else. Then when I ask for a time for delivery all she says is I have no clue. This is not the first time this has happened. But gonna be the last because I’ll spend my money elsewhere. Your people suck if they are your employees.

  162. Wife and I went into Pizza Hut Asheboro, NC Sit down to eat Buffet and we don’t eat Pork. There was only one Cheese Pizza on bar. There were contractors eating there and told waitress they like pepperoni and they started bringing 2-3 of them out at time. My wife ask them fix something we can eat without Pork. Waitress and Manager said they couldn’t do that company policy. If that is true then we are asking why can’t you fix pizza for the one’s who don’t eat Pork. Please take that in consideration. We like to eat at Buffet bar to but like to eat as much as anyone else. Thank You….

  163. I will never go to this Pizza Hut again! I order my food online and I went into the store to pick it up and once I’ve picked it up and came home we notice we received the wrong pizza. I immediately call the store to notify them about the wrong pizza I received and that I would like a new freshly pizza. So I asked the store if they could make me a new pizza and deliver it to me because I was extremely tired and I don’t live close by to Pizza Hut. The employee say delivery will take 45 to an hour and at the time my family and I was very hungry. So the store manager offered me store credit and we could keep the wrong pizza to eat now. So I excepted her offer! Three week later I called Pizza Hut to find out how I can order with my store credit and the employee told me I could not used my store Credit online. I can only used my store credit over the phone or in the store and I have 30 days to use the credit. I was extremely furious because the store manager never told me any restrictions on a store credit! I’ve felt like I was being punished for the mistake they made! This isn’t the first time I came here and wasn’t happy with the service or the food! I will not be coming back!

  164. Hi,

    I find pizza hut to be so difficult now….I order a personal pizza and cheese sticks for a 8.99 credit i had. To find that my cheese sticks are burnt. I called back and a supervisor told me that i would need to take the cheese sticks back to the store and get an exchange for my order im stated im at work and cant do so at this time she stated to me that i can just keep the cheese sticks then when iam ready to exchange them no matter how long they have sat i will be able to exchange them. So i no longer want cheese stick due to them always burning them hint the credit to begain with. but the store refuses to give me a refund. This is horrible customer service no matter how many credits i have had due to the food being wrong i can no longer obtain a credit for the inconvience of the burnt cheese sticks? or the time ive spent goin back to the store or on the phone trying to recectify this situation,.? WHY

  165. Went to buy some pizzas last night at 1809 S Parsons Ave, Seffner FL at 9:45 (store closes at 10:00) but the workers decided to go sit out back and smoke and play on their phones instead of doing their jobs! Very UNPROFESSIONAL! Might need to hire better workers.

  166. I work at the Corbin KY location, and normally were not paid until Monday evening every two weeks…however on Thursday right before veterans day weekend we got paid early. Though I thought it was odd, I assumed it was because of the holidays. Since this was apparently done because of Veterans Day, I also assumed that since Thanksgiving was exactly two weeks from then, that I would get paid for my work early yet again….because of the holidays. I was wrong. It’s looking like I’m gonna get paid as usual on my normal Monday night. Why would you pay someone early for one holiday, but not the other??? Bc of this, I’m basically having to wait 3 weeks for a check now. I understand that I was paid early last time, and therefore it all averages out, but WHY would you pay early for one holiday but not another???? Especially when they were exactly two weeks apart???? You guys need to come out of the cushy offices, and take a look at your business model, because frankly….you guys have too many menu items, and because you don’t wanna pay to have an adequate staff at ALL times, one person does the job of three, while getting paid minimum wage. Guess who suffers?? The customers! !!! And when the customers suffer, you can kiss your bonuses and trips to Fiji goodbye. Though this review is falling on deaf ears, you guys should remember that not everyone came from a wealthy family that paid their way through college, and used their influence to secure you a 100k + a year job. You can laugh as you slip your Sperry’s off, prop back in your seat and have a scotch. But for the rest of us…life isn’t some magical place where all our dreams have came true. So pay people on time…God knows you guys NEVER have a late pay day. Thanks for nothing in advance!!!!!

    1. I feel you on this comment maybe they should kick back with their scotch and watch “UnderCover Boss” all day. #BigWigsHomeWorkAssignment

  167. I ordered from one of your stores on 4201 university dr in Durham Nc on last Wednesday 11/15 when I received my order two hours later missing half of my cold meal my sister I called back to the store and explained what happen the associate Destiny said she would give me a 10 dollar credit on my next bill I told her I don’t eat here much can you refund me for what was missing this is when the conversation became hostile she said “OMG I DONT KNOW THE BIG DEAL” I told her the big deal was I ordered one thing and you gave me what you wanted me to have she continue to be argumentative by this point a lost my temper and character and let my sister talk to her because I was on about to call the police and come to the store from her denying a refund and acting like I’m inconveniencing her. I called back the next day after Destiny told me she wasn’t doing a refund I talked to another associate on on 11/16 in which she said she would give my information to the store manager Emily. I wish I remembered her name because she is the only person who acted like she valued the customer and their experience she was very apologetic and understanding she needs to be promoted. I waited but didn’t receive a call and when I called to speak to Emily she was also argumentative and never gave me time to speak said that I threaten her associate and I was banned from calling the store which is fine because I told her associate after she told old me she isn’t giving me a refund that I’m calling the police and I’ll be coming up there because that’s stealing but the manager Emily did not want to hear my side of this story she wouldn’t let me speak screamed over me so she hung up in my face and when I called back refused to get on the phone and told another associate to tell me she will do the refund which I still have no proof of and I told the associate to tell her by Monday morning if this isn’t fixed I will handle the situation legally I have disputed this charge she won’t release it all I would like is to get my refund and be finished with this company because my next step is the newspaper and other outlets that can resolve the issue…. I wouldn’t have taken it this far if the customer service was exceeding passed the half order I paid for…and I only in the beginning asked for just the portion of the order that was not there to be refunded but because of all of the horrible drama I have had to go through I want the whole 25.79 refunded I have recordings and pictures if this can’t be rectified but to be treated as if I didn’t pay for my food just to get whatever the store wanted to give me and with no refund and attitudes is unexceptionable I have went to the better business bureau and next will be corporate and so forth because I really believe they should know the type of disrespectful angry disappointing sales dropping associates they have and why the company is suffering due if you can reply to me and let me know is it something you can do to speed the refund process for me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you again

  168. I have had several bad experience with the call center so I was given the number to order direct with in the store. I have done so for the pass few orders I never had any issues ordering at the store until today. I called the store spoke to the Manager DJ who was very rude did not want to assist me. He even told me to go ahead and call head quarters. He is the manager at Pizza Hut 1749 SW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78227.This order was for my family) I explain to him I am a trainer coordinator who has to order catering all over Texas and I order from Pizza Hut all over Texas at least twice a week per training. We conduct up to 20 trainings per week, saying that you had do the math how many times I order from Pizza Hut. I always like to place my order with a person with in store and have NEVER had any issues. I did not appreciate his attitude and his rudeness. Pizza You Do Not Need Managers Like DJ who does not know how to treat his customers. Now I have to order Pizza for my kids from a competitor .

  169. I wanted to thank you for recognizing veterans that last few years. I live in a rural area and your restaurant is one of a few we have in town. I am sorry to learn that this year no recognition, but I do understand. I appreciated your your business and wish you all a Happy Veterans Day.

  170. This is my comment to Pizza Hut without a reply…
    I live in Hawaii and joined your rewards program. On my last 4 orders of large pizza and cheesy bread sticks while trying to order online. They say there is no location at my zip code 96792 in Waianae Hawaii, Which is incorrect for I live a little over a mile from the Pizza Hut. I am always having to call in my orders and than I’m told the menu specials don’t apply if I’m calling in my order. What am I to do to order online. We have been ordering from The Waianae Pizza Hut every Friday for past 17 months since we have bought our house and joined your rewards program 4 pizza orders ago.
    How can we get the location updated on your site.
    If this continues I will be forced to take my business elsewhere.
    This has been very frustrating as my wife picks up the pizza and breadsticks on her way home from work.
    Please look into this.

    Have A Great Day

  171. I have always ordered from Pizza Hut with no problem. But here lately I have had items missing from orders or items prepared wrong. When I call and tell them of the mix up I’m told I will get a credit to my next order. But when I do order again I’m told they do not see this information any where with my name. This is when I call in. When I order online they say it can not be applied. If the same person is paying the same way why not. I’m getting so frustrated with their delivery. Ardmore, Ok. I started to add up how much I have paid out with debt or credit card on items I paid for and didn’t receive or items that were not what I ordered but decided not to might get more frustrated and mad.

    1. I am having the same issues. I called the Manager on Monday and she said they could put a credit or bring the item, I asked for the item to be brought, they never brought it. I called and asked to speak to the General manager and he acted as if he did not care and was very rude and I told him this was the 4th time this has happened in a month! Again he did not care. I asked him what his name was and he said Tom. I then asked what his last name was and he said he can’t give out his last name due to “social media”. He said he would credit the item but if I contacted corporate he would not. Completely ridiculous! Pizza Hut has gone down hill in a major way! I will never order from them again!!!!

  172. I would like someone to talk to the “manager” named Kimberly at 9641 White Settlement RD in White Settlement, TX 76108. She gave very bad customer service and was very hostile with me I’ve been a faithful customer for over 15 years. I told her I would like to place an order, but not with her she said no-one else could take my order but her then put the cook on the phone. She was so upset when I told her to calm down she wouldn’t let me get a word in edge wise. I love Pizza Hut, but if they can not train their employees to have good customer service. I will have to move on to the next competitor.

  173. Location : 13750 N Eldridge Pkwy, Cypress, TX 77429

    My wife and I placed our order for delivery of 1 large Hawaiian pizza, 8 count of Buffalo Medium wings, 8 count of Hawaiian Teriyaki wings, 8 count of Honey BBQ wings, Lemon Pepper fries, and Cajun Style Seasoned fries. We placed this order at 7:00 p.m. and the food did not arrive at our door until 9 p.m. even with the fact that we live 10 minutes from this restaurant. ALL 3 orders of the wings had the wrong amount ranging from 7 to 12 wings per box; none of which had a label on them for their flavor and had NO sauce on the wings. We only got one order of fries, completely missing the Cajun Style fries. The delivery person did not give us a copy of our receipt and took off immediately after handing us our food even though I told him we are missing items. I tried calling the store multiple times and kept getting sent to a hold line where I was ignored for up to 10 minutes at a time. COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. Save yourself the hassle and order from a different store. Reviews are not lying about this location. The store’s general manager couldn’t even make himself available to remedy the situation and gives his own store 5 star reviews. This location needs to be shut down due to their incompetence, lack of customer service, and poor quality of food.

  174. We ordered a large pizza plus 4 sodas, waited for about an hour, at pizza hut in Hobbs, new Mexico, we never got our pizza or sodas, so I called pizza hut, and was hung up on 3 times, then I called back told them who I was and my order and to please no hang up on me, phone went down again but this guy called back and told me this lady canceled our order because something about mapping the location and that we had no voice mail, which is a lie. I have never had a problem with pizza hut til now, then wanted cash because she stated their credit card machine was down. Very displeased…

  175. I live in Osceola Ar. We only have 1 pizza place here. After my grand daughters birthday party at school we went to Pizza Hut. I had to ask for a waiter then the manager had to take out order with the waitress was on the personal phone and then when a yoian came in she kept him company. The manager was great but he was doing all the work. Please check into this matter. We were there 9/15/17

  176. Ordered a large two topping pizza from pizza hut in Troutdale, OR. Upon pick up it was not shown to us (which is normal – rarely is it ever shown anymore). Drove home (approximately 6 miles) and found that it was the wrong pizza. The onmy thing right was the pepperoni. Even the crust was wrong. We brought it back and we were treated like it was our fault. Now all of this isn’t what upset me, but the fact that it was dumped in the garbage. Our country has a hunger problem, our schools have children that are lucky to get one meal a day and that is if they have school to get that meal. I thought pizza hut, being a big enough chain, would have a policy in regards to wasting food. On top of all of this the girl who “helped” us proceeded to leave and wasn’t quiet about how tired she was of working here. Yes, we got our pizza replaced but this just makes my reasoning of not eating out even stronger.

  177. I am 19 yr old who had a job at Pizza Hut take out in Keystone Heights Florida. I really like the job and never had a problem with anyone there. Unfortunately the store closed and they offered us to go to Starke or Palatka. I chose Palatka . It is a full eat in Pizza Hut that does delivery. I worked my first week 3 days and then starting the second week trouble. I clocked in and since no deliveries , I made dough. The next day, I came to work on time , went to clock in and was told I couldn’t clock in until someone called to have a delivery. Like a fool I sat outside and waited. I realized I was wasting my time . I left and went home. Later that night I read on Facebook that I was gonna be written up for my attitude. Didn’t say anything, so how do I get and attitude. My work place attorney said if I get written up we will go further into the laws of Pizza Hut

  178. We were in the mood for pizza and decided to stop by Pizza Hut on our way home and take pizza home for dinner. As we entered the restaurant, the doors were filthy. They looked like the windows had not been clean in a long time. There was food on smeared on the door too. We should have left right then, but we went in and ordered . While waiting for our pizza, we sat at one of the small tables and while sitting there waiting for our pizza, we noticed that there were numerous tables dirty and the floors were filthy. I stood up and looked at the salad bar just to see how it looked and we noticed that the lettuce was extremely wilted. There was some celery in one of the containers that was brown on the ends and then I looked at the carrots which were “white” from being so old. It was awful. I sat back down and told my husband about it, then while sitting there I saw the man that made our pizza wiping his face off and return to making someone’s pizza, then he went over to the girl taking orders and put his hands on her face (cheeks) and then started making another pizza, again not washing his hands…..His clothes were dirty and he kept wiping his hands on them……we were contemplating calling the health dept. it was that bad. We will not be eating there ever again. Winchester, TN….on Dinah Shore Blvd. I think the place needs to bulldozed…..the front windows in the garden area haven’t been washed in years….the ceilings have leak stains. I just think that they must not care about having returning customers…..we took our pizza home and threw it away. I think someone should show up unannounced and see what a mess it is. Thanks

  179. Last time I went to pizza hut in Hobart Oklahoma, a waitress spilt a drink on me and didn’t even apologize much less clean the spill up . I call today and the phone rang for over 20 mins. None answered and asked if I could hold or anything . who n picking up my order they had to throw it away and cook another one because the employees cut it wrong. Also while picking up my order the phone is constantly ringing and ignored.

    1. Pizza Hut managers are a joke! Pizza Hut loses soo much money on waste, laziness, and just not caring. As long as they can ignore a situation and continue their day not caring/thinking too much, they will.

      1. So called manager Jason, in the Sandy, Utah Pizza Hut is rude and creepy. SO shocked he is still a manager. Just look how he has brought his store to the bottom of the dregs. Just ‘YELP’ Sandy Pizza Hut on 1300 East !! We’ll never go back.

  180. I am not registering a complaint, merely a suggestion. I live in Amarillo Tx, here green chili is very popular, everybody has it on their menus, I have eaten green chilis on pizza before and it was wonderful. As of right now no pizza joint here has green chili on their menus I think you should be the first to offer it, I honestly think it would be a big thing here and people would order it. Let me know what you think please.

  181. My complaint is I see a store closing in the future in my hometown of whiteville nc. Pizza hut was my first public job when i was 17 yrs old and i loved it. My manager taught me everything i know about management. I visited this store last night for the first time in 3 yrs. Very disappointed in what i saw with the staff which all where at a table in the dining room with cell phones in hand. Could not tell who was in charge because only one person got up which was the waitress and mind you we where the only customers in the place. She did her job but was the only one who did. The place is in need of a deep cleaning. Carpet is worn and has a odor in the place. Walls are filthy with food windows are smeared with grim. I can tell the dm and regional managers are not during their jobs because it would not look this way and employees would not be hanging out with phones in hand. Its very sad to see a business that has been here for many yrs just go down because of laziness and not taking responsibility of their job. Need to clean house and start over with the whole crew. Bad habits have set in already.I will no longer support your store here until changes are made. Very disappointed in my visit. Ive been in retail and food business for over 25years and i’ve never seen such.

    1. The pizza hut on 79th michigan rd in indianapolis is disgusting and the employees are ghetto and rude. Pants hanging off their butts. Hanging the phone up on customers when they call. Very rude. The manager was arguing with what I’m assuming was his girlfriend in front of customers. Didn’t apologizing for delivering a pizza that tasted like cardboard and was dry as beck as if I would feed that to my kids

  182. I couldn’t believe I called a order in and waited 45 minutes to pick up and when I went in my pizza orders had not been taken.okay I understand how working a job like that is but then I wait 45 minutes more and then my pizzas I’ve never seen a pizza look like this before it was burned dried up. I paid 17 dollars for a pile of craft. I loved you guys pizza but this store has went to the dogs.I’m attached picture to show you my problem. Thank you very much for listening and caring.

  183. I have always loved pizza Hut and the only store left open close to my home has really went down hill in every aspect. They lost my business manager very unprofessional couldn’t explain why @ 8:30 p.m they answered the phone stating we can not take any order’s I said are you kidding me why? The female asked her manager while on the phone with me and said I don’t know and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing so needless to say Poppa John’s got my business. This is the store on S.Meridian st in Indianapolis.

  184. i know a young man that works at the bradford pizza hut that vern flynn treates this man unfairly.flynn told this man that that hes the hardest worker he has goes in when called goes fix the fryers when they dont work with out getting payed ernie south go’s beond his duties and gets told he wont go any further than he is.

  185. Placed a order on March 2 2017 around 5:30 pm, when I arrived to pick up pizza they had fixed a medium meat lovers pan instead of large the girl told manager and started making the large, so the manager pulls one out of warmer and says this is what ordered, he said this a pan large meat lovers, he said you can tell by the edges being that I was tired I went for it, when I got home and looked at it found out it was thin crust with a garlic type crust, it sad that a manager don’t know the difference between thin and pan, so disappointed, its sad when the managers don’t care about the customers.

  186. We have been ordering from Pizza Hut since dominos continually ruined out Friday night pizza meals. We have not been disappointed as of yet. Keep up the good work!

  187. I placed a order online and my receipt confirmation stated my order will be delivered at 10:03, I called at 10:13 the wait time was between 13-21 minutes of hold time before someone answered I spoke with the manager Amber at store 1220 E. Northside Dr Jackson MS 39211 (601)362-1996. Amber stated her driver was out and on his way; I called back 10:30 another long wait it’s 10:43 when Amber pick up and states she is the manager so I asked for my money back she say she only have two driver the store CLOSES AT 11:00 AND MY CARD HAS BEEN CHARGED THE DRIVER NEVER SHOWED!!! I ask for a reimbursement for her to say 3-5 days before I would get my money back. IT DIDN’T TAKE ME 3-5 DAYS TO ORDER I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM PIZZA JUST AGAIN THIS IS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND TERRIBLE BUSINESS!

  188. I was behind a pizza hut worker who was not up to the crosswalk but almost 2 car links back when I came up on them I moved about 1 or 2 ft. more then they moved very little they Must Of BEEN on their Cell phone TEXTING after I moved again 1 or 2 ft. they only moved a little about the only time HE did look up is when I was beside him looking up from his Lap is what he did I tried to talk to the Manager & he said he felt threatened because I asked to show him the car I was talking about, he never came out so I went back in to ask who own the car the owner lied about it so maybe he would not be in trouble THIS IS NOT RIGHT ! not the first time either their drivers fly down our street all the time & no not at 25 mph but faster I only hope the Corp. Office Reads This & do something about it SOON !

    1. I was in the Pizza Hut in burleson and they messed up my order, the waitress had a bad attitude about them screwing up not my fault. I just wanted my pizza a certain way, she had a really bad attitude, nothing would probably come of this it just made me mad

  189. Every month we have a pizza night and we like Pizza Hut pizza ,,,, we try and have it delivered to our home which is 4 blocks away from where we live,,, but the nights we call we are told delivery time is 2 hour wait ,,,, and it’s not the same night we have tried other nights of the week ,,,,, so he’ll I order from papa johns. Pizza not as good but all about the customer service and Pizza Hut is bad.

  190. Ordered two family pastas, went to pick up my order. They had only made one, had to wait 10 ten minutes for my pasta. Plus cashier didn’t check if two pastas were made. Bad service

  191. Gretna, Ne. Is the worst Pizza Hut I have ever been to. The employees are rude, treat you like dirt or you wait 15 minutes and don’t see any one to order from. Just need to shut it down.

  192. I went to Pizza Hut me and my husband and we got 2 pizzas and the bar I went to get my food every thing on there look like it was bad. the eggs they were really bad, you could smell it. I told the women in them, the eggs were bad and with out her even looking at them she said they are not bad so I think some one needs to do something about the pizza Hut or close the doors if they can not do better with there food .This pizza Hut in Wytheville. I used to go there for birthday party’s but there is no way I would ever take my family back there unless they would clean up the place and get new people in there that know how it should be run

  193. So im a formal employee of Pizza Hut in warrior alabama. I called about my w2’s and was told by the store manager Holly that since I was terminated that they will withhold my w2’s from me. If i do not get my w2’s I will be getting a lawyer and filing a lawsuit.

    1. Robert, I worked at Pizza Hut in Ocala, FL. I just received my w2 today and when I put in the information in turbo tax, it brought up “you have taxable unreported tip income”. I would like to get all my pay stubs to verify everything but I was told they don’t give out pay stubs for direct deposit.

  194. I came to eat Here in the Pizza Hut here in Hillsboro Oregon and brought two Pepsi’s with me and I ask for a cup with Ice and they told me they didn’t allow outside drinks and I ask The manager if they had a sign and she was really rude and said they didn’t have to have a sign.I think is really rude of them.If I’m a custumer buying food I shouldn’t really matter if I bring outside drinks!

  195. Truckers for Military Support and Awareness, until Pizza Hut recognizes our Military Men and Women, this trucker will never buy from any Pizza Hut Business NATION WIDE. Take action against Huntsville Al

  196. So Pizza Hut thinks giving military a discount isn’t worth their time.

    We have started to boycott all Pizza Huts, let’s see if you like losing money

  197. I want to know why the delivery drivers do not get to keep their credit card tips? That is against the law!! And another thing when applying for a job at Pizza Hut they tell you not to tell your insurance company that you are a driver, but they need the declaration page of your insurance…They want you to lie. If you get into an accident you are not covered unless you purchase a special policy. why are you having your managers lie to these people, This is a corrupt way of doing business and I plan to notify the news papers, tv, and if I have to Washington. I have nothing better to do. I am an old lady, I have all the time in the world….Respectfully, A concerned grandmother

    1. Nina, I used to be a driver for the one in warrior alabama and they had me drive without insurance on my car. and i was like i dont want to drive and they said if i didnt do it they would write me up or terminate me for not doing my job.

    2. I want to know why Pizza Hut charges $3.00 to deliver a Pizza Hut order? Gas is not too high. The Delivery guy doesn’t get it. So why? Every month on every Wednesday of the month we oder a Pizza. So we pay $12. & 15. A month for your delivery fee and we only live 3 miles away.
      this is ludicrous.
      We have been ordering from you foe the past 20 years but I believe I’ll go elsewhere.


  199. Went to Pizza Hut on Peters Creek Parkway Winston Salem, NC for lunch. Buffet was bare and no one was in a hurry to get the pizzas out. The cinnamon sticks were gone and they did not get replenished. Our server was doing the best he could having to wait on 15 tables ( I did count). That man needs a raise! I am a manager myself and one of the managers stated the GM came in on their day off also. I would definitely be terminating someone. I know we had snow on Saturday, but if some of the staff couldn’t get there, I would have went and picked him/her up. Thanks Tina

  200. I ordered 2 large pizzas from Commercial Ave, Ft. Lauderdale,Fl. I have been on hold now for 45 minutes after hanging up after holding for 30 minutes! I have been waiting for my delivery for 3 hours and 45 minutes and can’t get anyone on the phone. This is unacceptable and very frustrating!!!

  201. When ordering a pizza from your Valrico Florida store, your website says there is no Pizza Hut in Valrico. But we buy pizza from you at least once a week in Valrico Florida. Your people at this location know that your online ordering has problems. Your company should honor the online discounts, especially when your online system fails.

  202. Please check out your Hagerstown Maryland stores. So disappointed. Dirty, dirty, and no phone answering a half an hour before closing. Even to say we are closed instead of not answering. Especially when we ordered a pizza online that was supposed to be delivered by 11:03. And it is now 11:35. Makes me worry and then get irritated.

  203. Last night around 6 pm, Jan 6th, I tried to order pizza from The Highway 79 south location in Temecula Ca… First I tried calling. I sat on the line for almost 8 minutes waiting for someone to pick up. So I decided to use your app to order it. I was ordering for a very large group, and half way thru my order, the app decided to tell I couldnt add the other items to my order. It was a pizza deal, after i had ordered other single pizzas. So I decided to place the order I had already spent 15 minutes ordering, and thought i would just call and make an additional order since the app wouldnt let me. I waited again on the line for 5 minutes, got irritated and decided I would just put in another new online order for the other half of the pizzas I wanted…. When i was done making the pozzas in the app it brought me to a screen that wouldnt let me finish the order… wouldnt put it in m6 cart to check out and finalize the order. So 35 minutes into trying to order pizza I try one last time to call… again waited 5 minutes, for some lady to answer and telle the computers were acting up, and asked me to call back in 10 to 15 minutes, so i explained how much time I had just spent trying to order pizza for the party I was having, and she tells me, ” well maam the problems online are not my problem, I cant do anything for you.” So when my husband showed up to pick up the order I was able to submit, rhey say they never got it. And I want to add, he drove 30 minutes down the mountain to pick up the dang pizza. I really enjoy your pizza but that was the most annoying hour I have ever spent on the phone trying to order pizza. So we took our business elsewhere and the total was over $120 dollars , so it was a big loss for that store, and we order there alot. Whatever was going on there needs to be fixed, and your pizza hut app is glitching so I wont be wanting to use that again. I was VERY dissapointed in all of my time wasted, and the additude on the phone fron the employee…. I have never felt the need to go online to complain about anything but this was so unacceptable. I hope yu guys can do something here to make me not want to write you guys off as my go to pizza place. Thanks for listening.

  204. I ordered from the pizza hut on 1990 m st nw. I ordered online. I ordered 2 personal pans and boneless wings. I’m diabetic and there is not a whole lot of areas open to us during the late shift. The pizza was cold and burnt . The wings were dry . I called the store and no one picked up the phone. I can’t eat this mess and I had the items delivered. I must say the gentleman at your Pizza hut in target in forestville MD is awesome. the place is clean and the pizza is always great

  205. My pizza and garlic knots were ice cold like I just pulled it out of the fridge the pizza wasn’t cut right and toppings were skimpy I’ll never order from this establishment again

  206. Fight in one of the Lynchburg VA stores……Not conductive to the environment I would like to take my family to……the video didn’t appear to have had any kind of authority involved

  207. I love some pizza hut but my last night experience was horrible. I just had got off work and stopped by to get a large pizza supposed to be speciality pizza pepperoni.First it wasn’t speciality pizza it was a regular pepperoni pizza supposed be doubled layers it was single layer. OK I bite into the pizza but it had hair in it.I call and told her manager that I don’t have transportation as my driver had started drinking. I even said I’ll pay for delivery she said its going take 45 to hour and I said that’s fine. I even said he takes a picture of hair. It upset me really bad I had someone elses hair in my mouth.

  208. I thought I would give our local Pizza Hut a second chance, prior time the pizza had hardly any cheese, all toppings (what few there were) where laying on the cardboard box. Called tonight, start off, phone rang forever, lady answers in a rude tone, like we were bothering them. Placed my order, over hour later it gets delivered. Order pasta and pizza box, pasta, maybe 6 bites if that, no breadsticks, very hard cinnamon sticks. Called local store, was on hold for over an hour to speak with manager, they never answered, drove to business (still on hold) spoke to manager, rude as well, story is, they had server walk out, new person cooking, threw $7.99 on counter, not even a sorry. Will not go back, $25.00 went to garbage. What do you say corporate office?

  209. I called a couple months back wanting my order corrected and never got a response. I emailed corporate bc I had ordered a pizza from the reynoldsburg Ohio location and Michael the manager was not only rude calling me a liar but messed my pizza up. I had asked for a medium pan pizza all pepperoni and half mushrooms and extra cheese all over and I got a pepperoni pizza and my receipt showed what I had ordered.i took my pizza in the store to get it fixed but I was a liar and my receipt was a liar to I guess. He was yelling at me calling me names. They was busy and I’m sure it was stressful but all I wanted was my pizza fixed. Neither corporate or the store Michael was at didn’t care. I will never order from a Pizza Hut again.

  210. Andover Ks , 12/18/2016
    Pizza cut for hobbit hands or Seven Dwarves! Two bites oh they are so cute…complained about this store before. Last chance #hardlyanytoppings, #kidsizepiecesandplates.MellyP

  211. I am struggling at present and a pizza is indeed a rare treat for us. I ordered 2 pizzas and a pasta, one pizza came the other order apparently never placed. There are specials but mine was $30. That is fine…but the pizza was horrible. The crust was not cooked, very doughy..and the rest was grease! We have never done this but had to discard the pizza, it was inedible! To top it off, I look at the receipt and my entire CC number was on it..this was pointed out by my delivery person (whom I tipped well). I called the store and it took 5 calls, finally I called the corporate office and they “said” they took care of the CC issue which they acknowledged but no apologies for the pizza. I will never , ever order from this company again. Ever, the worst customer service I have received in a very long time. I will say the pasta was good….oh, and no breadsticks which usually came with the pasta.

    1. Kym, you have to ask for breadsticks… it doesnt just come with the pasta… pizza hut is a multi billion dollar company. do you really think one of us saying :i’ll never return? is gonna hurt them one bit? no perhaps you should try a different pizza hut to see if it is in fact the business or just that one store.

  212. I have eaten at pizza hut since I’ve had teeth and today on my 40th bday I ordered a large hand tossed on original regular crust meat lovers pizza, easy on the sauce without sausage and guess what I received…….a large hand tossed on not original crust I have no clue what flavor of crust meat lovers pizza, no sauce whatsoever with sausage. This has happened a couple of times lately and I’m really getting tired on giving my once favorite place second chances.

  213. We love to go to the buffet on Tuesdays for family night but the last several times the salad and pizza bars are constantly full of children serving themselves. There used to be signs with age limit 12. I was informed tonight there is no age limit. Please tell me this is not true. I wouldn’t allow my child to do this. How sanitary is it when children who can’t see over the bars are helping themselves with no supervision?

  214. I am tired of ordering the same pizza every time and they still can’t get it right and it’s in the system there. I ordered again tonight and went home and it was wrong again and you call and they said I’m sorry we were busy and when I was there picking it up, I didn’t see it busy. May start ordering from elsewhere.

  215. Ravenswood wv store please answer phone. Ihave been on hold for over 1 and 1/2 hours. you are not that busy. could not reach corporate either.

  216. Please, someone come look at the Pizza Hut in Winchester, Ky. This place needs to be torn down or gutted. A deep cleaning will not help this place. Broken electronics hanging from ceiling, dirt on ceiling, bad smells. Dirty employees.

  217. I have had several issues with my local Pizza Hut store. Pizza Hut has been my favorite pizza place since I was a young girl. Three consecutive orders my pizza came an hour past the estimated time arrival delivery time. I understand, the time is an estimated time frame, however each time I received the pizza, the appearance was deplorable and the pizza itself was cold. I contacted Pizza Hut customer service who indeed tried to rectify the situation by sending me 2 free complimentary pizzas with a reference number.

    I just tried using one of the coupons sent my Pizza Hut corporate offices and to my surprise my local Pizza Hut wouldn’t honor them.

    I spoke with a woman named Lisa, who indeed remembered my troubles from my previous encounter with this particular store. Not only was this infuriating, I had to explain my situation to three individuals. I work for Pepsi and couldn’t be more disappointed with the quality of service from Pizza Hut.

    I even went into grave detail in regards to the reference number provided by the letter sent to me by Pizza Huts corporate offices, and the statement regarding on the back for the store use.

  218. Just would like to tell you that I bought one of your three box specials, it didn’t come in the box you show on tv ,it came in two pizza boxes and a paper bag. No chance to win xbox, plus everything was cold and took longer than was told. Pizza was hard and way over cooked . so don’t worry about me ordering from Pizza Hut again.

  219. I have a problem with the manager at our local Pizza Hut. There is a employee that rented a house from me working there. This woman destroyed the house but promised to clean and pay for the repairs and she even signed a contract to do just that. Then she stops answering her phone or texts! So the only way to find her is to go to Pizza Hut, which is what I did today I politely asked if she was there the manager asked me to leave I told her that I wanted my key from this women she said no and to leave. Now I will send the sheriff there to get my key. Which is more disruptive, for me asking for my key or the sheriff? The manager is rude. I have bought a lot of pizza from there you just lost a customer for life.

  220. 3 weeks ago my cousin and I ordered a pizza for delivery from the store in Clemson, SC had no problems but when I tried to have a pizza and wings delivered a week later and again i tried this past weekend, I was told they don’t deliver to my address. Well I wouldn’t complain any but considering they delivered to my cousins house which is located in same area I’m very upset. You have to literally turn onto my road to get to my cousins house in the subdivision and pass by my home coming in and out the subdivision. I like Pizza Hut but with what I went through with talking to the manager of that store I will never order from Pizza Hut again.

  221. I would like somebody to investigate the short pump area of Richmond Virginia. There are no Pizza Huts in this area and we would like for someone to check into this and see if it would be a good location for you all. This area has built up very much over the last 10 years and to me would be an excellent location for Pizza Hut. Thank you

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