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ESPN Headquarters.

This page provides contact details and a list of useful resources related to sports TV and radio station ESPN.

Among other things, you can find details about the company’s corporate team, information on their career opportunities, and where to direct your complaints.

We have also included contacts details for the ESPN corporate office, including the headquarters phone number, address and more.

About ESPN.

ESPN is a global leader in sports entertainment and offers digital cable and satellite TV to more than 90 million US viewers. The channel has a strong presence in Latin America and operates in 200 countries worldwide. The network was founded in 1979 and subsequently it acquired the rights to broadcast NFL, baseball, hockey, and college football events.

ESPN also operates a radio station and various specialised channels that focus on sports news, college athletics, and sports events in the Spanish-speaking world.

ESPN employs approximately 8,000 people and is owned by The Walt Disney Company and Hearst Corporation.

ESPN Corporate Office Contacts.

To reach ESPN’s headquarters, call or phone their Connecticut head office using the details below:


ESPN Headquarters Phone Number:


ESPN Headquarters Switchboard Hours:
Monday – Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time)


ESPN Headquarters Address.
ESPN Plaza
545 Middle St. Bristol, CT, 06010


Other ESPN Mailing Addresses.

ESPN Plaza
Bristol, CT 06010

ESPN Television
ESPN Plaza
Bristol, CT 06010

ESPN International
ESPN Plaza
Bristol, CT 06010
e-mail: ESPN.com

ESPN Mobile Products
ESPN Plaza
Bristol, CT 06010

ESPN Magazine
147 Columbus Avenue
New York, NY 10023

ABC Sports
47 W. 66th St.
New York, NY 10023


ESPM Headquarters
The ESPN Headquarters in Bristol , Connecticut. The headquarters include the 5th largest dish in the world and the second biggest in the United States, as well as numerous show studios. Around 4000 people work here.

ESPN Executive Team.

Below we have added the complete list of key leaders at ESPN Inc.

  • John Skipper, President & CEO
  • Patrick Steigman, Editor-in-Chief
  • Christine Driessen, Executive Vice President and CFO
  • Edward Ernhardt, President of Customer Marketing & Sales
  • Patricia Betron, Senior Vice President
  • Christopher Bush, Senior Vice President
  • Artie Bulgrin, Senior Vice President
  • Tim Bunnell, Senior Vice President
  • Brian Carr, Senior Vice President
  • Paul Cushing, Senior Vice President & CIO
  • Morris Davenport, Senior Vice President
  • Oliver Dizon, Senior Vice President
  • Vince Doria, Senior Vice President
  • Bill Geist, Senior Vice President
  • Matt Genova, Senior Vice President
  • Thomas Hennessy, Senior Vice President
  • Traug Keller, Senior Vice President
  • John Kosner, Executive Vice President
  • Lynne Kraselsky, Senior Vice President
  • Carol Kruse, Senior Vice President
  • Chris Laplaca, Senior Vice President

ESPN Board of Directors:

  • David Fletcher
  • Daryl Garvin
  • Richard Gianini
  • John Thomas Grant, Jr.
  • Doug White
  • Johnny Williams
  • John Skipper
  • Jeff Siembieda
  • John Sacenti
  • Brant Ringler
  • Patrick Polking
  • Doug Mosley
  • Mark Meadows
  • Rick Monihan
  • Kevin McDonald
  • Stacey McCollum
  • Dan Margulis

ESPN Careers and Jobs.

ESPN employes 4,000 employees at their ESPN Plaza Headquarters and approximately 8,000 worldwide.

Visit this page to find information about careers at ESPN. Recent college graduates can find out more about training programs and internships here.

You can also browse job opportunities at ESPN’s various social media profiles, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

How to complain to ESPN.

For immediate support with complaints, call the ESPN Customer Service Team on +1-888-549-3776. A live chat function is also available from this page, where customer service representatives can assist you every day between 9 a.m. and 1 a.m. (EST).

Complaints or concerns about content broadcast by ESPN can be sent to:

ESPN Viewer Response, ESPN Plaza, Bristol, CT 06010.

You may also send written complaints to 285 Middle St, Bristol, Connecticut 06010.

The company’s Customer Care feedback form also allows you to put your complaints into writing. Spanish speakers can use this contact form. The ESPN Customer Service also provides Live Chat, Available daily 9 am – 1 am ET. Click on ‘Chat Now’ to open a new window and chat with a customer service representative.

Other ESPN Resources.

Here’s a comprehensive list of additional resources related to ESPN, the company’s social media profiles, and its various divisions and online resources.

Please share your experiences with, or complaints about, ESPN services in the comment section.

20 thoughts on “ESPN Headquarters

  1. The am morning show has a new low. I don’t want to hear about shopping at Costco, etc. the broadcasters never stop. They should focus on SPORTS nothing else. I hoped the change in your morning talent would improve the content. Obviously I was wrong. This was a good concept orginally but no w fails as a legitimate sports broadcast

  2. I don’t think it’s right How your sportscasters favor 1 of the teams. it’s very obvious they prefer the St Louis cardinals to win. October 7 & 8 2022.

  3. I don’t understand why today’s WNBA game between the ACES and STORM is not on the ESPN channel. VERY DISAPPOINTING.

  4. Your coverage of Kyrios instead Of Nadal was disgusting ! That whole scene was an example of how our world has gone down to the lowest level ever in history! It was so disrespectful to everyone. I fault you for showing it!

  5. What’s going on at the PGA. Where’s the golf I tuned in to watch golf not Joe Buck and Michael Collins interview athletes it takes away from watching the golf

  6. Please put ACCN on TV. You made me very angry that you can only stream and my carrier does not carry your lousy extra channel. You want me to pay extra. Well, sorry about that.

  7. Re: Golic & Wingo

    The dynamic and interaction of Mike Sr. And Trey is destroyed by their pandering to Mike Jr. and allowing him equal time. Mike Jr. is not qualified, basically reads stats from his laptop that others have written, is shallow in his knowledge and thought processes and generally repulsive. He adds nothing, no value to the show.

    I have tried to endure Mike Golic Jr. on Golic & Wingo but the time has come for me to select a different morning show.

  8. I love Jason Witten but the overuse of the word “situation” is obnoxious. He needs to add more words to his vocabulary as an announcer .

  9. espn used to be the place to go to for sports not political commentary. during the last administration they clamored to get the president on their network & couldn’t wait for the national champs from anything to see the president, but since our new president took office they seemed to be offended when anyone from the world of sports goes to the white house. anyone should be proud to get to see the president no matter if you like them or not. also there are many who have become to racist in comments & are very rude for things they say about those they don’t agree with. when we watched espn it was sport scores & highlights not for commentary about our president or those they don’t like. just do sports & highlights & keep their personal opinions off the air & to themselves. there many that I would have fired for some of the things they have said, that are not part of their jobs. don’t watch your show anymore for it’s to political & to opinionated. bring back this week in the NFL, showing highlights of every game & have it done by former NFL players & commentators at least if was fun & worth the watch.

  10. Sarah Spain has proven that ESPN is a hotbed of libtards. Your network just doesnt get it!!!! Do us all a favor and leave politics out of my sports, shut it!

  11. I’m absolutely done with ESPN & ABC. My family is too. Can’t watch. You don’t fire JHill for those remarks,amazed me. Unbelievable.

  12. I will never watch another ESPN program, unless you get this situation under control with your racist commentator.

    You apparently agree with her or you would have taken care of this problem by now.

    I’m not just speaking for myself, but for my entire family and especially for my son who serves in the US Army and has served 3 tours in the middle east and has received a purple heart protecting this piece of s…

    We all take offence to her racist remarks about our Commander in Chief President.

    Sincerely, an average American living in the heartland.

  13. ESPN was once an excellent sports network with a strong, loyal following of sports fans. However, over the past few years, they have become more concerned with politically correct nonsense and less concerned about the quality of your sports programming. When I first read about the Robert Lee fiasco, I thought it was a joke! That I found out that ESPN was serious about removing him from the broadcast, because some of your “snowflake” viewers might be offended – are you people serious?? The fact that Jemele Hill is still employed after her comment about President Trump is incomprehensible and inexcusable! Had a white male ESPN employee made a similar comment about President Obama being a “black supremacist”, he would have been fired within 24 hours, wouldn’t he?

    Congratulations ESPN – you have succeeded in turning an excellent sports network into a national laughing stock. Nice job!!

  14. miss hill should be fired, she did the same thing in 2008, so this being the second offence there is no excuse for her to stay.

  15. The comments recently by Jemele Hill about the President of our great nation are disgusting and she should be fired. ESPNs lack of response disappoints me greatly. I will be boycotting ESPNs programs and products, and will get as many of my friends and associates to do the same. It’s not enough that you’re (ESPN) posturing this way. Terrible and Shameful!

  16. I stayed a loyal ESPN viewer in spite of your shabby treatment of Curt Schilling and his alleged misbehavior.
    The double standard your network exhibits as related to the disparaging remarks of Jemele Hill,
    leave me no recourse but to boycott your broadcasts.
    She should be terminated immediately. I am terminating my viewership.

  17. The comments recently by Jemele Hill about the President of our great nation are disgusting and she should be fired. ESPNs lack of response shows that they agree. I will be boycotting ESPNs programs and products, SHAMEFUL!

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