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Comcast Corporate Office and Headquarters.

This page provides all relevant contact details for the Comcast and XFINITY corporate offices.

Find up-to-date information on the company’s headquarters address, phone numbers, careers pages, Executive Team and customer service department.

About Comcast.

Comcast is a media and entertainment conglomerate established in 1963. Over the following decades, the company went from broadcasting 5 cable channels to becoming the largest cable TV provider in the US.

Comcast owns other media outlets, such as NBC Universal, Telemundo, CNBC, The Weather Channel, and USA Network. The telecommunications conglomerate now provides TV, VoiP phone, and Internet to more than 30 million customers in 40 states.

Comcast Corporate Office Contacts.

You can call, send a fax, or write to Comcast’s Head Office by mail. Alternatively, use the Feedback Form to register a complaint.


Comcast Headquarters Phone Number:


The Switchboard Hours are: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST)


Comcast Headquarters Fax Number:



Comcast Headquarters Address:

Comcast Center, 1701 JFK Boulevard

Philadelphia, PA 19103



The Comcast Headquarters at Comcast Center, 1701 JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia.
The Comcast Headquarters at Comcast Center, 1701 JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia.

Comcast Executive Team.

The complete list of key leaders at Comcast.

  • Brian L. Roberts, Chairman & CEO
  • Stephen B. Burke, CEO (NCBUniversal) & Senior Executive Vice President (Comcast)
  • Michael J. Kavanagh, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
  • David L. Cohen, Senior Executive Vice President
  • Neil Smit, President & CEO (Comcast Cable)
  • Arthur R. Block, General Counsel & Secretary
  • Bob Eatroff, Executive Vice President (Corporate Development)
  • Darcy F. Rudnay, Chief Communications Officer
  • Lawrence J. Salva, Chief Accounting Officer
  • Amy Banse, Managing Director (Comcast Ventures)
  • Rebecca Arbogast, Senior Vice President (Global Public Policy)
  • Jason S. Armstrong, Senior Vice President (Investor Relations)
  • Karen Dougherty Buchholz, Senior Vice President (Administration)
  • Francis M. Buono, Senior Vice President (Legal Regulatory Affairs)
  • Lynn R. Charytan, Executive Vice President & General Counsel (Comcast Cable)
  • Kristine A. Dankenbrink, Senior Vice President (Taxation)
  • William E. Dordelman, Senior Vice President & Treasurer
  • Cynthia K. Hook, Senior Vice President Risk Officer & General Auditor
  • Jennifer Khoury Newcomb, Senior Vice President (Corporate & Digital Communications)
  • Melissa Maxfield, Senior Vice President (Federal Government Affairs)
  • Devesh Raj, Senior Vice President (Strategic & Financial Planning)
  • Myrna Soto, Global Chief Information Security Officer
  • Dalila Wilsoon-Scott, Senior Vice President (Community Investment)
  • Kathryn A. Zachem, Senior Vice President (Regulatory / State Legislative Affairs)
  • David A. Scott, President & CEO (Comcast Spectacor)
  • Maria G. Aras, Vice President (Diversity & Inclusion)
  • Rudy N. Brioche, Vice President (Global Public Policy)
  • Beth Bunting Anrholt, Vice President (Integrated Talent Managament)
  • Jennifer Daley, Vice President & Assistant Treasurer
  • Lindsey Dickinson, Vice President (Federal Government Affairs)
  • Joseph F. Ditrolio, Vice President (Financial Operations)
  • David Don, Vice President (Regulatory Policy)
  • Thomas J. Donnelly, Vice President (State & Local Tax)
  • James Finnegan, Vice President (Intellectual Property)
  • Sena Fitzmaurice, Vice President (Government Communications)
  • Matthew Fradin, Vice President & Senior Deputy General Counsel
  • Leonard J. Gatti, Vice President (Financial Reporting)
  • Gregg M. Goldstein, Vice President (Corporate Development)
  • Jordan Goldstein,Vice President (Regulatory Affairs)
  • Jennifer J. Heller, Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer
  • Julie Laine, Vice President & Chief Transaction Compliance Officer
  • Sam Lancaster, Vice President (Federal Government Affairs)
  • Charisse R. Lillie, Fellow & Vice President (Community Investment)
  • James P. McCue, Vice President & Assistant Treasurer
  • Joseph P. McGinley, Vice President (Corporate Development)
  • Mark J. Noble, Vice President (Corporate Development)
  • Kevin P. O’Connor, Vice President (Federal Tax)
  • Juan Otero, Vice President (Federal Government Affairs)
  • Bret Perkins, Vice President (External Government Affairs)
  • Marc A. Rockford, Vice President & Senior Deputy General Counsel
  • Derek H. Squire, Vice President & Senior Deputy General Counsel

Comcast Board of Directors:

  • Kenneth J. Bacon
  • Madeline S. Bell
  • Sheldon M. Boonovitz
  • Edward D. Breen
  • Joseph J. Collins
  • Gerald L. Hassell
  • Jeffrey A. Honickman
  • Eduardo G. Mestre
  • Brian L. Roberts
  • Jonathan A. Rodgers
  • Judith Rodin

Comcast Careers and Jobs.

If you’d like to become part of Comcast’s team of more than 153,000 employees, visit their Careers page or Twitter to find out about all available positions.

Visit their jobs search page, to see a list of all 2000+ open positions in chronological order.

How to Complain to Comcast.

Comcast’s and XFINITY’s Customer Service Department can be reached on +1-800-934-6489 or by emailing we_can_help@cable.comcast.com or care_customer@cable.comcast.com. Comcast aims to reply to messages within 2 hours.

If you want to disconnect your service then call Comcast on 1-800-266-2278.

To send complaints via Twitter, use the handle @comcastcares.

For XFINITY complaints or issues, you can also use their excellent Live Chat option. Visit XFINITY Live Chat and choose either billing, apps login or service troubleshooting to get connected to a live representative.

The Comcast website also has a Live Chat option which can be found here.

If you want to provide feedback by email form, then use their Feedback Form. You can submit complaints on all services and even submit praise on individual employees.

Other Comcast Resources.

Social media links, online help, feedback, and customer support services: These are just a few of the additional Comcast resources listed below.

Please share your experiences, complaints or praise about Comcast/Xfinity in the comment section.

45 thoughts on “Comcast Headquarters

  1. After Xfinity was working in our area we lost Wi-Fi service on our computer and we were not able to get it on other devices like phone we were notified of the problem and then notified that everything was fine about five hours later. The problem is we haven’t had Wi-Fi service on our computer since then we have been on the phone for Xfinity for extended period of time yesterday and they said it’s nothing they did wrong and they have not been able to solve the problem wonderful lady but she couldn’t solve the problem we are on the call with Dell they said they couldn’t solve it so we called our computer company in the area that services our computer and they’ve had numerous complaints From people saying that they lost their wife’s at face service during the time that Xfinity was working in the area and they can’t get it back. What will show up under available networks are other neighbors in that area but the individuals Wi-Fi username will not show up and not available. Please fix the problem as soon as possible because it is definitely a problem Xfinity has caused

  2. Miami Comcast is too slow getting up its system after an outage. It’s been 24 hrs. as of now. The people in Miami really are terrible! I hope anyone doesn’t blow their top, because they missed their favorite tv show, or missed an important phone call.

  3. My Comcast/Xfinity cable and internet service, costing me $265 monthly, will not operate constantly. It goes off intermittently and has done so for over a year now! It does no good to report it because techs can’t seem to get it repaired. However, we are 1 of 3 customers who get service from the same pole. The last tech stated the problem is at that pole . The account is in my wife’s name and we are both absolutely fed up with our service. I’m going to cease paying my full invoice until this problem is fixed.

  4. Horrific, unprofessional and disrespectful assistance for paid services which do not function since installation!!100’s of hours on the phone 3 home visit by techs and still can not stream!!!! They DO NOT know what they are doing… and they charge for this garbage !!!???

  5. Your representatives on the phone plays game won’t let u talk to supervisor I will not pay my bill better have someone pick up your equipment Monday I’ll have it outside my apartment if someone steals it that your problem the kids u hired thought if was funny to F with me!!! Call me Ed prado Denver colo ur representative on phone should have their name on computer who I talk to. 3 people all lies

  6. My complaint is to long to write it out here . I cannot give my name or email because my computer is being controlled by bad actors and it has been going on since the pandemic. I made complaints to your security dept. in NJ. They Evan gave me their phone number.

  7. I do not have comcast. I receive at least 3 mailings weekly from Xfinity. I have called, emailed, written them, asking them to remove my name from their mailing list, to no avail. How can I get them to stop sending me ads?

  8. Team,

    I have been a customer for the last year and heave had nothing but issues with your service.

    We had a least 6 service calls and every time it works for a couple of months then goes out again.

    The biggest issue I am having is that the last two days I have wasted my time waiting for a service tech to come to my home,

    On both occasion the techs were here for least then 10 minutes and stated they were not doing the workork. I asked for a supervisor and this is where the story gets better.

    The first tech he was going in his truck to call him. But he decided to just drive away with saying anything to me.

    Another tech was dispatched today to say the same thing, not doing any work today. When I asked to speak with a supervisor he stated well you can just cancel and mail back the equipment.


    I will like a call back so we can rectify this situation or I will take the advice of your supervisor and just cancel my service.

    Thank you
    John Flak 561 846 xxxx

  9. Can’t fix your own equipment..having major 3-4 wires with major problem for weeks now my internet wifi going in and out and for past 4′-5 days my cell phone is dead and can’t connect when trying to make a call for most of every day..am disabled and I need a working phone
    .notified corporate seversl times mr Bennet one other but he never got back to me..had comcast adv tech change both landline and cell ,# and was never told so was then connected… to verizon troubleshooting..couldn’t use phones,had to go to neighbor to use her phone to call you people..after much trouble my ,# were given back to.me

    Ready to file with fcc for fraud and what they did taking away my ,,# without my ok

  10. My car was actually hit by one of your trucks in Algonquin Illinois on Friday about 11:00 in the morning on a small unincorporated street. I have over $750 worth of damage to my car, no message left by your driver but I do have dents and paint transfer.

  11. Comcast has the worst customer service and they blatantly lie all the time about your account and bill. When they make an error it can take months to fix. Switching to Verizon ASAP. Comcast staff are like criminals!

  12. I pay $250 per month for my Comcast (Xfinity) cable. For the past 4 days I have had very little cable because Comcast has not been connecting to my internet. I am in the middle of buying and remodeling a home. I can’t do anything in my existing home because I am not permitted to talk to a live person. I had an appointment with a technician, but cancelled him after being told a “technician” had fixed the problem. That “fix” lasted for 15 minutes so I was still unable to talk it a repairman. Also I should like to be reimbursed for the 4 days of internet and cable I lost.

  13. I went into store to return 3 x-1 boxes for credit since I only have 1 tv now & agent turned off my entire service!!!! Never asked for service turn off. 3 hrs later cannot reactivate my service

  14. I ordered a phone on May 18th and my account was – $225. Your company stopped the delivery and had it shipped back to the warehouse. Your company has held my money without notice. As well has not informed me of the changes. The phone never made it to my house after each rep lied to me. The customer service rep lied each and everyone of them. And im supposed to be happy or ok with this. I have a meeting in the morning in Chicago with no cell phone. And can’t purchase one until I get refunded my money. This is ridiculous and I will be posting this alllll over social media as well as your business accounts. That was the wrong move on your behalf. And you will see the pain you’ve caused me. I’m not scared of nothing but since you wanna play.. checkers.. let me play chess….
    Willie Crowder

  15. I paid off a debt in 7/22/2019 (attached receipt). I would like to request that this debt be removed off my credit report. I don’t have the account number. Please contact me to discuss the details further.
    My contact information is Aryan Mathis at previous address xxxx Magoun Ave.
    Hammond, IN 46324. Phone number is 414-324-xxxx. Email address is aryanmaxxxx @yahoo.com


  16. calling the fcc and filing a class action lawsuit. This is ridiculous that i was held hostage in the post covid era where working from home is pertinent

  17. Installed wrong box in LR!!!
    Constantly lost signal!!! Lot of calls!!! On on and on! Months of frustration!!! Nathan from Xfinity finely said you have the wrong box installed!!! I want to be compensated for 1 month bill!!
    Never went through so much hassle!!! I went to your store got the right box installed it no more outages!!! Please compensation for all the time!!!

  18. Every week,or every day or internet goes out them saying we have outage in area.this has been going on for 6mths I’m am changing to T-Mobile home internet if you all don’t do something I’m so tired of your services even if we are senior. citizens.

  19. I asked for aTrch to come fix issues
    In my home.
    The Xfinity assoc said it would cost 100.00…I said ok.
    A tech came out on 3/11/22 in an Xfinity truck and fixed issue.
    We were billed 99.99 dated March 9th 2022 but the bill came from a company called “Expertelecom from Owings Mill, Md.”. I went to your Xfinity store in Wilmington Delaware and the Manager said this is not Vpmcast/Xfinity?? He said he has no idea who this company is who sent the bill? I was told to contact Comcast Headquarters in Philadelphia which I am now doing.
    I have been a customer since the “ Prism” and I pay over 350.00 per month along with my cell phone with Comcast. Please get back to me.

  20. Customers please beware of this company they are into fraud and schemes they will add services to your account that you did not request. Somebody in the federal government needs to look into to there practices they are desperate for profits and don’t care about screwing over people. The government needs to allow more cable companies to compete with dirtbag companies like Xfinty and ATT they just scheme and rip off customers its a shame that this is allowed to continue on with both of these companies Xfinty is far more worse than ATT.

  21. Comcast /xfinity Do not use this company they have a 1.6 rating I use them for years they stole my alarm keypads and left a hole in my sheet rock and will not do nothing about it 2022

  22. To whom it may concern,
    We pay almost $300.00 a month for “Comcast/XFINITY T.V, computer & telephone. The only real problem is with the T.V. There days/weeks & months that you need the have a “Subscription” to view a movie. Yet weeks.
    /months ago we could watch, & HAVE WATCHED the same movie that you’re asking to have a “Subscription” for now. Say What??? Then there’s the VERY SAME movies offered mutable time at the same time everyday which takes up too much of the menu! Then there’s also the movies that I select. Some of them are free (as if $300.00 a month are considered free) yet others that I’ve seen in the past for free still cannot be watched unless I pay to “RENT” or “BUY”! So how about putting some different movies on & stop showing the same damn movies day after, week after week, month after month & year after year! Plus, if a movie has been shown before & was free, how about you lift the “Subscription” fee & let us watch old movies that we’ve seen before for free? I’m looking at “FIRESTICK” now as I’ve heard it’s much cheaper, there’s more of a verity & there aren’t any “Subscriptions.”
    So how about? How about changing things to your customer’s advantage? Stop the redundant movies, can the “Subscription” mandate & let us continue to enjoy the classic movie selections we all watched for free in the past!
    We dropped Version because of this same problem, lets not have to do that with “Comcast/Xfinity!

    James J. Bilenki Jr. USN. Ret.
    516 Sylvan Way
    Pasadena, Maryland. #21122
    E-mail address: picnicxxxxx @gmail.com

  23. I believe everyone who is connected to my Comcast connection is corrupt, bribed, to spy on me ever since they sent someone out to connect my home to their godawful system

  24. I have been a loyal customer of Comcast since 2014. I was same address for 7 yrs. Recently I decided to move in with a roommate. I opened an account for him to get cable through our development & he used his credit card for auto pay. I had internet at my old address & decided to disconnect it there. They were to issue me a check for old address separately..but without my permission transfered my credit to new account on his card on my account. I told them to clear out my old account first & send the credit to me. But instead they took my money & used my Credit to pay his bill. He was paying for the install to be charged to his card..not using my credit balance. I have not moved as yet & they are refusing to refund me..I am on a special ACP, but was on Ebb previously. The internet is on new account but never was transferred. This is very deceptive the way I was treated. I was told I would receive a check for old internet at old address. He refused to send it as promised prior. I am considering disconnecting your internet service & lodging a complaint to the BBB regarding your deceptive practices. My cable is included in my rent. But I refuse to use your internet with this issue looming. I will be writing a letter directly to your corporate office & will tell others about your deceptive practices. Maybe get TV reporters involved. I am very upset & hurt by this..this was understood before I disconnected my service with you. It is not fair to me or my roommate.his card should be charges for the installation, but they have no right to use my credit to pay his bill..it is sitting in the new account. I live on Social Security & need my money.not to be used for the install. Right now I am considering never using your services again. Just because I added a second account to help him with internet till I move..that credit is mine on the old account.. if this is not resolved I will report you as a deceptive, crooked buisness. And immediately cancel & use your competitor. But it will not stop there. I will let them know how you treat Senior citizens & do not care that our income is limited. I do expect this situation to be resolved quickly. I am moving at the end of month..please help with this. If not action will be taken..

    1. Hello Ronna
      I agree!!! If you need any help please let me know and I will do what I can. I too am telling all those I come across NOT to use Comcast I will be going to social media, press…any and EVERY way possible to let people know how crooked your business is. I have tried to resolve my issue for months now and I just keep getting the same BS. ENOUGH already Comcast!!! OWN UP!!!

  25. Absolute terrible company. Still charging for services not provided after TWO YEARS OF THEIR GREED PREVENTING US FROM WATCHING COLORADO AVALANCHE GAMES!!!

  26. You can search for better deals the website makes you call if you already have an account. they are purposfully misleading customers so they wont lose them

  27. comcast has charger millions of people for services not provide when they reduce internet speeds and the users have to spend hours attempting to fix the problem with NO resolution

  28. Hello my name is Kiera Nickerson and I would like to report a fraudulent job offer under your company. It was posted on Facebook by a young lady by the name of Jennifer Bell.

    You will undergo an online interviews with the Company Hiring Manager now via telegram

    Here is your interview code: COD-138


  29. Comcast will screw you over in a blink of an eye. Never go to their store for help in Tallahassee, FL for the employees are inadequate. When you call corporate office they send the problem to Broward County office in Florida and Crystal is no help when they took off my protection I had the morning I went into the office and nobody will put it back the way I had it because of the inadequate employee that took it off without my permission. Other people you don’t want to talk with is Dominique Rodrigues, Crystal H. (another Crystal), Bellini D, Gaye, are just a few in Broward.

  30. Cancelled Comcast and Verizon was installed on 1/24/18. Comcast was aware of this cut off date. Given another phone no for one day by Verizon and then the next day 1/25/18 I was back to my old number. Comcast picked up all their equipment on the 26th. P/U person had no receipt to give me and said I would receive a refund check in a week. Well, no refund in the mail. Talked to Comcast “solutions” department. They are saying my services were not cancelled until 2/4/18 and they will send me another bill.
    I am due a refund — but they keep insisting I pay thru 2/4/18. What a rip off outfit. They know how to use words to pacify you and when you tell them what you were told, you get “oh well, I’m sorry, you were given mis-information.” Heard that from 5 different people in one day! Shame on Comcast/Verizon organization.

  31. got a call from Patrick from corporate headquarters : I need him to call me back: all the numbers did not come thru:

  32. Called today and spoke to a Diniquqa in service. Would not help me in the least or pass me on to a supervisor. Finally she hung up on me . Sad service for a large company. 4/21/2017

  33. Does anyone work at Comcast billing department. I have spent over an hour trying to get them on the phone. Who is accountable at Comcast besides the automated answering machine?

  34. After 8 yrs. of service Comcast decided to stop sending me a monthly in Dec. 2016. Even though my address has not changed I have not received a bill for January, February, March or April. I have talked to supervisors who promised to send them but didn’t and others who promised to have their supervisor call me back but have not in over 8 Hrs. Clearly incompetent Support Staff!

  35. I WAS A COMCAST CUSTOMER FOR 40 YEARS AND FOR 40 YEARS THE EQUIPMENT WAS AT THE SAME ADDESS IN HOLLYWOOD FLORIDA AND THE MAILING ADDRESS WAS THE SAME ADDRESS IN BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. Recently I had to extend my “seasonal hold” for the full 9 months allowed because of surgery. What do you know, my account was NOT EXTENDED. But I had no knowledge of this error because at the beginning of the year a COMCAST GLITCH changed my billing address to Hollywood, Florida so I never got an invoice. No one is in residence except for 1 month out of the year. Because of their mistake, Comcast cut off all services, even those provided and paid by my association. Comcast sent my account out to collection and included penalties for not returning the equipment all a result of their mistakes.When I arrived in December I was told the only way to restore the system was to put through a full payment and within 5 days I would get credit for the false charges.I was told the association account and comcast account for internet had to be separate out by a specialist so I agreed. I was provided with a ticket number and was confident that I could trust Comcast. Five days later, nothing. I’m still fighting this. South Florida has the most inept, inconsiderate, uneducated Resolution Supervisors. They leave messages for me to return calls but their mailbox is full. After 8 attempts I called Corporate Pa who referred it back to Florida. I am a handicapped 70 year old and more importantly a customer for 40 years. I was called a liar because there was no record of an extension, there was no evidence of an incorrect mailing address (I’ve sent the proof from their records); they didn’t even check.
    I’m not a stockholder so I can’t applaud the way you make money. I’ve had problems with Comcast over the years but not like this. I was accused of having equipment I didn’t have. I am not trying to usurp your company, I am only trying to be treated with some respect and being made to feel like a liar and a cheat. I need a refund more than your corporation does and I would’t resort to the methods comcast’s supervisors use against customers. Where is your corporate responsibility or have you resorted to the dark side too?

  36. Back in November called to cancel and a women who answered talked me into a package deal with cable for 96.64 a month .told me I wound get a box in 7 days well 7 days came and gone called back and was told the I was lying about what I was told about the cable so I got a little upset and not only that after that I was told I would get the box in 7 more days well never got the box .I called to cancel and was given the run around I got a bill for 113.46 was told my bill would only be 93.42 with fees and now I got a bill for 136.58 the reason I called in the first place was the let Comcast know I could not afford that kind of high bill .why lye to your customers I have been a customer with Comcast for 20 years .I wanted to stay with Comcast but I’m realizing that every time I call everyone I talk to don’t know anything about this issue.I have phone and Internet with Comcast and the person on the phone did not even know my phone number to call me back in should of been in front of him on the computer. I find it hard to believe with all these sales going on I could not get a deal I had last year wish was only 96.64 after fees after all these years with your company.

  37. I’ve been in contact with Comcast since the first day of service only to get offered more expensive services because my smaller package didn’t use as many resources so an upgrade would do the trick to give me the services. Well it only made them worse and the problem is Comcast is monopolized in my area and no direct competition or I would have left by now. It has come down to less then half the speeds I’m subscribing to or less, channels coming in bad, and features like On Demand not working at all or not properly. So disappointed, wish there was a better alternative.

  38. Unfairly terminated after nineteen and a half years of dedicated service. The moment I mentioned a possible Health Problem , Company terminated me within three hours. No response from corporate HR department. Does Comcast care about Employees or there Health or family? I just lost my house and family.

  39. We have called three times to get a refund for over-drafted fees incurred due to inability to process payments timely . ticket no. 040613420. The fax no given by john did not work . then nash in phillipines said he did not have fax no.and all spvsrs were in a meeting. no help again.
    Then 3rd call we got hung up on asking for a billing fax no or cust service. Then the csr called back twice and hung up twice after george answered .
    Our request is for 74 . dollars to include fax fees .
    I don’t understand how no one has a valid fax no.when asked for it.
    Your help is appreciated .
    You are corporate. I have faxed seven pages to the 215 fax no.for someone to check our requeat out.
    Thank you , Deborah Stephens

  40. To whom concern, here in Miami is the second time that your technitians do not show up to an appoinment, and not even a courtesy phone call, the lack of care that Comcast show to their customer is unbelievable, I have many years paying your bills on time ,but it looks that nobody cares there.

  41. Not that your rates are not high enough…now I have to pay for your employees to protest President Trump’s policies. My contract expires in December, I will not be renewing.

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