Bank of America Corporate Office Headquarters

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Bank of America Headquarters.

Bank of America Headquarters information, including corporate office addresses and phone numbers.

Bank of America Headquarters Contacts.


Bank of America Headquarters Address:

The Bank of America headquarters can be found in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The BofA Haequarters address is:

Bank of America Headquarters

100 N. Tryon St. Charlotte, NC 28255



Bank of America Headquarters Phone Numbers:

Bank of America Headquarters phone number: 1-704-386-5681.

Bank of America Financial Center phone number: +1 980-335-3561
Hours: Open from 9AM–6PM. This is the BofA located at the same address as the headquarters.

Bank of America Customer service phone number: 1-315-724-4022

Bank of America Customer Service phone number – alternative: 1-800-432-1000.

Bank of America Credit Card support: 1-757-677-4701

Bank of America Investors Relations phone number: 1-704-386-5681
Fax: 980-386-6699

Bank of America Investor Relations email:


Other Bank of America Phone Numbers:

Bank of America Regional Headquarters.

Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma:

California 1-800-237-8052

Florida, Georgia 1-800-299-2265

Idaho, Washington 1-800-442-6680

Seattle 1-206-358-6299

Maryland 1-800-235-8844

North Carolina, South Carolina 1-800-333-6262

Oregon: 1-800-873-2632

Tennessee 1-800-999-1642

Texas 1-800-247-6262

Virginia 1-800-880-5454

Washington, DC 1-800-337-2324

All Other States 1-800-880-5454

Bank of America Headquarters Email:

Use the Email Form toreach the various departments in the Bank of America organization.


Bank Of America Corporate Website:

Visit the corporate page for Investors Relations, News and more.

Please share your experience with Bank of America Corporate Office, or write a complaint, in the comment section.

Bank of America Headquarters
The Bank of America Headquarters at Hearst Tower, IJL Financial Center.

Bank of America Executive Team.

This is the complete list of the Bank of America Executives at the headquarters.

Key Leaders.

Brian T. Moynihan, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

Dean Athanasia, President of Preferred and Small Business Banking, Co-head of Consumer Banking

Catherine P. Bessant, Chief Operations and Technology Officer

Sheri B. Bronstein, Global Human Resources Executive

Paul M. Donofrio, Chief Financial Officer

Anne M. Finucane, Vice Chairman

Geoffrey S. Greener, Chief Risk Officer

Christine P. Katziff, Corporate General Auditor

Thomas K. Montag, Chief Operating Officer

Gary G. Lynch, Vice Chairman

Thong M. Nguyen, President of Retail Banking and Co-head of Consumer Banking

Andrea B. Smith, Chief Administrative Officer

Bruce R. Thompson, Vice Chairman

David G. Leitch, Global General Counsel

Terry Laughlin, Vice Chairman, Head of Global Wealth and Investment Management


Bank of America Board of Directors

Charles Holliday Jr.

Sharon Allen

Susan Bies

Jack Bovender Jr.

Frank Bramble Sr.

Pierre de Weck

Arnold Donald

Charles Gifford

Linda Hudson

Monica Lozano

Thomas May

Brian Moynihan

Lionel Nowell

Clayton Rose

R. David Yost


Bank of America Careers and Jobs.

If you are looking for a job at Bank of America then the company lists available jobs on their search page.

You canapply for jobs online. Review the job description you are interested in applying to and make sure you meet all the requirements for the position. Then click on Apply Now, create a profile and complete the application form, or log in to an existing profile account and update your information.

The company has 282.000 employees.

How to Complain to Bank of America.

If you have a complaint, then your first stop should be the Customer Care Email Form. Choose your department, and you will get to a page with contact details. Depending on the issue, there will be either various Customer Service phone numbers or a link to Live Chat.

If you are using Online Banking, then BofA offers a Live Chat function from within the online platform.

The primary BofA customer service phone numbers are:

1.315.724.4022 International Collect

1.800.688.6086 Spanish Language

Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-11 p.m. ET. Saturday-Sunday 8 a.m.-8 p.m. ET
Alternatively, you can contact Bank of America Help on Twitter at or tweeting at the nadle @BofA_Help .
On Facebook, you can use the private message app function to message the BofA Facebook Help service.

Bank of America Resources.

Bank of America on Facebook

Bank of America Twitter Help

Bank of America Investor Relations Page

Bank of America Newsroom

Bank of America Contact Us Email Form

Bank of America Corporate Website

Bank of America Leadership and CEO

Below, you can provide feedback on Bank of America, and read comments from other customers.

26 thoughts on “Bank of America Corporate Office Headquarters

  1. Renee Rainey is at a baseball game for her son during work hours. She may be on a laptop doing some work but is this the best for the company. It’s called working from home for a reason. May need to check your management at the hq in Plano. Not sure is doing and giving your clients the service that your company is supposed to give. Seems like a poor decision.

  2. Are employees allowed that should be working from home allowed ro work from a baseball field watch their kids game. Looks like they’re taking advantage of working from hom.

  3. Not everyone uses a computer…I am a senior who dies not enjoy putting my banking info on line risking identity theft! I cannot get through in the phone to change a simple appointment without waiting at least 1/2hr and when connected to someone from Nevada…Her computer is not working! I have been a BIA customer for over 18 yrs and communication in your bank is at sn all time low ! Without good communication everything breaks down to include business, Romance, marriage and all types of human associations including mine with BOA! I have a 2:00pm appointment in my Skokie, Illinois bank branch at Touhy and McCormick and have been trying to change it for Frudsy due to s medical necessity…I have been trying in vain for over an Hr until in desperation, I am contacting you! When a bank gets so big it cannot answer their phone or communicate in a timely fashion…Then it’s time I bank where they do!

  4. Bank of America is the only bank that treats its small business customers like garbage. 8 years of doing business at BofA with never a rejected deposit and today after being assured by a branch mgr that a large deposit would be cleared overnight, the “back office” places a 14 day hold. This risks making payroll. Outrageous

  5. I had been with B of A for 30 years. I recently moved and four months ago. I canceled my two accounts. One of the accounts was closed. The other account was not closed. I did not know it was open now I owe money for fees. This is very wrong. I should owe nothing. Something should be done to rectify this. I should owe nothing.

  6. Worst service Ever!!! I’ve banked with you since 1989. You have all my phone # email address and home address confirmed. Instead of dropping urgent text you pull the check deposit hold it for a week and then tell me I need to wait for a letter in the mail to get my 20k deposit. I called 10 days ago. Rep said it was in the mail. Asked to talk to a manager, rep said manager can’t help me. Called again today. Rep kept me on the phone on hold waiting for a supervisor that was on the phone with another client. I will tell everyone I know not to trust on Bank with you anymore!!!!!

  7. I’m contacting you, so you are informed of legal action being taken at the Bank of America off of Railroad Avenue in Livermore Ca. The community has had enough of the homeless living at the dumpster site along with taking trash out and throwing everywhere. The Livermore Police Department has all records of complaints. This BOA LOCATION is out of control with the trash cans.

  8. Waiting for one half hour already, I sent in a complaint, made a phone call and now I am contacting my Attorney. I requested to speak with an Executive Agent and didn’t get anywhere. After today this will go into my attorney’s hands. I am asking you to please reply to my comment. My phone # is 570-825-xxxx. No contact YES ATTORNEY/

  9. I deposited a check 2 months ago, it was for 1000, I withdrew 600, when I tried to get more out, they said there was a hold on it, I was never told why! Now they say they will mail it to me, unfortunately I am homeless now, I need MY money bad, they say I can’t pick it up cuz my account is closed, they closed it, not me, again I was never told why, I just want to go to the bank and get my money!! Is this how you run a bank, stealing customers money, I will let everyone know not to put your money in this bank, I just can’t believe this!

  10. Merritt Island Bank of America is the worst bank I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve filled out several surveys to no avail.
    Today, at 1:30 in the afternoon, there were no drive up windows open so I went inside. 25 people in line. 2 tellers working. It took me 40 minutes to get to window. You need to hire more people at this location to serve your customers. Worst customer service ever.

  11. Hi my name is Barbara Young my Trust acct check LUELLA HART SAMEUL check was released to someone without my authorization at all. Please contact me in regards to this situation please right away I’m the richest woman in the world.

  12. Where’s the original agreement? (Where’s the beef?). You don’t have it because you securitized our signatures that created the book entry “money”. Proove you loaned ANYTHING corrupt mafia….

  13. This company is lawless. In my opinion is legalized mafia shaking down the public like the IRS. THEY lick each other’s boots, along with the lower courts who have ZERO jurisdiction! Think and dream again!!!

  14. I am a business owner and my business dictates that I need to send wire transfers on a regular basis. When you send a wire transfer for 10’s of 1000’s of dollars to receive no email confirmation or no sent confirmation on your account online is not ok with me. I can give multiple reasons why this is bad so can anyone reading this post.

    Bank Of America you need to remedy this….

  15. To whom it may concern,
    I was not reimbursed $200 after unscrupulous activity of a merchant.The bank gave a provisional credit at first, then took it back, basically siding with the merchant who did not provide the service expected. I ended up paying another company for this same service (shipment of my car from east to west coast). So, I am out my money twice.
    I am very disappointed, obviously, about the outcome of this decision.
    Clearly the merchant has the ultimate say in manipulating clients
    and getting their way. Unfortunately, you the banker, chose to side
    against your client of 20+ years. So, as I said to Rachel today (11/7/17)
    at Merchant Response, as of December 31st, 2017 I will conduct
    no more business with this bank. Once I receive my year-end summary in January,
    I will absolutely cancel this account and cease to be a client. I was assured
    by Larry in disputes that proof of my transaction with another carrier was enough.
    I think I spent enough money moving my family from the east to west coast this year.
    I do not feel very valued at all by Bank of America for being such a solid client since 1996,
    so I will simply exercise my rights as consumer and take my business elsewhere. You can continue to side
    with dishonest merchants in favor of your loyal customers. Claim# 83376304

  16. BOA cancelled my credit card after I added authorized users with no warning stating they can not verify the users. This was not told to me ahead of time and no one tried to contact me. I didn’t realize the account was cancelled until I received the letter a week later. I have been a long standing customer with BOA and just had the limit raised days prior. When I called to get the matter taken care of they stated there was nothing they can do and could not reactivate the card due to the terms not being offered anymore. I am very dissatisfied with this service and will probably leave this bank after over 12 years of service. This is unacceptable. Now I have to start over due to something that could have been rectified with a phone call before closing the account.

  17. BpFA’s phone number is out of order. When someone calls it, it says ‘thank you for calling. goodbye’ and it hangs up on you.
    this is the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I’ll be discontinuing my business with BoA as soon as I can. 800-933-6262.

    Answer: Try 001-315-724-4022
    or For credit card issues: 1.757.677.4701
    For debit card issues: 1.315.724.4022

  18. I stopped by the BofA , Suwanee, GA yesterday to get some $100 bills. I walked in and smiled at a formally dressed man sitting on a stool by a computer. He did not welcome me but scowled! His name is Richard. Hey, everyone has bad days. I walked behind the wall to the tellers stations. I was 7th in line with only one teller. After waiting 15 minutes I went out to the lobby and asked Richard if someone could help this poor teller. He frowned and said “not at this time.” I went back to the line and now there were 9 people in line including me. The teller made a $100 error and called that customer back to the window. Two people later he erred again and asked that patron for patience. He was clearly stressed. The next customer was a small business lady with a multitude of transactions. After about 10 minutes she turned to the waiting line and said “I have more transactions but I’m going to stop for today because you have been waiting so long. When my turn came, just short of 30 minutes had transpired, I approached & was helped in a most efficient manner. And given an apology. This can’t be the Bank I know! Private Bank customer and patron for >25 years. I was steamed and disappointed. I went to the lobby and thanked the business lady for surrendering her position. The man named Richard was still at his post on the stool. I asked if there was a Branch Manager and he said “yes, it’s me.” He still scowled. I didn’t want a confrontation so I asked for his business card and told him quietly what was obvious: “this service is terrible, your teller needs some help!” He said nothing, handed me his card and shrugged. The line was now backed up around the corner nearly to his throne. I mean stool. Both Cumming branches greet me when I come in. Some of the tellers recognize me by name. If there are people waiting in line someone invariably comes up and asks if we have specific transactions that he/she could help us with & pull those out of line. Richard Walker, Financial Center Manager II, whatever that means, is one of the worst employees I’ve ever dealt with in all my years at the Bank. I get that you want to reduce headcount and become more efficient. Who doesn’t? But at the cost of service? I’d send a tiger team to this location and replace at least one “manager!”

  19. We have been scammed by bank of america. We supposedly won a prize in Feb. 2017 and people who work for bank of america have taken 35,000 from us, and we have nothing as of this date. I have three names to give you when you answer this letter. Please reply to us so that we can get our money back or get the prize. 6/12/17. Thank you ch

    1. Contact the police and call the Bank of America headquarters phone number on 1-704-386-5681 or 1-800-432-1000.

  20. I can see why Bank of America does not have Customer Service Representatives at their Corporate Office. They do NOT want to hear about ALL the poor service customers are receiving.

    Bank of America Representatives that you do reach have NO Customer Service Experience they just pass you back to another department. You can literally spend all day being bounced back and forth because they do not know what they are doing. I tell my clients who have Bank of America – GOOD LUCK it will be years before you actually receive the right department


  22. To Whom It May Concern:
    I just spoke with a customer service rep and a manager at your banking institution and I am requesting an overdraft fee reversal. My situation is I had an outstanding check that afterhours when I checked it had not gone through on my mobile banking app. I got $8 worth of gas to make it home and knew if the check didn’t clear yesterday it would today when my payroll check comes through so I thought that I would be safe in that regard. Well, today I checked my account and sure enough my payroll check came through and other transactions were processing. I get a notice at noon that I have an overdraft fee. I looked at my account and based on what I see there was no overdraft fee. I have attached screen shots showing that my balance was not overdrawn on 2/14. Mysteriously the check is showing on the screen shot, but was not showing as of 6 pm yesterday evening. I am asking for a reversal. I can’t afford a $35 fee. I use every penny for my children’s lunch, my groceries and gas. I just simply cannot afford this hit. Please, help me recover these funds.

  23. Last week I called the home loan department to renew my equity line of credit. The gentleman was very nice and told me I could do that and that since I had never missed a payment he could even get me a 2.9% interest rate. He couldn’t have been nicer so then he asked me if my home was ever on the market and I said yes and that we took it off the market in November because I had to have a hip replacement operation and then he told me the bad news. I could not renew this loan because I had the house on the market six months before I wanted to renew this loan. He said the rule was six months before and six months after. I asked why and he said it was because the bank was paying all the fees. So then he sent me to a department where I could now pay back $939.79 back for the next 15 years. I asked if she really wanted to foreclose on my house and she said foreclosure takes a long time to happen. Today I called back and spoke to another gentleman and asked where in my loan documents was the section where it stated that I could not put the house on the market six months before and six months after renewing this line of credit. He said it is not in the document; it is just bank policy. Well now I am getting penalized for bank policy that I knew nothing about. I even asked if I could pay the fees up front and he said no. This hardly seems fair. I knew nothing of this policy. It should have been in writing but it is not and therefore should not be able to be used against me. My husband is very sick. He has COPD and has to be near his oxygen at all times. We are trying to sell our home because the steps in our house are just about killing my husband. Our kids are all gone and married and the house is too big and my husband can not do the maintenance any longer. We have to hire people to take care of our house and that is not cheap either and now BOA wants to take away my house. I know I will never get satisfaction from this email but maybe it will make me feel better. It’s really true what people say about these big banks. I think it’s time to do business with a small hometown bank.

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