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Paypal Headquarters.

See how to contact the Paypal Corporate office, whether its for a complaint, issue, question or job application.

We have listed all the Paypal Headquarters contact information, including the Paypal mail address and corporate office phone number.

What is Paypal?

Paypal is an online transaction service company owned by the eBay Corporation. Paypal was founded in 1998 and now has more than 188 million users. The company processes more than 9 million payments every day.

Paypal Headquarters.

PayPal’s corporate headquarters are in San Jose, California, located at North First Street campus. However, the Paypals operations center can be found in Omaha, Nebraska. PayPal’s technology center is in Scottsdale, Arizona and their software development center is based in Chennai, India.

In the European Union Paypal is registered as a Luxembourg-based bank. The PayPal European headquarters are also in Luxembourg and the Paypal international headquarters are in Singapore.

PayPal Headquarters Address.

Paypal’s corporate office is located at this address:

Paypal Headquarters 2211 N. 1st St.

San Jose, CA 95131



Their Nebraska Worldwide Operations Office is at this address:

Paypal Worldwide Operations

12312 Port Grace Blvd.

La Vista, NE 68128



Paypal Headquarters Phone Number.

The Paypal corporate office phone number is: 1-408-376-7400


Paypal Executive Team and Board.

These are the key leaders at the Paypal headquarters:


Paypal Key Leaders

Patrick Dupuis – Chief Financial Officer

James Barrese – Chief Technology Officer

Hill Ferguson – Chief Product Officer

Tomer Barel – Chief Risk Officer

Gary Marino – Senior Vice President

Dianne Mills – Senior Vice President

Rupert Keeley – Senior Vice President

John McCabe – Senior Vice President

Bill Ready – Chief Executive (CEO)

Stan Chudnovsky – Vice President

Christina Smedley – Vice President

Rohan Mahadevan – Vice President

Don Kingsborough – Vice President

John D. Muller – Vice President


Paypal Board of Directors

Elon Musk

Max Levchin

John Malloy JD

John Dean, Jr.

Shailesh Mehta PhD

Scott Banister

Paypal Jobs and Careers.

Paypal currently employs around 15800 people, but they are always looking for new talent. Visit their Careers Page, to learn more about job opportunities at Paypal.

This is how you submit your resume:

  • Browse jobs by category or jobs by location
  • Find a job that fits your interest and experience
  • Set up your login and profile
  • Submit your application

You can apply for a job that is available in another country.

You can browse the available job positions here.

Current jobs are also listed on their LinkedIn page.

How to Complain to Paypal:

If you want to file a complaint with PayPal, then one option is to call the customer service department on 1-888-221-1161, between 6 a.m. and 12 a.m. Monday to Friday and 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

If you login to your account, you can also access the Email Contact Form, by clicking on Contact Us and choose Email Us.

Lastly, Paypal operates a Twitter Help Page at www.twitter.com/AskPayPal. Here you can ask quick questions or voice a complaint.

PayPal Resources.

PayPal Contact Page

PayPal Official Website

PayPal Twitter Help

PayPal on Facebook

PayPal Investors Relations

PayPal Press

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37 thoughts on “Paypal Headquarters

  1. as good and useful as PayPal was/is, there are obviously changes being made in its modus operandi and without telling the customer. ten days ago, I contacted PayPal with a question about my account. the person answering my phone call claimed (reluctantly) to be in the U.S. I asked my question(s) about my account which she could not and did not answer, but she clearly made changes that she did not explain, nor get permission from me to make and now I cannot access my account altogether. I have been using PayPal ever since it began operations. have called corporate to speak to a human being (not AI or a chatbot) to get this matter resolved and my daily calls and leaving messages EVERY day have been responded to with (corporate) silence. there seems to be no one who can help resolve the matter and to explain what this person might have done and why. a terrible and unacceptable situation, destroying whatever modicum of trust may have built up on the part of the customer over all these years. who are these guys/gals?

  2. I have a nice negative experience with PayPal. After siding with us, where the buyer thought we described something wrong and we didn’t. We sent every screen shot of communication every video that we sent in our communication. After all that PayPal says your good, we have sided with you. My wife Ammie has been a member of PayPal for over 14 years and never had a complaint. So after all this PayPal let’s the bank get their money back and let’s the guy keep the watch and turns us over to collections. That is a class act, I want to thank Hamilton badge number #671981 for doing nothing. When I suggested that they call the dude and say send the watch back, we will pay for the shipping fee he said great idea. Now I don’t know if he is going to do it. How do we get to where we are at? PayPal says your hood, he gets his bank to cancel the transaction, PayPal says we are t good anymore and sends us to collections.
    Steve Porter

  3. I have used PayPal for years! Today is a total horrible day. My Mother passed away. My boyfriend sent me 1000.00 but when he sent it not as friends and family on accident you have put a hold on the money. There has to be a way to send the money as friends or family. This was not a sale transaction. I was cursed out by a horrible gentleman and it was a horrible situation. I hope someone can help me we need to leave asap in the morning. I pray someone can please help me.

  4. My mother and father in law sent the money thru PayPal to pay for an air conditioning part. NO dispute NO complaint and I can not get the money or transfer the money…

  5. Twice I have had a fraudulent accounts opened in my name and been turned over to American Coradius for debt collection for transactions I never made. PayPal fraud department was very unprofessional in resolving the fraud in a timely fashion. I question the integrity and security of the PayPal platform.

  6. I’m constantly receiving an email informing me of a $5 reward . This rewards period started in April and is due to finish month end (31 May). It reads as follows the text. Due to my lack in using the app I may need to reset my password and update my info. I have been ignoring this email.

  7. My account was closed as soon as I received a direct deposit and I don’t understand why I need my money I’ve had direct deposit before I don’t know what the problem is I just really want my money I need it it’s what I survive on and I think that it’s unfair I use the money to receive payments for my child care I am not a seller

  8. Did you guys sent this email to me?

    Paypal Headquarters
    Address: 1522 Cohoe Ct,
    Kenai, Alaska 99611, USA

    Toll free Number -+1-800-401-2165
    Your order is on the way.
    Order # 748254785
    Amount – $845.69
    If you dont recognize this transaction call immediately at +1-800-401-2165 to cancel this transaction.

    Need help cancelling this order ? Questions about accounts or billing?
    We’re here to help. Our customer services reps are available 24/7.

    Contact Us

    Infinity Tower, Sacramento,

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  9. I was trying to get 750 off the pending list and I to my account. Your customer service asked me to move over 12k from one account to another and never returned the money nor did I get the 750. They were incompetent and committed fraudulent activity with my account and banking I am now out 12 k with no hoe of getting the funds back

  10. Changed their policy so my money is no longer in an account i.e. I can’t use it unless I provide them with my SSN and DOB. I liked a credit card to make a payment that way instead and it failed to pay. I called customer service and they said it was an “internal security” issue and it will not go through for that transaction. The vendor only takes paypal, so it’s likely I won’t be able to purchase the item despite having funds and wasting hours. So much for paypal being useful for keeping my banking info separate from other areas on the internet. I’ve been on hold, after asking to speak to a supervisor, for 45 minutes. I’m thoroughly frustrated with their policy changes to make their service less user friendly, less secure for the user, and overall a poor choice now. I’ll likely just pay vendors directly with a CC and avoid paypal from now on.

  11. Terrible customer service. They have no idea what is going on. Have been waiting almost two weeks for my own money due to a security block and no one knows how to help me. Completely disgusted and will never use paypal again!!

  12. file a claim on a package the item was missing. Due to the lack of updates I call a number on google and yhey answer Paypal Customer Service 2400 later due to fraud try to get support from Resoulation/claims and no claim Identified so I was told to purchase google card which was debit to my account to cancel the pending transaction to have my 615.00 claim return to my account. I been a great customer and it would seem you be concern that google number and your customer are misled and not protection from fraud. Your customer service is so quick to assign blame to the customer/victim who was following instruction from paypal agents. I 64 and question the procedures that I was ask to follow. Once identified as possible fraud why not refer me to your fraud department to gather information. So because I follow instructions from a false Paypal site number 877-790-4829 which I google they identified themselves as paypal team and text me instruction on the purchase of google cards total for 2400.00 plus 615.00 for my claim and paypal assign all the blame to me the customer.

  13. Terrible customers service, your system created my problem, when I call I get transferred put on hold then hung up on. Your company is in serious need of getting this fixed. I spoke with one manager who disconnected me when transferring me to yet another person. Called 3 times and still have not received assistance. Empower your staff.

  14. I have been on hold for over 6 hours. I’m going to also tell her how you guys hung up on me twice. How you guys put a stupid hold for whatever reason. Which screwed me badly having to be stuck at jiffy lube for 3hours listening to the damn elevator music. On my sons birthday. Now I’m leaving this comment cause your app won’t let me email you suddenly. So I still have three hours to get to my son which he will be asleep. We are supposed to go to zoo today but thanks to you guys don’t even know if we can do anything. I hope you can make this up to me and especially him. And being hung up on three times now and still on hold great customer service. My number is 40891xxxx ill be wait on hold for you guys to take the stupid hold off my account. And if not then I’m calling my cousin that works for fox news. She will love this story! Then my attorney will be in contact shortly after.

  15. Never in my life have I seen such useless, disrespectful, unknowledgeable individuals as the Paypal company as a whole. I have been trying to get my funds from a service I completed on March 14th and it is now March 21. They are holding my money hostage even thou it clearly says on my dashboard and in the email they sent me that it should have been moved to my bank in 1 business day. When that business day came and went it and I called then it was 1 to 5 days. Now its that my deposit is having a security review and it will be another 72 hour hold. Funny I was not told what the security concern was as the rep said “They will not tell me because I will find a way around the verification next time”. ahhh WHAT?!?! The customer has call on my behalf and I have called several times, spoke to several so called supervisors and still nothing. I was rudely told “this everything they are doing is in the User Agreement which you signed” yet I have looked thru it and all past updates and there is nothing!!! When I asked several supervisors to show me where it is they could not. I was then told even if its not there its still there policy and there is nothing that they can do I just have to accept the process. Again ahhh WHAT?!?! No you will STOP HOLDING OUR MONEY HOSTAGE WITH FALSE PRACTICES!!! WE SHOULD ALL UNITE AND FILE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT ON PAYPAL FOR MISCONDUCT, ABUSE OF POWER, TRSANSACTION MISHANDLING, BREECH OF AGREEMENT, SHOULD I GO ON!!!! Their bullying has to stop. I have already filed with the BBB, contacted the CEO (Of course no reply), contacted my Attorney Generals Office and my Lawyer is on deck. RELEASE MY MONEY AND DO IT NOW!!!!!!

    1. I am dealing with the same issue as we speak on vacation 2000 miles away from home…this sounds like theft by deception to me

    2. Oh my God same thing here, and they talk over you and tell you so many different lies you can’t keep them straight they had me change my password so many times I can’t even remember it now. I have been scolded disrespected and lied to for the last three days and they still won’t release my money I’ve been told it would be done by yesterday and all they do is keep locking me out of my accounts. Paypal has been a fing nigtmare. And I haven’t even been able to go to the store because all my money goes through PayPal isn’t that great but hey that’s ok my 2 and 3 year olds aren’t hungry any way thanks for holding on to our money through verified accounts liars the lot of you I hope you get suedand you company folds to leave room for one that possibly gives a care.

    3. I think we should do a class action law suit, my direct deposit from my job was deposited in the account but because it was $2360.00 there holding it for 180 days for security reasons. I was my7 pay and bonus that’s why its a larger check then the others. I cant even access it or transfer it. I need a good attorney I cant even pay my mortgage coming up in April


  16. I agree that this is the worst customer service EVER!!!! I SPENT four DAYS TRYING TO RESOLVE A nonissue! I spent hours on the phone until my battery died more than once, never was so-called transferred because NO ONE COULD RESOLVE THE NONISSUE, was told I would receive a nonexistent callback, and dealt with rude customer service agents. And it doesn’t seem that company gives a rat’s ass. I will NEVER use them again. Furthermore, I plan to contact the Chicago News problem solvers to warn as many people as possible about this company’s business practices.


  18. I have been a PayPal customer for over 3 years. They have the absolute worst customer service possible and you cannot understand their representatives. I have filed a complaint with a seller and PayPal will not take my information in regard to the case, yet they have the seller’s information and it has been going on since Feb 2017 with me being out $319.00 and Pay Pal will do nothing to get my money back. I cancelled my order with the seller 1 week after I placed the order which was for a custom made piece that was to fit in my mouth. The seller mailed me a kit to take an impression of my mouth and teeth which they would use to make my mouthpiece. I cancelled my order with seller, and they said, return the mouth impression kit, which I did. The seller will not credit my $319.00 as I have opened a complaint with Pay Pal. The seller says cancel the complaint with PayPal and we will refund your money. That is bad business and removes my protection from Pay Pal. However, I cannot get Pay Pal to answer the phone after spending over 45 HOURS! YES HOURS in several phone calls to Pay Pal trying to get Pay Pal to refund my money to me. I get left on hold for up to 1 hour (then I hang up in frustration). Nothing has been resolved by PayPal, and they will not get any more of my business as their customer service sucks worst in every way possible.

  19. I made a transaction on ebay that went through successfully and now PayPal is holding my money hostage. DO NOT use PayPal they are a rip off and their customer service is the worst that I have ever experienced.

  20. I have never experienced such an inept, useless customer service department. I have a simple issue and have called 5 times, spoken to 2 supervisors and 1 so called Manager of Customer Solutions. they can’t transfer a call, they don’t use their real names, you can’t find someone again after you talk to them, thry have no knowledge how to give you the nane or phone number for another employee. i wish i could work for a company that could be useless to the customer and not be accountable.

  21. Paypal in another country don’t know the difference between women anf kids clothing. It clearly shows a seller on ebay sold items incorrectly. FALSE ADVERTISEING and Paypal did nothing to help. You need english people in the USA to solve some matters ! Poor service ! maybe someone from Headquarters CAN CONTACT ME WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING!

  22. Go ahead and keep my Christmas money. Hundred transfers and no refund on something I got screwed out of on eBay. Thanks a lot

  23. As a Canadian citizen, I can tell you that as a result of your shameful business conduct regarding the Flin Flon newspaper having its payment refused when entering an article about settling Syrian refugees into their community, I will no longer use PayPal in any capacity.

  24. I am a long time customer of Paypal. I have been sorely mistreated by Paypal since November through no fault of mine. My account was converted to email billing w/o my knowledge or approval.

    I asked for a return to statement billing. I was told this would be done. I was told that there would be a 2-3 month “delay” in converting back to statement billing, but I would not be charged interest or penalties.

    Statement billing resumed. However, one of your employees set a cease and desist flag on my account. Now your staff will not discuss the account with me. I NEVER asked for a “cease and desist” status. Second, I am still being dunned for a late charge and interest penalty. I request the charges be cancelled immediately.

    I was told that a voice record of my calls has been kept. Please tell me where and when I asked for a cease and desist status. If your records are complete you will hear me tell your employee I do not want any such thing. Also, you will hear the employee tell me that interest and penalties will not be charged.

    If I do not hear a response in 5 business days, I will contact Bill Ready, the PayPal CEO and contact the New York State Attorney General regarding you unsavory and the customer attitude towards customers.

  25. I place an order with rose gal.com went with paypal for a save payment of 130.45 on 12/09/16 this was for Christmas.On12/14/16 rose gal said order was ship out,then a other email from rose gal said order was ship out on 12/24/16. I replaced the gifts, for Christmas,upset. at this rose gal. For not delivering on time. Then I get yet another from rose gal that your order has been shipped on 12/27/16. All ready fed up,I file a dispute on 12/28/16. On 12/29/16 the shipping was dropped off and left on porch, by mailman not by ups because I called for them to pick up package. When seen the package was very damage. I then call postmaster for pickup on this package I refuse,I all so took pictures of package, and also mail lady wrote damage. On 1/10/17 On this date paypal close this case? On 1/12/17. I filed Resolution of appeal. The Rose gal has their stuff back and I have NOTHING! AND im out of 130.45. And now in a email by Paypal Protection Services will not response to any more email by me. where is my protection?

  26. I’ve been trying to get my money out of my PayPal account since Saturday, January 14, 2017, due to a refund from the seller. Now it is Tuesday, January 17, 2017, and I still can not get my monies out to use it. Due to this I have lost out on an item I wished to purchase. I spoke with a supervisor from PayPal and she informed me that monies would not be available until next week. This is a sad situation, especially being able to hold monies hostage this way. This needs to be corrected ASAP please.

  27. I’ve been trying to get my money out of my paypal account since Thursday and it’s now Monday 1/16/17 and I can’t transfer to a bank account, I can’t transfer my money to no one, I can’t transfer it to my prepaid paypal car. no one is giving me answer, so therefore paypal is holding my money

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