Subway Headquarters

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Subway Headquarters.

All current information about Subway IP Inc., the fast-food franchise based in Milford, Connecticut. See Subway’s corporate contact details and links to various Subway departments, among other useful resources.

We have also added a guide on how to submit complaints or questions to the Subway customer service department.

About Subway.

The fast-food franchise chain Subway is headquartered in Connecticut, where it was founded in August 1965 by Fred DeLuca. The first Pete’s Subway restaurant opened in Bridgeport, and growth was rather slow until the owners adopted a franchise business model.

By the mid / late 1980s, there were over 1,000 Subway stores across the United States, and international franchising began at around the same time.

In 2017, Subway had more than 44,000 stores and franchises worldwide, with over 26,000 of those being in the USA alone. Subway also has a strong presence in UK, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and Australia, where it has thousands of restaurants.

The company was recently named one of the world’s most valuable brands by Forbes and is considered the world’s largest restaurant operator.

Currently, Subway’s product offer includes salads, bakery and breakfast items, and wraps, in addition to their trademark submarine sandwiches.

Subway Corporate Office Contacts.

You can get in touch with Subway’s corporate headquarters in Connecticut by phone, fax, or mail using the contact details listed here:

Subway Headquarters Phone Number.
+1-203-877-4281 or 1-800-888-4848

Subway Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Time Zone)

Subway Headquarters Fax Number.

Subway World Headquarters Address.

325 Sub Way, Milford,
Connecticut, 06461-3059

Subway Headquarters
The Subway World Headquarters in Milford, Connecticut houses around 1050 employees.

Subway Executive Team.

List of key leaders at Subway.

  • Suzanne Greco, President and CEO
  • Joe Chaves, Director of Operations
  • Don Fertman, Director of Development and Director of Franchise Sales
  • Christopher Carroll, Senior Vice President of Marketing
  • Joseph V. Tripodi, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Peter Buck, PhD, Co-Founder

Subway (Doctor’s Associates) Board of Directors:

  • Suzanne Greco
  • Lewis Finch III

Subway Careers and Jobs.

Subway currently employs over 400,000 people worldwide. If you want to join the Subway team, visit the company’s general Careers page, where you can browse and apply to restaurants jobs. If you are interested in corporate vacancies at Subway headquarters, visit this page, which allows you to create a profile, edit applications, and track their progress.

A more comprehensive description of regional jobs is available here (US-based jobs only). Lastly, you can view job vacancies at Subway’s LinkedIn.

How to complain to Subway.

To reach Subway’s U.S. Guest Relations department, call 1-800-888-4848.

In the United Kingdom, the Head Office can be reached on (+44) 0844-826-8484.

A restaurant feedback form is available here and can be used to report unsatisfactory experiences.

An alternative way of getting in touch with the Customer Service department at Subway is to message them on Twitter. Tweet at their Twitter handle @SubwayListens). The team is available seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5p.m., Eastern Standard Time.

If you have your Subway receipt handy, and you have 2 minutes to spare, you can also take Subway’s customer survey here. The company will award you with a free cookie for your time.

Other Subway Resources.

Use the resources listed below to find more information and contact details for Subway sand its different departments and services.

Please share your experiences, praise or complaints about Subway, in the comment section.

172 thoughts on “Subway Headquarters

  1. I have been trying for weeks to get into my account and it keeps saying that it is cannot access and to try again.

  2. St Ives, Ringwood. UK
    Staff outside front door of restaurant smiling. Through butt about 3ft away. Went back in front door. 30 min later same staff member came out side door smoking by fire exit and bins. Threw butt near rubbish. Then back in and straight behind counter to serve. Unhygienic, fire risk.
    Put me and 2 other people going in so we all went to Greggs next door.
    Will not ever be going in Subway again.

  3. 7698 – A Belair Rd., Unit A
    Nottingham, MD. 21236
    Refuse to accept SubWay coupons. I randomly receive them in the mailbox for my area but aren’t allowed to use them. This particular location is in walking distance from my house, and I’ve spent large amounts of money at said location with my (4)children. I think it’s so unfair that the owner refuses to honor Subway coupons. Very Frustrating, because we love subway.

  4. Why is it in Alberta where there is lots of beef, that Red Deer subway on 67st can’t get roast beef in stock, but they can get steak in stock. I have been there twice and they say they no longer carry roast beef and can’t get it in stock. Seems not right to me. Maybe they should change suppliers if they can’t get the stock in.

  5. When I trying to order on the app the app blink off placed my order without me being able to choose my time . It went through for a time I didn’t choose I tried to call location they did not answer the phone . When I arrived 1.5 hours later they gave me my order that sat there . I would like a refund . I told the girl at the store the time was incorrect she just laughed.

  6. Very good news that the decision was made to slice your meats. It is obvious that Jersey Mikes strategy from the onset was to slice the meats In Front of Their Customers. Subway franchises are slicing but most stores do it not in front of customers ! They slice when time permits then work out of containers. That is not going to work for the franchise nor the customer. The Franchise Owner has to be educated to what is entailed in “We Now Slice Our Meats. Being a marketing person I thought I would offer up some advice how you might improve your marketing message to your member franchise owners.

  7. I have a suggestion that I believe will increase sales and appeal for your customers. You should increase the interior size of your restaurants. Currently it has the feel of being too compact, which in turn kind of gives it an unclean feeling. Also, the preparation area where they will be slicing the deli meats, needs to be opened up more. The employees are always right on top of each other. Thank you for you time Paul Iannucci , Johnson & Wales grad 2017 culinary and pastry.

  8. Had a terrible experience 7 /7/23. Ordered online. Went to pick up order. So- called manager wouldn’t let me in to pick up my paid for order. The store was locked . After getting no where with “employee” I called police. They knocked on glass & mgr/ owner of store came out keys in hand & said some nasty things to me & said “to bad” , locked store & left in his car. Officer & I stood there in shock. I did call my bank & didn’t have to pay . They took it off But: what is going on with that store. I’ve never been treated so rudely & neither were the officers with me. Can you tell me what’s going on ? Aurora Ohio 44202.

  9. I love your store but can no longer eat as I am gluten free (not celiac). So, I have discovered that IF you put butter and or mayonnaise lightly on BOTH sides of gluten free bread, toast light and then make your sandwich, it tastes wonderful! Please consider trying this with your same bread only gluten free rolls. I know a lot of people who don’t eat gluten but would LOVE to be able to eat your foods. Please experiment as I have said, and tell me what you think? You will thank me I’m sure! Betsy Ceccanti

  10. I just visited a subway store in Poughkeepsie NY. I have not been to a subway in a while. My experience there was very discouraging!!! Ordered a 12” roast beef sub. That sub cost me base price 12.99. The meat was not appealing by sight. Ordered extra meat and cheese. 2extra slices of roast beef and one cheese brought the price of that sub to 19.97. R u crazy. My final bill was 25.91. A fresh value was added for 3.99. I could have gone to a nice restaurant and had a beautiful full meal.
    My point of this complaint is that the sandwich wasn’t worth $10. It was more bread and the meat didn’t even taste good. I complained to the server without much of a response. No wonder the store was empty. I want my money back!!!! Half of the sandwich was thrown away. What a waste of money. Please do t ignore my comment. Thank you

  11. I ordered a drink that was online but when I got the resturant to pick up my food and drink they didnt have the drink I ordered and I asked for a refund and they told me to grab something else well what I ordered was a monster that is 2.59 almost 3.00 and a coke is only 1.99 for a bottle coke so I’m still out the extra money for what I ordered i would like the full refund of the monster not a replacement drink

  12. Stop sending coupons to places where you know they don’t except them; and if you don’t know, find out! It’s a business . You have the means! Subway is a greedy Corporation! Food is too high, coupons don’t work, Corporate doesn’t know why they send coupons to post offices in places where every subway is a franchise! Do better. You need to be protested on the news , around the word!

  13. Hello
    I went to 4009 carpenter rd Ypsilanti mi
    And they refused to honor subway coupon for 3 foot long sub sandwiches they want it to add $5 extra on the coupon

  14. Hello,
    I am senior currently living on a fixed income and rely on coupons that are sent in flyers to my home. Yesterday while i visited one of the subway locations with a coupon in hand i was told that this location did not accept coupons there. I was very upset and had to leave to my embarassement. Why print these and send them out if the stores are not going to honor them. I have heard this from some of my other friends who have had the same experience. I always enjoyed their food and now this has left a bad taste in my mouth. Sorry to say I will no longer be a customer

  15. I have a complaint for store #61438 in Chicago Illinois 251 E Huron St. First of all it’s false advertisement to order flat pizza at this store. You ordered online and instead of calling to let you know they do not serve that they cancel your order and DO NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY BACK! You call up there and the owner yells at you and tells you file a complaint and call corporate! Why?? Because he thinks he untouchable! If these are the people who you want to franchise Subway. Well I guess we have to go straight to the media. With everything going on in Chicago right now, I’m sure they would love to see this. It’s crazy how people own a business and rip people off. My card got charged twice and never received any food. Thanks for not feeding my grandkids.

  16. I ordered my sandwiches online so all I had to do was go in and pick them up. I get home go to eat and realized they put the ingredients for the subs on the wrong bread. I called them to let them know and asked if they could remake them. I brought the subs back to the store with the receipt to show them in person the mistake. Instead of taking ownership of the problem the worker was argumentative. She took my receipt opened up one of the subs and I had to point out the mistake. She then looked at the receipt to redo them. No big deal but it would’ve been faster for me to give the order. She says out loud this is a number 11 cheddar cheese. I said no not cheddar cheese. She then interrupts me and raises her voice and said no see that’s not what the receipt said. She then goes to slam down on the cover to the ingredients and talked to me like I was an idiot. It took the other worker beside her to explain that meant 2 times the cheese. Then she placed extra cheese on the first sub and I said I don’t want that much cheese. She said it’s the way you ordered it. Then proceeds to argue with me about how this is the way the subs are made now. I said oh okay and I tried explaining why I thought it was extra and she says “oh now your trying to change the story. I said back no I’m not trying to change the story. You read the receipt wrong to begin with that’s why I’m here. I ordered it online. Then I looked at the bread for the next sub. I pointed out that the bread didn’t look right. She said it wasn’t prooved long enough but it is done. I asked for another loaf at which time she said ma’am we don’t have to make this for you. I said well that’s not my sub anyway. Being sarcastic….I then let her finish up the second sub and asked who the manager was. She said hastily that’s me I’m the manager. I said the reason I asked was when the former manager, Wendy was there we never had a problem. The whole reason someone does their online order is because they don’t have the time to come back in. From now on I’ll just come in since it was difficult to read simple instructions. On the way out I said Thank you for remaking the subs. I plan to make the owner of the franchise aware of how his “manager” handled the situation and advise that apparently she needs more training. Since she argued and was disrespectful towards a long time customer. It wasn’t an error on my side. Yet I walked away today wondering how many other customers get treated this way.

  17. Subway at 1100 W. Royalton Rd., Broadview Heights, OH 44147 doesn’t accept coupons.

  18. Nice ad. Buy one get one free. Unless subway store in Billerica at the Billerica Mall, Billerica MA 01821 says NO. Take down the ad. Or theword LIAR Can be a fact

  19. Great coupons but subway makes up their own rules on the coupons and can only get mayo or mustard on sandwich. So why do even offer the coupons

  20. Quit paying millionaires to advertise your business and lower your prices for common people! Your advertising only makes me NOT buy your subs!

  21. Not sure why subway sends out coupons because most of their stores where I live aren’t corporate owned so they don’t take the coupons. Franchisees owned subways don’t get reimbursed for the coupons that corporate sends out so they don’t take them and I don’t blame them because they eat the extra cost out of their pocket which is sad. If corporate sends out coupons then they need to be able to be used at all stores and all stores need to be reimbursed for them not just the corporate ones. These franchise stores are losing money because people stop going to them because they can’t take the coupons given out do to corporate not reimbursing them. Hope you can figure a way to help them out and not just your corporate run stores.

  22. They don’t honor their Subway coupons. Tried to use them this evening on the Subway on White Street, So Burlington, Vt

  23. Called your corporate phone number elderly woman answered after 20+ rings. I told her I’d like to speak to someone about corporate coupons. She said, “we don’t have corporate coupons.” I then said coupons, she said they don’t have to accept them. I asked to speak to someone who knows about coupons, she said, “that’s not going to happen.” Play our recording since your calls are recorded. I guarantee you that once it’s played, she will be fired. She SHOULD NOT be answering your corporate phones. I called minutes ago: Dec 7th @ approximately 11:42 E.T. I still need to speak with a person regarding the lack of acceptance of your coupons. After hearing my story, I’m sure you will change your policy. I’ll explain in detail later. If I don’t get a response I will post my story on media sites. You can’t sue me for slander as it is true and unfair trade practices. My e-mail is: xxx, my phone number is (813) 541-xxxx.

  24. Store # 1718 Findlay Ohio Walmart there is a very rude and nasty short lady who doesn’t need to be there ! Yelling at customers, not changing her gloves, wiping her nose on her gloves. Disgusting.! I see there has been many complaints on the reviews about her and she is still there.

  25. the store hours in the windows for subway at seven hill in spring hill florida says till 10 pm but workers inside would not let me in at 9:45

  26. Walked in the restaurant and no employee was at the counter or visible. I proceeded to the restroom and came back out. Someone was then at the counter. I asked if I could order coffee. He just nodded his head. I asked for a caramel macchiato, he just shook his head. I paused and then he nastily rebuked me for just wanting to use the restroom. I told him no one was at the counter, he said he was. I asked him if he thought I would just walk past him if he was truly at the counter? It continued back and forth and I told him I would indeed make a complaint. So here it is regarding 3711 Astoria

  27. Your new menu is terrible. You make the choices OR there are extra charges. You took away the old choices that your customers always came back for and took away choices of toppings. You lost my family as customers. We ordered 4 foot longs and had a $6.. additional charge added. Never again unless you get back the old menu that kept you in business for years and years!

  28. I ordered a sandwich online and was charged for it. And called the store to ask if they received my order. And the gentleman hung up on me. So I went to the store and he said he never received the order so he couldn’t make it. But I showed him that I was charged for the sandwich and he proceeded that I never existed and started helping someone else: asked for corporate number and he said he doesn’t know it. This is not the first time this has happened. And I have emailed you guys before and never received m money on the first incident. So maybe someone will contact me on this one because this is a bunch of BS. And I will never go back to Subway again. Rude manager and I would never allow a manager or mine treat a customer like he did me. And I have been in the food industry for over 30 years. He has no clue on customer service nor knowledge on the online ordering. And apparently he forgot his name also. Very very unacceptable. 7004 Admiral Tulsa Oklahoma store

  29. Yes i worked their manger maria let go off that job had a check pending and she gave me the run around about she send it to my address then she send it to another subway and know she basically told me to get lost so unprofessional rude people like that make us feel unappreciated so yes Subway need to look at this and be more upfront with people they hire !!!!

  30. Subway in Lebanon, Tn. Worst one ever. Your app doesn’t work and Deborah refused to help. Might want her to go back to customer service training. She was miserable.

  31. All the Subways in Searcy, Arkansas only have one employee most of the time. I am a door dash delivery driver and they always wait until they have no other customers to fill my order. The other day I waited over 45 minutes for my order. Is it company policy for them to put door dash orders at last priority? I’m here now and this delivery was requested by Subway and I’m still having to wait.

  32. I had a busy one foot long get one free foot long coupon and get a drink and a bag of chips and also a cookie free coupon was not able to use at the Subway store on Union Deposit Rd Harrisburg PA 17110. The gentlemen in the store told me they didn’t accept those coupons. I left there very upset and angry with your company. Why have coupons for the consumer when we can’t use them on these hard times
    You have lost a valuable customer.

  33. Commercials won’t help if you only putting a small piece of meat on a sub and selling for $10. I used to love subway. No longer a fan.

  34. I order sandwich, chips & cookie to be delivered to my granddaughter (home with Covid) thru the subway app. They had door dash deliver it. Order arrived without chips. I contacted the store in Midwest City, OK, the manager Amber informed me to contact the delivery driver, they are supposed to pick up the chips and make any drinks. Contacted the delivery driver Chrystal, and she stated that the order came through on her end as unknown items. She said she asked the lady at subway if everything was in the order, and was assured it was.
    I called the manager back and she once again said it was the drivers fault and they could come back to complete the order or I would have to go through the app to get my money back. The bag of chips is $1.49, I’m not squabbling over $1.49, I just want my order to be correct. She was in no way nice or concerned about it, now I’m getting upset because she is blaming the driver for not picking up the chips off the chip shelf. I then told her it should not be the delivery drivers job to fill my order, that was subways job! That it was only the delivery drivers job to deliver. With that said, I think subway and any other restaurant should make it policy to fill the entire order and to properly bag & seal it!!! I get so tired of everyone trying to put their work off on others, and also put the blame onto others. Both the manager and the driver blamed the other. Now I ordered thru the subway app, they chose the delivery service door dash. It appears if you don’t order through door dash they can not see the details of the order. Someone needs to tweet the way they operate. I for one think the restaurant should be the one filling the orders and the delivery be up to the delivery service.

  35. The subway in Maggie valley in nc would not honor coupons that was sent out In mail I was in couple weeks ago they have always honor them I love taking my grandson there the prices are high and the coupons help with me taking him there I live 5 minutes away they lost my business

  36. Why the hell did you change the seeet onion sauce. And why did u take out A1. Stop changing stuff add new but leave the old stuff also….

  37. I was at the selden ny subway on 8/3/2022 had coupons and they refused to honor them I don’t think that was right

  38. Subway in Greeneville at summer street store has really gone down in last 6 months. Today out of if all chips and 3 types of drinks. Bread was hard and clerk went to back 3 times while fixing sandwich. She said she cut her finger. Then why was she fixing my sandwich? Store is a revolving door for non workers who hang out behind counters and in offices

  39. I’m on rt 57 in Liverpool NY at the subway they pose to open at 9:00 am.i guess she open late because when I walk in at 9:00am she said we are not open.but I said your door said open so she kick us out and said wait until 9:30 but the door said your open at 9:00 am.

  40. Why did you change your sweet onion to teriyaki sweet onion it taste bad. Please bring back sweet onion…if not you lose a customer…and I like subway they say if it’s not broke done fix it!!!!

  41. Placed an order to 11816 e Washington st, Cumberland I’m Subway. The computer showed my card not working.
    My mother went in to place the same order and told them I tried to place an order and it gave me trouble. They said no problem. My mom paid for the order then a hour later they called and wanted to know when I would be picking my order up! My credit card did get charged. The Manager Mike Prajapayi refused to take care of me. Said I had to get on to get my credit back because he wasn’t gonna give me a credit from his store even though it was purchased at his store. He was very mean and nasty in front of other customers and I’m gonna make sure that others know how he talked to me! There are way too many other subways around to have to deal with that disrespect in front of customers.

  42. I’ve been a employee at subway and the new hires are getting 9 dollars an hour we been thier for awhile and I want to no its totally not right . We can’t even keep employees over rhat

  43. hi my name is peggy findlay-stoll and i work at the subway on sandlake and orange ave here in orlando,fl i have been supposed to be training to be a store manager but i work with a lady named carmen and must of the time she doesn’t seem like she don’t want to help me get there and there are times that she talkes to all of us like we are idoits.
    Even her ass manager has told me this and when i talk to her boss Pricessilla Williamson she dont do anything about it and keeps avoiding me im at store #12034

  44. I am a frequent visitor to Subways, but today I visited the Subway in Bay Minette at 102 McMeans Ave. To say I was extremely disappointed is a bit of an understatement.
    1. My salad bowl was half empty.
    2. They had no croutons or crackers.
    3. They placed a piece of tin foil over my salad. Had no lids…
    4. My husband’s salad had a few chunks of grilled chicken and his bowl was also half filled. However, they charged 13.25 for his pitiful salad.
    5. My total bill for 2 salads, 2 small drinks and 2 bags of chips was $31.33. This included a $3 tip.
    They said they could no longer chop a salad, however there was not even a plastic knife to cut anything up. Also the manager kept going over to use the register with the same gloves that he was reaching into the food with!
    Needless to say, I will not patronize this business again. I can assure you, if service doesn’t improve, the business will not survive.

  45. Today I went to a subway store in sunnyvale to get a free promotion sandwich.The owner told me that he is not honoring the promotion.
    I suggested that at the corporate level, there should be an agreement with the owner or subsides or pay for the promotion. Or any participant stores which buy in the promotion should be listed in the ad for the consumer to know.

  46. No matter what deal is being offered I am not able to take advantage because the stores don’t honor the deal

  47. I placed an online order on 7/11/22 which was paid for on my debit card. When I went to the Highland, CA store on Boulder to pick up my order I was told that they did not receive my order and asked if I might have placed it at a different store. I showed them the app showing my order number, their store location and the amount I paid along with my order number. They said that they were sorry but their computer never makes mistakes and that they did not see my order so they were not going to give me my order. I was very frustrated and told them that I have been a long time customer and that they were not showing very good customer service. The young man told me that I was being rude and that he was not going to give me a free sandwich. I explained to him that it was not free, that I had already paid for it. My husband was waiting in the car so I called him to tell him what was going on. He came in and pulled up our back account and showed the Subway employee which by this time had admitted that he was the manager, that the payment had been taken out of our account. My husband asked the young man’s name. The manager said that my husband was being rude and that he was not going to give him his name. Long story short, we were not given our order, nor our money. I have NEVER been treated with such disrespect, and disregard as I was at this establishment. Very frustrated!!!

  48. Why do you keep sending flyers w/coupons to the Stuart Iowa area. The local store does not accept coupons, to which there are no notices of this practice. Nobody I know who goes out to eat in, say, Des Moines is going to a sandwich shop. Save your money and quit sending us mailers.

  49. Went to Subway #65102-0, Benton Blvd, Savannah 31407. Got the footlong Steak & Cheese! Had a coupon for $5.99! They said they do not honor coupons! I just got this coupon in the mail today! I was a Subway owner for 16 years in Santee, SC #11445! I am not going to give Subway my business or support any longer! Thoroughly disappointed!!

  50. Your locations don’t take care of issues. When I complained about a sub. The manager told me he would relay message to the owner .
    I got no response from anyone!!! This is probably a waste of time I won’t hear from any one. I didn’t spend 17.00 to waste it

  51. Why is it that Subway sends you coupons in the mail and Some Subways are not accepting the Coupons? I went to one Subway on Hwy 78 in Snellville GA they verbally to us they don’t accept coupons and the other store on Hwy 78 in Stone Mountain GA has a sign stating they are not accepting the Coupons. Your looking into this matter is greatly appreciated.

  52. I’m on one of your store right now and they run out of fountain drink I ask the employee to please restock another box of drink because it run out of drink he told me that he wasn’t able to change it because he was not allowed to do it … I even told him if you don’t have I understand but he told me again that they had but he wasn’t able to move it touch the boxes of syrup drink I even told him I can change it for you he said that I was not allowed to do it … I need lately stopping to eat at subway everyday but now I’m ready disappointed of the service your company have

  53. I live in Teaneck NJ
    The Subway coupons were in my town paper,
    I went to both locations in my town,
    Cedar Lane and also Teaneck Road,
    Neither establishment would accept the coupons. What is the point of offering the coupons?
    I am very disappointed in Subway.
    Lillian Lewis
    201 903 xxxx

  54. I went to Subway on North Chester ave Bakersfield California. They would not accept cash. They were out of most bread, meats and vegies. We were not informed about the meat or vegies till our sandwich was started. Management needs to get act together!! A person cannot build their own sandwich is items are not provided.

  55. I went to subway ot 131 Paul Carr, checotah oklahoma on 7/2/22 at 4:25 pm. I got a meatball footlong with extra cheese(pepper jack) on Italian and cheese, with blk olives, jalapeno, red onions, and lettuce toasted and a footlong Italian and cheese spicy Italian with extra cheese (American), lettuce, tomato, green pepper and salt & pepper, oil and vinegar, both of our sandwiches the bread was so hard that we couldn’t eat it and the employee who made the sandwiches just threw it together like a 3 year old, she got upset when I asked for more condiments. Please let me know what you are going to do about it. I had a buy 1 get 1 free. Please get back to me I would really appreciate it. But for now you just lost more customers and I will tell my friends about it so you lost them as customers as well.

  56. There is a huge problem going on at your subway in Rector, Arkansas 72451. We went in there to order 2 sub sandwiches and when it came time to pay,, they wouldn’t except our money which was change but cash. The worker named Jessica said that the manager Amanda Arnold does not except any change from customers to pay for things,, because she doesn’t want to take the time to count.

  57. Subway Chelmsford Ma
    Would not accept the buy one get one free coupon. I was told they could not afford it!!!!

  58. When did Subway quit taking Subway coupons? I went to West Ave in Conyers. Out of meats I needed. So I went to Sigman Road. After ordering 3 foot long subs, Brandy presented herself as the manager. She was rude and disrespectful to me. There was a grandmother, daughter and granddaughter in Subway at the time. She said she couldn’t believe they treated me so badly. Brandy really doesn’t need to represent Subway.
    I love Subway but I will not be talked to or treated so badly. If she’s still there, I will be going to Firehouse Subs or Jimmy John’s !

  59. COMPLAINT: I was at the Subway store #39362 at 879 Redwood St.. Vallejo CA 94590 yesterday, 6/27/22, at noon, to get a Tuna Melt sandwich and, I not only had to yell “Is anyone here” three times until server #111 finally came out from the back to help me, but after I gave her my order (which, including her asking me if I wanted cheese on my Tuna “Melt”) I stood there watching a large fly periodically land from ingredient to ingredient right below her. Upon mentioned to her what a health hazard that was…as she simply swatted at it…she explained that they come in the front door when customers go in and out. I told her that I was interested in excuses, that it’s VERY unsanitary and if the health dept. came around and saw that, that I was sure Subway would get fined. She continued to give me a few more erroneous excuses while another server showed up to tell me to that if I didn’t like it that I could go somewhere else because I was causing trouble and that they retain the right to refuse service to anyone they pleased. Meanwhile server 111 kept telling me to be quiet because other customers were now coming in. That’s NOT the sort of response I was looking for, not to mention the health hazard that they didn’t think was any big deal and if those two employees worked for me, and treated customers like those two did…not to mention showing very little concern for sanitary issues…they wouldn’t work for me anymore!!!!!!!!

  60. I am extremely disappointed in the recent Subway commercial portraying Gronk as a dope, lunkhead, idiot, whatever adjective you want to use. And the comment by A Rod , “ He only had one line” was extremely insulting. Especially since all but one of them are black. It was in very poor taste. I will not buy anything further from Subway.

  61. I want to give a big thank you to Avery who works at the I-95 service area on the north side in Fairfield, Conn. I lost my wallet and, luckily, someone turned it into him. I called lost and found and he assured me that he would hold on to it until I was able to pick it up 2 days later. Miraculously, it was there with everything inside including money and credit cards. I couldn’t believe it! He should get the employee of the month award. In this day and age, it’s nice to know that good people still exist! Shout out to Avery ?!

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