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 Sears Corporate Office and Headquarters.

This page lists a wealth of corporate information related to department store chain Sears Roebuck & Co.

Here you will find contact details for the company’s headquarters address and phone numbers, the executive team, ways to contact Customer Services or file a complaint, career information, and more.

About Sears.

Sears Roenuck & Co was founded in 1886 in Chicago, and it has since become one of the United States’ leading names of the retail industry. The company started out offering mail order services to customers in rural areas, and took its name from its founder, Richard Warren Sears. Over the following 10 years, the company’s catalog continued to expand, and demand led to the first Sears being open in 1925.

Currently, Sears has nearly 800 stores across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Sears Corporate Office Contacts.

To contact Sears’ headquarters, use the phone or fax numbers listed below, or send a letter to the company’s corporate address.

  • Sears Headquarters Phone Number: +1-847-286-2500
  • Sears Headquarters Fax Number: +1-847-286-4511
  • Phone Line Hours: Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Central Time)

Sears Headquarters Address:

Sears Corporate Office

3333 Beverly Rd. Hoffman Estates, 60179, Illinois


Sears Executive Team.

Full list of the key leaders at Sears Roebuck & Co.

  • Edward S. Lampert, CEO and Chairman of the Board
  • Jeffrey A. Balagna, Executive Vice President
  • Kristin M. Coleman, General Counsel, Senior Vice President, and Corporate Secretary
  • Jason M. Hollar, Chief Financial Officer
  • Robert A. Riecker, Controller & Head of Capital Market Activities
  • Leena Munjal, Senior Vice President (Customer Experience & Integrated Retail)
  • Girish Lakshman, President (Fulfillment & Supply Chain and Sourcing)
  • David Pastrana Benito, President (Apparel)
  • Kurt Staelens, President (Home & Footwear)
  • Stephan Zoll, President (Online)
  • James Politeski, President (Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics)
  • Eric D. Jaffe, Senior Vice President for Shop Your Way
  • Joelle Maher, President and Chief Member Officer (Sears)
  • Alasdair James, Chief Member Officer and President for Kmart

Sears Board of Directors:

  • Edward S. Lampert
  • Cesar L. Alvarez
  • Bruce R. Berkowitz
  • Paul G. DePodesta
  • Alesia J. Haas
  • Kunal S. Kamlani
  • William C. Kunkler III
  • Steven T. Mnuchin
  • Ann N. Reese
  • Thomas J. Tisch

Sears Careers and Jobs.

If you are considering a career at Sears, you may find detailed information at the company’s dedicated jobs site. The Careers webpage allows you to browse through all the opportunities available at Sears Holdings, from retail vacancies to positions at the corporate headquarters.

Job listings can be filtered down by category and location, and the site also offers information about the company’s internships, college, and veteran programs.

Alternatively, you can look up recently posted job vacancies at Sears’ LinkedIn page.

How to Complain to Sears.

The Sears Customer Service Team is available by calling 1-800-549-4505.

There is also a dedicated phone line for Spanish-speaking customers on 1-800-377-8634.

A Customer Service Twitter page has been set up to help Sears members get their complaints processed. Tweet your complaints or questions at the Twitter handle: @searscares.

To give feedback, you can visit the Sears Customer Service Page and type in ‘Feedback’ in the box. A new window will open. Click on the ‘Feedback’ link and another window will pop up that logs your contact details and time of complaint.

A Sears Live Chat option is also available. Click on ‘Chat’ in the top right corner of the Sears Homepage and a Chat window will open. Choose existing order or new order support and enter your name and email. The Sears Live Chat works excellently and is probably the fastest and easiest way to deal with an issue or complaint. The Sears Chat Service is open from 6am CST to 11 pm CST seven days a week.

Other Sears Resources.

Below you will find more information on Sears, including ways to find online help, social media links, and more.

Please share your experiences with Sears, or Sears complaints, in the comment section.

87 thoughts on “Sears Headquarters

  1. Although I like Sears products, I detest the service system! I have been rescheduled four times so far on one simple repair, wasting entire days of my time. Every time they reschedule me I have to change my own schedule to them. I’m not given a choice of dates, just expected to be here at their beck and call. Since this repair has been paid in advance I can’t cancel. I want my money back!

  2. I have been unable to receive a refund for parts purchased for my washing machine. I have called Sears Customer Service and Sears Home Services as well as sent several emails since October 2022 and no one has responded to my request for my refund of over $300 for parts that were not necessary. Who do I contact to help me recover my refund? I appreciate any assistance. Thank you.

  3. I bought sears protection on all my appliances and my refrigerator broke down since march and they haven’t really put an effort to pay for perish food or give me a resolution on if they are going to fix it

  4. Hi, do you have an on line archive of catalogs? It would be a very helpful source of historical information. I’m researching popular toys of the late 19th century. I can’t think of a better source for the information I need than your catalogs. Thank you, Lynne Buckson

  5. Renewed Home Service 9/2/22, started with HS 2006,I asked for paper copy of Master Protection Agreement. Call at least 7 times every phone # I found. Every time will take 6to 8 was. Well it’s 1/15/23 still don’t have it”

  6. Don’t use them I had them do maintenance on my working washer and dryer. The first time I tried to use my dryer, it wont work. It comes on but that’s it. I tried to have them come back only to be told I would have to pay a service charge as there was no warranty on the maintenance service. They have lost a long standing customer and my good will. Sad sad day in this country. No one is living up to their work.

  7. I had an extended warranty on Sa Bosch dishwasher that expired 11-3-2022. I called for service on October 1,2022. The servicer went on 10-3-2022 and determine dishes were not washed due to sprayers in dishwasher. The bottom rack was also bad due to heat. He ordered parts and I never received them and servicer called and said Sears had closed the work order.
    I did not renew the extended warranty because I had just started Sears Home Warranty.
    I am trying to call to get my dishwasher fix and I have been bounced around from 3 different departments. I am still on hold for over one hour

    I have reported my refrigerator and cook top because they are not working and a servicer went and have not gotten the parts or had my appliances fixed
    I need your assistance urgently

  8. To: Sears Home Services &Cinch Home Services

    Subject: Customer Complaint- Failure to perform contracted services. Request to escalate to top management for resolution.

    Date: 9/19/2022
    Dear Sears Home Services/Cinch Management I am writing you this letter to convey the unfair treatment that I received from your company and Sears Home services who is your chosen contractor. My wife and I are both elderly homeowners and we feel we have been taken advantage of by both of your organizations. I have tried to resolve this issue with your case management department but unfortunately to no avail. I am requesting that my service fee $160.00 and the contract price that I paid YTD be returned to me ASAP.

    I am notifying you of the situation in detail so you have all the facts and can understand exactly what has transpired in my case. I am confident that once you review the facts, you will assist me in rectifying the situation ASAP.

    Before I proceed, I would like to relate the last conversation that I had with your case manager. On September 14, 2022 I spoke to Jasmin in Case Management and requested written documentation in detail as to why Cinch denied my claim. I informed her that I wanted to escalate the issue to upper management. She told me” she was the last person that I would be speaking to.” She also said I could not escalate the issue further.

    After a very confrontational conversation, and continued push back from her, I reminded her that our conversation was being recorded and once again reiterated that I had the right to escalate this issue. She finally told me to look on the Cinch website if I wanted to file a complaint. She indicated that she would send me the detailed information that I requested within 24 to 48 hours, I still have not received the information from her. It has now been 6 days.
    I strongly encourage you to listen to the recording of the conversation I had with her. I am confident that you will find what I have listed above is true and accurate .

    In my view, one major contributor to this problem was a unqualified technician who did not have the ability or knowledge to fix my ice/water maker. Instead, he trumped up an excuse to leave my premises because he could not ascertain how to properly install the new refrigerator door.

    I am appalled by the fact that he abandoned the service right in the middle of the job and literally ran out of my house leaving me with an inoperable refrigerator that was operating before he came to my home. Essentially, he broke my refrigerator.
    Prior to his arrival, I was able to dispense water and ice without the paddle by pressing the lever behind the paddle.

    I kindly request that you review the facts below in detail. I think you will see there were missteps on Cinch’s side and Sears home repair which led to the situation.

    Key Dates

    8/11/2022- Reported Ice/Water machine got stuck in the on position. I was unable to get an appointment until 8/30. (15 days after I reported the problem).
    8/30/2022- Sears First Technician arrived at my home diagnosed the problem and ordered parts
    9/1/2022- Parts Received.
    9/13/2022-Sears Second Tech. arrived to install parts.(30 days after initial problem reported) He did not fix the problem. Repair was not completed.


    On 9/13/2022 the first Tech. arrived at my home. I explained to him in detail that the paddle on the icemaker broke and got stuck in the on position and started to flood my home. I pulled the paddle back and the flood stopped. The technician observed that the paddle was off, inspected it and the area behind the paddle. He determined that the easiest fix was to order and install a new door.

    The Sears Tech. asked me if I was aware of any other issues and I told him that the refrigerator was cooling and there was an internal thermometer which indicated temperature variation within the refrigerator. He said he would order a new thermostat and defroster sensor. Additionally, he said he needed to order an upper fan assembly. All of the fixes were determined , approved and ordered by the first technician. Additionally, the technician informed me that all of the parts and labor were covered under the warranty and the service fee that I previous paid. Note: the door paddle was off when the first technician arrived made his determination. At no time did he indicate there was a problem with the warranty or that it would be denied. He had me to sign a form acknowledging the diagnostic service and the parts he ordered and new service date which was 9/13/2022. I also received an Email the next day confirming that.

    On 9/30/2022 the second tech. arrived. I explained to him the same information that I provided the first tech. and gave him the parts that were ordered. Note: The dispenser paddle was off when he arrived . I showed him the old paddle.

    The Sears second tech. proceeded to install the door. After he completed the installation and tested the functionality of ice/water maker, it was completely dead. During the entire installation the second tech. was talking to another tech. who seemed to be giving him continuous direction through the process. Once again, I must reiterate, I was able to dispatch ice and water prior to him installing the new door.

    During the installation process I noticed the second tech. kept going back and forth to his truck. When he came back in my house the last time, he told me his boss told him he was taking too long and should return to the office. He said he called Cinch and because the paddle was removed he was no longer authorized to work on my unit. Additionally, he falsely accused me of trying to fix the temperature sensor which is absolutely untrue and absurd. In addition to not having a clue on how to do that, I have a spinal cord injury which would make it virtually impossible for me to perform that fix. My doctor advised me if I fall or twist to aggressively, I could become paralyzed. I have an operation forthcoming. His accusation is completely outlandish.

    I explained to him that the only time the refrigerator was serviced was about three years ago when the defroster coil froze. I have the receipt for that service. So whatever prompted him to falsely accuse me of repairing it myself, the only repair ever done on the refrigerator was actually performed by an authorized LG service technician.

    Lastly, I requested the technician reinstall my old door since the ice/water was at least working even without the paddle. He refused! While I was talking to Cinch on the telephone, he literally ran out of my house and sped off in his truck. He left all the parts (old and new) on the floor.

    The first technician never mentioned anything about the paddle would void my warranty and in fact indicated it was covered. The second technician never mentioned anything regarding voiding the warranty either until after he installed the new door and it did not work! It is quite clear to me there was a purposeful intent avoid honoring my warranty.

    In summary, I am appealing this denial of services and hope that you will resolve this issue ASAP. I hope to work with you in the spirit of cooperation and that Cinch and Sears Home Services will do the right thing! Should this issue not be resolved in an expeditious manner, I will have no choice but to write a letter of complaint to the various regulatory agencies and attach a copy of this letter.

  9. Sears appliance repairs – NEX Appliance did not fix my washer 5/31/22under WARRANTY 6/4/22 never showed up second call .. disrespect of a Co that represents SEARS ( 9 dif ppl / numbers to get service – outside USA ppl)over 6 hrs n no show on SCHEDULED Saturday 6/5 8-12 (4 emails 6 txt confirmed)
    Will think my family says lawyer to get results (77 w back problem)

  10. We have had a Sears Home Warranty service for several years. We are relocating later this year, and cancelled our home warranty service in November of 2021 by registered mail. We continued to be billed on my credit card, and I finally contacted the Credit card company to stop payments and to refund the unauthorized charges. Now Sears is billing me direct and is disputing the credit card claim. Sears will not get another penny of my business and I will never buy another Craftsman tool.

  11. I retired from sears and believe me i wouldnt recomend them now for anything.. bought a dryer and it quit spinning in less than a yr. they didnt come and hook it up so owe me for that and the parts i ordered to go with it they didnt give me owe me for those ..and you cant find anyone to talk to they keep sending you every where else really not happy at all….

  12. I am following up again on the HVAC unit that I purchased from Sears and was installed in August of 2020. This unit has not worked correctly since its installation. Service and/or installation technicians have been out on numerous occasions, and the unit is currently out of service again.

    The HVAC unit was NOT installed correctly, according to two Sears technicians, on separate occasions, who have come out to repair the unit. The control board has gone out numerous times, apparently because no surge protector was installed with the unit. The two Sears technicians have stated both times that a surge protector should have been part of the package and installed with the unit. The A/C has been out of service since mid-December and to date, no new control board or surge protector has been installed, despite a Sears service technician having been out twice.

    Over the last year and a half my numerous attempts by phone, e-mail, and text messages to resolve this issue have been futile. I’ve been given either the run-around by service representatives, passing me off to other departments or just hanging up on me, or representatives just ignoring my e-mails and text messages.

    Michael Sanders is the Sears representative that handled my purchase and with whom I have been attempting to communicate with regarding this issue. He has been very difficult to reach and rarely responds to my attempts to contact him. Despite my trying to reach him on numerous occasions, he has not responded to me since August 8th, 2021.

    It has been over two months since I called in a service request and I’m still being given the run-around or ignored, most recently by Sears Home Warranty Service.

    I am extremely disappointed in Sears installers, Sears customer service representatives and Home Warranty service. I have run out of patience.

    I am filing a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau and forwarding a copy of this e-mail to my Attorney

  13. I have had 2 technicians out to fix my refrigerator. The 3rd didn’t show up but ordered parts without looking at refrigerator. 3+ weeks with no refrigerator and only offered $115 for replacement mini refrigerator I purchased that caused me $199. I didn’t include taxes or protection plan. I still don’t have a working refrigerator and waiting for parts that I am not sure I need because noone ever came out to see the refrigerator. Instead he came up with a excuse related to Covid when I told him I had asthma.

  14. I ordered a dishwasher from sears.com on 11/10/21 and after countless phone calls week after being promised multiple times it was going to be delivered, finally got a working dishwasher on 2-16-22. I wouldn’t believe one thing they say on their customer service phones- I was told multiple times my dishwasher was in the warehouse- but found out later it wasn’t there until December. I wouldn’t order another appliance from them if it was the only appliance company left in the world. They should be ashamed of their unacceptable customer service.


  16. To no avail nobody will call me back and everybody gives me the run around that I talk to please adviseI have been trying to cancel my Sears Home Warranty contract since the December

  17. Sears has horrible customer service with the Master Protection Plan. I had 9 appointments and they were all cancelled with no explanation. My Central AC unit is still broken and now my plan has expired

  18. Sears has the worst customer service with the Master Protection Plan They all lie to you and you can can barely understand what they are saying. I have had 9 appointments scheduled and cancelled. They do not show up and all the appointments are cancelled with no explanation. I will not renew my contract and I will tell my family and friends not to renew.

  19. Sears has the worst customer service with the Master Protection Plan They all lie to you and you can can barely understand what they are saying. I have had 9 appointments scheduled and cancelled. They do not show up and all the appointments are cancelled with no explanation. I will not renew my contract and I will tell my family and friends not to renew.

  20. I have been trying to get my refrigerator repaired for almost three months. My appointments have been canceled twice and now they are pushing the appointment out to September. Since then I have had no refrigerator.

  21. I am appalled by the lack of good customer service that was provided to me as a paying customer. I have a warranty plan with this company and is receiving no service rendered for my payments. The employees phone service is horrible I have been hung up on, placed on hold for an hour when Maria stated she was going to speak with a manager and never came back to them phone. My fridge is still not working and they are saying 6-8 weeks this is unacceptable. I want to be compensated for spoiled food and payments returned for no service rendered.

  22. Order #909008777. Texted just yesterday by Sears confirming delivery on 3/30. Called today to confirm four-person delivery crew as promised at no charge. 800-697-3277. I was told delivery is now on 4/3. No one notified me about this change. No email. No text. No phone call. The guy I spoke with claimed he had record that a phone call was made to me and a message was left. Not true. I took off two days from work: Tuesday the 30th and Monday the 29th for a handyman to unplug and move my existing washing machine per the instructions. What do I do? I have no clothes to wear. I don’t know if I can reschedule the handyman (I’d have to live with my current washing machine on my new floor for a week otherwise). Do I dry clean my clothes? If so, I want to be reimbursed. How can Sears compete with crappy service like this? Was anyone going to tell me about this change or would I just be sitting on my ass all day on the 30th waiting? And do you know how long it took to find the corporate phone numbers? Corporate contact is not on the Sears.com website. How can you help me? BTW: the guy I spoke with today blamed it on the manufacturer and said that all the other stores are also not receiving this merchandise. Really? I thought that Kenmore (which is what I bought) was a Sears-only brand name.

  23. Purchased a vehicle at store closure in Fairbanks Alaska in 2018.
    To this date I not received the vehicle title.
    Please contact me ASAP so I can get the title and we can resolve this matter.
    Thank you.

  24. Worst customer service at this location. Will “NEVER” buy appliance from this location or company‼️ Juan and Ryan delivered my refrigerator and it did not fit due to crown molding design around the wall. They left the refrigerator in the middle of the kitchen and stated, “It would be easier for them to leave it there and exchange it”, that was not the case. They was just too lazy and did not want to take the refrigerator back after delivery after I told them to take it back. Contacted the store salesperson Zeus and then went to the store in El Paso at the Cielo Vista Mall to try to resolve this issue with the manager, with no resolution. They basically wanted me to deal with keeping the refrigerator and find a way for it to fit. It took them almost two weeks for them to come and pick up the refrigerator. Just POOR POOR POOR HORRIBLE service. The process was stressful and totally unacceptable to me as the customer. My first and last time dealing with Sears. I ended up getting my fridge from Conns and it all went smoothly and I am happy with my purchase from Conns.


  25. I want to cancel this so-called Home Warranty with Sears. It is a total waste of my money and your Contractors are a joke. Please contact ASAP

    1. I really hope they contacted you as I have been trying to cancel my home warranty service with Sears for quite some time and they keep charging my credit card. When I called to get repair/service at my home, the representative told me that he would not send out technicians for multiple appliances. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he refused to transfer or help me at all. He just said “NO”. I have emailed my concerns, complaint, and cancelation more than 3 times and have yet to hear from SEARS! I agree with you that it is a waste of money and contractors are scammers telling you lies about promises Sears can’t keep. DO NOT BUY ANY HOME WARRANTY from SEARS! We are so disappointed as we have been loyal Sears customers for over 30 years!

  26. The sears techs are parts replacers no technicians. They keep saying you must buy this part. We pay for it it comes and water softner is still broke so well now you need to bu this part for over $200. I had an old item that stopped working it had a control board on it and a local shop looked at it and replaced a few diods and now it works the techs from sears only order parts they do not take time or know how to test bad parts or fix them. No wonder the company is goind under.

  27. Sears is an American Institution. As a child of the 50’s we all loved the Sears Catalog. My complaint is not with Sears but a policy and one technician who did not respect the Company, his job and what Sears needs and wants to keep—a very loyal Sears Customer. Like my grandparents born in 1888, I am a loyal Sears customer, 3rd generation. The Sears Technician with EMPLOYEE BADGE NO. 650549, on my job no. Scheduled for 2/28/19 did not come after I waited at the location for having my freezer repaired for four hours, 1-5. He timed out with a report, “homeowner not home.” I called in four times to make sure he would arrive as I am disabled. He was spoken to and told I w as waiting and he had my location and phone number and he did not call or show. I do not want someone like this in my home, on my property, much less working on my equipment. Sears needs to make him have Inservice for two weeks on 2 hours/Saturdays before his next paycheck can be received, the four hours I waited, reviewing customer service rules and take a test for qualifications on repairs to make sure he is qualified to represent their Company name, Sears. A third generation customer, since 1976, when my husband and I opened our account in Galveston, Texas.

  28. The worst place to buy anything from. No wonder they’re going out of business no one cares about the customer. Don’t forget Sears, your customer is what keeping you alive. I will not buy anything from them again. My frige broke for a month now, thy told my no parts on back order so I just have to waite have but don’t know when could weeks or months who knows that who customer service say . Doesn’t matter who you talk to is the same crap. I’m writing a letree to the CEO if he does nothing than I’m getting legal. Still under warranty.

  29. I have been doing business with Sears for about 37 years the card is in my name I am the primary card holder. Well our dryer went out so I had to go to the laundrymat to dry clothes so I called the warranty protection I bought the 5 year warranty so they could reinburst me I have to drive 32 miles one way to the nearest live in the country. The girl told me she have to speak to my husband so he could give permission to talk to me. I said what you can guess how mad I was I told her I was the primary card holder. I said no the card in my name. The girl then told me your husband sign for your appliances. I told her I don’t know what country you are from but us women are allowed to buy cars, vote, and even have credit card but their one card I know I won’t have no more. I am going to make sure everyone knows why. My husband have cards together and I have mine and he has his. My question is has Sears resorted to this kind of treatment for it’s customers.
    Also I will not buy nothing else from Sears I have a washer I have had 3 1/2 years that has corrasion on it. This is in my house in my laundry room five year warranty don’t cover this. They said it is cosmetic. Never will I buy another Sears appliance or anything with Sears name come in my house not in the store or online. They have close all the Sears around me. Sears has went so far downhill customer service is a joke but that what you get when you put money before cusomers.

  30. Can truly understand why Sears is not doing well! I purchased a number of items online. I had to return two of the items. I shopped online because I am disabled and don’t go out much. I had someone bring me to Sears to return the items. I had no problem returning one item, but I was told by two customer service representatives that it would not scan. When I received it, it was put in a small envelope (for which I was charged $5.35 & it was supposed to be free shipping)! I was told it must have come from the marketplace and that’s why it did not scan, when I told them it was definitely from Sears, they said I had to send it back through the mail!
    I called Sears customer service and said I needed a return label because I tried to return the item at the store. I told them I was sick and did not go out much, I was told to hold for a minute, after holding for 25 minutes I called back. I was told by three different people including a “supervisor” all hard to understand, that unless I had a printer & I could only return the item at the store!
    I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous in my life! I already tried that and they couldn’t take it back!
    I explained that I was elderly and sick and asked if they could mail me a return label as other stores I’ve shopped at do!
    Again I was told I would have to have them email the label which I can’t print or be stuck with an item I was supposed to get shipped for free, which it was not, or keep it!

  31. I call this underhanded. You buy a lawn mower from Sears and now you can’t order parts because IS A PIECE OF JUNK THAT KEEP BREAKING DOWN. You see they have closed all the stores around us…… Did order a part from them 2 months ago and had to talk to someone in India (what!) and never got a tracking number. I can see why this company is going down. So now I hope I can find the piece somewhere.

  32. On 5/18/18 I ordered a part and paid the expedited costs to have the part delivered by 5/23/18. The part was not delivered on 5/23/18. On 5/23/18 I checked the parts website and only update was in process or pending. I called the parts customer solutions number multiple times between 5/23 and 5/31 and told delivery was “in process”. I tried to escalate the matter and got the same canned response from every representative. I asked for a tracking number Sears either could not or would not provide. It wasn’t until 5/30/18 that a representative at Sears told the truth and said the part was not ordered on 5/18 but had been ordered after one of my many calls between 5/23 and 5/30. The part was finally delivered on 6/1/18, 9 days after the promised and paid for delivery date. Because my part was not delivered as promised I had to reschedule the service date. It was determined that the part ordered on 5/18 was not needed so I returned the part on 6/4/18 in the same unopened box as shipped. I was promised a refund of the cost for expedited delivery, Sears failed to refund those costs. I disputed the charges with my credit card company and was credited the full amount of the purchase and shipping costs. On 6/22/18 I get an e-mail from Sears parts department stating they would not refund the purchase price because it was “not resalable” with no explanation as to why it was not resalable. I find it impossible to believe that a brand new unused part returned in the same unopened box shipped by Sears is not resalable only after 35 days! Why did Sears fail to provide an explanation as to why the part was not resalable? Are the parts so poorly made they cannot be sold after 35 days? Is the part going to be sold again as a new part? Why was my part not ordered on 5/18?

    1. I am having the extremely similar
      problem. I have an UNOPENED NEW
      WATER FILTER (I tried to stop /Delivery early MAY, 2018). My Refg quit working Before received. Bought Refg from Sears so called Service Dept…bought many appliances & used SERV Dept for years. Man came…the freezer still worked …said
      It would be just under $1,000. to repair.
      Thus, needed NEW refg & did Not need THAT FILTER ***still trying to
      get the RETURN SHIPPING LABEL so I can Return Filter & get my $67
      back. In my 80’s & need money for medicine. NOONE SEEMS to KNOW HOW …Or CHOOZES NOT TO …….”MAIL” by US POSTAL MAIL THE SHIPPING LABEL “THEY” SAY I MUST HAVE TO GET MY REFUND. I have NOT felt well & exhausted with trying to get help from Sears. I was TOLD they were mailing label twice. NEVER received! Guess I will have to turn this over to someone else for HELP! No, I did not buy a new Refg from Sears.
      Sears USED to be a dependable place to buy appliances. I am shocked at all the Bad Posts from Customers.
      * I want to add, only 2 in the dept. I talked with spoke broken English…so
      I feel they UNDERSTOOD my NEED!

  33. I have 2 boxes ( washer tubs ) in front of my house for the past 3 weeks. I have contacted Customer Service 3 times and I have received the same response ( you will receive a call within 24hrs to schedule pick up with UPS ). I want the boxes removed from the front of my house.

  34. The Sears scratch and dent in Naperville Il is not very good. They give you the wrong info and do not check their appliances to make sure they really work. I purchased a refrigerator from them and I have had it since Oct 2017, It has only worked for one month so far. The store in question told me to contact the manufacturer first and I did. They were great. Only one problem. The receipt did not have the serial number on it so they could not replace the unit. I have the extended warranty and now they cannot get the parts to fix it. I have been without a refrigerator for two months and still no parts or help. I called the Corporate Headquarters and the operator was rude and told me that he would not put me thru to anyone that could help… What kind of Company does that? I have purchased all my large appliances thru sears my whole life. Now this. What a shame. I use to love sears. I am still without a workable refrigerator and they do not care.

  35. i bought a stove from sears on 5-27-2017 with an additional 3 year warranty and 3 months later the oven and 2 range eyes quit working. mick from tech support came out, stayed 1 hour and left. i still continued with the same problems til i could take no more. on 2-6-2018, i called again. i was instructed to turn the oven on to 350 degrees. when he showed up he stated that the oven wouldn’t register over 344 degrees and that i just have a bad stove and i should just haul it back to sears. i called sears again on 2-6-2018 and spoke with gloria about my stove and she instructed me to fix it myself. i’m 74 years old and i have purchased from sears since the 1960’s. all my appliances in the home and all my large and small equipment outside the home not to mention the only place i would buy my family clothes. so after my conversation with gloria, i got my son-in-law and another friend to help me and we took the stove back to sears. we got the stove and put it on the sidewalk when charles maples apparently the manager although he was not wearing a sears shirt or a name tag. he specifically told us to “get the hell out of his store and take my stove with me” the other sears associate poor guy looked horrified. i was trying to explain what was wrong with the stove and he interrupted me and wouldn’t let me continue. as we putting the stove back on the truck the manager came out again and told us to “get the hell off his property”. is this how you all train your associates? i have been a loyal customer for over 50 years and to be treated like this is completely appalling. i would expect employees to be trained better than that even if the store is located in knoxville, tn. the stove is defective and i expect a full refund. that is..all out of pocket expenses i paid for this stove. the down payment, the balance and the warranty. now this shouldn’t be a problem unless sears are not going to stand behind what they sell.

  36. I will never buy anything from Sears again!!! We purchased a $2400.00 45” snowblower and after only using it a few times we had to spend over $600 in repairs. The repairs cost so much because the mechanic couldn’t find parts. Then we needed shear pins and could not find them in any sears store, nor could they be ordered through parts direct! After speaking with the store manager in Danbury CT. we found out that all of the parts for this machine have been discontinued!!! Are they serious!!! They sell you something and then discontinue all of the parts making this machine useless to us!!!! After going round and round with the store manager in Danbury CT. She sent us (1) pack of NO NAME (not craftsman) shear pins with the part number crossed off so we couldn’t get them again if we wanted to… if they knew anything about what they sold they would know that we needed 8 of them to make the auger work… How dare they sell a product and then discontinue all of the parts!!! I want a full refund because this machine is useless to us!!!! I’ve asked the store manager what Sears is going to do about this problem and now she is ignoring my emails and phone calls… I’ve asked her for the regional Vice Presidents contact information EIGHT TIMES and she is ignoring this request also!!!! I feel like going to the store and tell everyone that’s looking at snowblowers not to buy them and to go to Lowe’s or Home Depot!!!!

    1. Not that my comment will help solve my problem but, maybe it can save someone else money in the future. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON SEARS EXTENDED WARRANTY. I’ve had my refrigerator for 36 yrs. Unfortunately my husband always kept the extended warranty on our appliances, he has paid this every three years, its replacement value. In 2010 they replaced washer without a problem. In Dec 19th, 2017 refrigerator stopped working, service tech couldn’t come out until Jan 10th, 2018 of course, just to check the problem, we had to go thru Christmas and new years without refrigerator, I had to give away all my meats and frozen foods, so not to spoil. So, Jan 10 tech said, I needed new motor for freezer, he ordered it, motor was here in 3 days, I called for tech, he couldn’t come for 8 more days. I’ve now been without refrigerator for almost 30 days. It was replaced, worked fine but, now I need new seal for the door. Refrigerator is working but running all the time to keep cold because of seal. Seal arrived, called service they said tech would be here Jan 25th 2018. He was a no show, called again, lady said, they hadn’t scheduled a tech for my repair and couldn’t get anyone here until the 7th of Feb. That means I’ll have been without repair for 6 and a half weeks. Still waiting, now I’ll admit we were fools for paying all these years, but we were old school who took people for their word, I’ll never do that again. I’ve lived in this county for 70 yrs and reach out to as many people I know to let them know how Sears and their warranty’s work and encourage them not to have anything to do with Sears or they’re affiliates.

  37. Dear Sirs/Ma’am

    I”m looking for my application that was sent to the JOLIET IL store/Orland park IL. Please Assist. I have to many in when can I start?

  38. We bought a Kenmore Elite refregerater from Sears in Greensboro, NC two years ago. It quit cooling on Oct. 26, 2017. The store one year warranty ran out a year ago. It was almost two weeks for someone to come out and look at it. They determined it was the compressor. Of course they did not have one on the truck. It had to be ordered. They set up a new time to come out and fix it. The compressor did not come. Another time was set up to fix it. Every time you call, you get someone out of the country who knows nothing, can not put you in touch with anyone that knows anything or has any authority. We find out from the first repairman that the compressor is an LG. We would never buy an LG refregerater. So we went through Thanksgiving without a refregerater. The compressor finely came. The repairman came and put it in yesterday. And guess what? It does not work. So, here we go again. Found out from this repairman the whole refregerater is an LG. (A pig with a bow on it) At this point I want my money back. I do not want it fixed and I do not want another Sears product. I feel like the product was misrepresented and Sears has no service. Made in Korea. I am ready to take this piece and set it right in the front door of Sears, so people can not get in. Or another lawsuit, what do you think. Not looking forward to going through Christmas without a refregerater. Angry and pissed. So now waiting for another call to set up a time for someone else to come out and look at it. Compressors are on back order due to replacing so many. There is a lemon law! I think I will let the local press know about what you do not get when you buy from Sears. Service and what you pay for. The CEO of Sears does not know why Sears is going under. REALLY! Does he not read all of these complaints. Not a very smart man.

    1. July 9, 2018 I am from CA and we are currently experiencing the same problem. Were you able to get any help from Sears? I am currently looking for a way to have a conversation with or email a CEO or COO or District or Regional Manager of Sears. I am beyond frustrated as our Refrigerator quit at 10 months.

      I have tried speaking to the Store Manager (who hung up on me) and I am getting nowhere but upset and frustrated! My husband and I went to the store that evening to speak to the manager in person an she lied when I told she hung up on me and she was very rude and walked away only coming back a few minutes later to hand me a number that would not help me out at all. She told me she was done and she wasn’t going to waste anymore of her time or the companies time. I asked her since when is customer serve a waste of time? That was her job.


      pamelakorstad @xxxxx.com

  39. We have been trying for the past week to claim our warranty for the mattress we bought back in 2010. They said we have 30 days to fulfill the claim, but now because of the run around we only have 3 weeks to get this resolved. We have gotten numerous emails with a disclaimer at the bottom stating “if you purchase a bed less than the warranteed amount you will not be able to receive the difference back, and if you purchase a mattress greater than the amount of the warranty then the customer is responsible for paying the difference”. I am more than willing to pay a higher price for a better mattress.
    During one call the gentleman told me I could either get a mattress for the exact warranteed amount or keep the faulty mattress we are trying to claim the warranty on. Absurd! I’m not going to buy the same mattress considering we have been suffering through its disintegration for the past 5 years (we’ve had it for 7 with a 10 yr warrantee).
    We also used my military discount for the original bed purchase, so now the warranty is good for what we paid for it but not the full price of the mattress. Now they will no longer let us use my military discount. Now whatever bed we get we have to pay the full price for the mattress even if we get the same one that we are trying to get rid of. Not being able to use my military discount this time will allow them to make money on a warranty exchange.
    I called days later after calming down. Decided to get a different mattress that was only a few hundred dollars more than the warranty amount. This whole time dealing with this, I have been using the Sears website to choose. We don’t have a sears near us. We chose the new Sealy Cocoon mattress on the Sears website and called them back. After talking with the warranty department, they told me that I couldn’t have this one either. They said that it was not sold by Sears. It was sold by ErgodE. So my warranty apparently won’t cover the bed even tho it’s on the Sears website. I think they are being a bit too picky. Nowhere does it say any of this in the emails or warranty information or even the original receipt. Its like they are making it up as they go!
    The whole time I have been dealing with them, They have been unreasonable. Telling me I will have to pay for shipping on a warranty replacement even tho their mattress ad said it is free shipping.
    So I also found out that the warranty doesn’t cover the box spring. Fine, ok. I get that, but now I’m stuck with it if I chose a bigger, better bed. So I was checking on deals for Black Friday and found out that they were giving free boxsprings with with a purchase of a mattress above a certain price just like free shipping above a certain price spent. They also told me I couldn’t use that perk either. Its almost impossible to use the warranty to pick out a new bed! They told me I had to get a bed through the warranty department and not to purchase it in the store. What choice do I have. So how dare then tell me I can’t get a bed through Sears.com. Its a bed sold at Sears store, online, what’s the difference?
    It just seems like they don’t care about our business. It has been a long week and some change. Trying to explain what they themselves have already told me. Going back on everything, toying with me, and blowing smoke up my ass. A store should not have this much power over you making a purchase. Bad business! I’m going to be sleeping on it, not them!
    Personal note, Sears has been going down hill for a long time, now they are trying to hold on to everything with their sticky fingers! You think with all this negative attention, something would be done. All the lawsuits, failures, blog reports and negative reviews. Wow! I tell you after I get this resolved, we are done with Sears!!! Everyone I know will feel the same after this if they don’t already!
    I think enough is said for now. I will be pursuing further action any way I can. Hopefully it won’t come to getting a lawyer, but I have a feeling it will.

    1. I feel the same way i been contacting them since my elderly grandparents purchased a refrigerator from them. The refrigerator has been going out every since they have had it hasn’t been 6 months. They wouldn’t replace i t they continue to reorder parts and one time the wrong part was ordered and they didn’t notify them. They were called again on Friday and scheduled a repair we still haven’t received email confirmation although they said i t was sent. I asked to speak with a supervisor and he was as foolish as the representative. This doesn’t make any sense i will be filing a consumer complaint and a lawsuit to follow if this isn’t resolved tomorrow. Why should we have to complain and goes to this extent for products that we paid for ! This is ridiculous SEARS! I do not recommend SEARS at all go elsewhere FAST !!!!!!!

      1. July 9, 2018 I am from CA and we are currently experiencing the same problem. Were you able to get any help from Sears? I am currently looking for a way to have a conversation with or email a CEO or COO or District or Regional Manager of Sears. I am beyond frustrated as our Refrigerator quit at 10 months.

        I have tried speaking to the Store Manager (who hung up on me) and I am getting nowhere but upset and frustrated! My husband and I went to the store that evening to speak to the manager in person an she lied when I told she hung up on me and she was very rude and walked away only coming back a few minutes later to hand me a number that would not help me out at all. She told me she was done and she wasn’t going to waste anymore of her time or the companies time. I asked her since when is customer serve a waste of time? That was her job.


        pamelakorstad @xxxxx.com

        P.s. Were you able to find resolution to this craziness? I need direction!

  40. Do not buy any appliances from Sears. They will rip you off. They sell defected and damaged items as new. They will not give you your money back; they will not replace the item that is damaged. Customer Solutions Department is in the Philippines. Customer Solutions Reps will not let you speak with a supervisor and they will hang up on you. Sales Associates will not rectify the sale.

  41. Let me start by saying this is the first bad experience I’ve had with Sears. I’ve made many major purchases and smaller purchases with the company over the years and have never had any problems like this before. I wish I could upload the sound that I have to live with and have been living with for over a month now. Sears has yet to repair my refrigerator that I purchased through them a few months ago with a service plan. They schedule appointments then they cancel and tell me I have to take more time out of my day to reschedule. All the while continuing to take money out of my bank account for the refrigerator that does not work properly. I requested a manager multiple times and sat on hold for more than 2 hours trying to get a manager but staff continuing to refuse my request. During my hold time the Rep kept trying to get me to hang up. Once I supposedly got a manager on the phone he was rude and had no concern about what I’m living with. Who wants to be without a refrigerator for over a month when you continuing to pay for it? Because you can’t stop the company from taking the money out of your account but they don’t want to fix it either. Now I’m being told that I have to wait yet another week before I can get a representative to come and supposedly hopefully this time fix it. No idea how many times a technician has to come back out to my home for the same problem before they will completely replace it. I’ve had a technician out to my home four times already. That means I have to take off from work or my husband has to take off from work to make ourselves available for the repair person to come. We continue to lose time and money and nobody seems to have any kind of sympathy, real apology, nor make any effort to repair the problem. After this I seriously doubt me returning to Sears to make any other large purchases. I’m truly disappointed in the handling of this matter. We all expect better from you as a company. Do you care about your customers any more??

  42. Wow!! I am deeply discouraged. While every expirience here don’t respresent the vast majority of their customer experiences, it is enough for me to change my mind about renewing my extended warranty. Funny how I had a very minor but similar this morning. After reading these complaints I am Definitely done with them too!!! Thanks for sharing the many Warnings.

    1. I am fighting with Sears to place my new gas range. I purchased it in late August 2017. The range has a split oven and the part that controls the single oven is defective. Part was ordered immediately but it still has not arrived. I have been in communication weekly with Home Services and I was told that after 21 days, I could get a replacement range. Needless to say, according to Customer Solution team member John, that can’t happen for 30 days. I have the 21 days in writing but he said nothing can be done. I am totally at a loss and sick over this. I spent almost $2,000 for the range and service agreement less than 3 months ago! Sears will no longer get my business. I have purchased 5 major appliance through Sears in the last 16 months.

      1. July 9, 2018 I am from CA and we are currently experiencing the same problem. Were you able to get any help from Sears? I am currently looking for a way to have a conversation with or email a CEO or COO or District or Regional Manager of Sears. I am beyond frustrated as our Refrigerator quit at 10 months.

        I have tried speaking to the Store Manager (who hung up on me) and I am getting nowhere but upset and frustrated! My husband and I went to the store that evening to speak to the manager in person an she lied when I told she hung up on me and she was very rude and walked away only coming back a few minutes later to hand me a number that would not help me out at all. She told me she was done and she wasn’t going to waste anymore of her time or the companies time. I asked her since when is customer serve a waste of time? That was her job.


        pamelakorstad @xxxxx.com

        P.s. Can you tell me if you have been able to speak with anyone in authority that can help you?

    2. I am fighting with Sears to replace my Samsung Refrigerator. They have delivered 3 replacement Refrigerator and each one was damaged. Now they are saying my 30 days for replacement is up. I paid $2200 for a new undamaged refrigerator. I should not have a new refrigerator serviced. I have been dealing with this issue since August, 2017.

      1. I purchased a Samsung Smart TV which was damaged when I got it home, Samsung won’t do anything as they call it Physical damage although you don’t know it is damaged till you get it home and plug it in, the inner screen is shattered.I Bought it from a K-Mart going out of business and they would not exchange it as it was all sales final. Have made numerous calls to Samsung, K-mart and Sears. I did get a call after letters to the Sears CEO’s and he sent another Sears repairman to look at it and he had no idea where the call was from as there was no work order #. Trying to call back but he is out sick I think K-mart, when they have a going out of business and do an all sales final gather all their damaged merchandise from other stores and puts it in this sale!!!!!! can’t get your money back.

      2. Just curious…. have you gotten anywhere?

        July 9, 2018 I am from CA and we are currently experiencing the same problem. Were you able to get any help from Sears? I am currently looking for a way to have a conversation with or email a CEO or COO or District or Regional Manager of Sears. I am beyond frustrated as our Refrigerator quit at 10 months.

        I have tried speaking to the Store Manager (who hung up on me) and I am getting nowhere but upset and frustrated! My husband and I went to the store that evening to speak to the manager in person an she lied when I told she hung up on me and she was very rude and walked away only coming back a few minutes later to hand me a number that would not help me out at all. She told me she was done and she wasn’t going to waste anymore of her time or the companies time. I asked her since when is customer serve a waste of time? That was her job.


        pamelakorstad @xxxxc.com

        P.s. Can you tell me if you have been able to speak with anyone in authority that can help you?

  43. Today, a uniformed Sears worker, along with three more inside a Sears truck came to my Security Community. Entered and drove up to my house, gained entry to my home (one), the other 3 stayed in the truck while I was upstairs on the computer and watching TV in my room right after I returned from being dropped off by a friend around 3:00 p.m., Miami, Florida (EST). I take care of my elderly mother, 83 yo whom suffers from Alzheimer’s and Dementia for more than 10 years. She was downstairs, not sure if employee entered house or if mother opened door. She does not clearly recall. She is in a panic, anxiety attack, shortness of breath and chest pressure. She came up the stairs to my room and said “There’s a man in the house who won’t leave and wants to talk to you.” She stated he was at the foot of my stairs, 1/2 way into my house, enclosed, locked porch and she told me he was going to come up the stairs if I didn’t come down to talk to him.” I immediately went into terror, fright, adrenaline rushing, safety, keeping my house, and mother safe, mode. I dressed and descended the stairs and there was a large, burly framed, big muscular man dressed in jeans, a cobalt blue polo shirt and same colored hat standing at the foot of my stairs. I tried to put my iphone video camera on to catch the act, but fumbled and couldn’t due to the panic. I immediately said, you are an intruder, you have trespassed into my home, my mother has dementia, please get out and we can speak outside my locked porch. He refused to move or exit my home . . . . all my neighbors saw this as I screamed “Help” since I didn’t see his face or did he state his business and I asked my neighbor to call 911 there was a man in my home and i’m asking him to leave, exit my home and he refuses……………..Metro-Dade Police, 2 cars blaring lights and horn and four officers came simultaneously into my house where I had nearly collapsed, as well as the Emergency Medical Services team of 4 came in to check my mother and myself …….. the individual was a worker from Sears, demanding I give him $2,500.00 for services rendered two weeks before, and said “I’m not leaving until you pay me.” I tried calling Sears numbers and finally the Fort Lauderdale office where I found the work order, and they were of no help, unsympathetic to what happened, my state, my mother’s state, all they cared about was getting their money. I pleaded and pleaded with them to help me report this act that left me and my mother feeling “raped, harrassed, trespassed upon, bullying my mother and myself, asking for payment, rude, scary, big burly man in my home, he took away our security, our humility, our respect, esp. my 83yo mother with dementia, made us feel like criminals with no protection, and many other things I can’t write now, my hands are shaking, I’m having a panic attack, short of breath, scared for my safety, how easily this man walked into my home and harassed and pushed me and my elderely mother around, verbal abuse, pushing me, this from a Sears worker? Being watched by three of his co-workers I’m supposing. Failing to exit a private home after asked over, and over, and over again ??? I asked the lady whom spoke to me from the Fort Laud. office, “is it usual and customary for an employee to trespass into someone’s home, demand payment and not exit when the owner of the premises asks, up to having to cause emotional and physical pain, angst, fear, etc., trying to colllect fully on a bill that’s 48 hrs. late?”, and she said, “No, it is not usual and customary at all and I’m sorry this happened.”

    WHAT DO I DO? I HAVE TO TAKE MY MOTHER TO HER DOCTOR TOMORROW BECAUSE OF THIS MAN, I HAVE TO SEAK TREATMENT FOR THE TRAUMATIZATION OF THIS ACT? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO ?????????? SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER TO ME, I’D LIKE THIS TO GO TO Edward S. Lampert, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Jefferey A. Balagna, Exec. VP, Kristen M. Coleman, General Counsel, Sr. Vice President and Corporate Sect’y, Jason M. Hollar, CFO, Robert A. Riecker, Controller & Head of Capital Market Activities, Leena Munjal, Senior VP (Fulfilment and supply chain and sourcing, Stephen Zoll, President (Online), Joelle Maher, President and Chief Member Officer (Sears), et.al. on the Corporate tree, Human Resources, Risk Management, and to all the Board of Directors: Edward S. Lampert, Cesar L. Alvarez, Bruce R. Berkowitz, Paul G. DePodesta, Alesia J. Haas, Kural S. Kamlani, William C. Kunkler III, Steven T. Mnuchin, Ann N. Reese, Thomas J. Tisch, Sears Facebook, Sears Twitter/@SearsDeals, Sears Instagram, Sears Google, Sears Services Customer Support for their lack of support on this delicate matter, MEDIA DEPARTMENT, SEARS INVESTOR RELATIONS AND ALL CORPORATE, LEGAL PERSONNEL.

  44. Sears is Remodeling my bathroom. I signed the contract on Aug. 14,2017 and my bathroom is not completed yet. They were supposed to start 10/16/17. No one showed up on that date and I was not notified that they were not coming. I called to find out why they didn’t come and I was told the permi had not been pulled. They had a month to pull the permit. The sub contractors finally showed up on 11/6/17. The plumber came the next day. The sub contractors were to come back after the plumber finished his part. I received a call that their truck needed to be repaired. Two days later they returned and worked Fri. & Sat. They wanted to returned on Sun.but I told them I go to church on Sun. and they could come on Mon. They had to be in Orlando on Mon.My bathroom is still not finished after 3 months.I will never use Sears again or purchase any appliances from them. They are not dependable. .

  45. SEARS IS A RIP OFF AND ARE LYING. THEY ARE REFUSING TO Refund MY $1283.81 FOR A BED THAT WAS FULL OF BUGS WHEN DELIVERED. This customer service is a joke no phone #s work or u get someone in another country, who can’t speak. This is run like our government, bunch of lying thieves.

  46. Similar to stories above. Bought a Sears fridge not a year old and stopped working. We also have an extended warranty . Called Sears had to wait 2 weeks for tech to come . Couldn’t fit it – Said would have parts sent. Parts arrived, However, service person couldn’t come for another 2 weeks because he would not be in our area. Then they couldn’t make the scheduled date (“TECH IS SICK”) So we are put on the end of the line for the next date in three more weeks.(“Tech will not be in our area till then”) It will be 5 weeks without a fridge if they even make the new date. We are in our late 80’s and have medical situations and without a fridge it adds to our problems , But customer service does not seem to care.

    1. Sears is a total racket! I got a “diagnostic” done on my washing machine and the “repair man” tore the machine up. Now Sears is trying to charge me to fix what the “repair man” broke. Unbelievable! Naturally, all customer service calls are routed to the Philippinians and no one will take responsibility.

    2. I have had the same issues. I would recommend calling the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint. File a complaint with the corporate office.Make as big a stink as you can. If we as consumers continue to stand up to these corporate bullies there will be results. There is such a lack of integrity from the customer service employees and the dispatchers. I have been lied to multiple times. I am sick of it!


  47. We purchased a freezer with free delivery which is bad, as they always come 4 or 5 hours before I get home from work.
    I asked them if 5:30 to 6:00 am would work since they wanted to come so early and they laughed at me!
    2 days in a row . I also asked would they deliver it to my work or to my local store so i could pick it up after work one day but they said they could only deliver it to my address which obviously doesn’t work so i take that as they are laughing at me again! Today i got off work and got home at 1:30 for a 1:00 to 3: 00 pm delivery time to find a message that they came by before 10 AM !


    Purchased a Craftsman Pressure Washer in 2015. Used one time in 2015. In 2016, Pressure washer would not start. Took it to be repaired. Used it one time. 2017, Pressure washer once again does not work. Out of warranty. Not their problem. I believe they sold us a used Pressure Washer brought back by someone else. Will never purchase anything else from Sears.

  49. Sears delivery service is terrible. They are telling me I have to wait till the twentieth of this month for delivery, I will be at work and I cannot leave my job and come home between one and 4 and sit and wait. I am on vacation now and I was told Thursday Today. I’m so frustrated and want go to the media and expose everything Sears is doing. I will not be buying anything else from Sears. I don’t care what it is and I am going to tell all family members and friends not to buy anything from Sears because Sears will not take care of you, they do not care.

  50. Worst customer service at Sears, I’ve ever dealt with. People only read from a computer screen not there to help you. If your product fails while it’s under warranty they will make an appointment to come out overbook there service tech then call you and tell you they are sick. Then they will reschedule 4 weeks and weeks down the road. This is now happen to me on a numerous amount of occasions on my Craftsman riding lawn tractor. I’ve spent numerous hours trying to get a hold of somebody that actually gives a crap in this company and to my amazement there is no one! This explains why Sears is a failing brand and will continue to be until somebody in their company actually gives a crap about customer service. Most of the customer service people are in a foreign country when you finally do talk to somebody over here they just give you the Spiel and run around so my advice to everyone buy from Walmart or anybody for that matter other than the Sears brand.

  51. WOW again. My post has been up since Feb 28th and no answer. Steed at one time that is was being moderated but I have heard nothing. I guess this is just a site to vent ans no action taken. Classy act Sears.

  52. Never again will i trust Sears for anything, especially their automotive department in Beavercreek, Oh. Finally made the decision to spend almost $1000.00 on new tires for both my vehicles only to have all 4 aluminum wheels badly scratched during valve stem replacements. The store managers are unable to do anything except listen to your complaint, then refer you to their “3rd party” damage company Sedgwick from East Dundee, Ill. who will intern run you thru the ringer for weeks at a time making you provide “credible proof” as they like to say, proving the damages were done during the tire replacements. As it happens, i even had a picture of the wheel dated 2 days before the tires were changed showing zero damage and then more pictures dated 2 days later & now with all 4 wheels damaged directly below each valve stem. Even with picture proof they are still denying responsibility and even accused me of damaging them myself somehow, the day in between the 1st and 2nd pictures, seriously !! Biggest crock of crap i’ve ever been shoveled ! I have filed a Better Business complaint, called Eddie Lampert (the CEO of Sears) who’s complaint team takes & screens his calls only to refer me back to Sedgwick ever time & help in no way. Bare in mind no representative from Sears or Sedgwick will bother to personally inspect your damages, only count on you to prove they did it, but are immediately aggressive & claim they didn’t do any damage & i cannot prove they did even with the before & after pictures i have. For a company that’s been in business since the late 1800’s and supposedly pride themselves on customer satisfaction & quality workmanship, they suck at taking responsibility for just about anything from what i’ve read on other complaints. I would welcome any response directly from Sears management but all they’ll do is refer you to some 3rd party, out of state company that basically tell you “sorry about your luck” and we don’t really care, we’re right, your wrong, even though you have picture proof, we’ll just find other suckers like you and take their money instead. Richard Warren Sears, founder of Sears in 1886, must be rolling over in his grave daily & has good reason too ! The people in charge of the company, customer satisfaction & consumer relations couldn’t give 2 cents about what happens to everyday hard working, honest people who trust in them to provide good products and services or damages done to their property while in their care. I highly suggest no one use these services unless “A” you don’t care about costs or damages or “B” you actually have a time stamped, notarized, attorney witnessed, video of them during the entire process, or else they will have multiple excuses why they are not responsible or why you can’t prove they did anything & all the damages are somehow your fault. Very, very, very sad business ethics & i cannot believe the way this many people are being treated & still are in business. Obviously quite a bit of their profits go to 3rd party insurers like Sedgwick, to cover their butt daily against law suits. If i had the money, i would have this in court so fast Mr Lampert’s head would spin but with their lawyers & 3rd party connections, all of us people that support his multi million dollar income loose, and are basically dared to do anything about it. *** Heed my words, find local mom & pop business’s to give your trust and money too instead of places like this, you will get much better quality & return for your money with alot less hassle. *** Also To Sears Corporate *** if you care to take 5 minutes and contact me direct to try to put faith back in your company, you now have my contact information. But like everyone else is saying, i doubt anyone cares enough to follow up on yet another nightmare. I actually wonder how you sleep at night knowing this many people have had this many bad experiences and choose to deny all of them ! Whether you choose to contact me back or not or attempt to have this corrected, the word of social media will eventually take it’s toll on you & i doubt any of us will stop leaving reply’s like this until either it does or you step up to the plate & make your business what it once was and respect your customers instead of creating loop holes to get out of your responsibilities. Man up already !!

    1. Going through the same after sears carpet cleaners soaked my carpets throughout ny home over 800 sq feet, created a mold issue now and carpeting is ruined. Sedgwick ….ughhh too stressful to explain the same as your issues

    2. To Tracey, i’m sorry to hear you have the same nightmare with Sedgwick as i do, but i fear there are a ton more just like us ! This place is one of the biggest rackets i’ve ever had the displeasure of even talking too & guaranteed you will get nowhere fast ! They must be laid-off or fired criminal lawyers who can’t find work anywhere else & are obviously paid off by denying claims ! I have since filed complaints thru Sears Corporate escalated claims department, regional & territorial managers, am in the process of finding out who the owner is of this privately owned repair center who i will also be contacting, and am seriously considering filing a Better Business Report on Sedgwick direct. I highly suggest you do the same & the process can be started by calling escalated claims @ 1-800-479-6351. They will assign you a case # and start a 3 part complaint process beginning with the store manager, then escalating to district & regional managers for response. They are required to respond to you within 24-48 hrs. in each complaint level. As of today 2-9-17, my 1st level complaint has went unanswered for the past 7 days (imagine that) and as of yesterday was forwarded to District management level. I’m not holding my breath, but we’ll see how moving up the ladder goes. I also have a complaint pending with channel 2 news called “Turn to 2” which typically has very good results with getting businesses attention with things of this nature. I’m not going away, nor will i give up on my fight and you shouldn’t either ! If enough of us fight the good fight and don’t let places like Sedgwick win, either things will improve, people like you & I will be reimbursed for damages & the company will prosper, or they will be out of business and the local mom & pop stores will thrive and our lives will return to what they should have been in the first place ! Its very, very sad that we spend hard earned money & put trust in major corporations, only to have experiences like this. I wish you luck with your claim & the key ingredient is NEVER GIVE UP !!

  53. I purchased a pair of rainboots in January 2017. My mother died 2 weeks later. The boots were too small when I tried them on in February 2017 because of course I was dealing with my mother’s death and the lawyer to her estate. They were too small so I needed to exchange them for a larger size. This is the unbelievable part. I was told Sears will not refund or exchange and item after 30 days and that I was stuck paying the $33 and had to keep the merchandise. I really understand why Sears is going broke. I am 70 years old and have never dealt with the company with such poor customer service. In the past I have made some major purchases with Sears but never again. As I see it from the other comments Sears customers are proclaiming as I am that we will never buy from Sears again. I’m sure soon we will see this Sears won’t be in business anymore but won’t be surprised.

  54. I note that Sears have stopped selling Trump products. Could you let us know if this is because they are a left leaning corporation as my sense is that with Trump winning the electoral college, this short sighted initiative might be hurting your customer base.

    Interested to know your rationale as with us being a reasonably sized family, seven children, I’m inclined to think that we will be choosing to shop elsewhere ongoing.

    My hope is that for your shareholders stake, the left will up their game and give you greater support. Even so, I’m not sure it’s worked for Target.

    Thought you should know what a lot of average Americans are thinking.

    Thanks. David

    1. David, I’ll tell you why? because they are smart enough to know that they have customers of all races and creeds and Trumps cabinet appears to be racist…. People like me, complained, millions around the globe, of all nationalities and races are against the perceived agenda

  55. I am currently on hold for the probably 15th hour of my futile attempt to return a defective Kenmore Elite Canister Vacuum. Having spent many years working on Capitol Hill, I have no illusions that this will be read or even responded to. I have even considered shameless name dropping such as: Oh…. Eddie Lampert is a Greenwich neighbor. blah blah However, I know that no power on earth could save me from the stroke I am about to have trying to make- what should be a simple return of your defective merchandise. I just am trying to vent my frustrations and sadness over your total disregard for your consumer.

    My Kenmore Elite arrived unusable. The cleaning lady informed me the exhaust filter cover blows off every time the vacuum was switched on. I have even tried to duck tape it to stay shut which works for a few minutes. I began my torturous journey with your “customer service” on Monday January 30, and still have not received a label to return said item or my refund. We all have much more important agendas than spending hours on the phone repeating the same problem to 15 different people in 15 different call cities in the world only to learn that there is no documentation of your 14 previous phone calls and no solution to what is a tremendous hassle to the consumer (who expects to receive a dysfunctional new vacuum?) (Clearly Sears doesn’t believe in quality control). Alas, this has been my sorry life for the past ten days. A victim of a company that is failing, owned by a billionaire who doesn’t even bother visiting the headquarters.

  56. Will never buy a thing from Sears again. Been trying to get our less than one year old refrigerator fixed since Jan 1. We have the service agreement package. Was told first available appt Jan 20th. Store managed to get escalated to Jan 6, tech shows up and fridge has a bad compressor and some tech board, but lo and behold doesn’t have on the truck. Has to order and was told when the parts are received I needed to call for appt. Before the evening was even over I got an email saying next appt was Jan 27, almost one month away. Parts were received within 5 days and we waited for the 27th since no calling the Call Center managed to change anything. The Sears Home Services Call Center is a joke. Reading from a script and using a canned software calendar package with no room for change. Waited patiently and the 26th rolls around I get a phone call reminder about appt in morning on 27th. At 3:30 on the 26th I get an email saying to call Sears Home Services to reschedule appt. Call the Call Center and am advised my appt for 27th (which I’ve waited a month for) is cancelled because tech called in sick on Thursday afternoon for Friday schedule. Sounds fishy to me. They say next available appt is Feb 22nd. What? Why are we being penalized because your tech called in sick. Why are we being put to the back of the line…seems to me that the entire schedule should be shifted. Got no where with Call Center foreigners…hard enough to understand their bad English. Went to store and told manager if he didn’t figure out a way to resolve this we would load the frig on our truck and bring it back. He said he was trying to get a service manager to call us. We agreed to wait until end of day but said we would be bringing it back and making a big stink out of it. At around 4 on Friday afternoon on the day we should have had it fixed, some woman from Georgia called to say she was working on it and asked if we had the parts. For gosh sake look in your computer system, you will see how long they have been sitting. I knew no one would call back that day but my husband held out hope to no avail. So tomorrow is Monday, January 30th and we will have had no working refrigerator/freezer for 30 days and have no idea how to get this freaking mess resolved. You can’t talk to a live body who can help at all. I swear if we don’t hear from someone tomorrow, we will be loading this refrigerator on our truck and will be dropping it on the store floor and will surely make sure every customer looking to buy any appliance in the store gets the message…DON’T BUY FROM SEARS AND DEFINITELY DON’T BUY THEIR SERVICE AGREEMENT! Seems like we have been scammed. Have a broken less than a year old refrigerator and paid for a service agreement and we can’t get service.

    1. Sears brand Kenmore Elite Refrigerator, sears repair service and third party repair service Clear Vent will not recommend to anyone. same problem

    2. I am having about the same problem with a Kenmore washer that I bought just a year ago from Sears, along with the extended warranty plan. Started having big problems just prior to having the machine for one year. At first they started sending Dish Satellite Network here to fix the problem. Then after making complaints, got techs out here several different times with A & E Vans and no ID at all on the techs, saying I just don’t have it with me today.
      Problem diagnosed, had to call them again because problem not solved, This keeps happening over and over and I have to take off work, lose money and sit and wait for them to show up between 8a,m and 5pm.They have been here twice in the last five days. When I call they just tell me they will have to reschedule an appt. It is hard to understand what they are saying because they do not speak very good English. I am very angry and fed up with Sears and their service. I will tell everyone I know and then some, not to buy from Sears. They take your money and give you bad products and don’t honor their warranties. I am so DISQUSTED with them.

  57. I will never buy anything from SEARS.ca. The online system has a big problem. They charged an “unable” to process order and even delivered it. When I asked for a refund. They need me to drive the products back to the store. It took two months for me to get the refund. And they refund me without the shipping and handling fee. But originally, it was the system error to make the order out from their warehouse!!!!!!!!!! The story has not end yet. Their system had error again on Jan 1, 2017. They sent me an email saying that my order is placed with the same order number that I had refund. They charged me again and refund me after a few days with any phone call or email to explain. But then, the refund was $5 less due to the NON-REFUNDABLE shipping and handling fee. What? The error is them not us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called the customer line for more than 10 times to repeatedly explain and, as expected, every representative was nice but unable to help much. Now, I was asked to give my bank record to prove that I was charged and refunded without the shipping and handling fee. The representative said it was easy to do and encouraged me to do so. I will do it and give it a try. But I cannot trust SEARS.ca anymore.

  58. I am furious.I just want a manager to call me like I have requested 10 times already I want Sears to pick up this washing machine and I will never ever do business with Sears again my family has been without a washing machine and dryer for over a month now because of Sears. First off I got the wrong dryer delivered. Second the delivery man told me it would take me tops a few days to get the correct one delivered. I was told to call a specific number and they would deliver me my new dryer. I called that number and the representative on the phone said my dryer was going to be on the way they would call me in a day or two. I waited a week and was furious because I explained to the representative that we don’t have a washer and dryer and they said it would be taken care of. I then called my local Sears and had a supervisor over there make phone calls for me to figure out my situation. She went ahead and made phone calls and said a specific person was going to be calling me in to get my dryer delivered. I waited another week and nobody called me. Here I am a month later with no washer and dryer nobody called me back and nobody helping me!!! I am absolutely furious! Once again I need a manager to call me and I want this washer and dryer picked up I Bought my washer and dryer on Black Friday that’s how long it has been!!!!! I have never ever experienced something like this in my life before. I will be calling the Better Business Bureau yelp and anyone else I can get a hold of to express this absurd situation!! AS OF THIS MOMENT IM CALLING MY LOCAL STORE AND HITTING ZERO AND NO ONE IS PICKING UP!!!!


    1. WOW Sears customer service has fallen and fallen. This is in regards to your Citibank card. I first contact them when I received a bill from Sears that says my minimum payment was 118.00. They took 306.00 from my account which made in overdraft. I called Citibank and they refunded the overage to my bank account. Everything was good. Feb 27th I get a call from Citibank and they are demanding that I pay the part that was refunded and immediately since it was “delinquent” and also the billing for March (even though it wasn’t due until March 21. I explained what happened and they didn’t care. I ask them why did they refund the money then if it was due. They didn’t answer me they just kept saying I owed them money and that I was delinquent and they were charging me a late charge. I went up two supervisors and they all said the same thing and again and again when I asked why did you refund the money, they just ignored the questions and told me to pay up. I was so upset I started crying. I had also sent an email to them saying what happened and they told me that my account was delinquent and that I my account has been sent to collections. Horrible! I paid the amount owed today but I never have felt so much unrelenting anger toward the situation. No ever answered my question, just if you don’t pay you will go to collections.
      I used to buy a lot at sears but that time is over. I will never make another charge on my Citibank card and when it is paid off it will be cancelled. You might say Citibank is not Sears, but if you choose a bank to represent you yes, it is Sears. Sorry I can’t do business with you again.

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