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Best Buy Headquarters.

Best Buy’s story began in 1966 in Saint Paul, when two entrepreneurs established a store specialising in hi-fi equipment and electronics. The store was initially called Sound of Music, and achieved phenomenal success during its first few years. In the early 80s, product offer was significantly expanded, and the company changed its name to Best Buy in 1983. There are now Best Buy stores in more than 1,000 locations, where customers can buy brand-name electronics as well as those from Best Buy’s own brands, like Dynex, Platinum, Insignia, and Magnolia Home Theater.

The company has been awarded several prizes, including Specialty Retailer of the Decade (2001) and Company of the Year (2004).

Best Buy Corporate Office Contacts.

If you are looking to get in touch with Best Buy’s headquarters in Minnesota, you can do so by sending a letter or by phone.

Best Buy Headquarters Phone Numbers:



Phone Line Hours: Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Central Standard Time)


Best Buy Headquarters Main Desk.

To reach  particular headquarters departments or an internal corporate team, please call on:



Best Buy Human Resources.
If you are an Best Buy employee and you need to contact the Best Buy HR Support Center then please call on:

+1-866-MY-BBY-HR (866-692-2947)


Best Buy Headquarters Address:

Best Buy Headquarters

7601 Penn Ave. S. Richfield,

MN, 55423


Best Buy Headquarters
The Best Buy Headquarters in in Richfield, Minnesota.

Best Buy Executive Team.

This is the full list of the key leaders at Best Buy.

  • Hubert Joly, Chairman & CEO
  • Shari Ballard, Senior Executive Vice President, President (U.S. Retail)
  • Corie Barry, Chief Financial Officer
  • Paula Baker, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Matt Furman, Chief Communications & Public Affairs Officer
  • Mary Lou Kelly, President (E-Commerce)
  • Mike Mohan, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Merchandising Officer
  • Keith Nelsen, General Counsel
  • Greg Revelle, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Asheesh Saksena, Chief Strategic Growth Officer
  • Trish Walker, President (Services)

Best Buy Board of Directors:

  • Hubert Joly, Chairman of the Board
  • J. Patrick Doyle
  • Lisa M. Caputo
  • Russell P. Fradin
  • Kahty J. Higgins
  • David W. Kenny
  • Karen McLoughlin
  • Thomas L. Millner
  • Claudia Fan Munce
  • Gerard R. Vittecoq

Best Buy Careers and Jobs.

Best Buy employs over 125,000 people and offers a variety of positions in both retail and corporate settings, including a training program for university graduates and opportunities for veterans.

You can explore the careers available at Best Buy by visiting this page. The company has dedicated career pages on various social media, like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

How to Complain to Best Buy.

Any complaints can be directed to Best Buy’s Customer Service team, which is available by calling +1-866-758-1457, +1-888-237-8289, or +1-888-BEST-BUY.

If you prefer to get support via Twitter, you can address your complaint to @BestBuySupport. Messages are replied to from Monday to Friday 7am-11pm (CST), and from 10am-6pm on Weekends and on public holidays.

The Geek Squad.

If you have a product that needs repair or if you have a technical question, then the Best Buy Geek Squad can help you. You need to have bought a Geek Squad Protection Plan to get help for free, though. It costs $199.99 for a 1 year plan, but then you get 24/7 Support for up to 3 devices. Call 1-800-433-5778 or use the Geek Squad Live Chat fuction to get immediate help.

The Best Buy Forum.

If you have a problem or a question, then you might be able to find an answer at the Best Buy Forum. You can ask a question and search for previously answered questions in the archive. Company Social Media Representatives are also at hand to answer questions or reply to complaints, but please expect to wait 24 hours for an answer.

Other Best Buy Resources.

Scroll down to find Best Buy’s social media profiles, information about their Help Center and rewards program, and company sub-sites that may be of interest to journalists and investors.

Share your feedback, complaints as well as praise, on Best Buy, below.

63 thoughts on “Best Buy Corporate Office Headquarters

  1. Purolator is the wrong company to deliver the products you advertise as 24 hr delivery. They just don’t show up and lie – “receiver inaccessible “ when there’s no need of a signature and the client, me, waited all day at home for the package. Also signing up for text alerts only works if they text you. I got one text at 11:30 am saying my item was on its way in the delivery truck and not another after that. Then around 5:00 pm. I check the tracking app for the 10th time, and it claims an exception- unable to deliver – receiver in accessible “. He/She/They just never bothered to come as promised. Such poor service. The 24 hr delivery has now morphed into 4 days. Let’s see if it actually arrives.

  2. Just to be straight forward with who ever runs thisCompany must know that you have the worst customer Servise I ever dealt with here in the USA.
    I would never step back on any of your stores neither my family.
    If someone has the gots to reply or pick up the phone to hear my stories and experience with your interesting company I would welcome them to call me sometimes in the morning . I rate your company an F !!!.!Below the standards of our life styles here in America.
    Very very disappointed of your Philippinas and Indians that answer your calls. Very very poor customer Servise .
    Your Company should be ashamed to treat innocent Customers in a bad way, ignore them or mishandle their rights and Business. We have never seen anything like this or encountered these bad Services period .
    Samuel J

  3. Hello, I have been waiting a year and a half for my CarPlay to be installed properly and even upgraded the system. I am very close to filing a small claims action against your company.

  4. Payments toward promotional are not what they seem. When customers make monthly payments they assume that their payments are found toward the promotional offer. FALSE. Customers have to call to Citi Bank and make a request for their monthly payment to do toward the promotion. There is not an option in the online billing section to add your payment for the promotional offer. This company is profiting off if high interested rates and not communicating clearly about how to pay off offers through their automated systems.

  5. I’ve spent most of my morning unsuccessful trying to contact someone to resolve an issue I’m having with purchases I made via my total tech membership. I’ve spoke to several individuals in Asia, one of which left the call on hold and refused to escalate my call. Additionally I was told there was no one in the US I could speak with. How is that possible when I purchased the electronics and total tech membership at the store in the great state of Texas?!?! I reconsidering doing business with Best Buy and closing my Best Buy credit card.

  6. I’m totally upset with the Customer Service service I received today. I was lied to from two Geek Squad individuals, one customer service representative and basically was called ignorant and one supervisor. This supervisor act as if my issues were his concern. I’ve been a customer for YEARS and I’ve NEVER been treated in such a disdain manner. You all broke your contract to have my item delivered yesterday and now you want me to pay the price of your mismanagement. I’m not willing to do such. I want my item delivered now. Not in another two weeks. I would’ve made a payment on an item that I do not have and I’m not sure how you all believe that’s great customer service.

  7. On Friday, March 10, 2023, I was told of a promotion of 10% back on a purchase in the Annapolis MD store if I signed up for a new Best Buy card. The purchase was first approved and then declined for the 10% back promotion. It was attempted three times and each time they would not authorize their promotion. Then, they offered us a 5% promotion on my husband’s card. So, we declined the purchase. They also declined to give me a call the next morning, as they stated. We still await your promised call as to an explanation??????
    If you continue to decline millionaires like us, you will soon lose your store.

  8. We purchased a Refrigerator on 3/04/2023.Waited 12hours on 3 11/2023 never received Refrigerator spoke with 4or 5 different agents all state that it has to be rescheduled until 3/15/2023 we’ll guess what all for is spoiled because Refrigerator have not been delivered.I hate that I feel this way but this hurts to the core. Waisted money gone down drain and food. Mr Alfred wants to be a what mouth. I said is the Refrigerator coming from Egypt he replied yes. Ok so that let’s me no he doesn’t care if I get it are not. Very poor service I’m sure we want get it on the 3/15/2023 but I know y’all food is in the fridge cooling poor customer service.I no all what I went through losing food damn show taught me never buy nothing large appliances again.

  9. I ordered a tv that was supposed to arrive on 2/3/23. I got an email saying it won’t arrive until 2/17/23. That is unthinkable. I can’t talk to a human being only text messages

  10. Terrible customer service. Consistently dishonest representatives. Complete failure to adequately respond to my concerns.

  11. My information was stolen somewhere between 12pm and 1:10pm on Monday, November 14th. And there’s no one to call about this.
    I was sent a very professional looking email from some “company” claiming to have a gift card for me to claim because of my computer claim. But there was no reference or claim number attached. So I didn’t click on anything.

    Then, my McAfee dark web protection alerted me that my email password was found 13 times on the dark web.

    Best Buy, you have someone on the inside selling information or you’ve been hacked.

  12. The Cypress TX location will never answer the phone. You can press for sales associate, tech associate or store manager it just rings and rings. I have an 11:00 appointment with Magnolia. It is 11:45 now and no one has called and all I get is ringing. How can a company survive doing business this way?

  13. Best Buy Corporate,

    My name is Paris Spencer and I am an African American male who lives in Lexington Tn. My fiancée (Jennifer Poole) is a Caucasian female. We went to Best Buy, in Jackson Tennessee on September 8, 2022. We were looking for a laptop for her. We went to the Apple section of store and started looking at the limited section of technology. We stood there for about 20 before we were able to get someone to come to that part of the store. Eventually, a Caucasian Male, came to where we were. He did not greet us, he just came over there and stood there. I asked him about two to three laptops, he said they were not available. I asked him about the IPad Pro, he said they were out of them too. Not a single question about what we needed the technology to do. I asked about the possibility of an Open Box. He said they had an IPad Pro. I thought to myself, didn’t he just say they didn’t have one, because the open box items are for sell too. I asked him if there was anything wrong with the item, he said no. I told him that we needed it have all the ports that a laptop would, that it would need to have the Microsoft apps like ‘Word, Excel, etc. He said it had all that. Still no explanation of the product. I asked if there were any other options were available, he looked at me with same disgusted look he had when he fist approached us, and that’s what I said. After unlocking the cabinet, he took out the IPad and just stood there. I asked him, would you recommend a padfolio for the IPad, he said he uses a certain one, and walked over and got it I asked if there were other padfolios. Looking inconvenienced, he said there was some over there, pointing to another selection. We ended up getting a padfolio and a Pen for the Ipad ($1,105) Jennifer was asking for us to leave, but I was trying work through it. There was no explanation of any refund policy (Which is Required by Apple). It was a terrible experience. We felt like we were treated like trash, no one wanted to help us and when the salesman showed up, he was obviously troubled by our mixed relationship and he wanted nothing to do it us.

    After about a week, Jennifer started using the IPad. She became very frustrated because of the issues with the ports and the that we would have to purchase an adapter. She said, that’s not what he told us, he said we wouldn’t need anything. The comfort that she was use to, with our three Apple Laptop, was nothing like that with the IPad. She tried to use the tablet over the next week or so, but stopped using it all together. The IPad was noting like the laptop. I attempted to return the item to the store and was told that it had exceeded Apples 14 day return policy. I told the woman, and eventually her manager (both African American), that the features of this product was misrepresented. The initial rep was professional, but when her manager stepped in, it turned sour. I told her that no one explained the return policy. She said, it’s at the bottom of the receipt, didn’t you read it? Offended, I said, no I didn’t, I’m not standing in line and reading a foot and a half long receipt. She said that they could not accept the item back. I told her that I didn’t want the item, it didn’t do the things the salesperson said it would do, and I don’t want something that was misrepresented at the initial sale. Then she said, you are not listening to me, she said this several times. I told her, it’s not that I am not listening, I simply don’t agree with you. Eventually, they issues a store credit. I argued that the store credit was useless to me because I will never buy again from Best Buy. I begrudgingly left. I returned to Best Buy on October 19, 2022 to attempt to get the store credit put back on my card. I looked for a manager and waited for one for 20+ minutes. I decided to walk through the store and eventually was greeted by and African American Male. He was able to pull up my purchase history. He directed me to Geek Squad for additional information. Once there, I was talking to a rep, he asked if he could help. During that conversation, one of the floor managers walked up joined the conversation. She was very rude, saying that there would be no refund (Caucasian Female) and you will not be allowed to solicit customers on our sidewalk. I asked for a policy and that. She said she would try and find it. While that manager was standing there, another Caucasian female walked up wearing a black hoodie, no indication that she walked for Best Buy other than she was behind the counter, and began talking to the other manager, literally five feet from me. She asked what she was doing and the manager told her she was looking for a solicitation policy. The manager told her, we are not showing a policy to him. They were talking about me. I said, Ma’am, Ma’am, and a third time, Ma’am, and she still did not respond. I said Ma’am, I am standing right here. She said, I am talking to my employee, you are being rude. I said I am not being rude, you are discussing me, so I would like to know who you are. She said that she was her manager (manager’s manager). I told her that I was the customer and since she is standing right here, she should be talking to me. I told her that I was a doctor, by trade, and I would never treat a customer this way. She said, you manage your business how you want to and I will manage mine how I want to. She said, you will not attempt to sell your store credit in the store, on store property including the sidewalk and parking lot. I told her, that her corporate office informed me that I could actually sell your store credit anywhere I wanted, give it to whomever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I told her that Best Buy received real money from me, which can be spent anywhere, this card is worthless because I will never buy here again. She said that’s fine but you are not getting your money back. I asked her what her name was, she said I am her manager. I asked again, she said, ‘Tammy.’ I asked for her last name, she said she was not required to provide me with a last name. I asked her if that was in policy, she said she didn’t have to tell me that, but yes, it is in policy. I asked her if she could show it to me, she said she didn’t have to show me. The way I was addressed, during all three visits made me feel sick to my stomach. During two visits, I and my Fiancé (she was at the initial) were profiled, mistreated, and discriminated against. I was complete humiliated as the third interaction aired out in front of other customers. I contacted Apple, I was told that the managers behavior was egregious and that they would be looking to address the refund on this product (two days ago). I talk to Best Buy Corporate, they apologized for the behavior, I didn’t accept it. I was told each time, that the Store Manager can make an exception. I told both, Apple and Best Buy that we were targeting, profiled, mistreated, discriminated against, and lied to because if mine and her race. In the third incident, I was blatantly treated like a second class citizen, openly disrespected and talked to like a dog. I have not heard back from Best Buy or Apple. I would have expected that they would have contacted me by now as Best Buy has a history of profiling and discrimination. You would expect that they would have concerns about profiling, hate, and discrimination. Odds are, they probably think that it will simply go away, they’re wrong. I am a former Criminal Justice Professor and I train law enforcement for a living. I have dealt with discrimination, profiling, mistreatment and even threats because of who I decide to love. I know what it is and I could see it in her eyes, her face, her scowl, and bitter tone. I initially asked for the General Manager and was told he was unavailable.

    This is the letter I am sending to the media. Social Networks, and complaint agencies until this matter is resolved. I will also file a lawsuit against Best Buy and It’s employees for discrimination, profiling, and hate if this matter is not resolved. I have contacted Best Buy Corporate Several times to detail what happened, to no avail. This could have been resolved in the store.

    I have spoken to Best Buy Corporate twice, to no avail, I’m told that the manager in the store can make that decision. This happens to be the same manager that mistreated me.

    Here’s what disturbs me the most, and it comes from an email your company sent me today. Here’s what it says, “Visit Best Buy for a high quality and safe shopping experience. Get person tech and appliance advice virtually and in person with a Best Buy Home Expert. It’s adds like these that expose hypocrisy. You code of conduct also is contrary to the actual experience. If the salesman was professional, gave us the information we needed to make an informed purchase, we would not have purchased the IPad Pro.

    Dr. Paris H. Spencer

  14. Approximately 10:45am on September 30, 2022 day of week Friday at 888 Harriman Place San Bernardino, CA 92408 while on my phone in my vehicle in the parking lot was told they don’t want me here anymore trepassing which is illegal and harassment on the part San Bernardino Police Sheriff Dept. Went into store spoke with Jeremy Goodwill General Manager, store security neither of them made any such call to San Bernardino Police Sheriff. This occurred before I was able to patronize Best Buys establishment. Will follow up with San bernardino police sheriff watch commander in regards to this incident in edition to Best Buys corporate level. Also left a phone complaint with ext. 2020 of the customer service complaint line. Left my email, name, phone contact for a case ID number.

  15. I have never been treated so rudely by anyone in my entire, your employees in the store in Waynesville NC seriously need some training in ‘how to treat people with at least a hint of respect’!!!!

  16. Your delivery department is terrable, I bought a 75” tv with warranty and geek squad the gave me a day I took off work they never delivered it, never gave me a call to tell me but kept on telling me they where in route, Called the store in Schaumburg they said it never made it on the truck, called the manager never responded so I cal canceled the tv I didn’t like the way I was treated manager never called me,

  17. The worst company I have ever dealt with and I am in my 70s. Ordered a stove in July and today will make the 5th time they were to deliver or me pick up. The stove is never in stock. If you ask for a manager you are told they are too busy to talk to you. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!

  18. I’ve been trying to order $153.00 plus but it keeps getting canceled. I called the Best Buy in Lexington but was a call center and could not answer why it was cancelled only to tell me it needed verification. Said I needed to come in store. Since I live in Frankfort, Ky is it possible to get verification calling corporate?

  19. As i type this i am on the phone with someone in the Philippines but i called 1-612-291-1000 for the headquarters office and this is who i was connected to. No-one in this dam company will answer the phone. What the hell are they being paid for, CUSTOMER SERVICE is the most important thing with any company. The representative in the Philippines just basically told me he has to end my call because i am holding up business…How about that for customer service!

  20. Why are local Best Buy stores not equipped with telephones, at least here in the McKnight Road, Pgh PA 15237 store? Arrangements for delivery are made through local third parties and no one for local reps to contact about service. Today we had third party servicemen come to our home to remove a refirgerator for the newly purchased one from Best Buy.
    The walked in got the refrigerator out of its built in cabinet and onto the kitchen floor, then announced that they needed two more men due to the refrigerators weight , i suggested they remove the doors which would remove 100lbs; they said they would go out and call for help. they got into their truck and after about five minutes they started the truck and drove away, Now still no refrigerator and the old one was left blocking use of the micro wave and oven

  21. Why are local Best Buy stores not equipped with telephones, at least here in the McKnight Road, Pgh PA 15237 store? Arrangements for delivery are made through local third parties and no one for local reps to contact about service. Today we had third party servicemen come to our home to remove a refirgerator for the newly purchased one from Best Buy.
    The walked in got the refrigerator out of its built in cabinet and onto the kitchen floor, then announced that they needed two more men due to the refrigerators weight , i suggested they remove the doors which would remove 100lbs; they said they would go out and call for help. they got into their truck and after about five minutes they started the truck and drove away, Now still no refrigerator and the old one was left blocking use of the micro wave and oven

  22. 07/07/22

    Chris Parachini
    Bastrop Goldsmith Silversmith
    102 Norfolk Dr
    Bastrop TX 78602

    Rex Keely
    Best Buy General Manager
    761 Hwy 71 W
    Bastrop TX 78602

    RE: Inappropriate behavior by your staff members

    Dear Mr Keely:

    My wife, Raeanne, and I purchased our first Apple computer from Best Buy many years ago because of the support service Best Buy provided. Since then, I have purchased several thousands of dollars of equipment from Best Buy, including a new HP laptop on June 9, 2022. Last fall, I was hired by a movie company as production manager, and the movie producers recommended that I purchase an Apple laptop computer for my work. I consulted with my son’s friend, Aiden, who is employed by the Best Buy in Bastrop and he recommended the Apple computer that we decided to purchase.

    On November 13, 2021, we purchased an Apple laptop, a Ring camera system, and a “total tech” warranty for $2515 at the local Best Buy. At home, I tried several times to boot up the computer without success. I took the computer back to the store, where I told them that I was not computer savvy. Over the next several days I was belittled, condescended to, blamed for the problem, threatened, and refused service even though I said please multiple times and kept my voice down and on an even keel. They even called the police: “he has a rock t-shirt, long hair, backwards baseball cap”. (Was this discrimination?) I asked my wife to come in as a witness to the situation, and she was immediately included in the problem as well. A staff member told us that he would deal with her only, even though my name is on the warranty and other paperwork. He even stepped from behind the counter to physically put himself between us trying to separate us: this put her and me at odds for several hours. Needless to say, we left the store immediately. The Bastrop Best Buy still has my computer and my password, it still doesn’t work, and I have had no offer to address the issue.

    When I was refused service and told that I have to take the computer to the Apple store in Austin, I started recording everything. I have receipts. I have names and photos. I have text messages and phone calls: this includes a 55-minute call to your central support who told me that I did have “total tech support”. They typed our conversation into my Best Buy record.

    I very much want this resolved, my computer fixed or replaced, the staff seriously reprimanded, and a full apology. I would be willing to come to your office to discuss the problem and show you all of the documentation I have collected. If I do not get an appropriate response to this letter, I will take the issue to my lawyer and you will hear from him.


    Chris Parachini, Owner

  23. I charged my equipment to Best Buy. Citi bank credit account. They have mismanaged my account adding charges where there wasn’t anything charge. Late fees and adding to my balance making me over the limit so they can add more to my bill. I have repeatedly tried to rectify this problem but they refuse to help me. I was a long time, loyal customer, but never again, they rip you off one way or another.

  24. My computer is held hostage by geek squad since April 30th. They have not started any work. The geek squad recovery office has been try hard to work with your geek squad, Hawthorne, California store. Have yet to speak with an supervisor, won’t call me as I have been requesting. I don’t need to charge for repairs and my recovery of lost data (lost by geek squad). I have total care and extended warranty. Why are they charging me!!! I want this issue looked into and resolved quick as possible

  25. Somebody keeps sending me this email which I didn’t order and I will report them to the Attorney General office—
    Payment Processed to GEEK~SQUAD

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your order.

    Please review your payment amount below, we have attached a PDF detailing your order invoice and terms of your subscription.

    Contact Support +1-803-232-9657 Reach out to us anytime. We’ll be happy to help you.

    ——Product Details: ——

    GEEK~SQUAD® Network Security – Auto Renewal 3 Years subscription
    Invoice Number: BBY-569931
    Invoice Date: 05/11/2022
    Payment Method: Online
    Amount: 339.99 USD

    We have charged you 339.99 USD for the next 3 Years subscription. We tried to contact you on your registered Phone number, Deduction of amount will appear on your bank account within 48 hours.

    If you have any Question or Wish to cancel the Renewal, Please connect us on +1-803-232-9657

    © 2022 GEEK~SQUAD – All Rights Reserved

    You’re receiving this email because you signed up for a GEEK~SQUAD account.
    To view attachment
    Open the attached PDF file. You must have Acrobat® Reader® installed to view the attachment.

  26. Horrible customer service! In the last four months I have bought all my appliances for my new house with them and I have had nothing but I’m going issues. Appliances are not getting delivered, they don’t call me to let me know that they are back ordered by another two months. It has been a nightmare! I would not recommend them. Customer service has been absolutely no help when they actually answer the phone. And managers do not return your phone call or your email.

  27. I bought a washer and dryer the guy who installed my washer broke my pvc for the hot water, the hot water valve which caused damage to my house water every where had to replace everything was told I would hear back from best buy.

  28. I received an email for a $250 transaction renewal for geek squad life that I did not authorize just wanted let you know that they are doing unauthorized fake transactionsThrough emailMy bank said to notify you about these fraudulent transactions

  29. Took computer in Greensburg Pa store was told would take 2 days to fix. Today is day number 4. Spoke with store mgr and she was extremely non customer service. Will NEVER buy anything at Best Buy again!!!76!

  30. They failed to deliver washer and dryer on scheduled delivery date, even leaving several text messages adjusting the time throughout the day. Wife called and went through answering system several times leaving call back number, when they called back no one was on the line. I called and was hung up on four times. Had my wife cancel the order. I will never, this includes all my family, and church members ever shop at Best Buy ever. Rude customer service. Simply terrible! Really don’t know how you stay in business.

  31. I have been trying to reach someone regarding getting a 2 day grace period on expired Rewards which had previously been extended. The customer service for Rewards wouldn’t help and was very rude. Trying to reach headquarters for help on this matter and cannot get through to anyone, even the phone number on website under how to complain goes directly to the investors phone. HELP Someone please call me (562) 694-xxxx Comment sent 5/6/19 @ 10:20am (PST) Thank you

  32. Please forward this email to Best Buy headquarter Corp. I’d like to know Best Buy store in California ON-LINE ordered delivered to customer(s) the same day for people who is handicap. Uber Eats delivery nations-wide to customer(s) the same day.. This will help people who is handicap.

    Thank you!

    Arlene Capizzi

  33. I can’t believe you don’t stand by products that you put your name on. You sold us refurbished junk.
    You should be ashamed of yourself!

  34. Bad customer service.. no one really knew when my appliance will arrive.. managers too busy to speak to me! Refund my money back so I can take it elsewhere

  35. I lost 45 minutsof my life in you damn store , will never step in your Muncy store. If you want to know why call me 570 275 xxxx.

  36. My hubby bought me a Remote car starter for Christmas. The appointment was for 10am this morning, when we got there we were told our appointment was for 2pm, NOT!! My husband said when he made the appointment, the associate said we would be her first appointment of the day! They had previously sent the harness to our old address in Texas somehow so they had to order another one of those too! She also said “I sent you a voice mail last night” which my hubby never received, when he asked which phone number she called, she read off a phone number that we have never heard of! Her response at one point was, you can always return it right now, way to try and help the customer, I’m sure Best Buy is proud of such a valuable employee! We got a refund and left, absolutely ridiculous and we live an hour away, lost my business for sure ???? Oh by the way when we were leaving we heard her telling someone that she didn’t think her 10am appointment wasn’t going to show, PROBABLY BECAUSE WE WERE ALREADY THERE!!! DUH ????

  37. Exceptional service on a vehicle install at your Lexington Kentucky, Hamburg location on December 12, 2018. Very professional and super customer service by gentleman in charge.

  38. I bought an iPad on 10/20/18 for $799.99 and last night we saw it on sale for $674,99 we went back to Best Buy where we bought it and the girl at the service desk said we bought the iPad over 14 days ago so no price reductions. We were under the assumption that we had 30 days to get a price reduction so she called her manager and he said no and that the sale ended last night. This is not a good policy. We have bought many electronic items from Best Buy over the years but I guess we will be shopping elsewhere for a better policy on price reduction and refunds.

  39. Hi. I ordered a product sept Labor Day sales , I canceled it because it wasn’t delivered same day. I was told it would be 2 days later false ad with shipping. I been calling and messaging Best Buy for 3 months. They had told me it was canceled I find out now in nov they never canceled it and they keep charging me each month for an item I did not get nor want. I want it off my bill. Every time I ask for supervisors they refuse to put one one. I ask 10 x . I’m getting no where . Best Buy is committing fraud on my credit card.

  40. On Saturday 31 March I visited the Best Buy inRoyal Palm Beach Florida. The appliance salesperson on duty and I discussed that I had a Samsung Washer that had just died and that I wanted a washer that would fit my existing pedestal. She showed me a washer but she stated that she had no idea what washer would fit the pedestal. She stated that I should just have the installer try to fit the pedestal to see if it would work (??). She did state that she has worked for Best Buy for many years but had no idea what pedestals fit which machines. She stated that it should work with this machine. I purchased the Samsung WF5300AW to fit my pedestal WE357AOW.
    When I returned home I called your customer service to check the compatibility of this washer with my existing pedestal (#WE357AOW). I spoke to a man who checked the info and advised that it would work. I had previous to that emailed Best Buy customer service on the issue of compatibility with my pedestal
    On 2 April 2018, I received an email from Best Buy Customer Service with a list of Samsung Washers that would fit my existing pedestal. The machine I had purchased was not on that list. I immediately returned to Best Buy and contacted Ms. Mayhew. I explained the situation. I cancelled the order for the WF5300 and upgraded to a WF6500AW which WAS on that list at an addition cost to me of $192. The delivery and installation were set for Thursday April 5 between noon and 4 pm. I agreed that I would be there to receive the delivery.
    On April 5, I contacted customer service at about 3 pm to see if the delivery was still set. At about 8pm I again contacted Customer Service to see if the delivery had been aborted. The lady at Customer Service advised that the delivery would occur that day no matter the time. At about 9:30 PM the delivery truck arrived at my house. The crew advised me that it was not their job to remove the old machine and replace the new machine on my existing pedestal. (note: my pedestal was in perfect condition). Finally, the crew agreed to remove and replace the washer. The man in charge advised that he had no time to discuss the issue as he had another delivery to make that evening. It was obvious that the gentleman was in hurry. One leg of the machine didn’t fit properly (left rear clamp) and it did not fit in the receiver. It appeared to me that the leg on the washer needed to be lowered a little to fit. He stated he didn’t have time to fool with it and that the washer was defective and that the 3 legs that were attached to the pedestal would be sufficient. He put the machine into the wash room and made all the connections and left. Interesting enough he left my house after 10 pm to apparently make another delivery.
    I cannot digest the fact that I was to have delivery between noon and 4pm and didn’t get delivery until 9:30 pm. I waited 9 ½ hours for this delivery and setup. And, the driver stated that this was NOT unusual. This is obviously poor management scheduling and customer service.
    On April 6 my wife did several loads of wash. The machine wobbled enough that the dryer next to it began to vibrate. Apparently having 3 legs connected was not sufficient to stabilize the washing machine during the high spin cycle. I contacted customer service at about 3pm. I spoke to a lady about the difficulties we were having and I asked to speak to a manager. I was advised that there were 2 managers working and both were in a meeting. I was advised that one of them would call me back when they got out of the meeting. I am still waiting on that phone call. No one ever called back.
    On 7 April my wife contacted the Geek Squad to have them respond to remedy the problem. An appointment was set for Tuesday April 10.
    On April 10th the Geek Squad arrived to reinstall the washer. They refused to move the washer into the garage where they would have room to work. They tried to repair it in the wash room but couldn’t get the clamp around the left rear leg. The one installer tried to force the clamp and broke it. My wife contacted Customer Service and made a claim to the insurance company. In order to facilitate the delivery, I paid for a new pedestal with my credit card with the expectation of receiving a full refund check from Best Buy.
    On April 16, 2018 I was notified that the washer was in route. When I asked about the pedestal I was advised that the pedestal never shipped from the Orlando warehouse. The service rep wanted to deliver the washer today and the pedestal later when it arrived from Orlando. We declined and requested that they deliver them when both were available.
    On April 17th from the Claims Administration called. The party asked how much I paid for the pedestal that I had purchased over 5 years ago and if I had a receipt. I advised that I no longer had a receipt but that I had just paid $249.31 for the new pedestal from Best Buy. I advised that I had not been provided a receipt from Best Buy as I had ordered it over the phone with Customer Service. I advised MS Gonzalez that I could send her a copy of my credit card billing.
    On Saturday April 21, the original geek squad personal delivered and reinstalled the new washer and pedestal. Everything is now working as it should.
    On Sunday April 22 I emailed the Clams Administration three photos; one of my credit card statement, a photo of my original pedestal and a photo showing the broken clamp.
    On Monday April 23 the Claims Administration advised that they could only reimburse me a $150.00 towards the damaged pedestal because it was 5 years old, even though it was in excellent condition. They sent a release letter which I signed and returned to her.
    I expected a much higher level of service from this company and I am quite disappointed. I will be informing my friends and family about this experience and I doubt that I will be purchasing anything from Best Buy that will require delivery and installation.

  41. I lost my Best Buy card and tried customer service on the website. I tried to get info. about existing account or create a new one.Both failed on multible passwords attempted and was twice rejected on validation codes created by you.Understand that if the passwords are rejected,they are rejected by any other avenue tried, one cannot get passed that problem for an attempt any other way.

  42. I ordered a dryer 2/21/18 because I was told it was in stock. It was not. Pushed back. Washer was delivered on 3/8/18. Delivery men were rude and belligerent. Spat on the sidewalk in front of my neighbors children and was profane about it. Didn’t have the correct tools to hook up washer. Still waiting for dryer. Pushed back to 3/28/18 then4/6/18. No one called a day ahead, like your Bridgeston store said, no one called today or tonight. Called store , and they said they can’t contact the delivery people? REALLY? Never, NEVER again will I purchase any thing from your store. I will make it my business to tell everyone I know of my dealings with you.

  43. S. Sauter
    I went to the Best Buy in Ankeny, IA today. I found the All-in-one computer I wanted. Found where they were stocked and put in my cart. I found the laptop I wanted, but could find it in the stock area. I waited for 22 minutes for someone to help. A young couple with 2 small children were waiting when I got there. I went to appliances to look at the range and microwave I wanted. Again the microwave was not on the shelves. I waited for another 15 minutes for a rep, floor person, anyone to help. At that point I pushed my cart up to the greeter at the front of the store. I told him you just lost a sale of 4 big ticket items because there was no one on the floor to help. He smirked, looked at me and said with a shrug of his shoulders “Oh well.” I was already mad I left without another word. To top it all off he looked like had slept in his clothes and had not washed his hair in a week. What happened to customer service? I will not buy anything from “Best Buy???” again. I looked at the reviews for this store. They all had 1 star, I wouldn’t have left 1 star if it was an option. I have shopped in the Ames, IA store many times and it has always been a pleasant experience. Perhaps you should look at the management of the Ankeny store.

  44. Have to wonder how these crooks sleep at night. What a terrible company to shop at poor customer service. Do yourself a favor add years to your life and just don’t shop at best buy. They have total disregard for their customers and have policies that are specifically designed to rip you off. Beware!!

    1. I agree I am having the same problem with appliances I purchased from Best Buy and their unprofessional installers who have damaged my home and no one wants to take responsibility for these damages.

  45. I spent 2 hours last night cyber Monday on line trying to place an order for a cell phone. I was not able to add the item to the cart, tried unsuccessfully for the whole time. Asked for help numerous times and finally told the order had to be placed in the store. After spending all the time asking for help, it was too late to call a store. I tried calling stores this morning as well as customer service and complaint department for the Board of Directors. I am very upset how this is being handled and was told that there were many problems with online orders and the phone system last night. That is NOT my problem, that is Best Buys problem. I will not be overlooked and will talk to the MN office.

    1. I have purchased products from Best Buy for a number of years. As of today I will NEVER make a purchase from Best Buy EVER again. In December 2017 I purchased a Car alarm that came with Geek squad installation. It took weeks for me to get an appointment. When I went in I was told by the installer that he had not recieved training for Car alarm Installation. He also stated he would be taking the class In about a week. I Do Not understand why you would sell a product with installation when your employees haven’t received proper training. I am still waiting for my refund. Today’s date is February 9 th 2018. And your customer service is terrible!!!!

  46. Thousands of dollars in purchased products, over a decade of business and now Best Buy ruined my daughter’s birthday. Spent $2,000 this time, ship date the same weekend 15th of October, no problem daughter’s birthday was the following Saturday. Noticed the status wasn’t updating, contacted best buy customer service online, the informed me the laptop would be delivered Monday, asked them to validate it was the Office 365 license card, they said it was the laptop. Told the daughter as she is out of state, she took the day off to make sure she was there for the delivery. Next thing two happenings: notification of delivery tracking number they provided, and email notification that my laptop was backordered and if not delivered by November I would get a refund. Needless to say my daughter and I were upset. Cancelled the order o so I thought refund in 5 to 7 business days, except for the 100 dollars for Trend micro download I never downloaded and the office 365 license that was delivered. Contacted them by phone after being bounced to multiple departments, going through multiple automated recordings and wait times to find out they will ship a return label for a piece of paper, refunded they get their paper back, and their system was being upgraded so no go o the digital download, call back in an hour. What amazes me is their inability to validate product status of the items you purchase when or before you purchase and the problematic way you get bounced between departments because their sales team can’t handle sales refunds. Best Buy does have good products, however only buy in the store face to face, do not purchase online. I am definitely angry about the way they treat loyal customers. Move over staples, Office depot

  47. Scheduled a delivery of a wine refrigerator…on scheduled day and midway point in delivery window i was told the truck could not get onto my street…..funny, big moving trucks, large trash trucks and fire trucks can but not Best Buy truck I guess…rescheduled another date with a smaller truck waited for the 4 hour show…no call…spent the next hour on phone trying to see what happened….long hold times, no good answers….FINALLY over one hour after scheduled time they showed up…said they called me and no answer….but that was not true. I did not use my cell just to keep it open for the call..and there was NO missed call from them. wait times to speak with anyone in customer service for delivery is ridiculous….they DONT CARE. did get delivery and hopefully when my contractor unpacks it all will be good so I do not have to deal with Best Buy for a return!!!!!!!!!

  48. I’m saddened that Best Buy Geek Squad does not do it best in resolution of their appliance extended warranty. I have waited since January 15, 2017 for a resolution to the delivery of a new Frigidaire Refrigerator due to a bad install by Best Buy 2 years ago.
    No one can find my case under the reference#1117023374016 that was given to me by your Geek Squad Special Services agent, Rick three weeks ago. Today has been an unnecessary ordeal for I have spent two hours on the telephone with 5 Best Buy representatives who often quoted “let me put you on a brief hold”. To no avail, I still don’t have confirmation of a date to receive my refrigerator.

    Frustrated and very angry with Best Buy because you are not honoring what you advertise.

  49. I purchased a new Galaxy S7 at Best Buys on Baltimore Pike in Springfield PA on 1/28/2017. During the transfer of data from my S5 to S7 at purchase, the transfer took about 1 hr or more. I questioned why so long and received no explanation. Never had this length of time before and felt something was wrong or maybe the new service AT&T to Sprint was the problem. Anyway, I started having problems with my phone where the person on the other end couldn’t hear me. I went back to Best Buy and Robert the manager of cell phone area told me the Samsung tech just left for dinner. I ask about the next day and was told he’d be back in at 10 am with lunch at 3 pm. So I arrived at 1030 only to find out he didn’t start till 11 am and was late on top of that. So now the issue after spending another 45 minutes he placed a patch on the phone and felt this would fix it. I told him I wasn’t able to return to the store because I work 12 hour shift till Tuesday. He “Jim” the Samsung rep didn’t feel it would be a problem. Now, I continue to have the same problem and return to the store 2/14/17 and speak with Jim who for a hour researches the problem on line, plays with the phone and obviously didn’t know what to do. He spoke to another rep from AT&T and he said it sounded like the antenna. This is what I said from the get-go!. The excuses were maybe your accidently hitting the bluetooth off or an app I downloaded was causing the problem. So now can I get a new phone? Jim states I don’t think so it’s past the 15 day return policy. You’ll need to talk to the Geek squad people and see what they can do. So now furious, I ask to speak with a manager who wasn’t avail but the sales rep at Geek spoke to the stand in manager who referred to the cell phone manager Robert. Robert said there was nothing he can do and now I’ll need to go thru Samsung warranty and because I don’t have Geek squad coverage they can’t help me. However, if I have any shipping costs they could see about covering that. I am so disappointed with this establishment and have been a very long time customer. I asked for the corporate address and was given a number 1-866-best buy. In researching where to send a letter I found this site and needed to get this off my chest. I will never buy anything at this store again!

    1. 2/16/2017 Still getting the run around! Best Buys says to go to Samsung – only problem I won’t have a phone if I return it to Samsung for repair for 7-10 days. Samsung says go to Sprint to get a loaner phone. Sprint says go to Samsung because we don’t do that. I paid $700 + tax for this phone not even a month old and it still doesn’t work correctly. Just tried Geek squad now waiting for a return call from the manager. Corporate hasn’t done anything. No response to my frustration!

  50. I purchased headphones for $250 a year ago on a %0 deal. I got the first bill with a $25 minimum payment. I set bank to pay $25 each month with a balloon payment to pay it off at the end of the 0% period. Somewhere in the middle, Best Buy raised the minimum $2. I was on the road and insufficient late fees started accumulating. The service dept refused to remove the fees. I paid the the product off in full but refused to pay the late fees. I still get billed and it is up to $350! I called several times but got put on hold, or, got a service agent who refused to do anything. I used to buy all my computers and TVs at BB. I will NEVER EVER pay that bill, and NEVER EVER buy at Best Buy again.

  51. Went to Best Buy Today to return a gift. Wanted to purchase a TV sound Bar. the salesperson was busy, so i waited. Wanted to hear the sound of the bar before i purchased it & more info than was on the package.
    When the salesperson finished with the customer, & he knew i was waiting for him. He helped another customer who just walked up to him. Told me he will help me when he got done, so i waited. He finished with the customer, and walked away. So I walked out of the store. The Store was empty with just a few people browsing.
    Will now try P C Richards. Store Was Located on Rt 9 Howell, NJ.
    Never to go Back there.

  52. I had recently purchased a washer and dryer from Best Buy. There was a scheduled day and time (with a 4 hour window) for them to deliver my merchandise. The delivery date, I did think, was out too far, but agreed to accept it. On the scheduled date of the delivery no one showed up during the agreed time window. I had to contact Best Buy as no one called me to say they were having an issue with delivery. (These people have no consideration for their customer) In my attempt to reach someone, which took a lot, I was given the run around … I finally spoke with someone and they didn’t have a clue as to what was going on with me delivery. This person (Austin) said he would contact the delivery company and find out what was going on. Well 30 minutes went by so I contacted the store back and ask to speak with a manager, Austin said he would have Yancy the department manager call me, and they would attempt to contact the delivery company. I finally received a call from the delivery company. I was told the delivery guys were being dispatched and that my delivery should be arriving. It’s now almost two hours past the original scheduled delivery window time, of 4 hours. My whole day is wasted and time off work is a nightmare.
    My whole day, my money and more money, for not being able to get to work were lost because of these people incompetence. Well when the delivery company finally arrived, the merchandise was severally damaged. The washer, in particular, was beyond useable. It had apparently been damaged by a fork lift or something … at least this is what the delivery guy was telling me. I contacted the store and spoke with the manager, Yancy, who offered no solutions what so ever. He was busy trying to get me to have the delivery guys’ hook up the washer and see if it works. We, meaning the delivery guys, had to practically scream at him that that the washer would probably leak and damage my floor if we were to try this. After not getting anywhere with his …. No solution. I terminated the call with Yancy, manager. I then turned around and called customer service or customer care. I spent over an hour trying to figure out when I can expect my washer and dryer … spoke with a representative name Diane who took don my issue, supposedly, and she indicated that a Yvette would be my personal care representative and would be contacting me quickly to help resolve the issue. To date, I haven’t heard from my care representative. I received an email from someone, no name attached. I tried calling this Yvette and instead spoke with another care rep, Royce. I had asked Royce to speak with a manager because he wasn’t really able to tell me anything. I had to ask him several times for a manager till finally hanging up. He indicated there wasn’t anyone available but that he could help. But all he was doing was wasting my time because he didn’t offer me anything. He wasn’t able to determine what the notes were from the previous care reps conversation. It’s like the blind leading the blind. I am totally frustrated speaking with anyone from Best Buy. I have determined through this situation, these people, BEST BUY< has no regard for its customers.
    At this point I request that Best Buy either deliver my merchandise or refund me my money. And I can go somewhere else, reliable, and purchase my washer and dryer. And given the circumstance if Best Buy does deliver my washer and dryer they should still refund me. It’s because the incompetence that I am out of an entire days of work and time spent trying to get these people to do the right thing. I’m surprised that Best Buy is in business with this type of service.

    1. Timothy, We are going through a similar issue right now after purchasing a washer and dryer. So far, the washer is delivered and the dryer is out there somewhere, but no one seems to know where. All we are told is it wasn’t put on the truck for delivery. We have now been given the fourth date of expected delivery. This is done through emails, always at closing time so no return calls are answered. And the email will state this is a confirmation of change of delivery date as if it was agreed upon by us. Best Buy delivery is a nightmare. I agree that customer service is at the bottom of the Best Buy list of things to definitely take care of. We are about ready to tell them to take the washer back since the items were bought as a set. Time to change the store name to Worst Buy.

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