Dominos Headquarters

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Domino’s Pizza Headquarters.

This page lists all corporate contact details for Domino’s Pizza and can help you with the different ways to contact the company’s head office and other departments, including the Customer Service department, Jobs and Careers department, social media representatives and more.

Furthermore, we have included a list of ways that you can provide feedback in Domino’s services or products. We also welcome you to submit praise or complaints in the comment section.

About Domino’s Pizza.

Domino’s is an international pizza chain that was founded in 1960 in Michigan under the name DomiNick’s. In the early 1980s, Domino’s expanded internationally with the opening of a store in Canada, and by the late 1990s the company was present in five continents.

Domino’s Pizza operates a franchise model and currently has more than 13,000 stores worldwide, including over 5,000 outside of the USA. Domino’s product range includes pizzas, sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes, and desserts, although their menu varies from country to country.

Domino’s Corporate Office Contacts.

You can reach Domino’s Pizza Michigan headquarters by phone, written mail, and fax, as shown below.

Domino’s Pizza Headquarters Phone Number:

Domino’s Pizza Headquarters Switchboard Hours:
Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Time Zone)

Domino’s Pizza Headquarters Fax Number:

Domino’s Pizza Headquarters Address:
30 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive
Ann Arbor, MI, 48105

Dominos Headquarters
The Domino’s Headquarters is located in the Domino’s Farms Office Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Domino’s leases around 232.000 square feet in the complex (Lobby F).

Domino’s Pizza Executive Team.

The complete Domino’s leadership team is listed below.

  • David A. Brandon, Chairman
  • J. Patrick Doyle, President & CEO
  • Richard E. Allison, President (Domino’s International)
  • Eric B. Anderson, Executive Vice President (International Operations)
  • Troy A. Ellis, Executive Vice President (Supply Chain)
  • Stanley J. Gage, Executive Vice President (Team USA)
  • Scott R. Hinshaw, Executive Vice President (Franchise Operations & Development)
  • Jeffrey D. Lawrence, Executive Vice President & CFO
  • Timothy P. McIntyre, Executive Vice President (Communications & Legislative Affairs)
  • James G. Stansik, Executive Vice President (Franchise Relations)
  • J. Kevin Vasconi, Executive Vice President & CIO
  • Russell J. Weiner, President for Domino’s USA
  • Judy L. Werthauser, Executive Vice President (Chief People Officer)

Domino’s Pizza Board of Directors:

  • David A. Brandon, Chairman
  • J. Patrick Doyle
  • Andy C. Ballard
  • Andrew B. Balson
  • Diana F. Cantor
  • Richard L. Federico
  • James A. Goldman
  • Gregory A. Trojan

Domino’s Pizza Careers and Jobs.

Visit this page to browse all the opportunities available at stores, at the company’s supply chain, or at Domino’s Pizza corporate headquarters.

If you are a college student or a recent graduate and are looking for suitable job opportunities with this company, take a look at their University recruiting page.

Domino’s has dedicated social media job pages on Twitter and LinkedIn. There’s also a Facebook page specifically created to list corporate jobs.

How to complain to Domino’s Pizza.

If you’ve had an unsatisfactory experience at a US Dominos restuarant, you can complain to the Customer Care team using this feedback form.You can also tweet your complaint or issue to the Dominos Twitter account @Dominos, mostly a representative will refer you to the above Feedback Email Form.

In case you want to write directly to the Dominos Cares Customer Service department, then the address is:

Domino’s Cares
Domino’s Pizza LLC
30 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48106

It is also possible to file a complaint by calling the corporate office on +1-734-930-3030 and asking to be directed to their Customer Service team. Lines are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time).

If you are in the United Kingdom, then visit their UK Customer Service page.

Other Domino’s Pizza Resources.

Here’s a list of additional Domino’s Pizza resources, which range from social media links to franchise information, links to FAQ sections, and information for investors.

Please share your experiences, praise or complaints about Dominos Pizza, in the comment section.

121 thoughts on “Dominos Headquarters

  1. Store 9233 (Amarillo, Tx- wolflin) Pizza was over and hour late and when called to inquire about delivery was treated rudely. They made us call back if it still wasn’t delivered then just said yeah we will put the order back in. Never apologized to my wife or anything and said they didn’t know how long it would be. When I called to check again they were frustrated I called and proceeded to tell me my wife was lying and they apologized multiple times. The manager carlos acted completely unprofessional.

  2. I was trying to order from the Seaford Delaware location. I try to place my order it says they are having trouble to call the store but yet the charges my card 3 times. I called the store n the employees was very ignorant n tried to tell me it’s a pending charge but yet they took the money out of my account. 3 times.

  3. Your new commercial is totally stupid. I will never ever buy a product from you ever again you need to get your head out of your ass is you don’t see other pizza places doing them stupid commercials.

  4. We were a thirty minute drive from The East limestone, Athens AL pizza establishment! I called and stayed on the phone until I arrived , went in and told them I was still on hold. There were 3 people working not or car waiting.This is unexceptable for thirty minutes to be on hold!

  5. I ordered at 6pm. It’s now 8:07 no food. Called the store in Sunset Beach NC to complain and they hung up on me! I get this is a resort area but don’t get snippy with your customers thst order all year long. I’m soooo disappointed with your company. There are other pizza places to order from. Guess that’s where we need to order

  6. I ordered my food at around 5. It is now after 8. My food has still not arrived. This is the ABSOLUTE WORST service I have ever experienced. There is no excuse for an over 3 hour wait.

  7. So we just ordered a pizza and it was cold and the sauce tasted sour and the pepperoni tasted funny also we each tried a slice it just tasted odd so I called dominos told them it was bad the kid who answered the phone was rude when my husband ask about a refund he told us no refund it’s not even about the money this was going to be our dinner my husband wanted to go somewhere where else to get pizza but this pizza was so bad I don’t think I’ll ever eat pizza again I’m disappointed in the way this whole thing was handled just hope we don’t get sick we tried to eat a slice it was bad Good luck keeping customer with this kind of rude customer service no wonder there’s never any cars there

  8. Terrible customer service. Delivery was listed as delivered but did not arrive until at least 20 minutes after the email tracker stated it was delivered. Then, Luis, the night time manager insisted I was the reason for the delay in delivery because I was on the phone complaining to him about the delay in the delivery. This happens over and over. Just don’t say my order was delivered if it was NOT. I completely understand if it is busy and it is late, but to be blamed for the delivery driver saying it was delivered if it was NOT…. This is an easy fix. Do not say the pizza has arrived when in fact it is 20 minutes or more away. That is deceitful. And then to tell me I’m causing a delay in the customer that is in the store and call your driver to turn around and pick up the delivery? This is the WORST Customer service. We WILL not support such disrespectful customer service and you have lost a customer. Unbelievable.

  9. I have always ordered the same order and we order from our household WEEKLY. Today they decide to charge me $2 extra for my marinara sauce, though I deleted the robust sauce. In other words exchanging the sauces. Even the manager said I should not have to pay additional charges. This is not right. I’m alergic to something in the robust sauce. Please check with Dominos Heath Ohio. We order at the very least once a week and have for more than a year. THIS will discourage us from ordering from Dominos again.

  10. My son ordered 2 pizza’s on line to be picked up at 3870 Lombard st. Balto. Md 21224 , S32.00 when your add said 3 pizza’s $6,99 ea. We tried to cancel due to the cost. The store blacklisted him and the apt. above using the addtess.address.. You need to investigate this !! 443-413-xxxx

  11. My complaint is with your store in lake worth texas and spoke with manage Joseph and Connie. My complaint is that pizza order was paid twice by credit card and cash. When delivery driver delivered the pizza he told her the amount and she paid and which I had already paid by credit card too. When I contacted the store he told me the driver thought it was tip and I told him
    Come on for the same amount of the pizza? He told me the story didn’t sound right and I told him ate you really serious. I just want the money refunded and to let you know the store handle the situation totally wrong. Who tip the same amount of the order.

  12. The dominos pizza on begernline r Avenue is horrible they delivered my pizza to the wrong address twice and I ordered at 3pm and it is now 5:30 pm and I still have not gotten the pizza I ordered. This is horrible customer service I will never be ordering from dominos again. I am extremely disappointed that you would let one of your franchises be run line this. I should have listened to all of the bad reviews on this franchise that is on yelp. You should be ashamed to have the dominos brand associated with this franchise

  13. Hello. i placed a pizza order on 09/10/22
    the order came 1.5 hours later cold and 1 of 4 pizzas was wrong.
    me my wife my daughter and my son all choose their own pizza, we ordered online and my daughter can’t eat onions however her pizza came with onions.
    we asked for stuffed crust with cheese and herbs, however the cheese was hrd frim cooling down too much.
    i called the shop and Jameson the manager told me short of drivers and was doing multiple drops. i asked him if the food would be hot and he assured me so.
    we asked for bbq sauce but they put way too much of it.
    we called to ask the order to be collected and replaced with hot pizzas they told us 1 hour wait. we complained to him and he offered us to keep the pizza and that he would give us the money back. so we decided to keep the pizzas because and reheat them also seop with my daughter as she can’t eat onion.
    he told us to expect a refund within 5-7 days.
    as of 16/10/22 we had not received our money back so we called the shop again, we asked for Jameson but he was not available, we explained to the person that did not want to give us his name ( probably Jameson himself)
    after we explained everything he started laughing and said he could send us another order. we said we don’t want another order we wanted what was promised to us so he got arrogant and just hanged up on our faces.
    having worked for the late Perfect Pizza now Papa John’s i know that everything on this order was just wrong.

    1st. we got the order double the time promised
    2nd. all 4 pizzas were stone cold
    3rd. my daughters pizza was wrong
    4th. we’d have to wait 1 hour more for replacement
    5th. 1 driver making more than 2 drops because the later would be cold
    6th. money back was promised but not sent
    7th. the manager was very arrogant and des missive
    and when we said we’d complain to head office he hanged up on us.
    this appalling behaviour from 1 of your stores has prompted us to not order from Dominos again until we do get our money back. i expect a swift care to this issue.
    if not i will complain to trading standards and at same time go to citizens advice on the situation
    we’d like Jameson to have a warning that this kind of customer service is unacceptable and we’d like our money back. many thanks

  14. I order pizza from the dominoes located 1044 Clinton Ave
    Irvington, NJ 07111
    United States
    I am very displeased with this place. Everytime I order my order is incorrect and I have to return food several times for them for them to correct it… I just placed an order today order #97 store 4517 and asked for a pan pizza, with wings well done. The pizza was burned and the wings were not well done at all. I called to make a complaint and was told I can not have a new order unless they return all food I am very very very upset and it happens every single time I order. The employees are also very rude and not welcoming at all. This store needs better management because it is very unexceptable how they treat customers and do not follow directions when it comes to food… the quality of food is poor… the pizza was not cut right …. Terrible, terrible, terrible!!!

  15. Your commercial about the high gas prices is no longer accurate! You should scrap it! Its bad enough seeing commercials from politicians that are full of lies run a new one that is accurate !

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