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FedEx Headquarters.

We have prepared this page to help you find information about FedEx, its leadership team, the company’s history, the headquarters contact details, customer service phone numbers and other useful resources about FedEx’s  various departments.

About FedEx.

FedEx (an abbreviation of Federal Express) is a courier company that operates in more than 220 countries. The company’s origins can be traced back to 1971, when it began offering express airfreight services within the US. International operations began in 1984.

Over the years, FedEx diversified its portfolio and began offering supply chain, express, ground and business services via its subsidiaries.

At the time of writing, FedEx had more than 1,800 locations in the US alone and offered express mail, freight forwarding, logistics, and international post delivery services.

FedEx Corporate Office Contacts.

Use the details listed below to contact the FedEx corporate office in Memphis:

FedEx Headquarters Phone Numbers:

+1-800-463-3339 (Customer Relations)

FedEx Headquarters Switchboard Hours:
Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Central Time Zone)

FedEx Headquarters Fax Number:

FedEx World Headquarters Address:

Fedex Corporate Office
7900 Legacy Dr, Plano, Texas 75024

FedEx Corporate Office Customer Relations.

FedEx Customer Relations
3875 Airways, Module H3
Department 4634
Memphis, TN38116

FedEx Office Corporate Office Address.

FedEx Office Customer Relations
7900 Legacy Drive
Plano, TX 75024

FedEx Customer Relations Address.

FedEx Customer Relations
3875 Airways, Module H3
Department 4634
Memphis, TN38116

FedEx U.S. Billing Inquiries.

FedEx Corp. Revenue Services
3965 Airways, Module G
Memphis, TN 38116
Phone Number: 1-800-622-1147
Fax: 1-800-548-3020

FedEx Freight Headquarters Address.

Renaissance Center
1715 Aaron Brenner Drive
Suite 600

Fedex Headquarters
The brand new FedEx Headquarters Campus in Plano, Texas employs around 1800 people on 265.000 square feet. The Corporate Office is powered entirely by solar panels.

FedEx Executive Team.

This is the complete list of key leadership personnel at FedEx.

  • Frederick W. Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Alan B. Graf, Jr., Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
  • Christine P. Richards, Executive Vice President, Secretary & General Counsel
  • Robert B. Carter, Executive Vice President (FedEx Information Services) & Chief Information Officer
  • T. Michael Glenn, Executive Vice President (Market Development & Corporate Communications)

FedEx Board of Directors:

  • Frederick W. Smith, Chairman of the Board
  • James L. Barksdale
  • John A. Edwardson
  • Marvin R. Ellison
  • John C. Inglis
  • Kimberly A. Jabal
  • Shirley Ann Jackson
  • R. Brad Martin
  • Joshua Cooper Ramo
  • Susan C. Schwab
  • David P. Steiner
  • Paul S. Walsh

FedEx Careers and Jobs.

Job seekers who are considering joining FedEx can browse through the job listings available from the company’s Careers page.. Here you can view job opportunities at different FedEx divisions, including Express, Freight, and Ground.

FedEx jobs in the United States and Canada can also be viewed at the company’s LinkedIn jobs page, where you can view vacancies available at the Memphis headquarters.

How to complain to FedEx.

To file a complaint with FedEx, you will need to contact the Customer Support team. You can get in touch with them by writing to: FedEx Customer Relations Department, 3875 Airways, Module H3, Department 4634, Memphis, TN, 38116.

Another way of filing a complaint is to fill in the FedEx Customer Support email form. If you have question or concerns about an existing FedEx Express or FedEx Ground order, then you can use the email form here.

Help with complaints is also available via Twitter by tweeting at their support handle @FedExHelp.

Fedex Customer Service Phone Numbers.

FedEx USA and Canada Customer Service Phone Numbers.

  • FedEx Customer Service phone number: 1-800-463-339 (1.800.GoFedEx).
  • International customers, please call on +1-800-247-4747.
  • U.S. TDD (Telephone Device for the Deaf) Services: 1.800.238.4461
  • Hearing Impaired Relay Desk: 1.800.464.0709
  • US Billing 1.800.622.1147
  • US Billing 1.800.548.3020 (Fax)
  • U.S. FedEx Express Freight Services (shipments over 150 lbs.): 1.800.332.0807
  • Cargo Claims Inquiries:  1.800.463.3339
  • FedEx Freight Customer Support U.S.  1.866.393.4585
  • FedEx Freight International  1.866.393.4685
  • FedEx Freight Technical Support  1.800.435.7949
  • FedEx Freight Volume Services  1.888.465.5646
  • FedEx Trade Networks  1.800.249.2953
    Email: ftn_customercontact@ftn.fedex.com.
  • Trade & Customs Advisory Services and World Tariff:s 1.866.268.7602 or 1.901.818.7775
  • FedEx Expedited and Extra-care Handling:
    Surface Expedite North America 1.866.274.6117 Toll-Free
    Air Expedite Worldwide 1.866.551.4033 Toll-Free
    White Glove Services U.S. and Canada 1.866.280.1810 Toll-Free


European Customer Care Contact Numbers and Emails.

  • Austria  0800 123 800  austria@fedex.com
  • Belgium  02 752 75 75  belgium@fedex.com
  • Czech Republic  800 1 33339  czechrepublic@fedex.com
  • Denmark  70 233 332  denmark@fedex.com
  • Estonia  8002345  eemaster@mail.fedex.com
  • Finland  010 800 515  finland@fedex.com
  • France  0825 886 887 (0.15 EUR TTC/mn)  france@fedex.com
  • Germany  01806 111 800 (20 cents per minute from a German landline. Mobile rate max. 60 cents per call.)
  • Hungary  06 40 980 980  hungary@fedex.com
  • Ireland  1800 535 800  ireland@fedex.com
  • Italy Regular  199.151.119 (0.10 € / min, VAT included)
    Outside of Italy +39 02- italy@fedex.com
  • Latvia  80005300  lvmaster@mail.fedex.com
  • Lithuania  8800 20200  ltmaster@mail.fedex.com
  • Luxembourg  8002 35 55  belgium@fedex.com
  • Netherlands  0800 0222 333  netherlands@fedex.com
  • Norway  63 94 03 00  norway@fedex.com
  • Poland  801 002 800 or 22 211 80 00 (for mobile phones) poland@fedex.com
  • Russia  7 495 788 8881  russia@fedex.com
  • Spain  902 100 871  spain@fedex.com
  • Sweden  0200 252 252  sweden@fedex.com
  • Switzerland  0848 1 33339 (0.08 CHF./min from a Swiss landline; mobile charges depend on provider) switzerland@fedex.com
  • United Kingdom  03456 07 08 09  uk@fedex.com


FedEx Middle-East Customer Service Phone Numbers and Emails.

  • Bahrain  973-17-334448  bahrain@fedex.com
  • India  1 800-22-6161  india@fedex.com
  • Israel  1-700-700-339  eumaster@fedex.com
  • Kuwait  965-1802233  kuwait@fedex.com
  • Saudi Arabia  800 246 44 44
    +966 12 232 99 99 (for international callers) SaudiArabia@fedex.com
  • UAE  800 33339  Outside of UAE +971-4-2994440  uae@fedex.com


FedEx Africa Customer Service Phone Numbers and Emails.

  • South Africa  27-11 923 8000  memaster@fedex.com
  • For all other African countries, please find a contact phone number on the country homepage.


FedEx Asia Customer Service Phone Numbers.

  • Australia Toll Free 13-26-10  Regular +61132610
  • New Zealand  Toll Free 0800-733339  Regular +6492565382
  • Indonesia  Toll Free 0 800 1 888 800  Regular 6221 75998800
  • Papua New Guinea  675 325 9788  Regular 6753214606
  • Fiji  679 722 933  Regular 6796722933
  • New Caledonia  687 286 125  Regular 687777616
  • Vanuatu  678 27 653  Regular 67823991
  • French Polynesia  689 453 645
  • American Samoa  684 699 5701  Regular 001 684 6995701
  • Cook Islands  682 23361
  • Hong Kong  (852) 27303333
  • Macau  (853) 703333
  • Peking  Toll Free 400 886 1888 (Mobile phone user)  Regular 8610 6464 8855
  • Shanghai  Toll Free 400 886 1888 (Mobile phone user) Regular 8621 5257 4620
  • Guangzhou  Toll Free 400 86 1888 (Mobile phone user)  Regular 8620 8763 2866
  • Malaysia  Toll Free 1800-886363  Regular +603 7721 1388  Skype +603 7721 1388
  • Singapore  Toll Free 1800-7432626  Regular (65) 67432626
  • Thailand  Toll Free 1782  Regular 6622298900
  • Cambodia  855 23 426 931  Regular 855 23 211278/216712/215436
  • Vietnam  Toll Free 1800 585835  Regular 848 3948 0370
  • Ho Chi Minh  848 200 747
  • Hanoi  8448249-054
  • Myanmar No FedEx Service
  • Japan  Toll Free 0120-003200  Regular (81) 43-298-1919
  • Korea  Toll Free 080 023 8000
  • Philippines  632 855 8484
  • Taiwan  Toll Free 0800-075-075  Regular (886) 2-8181-1912


FedEx Latin America Customer Service Phone Numbers.

  • Argentina  011-5411-4630-0300
  • Brazil/Sao Paulo  0800 703 3339
  • Chile  011-562-361-6111
  • Dominican Republic  1-809-565-3636
  • Jamaica  1-876-960-9192
  • Mexico  011-525-55-228-9904
  • Panama  1-507-271-3838
  • Puerto Rico  1-787-793-9300
  • Trinidad  1-868-645-2579
  • Uruguay  011-598-2-628-0100
  • Venezuela  011-58-212-205-3333

Other FedEx Resources.

Additional resources, links, and contact details relevant to FedEx can be found below.

Please share your experiences, praise or complaints about FedEx in the comment section.

55 thoughts on “Fedex Headquarters

  1. I have received several package in Playa Del Carmen, QUINTANA ROO, Mexico, and every package has been opened by the branch before delivery. One was my Amex card and the last one was confidential papers. I got in touch with FedEx Mexico and they informed me that it is their policy. Buyers be aware.

  2. Why is it that you can never speak to a real person? My package has been delayed 28 days. Every day I get a text from tracking that says operational delay. This is not the first time that I have had problems with FedEx. Ordered supplies from Medicare never got the package. Placed a re-order and the second package was left at my mailbox on a main road and I live a quarter of a mile back in the woods. My mail carrier actually brought the box to my house. Thank you US Postal Service. So I guess the first package was stolen off the road. Your customer service is no help because there is no real person to talk to and you can’t contact the area of where your package is. It’s obvious that you don’t care about your customers and I will put it out there not to use your company. You are not reliable.

  3. Yes I am disabled and being treated and discriminated against as such by FedEx driver and supervisor. It all started when my dog got out of the yard did not bite the driver, but did get out driver took it upon himself to deliver packages next-door leave behind my car on the wall and I wouldn’t get them so I found the complaint supervisor call being mean saying we will sue you if the dog bites as I said, the dog is no longer in the front driver got an attitude came one day I do not go outside because of my disability I open my door screen door closed security door asked him is that a package because it was by my mailbox not by my door he snap said yes I said he can you and he started laughing and walking away. I believe I heard him call me a bitch, so I filed another complaint then the supervisor came to my house not understanding why spoke to my husband then the driver showed up mine too. Neither one of them had packages spoke to my husband. In the meantime they had not responded to a complaint I filed another complaint supervisor came to my house. I would not open the door, but I am disabled and when I’m alone or husband sleeping before work I do not answer the door. He finally called me on my phone. Mind you from a blocked number and was telling me I needed to go outside. He said come outside so we can discuss this. I said I’m not coming outside how do I know you’re FedEx he said look at the truck then he said any more complaints. I’m coming right back out here again so I had a friend call by this time. My anxiety is horrible at through the roof. This is causing me a lot to mental problems because now I cannot sleep at night so she called and went to management over the supervisor. I have not heard back from them but now the driver is not bringing me my packages he’s putting undeliverable cannot deliver at this time and exceptional delivery a company here that I get my dog food from has been notified they have to give me $20 every time I don’t get it in the time they say I’m gonna get it today is Sunday it’s on the truck again and I can almost guarantee. I will not get it yesterday. He had my husband‘s package and my package on his truck delivered a package next-door. Husband was in front yard. He never even attempted to deliver it. I’ve never had this kind of problems. The drivers name is Louis. I believe he is discriminating against me because I filed a complaint. I sincerely believe the supervisor and driver or buddy, but he’s because nothing is being done now I am being punished and not getting my packages with me being homebound everything I get is delivered so I have contacted companies and asked them not to use FedEx to send me my packages but unfortunately two of them FedEx is the only company they use for delivery but now one is filed three complaints because of me to FedEx. They are losing money because of FedEx so now I had to stop using them companies because I do not want FedEx trying to deliver them because they do not deliver them to me. I have never seen anything like this in my whole life, I’m 61 years old never seen a driver and the supervisor in control of who they going to deliver packages to when they are not the ones paying for them. The supervisor said there were cameras on the truck they can tell what’s going on pull the cameras see he did not try to deliver my neighbors all have cameras there’s no dog in the front yard there’s no reason they haven’t delivered. I live in Phoenix Arizona in the Marysville District advise anyone and everyone who uses FedEx to stop eventually they will turn on you not all the drivers act like this one but he is still on my route and now making it worse and making my anxiety go through the roof. I have done without dog food for three days because I order it I’m out now I have to pay to have Walmart deliver it why when chewy dog food paid for them to deliver it. And the messed up thing is you called to file a complaint if they don’t give you a complaint number they can’t hunt you down through your address. You have to find a tracking number and you cannot get a supervisor on the phone. You have to continue waiting for someone to return your phone call which sometimes take days and now they’re showing up at your front door. I am not comfortable with this at all. I honest to God, believing they are harassing a disabled person.

  4. I am very upset with FedEx as they just recently were to deliver a package to my house but instead they left it on top of the community mailbox’s in the middle of the park. My package was obviously stolen along with it my personal information. Already connected them but they are acting like the situation is no big deal. Very unprofessional

  5. Gm why is it that. The drivers. Park in the middle of the street. Even when clearly they can pull to the side. As a company impeding traffic and causing dangerous parking issues in the inner city everytime I see it I record it and ask them why do they do this

  6. I bought a present for my daughter from Neiman Marcus. It had to be returned because it was the wrong model. My son-in-law went to the FedEx office in Thousand Oaks, CA at 860 East Thousand Oaks Blvd on July 17, 2023 at 4:50 pm. Both FedEx and Neiman Marcus claim there’s no record of the return. Please investigate this problem. The item in the box was a Nuna playard costing $426.00.

  7. At 4:30am today, one of your drivers with two containers in tow, was weaving between he extreme left lane and middle lane of I-95 in NY and CT. He tailgated my car as well as others in the left lane. I was unable to get a plate #, but the rear container was #824160. He was a menace an could have caused numerous accidents. Additionally,, it is illegal for the truck to be in the left lane!!

  8. I remember when FedEx was a top notch company. When I was in customer support trying for Eastman Kodak many years ago, FedEx was used as an example for the type of customer service we should strive for. That certainly is not the case today. I have waited at home during the 4 hour window that was provided for receipt of a package that required signature. That 4 hour window has lapsed and tracking information does not even show the package to be out for delivery. FedEx has now turned into a company that went from excellent customer service to no customer service at all. You cannot even get through to speak to a live person and they don’t answer calls at corporate office. All I can say is WOW!

  9. This is the 5th time my packages go to the wrong address this is beyond ridiculous this time they can’t find it and I’m passed it’s a expensive package

  10. I am sick and tired of your FedEx drivers not delivering my packages to my door. They drop it all the way out at the end of the driveway by my gate. The gate is open and there’s plenty of room for them to turn around. Had I not seen this package which I often do not see it because they throw it in a pile of weeds and it rains it could’ve gotten destroyed I’ve complained numerous times. I would like somebody at corporate to call me back. I honestly believe that the driver needs to get fired because I’m sure it’s probably the same one on my route. I live in the country he needs to get fired or his lazy ass needs to deliver my packages to my front door . On top of it your customer service department hides behind “protocol”…I can’t speak to a supervisor because I had a fast track tracking ID. How assinine and poor customer service. I refuse to use you if I have a choice. I did not this time. I will tell everybody the poor manner you have treated me and my packages

  11. I was suppose to receive a package today. The package has been delivered to another home. FEDEX continues to tell me it was delivered today @ 3pm. That much is true but it was delivered to someone else’s home. I can’t seem to find a live rep to speak with. I keep getting told that my package was delivered. I hope u can tell me what I should do.

  12. Driver lightly knocked on my door. Waited 20 seconds tagged door then left never used ring door bell. I was home! Waiting for the doorbell to ring. I have video.

    Customer service is the worst. Now a package that had to be delivered on Friday with auto tags wasn’t delivered told I could pick up in Ontario. Explained with out tags that should have been delivered I have no way to get there. It’s would illegal to use auto without current registration. Offered them the opportunity to schedule a Uber but they declined. This was a next day delivery but now it’s going to take 3 days as of now with a delivery scheduled for Monday before 8pm. Since I work and won’t be home. FedEx has caused a whole bunch of issues and all you can say sorry. Now I am going to lose a day pay because FedEx can’t make delivery as promised. If I have to take the day off to sit home waiting on a package I am going to take FedEx to court over a lost days pay. My current rate of pay is $125.00 per hour 10x $125.00 = $1250.00. See you in court. I will never use FedEx again nor will do business with anyone who does use FedEx.

  13. I was guaranteed a delivery before noon and no delivery when I called the fed ex my package left from to be delivered the guy told me fed ex has no idea when I will get my delivery and that fed ex doesn’t give times to be delivered by.
    UPS is so much better

  14. This is the email I just sent to my supplier. I couldn’t find an email to CC you in on it. FYI.

    Hello, I hope this e mail finds you well. I am writing this email in hopes we can ship with another shipping company other than Fed Ex when it comes to the long rods/pallets. I never get the rods in the original package and some times not even the original pallet. They have come on a 48 inch pallet and I know Hafele is not doing that. The last 3 shipments from Fed Ex the packing has been damaged luckily the end product has not been damaged more than 2% as far as rods are concerned. I know last week they lost 200 end caps as the box was severely damaged during shipping. Out of 100 rods I might find 2 that are not usable. With that said I have to inspect each box making sure the rods are not damaged before I can add it to my available inventory, this takes time and money to do. Fed Ex has no respect for our product as I have received several box’s with obvious boot marks left from them being walked on. I have received products attached to makeshift pallets and strapped with various ratchet straps taking no care in preserving the product. In the future I will refuse any shipment from FedEx that is not in Hafele’s original packaging or appears to be damaged in any way. I hope you understand my frustration. I want to work with you to get this resolved. Thank You.

    Bryan Johnson VP
    Customer # USO13xxxx
    xxx First Colonial Rd. Ste 105-106
    Virginia Beach, VA 23454
    Ph: 757-710-xxxx

  15. My husband gets meals delivered to him thru GA Foods. GA Foods has the correct address and so does Fed X. Your driver’s have been delivering to a different address. The food is thawed out and no longer safe to eat. This has happened 5 times since June 2022. The food is not eatable and the milk and juices are not drinkable. I have called Fed X customer service when this happens. The issue is not getting resolved pertaining to the driver’s. The meals are going to 2965 Lower Colesburg Road and 2968 Lower Colesburg Road. The address that Fed X says they have when I ask them they say 2938 Lower Colesburg which is the correct address. WHY CAN’T YOUR DRIVERS GET THE DELIVERY ADDRESS RIGHT. We have a sign in our driveway on a white board with black numbers on it that you can see from the road. Apparently your driver’s are not paying attention to their routes.

  16. I had a package that was supposed to be delivered on a certain date, the package was at the local shipping facility on the delivery date! But was not delivered on the 2 day shipping bill, all I got was an email stating there was a delay and no reason. I contacted customer service and was lied to that my package would be delivered the next day , by different customer service agents! This is unacceptable! I will never use fedex and will tell everyone else not to use fedex!

  17. I am a Vivid Art Collector that recently purchased 5 new artworks to go in my collection. Had 2 artworks to be shipped to me by your company. I have never had any issues with FedEx in the past until now. I have 3 pieces of art that has been setting at my Local FedEx facility where my home is for 5 days and can not get them delivered. If anyone watches the National News they may have heard about the Wild Fires that we had in 2016 and the recent Wild Fire that we had just 4-4 weeks ago

    someone asked me if I have about got my house built back I told him it is not just a house it is our home I just about got the house completed after a set back during CoVid 19

    I work at a full time job are built. My house back in 2021 I have it livable. The 5 Art wools is the last price to the puzzler LOL
    The last fire about 3-4 weeks ago burned down some of his house, so I will have to help him out
    I have a meeting June 1 and it looks like I will be going back overseas and everyone should know what that is abou

    Please FedEx I would like to receive my artwork before I have to go overseas you never are promised a return trip back home put you can only Pray. I only have 2 years before retirement so pry for me and my family

    wild Fires

  18. I live in Sevierville Tn and I have 2 packages in the FedEx facility in Kodak TN which is 8 miles away. The issue is that the packages has been there for 6 days and still can not get them delivered to my home.my wife has talked to a FedEx representative multiple times and they keep telling her that it will be delivered tomorrow but tomorrow has never gotten here yet.

  19. Driver uses a private drive to service Pumpkin Creek Subdivision off Bates Lane in Spring Hill, TN going too fast. Almost hit my dog. This is a one lane gravel road we pay to keep up. I own the easement. He must go south to Lee Road on the public road, turn left to Pumpkin Cr. Subdivision. He is tearing up our road and is dangerous if he meets a car going that fast. He couldn’t stop. Warn him!!!!!

  20. Communication and empowerment of employees across the sites is non existent. Additionally, the ability for the individual sites to improve their process is at the mercy of a claim. QDM is not known in the field. No feedback system for improvements

  21. Communication and empowerment of employees across the sites is non existent. Additionally, the ability for the individual sites to improve their process is at the mercy of a claim. QDM is not known in the field. No feedback system for improvements

  22. Fedex is useless, cannot seem to deliver to correct address. have called several times to complain only to never hear back. Opened a formal complaint to resolve our delivery driver incompetents. Need to remove person and retrain. My formal complaint is 0226700412.

  23. I was lied to by FedX . I ordered a package on Thursday the 24th with a delivery date of Friday the 25th of February to St Louis . On Friday I was notified it would be delivered on Sat the 26th. Saturday at approximately 12:45 I received notification that the package was not able to be delivered because the resident wasn’t home . Well it wasn’t a residence it is a big building an animal rescue , Stray Rescue of St Louis . That delivery person lied because they are open 24-7 and were there as I spoke to them an hour before . They were waiting for this package as it was promised to them after FedX confirmed it would be there !! That driver lied because it is impossible they weren’t there because they were and it was nit a residence as he stated !!! I am so so so angry insulted and dissatisfied with the way in which my package was handled but mostly because thst driver lied !!!!

  24. Your driver tossed out 3 boxes in the middle of my driveway which were discovered when a friend tried to drive in our driveway- and those 3 boxes weren’t ours! That was Wednesday of this week . Yesterday, Friday, they left 5 boxes( not heavy) out in the snow. The biotin box got wet and buckled due to the wait of the boxes. Your drivers are supposed to deliver to our front porch!! At our friends’ house they have a video of your driver throwing the boxes out of his truck. No one is doing anything no matter who we complain to. Please assist us!

  25. I live on the third floor the drivers leave everything on the ground outside my building there’s 200 units they get stolen by the time I can go down they never get delivered to my door I have 14 complaints in nothing is getting done I’m out thousands of dollars because I have to rebuy everything it’s wrong I just wish it would get delivered to my door on the 3rd floor.

  26. The trucks delivering on our street are flying 20-30 miles an hour. This is a residential street speed limit 25 mph. There are kids on ours streets with bikes, skateboards, rollerblades etc.. The driver could never be able to stop if he didn’t see them or they are out in the street riding bikes, etc. The Address is Dupree Dr., Huntsville Al. 35806

  27. This complaint is about a fed ex driver here in San Antonio, Tx., whom uses his delivery truck to purposely block access to and from my allotted space, that I PAY for monthly. This driver refuses to move and ONLY blocks my garage space, and because this not the first time ,this particular driver, has done this. I feel targeted by this man that represents YOUR company! I am a disabled, single mother and my child is also disabled. I made a complaint about this same driver to Customer Service December of 2018, and no one has addressed the issue. Meanwhile this fed ex driver keeps parking in front of my ,($60.00) ,parking garage. It’s sad that I have to involve law enforcement because I am being harassed by a fed ex delivery person, who also has his I.d. badge concealed, while causing a disturbance on your company time. Again, 12/13/18 was when the first incident took place and on 4/10/19 was when the second incident had occurred. I was informed by SAPD Off. J. Maxwell badge #1367, case # 0422806. Category ‘disturbance call’ Please contact me regarding this matter. Sincerely and Thank you.

  28. Yes for the last two weeks I’ve been expecting pkgs. and both times they were deliver at the wrong apt. One pkg. Was turned into office wrong bldg. and wrong apt .This second time it had bldg.number on it and it still did not get deliver at my apt. .This is a senior complex. I’m sure it is same delivery guy thats delivering now cause for a year I been ordering and pkgs. Came with no problem,now I’m not getting the service I’m being charged for and the great service I had received in the past. I heard tou all can check and investigate where it was deliver to the apr. I would appreciate your service to locat my pkg. and resume the great service I once was receiving .
    S Hampton 2665 W. Lakemead Blvd.
    Apt 1177 Bldg 23
    North Las Vegas Nv.89032
    Last for #of shipping item is #5441
    Contact #cell 714-574-xxxx
    I would appreciate a follow up and respond from you .
    Thank You

  29. On Thursday January 31st I purchased a cellphone and paid $14.99 to have the phone delivered on Friday February 1st by 10:30 am. Around 2 pm I received a texted that there was no one home and it would be rescheduled for delivery. I called the FedEx 800 number to explain that I was home and there was no ticket left on my door. The FedEx representative put me on hold when she return to the line she explained that the driver ran out of tickets. I explained that I have security cameras and no one came to my door. The representative explained that she was no longer in the area and I would have to pick the phone up myself if I needed it before Monday (the next delivery date). Since this was a birthday gift for my son and I was traveling out of town to give him the phone on Saturday, I had no other choice. I went to pick up the phone 40 minutes each way due to traffic and snowy conditions. I asked to speak to the manager at the facility. I explained my issue and said that I was frustrated and was requesting a refund of $14.99. He said that the regular delivery person said she put the ticket on someone else’s door since the homes are not numbered. I live in a cul-de-sac of eight houses and 5 of the eight houses are numbered including my own. So by this time I have heard three different stories of why my phone was not delivered to me. I called the customer service on my way home from picking up the phone and the rep explained that I would have to wait 7 working days to talk to another rep because it takes that long for the invoice to be processed. I feel the FedEx as a company has fallen short of satisfying the customer. I am confused why I have to go through all this when my package as not delivered not just by 10:30 am but not delivered at all. And still paying $14.99 (special delivery fee) and I have to pick up my package myself. I would greatly appreciate someone looking into this and issuing a refund to me. The tracking number was 470002515967. Sincerely Katherine Looney

  30. So on December 13th I was supposed to receive my package from Fed ex and I sent a text alert on (12/12/18) that someone 21 years old or older with ID would have to be here to sign for it so I arranged do you have the 13th off, so I waited never received the package and later on that evening I got a text saying that it was undeliverable due to my wrong address which was definitely incorrect since fed ex delivered the exact same thing from the exact same company here a few months before using the exact same address that I given. I’ve been called for Dicks customer service and the rep took down my address and phone number again and said that she would have the right manager contact the driver why are you still on this route to get it delivered but that never happened that night and I was promised the next day that it would be delivered which was then the 14th, Well the 14th came and went and that night I got another text message saying the same thing that the address was wrong and it was undeliverable. I again called FedEx customer support and they didn’t ask me for all the information and I can give to them but told them I had done this previously. I then got a text message saying my package would be delivered on Saturday the 15th so again I waited, Saturday the 15th Came and went then the evening of Saturday the 15th I get a text message saying that due to inclement whether it could not be delivered Which was total bull because weather in both my town ( Jacksonville North Carolina ) and the town of ( Wilmington North Carolina ) The town is was coming from where are the FedEx hub was had no weather issues. So that Saturday night December 15 I got a message saying they don’t deliver on Sundays and they were delivered on Monday the 17th so I called FedEx again and they apologized and said it will be delivered that Monday so Monday 17th came and went no FedEx package but at least in the comments that time they just said they didn’t even make an attempt to deliver It but it would be livered Tuesday the 18th ( today ) I would say about 6 PM still have not seen the package so I finally called FedEx for the fourth time and explain to them that it was a 2 1/2 hour Drive round-trip if they were to leave it there in Wilmington where was delivered from if I went to pick it up. So manager finally said that they could leave it at a local Walgreens tomorrow which is not very far from me. I explained to the manager that if it wouldn’t of been something that I had to be here to sign for would not be that big of a deal since I live here by myself but since I’ve been promised every single day since the 13th except Sunday that I wanted them to make things right since 4 days of work were missed and all the aggravation Along with the promises that would be delivered the next day. They pretty much told me tough we don’t offer anything like that whatsoever and if you want to complain you can write them corporate office at H-3 in Memphis Tennessee. I thought that was incredibly slack with Fed ex being such a large company and to hose me like they did and keep on promising it will be there the next day and they wouldn’t even let the package be left on my porch without a signature which was the reason I had to wait all this time for it. So I guess this is pretty much the only recourse I was offered what’s for me to do this. Wow super Duper slack on your part fed Wow super Duper slack on your part fedex.

  31. 1) I have been hung-up on 3 times in the last hour… and on 2 of the phone calls, I was on hold for more then 20 minutes …
    2) I have been trying to get someone in sales to call me for over a week

  32. I insured a $225 framed, with glass print to be shipped. I paid $160.74 for insurance. Fedex packaged it and the glass broke during shipment. It was sent back to the store where they opened the box, cleaned out the glass which ruined the print, retaped the box and sent it to me. They are denying my claim because there is no evidence that the box was mishandled by them. Scammers! Watch out!

  33. I have a package at your Oak Park, Michigan facility that I have been trying to get delivered for several days. The driver came to my house on October 18 and no one was there. He left a notice for me to sign. I signed the notice and attached it to the door. I went on the website and set up an online account and found out that I needed a direct signature for my package so I couldn’t receive my package on the 19th. My son waited on the driver on the 22nd and the 23rd and the driver never attempted to deliver the package again. I have called 4 days straight trying to get my package delivered to no avail. I have been lied to on several occasions concerning this issue. The customer service with you company is horrible. I just spoke to someone name James ID# 2906294 who stated that he will ask the driver if he is willing to bring my package out again. If a contract worker is being paid to deliver packages why must he be asked. I can’t believe the service I received and I will NEVER recommend this company to anyone. Your customer service is horrible.

  34. These people are the utmost pathetic people ever!!! Customer service is nonexistent. We put a claim in on 5/5/18 and have called numerous times to check on status and NO one will return our calls. Finally called cooperate today and just received phone call that claim was denied. They are trying to use google maps to determine it the driver actually knocked down a 4X4 post with electrical box on it because the driver denied it!! They don’t see tire marks and claim it’s too far off the driveway for the driver to knock it down. So, so pitiful!!!!!

  35. if you’re looking to be a FedEx customer prepare yourself for issues with their customer service. They make it difficult to order labels. I was told by the customer service call center (Grace) to go to a fedex store and get the labels myself. I responded that i should not have to drive to go get labels so therefore i should stop shipping with fedex until the labels arrive. I have never had an issue such as this with UPS.

  36. You guys have failed miserably at keeping your word. I paid for a 2 day express shipping because I was purchasing a mattress and needed it asap. It was suppose to be delivered on Thursday 02/22/2018. Unfortunately we were not home so we could not sign for it, so a door tag was left. We signed the door tag and left it on our front door. The next day 02/23/2018 I had work off and was home all day and there was no knock or ring on my doorbell. 1 pm rolls around so I call the hotline and it said it was attempted At 12:45 while I was at my house the whole time. I call in to speak with manager at salt lake city, UT location. He tells me that he is going to try to get it redelivered that day and he will call me back. No call back and no delivery. So we wait until today which is Monday 02/26/2018. Again signed door tag on door and I happened to have the day off. 1:00 pm rolls around and no knock or ring on the doorbell so I call the hotline and it said package was attempted again for the 3rd time and the 2nd time with a signed door tag and me being home. So again I call and ask for the manager and we Go through the sane process again almost exactly the same. Except this time I actually get a call back from the salt lake location. Informing me that my package will not be sent back out today and that I have to go pick it up because the delivery driver will not drop it off at my townhouse even though I’ve been home both times with a signed door tag because of the area. The manager out of salt lake city, UT was not polite and was talking down to me as if it were my fault. This is really unprofessional of you Fedex and you deserve better employees. I’ve been sleeping on the floor for a week now.

  37. With another mass school shooting and the NRA refusing to be open to ANY gun safety issues(other than arming teachers!), I wanted to say that if FEDEx offers discounts to NRA members then I will, moving forward,use another company for any of my shipping needs. I see that a number of companies have disassociated with the NRA after the comments made by their president and spokeswoman. I would hope FEDEx reconsiders their position.

    1. Shame on you for supporting the NRA!!! Do the right thing and cut your ties !!! Otherwise it sounds like your company is ok with killing children!!! Weather you support or don’t support semi automatic weapons is irrelevant! You still support the NRA.

      1. FedEx,

        Ignore these knuckleheads. They have no understanding of or appreciation for liberty (i.e., FREEDOM FROM TYRANNY) or the cost thereof. Ignorant people like them think the 2nd Amendment is about protecting ourselves from our neighbors – DUH!!! It’s about protecting ourselves from the government should it ever become so corrupt and evil that legislative efforts to correct it become futile. Gee… it looks like we were right on the very edge thereof too, until this last Presidential election saved us – thank ALMIGHTY GOD!!!

        The Founding Fathers knew this could happen better than anybody – hence the 2nd Amendment. Do these people NOT understand that more human lives have been slaughtered at the hands of their own governments than ALL of the wars combined throughout history, and that the FIRST thing those governments did was to disarm their citizenry?!!! WAKE UP AMERICA – IGNORANCE IS DEADLY!!!

        No.. these liberal “safety is more important than freedom & dignity” cowards are afraid of their own shadows to the point that they fear ever having to defend themselves and/or their families if need be. Sadly, these “weak souls” would prefer to live in a nanny-state where Big Brother takes care of them from cradle to grave. Benjamin Franklin said that “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”…. and he was RIGHT!

        So I say “kudos” to FedEx for supporting the NRA and PLEASE don’t let these “sissy-cowards / empty vessels” prevent you from helping the rest of us PATRIOTS to support and protect the cause of Liberty & Freedom in this wicked age where “emotional opinion” rules the minds of so many instead of reasoned FACT. In so doing you are actually helping to save both them and the rest of us from an era where big government united “arm-in-arm” with big business & advanced technology threatens all of us more than at any other time in in human history.

        Thanks & God’s speed,

    2. Guns don’t kill people. It’s people that kill people, you leftist. My guns have never killed anyone they don’t do anything but sit there until I decide to pick them up and use them.

  38. all i would like to do is have a “fedex” representative call me to review my account.
    unbelievable! you can’t get anyone to help.
    what a disgrace, you should be ashamed of yourselves.
    terrible customer service, i could barely understand the person in “Brazil”.

  39. Why would a driver leave a package outside the post office at night? Why are you told that someone will get back to you after your case number is assigned and you hear nothing? Why are you put on hold being transferred for over 20 minutes? I have paid for my products, paid for shipping through FEDEX and have less money, no gifts and no response from FEDEX. No help through customer service, not allowed to speak with anyone above customer service and continually speaking with someone who is NOT in the USA!!!

  40. Fed Ex was scheduled to deliver my package on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 by end of day. I was at my front door from 7am until 4:30 pm with no washroom break or having lunch. At 4:15 received a notice on my phone saying Fed Ex delivered my package but I was not there to receive it. Now I have to go to a Fed Ex location and pick it up myself. I truly feel the Fed Ex driver was tired and wanted to go home. I cannot wait another day in hopes that I will receive my package. I feel extremely inconvenience.

  41. I have used Fedex countless times to send packages to my son who is serving oversees as a United States Marine…. I will never do so again…….Fedex sponsors the over-paid, anit-American, babies of the NFL…. I have had it with the so-called ‘elite’ (ie. the folks who play little kid games for MILLIONS…(NFL) or the PRETENDERS…(HOLLYWOOD) who get paid MILLIONS.) These self proclaimed ‘elite’ want me to choose sides….I choose the USMC and all the REAL men and women of the military who defend us (and those MILLIONAIRES of the NFL)……. ANY COMPANY WHO SUPPORTS THE NFL WILL LOSE MY BUSINESS.

  42. This is horrible customer service and shipping from FedEx. It has been two weeks, that my package has been missing. I have contacted your office and spoke with Margaret, on a promising verbal communication on my package. It has been four days since I have spoken with her and no contact as promised. Margaret stated that she had located my package and I should be receiving my package on the 09/21/2017. I call today 09/21/2017 with case ID number to find out about my package, the package is still in Olive Branch, where it arrived on 09/12/2017. I’m very disappointed because of the poor customer service!!!!

  43. They claim to have come to my home and no one was home. My wife is a stay home mother and never left the house and I checked my security system and no one was there anywhere near the time he claimed to have showed up. I have been given the run around and treat like crap. I filed with the BBB and suggest you all do the same. I would also like to start a class action lawsuit because of the time and money they have cost me. Anyone want to join. email me at griff_932 that at hotmail

  44. I now know why I’ve always used UPS when delivering packages! I’ve been trying to get a packet delivered that has my 11 year old son’s football cleats for a few weeks. The estimated ship date has been changed 5 times dating over 2 weeks. It’s been in my city for 5 days but after talking to 15 different FedEx Employees and being transferred 14 different times I’m desperate to get the package for my son. The last five days have been spent trying to find someone that can located the actual package for me to, do FedEx job for them, go get the package from the warehouse. Everyone agrees that the package is at the location but no one wants to get out of their chair and get the package. I’ve escalated to the FedEx compliant line and they too can’t get anything done. They say they can’t get the local manager or office to call them back. I’ve been promised 3 times by 3 different FedEx employees that the package would arrive that day. I’m completely at a loss on what to do.

  45. Contacting you for assistance in regards to tracking no above. I’m beyond upset and disappointed with the service provided to us by FedEx. As a big national corporation we trust FedEx to deliver our packages in timely manner as stated and if a situations arises to may sure you have capable management to handle it. I shipped crucial documents yesterday for this AM delivery. Your tracking states it was attempted to be delivered at 7:22am however our facility was opened at 7am with multiple employees aboard and FedEx NEVER came. I called for tracking and was advised that it was back in your Ontario facility, was also told it would be redelivered today and was told an agent would contact me to confirm redeliver. I just got off the phone with your manager Jorge ID# CUURC which advised me package will NOT be delivered today. These documents HAD to be recorded today and now we have a major problem. If I had known that FedEx never planned on redelivering package I would had driven myself to your facility and picked up package. I would like for a superior to review this incident and take property measurements. My contact information is below my signature line.

  46. I received phone call and checked tracking on-line both stating delivery Wednesday 7-5-17. Early afternoon on-line indicates date change to Thursday 7/6 but no phone call indicating the change till Wed night so I would have waited all day Wednesday if I hadn’t checked on line. Thursday on-line indicates my package on delivery van to my home yet 12 hours later no delivery. I call Fed Ex and they don’t know what happened and no one answers phone wherever they were calling to check but yet I am told it will be delivered Friday. It is now Friday and on-line says delivery date pending??? Have they lost my package? No phone call as yet. My next step is to file a complaint for unacceptable, disorganized and irresponsible shipping. The package was first scanned on 6/28/17 that is 9 days ago. The USPS would have done a better job.

  47. Dear Corporate Headquarters Representative/ Advocate:

    :Reference to Tracking [BLOCKED for Privacy]. This is to notify you that after 4 hours of continuous and vigilant calling I finally was connected to a manager at the local FedEx station. I waited for 37 minutes on hold while the manager named Mr. Jadon attempted to reach the driver. He did reach him and instructed him to re-deliver my package today. I am happy to say that I now have my package but not happy with the NASTY and RUDE attitude of the driver. He arrived and banged on my glass inset door and when I opened he went off verbally. He was loud, combative and threatened to not give me the package. Has FedEx reached an all time low in customer service? He was fortunate my mate wasn’t present with that confrontational delivery. DO NOT EVER HAVE THAT DRIVER RETURN TO MY ADDRESS EVER. This is my formal written complaint regarding unacceptable customer service from this team member/driver.

  48. Unacceptable customer service. No resolution all this time. Tracking my package and I’ve spoken to many people today I was actually on the phone two different calls for over one hour and a half. The package was misdirected back to Ohio when the delivery state is Georgia. This is a gift sent from me to my 10yr old nephew who has been anxiously awaiting the delivery since the birthdate (actually scheduled delivery date June 15th). I’m disgusted because I can’t even get a real answer if where this package is at and I could have delivered it myself from Florida to Georgia in 8hr time. So why all the updates to my email with promises of delivery dates when those dates have not been met. Where is my package ? When will it really be delivered andvwhy can’t I get an actual person to tell me where the package is at ? What kind of customer experience are you shooting for??!!!

  49. I use FedEx Express for most home deliveries, and I’m generally happy with them, but I really need the company to offer delivery on Sundays, as that is the only day im usually home.

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