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Apple Headquarters and Corporate Offices.

Apple Inc. is an American technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California. Its hardware products include the iPhone smartphone, the iPad tablet computer, the Mac personal computer, the iPod portable media player and the Apple Watch smartwatch.

Apple’s online services include the iTunes Store, the iOS App Store and Mac App Store, and iCloud.

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in April 1976.

Apple Headquarters Corporate Address.

The Apple corporate office is located in Cupertino, California, USA.

You can address any correspondence to the Apple headquarters to:

Apple Headquarters

1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA 95014


Apple Headquarters Phone Number.

The Apple corporate office phone number is: 1-408-996-1010.

For customer services, you can call: 1-800-My-Apple and for sales support, call: 1-800-676-2775.

Apple Headquarters Email Contacts.

Apple has en email form service that can be used mainly for help and feedback. We have not been able to locate an email address for the corporate office.

Apple does have a Media Help email address at: media.help@apple.com

To email Apple’s Legal Department, please use the form here.

Apple Headquarters
The new Apple Campus Headquarters located at 19111 Pruneridge Avenue
Cupertino, CA 95014. It is under construction and will be in use at the beginning of 2017.

Apple Jobs and Careers.

If you wish to contact Apple about job opportunities, then please visit Apple Jobs. The company usually has around 500+ available job opening in the USA at any time.

For international job and career opportunities, please find your country on this page.

Apple also lists available jobs on their LinkedIn Jobs Page.

Apple Executive Team.

Below we have listed the complete Apple Executive Team and Board of Director.

Apple Executives

Time Cook – CEO

Jonathan Ive – Senior Vice President

Peter Oppenheimer – Senior Vice President

Dan Riccio – Senior Vice President

Philip Schiller – Senior Vice President

Eddy Cue – Senior Vice President

Craig Federighi – Senior Vice President

Bruce Sewell – Senior Vice President

Jeff Williams – Senior Vice President

Apple’s Board of Directors

Millard Drexler

Albert Gore

Robert Iger

Andrea Jung

Arthur Levinson PhD

Bill Campbell

Tim Cook

Ronald Sugar PhD

How do I contact the Apple Customer Care?

If you need to file a complaint about an Apple product or service, or if you have an issue or question for the customer service department, then there are several ways to go about it: The most popular Apple Customer Service phone number in the USA is 1-800-676-2775.

When making purchases, for after-sales help, or for product issues, you can contact Apple’s Live Chat line or call 1-800-MY–APPLE (1-800–692–7753), 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Central time.

For order status, delivery of orders from the Apple Online Store,visit the Order Status page. You can also get order status or make changes to your order by phone at 1-800-692–7753, 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Central time.

Learn more about the Apple Customer Service on our Apple Customer Care page.

Apple Resources.

Feel free to share your Apple experiences, praise or complaints, in the comment section.

22 thoughts on “Apple Headquarters

  1. I have been with Verizon senses it’s beginning with Apple products ,had problems with Apple ID # to my account took far ever just up graded to I15 problems with the Apple ID # I have not changed any thing ,wating on Apple so I can finish the exchange ,wear do I send Apple a backcharge $ for my experience going back and forth wating etc it’s about $3000.00 now

  2. I made a purchase from Best Buy for $1100 for a IPad Pro and accessories. The salesman appeared to have a problem with me and my fiancée because I am Black and she is White. We could see it on his face and how he behaved. He abruptly told us that it was the same as a laptop and it would function properly. He rushed us and was very hesitant to let us ask about other technology. He decided on the tablet, he decided on the Pen, and he decided on the padfolio. When we asked about the availability of other products, he didn’t even check. Well, about a week after purchase, we found out that everything the Best Buy Salesman told us was a lie. He didn’t want to assist us. I visited the store about two weeks ago to return the item because of misrepresentation and outright lies. The Jackson store told me that it was not a 30 return, but rather a 14 day return. The way I was treated, both visits after the initial purchase, I was treated terribly. The manager at the Jackson Location is Tammy, that is who I spoke to today, was beyond rude and unprofessional. I’m fact, didn’t know she was even a manage because of the Hoodie she was wearing. Didn’t even give me her name. I had to ask for it. I was eventually, during the initial return visit, given a $1100 store credit which I did not want. I returned to the store to to get this resolved. For the couple decades, I have shop at many Best Buy’s and never returned anything. I want my credit card refunded so this matter can end. The store credit requires me to buy from Best Buy which I will never to it again. Refund policy is one thing, but misrepresentations about your products is fraudulent on Best Buy’s part. I’ve informed Best Buy, that if this is not resolved today, I will file racial and discrimination lawsuits regarding this issue. As for Apple, you have the opportunity to make this right. Because with the information that I have provided, you are aware of our treatment as well as the ongoing experiences regarding this matter. I have a feeling, that I hope is wrong, that it is going to take a lawsuit, complaints on social media, and concerns that you would not allow the refund knowing this. My number is 731 694-xxxx

  3. I have been an Apple user for over 25 years. I taught graphic design and document production at a local community college (Applied Multimedia Training Centers) in Calgary Alberta for 10 years.
    We made the largest single bulk purchase of Power PC Macs in Apple history at the time.
    We taught graphic design and
    We graduated over 1800 students, most of whom purchased Macs to replace their various PC equipment.
    As a graphic designer I produced annual reports for large Oil and Gas Companies including Texaco Canada and BP Canada. 60 to 80 page documents complete with text, photos, graphs and artwork. Straight from my Mac llfx to high res imagesetters.
    Working with executives meant making constant changes to text and photos and numbers of pages. My clients were very impressed with my ability to make these alterations without affecting the overall look of the finished document.
    In the last 6 months I have noticed a dramatic drop in quality of product and severe drop customer service.
    It appears to me that Apple has lost the spirit and concept of the original company. Now just another computer company like any other.
    I would like an opportunity to talk directly to your senior management about how to put your company back on track and back to where Apple used to be. Top of the pack.
    I believe Apple has lost it’s way and has become vulnerable to the next Steve Jobs upstart.
    Nobody thought Apple would survive, but if you continue on the the path you’re on failure is inevitable.
    Give me an opportunity to speak to you in person and let me help you regain the respect and admiration you so owned not too years ago.
    Otherwise keep your eyes on the rear view mirror. That sound you’re hearing may be your competition preparing to take you out of the game. Either get back with the tour or pull over and let new kids take over.
    Such a sad thing to think about.

  4. My daughter bought me an IPad at the Naval Rxchange in Portsmouth VA she’s USCG. I am an artist but working from small images on my iPhone is eyestrain . My iPad won’t function because I forget password etc. I took it to the Apple store here at Pacific Mall Ventura Ca . The clerk there told me that I would need a sales receipt. This iPad was purchased in Oct 2012 and my grandson played with it mostly. But now I need to be able to use it myself to work from large images and I cannot. My son who chipped in on the cost of this present had me write down all possible passwords. He’s very tech savy but couldn’t unlock the iPad for me. I called Apple support in Santa Barbara. Same thing where’s the receipt. Well it’s likely in a database belonging to the Naval Exchange Commissary in Va. my daughter doesn’t keep receipts that long. So how can you help? I can mail the iPad to you and maybe you can figure out how to fix it. Thank you

  5. I am sure Apple doesn’t care about anyone or anything on this thread. But I will vent anyway . I brought my i phone 6 in for screen repair. I do not have Apple care so it cost me $160 . No sooner had I walked out of the store, then it broke again. I went back in and another “genius” said it was defective. But they would upgrade me to a 6s plus. Like they were doing me a favor. But of course they have to order it. Almost a week later I still don’t have a phone, and they talk around you in circles like you’re an idiot. How can you not have a list of inventory coming in??? I asked my bank to look into the charge for a possible refund, as they fixed a phone and didn’t even check that it worked before giving it back. I am so disgusted. If there is no phone by tomorrow I will just go to Verizon and get a Galaxy. I will sacrifice Apple music, but I am so angry, I’ll take the loss. Apple, you sxxk.

  6. Don’t know if anyone from Apple will actually read this, but just wanted to say that I am totally disgusted by the television advertising ‘celebrating’ gay marriage.

    Another reason to never buy Apple again.

  7. Piece of garbage Apple is the biggest LOSER company in the market because apple stole the name iphone and ios from cisco, ipad from LG. Two companies made things before apple. Apple doesn’t make camera, processor, and battery. 3d touch wasn’t apple and apple stole from immersion. Iphone design copy from sony, htc phone design. Ipad pro copy from surface pro and keyboard.This is 100% true informations. Apple always LIE to u. Don’t listen to them. I got all apple products hacked and fire came out, exploded in my hand and face. I lost everything. All apple products are hacking your information for russians.

    1. I could not agree with you more about Apple capitalizing off the stupidity of we consumers. I too bought into the hype/scam and after this fiasco of getting Apple to unlock an account – 72 days after showing proof of purchase – I still have a $750 paperweight.

      I will be moving over to Samsung. Bad timing for Apple. I have about 3 iPads – 7 iPhones and have purchased way more in the past. My son wanted the Apple Laptop – I am actively looking for any suggestions for something OTHER THAN Apple. (The Lenovo is looking pretty nice)

    2. I have been using Apple products for over 25 years and I can’t believe the downturn in quality of product and customer service. My first Mac was a Mac Plus. Pretty basic but the next one, a MAC llfx was incredible. As a graphic designer and artist it was a doorway to creativity and innovation.
      I designed and produced Annual Reports for large petroleum companies in Calgary such as Texaco Canada and BP Canada.
      My clients were top executives who were impressed by the ability to make small changes easily and even large changes with ease. Sometimes making these change hours before going to press.
      I then turned to teaching at a small community college and found our Power PCs an excellent way to teach students without the computer getting in the way. Most of our students were PC users who, by the end of the one year program were solid Mac users. Many switched from Windows computers to Macs.
      We graduated over 1800 students over the course of 10 years.
      I’ve noticed a slow slide downward in the last few years in quality of product and customer service. Constant upgrades that seem to require even further upgrades and customer service people who read from scripts and shrug their shoulders when they can’t help which is often.
      I used to be a solid Apple supporter but now I tell people if they’re comfortable with the PC their using, stay with it. Apple no longer stands out from the rest. Just another computer. How sad.
      I would like the opportunity to talk directly to your senior management people to explain my disappointment in the direction Apple has taken and make the case for a conscientious move back to model that made Apple and Macintosh winners in the world of design and production.
      I believe Apple has lost it’s way and I would like an opportunity to help you regain your reputation as a professional tool that allows artist and designers the freedom to to be creative and innovative without the computer being a hindrance. Back to the time when Macintosh was the tool of choice for people of talent and imagination.
      Don’t let the dream die. Please.

  8. I sent the following letter to AppleCare Ireland a month ago and had no reply. They ignore customers! This is Apple today! Has anybody any ideas how to proceed?

    I own a MacBook Pro with the s/n: SC02FG2JVDF91.
    Last year around September it had a major problem which was diagnosed by Apple as a faulty graphics card. The laptop was taken to Apple Athens and it was fixed on the 19/October 2016 under the “MacBook Pro repair extension program for video issues”
    Beginning January this year it broke down again with the same symptoms as before and I reported it to Apple under the ID 100112415110 and I was told that the machine was still under a thee months repair warranty and it would be fixed free of charge.
    The MacBook was taken to the Athens Apple repair center Infoquest on the 16/01/2017. Few days later I was informed that the part they had received and installed was faulty and that they cannot get another part to fix my MacBook and “that’s it”.
    I tried again repeatedly with the Apple care service and they said that they cannot help me and that I should write to you.
    I feel and demand that you should give me a solution to this problem. The machine was in both cases under warranty.
    How is it possible that the supplied parts were both times faulty and now Apple has run out of parts?
    I hope for a positive feedback and a solution.

    Thanking you
    Dr. I. Simos

  9. First of all apple care is a joke. I sent my iphone 7 in to be repaired. The screen was completely black and would not turn on. I recieved an email with the repair status, which i had to check for the status of my repair. On that i seen the repair was placed on hold till i took further action. I called apple care and they had no clue what was going on. Once they got my repair off hold and i recieved my phone back , the phone would not stay activated, i look on the email that had my tracking number on it and they had sent me the wrong phone. The serial number and meid number on the email and on the phone was two different ones. I mean how hard is it to get the correct phone in a box and send it to the correct address. So once again i have tk call apple care, sit on hold for 30 + mins for them to transfer me to someone else in hopes they can fix it. Once they think they knew what happened apple care tells me it will take 24 hrs for the serial number and meid number to change in their system for me to be able to use my phone. If apple care would of done the job right the first time i would not be going without a phone now. But i guess thats too much to ask. So needless to say i will NEVER buy another apple product again. This experience has done it for me. Apple care does not care about you or your product..

  10. I am sorry to say I am leaving apple. I have been with iPhone for many many years. Since the 1st one came out to be exact.
    The iPhone 7 DOES NOT give me that WOW factor for a $800- $900 phone. I currently have the 6plus and there is not much difference between the two besides speed and camera. Other than that it is pretty much the same phone. I paid $600 for my 6plus a couple years ago and I swore I would not pay that much for a phone again.
    Samsung seems to have several that are not in the $800 range but still good phones. I have seen several model iPhone’s debut over the years and it was interesting to see what was next. Here lately its been pretty predictable.
    If you are asking someone to give you $800 plus of their hard earned money it very well better be WOW
    And in my eyes the 7 DOES NOT do that for me.
    There was not a customer service email address I could send this too so I hope it gets into the rite hands to make necessary changes in the future.
    Sorry to leave but I think my time is up for something NEW.

  11. Dear Apple, I am a disabled Registered Nurse after working 40yrs. I live in a shelter as I am unemployed. I need a laptop really bad. Do you have one you can send me? Much gratitude +thanks.

  12. Hi my name is Albert Grimm I am retired and on disability I have a Apple TV the first one and an iPad. My Apple TV seems to be not able to keep up with the new software, this is what I use for all my tv entertainment. I have over 150 movies. It keeps resetting and cuts out the sound. I was wondering if there are any discounts or vouchers you might be able to help me out with to purchase a more updated model. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Albert W Grimm

    1. Unfortunately my good sir Apple is not what they used to be. They have joined the rest of the uncaring corporate ranks, and now mimic the services of Microsoft. Once the greatest company in the US with most reliable products is no more. They lost their human decency for customer care and make crap guaranteed to break or not work right. And they care nothing about it. I’m sure you can find better help on some hacker sites.

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