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Starbucks Headquarters and Corporate Office.

See how to contact the Starbucks Corporate Office, via email, over the phone or by mail. We have also listed the Starbucks Executive Team, as well as information on how to complain or apply for a job at Starbucks.

Starbucks Headquarters.

Starbucks was founded in 1971 in Seattle and the Starbucks Headquarters is still located in Seattle, Washington. The corporate office in America employs around 3500 people. The Starbucks Headquarters for Europe, Middle East and Africa is located in London, UK.

Starbucks Corporate Office Address.

You can reach the Starbucks headquarters by mail, if you address your letter to:


World Headquarters Address

Starbucks Headquarters

2401 Utah S. Seattle, WA 98134,



For Customer Service, please write to:

Starbucks Customer Service

PO Box 6363, Dover, DE 19905-6363


European, Asian and African Headquarters Address.

Starbucks Coffee Company

Building 4 Chiswick Park, 566 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 5YE


Starbucks Corporate Office Phone Number.

The Starbucks headquarters phone number  is: 1-206-447-1575.

The Starbucks Customer Service phone number is: 1-800-782-7282

The Partners phone number is: 1-866-504-7368 (For partners/Franchisees only) or try the Partner Help Desk at 1-888-796-5282. For Starbucks Employee Recoqnition, call 1-800-732-6497  (7 AM-4PM Pacific Time).

Starbucks Email.

Starbucks does not have a public email address for their headquarters, but if you visit their email form page, you can email their various departments. Choose ‘Company Information’, and you can choose Starbucks Jobs, Company Information, Franchising, Investor relations and more.

Starbucks Corporate Website.

You can visit Starbuck’s corporate website by clicking on Investors Relations.

If you are looking for job opportunities, please visit the Starbucks Careers page.

Starbucks Headquarters
The Starbucks Center, the world headquarters for Starbucks, is the largest multi-tenant building with over 2,200,000 square feet (200,000 m2). It is found in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood and previously housed the Sears Catalog. Starbucks themselves refer to the headquarters as the “SSC”, short for the Starbucks Support Center. The address is 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, Washington, 98134. The corporate office of course includes an in-house Starbucks store, named the Starbucks SODO 8, as well a Pilot Plant for new recipes and blends.

Starbucks Directors and Executive Team.

These key leaders make up the leadership tteam and Board of Directors at Starbucks:

Key Leaders.

Howard Schultz – CEO, President and Chairman of the Board

Troy Alstead – COO

Marissa Andrada – Senior Vice President

Adam Brotman – CDO

Cliff Burrows – US Group President

Michael Conway – Executive Vice President

John Culver – China and Asia Pacific Group President

Curt Garner – CIO

Jeff Hansberry – China and Asia Pacific President

Lucy Lee Helm – Executive Vice President

Deverl Maserang – Executive Vice President

Scott Maw – CFO and Executive Vice President

Sharon Rothstein – CMO Global

Arthur Rubinfeld – CCO and Global Innovation President

Craig Russell – Executive Vice President

Vivek Varma – Executive Vice President


Starbucks Board of Directors

Howard Schultz

William Bradley

Robert Gates

Mellody Hobson

Kevin Johnson

Olden Lee

Joshua Cooper Ramo

James Shennan Jr.

Clara Shih

Javier Teruel

Myron Ullman III

Craig Weatherup

Starbucks Brands and Trademarks.

Starbucks own and operate the following brand names:

  • Starbucks
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee
  • Tazo tea
  • Teavana
  • La Boulange
  • Evolution Fresh

How to complain to Starbucks.

If you wish to file a complaint at Starbucks or you have a question or an issue, we recommend that you speak to the manager at your local Starbucks first.

Otherwise, send a complaint via their email form system, which usually provides answers in a day or two. Choose your department and send an email. The direct link to the “Store Experiences” email feedback form is at Ask Retail Stores.

If you wish to call customer service, then the Starbucks Customer Service can be reached on: 1-800-STARBUC (1-800-782-7282). Call for Starbucks store experiences and complaints, Starbucks Card and My Starbucks Rewards questions, and other issues.

The line is open from 3 AM-Midnight PT, 7 days a week.

The company also has dedicated staff to answer tweets at the handle @starbuckshelp, at StarbucksHelp.

Starbucks Resources.

Please share your experiences, praise or complaints about Starbucks, in the comment section.

19 thoughts on “Starbucks Headquarters

  1. Store 8909 (Paso Robles) most filthy Starbucks ever visited across the country. Don’t blame the Fair goers and “short staff” the way the staff did tonight.

  2. Good evening
    As a regular user of a Starbucks drive through, I was shocked today, whilst using the counter facility apposed to the drive through, the reason was, I needed a toilet break. ordering the takeaway coffee was straight forward, albeit getting more expensive, now £4.30 for a latte. That aside, I ordered and proceeded to the toilet. When I opened the door I was taken aback by the state of the toilet. The dirtiest toilets I’ve seen for a long time. Glad to send you pictures. I did my best not to handle anything in there, washed hands and left, when back to counter, to see no one there and my drink on the counter, unable to pass comment to staff, I shouted thank you and left, assumed in back somewhere. There was no-one in the coffee shop. Yet tables with discarded plates and food. The place in question was on the North A167 Thirsk.

  3. Went to 2 store today to get coffe and food they were filthy one in Virginia and one in North Carolina really shameful:(

  4. Praise: my wife and I are from Australia and are leaving today, Friday 7th July, 2023. In Australia we usually make our own cofffe but in NY we went every morning to Starbucks Cnr 31st & 6th Ave NY. Here we’ve the most desirable young girl – Troi… a great employee you have here in this young girl. Polite, super efficient & observations of her work ethic are top class. If Starbucks employees can replicate what Tori ‘brings to the table’ then you’re a winner. We are retirees from hospitality in Oz; we’d love to have had Trou work for us. Lovely lady – makes life happy when you met people like Troi. Look after her and encourage her…. PLEASE.

  5. I am a huge fan or Starbucks. As one that often travels abroad, it is always nice to feel welcomed at each one. I have even tried to get a job as an innovation director a few years back.
    I am also a deep ecologist, that being a person that nature is inherently valuable without it being attributed that status by humans. I am also an environmentalist deeply concerned for our ever trashed environment. So, please, could you please help alleviate the tension plastic onslaught by at the very least making cups #1 and #2? These can be recycled. Number 5’s cannot.

  6. I am submitting a serious complaint against your company. I would rather speak to someone, but you make that rather difficult. Don’t you. Start trying to sell coffe and not transgender ideology. India commercial is disgusting. I know who owns you…. ESG. Disgraceful. We , the people of the world, buy your coffee and from now on I and my friends Won’t…. Enjoy a bud light boycott. Purchasers have power. With out us. There would be no You. Ponder that.

  7. 2011 pooler ga served us a black coffee with a fly and my cappuccino had almond milk which i hate instead of regular milk and when i saw the
    person the drink pour almond milk and said i wanted regular milk she
    said this is regular milk. since i live in florida and was back on the road when we called to complain we were told to come back which was ridiculous not only for the time and mileage but also we had to wait ar least 15 minutes for our order. i asked to be emailed a coupin for the $7 plus dollars i paid on my visa but she Jerry, said she couldn’t do it and that her supervisor who is on vacation would call us. I expect at least a coupon if nor a refund on my visa. This incident tool place around 10 AM oct 10. nancy l wydra vero beach fl 772-558-xxxx

  8. Poor customer service by Starbucks employee kentlands Md All I wanted was a chai tea not feeling well coming from drs office. The person rattled off names of teas fast and I stopped her saying the spicy one- when she said chai latte I responded yes. My head and throat were killing me, and the car in front of me moved up and I moved up. At the window she commented I didn’t say what size- I responded you didn’t ask tall. She proceeds to lecture Me regarding being rude, and she “ was standing up for herself”… excuse me? I held my phone out for the charge per normal- but closed my window as she rambled on – Then she bringing it she claimed I didn’t pay for it- I advised I held my phone out for a whole minute- she commented you havnt been here for a minute – I looked at my car clock it was like 5 min – but held it to her again. We’re it not for my headache, stuffy nose and sore throat I should have driven off- I ask for the Manager and she claimed she was the Manager OMG !!! Fire this girl and Starbucks owes me a pleasant experience. I go to this one sometimes late lunch- or weekends I never encountered her before – she indicated she works nights usually a very nice African American was very complimentary during days and weekend. I didn’t go to this one inconvenienced by constriction- but the Quince Orchard one is just as bad with a lines.

  9. I was burnt with a cup of your scalding coffee on May 13th in your Lexington ky store on Limestone. I have been in contact with you customers service and just got the run a round. It is time someone gets a hold of me or I am taking it to an attorney!

  10. I will never go to starbucks again! After waiting in line for 25min i get to window to pay. I have a 50 dollar bill. The girl says, “oh i cant take that”. Are you kidding me! Where is the sign cant accept 50 dollar bills? I worked for starbucks back i the day and i still remember their mission statement…”To build legendary relations with customers”. If i was there and knew i couldnt make change i would have given the customer the drink and politely tell them we cant do that in the future. A company as big as Starbucks and as much as they charge ….are you kidding me that she had no customer service skills. I wasnt looking to not pay or receive a freebee, but come on Starbucks do better!!! They just lost me as a customer.

    1. Don’t worry about the wait. Protest the trans virtual signaling with the commercial in India about the family waiting for their son and then a trans biological male shows up in women’s clothes and make up. Wake up all. Stop buying their coffee. We all know how to do this. Just like bud light

  11. Good morning,

    I recently submitted an application and resume for your Program Manager in Business Continuity, Global Security and Resilience. I wanted to follow up to gauge where the selection committee was in the process of reviewing/selecting candidates.

    If you could provide some insight I would sincerely appreciate it. Also, if there is anything that the selection committee needs to compliment my resume please let me know.

    Thank you,

    Heather Geldart

  12. On Friday, October 12, I entered the Starbucks location located at 1001 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, where I work in the building and am a loyal retired Army customer. I often leave $10-$20 tips during my visits and have recently been told that I did not have to pay for my coffee. On this date, one of the workers was extremely rude before a crowd of patrons who began yelling and then made snide comments to me. I was with a co-worker and she couldn’t believe it either. The worker stated “I was only giving you free coffee to be nice.” I did not reply and still tipped her $10. Then, when I picked up my coffee, the manager was just as unprofessional and stated “you need to pay for your coffee and you do not get it free from here anymore.” To be clear, I have never asked for free coffee and the worker took it upon herself to give it to me on her own free will. After this incident, I will not be a patron of Starbucks. Several patrons commented to me that her behavior was unacceptable and encouraged me to file a complaint and they also expressed not purchasing from that particular location.

  13. I used to go to Starbucks everyday. So did my whole family. That is until I found out Starbucks doesn’t support our military and our soldiers. My husband is a 23 year war vet. Who was shot 3 times to protect your freedom. NO ONE I know will EVER buy a Starbucks product agin. Move to North Korea….

  14. If SB intends to help illegal aliens circumvent the US laws, SB should be responsible for all the services these illegal aliens steal from this country. I will avoid spending any money on your overpriced products. It is always easy for liberals to give away other people’s money.

  15. Since you will be hiring 10,000 immigrants instead of American citizen – I will no longer buy any
    Starbucks products.

  16. I have always considered Starbucks a way to treat myself
    This was very disappointing. I ordered the tuxedo expecting a Frappacino. I was not asked which one I wanted. I even showed the barista a picture for no confusion. I got a small one lukewarm with no whipped cream.
    Didn’t ask my name
    When I inquired about a membership card was not sold one
    Tasted like watered down hot chocolate????

  17. I am finding there is no customer service for the on-line store monthly reserve subscriptions. I would NEVER encourage nor recommended anyone using the on-line store subscription service, or for that matter the on-line store in general.

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