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AT&T  Headquarters.

AT&T is a telecommunications conglomerate and a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

The company’s modern history began in 1983, although its origins can be traced back 100 years prior to that date, when the American Telephone & Telegraph Company was founded towards the end of the 19th century.

As time went by, AT&T became the world’s largest telecommunications company by revenue, and one of the largest providers of mobile and landline telephone services in the US.

The Dallas-based multinational employs nearly 250,000 people and has a varied product offer that includes fixed line and mobile telephone services, mobile, residential and business Internet access, satellite and digital television, and digital home security services.

AT&T Corporate Office Contacts.

AT&T’s corporate office contacts are listed below. Anyone who wishes to get in touch with the company’s head office must go through these channels.

AT&T Headquarters Phone Number.


The Headquarters Switchboard Hours are Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Central Time Zone) Please note, that while AT&T’s corporate headquarters are in Dallas, the main telephone number uses a San Antonio area code.

AT&T Headquarters Address.

AT&T Headquarters
208 S. Akard St. Dallas, TX, 75202

AT&T Human Resources.

Contact AT&T Career Support Services at 1-800-992-2478 to speak to the HR department. For current and formet AT&T employees only.

AT&T Headquarters
The AT&T Headquarters building in Dallas. The company will renovate its downtown Dallas headquarters and adjacent plazas to create an “urban-tech center” in the next few years, as the company wants to add 1,300 employees.


AT&T Executive Team.

This is the complete of key leaders at AT&T.

  • Randall L. Stephenson, Chairman and CEO
  • Ralph de la Vega, Vice Chairman and CEO for T&T Business Solutions and AT&T International
  • William A. Blase Jr., Vice President (Human Resources)
  • John Donovan, Chief Strategy Officer
  • David S. Huntley, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer
  • Lori Lee, Senior Executive Vice President & Global Marketing Officer
  • David R. McAtee II, Senior Executive Vice President & General Counsel
  • Robert W. Quinn Jr., Senior Executive Vice President (External and Legislative Affairs)
  • John Stankey, CEO for AT&T Entertainment Group and AT&T Services
  • John J. Stephens, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

AT&T Board of Directors:

  • Randall L. Stephenson
  • Michael B. McAllister
  • Joyce M. Roche
  • Beth E. Mooney
  • Samuel A. Di Piazza, Jr.
  • Matthew K. Rose
  • Richard W. Fisher
  • Cynthia B. Taylor
  • Scott T. Ford
  • Laura d’Andrea Tyson
  • Glenn H. Hutchins
  • Geoffrey Y. Yang
  • William E. Kennard

AT&T Careers and Jobs.

You can browse opportunities and follow up on the progress of submitted job applications here and here.

Information about internships, full-time development programs, and other opportunities for college graduates is available here.

Recent job postings can also be viewed on LinkedIn.

How to Complain to AT&T.

Residential Customers can call the toll-free Customer Service number on +1-800-331-0500. Lines are open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (EST).

It is also possible to send a written complaint by email to attcustomercare@att.com or send your complaints via Twitter to the handle @ATTCares.

Complaints related to Internet, phone services, and TV services (U-verse and DirectTV) are handled by the representatives available on +1-800-288-2020. Lines are open from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 7 p.m., and on Saturdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Complaints or questions related to mobile phone services should be directed at +1-800-331-0500. This phone number is manned daily between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

For issues related to business accounts, call +1-888-944-0447, where agents are available Monday to Frinday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

AT&T Live Chat.

One of the fastest ways to get through to customer service is to use the Live Chat service. Visit the Contact Us section on their website and choose the service that want to enquire about. On the next page, a blue ‘Chat Available’  box will slowly appear on the bottom right and on the left hand side of the screen (on desktops), if the chat service is available for your product. Click on it, choose a service and enter your details and issue to start the chat.

Other AT&T Resources.

This section lists a series of AT&T resources and contact details that may be relevant to media professionals, investors, and members of the general public.

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65 thoughts on “AT&T Headquarters

  1. I’ve been an AT&T customer with cell phones, Internet, and TV for over 35 years. I’ve been a loyal customer and I’m going to stop using AT&T as soon as I possibly can. I was having intermittent problems with the TV going on and off 5 6 times a day, losing the internet connection on the tv and phone. I started to call and explain the problem, it was told to me that there was a problem with the tower connecting to my neighborhood and that’s the reason for the intermittent loss of connection. They told me to call every month they were kind enough to give me a refund as a problem was ongoing. I called today and spoke to a very nasty supervisor who looked at my usage on my phone and determined that if I could use my phone to that extent that I am , I’m not entitled to any credit. I explained to him that I am retired. My husband and I live on Social Security and my son unfortunately has a health issues is wheelchair bound and watches TV during the day I use my phone to do surveys to get a few pennies here in a few pennies there to help my family with a little extra income , he determined that if I can use my phone that I should not be entitled to any credits so the credit they were going to give me their turnaround, took back and put a note on my file to not give me any credits going forward to be honest with you I have never been treated so rudely and being a former customer service manager can tell you I am disgusted and thought he was the rudest nastiest person I could ever have dealt with I am going to discontinue all my services with AT&T as soon as I possibly can because I do not appreciate the way that I was treated and the fact that he made the determination that because I use my phone to do surveys for 20 $.30 here and there that there’s no Internet problem, which is completely erroneous so unless this is made right and AT&T does the right thing I will leave you after 35 years and I will tell everybody how terrible AT&T was with the situation

  2. Placed an online order. Was charged the taxes. Store refuses to fill the order. Att refuses to cancel the order. Waiting to file fraudulent charges with my bank.

  3. AT&T owes my mom $1514.87 since March and hasn’t sent a check. Now they say they can’t look into her account. I spent 2 hours getting the run around. This is the service you get for being a loyal customer for 70 years.

  4. I would like to make a complaint to you cuz at &t turn off my phones and by doing that my family could not get a hold of me so my grandma passed away and I never got the call cuz your company turn off my phones plus they are not good with talking to there customer you can’t call them when your phone is turn off and I want something done about it or I’m putting you guys on the news you can email me back at xxxx cuz you can’t call me on my number cuz it’s turn off

  5. Customer service is horrible. Asked for documentation with dates the tower was down and I didn’t get internet cell or landline services and wasn’t able to work remotely. I needed it as proof for my employer and I was on the phone for over 3 hours transferred to 8 people and they would not give me any documentation. Was told to go on web and look for outages which didn’t show past outages. I believe they are all outsourced employees and have no way of helping besides trying to give a link. Very disappointing

  6. I have been waiting since November 21 for U-Verse TV service. I had an appointment this morning AGAIN no show. PLEASE HELP ME!

  7. I loss my husband July 12,2018 unexpectantly. Froze his retirement Dec 1994 when the Company Split. He would have turned 65 his birthday Nov 20,2018 & receive full retirement he was so excited. After notifying AT&T assuring them there was no other burial insurance I was told I would be receiving a check after sending his death certificate. The only thing I am receiving is PENSION PAYMENTS less than $400 which I never did/would’ve agreed to. I was told there was no 501 or 401 there was nothing. After talking to his Supervisor & Family they were shocked & mentioned $15k burial funds for all AT&T Employees. When I called Benefits back I was informed nothing had been turned in on him from Dept handling Deaths and after calling that Dept back I was told by the person responsible for submitting info to Benefits Office “I am the one who does this. No I haven’t sent the paperwork in. He doesn’t qualify for the burial funds bc he was a “??,” giving me a number she did not explain. Every call & inquiry I have made with this Dept & Fidelity has been abrupt, unprofessional, and mean. I was already in a state of situational Deep Depression loosing my job of over 44yrs due to an injury. I was classified as being totally disabled dating back to 9/30/17. There is no way I would’ve agreed to small minute Pension Payments. I’ve had to use my 401 to bury my husband & pay for multiple bills he left that did not have death insurance coverage. Loosing our home, car everything they do not care refusing to give me a lump sump, burial funds, 501 (I never spoke with this Dept while my husband was alive – however my husband always had to agree whenever I took funds from my 401) not anything. I do not know what happened to his 501/401 whatever what he was classified as the reason for no burial funds or their refusal to give me a lump sum vs small Pension Payments???? This hurts like crazy & makes our girls think he did not provide funds for his burial or to take care of his family irresponsible hurting them even more. I do not know who to go to or follow up that might care enough to investigate & do something or give us sensible answers. I worked in Admin in a hospital for years & know there was no way they allowed this to happen even if it meant top Administrators got involved.

  8. My parents phone has been down for 10 days , I’ve called AT&T and they keep saying is an outage and have no idea when it’s going to be fix. The worst customer service we’ve received .

  9. Fraudulent, liars, that cheat people out there money for commission. Adding insult to injury. It cost me, money and my number tied up for 15 days. It’s appalling


  11. Good Afternoon
    I am trying to see if I can speak to someone that handles the AT&T authorized retail stores, I am sending this complaint in hopes of resolving this issue, We went into the AT&T store 3860 Colon Way, Elizabeth City, NC on July 19, 2022, in regards of obtaining services. We were greeted by a young lady in the office by the name of Akayla G. she goes to tell us about that we could get 700 off the IPhone 13 with the trade in of our old ones, but we must turn the 11’s in once we transfer all our information over to the new devices. Well, we did exactly like we were instructed. Well on day 14, we decided that the services wasn’t going to work, and that the bill we received was very very high higher than any company we been with. So, we go in and explain this and she said well we shipped your old phones off already. My question was why when the grace period wasn’t up. She said I don’t know, so I ask what we need to do for phones, because this is how we run our business, she said she was sorry but didn’t know. She goes to the back, call her manager which we wasn’t provided his name, wouldn’t give us name, wouldn’t give us district manager name nor regional manager. So, we stayed for approx 2-3 hours and walked out with nothing. I was so hurt and disturbed by the treatment. I was given a number to call corporate, but that number given was Direct TV, which couldn’t help me. So I return and was asked how was we gonna get phones that was compatible with the ones that were gone. She shrug her shoulders and said my manager said to call and file a claim to get reimbursement. So my next question was so what happens to the trade in. No answer. The attitudes in there was disgusting. As an employee of a university I have to share this with others so that this will not happen again. After talking with other AT&T offices in the VA, and NC areas and other over the phones, I was Advise that that should have never happened, The phones shouldve never been shipped until the grace period was over. Now in my eyes, this was theft. As a Result of the careless and wreckless acts of the individual in that location, We had to fork out more money to obtain phones and a different carriers. This is selfish act of unkindness.
    Even after all of this chaos, I had the run around to get my number port transfer. All I am asking is some form of compensation for our paid for gentle used phones. We wasn’t told the truth. I will be sending a letter to headquarters in hopes that this issue gets resolved quickly.

  12. They have not been able to restore internet service due to a damaged cable for 8 days. That when it failed was to be repaired in 24 hours. They are worthless. I expect drinking coffee and eating donuts at Dunkin donuts is what they think fixes cables

  13. We recently ordered an upgrade to fiber optic internet and today they did the install and I’m completely disappointed and upset with the manner on how it was handled and installed. The work done on my home was completely unprofessional and disrespectful to my home and property. Holes were drilled into my home to mount a box next to the old exciting box which was left on a pole next to the new box with wires cut and zip tied to it and they also left the old wires hanging from my home to the pole which sag onto my garage! To add insult to injury I spoke with the follow up tech inspector a Mr,Harris as he left my house and told him I would meet him back at my house so he can inspect the work and he left never to return again! When I call him he declined the calls. I find this extremely disrespectful and unprofessional on every level! You pay these people to do a job in which is not getting done in the correct manner and not being inspected as it should be. I really hope that my issue of getting the old wires, box and holes in my brick fixed and these employees repermanded for not doing the job correctly. And also when I went to take out my trash I found in my garbage can a complete roll of fiber optic cable and a plug of some sort that says AT&T on it! So not only are they not doing their job but also costing you the company money in supplies! If someone can email me back I can send pictures of the work they did and pictures of materials in the trash.

  14. I was a loyal customer for 40 years now I am leaving because of your poor customer service department.

  15. Being charged for services that is suppose to be disconnected. Been calling for months and it’s still not resolved. This is unacceptable and have ask for supervisor to call back never got a call back.

  16. We have been without land line service from AT&T for one month! Our medical contacts try to reach us. Their phones indicate the phone is ringing but ours never rings. Each week the !customer service! person says it will be restored by Friday evening. Each Saturday morning it is still a dead line. But AT&T business office still sends a bill and expects it to be paid – or disconnect the non-functioning phone. What a rip off!!!

  17. AT&T is far and away the largest contributor to politicians in 13 states with so-called trigger laws that will automatically criminalize abortion. You celebrated Women’s Equality Day, but that is a sham. Your money opposing abortion rights speaks much louder than hollow words! I will be sure not to use AT&T unless you neutralize your support of hardliners!

  18. I have been with AT&T since Feb 2022 my bills have been astronomical $426 $428 $697. The explanation is always because I am new to AT&T. Not only that but my iPad that I have a data plan on with its own cellular coverage phone number has never worked. Moreover if a agent adjust my bill to how I want it ironically enough next time I go online its readjusted back to how it was previously. I have been charged for insurance and wasn’t suppose to have Asurion and they refuse to give me a the full credits I deserve because I was adamant that I didn’t want that insurance after my phone was lost after having it a few days and Asurion refused to replace it.

  19. I have been trying to get through the robot system of At &T to speak to Lori Lee in Marketing. We are producing a hard bound book here in Carmel, California. The book has Pebble Beach, Mission Ranch, Tehema Golf, Laguna Seca Raceway, We are putting The Concourse de’ Eleogance as well as The AT&T golf Tournament. We need to speak to someone in your marketing dept. Hopefully Lori Lee. Phil Michelson is on the cover plus 15 of the Best homes in the area…Please have someone call me….Ron Wilks 949-607-xxxx or Rongxxxxx @ gmail.com…….

  20. The AT&T Loyalty Department has been extremely difficult to remove a loan installment for a returned mobile unit (Iphone 13). We made more than 25 calls (1hr each) to try to resolve the issue and the installment loan is still in the current invoice. The situation started on January 2022 and we are in April and nothing happen. This is not acceptable since we are loyal customer since 2006.

  21. You are as AT&T not so good as you claim….I spent hundreds of hundreds dollar try to add International to my package..unfortunately I been put on hold…than click the helping official was gone. I’m stock in Europe because the Covid and other problem…I need to communicate with US and receive call from US…

  22. Good Evening, your customer service has been extremely difficult with cancelling an order that was place less than 24 hours. Due to the treatment ( hanging up in my face, not giving proper information, blatantly lying about services) I will opening a case to against the company for fees ($50 restocking fee, and $97 in taxes and fees) due to the information given from customer service. I understand that all calls are recorded. So by looking at the records of when this order was placed, when the phone calls were taken, and placed to the store, customer service it will show you the disrespect i have received from your company. I did not want go down this route as I was trying to cancel an order before it was too late.

    1. I have experienced that and worst from this AT&T service. They allowed my IPhone account to be hacked and Apple broke it all down for me about how this account is staying hacked despite them doing their tech support. I have been violated by AT&T and will bring my documentation to authorities and will file a lawsuit against them for fraud. My advice to fellows, keep evidence to prove.

  23. Hello.
    I recently lost my promotion & had to contact AT&T regarding my bill. In the process, I realized I was being charged for 2 receivers I turned in a year ago. Although you acknowledge I have not been in possession of the boxes. I’m still being charged for them. I was offered a $50 credit, which I declined. The receivers are $10 per month. This amount owed to me is close to $240.00. I have been along time AT&T customer. I do take some responsibility in this for not paying close attention to my bill, however; I feel this is not good business to take advantage of the situation. I trusted you to bill me correctly. Which you did not. I have spoken to several representatives with no avail. Please just do the right thing & credit me the money you have been wrongly charging me for a almost a entire year.

  24. I made a complaint few weeks ago and I just came to know Mr Jermey Horse closed my case on 02-14-2022. As per his notes he called me on 570-651-0008 and talked with me and gave me the resolution. In fact, I was waiting for the call from corporate office. Why did he close my case without talking with me? My account was fully mess up by your at&t employee. Can someone help me regarding this? Please call me on 570-651-xxxx. I will be explain again about my case. Please do the needful in this matter. Thanks Ashishkumar Gandhi

  25. I call on 1/15/22. I was on the phone for 2.5 hours. I ask questions concerning land line. I did not resolve the problem. I call today I still have not resolve the problem. whom ever i speak to don’t speak english. I’m still trying to resolve the problem.

  26. I had somebody pay my bill and their payments were recalled they ordered some phones on my account I did contact the fraud department I work with them and now I have to pay for the phones but they will not allow me to use my credit card now or debit card they tell me I have to pay at the store now what’s the difference between cash and the debit card it comes right out of your account and I’ve never had a problem me personally I’m just trying to pay my bill and they are making it harder can I get anybody to help me with this situation

  27. Hi there , I called AT&T to cancel my business account I have only two lines. 323-934-8130 and 323-934-8139 and per my conversation with the your rep. the only bill I should have was my regular last bill. today I received a new bill of $836.41. and the charge is early termination … I bean calling all morning and no one is helping me this amount should be waived. and not a single person is helping me … you may contact me on my cell phone .818-631-5354, I would like to speak to headquarters. please email me contact person. thank you,

  28. I mailed my telephone payment to “AT&T, B.O. Box 5080, Aurora, IL 60507. My check was mailed 12/10. It has not cleared my account. Who do I contact about this?

  29. In regards to Direct TV:
    After several hours of calls/tech support and a tech coming to my house my situation has yet to be resolved. According to customer service, supervisors don’t exist. I asked several times for additional assistance but got nowhere ……
    My first issue is that I’m being charged for 2 receivers that don’t exist in my home. This is an ongoing fight for credit . Yes .. for $252.00 its been on battle and call after another. Still no credit as of today.
    My second issue is that I pay $298.00 per month to watch TV that freezes, picture jumps and the screen goes black .. yup … all that for $298.00 per month!!
    A very nice tech came to my home today and looked at my equipment. He advised that it is out dated and should be upgraded. So once again I called customer service and they told me after 3 hours on the phone that I NEEED to pay $700.00 to upgrade … seriously??? I’ve been a customer for 10+ years …. and I’m expected to pay more for bad service.
    My last hope in receiving any credit/relief is to leave my story on this site … hoping someone at headquarters will read this and resolve my issues at hand.

  30. I was initially told that there was a special for u300 and 50mps internet. $140 (give or take) with a $250 visa gift card (which of corse, after 3mos I still haven’t received). Get everything set up, then I receive a bill for $400! I called to inquire about the large amount. The costumer service is TERRIBLE! I Spoke to someone I could barely understand and someone who could barley unstand english. No matter which way I’d ask the question, he would keep repeating the same thing. Like he was reading from a book. That the $140 is just for the TV, the net is an extra $30! I have all my paperwork, and tried to explain that the paperwork in front of me states “Special, u300 w/50mps for $140 per month. I was told “sorry you misunderstood ma’am, but that is not the case”. I switched from Comcast because I thought (obviously) I’d be paying less. When in fact, now I have super slow internet with less channels then I did with Comcast, whose “on demand” only has 1/2 of the shows available to watch (unless you pay more) for $20 extra a month. Shame on you ATT. Because I was mislead, I’m now stuck with this terrible cable service for a year before I can switch. (Unless I want to pay the penalty).Now I understand why people are just dumping cable all together. If you’re thinking of switching to U-verse, DONT! I never leave negative reviews, but this whole expience has been so horrible. After reading the other people’s reviews, I know it’s not just me. I’d feel guilty not warning others about this service as well.

    1. I am going through that now only they are also trying to charge me for amodem box their employee told me to throw away.

  31. In regard to the football players protest of the National Anthem, My family and I will no longer purchase any of your products as long as AT&T sponsors the NFL.

  32. Leaving a comment I see is a waste of time – perhaps not for possible new customers as they need to see what they are about to get into but the truth be said – they only want the money – any problems with their company is just that – your problem with the company. They will not go out of their way to assist you or to try to understand how they have placed an unnecessary burden on you as a customer. Avoid this company at all cost until they start listening to the customer.

  33. At&T customer service is bad. I had Issues with upgrading my phone every time i go to upgrade my I phone I get the run around about the delivery time. I was told it would be delivered in express in two business days. but later found out the phone on back order not sure when it will be delivered but my money was taken to pay for the taxes. I should get services speedy but, not no can help me at all I’ve a loyal customer for 22 years you think one would be treated better not. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND NO ONE HELPS, JUST PASSES YOU ON

  34. My Husband got ready to use his TO GO Phone through AT&T and found out it wasn’t working. He called AT&T and they said it had been cancelled with $178.64 left on it and WE DID NOT CANCEL IT and she went on to say that you went from a TO GO PHONE to some other name and you just arbitrarily cancelled the account. We between the both of us never received any notification of this and no phone call to inform us that this was going to occur. She tried to retrieve that information of what happened and there was no way for this to happen. The only thing she could do was tell us what was the amount that you stole on the phone. Tthis phone had auto payment on it so it was always up to date. I am requesting for my monies to be sent back to me. I see that AT&T has a lot of complaints against it with a few like my concerns. Please do the right thing and REFUND the amount that I had left on that account since we are not the ones that cancelled this out. Respectfully, Gary and Mary Slater

  35. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    Good Afternoon

    My elderly handicapped parents lost their phone, I am trying to get a new phone activated for them. My dad, the name on the account, is not healthy enough to come to the store and reactivate himself. I am listed as a proxy on their TV, internet and phone service but not their wireless. I have spent 2 visits to the att store as well as over 5 hours with different help lines. I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied. I understand the need for line security but someone needs to help me with a solution that doesn’t include dragging my father out of bed, putting him in his wheelchair and making him go to the store or somewhere where he can get a power of attorney notarized.

  36. We are a small tavern and have had several problems with our phone lines for several years now, with drop connections every time we run a credit card. Some times it takes 4-5 time before we get a clear connection to connect and process the customers credit card and when you have 15 – 20 credit card tabs going at the end of the night it is impossible to take care of our customers in a timely manner, thus costing us loss of sales. In the past week I have had 3 inside techs who stated it is an outside problem, I have had 3 outside techs say its an inside problem. WILL THIS NEVER END AND WILL WE EVERY GET THIS PROBLEM FIXED, WHY ARE WE PAYING FOR PHONE SERVICE THAT IS DOWN MORE THAN IT IS UP…. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  37. I’m so tired of the games that AT&T plays with their loyal customers. I guess that I was just naive to think that they really care about loyalty and trying to help their customers. I’ve spent countless hours talking to God knows how many people and it’s ridiculous because there’s always something that can and should be done to help but they’ve done a great job of making it practically impossible to get any real help with your services and that’s obviously for a reason. When they started offering Direct TV I bundled my three cellphones, internet and tv. One of my cellphones is suspended and another is barely even used but for some reason my wireless part of my bill is $300. I am so frustrated with AT&T and it’s hard to comprehend that such a large wealthy company doesn’t have good customer service that doesn’t make you wait for hours and then you’re lucky if you can understand them. I don’t know what to do anymore because I really don’t want to have to change my service. I don’t think that I’m asking for too much because I want to talk to someone who can actually help me. Your company should be ashamed of yourselves. You purposely make it so hard for customers to get any real help and you also have all of those extra charges for who knows what. I bundled my services because I wanted to make things easier and I’ve had nothing but trouble ever since and it’s only with the wireless service. What do customers have to do to actually get the help they need. I’m reading all of these complaints and it’s so obvious that what you’re doing isn’t working so why don’t you make some changes. The company makes so much money but it feels like greed is the only thing that matters to you.

    1. I have been experiencing the same problem. I am thinking about starting a class action suit. Have been transferred so many times, disconnect and left on hold for over an hour-never did they come back to finish resolving the problem. This has been going on since August.

  38. Our services have been out for close to 3 weeks now. 20 service calls later and the problem has still not been resolved. Either the technicians sent to repair are incompetent or they are extremely rude. Hopes of getting a decent appointment are shot out the window once you realize all the wait times are a week from the day you call. And that’s for a simple repair.
    When calling to ask if something can be done from their offices there is conflicting information. “Press the red reset button for 15 seconds.”,or “No ma’am don’t press the red button, that’s only for technicians.” My favorite being, “Just unplug and replug your modem back in.” As someone who goes to school online, my classes are being jeopardized. I’m paying for classes that I cannot attend. I hope that services get better. No phone, television or internet for 3 weeks.

    1. Kenia, I had the same problem. Its been a month and four appointments have been canceled as the technician did not show up.

    2. I had a problem with service outage for 17 days. This affected according to AT&T Reps over 20,000 people. AT&T would not give any of us a response other than “they had no idea how long the outage would be” I contacted our local news channel consumer rep and service was restored the next day. Maybe something you could consider.

  39. Horrible CS!!!!!!!!!!! No doubt. Nerds proved one more time: they can NOT provide any decent CS. They simply do not know what it is. Look at these people! They need help. They need isolation from the rest of us- normal people who can communicate and make at least a human eye contact in contrast to these 4 eyed beings staring at their cell phone instead of another human. Their cell phones are so soiled from sweaty fingers that they scream for help! Just like us when we get in contact with AT&T nerds. We had the worst experience in Canby, Oregon with few of them sitting in their AT&T store like spiders knitting webs for suckers like us hoping that humanity is still decent and you can trust words. You can’t! Not with someone with deviated front lobe that is responsible for honesty and decency. We trusted AT&T and signed “promotion” that was not even heard of, turned to be, when we talked two months later with 1800 number, today. From $71 before taxes and my discount, bills started piling for 270$+ And no one is responsible for their lies. We were told if we go over 2 GB there is no charge. Lies! There are charges. How can you trust anyone after this? And the same person hiding his conscientiousness behind glasses lied today again that he never told that to us. Just miserable people. Every time you called CS line, they tell you something else. It’s like no one knows what is going on except billing department that knows one thing- time to collect money. They seem like not caring how and for what. Money is the idol. That’s all they know. What about customer? Any one care about us?

    1. I totally agree with the comparing the store salespeople being like spiders. We have 5 phones with At&t and we were told they bought out directv and we qualify for a promotion they were running for tv. Two years at one rate. The representatives at the store and at with directv say they are not like other providers that raise the price after the first year. That is a LIE. On the second year of my plan my bill jumped up A lot. I called customer service every month and was given all kinds of run around. Was told will have to pay the current bill but the future bills will be corrected. I was told this for two months straight. The third time I put my foot down and was guaranteed they would fix it and gave me a credit. The next month the credit rejected and put back on bill and still high charge. I talked to supervisor and she said I qualified for the promotion and this mistake would be fixed. She adjusted my bill and credited my for the past overpayments had made. Next month the credits and adjustments rejected and back on my bill with another high monthly charges. Called again and spoke to supervisor. She also said It was incorrect and adjusted my bill again and said reinstating the contract that I had and was changed. Hours and hours on the phone with these people. This week I received new bill. All the adjustments rejected and put on my bill. The monthly charges are okay but she did not reinstate current contract but started another one which obligates me to stay with them or pay cancellation fee. I did not sign up for this and it is wrong. Yesterday after over 2 hours on the phone they tell me I was not given the second part of my contracted promotion price because I was to upgrade my phone plan the next year. No one said that and in was not stated on promotion and rep agreed but said in ‘good faith’ I was expected to…He said it was wrong and unfair and that he got this from his bosses boss. He tried to apply a credit to help get the bill down but it rejected it…I apparently used up all my credits for the year even though they kept throwing them out every time I was given them!!!!! Rep apologized and said nothing he can do. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Rep for the local news channel and newspaper. I refuse to be cheated by these people and am tired of being lied to. I would suggest you do the same and pass on this advice. It is the only way to rein in this illegal crooked business practices of large companies cheating their customers and thinking of us as faceless weak suckers.

  40. In concern about your company taking 45.00 from me and In been with att for 30 years and not they tell me I cat get my money back because one of your Sim cards didn’t work so please tell why

    1. Yes, AT&T seems to be great at stealing their customers money. I had 178.64 something on my to go phone and all of a sudden without any notice OR PHONE CALL they decided too cancel the account and KEPT MY MONEY. This should be ILLEGAL. Anyone know what you call this is legal terms? The need tp be on the chopping block! GMS

  41. The Uverse installer that put in my home phone ported my cell phone number with Tracphone to my home phone. I have spent several hours on the phone with both providers to straighten this out and still have no cell phone after a month. Not sure which provider is giving me the runaround, but have been told by ATT reps a couple times the problem should be fixed. I am looking at having to take ATT to court, since they don’t seem to have a mitigation department. I am frustrated with my situation and don’t know who else to turn to except a good attorney.

  42. Reluctantly I’m also writing a complaint, however I strongly encourage the other posters here and new ones that come along to file complaints with our Consumer Protection Agency in DC c/o Richard Cordray. As many of us have entered into agreements with AT&T or their affiliated companies, none of the pricing agreements that they claim we’re locked into doesn’t matter should they decide to arbitrarily raise the prices (READ THE FINE PRINT)! On February 6, 2017 I called to enquire about a lower rate for my bundle plan (Uverse, landline & internet) as I knew my current plan was set to expire. My call was routed to the Philippines and I spoke to a gentleman by the name of “Mark”, this customer service rep informed me that he couldn’t look at any new plans for me as my current plan did not expire until March 29, 2017, which I accepted and indicated that I would try again in mid March. You can imagine my outrage when I received my new bill last night @7:27pm on February 17, 2017 which included a rate increase for the Uverse tv and phone line!

    This morning February 18, 2017 I once again was routed to the Philippines and spoke with “TJ” explaining my frustration. This rep informed me that while I was locked into the plan until March 29, 2017, AT&T reserved the right to increase the amount of services at their discretion? TJ then transferred me over to “Jason” to discuss the matter further. I was told that yes, I’m stuck with AT&T and their price increases until March 29, 2017 due to the board’s recommendation for said increase. Which means their so-called one sided “contract” is fraudulent and one-sided! What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander, however with this company it’s not!

    It’s clear that AT&T has begun to create a monopoly in plain view with ZERO oversight! Even though I told Jason that I would begin to shop around for better pricing, he smugly informed me that they owned “Directtv” and was negotiating with “Spectrum” formerly Time Warner Cable. Should AT&T continue buying up their competitors we’ll be faced with outrageous pricing and no recourse. I strongly urge you one and all to take a stand against these deceptive business practices that AT&T uses.

    Also while I’m on my soapbox, let me say that “Mark” and “TJ” could barely speak English as they were telling me why AT&T was so great! Great job AT&T give the jobs to those outside of the US to spew the garbage you’re made of! Needless to say March 29th can’t come soon enough!

  43. My fiancee and I decided to put me on her current AT&T account. So basically we we’re just adding an extra line. The female employee at the Ottawa IL location screwed up an added another account to my fiancee’s name. Cut to 2 months later and unbeknownst to us we’re in collections because we supposedly didn’t pay the bill ( one we didn’t know about ). So we talked to a manger at two different stores ( Ottawa and Morris IL) who were supposed to take care of THEIR mistake and did not. So now here we are and I’ve talked to 10 different people, all promising to fix this and not doing so. Hours on the phone, time traveling to the store to resolve only to be treated horribly, as if we were lying. Being hung up on and LIED to several times by “Customer Service” representatives at your company. Then tossed around from department to department. I switched from a very reliable and very customer friendly Verizon for this garbage treatment? Supposedly it will be remedied in 3 days ( a common At&t CS lie used to get you off the phone, so we shall see.) I will be finding out how to get in touch with corporate as we deserve to be compensated for the time and pain we’ve been put through. i will be dropping AT&T and Direct TV as soon as possible due to this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer service.

  44. I visited your retail store in Spring Hill yesterday (Feb 8, @ 2:00pm) to resolve an issue with my last few AT&T bills. Succinctly, my monthly bills went from $180/mo. in June 2016 (when I consolidated my DirectTV account with new internet and phone accounts) to my last bills recently received, which are now $245.

    There was one customer being helped when I entered the store and a single person representing your company helping her. I was patient for about 25 minutes as I saw the transaction was involved, but eventually I got to the counter to present my problem and asked for an explanation, and hopefully to find a solution. By the time she located my account and started researching the price discrepancy a few more people entered the store. She was having difficulty in finding my account and in researching the account activity in order to offer an explanation. Honestly, a good 10 minutes had passed and she was getting visibly frustrated, compacted by more people arriving and some walking out.

    When I asked her if she was the only one working, she looked at me with a glare and growled that she had somebody coming in. By this time she was visibly out of sorts and asked me to instead call an 800 customer service number. I stated that I had waited for my turn and was not interested in walking out and rehashing my situation via phone with another person. She stared at me angrily and stated that “she had a store full of people waiting for her”. When I asked her for the name of the store manager she gritted her teeth and said that SHE was the manager. She threatened me with expulsion from the store if I continued to make comments about her reluctance to help me.

  45. Dear Mr Stephenson,
    I am a wife of one of your ex employees. I am not writing to be disrespectful or crude, however, I am writing to ask why.
    My husband drove 106 miles from McGehee Ar to Little Rock Ar for six years. He drove through bad weather conditions, people who didn’t pay attention to where they were going, and late nights coming home. I realize that this was his choice. He could have moved closer, but we didn’t because I inherited the family home. He stuck it out for 6yrs in Little Rock than that miracle happen. He got a transfer closer to home. Where he worked for 2 more years as an I&R tech. Here recently my husband has lost his job. He admitted to the managers in the meeting his faults in the situation, but apparently honesty is obviously something your managers in Lake Village Arkansas does not appreciate. Now my husband has also admitted to needing to work on his numbers and his attitude towards one of the managers, however, how when every step made is unnoticed or overlooked by a step not made fast enough. Now for the past two years I have watched my husband hide his worries, stress, and all out fear that the managers in his locations wanted him gone. The first manager he had in the Lake Village location was of questionable values. Obviously, you guys fired him for well for reasons better left unsaid. The new manager at the Lake Village location is a good manager from what my husband states, but he can not shake the feeling he should be in constant fear of loosing his job. The new manager for a month seemed like he was helping my husband, but every thing he informed him about he used against him in a meeting. I am just curious if he looked at the complete lack of training my husband had because of the prior manager. Now, my husband by all means is not omitting his faults, but he is not a paranoid man. So why.
    Why would you get rid of man who admits his faults, drove 106 miles one way, was trying to work on his attitude and his numbers, and worked when told to. The sad part is in Little Rock your company kept a man who a customer claimed took care of his needs in his truck. Now my husband did not under play his role in being terminated to me, he told me point blank he messed up too. But why. Not only did he get fired. He lost his severance package. Mr Stephenson he did work hard. He did not sit on jobs. He did forget his cones sometimes, he did forget to lock his truck, but my husband did not sit on jobs. He could not stand the gentlemen that did, because that made more work for the co workers. He is a team player if he feels like there is a team. I am just curious how well you would work in conditions that he went through. His job is still in grievances with the union, which I fear means no help. My apologies for putting this on a public forum, but I could not find a direct line to you or your other members of the bored.
    Concerned Wife

  46. Hi, my name is Mary Anderson, I have been a loyal customer of Cingular then AT&T for 20 years. My son went in to the local AT&T to see if he was eligible for an upgrade (I have 7 lines, currently only 2 were actually being used), He stopped in after work this past Thursday evening (he had an acquaintance from work with him that he was giving a ride home). My son took care of his business with an AT&T employee and finally left to precede home. Later that night someone comes pounding on my door, yelling, wielding threats. So we waited until the pounding stopped and my son walked up to the vehicles from my condo to see that everything was ok, He was approached by Sandy Springs Police Officer with guns drawn pointed at my son, yelling for him to get down on the ground, they aggressively handcuffed him before they would tell him what was going on. That is the first we heard that AT&T was claiming the guy with my son was caught on tape stealing a phone. After much humiliation and questioning, they finally let my son go. AT&T manager verified my son was with an AT&T employee the whole time he was in the store. The employee’s got my tag (my son had taken my vehicle to work that day) and reported it to the local police. My tag, my condo, I am a 64 year old female that works full time, owns my home, owns my vehicle and been at my job over 20 years. I am more than angry that my son had to be humiliated in front of the whole condo complex at gun point and hand cuffed, when he is only guilty of being a decent guy and giving someone a ride home. He now has neighbors run to their homes when they see him, whispering behind his back, staring at him. I tried to visit the manager, but was told they were not in the store when I went to confront them. Now let me say this – the phone WAS FOUND in the store that night or the next day, so there was NO THEFT!!! When the guy that was accused of stealing the phone called the store, they admitted they found the phone and apologized to him, not my son who was ordered to the ground at gun point and handcuffed in front of neighbors – for what?? For Nothing – no phone was stolen. This was a blatant case of social / racial profiling by AT&T towards my son and the guy with him. I am calling Clark Howard tomorrow and see what can be done, I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau tomorrow also. I also will be in touch with the detective that has the case. I want formal apologies, I want restitution, I wan someone to pay for what they have done, the humiliation and embarrassment my son has had to endure, as well as me. We can not face our neighbors without hearing whispering and see them stare at us and eventually run to their condos. I will also be shopping for an attorney to file suit against AT&T for their part in this fiasco. I want out of my contract with out any penalties, I want to walk away free and clear, so I can go to another carrier. I am pi$$ed!

  47. Enough is enough. How much more do you have to steal from people, this doesn’t make things right when you sign a contract for something and then DirecTV breaks their contract, this is not right. We all need your rise up together and put an end to this. This is got to stop and I’m not going to stop until I get to the top in a rectify their mistakes, I’m going to put it into this place I’ll go through local government agencies. I don’t broadcast news channels glasses all over every social media. I will gather as many people join in my fight. We will take them down, I say we all get together, who’s out there, who’s been done wrong by DirecTV, just put it together!

    1. Shawn, absolutely, I am having problems as well… looking for legal representation now, seems I get the run around a lot.

    2. I KNOW your frustration. We have 5 phones with At&t and we were told they bought out directv and we qualify for a promotion they were running for tv. Two years at one rate. The representatives at the store and at with directv say they are not like other providers that raise the price after the first year. On the second year of my plan my bill jumped up A lot. I called customer service. Was told will have to pay the current bill but the future bills will be corrected. I was told this for two months straight. The third time I put my foot down and was guaranteed they would fix it and gave me a credit. The next month the credit rejected and put back on bill and still high monthly charge. I talked to supervisor and she said I qualified for the promotion and this mistake would be fixed. She adjusted my bill and credited my for the past overpayments had made. Next month the credits and adjustments rejected and back on my bill with another high monthly charge. Called again and spoke to supervisor. She also said It was incorrect and adjusted my bill again and said reinstating the contract that I had. Hours and hours on the phone with these people. This week I received new bill. All the adjustments rejected AGAIN and put on put back on my bill. The monthly charges are okay but she did not reinstate contract but started another one which obligates me to stay with them or pay cancellation fee. I did not sign up for this and it is wrong. Yesterday after over 2 hours on the phone they tell me I was not given the second part of my contracted promotion price because I was to upgrade my phone plan the second year. No one said that and it was not stated on promotion. Rep agreed but said in ‘good faith’ I was expected to…He said it was wrong and unfair and that he got this from his bosses boss. He tried to apply a credit to help get the bill down which after all this has gotten large but it was rejected …I apparently used up all my credits for the year even though they kept throwing them out every time I was given them!!!!! Rep apologized and said nothing he can do. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Rep for the local news channel and newspaper. I refuse to be cheated by these people and am tired of being lied to. I would suggest you do the same and pass on this advice. It is the only way to rein in this illegal crooked business practices of large companies cheating their customers and thinking of us as faceless weak suckers.

  48. I also believe that they are using deceptive practices to get people to sign up for Direct TV. I am filing a complaint with the ftc.gov They have so many unhappy customers that this needs to be looked into. Their facebook pages are filled with many dissatisfied customers.

    1. June, I am one of those unhappy customers. They sent me two damaged Samsung TVs and have since ignored my attempts to communicate with them. I am contacting Tampa, Orlando and Lakeland TV stations.

  49. Horrible horrible customer service! The absolute worst.
    I have wasted HOURS of my life. All I wanted was to put the existing uverse account in my name. I was told I needed new equipment, which seemed like a waste to me, but ok. I got the equipment last week, but still no internet service.
    Uverse had put the equipment in the name of my husband, who no longer lived at the address. Why would we order new equipment in his name if we already had equipment in his name? So the equipment was useless until uverse was able to contact him, get his password, and help me with connecting my internet. I missed four hours of work. Then ATT changed my husbands billing to my name without talking to either of us.
    Twenty-two hours later, my internet is off. I call again, am and told we cancelled service a week ago. REALLY? I finally get a supervisor on the phone and was told I had to send ID to a fax #. I said I dont have a fax and she said any ATT store will fax for you. SO I drive to ATT store only to be told they dont have a fax machine. I go to Fedex and try to fax my now required ID but the number is not good. I call uverse again, and eventually get disconnected. At this point I am ready to start screaming. I get an email that a technician is coming to my home on wed, 18th. I call Uverse to confirm and no, there is no record of that email. I say can I send to you? No, we dont have that capability. I said so I’ve been without internet for four days, with no end in sight. I have had my cell phone service with ATT since 1999 and this is how they treat a loyal customer. NIGHTMARE is the only way to describe it. I am ready to ditch ATT for once and for all. I DO NOT have this kind of time to spend CHANGING THE BILLING NAME.

  50. we live in a guest house on my daughters property. When she was with DSL we had a separate line and had no problems with internet but as soon as she changed to UVerse the problems started. We could not get a separate line and our internet is slow and sometimes just doesn’t work at all. I have been told that they can’t install a separate line as we are on the same property. Why did we have it on DSL and not with UVERSE?

    1. I have had awful problems with my service since I changed from one land line for “the phone” and another line for DSL. There were no problems with this setup. Someone from AT&T called me and outright lied to me about DSL, saying they were going to discontinue DSL in a few months and I needed to switch to UVerse. UVerse is a scam… my phone is intermittent, as is the Internet, and sometimes both don’t work at all. They “say” they’ve fixed things… they even sent someone here who did who knows what, but it certainly did not fix the problem. These people are liars, scammers, utterly hateful, and they sell you a terrible product. I just want my old service back with no cost to me. Hell will freeze over before that happens. My only other choice is Comcast, and they are just as “reputable” as is effing AT&T.

  51. Dear Mr Stephenson,

    I recently cancelled my Directv because your company and most of its employees (mostly the sales team) have done nothing but lie to me from the beginning.

    Let me start off from day one! I was on the phone with your sales consultant for at least an hour and half and I was promised a wireless genie for FREE for switching over and all the channels I requested at the price they had given me, as well as the promise to switch back to AT&T UVERSE for FREE if I did not like the directv…. WELL!! The tech guys arrived (who were great), and I had asked if they had the wireless genie, which they replied “No, it wasn’t in the agreement”!!!! So I then contacted directv, they proceeded to tell me there was nothing they could do about the genie and that if I wanted it I would have to pay the $100. So I stupidly paid!!!! So once they installed I realized I did not get all the channels that I had been promised. So, again, I called Directv and AGAIN they told me if i wanted those channels I would have to select a different package, which was obviously more expensive! SO I STUPIDLY AGREED!!!! Then it came time to pay the bill, not only did you combined 2 months, I paid for the genie AGAIN! And AGAIN, there was nothing they could do about it except for a measly 25$ credit for the trouble I had gone through. I continued to have issues with directv, and I’m sure you’ll be able to tell if you bring up the call log on my account. So I wanted to switch back to AT&T UVERSE. HAHAHAHA well that was another lie that the sales consultant had told me. I called directv once again and they told me I would have to pay a penalty for terminating my contract early. Such a lie! so not wanting to pay the fee, I kept the directv. And my bill went up more and more, even within the 12months, which again there was NOTHING they could do about it.

    Fast forward a couple months, I had to move. I told your moving department I DO NOT WANT TO, BY ANY MEANS, EXTEND MY CONTRACT I JUST WANT TO MOVE IT! The technician came to install and everything was fine. Until I realized my contract had been extended. Obviously, I was extremely unhappy. I decided to cancel it. I could not reach Directv, because I kept getting transferred to AT&T and even though you have merged, neither company knows what the hell is going on with the other company. So eventually I got to speak to one of your supervisors, Arthur, who was extremely helpful and wonderful. HE said my bill was up to date and to end the contract I would need to pay $200, which I paid with him on the phone and he said that was the only amount I would pay ever again. Well, today i got a Directv bill for $163 and some change but my service has been disconnected. So I called Directv, well they cannot tell me whats going on because they can’t access my account because its been disconnected.

    So, Mr Stephenson, please explain to me how on earth you run this company and why I have another BILL?!!!! I do not want to give directv another penny. Also, just so you know Ive had people see my directv dish on the house and knock on my door and asked if i would recommend DIRECTV, to which I reply ” ABSOLUTELY NOT!!” I also make sure all my friends, family, and anyone I meet know about my experience with directv. Come to find out, I’m not the only one that this has happened to and I’m not the only one that feels taken advantage of.

    Kindly explain.

    Samantha McClary

    1. AT&T is bad. We changed to DirectTV and all our favorite channels that we enjoyed on Dish have gone. We regret the change.
      Internet connection is poor. Their tech guys don’t know what they’re doing.

  52. Hi Randall Stephenson and AT&T team,

    I hope you can help I am a loyal customer of yours ACCT 147703631, been paying my bill regularly each month of 31.00 each month for uverse internet service and I love it. However things have changed the last couple months my bill have been going up. Now I don’t mind paying my bill but I do mind if it goes up without my acknowledgement. I’ve been in contacts with several reps about 4 from your toll free number 800-288-2020 including the manager from your accounts receivable Micah and also Angelica, Ive asked if they can help me with my billing problems . Now this problem has been on going since November and there hasn’t been any help. All I want is to have the same bill I was originally promised which was 31.00 monthly. This is taking a very long time to get this resolved and I paid my dues as I originally agreed with please help.

    1. I feel your pain Somvang Keomanee! 🙁

      As of today 3/8/2018 I realized my bill went from originally being $130 dollars a month to $161 dollars for the past 4 months. In December 2017 a technician came to my house and stated that the wiring that was installed for the cable and internet was installed wrong. Because of the trees and wires in order for my requested service to run at a minimum he did what he had to do outside (Keep in mind my I had being paying for service for several months prior to this point) so the wiring outside had nothing to do with billing my account. Customer service was on the phone same time the technician was standing in my living room and stated it would not be any extra charges to me and my account would be billed the same. Low and behold the bill went up and when I address the matter with management (Daniel and Oliver) rude and unprofessionalism is what I received. Oliver Told me he see in the notes when customer service stated to me no extra fees but if I want this resolved it would not happen with him and I would have to contact the corporate office via a letter. When asked who does he report to to escalate the matter he refused to advise who that person was. THIS ENTIRE ORDEAL HAS WASTED MY TIME AND EVERYBODY KNOWS TIME IS MONEY THAT I DEMAND TO GET BACK, CAUSED DELAYS IN OTHER PLANS/APPOINTMENTS, AND IT IS TRULY AN INSULT JUST AS IT IS DISRESPECTFUL. Upon further research of who the CEO of AT&T is it appears that Randall Stephanson is the point of contact. Randall is unable to connect with as the phone number listed 210-351-5401 rings once and then hangs up. If anyone has gotten through to the CEO for resolution please advise. It is truthfully unfair to us as a customer to pay our hard earned money for service and be denied the rightful service agreed to. I expect a refund of all fund I over paid for. Nothing extra!

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