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Sprint Headquarters.

Find all you need to know about American telecommunications provider Sprint on this page.

We have added the Sprint Corporate Office contacts, information about their executive team, customer service phone numbers, Jobs and Careers pages and much more.

About Sprint.

Sprint is a telecommunications corporation that provides Internet and phone (mobile and landline) services in the United States. Sprint’s corporate history began in the late 19th century with the foundation of Brown Telephone Company in Kansas. Over the years, the company acquired other telecommunications firms and was renamed Sprint in 1982.

Some of Sprint’s services are provided via its subsidiaries: Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, Assurance Wireless, and I-wireless. Sprint currently employs more than 30,000 people and serves approximately 60 million residential and business customers.

Sprint Corporate Office Contacts.

You can contact Sprint’s Kansas headquarters by phone, e-mail, fax, or written mail using the contact details listed below:
Sprint Headquarters Phone Number.
+1-913-624-6000 / 1-800-829-0965

Sprint Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Central Time Zone)

Sprint Headquarters Fax Number.

Sprint Headquarters Address.
6200 Sprint Parkway. Overland Park,
Kansas, 66251

Sprint Headquarters Email Address.
info@sprint.com / executive.offices@sprint.com

Sprint Headquarters
The Sprint World Headquarters Campus consist of 17 buildings over 3,900,000-square-foot on 200 acres in Overland Park, Kansas. The complex serves as the corporate headquarters for the Sprint Corporation. and houses around 11000 Sprint employees, though some building has been sublet to outside companies.

Sprint Executive Team.

This is the complete list of Sprint’s key leaders.

  • Marcelo Claure, CEO
  • Ismat Aziz, Senior VP (Human Resources)
  • Kevin Crull, President (Omnichannel Sales)
  • Brandon Draper, President (Sprint Prepaid)
  • Jerry Gallegos, President (West Area)
  • Jan Geldmacher, President (Sprint Business)
  • Jorge Gracia, Senior VP & General Counsel
  • Kimberly Green-Kerr, VP & General Manager (Small & Medium Business)
  • Jaime Jones, President (West Area)
  • Doug Michelman, Senior VP (Corporate Communications)
  • Tracy Nola, Senior VP (Sales)
  • Gunther Ottendorfer, Chief Operating Officer (Technology)

Sprint Board of Directors:

  • Gordon M. Bethune
  • Raul Marcelo Claure
  • Patrick T. Doyle
  • Ronald D. Fisher
  • Julius Genachowski
  • Admiral Michael G. Mullen
  • Masayoshi Son
  • Sara Martinez Tucker

Sprint Careers and Jobs.

Careers information can be found here. This page lets you browse and apply to job openings in sales and retail, at the corporate headquarters, and at the company’s call center.

Opportunities for students and for technology experts are also listed here. You can also visit this LinkedIn page for more listings and to create job alerts.

How to complain to Sprint.

Sprint’s Customer Service team is available on +1-888-211-4727.

There is also a dedicated Sprint toll-free hotline: +1-800-777-4681.

Corporate customers can call +1-877-365-6413 (or +1-800-230-9709 for support in Spanish).

Additionally, Sprint’s live chat function is available here.

If you have a complaint related to prepaid services, you can contact the Sprint predpaid support team by calling +1-855-639-4644,

Fro Sprint wireless services, please call on +1-800-777-4681, for help.

Sprint broadband customers can phone +1-888-996-001 for customer care.

In addition, you can make complaints and receive assistance online via the Twitter Customer Care team (@sprintcare)

If you have  a specific question or issue, then make a search on the Sprint Community website, first. More than 1 million posts are listed and both customers and ompany representatives can chime in to answer any unsolved problem.

Other Sprint Resources.

Check the list of links below to find additional resources about Sprint and its various departments.

Please share your experiences, praise or complaints about Sprint, in the comment section.

80 thoughts on “Sprint Headquarters

  1. After asking for second line.i was billed from 150 per month to over 800 in two months of billings.after serval phone call..spirit witout consent charge my credit card..for damages they created . I was a customer over 20 years..had enuff

  2. I have been on the phone with sprint support for 5hrs. I have been given the run around all night and am currently on hold but I believe they have went home for the day because it is after business hours. They didn’t have the courtesy to say they will call me tomorrow with a solution they just left me on hold. Now they just hung up the phone without saying a word. I am entirely sick of dealing with Sprint. I’ve been with you all since 2006 and everytime I try to get my bill lowered the only options are to get new phones. The reps make promises that they have zero intentions on keeping, they just want to get you to do whatever they want this is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. I can’t afford to just buy out my contracts because I would if I could. I hate Sprint, now apart of T-mobile and will never tell anyone to deal with you all. As soon as I can afford to get rid of you all I will. Shame on your low down dirty asses for doing hard working people this way.

  3. Store at 360 Hitchcock Pkwy. Aiken South Carolina. Clerk needs to watch his language, rang up 2 items I was purchasing, one didn’t ring up and he said G–D— what didn’t ring up. Very unprofessional!!! 12/23/2021 approximately 6:20 P.M.

  4. This company is a joke. I was a customer for two weeks, returned my devices to a corporate store and a month later they are trying to charge me $2800 for the devices I already returned. Have wasted countless hours on the phone with customer service to get no where . They owe me money or phones from when I traded my iPhones in to get service with them to begin with but are trying to rip me off by giving me $30 a piece for a iPhone, what a joke!!! Tried to go up the chain in mangers and command but they always says the mangers are “in meetings, three hour ones at that!!!” Searched the internet for corporate number but of course you can not find it… you go into the stores and they inform you not to listen to the customer care people because they are idiots !!! Sounds like a great company!!! NOT STAY FAR AWAY !!!!!!

  5. Brand new unhappy customer as of 10-15-19. This all started by my wife and my self wanting to change phone carriers. On 10-15-19 we had gone into the Walgreens located at 100 w Lincoln hwy in Dekalb IL and we had talked to a sprint representative who was more then accommodating with everything she was helpful and she explained everything to my wife and myself. So I picked out the brand new Samsung S10 5G for my self. (The most expensive phone in the store) thinking awesome I finally get the best phone instead of getting a phone that was a few steps lower in quality. BOY WAS I EVER RONG ABOUT THIS PHONE…. for about the first 3 weeks of owning the phone it worked awesome…… Then the trouble starts…… it starts to drop calls my text messages take forever to send and I would have to be on my wifi AT HOME TO GET RECEPTION JUST TO GET ON ANYTHING such as Facebook, Google exc…. so I decided to take my brand new phone to the actual sprint store located at 2333 Sycamore Rd Dekalb IL…. (WISH I HADE NEVER GONE TO THIS LOCATION ) thinking they might know maybe a little more then the Walgreens location…. this was on December 2nd and my wife and I sit down with a gentleman that did nothing but trash talk the Walgreens location and the sprint representative at that location… saying they have no idea what they are doing over at that location …. so he continues to look at our new account and states that whoever set up my phone at the Walgreens location messed up and didn’t set my phone on the 5G network…… (me thinking something doesn’t sound right but didn’t say anything considering that there is no 5 G networkout here yet) and everything will return to normal on the 10th because that’s when the new pay period for our plan starter…. thinking ok cool we are all human and make mistakes…… well the 10 comes and goes…. and this brand new Samsung phone is still not working properly so I decided to call a sprint representative and they try to troubleshoot everything over the phone and they tried doing everything in there power to get my BRAND NEW SAMSUNG PHONE to work properly and couldn’t so they connected me to Samsung themselves and after spending approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours on the phone with them troubleshooting everything and they finally decided to do a factory reset on the phone, they finally said something is wrong with your phone and you need to take it in…. so I decided to go back to the sprint store located at 2333 Sycamore rd in dekalb thinking this is a brand new phone and its broken…. I think I just want to switch to an iPhone because if this is the quality of the Samsung I don’t want it (also when I had talked to the sprint representative who tried to troubleshoot my phone before I talked to Samsung directly had told me that if I wanted to switch phones that a manager COULD APPROVE IT FOR ME…… since I am highly disappointed in Samsung) on December 16th and I talked to a woman who was as helpful as she could be however she could not do anything for me due to the store manager was not available because they left for the evening and that he would return the next day (the 17th) at 1pm…… so I said thank you and I’ll be back tomorrow to talk to the manager…. SOOOOO the next day I arrive at the sprint location at 2333 Sycamore rd and the same women I spoke to the day before was there and she told me to hold on let me go get the manager from the backroom….. about 5 minutes later she comes out of the backroom where the manager was at she states the she had talked to the manager and filled them in about what was going on, who decided not to even Acknowledg my presence in the store because they were (TO BUSY OR SOMETHING…..YA KNOW ….FOR A NEW CUSTOMER TO SPRINT) and she said that the manager said there’s really NOTHING that they could do….. so I decided to tell the girl I am canceling my phones with sprint and she was more then Apologetic with the situation…. so me being VERY ANNOYED AT THE MANAGER WHO DIDN’T WANT TO GIVE ME ANY KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE WHAT SO EVER AND HIDE IN THE BACK ROOM SPRINT AND SAMSUNG….. so what else can I do I have a broken phone that doesn’t work so I leave and on the way out I drop my phone and break it…… so now I’m paying my insurance premium and getting another phone….

  6. Today I could Sprint customers service about my bill get higher every month 47 minute on phone no helps I could again
    Explain again my Cass to three Sprint people again another 19 minutes no help I put the phone down I was really ???? maybe I wont to close my account after so many years with them iam very disapointed

  7. I cancel my service way back in late may early June. I had a tablet my brother took and with out proof i could not do anything the cops said. Well I took my credit card info off the account. They turned it over to a collection agency for 546. Dolloars or so and then took the account over and went back and charged my bank for the fees by looking for any card I may had used previous. The lady got rude and hateful w me so I got rude back with her. She said its not refundable. I think its illegal for them to just take money from my account and for them to take back the account from a collections agency. What can I do to get my money back as I never got anything in the mail from them.

  8. I am calling about my phone # 704573xxxx. I have been charged over a year now 13 months to be exact of 125 per month. I am hoping to get a full refund by check not credit ASAP. I have dealt with this to no avail. But today was the day it brought me to tears. There is a person I talked to named Jeremy who talked down to me this the tears. I hear you say this line may be recorded I sure hope you will listen to this. Unfortunately I did not get his last name but I should never be treated like I was. I am the customer and should be treated as a customer with dignity and respect. I am not holding my breath on your behalf because for over a year I have not got anything resolved do to no cooperation on your part. Remember I am the customer. My phone number is 704573xxxx. Maybe not much longer!

  9. this is the worst lying deceiving, conniving, thieving company as far as cellular companies. I do not have service with them and they keep taking money out of my account i am now forced to close my account. Dirty low down company

  10. I called made a payment on the 26 Oct of $200 ask for an extension for the remaining balance $70 for the 9 Nov she said is was OK I told her i also needed ext for the Nov 2019 she said once I made the $70 payment on the 9 to call back to make arrangement for Nov when i called all the agents i spoke to were very rude and didnt even want to understand the whole situation I explained to over 8 agents they are telling me my account is pass due 36 days pass due when they verify the saw is only the amount of .15 cents that is pass due My new bill was posted in Nov 6 and when I call back like the agent that took my $200 advise me to do on the 9 Nov I havent been able to get an extension or been able to speak with upper management I called a number supposedly from corporate but every agent in this company is trained to do the same is all about getting money from customer and not providing good customer service Bad very bad company to deal with not only that about 5 years I had an account with them in Puerto Rico they created a password on the account and I never was able to make no even 1 payment cause I didnt know the password they close my account left me with no service and then try to charge me aver $1500 worth of penalty and it even shows on my credit I dont like Sprint at all

  11. Below is the email I just sent to the executive office of Sprint:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing to file an official complaint in regard to my experiences as a customer with Sprint during the two years we were with their cellular services, which is the main justifications behind my decision to take my cellular services to Verizon Wireless effective July 29, 2018. Back in May 2016, my husband and I brought our cellular services to Sprint from AT&T. At that time you were running the “Cut Your Bill in Half” promotion and you were paying off up to $600 off each line from the previous providers. We had also came in with a copy of the AT&T bill when we signed up. We were told by the young gentleman that all we had to do was upload it once we created and logged in to our “mysprint” account, which I was fine with as I have a scanner at home and at work to be able to do just that. There was also a promotion on a Samsung tablet that we took advantage of too, as we were told that it would only cost $5.00 more per month. He quickly rambled through digital contracts and he got us out the door in a decent amount of time with new iPhone S6 phones in hand. Everything seems wonderful at that point.

    Then I had trouble creating the mysprint account. About 6-8 weeks into being with Sprint, I was still not able to create the mysprint account and upload the AT&T bill, so I brought the bill again to the Sprint store. Why they couldn’t just upload it there for me, I am still puzzled as this would have saved me a lot of stress and trouble, but they checked my account, reset my PIN for me and told me I was good to go. I attempted to create the account again and still no success. By this time, I was receiving collection calls and mail from AT&T. I had called Sprint customer service and they wouldn’t help because they said my cell phone number was not listed as the primary number on my account and the PIN I had setup was not correct, so calling in was getting me nowhere. I had to visit the store AGAIN and make calls from the store to find out that they assigned a phone number to the Samsung tablet and labelled that they primary device on my account, which prevented me from being able to access the mysprint account, the ability to make payment arrangement and the ability to upload the appropriate documents to be able to take part in the promotion I had signed up for. Because of all of this, I ended up being charged and paying a collective total of $252.00 in interruption fees since I was not able to make or set up payment arrangements. After all of these complications, I was at that point, no longer able to take part in the promotion that brought us to Sprint in the first place and I now have a collection due to AT&T for $1,014.00.

    Despite everything explained above, I had still considered staying with Sprint and ventured back in at the end of July 2018 to see what kind of new agreement deals were available for us. I was treated like I was a hassle by the lady behind the counter because I was comparing what Sprint had to offer to what Verizon was offering. The sales lady told me that it was “stupid” to consider Verizon, and she treated me like I was stupid as well. This ultimately sealed the deal for me as far as Sprint goes. I went with Verizon and I now have a balance due to Sprint in the amount of $468.04.

    Not only do I have a collection AND a balance due to sprint, I had trouble returning the Sprint phones to Sprint! I called the Sprint customer service twice to find a location where I could return all three phones in person, as I do not trust sending these devices through the mail. I was told that I could return all phones to a Sprint Store in Columbus (South Hamilton Road location). I left work early to do so, and once I arrived at the store, I was turned away and told the only way to return them was through UPS. This further infuriated me and just confirms that leaving Sprint was more than a good move. I did mail the phones back after waiting a week to receive the return box (which was really only made for 2 phones to safely be returned, yet I had 3 devices). I received email confirmation on September 14th that all three devices were received, thankfully.

    After spending over two years with Sprint, we have come to the conclusion that services with Sprint has and will be a nightmare for their customers. Your sales people are horrible, they lack quality customer service, and they clearly do not care. I have never felt so strongly about an experience to consider writing a letter like this to a provider of any sort.

    In conclusion, I am requesting that Sprint remove the ENTIRE balance of $468.04 that they are claiming I have left to pay them. I received the absolute run around from all ends during my time with Sprint, causing me to pay more money then what was promised and now I am having work with a collection agency to clear up a collection I should never have had in the first place. I will also be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Shame on you, Sprint, for such a HUGE lack of quality customer services.

  12. have been with nextel/sprint since 1996 signed contract fpor 206.00 per month billing me 298.00 one month 325.00 another month hardley use phones. looks like i am going elseware crimminal.

  13. After 14 years of being with Sprint I left and now they are charging my account an astronomical amount of money. Everytime I try to have it fixed NO ONE helps. I was on hold tonight for 1 hour and 30 mins only to be told someone would call me back in 3 to 5 days and I’ve already been trying to have someone call me back for almost a month! I love my new service and so glad I switched, should have done it sooner. When asking for corporates number they tell you they cant give it to you or even tell you the CEOs name! This company is going downhill fast! I will be sure to tell everyone to switch.

  14. I’m getting daily robocalls from a Grand Prairie Sprint Switching Center with the same recorded message about some kind of free medicare device! Is any one else experiencing this crap? Numbers include: 214-336-2004, 214-336-8404, 214-336-1781, 214-336-2892, 214-336-1260, 214-336-2800, 214-336-5004, 214-336-3004, etc. I traced the call center to: Grand Prairie EMS, TX, CLLI Code# DLLCTXIKCM1, SPRINT SPECTRUM L.P. Join me in posting multiple complaints on the Sprint website: https://corporateofficecomplaints.com/sprint-corporate-office-headquarters-numbers/

  15. I am currently in the process of cancelling 2 lines on my account to start off with and then I will be cancelling the last two lines as well to completely end my service. Since being a customer since 2003, I do not see the benefit of staying with Sprint and my bill has skyrocketed over the years to where I am paying almost $500 for 4 lines of service.

    I called into sprint somewhere around June 15th 2018 to get all of the information I needed to end these 2 lines of service. I wanted to make sure I had all of the information before I went through with cancelling so that there were no issues and even still with the information I had, there has been nothing but issues since the beginning. I was told that I had until June 26th to cancel the lines so that I wouldn’t be charged on the next billing cycle. I was told that I needed to pay any past due balance as well as the Lease buy out amount for each of the 2 phones if I planned to keep them. I also asked if I would be able to unlock the phones and I was told that once I made these payments, the phones can then be unlocked and switched to another carrier.

    Fast forward to June 26th. I went online and paid my past due balance and I spoke with a rep via chat and paid my lease buy out for the 2 phones. I was told that everything was squared away and that I just needed to contact Sprint by phone to cancel the lines. Once I called into sprint, I was told by a rep that I still had to pay for one of the phones in which I told her that I already paid with the rep during the chat, after a little back and forth, she figured out the issue and told me that the phones would be able to be unlocked but only after 72 hours because she had to create a ticket. Now that was going to push me into the next billing cycle. I asked this rep would I be charged for the full month and she said no just a pro rated charge just for the days until the phones were unlocked and I was able to switch carriers. Both were submitted to be unlocked together, got a text on 6/28 that line 8058 was unlocked but 9361 was not able to be unlocked because it was a part of a lease agreement (That I already paid off). So I had to call back in to get the issue fixed with 9361. It was submitted to be unlocked again through sprint, and finally unlocked on 7/1/2018 the phone was switched to another carrier on 7/1/2018 and 8058 was switched to another carrier on 6/29/2018. I called in on 7/2/2018 to cancel the lines, I was told that everything was clear and that the lines would be successfully cancelled.

    While looking at my account today, 7/12/2018, I noticed that these lines are still listed on my account so I contacted a rep via chat and she told me that she see that I called in to cancel the lines on 7/2/2018 but the lines were never cancelled and that I had to call in. I called in and spoke to a rep named “Rachel” who was nasty with me from the beginning and not understanding where I was coming from with my issue since the beginning of the process. She assured me that these lines were now being cancelled and when I asked her if she was really sure that they were cancelled because the last rep should have cancelled them she remained silent and the phone disconnected with no call back so I am assuming she hung up on me. I called back and spoke to another gentleman and he was very polite and more than helpful with my situation. I initially asked to speak with a supervisor but he assured me that he would be able to assist me and even had a confirmation for the 2 cancelled lines ( I1428350337) and assured me that I would not have to pay any charges this billing cycle for the two lines being as though they should have been cancelled in the beginning of the month. I just received a text message from sprint saying that the 2 lines are due to cancel at the end of the billing cycle which is 7/26/2018. This is not what I was told from my initial conversation with Sprint back in June and I honestly feel like I have been mislead and I should not be paying for 2 lines that are no longer with Sprint anymore. I have switched them to different carriers!

    I am writing this letter because I need a hire up to assure that this is being handled properly. I have talked to many representatives and I am getting a different answer every time I call in and that is not fair to me as a customer or decides to spend her hard heard money with your company since 2003!

  16. Well I get my phone bill it’s $1367 plus so of course #%^**%%% n e way I call them was charged a cancellation fee for a phone I have active on my acct and charged my mthly plan fee for the same phone but the phone number that was cancelled wasn’t on my plan but the phone is I asked for the tracking number off the phone that was cancelled and never returned they couldn’t give it they tried to give me a tracking number of the phone I have so basically I was charged a $1367 cancellation fee for a phone I’m still using spent 6 hours on the phone with people in the The Philippines How can someone in the Philippines tell US about something that’s going on here then I got called a lie then hour 7 they realize it’s the same phone but have to get approval to credit it back

  17. Good Afternoon, I would like to request a call back to discuss my bill and poor customer service, mainly poor customer service, We been with Sprint since 2006, We have 4 lines and 4 iPads, our bill average over 500 monthly. We you are paying that much money for a phone you expect to get good customer service. The employees are rude and disrespectful, from reading must of the comments I’m not the only one that have experienced such. The employees I have came in contact with thinks I don’t want to pay my bill that’s not it I’ve been paying it since 2006, My name is Paula Pooler and my email address is teenaxxxxxx@yahoo.com and the phone number on the account is 202-327-xxxx or 301 485-xxxx. I pray that I will get a return call to discuss my issues.

    Thank you,
    Paula Holmes

  18. EFF YOU sprint!!! Was a customer for 17 years, 17 years too long!! I’m with Verizon now and am so happy with the service, I’m free at last free at last!! I hope you go bankrupt!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  19. Sprint service is horrible you can’t even contact corporate and talk directly to them about a problem or matter resolve there company

  20. Sprint store 818 willowbrook texas needs to be close and all their incompetent workers at that location needs to be retrain. I have gotten a phone less than seven days ago and was having a few problems with it. Main problem i had with the phone is that I am loosing charge. I took my phone to sprint store 818 the same store I bought the phone for a quick return and swap, knowing I got a detective phone AND was still under the 14 days policy that this store is not aware of.But O no this returns turn into a funeral services( long wait time and numerous phone calls.) I do hope some one from Sprint corporate contact me preferred to be ISMAT IZIZ To file a proper voice recorded conversation complain on store location 818 WORKERS AND TECHICATION.

  21. I bought the new Galaxy S9 the second week in April 2018, as in last month. Anyway, the Galaxy S9 is an awesome phone! First, let me say, I had Sprint for several years back when the first George Bush was in office, the customer service sucked then, and it does now! I dropped Sprint then up until April 2018, because of my Employer discount, Sprint is offering a better employer discount than Verizon. Well yesterday, I’m out walking and my new phone starts heating up like a pair of curling irons and stopped working,however,still heating up. Long story short, the manager in the store told me because it has been over 14 days, if i wanted a new phone, I had to pay $275!! I told him I know the ridiculous policy, a majority of businesses have a 90 day policy, who expects a top of the line,new, inbox phone to start heating up and stop working in less than 2 months! The manager proceeded to tell me either I could pay the $275, or send the phone to Samsung for a new one,since it is not their phone. I replied #1, a 14 day return policy implies Sprint has a side deal with Assurion to cheat consumers, #2, if the company is selling the phone, its theirs, and Sprint should stand behind their products,Walmart does not make their products ,yet will give you another/refund with damaged product.#3,because there is a software problem with the phone which I have screen shot of from tech support,apparently Android Oreo needs a patch, at the least I should of been given a NEW PHONE, ITS BEEN LESS THAN 60 DAYS, AND SPRINT SHOULD SEND MY HOT PHONE BACK TO SAMSUNG AND LET THEM REPLACE THE STORE WITH ANOTHER PHONE, IN HINDSIGHT I SHOULD HAVE LET THE PHONE CATCH ON FIRE AND SUE SPRINT FOR THEIR HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! LASTLY, TO GET A LONER PHONE, I HAD TO SIGN A CONTRACT STATING IF MY LOANER PHONE WAS DAMAGED I WOULD HAVE TO PAY $100!!! I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau,Yelp,my followers on Facebook,twitter,my employer,and everywhere else I can leave a review, this is customer service and consumerism at it”s worst. .SPRINT SUCKS FOREVER

  22. Worst company ever!! Don’t know how Sprint is still in business. Paid my phone off after my contract was up and now they won’t unlock my phone. I have called and gone into the Sprint store and all I get is the run around and put on hold for 2 to 3 hours. Now they want me to send my phone back and ask for a refund!! Really

  23. I purchased the IPAD Pro last year and was on a monthly plan to pay it off. Also, the data for the IPAD was added. When I called to upgrade my Galaxy S7 to the Galaxy S9+ I was then informed I had 10GB of hotspot. I asked if I still needed the data on my IPAD if I had the 10GB of hotspot. The representative stated no…I could discontinue this service on my IPAD. I did. She was wrong! My monthly IPAD contract was accelerated to pay the remaining balance. If that’s not bad enough…Sprint cannot activate the data back to my IPAD.

    So here’s the run down:
    1. I received an accelerated payment of $519 to be paid this month
    2. Sprint CANNOT activate their own device
    3. I’m stuck with a $1000 paper weight

    I’ve called nearly daily to resolve this issue. They give me the same run around and nothing happens. They have come short of saying…It SUCKS TO BE YOU! How frustrating this is to deal with a company that caused a problem and doesn’t care about correcting the problem.

    I recommended they have me take in my IPAD and replace with a new one. NONE of the representatives would comment on this as a viable option.

  24. I have been trying to get on my sprint account online for months, I have changed the password numerous times, spoken to numerous reps and also told it must be my computer. I have read the reviews on the subject matter and all reviews clearly state that sprint is having issues with customers logging on to their accounts. I finally reached a rep today that confirmed the problems that Sprint is experiencing with the website. the rep promised me a 100.00 credit on my bill and changed my plan to the unlimited freedom plan, saving me 40.00 per month. I upgraded two phones today in the process. The rep then went over my account in detail and I wrote everything down verbatum, she then asked me to hold so she could transfer me to sales to confirm shipping information to send the new phones. Once I was transferred to Sales the rep in Sales had no clue as to what I was transferred to him, from there I was transferred to 4 different reps and still have no record of any changes made to my account. I am now waiting for a supervisor to call me back. I am sick of Sprint and the run around.


    1. I been with sprint for many years always doing me dirty I look at my bill and I have noticed I been charge for my old iPhone space gray when I paid and purchased it so I can upgrade my son phone to a galaxy 7 now they are telling me I never paid I know I did because if I didn’t I wouldn’t of got my upgrade for my son I had paid that phone off 3 years ago and they where still charging me every month for a lease fee how wrong is that try calling them but they keep making excuses and lies what can I do about this

  26. I had been a loyal customer of over Twenty years. When my term was up all the store and sales center could quote me was a number that was higher than my old bill. I found a better alternative with another carrier, and all of a sudden I was being quoted better pricing. TO LATE. Now I am having trouble, getting credit for my returned phones, I have wasted several hours, trying to get this taken care of, now when I asked to talk to a Supervisor, I was put on hold again, then after talking to two different Supervisors I asked to talk to a manager, now they are check to verify that the phone in question is not working due to a dead battery. On hold again, at this point time is almost two hours, All I can say is GREAT CUSTOMER Service, not. And they will not connect me to a manager.

  27. Last month I opened an account with Sprint. I was told that in order to keep my old phone number I had to transfer ownership of my old phone from my mom’s account to mind. I did that and called customer service to have them transfer the number and cancel the line. The customer service representative told me that he had cancelled the line. I even went into the Sprint store and had them check my account to make sure the phone had been cancelled. I was not charged for the phone last month. This month I looked at my bill I am being charged an extra 100 dollars for a phone that I was told on 2 separate occasions was cancelled and I called Sprint customer service once again and had them cancel the phone again. They refused to take the charges off my account even though they messed up on their end. I will not be recommending Sprint to any of my family or friends and am considering cancelling my account and switching to another company.

  28. If I had the time or patience, but I have been cut off from being able to contact customer care, I got my service on May 6, 2017 from the sprint store. the sales rep. lied to me, just for a sale. I went back to the store because the battery was not charging. they wanted me to pay for a new one. I then asked for the manager, and explained to him that the kid lied to me about the phone, even at that time no one said any thing about a 14 day policy, so when I called the 800 number I got someone who did not speak English very well, and I do have a legal learning disability. it took me 7 that is not lie 7 hour to get some one that spoke good English. to find out that I was being billed for the month of April 06, 2017 to May 5, 2017. I had no service or phone the that month. So the young man did give me credit.
    then again the next month the messed up again. so they had to credit me again, now we are taking ever month I had to call this company up. and the only people that speak English is the customer care department. The month of December, I had called due to they had a extra number on my phone, that was not authorized, and a phone to boot. and they are charging me for this phone and number. to find out they have had this phone the hole time. but I have to deny and get confermation of it. before they will send it back, and take it off my account. I have a big list and lot of proof. after being cut of from customer care I had to text with them. the first time the manuscript did not match what had happened. so I got smart I took snapshots. I have enough to were I want out of this contract. I hate this company I will never give them a referral, or a star. I need help to find out who I need to talk and send copy of what I have. some I don’t have due to them hanging up on me. now I know you get a lot further with sugar then vinegar, but It is not easy with them. when I am told something I expect them to follow through. HELP!

    1. What number did you call for an English speaking person? I refuse to talk to someone off shore. Sprint is making billions of dollars off its customers and very very very poor service. And on yop of that they leave us hanging forever!!! Sprint I hate sprint I hate them and I will tell everybody not to use sprint. The word is out their about sprint they will come tumbling down they will

  29. Sprint deducted 2 payments from my account this month (Dec.) I was told that they would reimburse……no….it has not happened…who do I call?

  30. OMG, worst customer service ever. I got the service October 11, 2016 Until present of December 15, 2016, I keep receive text messages at least once a week about the same problems over and over and over, and now I am getting letters about the same problems out my bill or contract and I contact customer service 12 times. there is a big communication problem with their employees I’m assuming they’re not here in the United States. my monthly payment keeps changing, they keep adding on things I said I didn’t want, I keep receiving text message about employee discount, contract, and now I receive letters by mail with the same crap…,

  31. I have talked to a minimum of a dozen different Sprint employees today. I first spent almost two hours at a local store. No success. I call Sprint and try to get an issue with my daughters phone resolved. My rounds included, customer care, sales, account services, Sprint tech support, Apple tech support, Assurion and others who did not identify their department. No one knows how to fix the problem. I would appreciate a call from someone who is capable of solving the problem as well as willing to solve the problem. The first question they all ask you is, “What is a good contact number for you in case we get disconnected?” I was disconnected three or four times today and not once did any of them call me back. I could go on for at least an hour.

  32. As it stands now, my partner and I HATE Sprint. You would think the sales people would know what they are talking about, right? WRONG. Guy told me the Moto e4 was “comparable to” my Droid Moto Z, first generation. So, both of us each got one. From the very first day, nothing but trouble. First, my partner’s phone started acting up. She couldn’t use gifs. She’d get texts out of order, and sometimes hours or even a day late! Then, she would try to call me. It would either go directly to VM, or it would ring a bunch of times on her end then throw her to VM. Then, mine started. I had gif usage for the first month, now they won’t load. Pictures come in and I cannot download them. A day or two later, they finally download themselves. Internet is a nightmare!! Sometimes, it says we aren’t connected to the internet. Other times, the page will “time out” because it took so long to load. At times, we can’t even access Facebook. I could be holding this stupid phone directly over my WiFi modem, and it will tell me I have no internet. Hell, even ON Sprint’s network it does the same thing!! They even have a lag, sometimes. We will pull up texts, and start messaging. It’ll be slow to pull up, then, when you start typing, you’ll be 3-4 words in before you realize there’s nothing written. About 10 seconds later, you see the words you typed slowly coming on to the screen. Trying to watch videos on YouTube, or Netflix, is awful. They won’t load, or they stop every couple seconds, do the thinking circle, then half the time it restarts the video!! There are other issues, but you get the point by now.

    1. Not just your phone i have the samsung galaxy s7 and my husband has the iphone 5se they all do that and they must modify there phones to give crappy service i habe gotten several different stories from customer service reps and they screwed up my phone plans so bad that it’s ridiculous and don’t see anything wrong with it I wouldn’t recommend sprint to anyone!!

    2. Luree Nicholson
      December 11,2017
      Customer since 2004
      CASE ID 189803262

      READ this letter Carefully and then call me. I want this letter forwarded to your corporate office. And I expect a response from them also.

      Executive Team

      How could you not have my correct phone number??? Every time I talk to a person (5 times) & Chat (5 times) they ask for MY phone number. 310-xxx-xxxx. PLUS: I can clearly tell by looking at my bill that my primary phone number is 310-xxx-xxxx.

      The problem is 3 phones ..two of which I didn’t need. I want to return 2 of them and have a couple hundred dollars returned to me that I have paid on them. Plus other charges on my bill that should not have been there.
      Plus insurance I have paid for a tablet for 4 years that Assurance will not pay me.

      The idea my complaint is about not getting a Visa card shows how nobody listens..
      the Visa card was what the numerous staff I’ve spoken too boiled down all those hours of talks, notes and chats into.

      There are other issues about my bill for the last 2 years minimum, amounting to hundreds of dollars. Caused by incompetent staff at the Gaffy/So. Western, San Pedro, California 90732… ultimately costing me hundreds of dollars.

      July 3, 2017
      I went in for information about adding a phone line.
      He showed me a new plan that would cost less than my current plan.
      To get this plan I had to buy 3 new phones.
      I said I don’t need 3 new phones..my son and I have much better phones than he was trying to sell me. I only need one new phone for my grandson. (If I decide to sign up for this plan.)
      He said I could keep them in case I lost or broke mine.
      That they wouldn’t cost me anything because Sprint would be sending me 3 visa cards for $168,( after 3months), and I should bring the cards in to pay off the cost of the phones, so the phones would end up being free.
      When I didn’t receive the cards I went to the store to find out what had happened.

      October 31, 2017
      When I went into the store…all I wanted was to follow up on the 3 Visa cards I had been promised after 3 months that I had not received.

      Dominic (the current manager)….gave me a phone number to call..to follow up on why I hadn’t received the $168 Visa cards( three for 3 phones.)
      I was told I was only eligible for one Visa card.
      I went back to Dominic…He looked at my bill…I didn’t need 3 phones..he told me the previous manager was incompetent..( I have been through 3 managers at this location each telling me the previous manager was incompetent but they were going to fix everything.) except Dominic who said he couldn’t help me and it wasn’t his problem.

      Dominic Told me, “The only way to get a Supervisor was to tell Customer Service I was canceling.”

      Record of your lack of response:
      I have spent a month trying to talk to a supervisor..Nov. 6- Dec. 11 I also spoke to two different Account Services Reps for an hour each until they finally figured out that they couldn’t help me.

      First one referred me to a number that was closed… Nov 6
      the second one PROMISED me I would be referred to “someone who could give me a refund”. Would call me in (24-48 hrs). (no one called) Nov. 7
      Now that I knew I HAD to talk to someone”who could give me a refund.” I argued my way through a couple people who finally told me I would get a call in 24-48 hours. Nov. 9 & 11 (no one called)
      I had to pay my bill before I could talk to anyone. (Nov 11 or 16 not sure)
      I called my first Chat. Nov.16 …She was great..told me she was referring me to the Highest Level and I should wait 24-72 hrs. (no one called).
      Chat Nov. 24.. referred to Highest level ..it was Thanksgiving holiday, she asked me to wait till next week. (no one called).
      Chat Dec. 4…Promised a call from the executive team…24-72 hrs.
      Chat Dec.5 I called because Sprint threatened to turn of my phone…I refuse to pay till I talk to someone. Asked to wait 24-72 hours. (no one called)
      Chat Dec. 8…I waited 92 hours..(no one called) I was told they tried to call me on two different numbers. ( PS this chat person was rude and can’t speak English.)

      How could you not have my correct phone number??? I can clearly tell by looking at my bill that my primary phone number is 310-310-xxx-xxxx.
      Every time I talk to a person (5 times) & Chat (5 times) they ask for MY phone number
      before they will even speak to me.


      December 11, 2017
      As recommended in last Chat Dec. 8
      called 844-804-8691 selected #4
      Spoke to Brett…after 1:03:33 hour, I was able to convince him “HE COULD NOT HELP ME” he gave me to his supervisor, Brittney…Only took a few minutes to convince her she could not help..which she admitted…but..once again she offered to push me up the line to the Executive Team…for the 7th time. Wait for a call 24-72 hours. I AM WAITING….7th time… over 30 days.

  33. After this experience I will never go through sprint again.. aug 3rd 2017 I got my replacement phone I went to our sprint store in our town to switch all my pictures and apps over and to activate my new phone. I did not bring the envelope up to send the broken phone back to the insurance company as I had full intentions on running home and sending it out in the morning. But the customer service rep that transferred all my information and activated my phone Stated they have phones going back out on friday a d that he can mail mine out to I asked 5 times if I was gonna have any issues with them sending it out.. Well 2 months later I now have a 900.00 dollar bill as my phone was not sent In. I go back to the shop manager says they can’t do anything as they are not allowed to send out phones back to the insurance company even though this worker said he did for me.. They will not help me in anyway I would not be mad if I was the one who didn’t send my phone back but this should be on sprint. Worst customer service ever keep getting transferred and no one at the store will call me back I have also went there 3 times and they keep saying they can not find where my phone got sent to.

    1. I had the same thing done to me I had there service for 2 days I took the phones back they charged me 70 dollars restocking fee this was in 2013 I got collections telling me I owe them 1000 dollars nobody I called can seem to do anything keep sending me to the sprint stores they keep telling me to call customer service sprint ain’t worth anything I’ll never support anything the make or have anything to do with sprint period

  34. What a nightmare. 4 months after leaving sprint because we had zero network, wouldn’t make or recieve calls without usung a wifi cnnection through a different carrier, i am still fighting with them over the returned phones that ups shos were returned on 9.22.17. At this point to save my blood pressure, sanity and credit( after 6 calls and promises case disputes they have sent me to collections dispite promise not to becauae the phones were delivered) im just going to eat the remaining bill. To get out of this hellish nightmare has cost me over 1200.00. This is on top of paying for phone fees for nearly 2 years at 250.00 a month and 700.00 to walk out of the store with them. A very expensive lesson. Sprint just want thier money, do not ever trust sprint. They are the epiphany of corporate greed, glutony and dishonest practices. All i can say is i will be retaining proof that the bill is paid. And never again.

  35. Clearly there is no reason to complain about Sprint. The company seems to be comfortable doing just what they are doing. I guess we are the dummies for continuing to patronize them. What reason do they have to make changes. Its a sad, sad reality. After reading the comment above, I will be moving my services where someone appreciates they money I spend.

  36. class action time again before they sell, so lets get all their profits, tied up in courts for years. Sign on class action web site in your state main court in San Francisco ca

      1. It would be really nice to talk to somebody United States that’s where our services that’s where we pay our bill. Every time I’ve had to call the Philippines, I asked to be transferred to the United States and I’m told I’m sorry can’t! No Explanation Just can’t do it.

    1. Why don,t we all contact the news people? about sprint?they wanted me to give them my credit card every month i came in for auto pay.I told them NO.IThey had me to pay for changing my due date.they already had my credit card number to set up auto pay why would you need it again.all five people i talk to set the auto payment when i came in to talk about my bill.they set my due date up to pay twice a month.close to $1,000 what the F.I told them i was going to check my account.I pay my bill on time.and you charging me more and you don,t know why you charging me more money.you can’t tell me what this negative balance of -$14cents or -$237.00 is for when i,m not behind on my bill?someone is stealing my money.! now your saying you can,t give me a receipt showing you receive payment.from my account? SOMEONE TOLD ME.IF SPRINT TOOK MY BILL UP AGAIN.IT WOULD BE STRANGE IF THEY STORES WAS TO BE PICKED.,AND REPORTED TO THE NEWS.TV,TV,TV,TV. THEY ALREADY TOOK IT UP FROM $150 TO $156,TO$157 NOW IT’S $160LESS THAN 6MONTHS.I WILL BE SO GLAD WHEN I PAY THEM OFF.I HEARD ONE SPRINT PERSON TOLD THIS LADY EVEN AFTER SHE PAID HER PHONE OFF.SHE WILL NOT OWN IT.OMG!WHAT THE F,,,I WONDER WHAT POLITICIAN IS BEHIND THIS OUTRAGEOUS SCAM.

  37. I have been calling daily since 09/16/2016, trying to get account billing issue resolved. I was told that I would be released from my cell phone contract since I moved out of coverage area. Returned all equipment on 10/16/2016. Next thing I know I have a bill show up on my credit report for $311.00 from Sprint for breaching contract.. I think it’s time to file a class action law suit on behalf of Sprint consumers.

  38. I have a complaint on how we were treated at the Sprint store at 1513 Harding Highway, Lima, OH. Trevor Smith was the employee who became very upset with us because we walked in the store at 6:40 pm on Saturday 10/21/17 and the store was closing at 7:00 pm. He became very belligerent , saying that “you customers” show up 20 mins before the store closes and expect services. He was rude and very argumentive. There were other customers in the store as well. After reading the reviews of that store, several comments indicated that the customer service at that store is terrible. I will never go back to that store…….and the sad part is….that employee and store are representing Sprint.

  39. This a request to get the General/Regional Manager to give me a call about a Complaint on one of his stores. Address of store: 1350 E. Main St., Barstow, CA. 92311.

    This person is one of the hardest people to get a hold of ever. Seems he can’t be bothered to have cards made up and left in his store with even his correct E-mail address nor are the employees of the store capable of writing it down for a customer or providing a piece of paper for the said customer to write it down.

    Just the worst customer service i’ve run into in all time. Guess it shouldn’t be a surprise since the rest of the customer service throughout the company is so low. When Micheal Abbott was the regional manager, he was not so difficult to get a hold of. I was given his number after the prior store manager talked to him and gave me his cell phone number.

    To a certain extent, very sorry i left Verizon. The only thing i can say nice about sprint at this point is i don’t have to call about the bill each month, after the first 3 months, but the rest of sprint Sucks!

    Kathleen Howland


    P.S. the Philippians is not a great option, except for the cheap labor and not hiring Americans for the job, since they can’t seem to do anything.

  40. Sprint lied and said we would pay one thing then hang up and find out it was hundreds more. We are trying to reach corporate but the numbers they give u aren’t even corporate. Your transferred all over the place with zero assistance. They suck !!!!! How do talk to someone that cares ???

  41. I am hoping to get help, but by the way it looks above, I won’t hold my breath. I have had isssues with my Iphone7 and when I went to the store/repair store I was there 2 hours and the guy was great. He said it was my sim card and there was nothing he could do but put it into the mail or I could go to apple. That they should replace it because it’s something that can’t be repaired. Got home and make appointment with Apple store and husband took it today.
    They said they keep having these issues with SPRINT and that my phone shoes it’s fine. That its a SPRINT issue.
    I have no phone, it’s my only way of communicating with my out of town daughter and grandson. He said/She said.
    Someone just please help me.
    ~talkless in chicago

  42. It’s obvious that Sprint does not look at the awful reviews. Real people with real issues. I am not even a sprint customer but I’m in collections for something that is not even mine. I have tried every phone number I can find to get this collection off my account and after 3 hours and mlultiple numbers I have found I can’t get to anyone who can help me. It is so apparent to me that sprint will never get my business. I’m so happy that this experience has once again proven why I left Sprint years ago.
    It tells all when you can’t reach anyone at the corporate level, and in my case that is the only one who can help me. Sprint in case you read any of the complaints: I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL I GET THE COLLECTION OFF MY CREDIT REPORT, THE CHARGES ARE NOT MINE.

  43. I would like a response from corporate. I have been a long time customer with sprint. I need a supervisor or higher at the executive complaint call center. Agent Alisha and supervisor thought they were God ( small g). I would like to get the corporate headquarter telephone number.
    Thank you brenda holmes

    1. Sprint is bad, cooperate offices are the worst, can never get anyone! They have me paying for a phone I don’t even have

    2. Is this Brenda??
      did you ever get the corporate head quarters phone number?? would you mind sharing it with me?? I have the same problem.

  44. ok they told me i could do a payment of 101.40 so i did and they said they could give me two weeks until i got my next check and to pay the rest and now they they talking bout i aint never payed it. I got evidence that i did and they are cutting me off today and i payed it in yesterday. does anyone have the owners number to sprint ???

  45. If you are a Sprint customer, there is no such thing as CUSTOMER SERVICE. It is non-existent. I terminated my service with them, paid all the fees they claimed I owed ($902) and went to Verizon. Sprint continues to bill me for $56 and sometimes $156 and can’t give me an explanation. Although I admit, sometimes I can’t understand a word the customer rep is saying because the accent is so thick. No American reps? Next step, BBB. Beware, stay away from Sprint.

  46. 18 years with sprint but no more!!! You can’t speak with anyone in the U.S. I can’t get my monthly bill correct and I spent no less then two hours on the phone each month with sprint. bye sprint

  47. OMG…….I wish I had looked at this page before signing up with Sprint. All I can say is they are a nightmare, beware all of those unsuspecting customers who never pay attention to your bill. you will be billed unsuspectingly charges that range from $40 per month for a service plan on a tablet that they told you initially you would be getting free an sharing the data with your phone, $3.95 and up for an international plan even tho you did not ask for it and never call out of the country. Sprint is a joke.

    1. I know!!!!! You will spend hours on the phone speaking with a Filipino who doesn’t understand you and you don’t understand them and then they tell you you please wait 30 min. for a Supervisor that never comes on the phone.

      1. they get bonuses for how long they keep you on the phone and double bonuses if they can get you to repeat yourself two and three Times

  48. I hate it when my calls go to the Philippines office. These agents lie to the customers about pricing and they hang up on the customers. Please stop doing business with them. If no one gets back to me about my complaint I will drop Sprint and go to TMobile. Give these jobs to American Citizens, not none citizens.

    1. June 5th 2017, I have been lied to also on pricing and hung up on as well. I agree they have the worst customer service. I don’t recommend anyone to get Sprint, they don’t treat their customers well.

  49. I paid off and returned my leased cellphone in March 2017. The employee stated that she had to handle the payment increments of $350 and $203, as the system was not allowing her to enter the total of $553 that I was paying. She insisted that because it was an SWAC (employee sponsored account) and since the phone number now belonged to another customer, she had to wait until after all of the sales had been tallied for the day to complete my transaction. She said she would be unable to give me a receipt, but would email the receipts the next day. I was leery, but I paid the $553, returned the leased phone and the next day she emailed me the receipts. I was happy that the Sprint employee followed through on her promise and I never looked at the receipts. On May 5, 2017, I received an alert via my cellphone that my credit score dropped 63 points for a balance of $203 for SPRINT and had gone to a collection agency. Huh? I was livid as I knew I had paid Sprint $553 in March 2017. I immediately pulled up receipts, only to look close and see that the employee had sent two receipts, one for $350 and one for $0. I paid $350 and $203. I called store#203 and asked to speak to the employee ( yes I remembered her name and it was on the receipt) I was informed that the employee had been fired (apparently for theft) a few days after I had returned my phone and paid everything off. So now I am trying to have the $203 removed from collections, as I paid $553, which included the $203. I was never notified of the missing $203…it went directly to collections and the collection agency never sent me any correspondence regarding it. I called I.C. Systems Collection Agency and they could not locate my account, yet they are reporting it via Sprint on my credit report. Suddenly every representative at Sprint seems to be clueless as to how to help me rectify this situation. Bottomline, I paid and I want this removed from collections. Go after the employee, not the consumer who paid her bill.

  50. WOW, guess I’m not the only one who is totally dissatisfied with the customer service from Sprint, right down to trying to speak to someone who speaks CLEAR ENGLISH when calling in for the umpteen time!!!. I was hoping this would get to corporate, but by the looks of this page, it seems that this is mostly a rant session.
    Mine started back in October of 2016, when I had 3 lines that I was bringing over from Verizon and adding a 4th one on. I was totally happy with Verizon’s Service, I had been with them for many, many years, it was just the fact that I couldn’t afford them anymore. Sprint was offering to buy back phones up to $650.00 per phone and would cut Verizon’s bill by 50%. They also offered with any purchase of an i-phone, certain styles of LG’s for free. I agreed to it, but here is where it became a circus act of trying to jump through hoops trying to get the money for the phones. I owed Verizon approximately $950.00, they gave me some store credit up front and promised the rest in VISA gift cards, however, they NEVER told me that I had to register on-line the phones in order to receive those gift cards. After months and months of waiting, numerous trips back to the Sprint store, calls to the Sprint store, with NO return calls back as promised, several managers leaving store, many, many hours on hold and then trying to get answers resolved with customer services, English speaking was a bonus, even requested to speak to someone who I could understand, and having my credit score dropped, because I still owed Verizon the money, which is now in collections, Sprint finally emailed me my cards. I have dates, times and names of everyone I spoke to, so if someone from corporate is reading this and are truly concerned with the service the public is receiving by your employees, please e-mail me with a more direct contact name, so I can share the rest of that information with them. On a side note, one of the phones that I did purchase had the glass that is supposedly tougher and shatter proof, unfortunately, 1 week after my son, who was away at college, dropped it off of his dorm bed, about 3 feet above the ground, onto carpet and yup, it shattered and broke…..I didn’t purchase the insurance on it because of the way it was presented to us as being very durable…..my fault, bummer 🙁 Since then, since we are locked into a contract with them, he outright purchased the broken phone and upgraded to the new i-phone, which they had another deal going, BOGO. My older son who had the original i-phone from them when we switched over from Verizon thought he could upgrade his at this time, but one more thing they NEVER told us back in October, this particular model IS NOT upgradable!!!!! And one of the free phones has issues of its own, can hear people, but they can hear you. Had it check out at the original store, but like everything else, they couldn’t help me. The bottom line, if I could have afforded to stay with Verizon, I would have.

  51. Employees from 3 stores. going on 4 days and 3 hrs ..have tried to help me and cannot get into my account. Nor can us stupid cust service 800….I NEED YOUR HELP…otherwise I will be going to another company and getting ahold of BBB.

    1. I think going to the BBB is a great idea, it’s a shame that this company does not care about the customers that keep them in business. I’m going to follow up my complaint with the BBB. Obviously the Sprint executives don’t care enough about the customers to bring those jobs back to America maybe its time for people to stand up for what is right and BOYCOTT SPRINT. BOYCOTT SPRINT AND BRING THE JOBS BACK TO AMERICA.

  52. I will be calling AGAIN for the 6TH time on May 23, 2017 for an issue that has yet to be resolved. I have been a loyal customer FOR 17 YEARS! IT’S A VERY EASY ISSUE. WHAT IS GOING ON?

  53. boost/sprint my husband purchase a phone for me for mother’s day it is a boost/sprint no contract through HSN.com, he did not know it was on a boost plan for thirty30 days and now they trying to make him keep it for 12 months beginning June 1st poor customer services and rude employees ; I am a cancer patient and wanted to keep the phone if it is unlocked because all my doctors #’s are on the sims and it is with cricket but no just to get him to keep the boost they refuse to unlock the phone. As a matter of fact I am seeking an attorney as of Monday for the phone. US Louisiana women that have been in texas for a while dont play at all. I would not kiss boost mobile if they paid me $1 million dollars. If my phone is not unlock before 12 midnight Monday, then look out at channel 2 news station for my complaint.

  54. Wow, so many people have the same issue with Sprint, my self was a customer since 2015, but I did switch to Verizon way better customer care, since day one issue happened, I have 10 line when I move over from ATT&T, it took Sprint over 5 months to pay off ATT&T, and the kid that work for Sprint who sign me up put insurance and other service on my account which I did not approve and split my 10 line into 2 different plan so my bill was doubled, after months of calling Sprint and even the store Manager couldn’t fix what that kid did so we got the area Director involved, after all the headache months after I sign up, finally they fix my account, hundreds of apologies don’t solve issue unless Sprint really do what they said, but it just got worse months in with Sprint, if anyone up grade or change phone within the 14 days always get screwed by them, I’m just like thousands of victim Sprint screwed over, the customer care team from Sprint does not care how are they called customer care? They should call “Passing the buck”, I do have all the documents and phone call references what Sprint did to me, and I even call the Corporate area Director is Colorado Spring 4 times in 2 weeks he never replied Wow great Customer service right, I have tried to help Sprint on the issue, called hundreds of times hours and hours on the phone with them got transfer to different departments after departments still the same, I think they just use a same script to all customers try to get different result it just stupid, I know for a fact their supervisor type in their system on my account is different than what they tell me to cover their own ass so on beginning of each call I ask for the reference number So my attorney can pull from court.
    If anyone go on the Sprint web site under corporate office contact, they put in all the nice and personal info about them and phone numbers, email address so people think they are there for the customers, but when you try to contact them all email is not valid and phone number just referred back to the same customer care team that don’t care about customers, waste of time!! Bottom line is don’t get Sprint you will regret it later, and if you do have sprint don’t upgrade because you will get screwed.
    I give up trying to contact anyone from Sprint upper management, I did everything I could but just don’t work, my thing for Sprint is” give what your customer what they sign up for, make any promises true if Sprint wants to promise any customer, fixing a issue from a $500 a months bill but is 7 to 8 hundreds different is not a credit because you care but is only to fix what your Sprint people did or system, so don’t tell your customers Sprint give them credit, in reality it just the different between what Sprint screw up vs what the real bill should be, that is the most difficult issue to make Sprint ” Passing the the Buck ” to understand.
    As of May 5th 2017 I don’t care how much money I spend on my attorneys, it’s now about letting the upper Management knows how bad their customer service is and yes I will make Sprint pay that is a promise, get ready Sprint, you mess with the wrong guy.

  55. Sprint does NOT care. They are by far the worst phone carrier out there. All they care is about making money not about their customers. Report your issue straight with the better business bureau and write in every social media and sites about their poor service, so others can see and not make the same mistake of choosing them as their provider. THE WORST CUSTOMER CARE EVER!!!!

  56. So now that I have choose to be done with sprint and the poor customer service they send me a bill for an obscene amount of money, I refuse to pay. I was told that when I wanted to cancel all I needed to do was return the phone and everything would be free and clear now they say I still owe money on my lease. If I am returning the phone why do I owe anything and why was I told that I wouldn’t have to pay anything now you want a ridiculous amount of money. Why are you not honoring what your rep told me. I have called to talk to countless people and no results. I ask for a number to corporate and they say they don’t have one someone will contact me within 48 hours. I have never dealt with such poor customer service

    1. I’m having the same problem, why would I still pay for a phone someone else is going to lease? That’s a scam, 2 payments from 2 different people. I went in to get a good family plan, walked out thinking I had 5 lines for $90, plus my leasing agreement. I was told my bill should of been no more than $300, now they’re telling me I owe $430.07/mo and wants me to pay that even if I terminate my lines.

  57. I’ve been trying to get a problem resolved since May 2016. I took an offer of a free android tablet in May 2016. I didn’t like the tablet so I returned it within the 14 allotted days to avoid an early termination fee. Sprint continued to charge me, for 9 months, for a data plan for a tablet I didn’t even have. Over the months I have spoken to 9 different people and spent several hours on the phone. In March 2017, I was told that the line was never cancelled, which the representative said was the fault of the order dept. I was promised (as promised before) this was taken care of. The solution was, I was to be given a credit of $135 on April 1, 2017 for all the data charges I had paid. So, the April bill arrived. Not only was I not given the credit, but I was charged $120 early termination fee for a mistake that Sprint had made by not cancelling the tablet as instructed. I have extensive notes on my account. Isn’t anyone reading them? Also, the $120 early termination fee put me over the $300 spending limit causing my phone to be shut off. Today, I called again. I asked for a number to call to complain about the service I’ve been given in hopes of talking to someone with higher power and gets this resolved. No luck. Instead I was told “I can help you”. The hour long call ended with “I’ve forwarded this to my manager and we’ll get back you in 48 hours”. I’ve been told that before. This is what I’m dealing with as a result of a mistake the company itself made. This is by far the worst experience I’ve ever had with any company. I’m contemplating seeking service elsewhere because at this point, I have no faith that this will be resolved. I don’t feel the representative care if it’s resolved or not. Now I’m left to pay the early termination fee that was their mistake or I’m sure my phone will be shut off again.

  58. Three freaking hours on the phone with sprint today and 1.5 hours 3/31/17.???????????????? I was told I would receive a call back on 4/3/2017. Today is 4/7/17 still no call back. Therefore, I decided to call and three hours of my time was wasted. I have been with Sprint since 2005 and this is how they treat their customers. I am disgusted. I asked to speak with someone in the Office of the President, not possible. Sprint expects their customers to be loyal to them but have no loyalty for their customers. Someone needs to call me instantly and resolve my issue. It’s not my fault sprint did not do their due diligence by calling me back. Now the promotion ended and they telling me their is nothing that can be done. I’m not believing that something can alwayys be done. The issue is on Sprint not me?

  59. I’m hoping this complaint will make an impact because I already contacted customer care and I admit the supervisor was very good and helpful (Victor), he promised to get someone to call me and take care of my request.
    I received a call yesterday from someone (800) 639-6111 but was not what I was expecting, the person that called me limited herself to listen (again) my story and after a while “she didn’t do anything” and sounds like she was someone from the local store or the dealer/franchise where I had the problem. (The call was not what I expected).
    • Description of problems: I visited a Spring store in Vero Beach to upgrade two phones. Two days before we upgraded another phone in Orlando.
    After discussing the rate plan etc we confirmed that line +1 (305) 467-9626 will receive the upgrade and the phone was already purchased and my daughter will kept her phone.
    After that. We proceed to get details of my line (ending in 4431) and he asked me if I wanted to get the same kind of upgrade (128) and we agreed. Because we didn’t received a request regarding the old lease terms by the salesman regarding the buyout or similar questions, I went ahead and requested to have my phone upgraded with similar conditions that the lease chosen by my daughter (regarding memory and time of contract). We requested the info from our phones to be added to the new phones and the salesperson requested to comeback in about three hours.

    My surprise was that when we came back, the salesman after finishined with my daughter phone he proceed to ask me to delete all the information from my phone because the store needed to keep the phone. Of course I requested why.

    Beginning of the problem; he told me that the phone was on a lease and he needed to keep the phone. Obviously I asked why he didn’t mentioned that before while making the sale, he them “lied” by saying that he did asked me. I called my daughter (Laura Britton) and asked her in front of him if she remember he asking or mentioning something about trading my phone or similar comment and her answer was that he never told us anything about My phone line.
    A few minutes later I asked for the supervisor to address the issue because he told me that was nothing he could do to cancel the order.
    Then the supervisor which was in the other side of the store and working during the entire time with different customers told us “I listed when he asked if you want to keep the phone or not”.
    Now I’m not only having problem with my wasting of time at the store but having to waste additional precious time in getting ready for an overseas trip. In top of all this I was called a liar ….. “I AM A LIAR” and in front of my daughter.

    Other facts:
    • I requested a copy of my old lease and I was refused to be given or showed to me.
    • I asked for a copy of the new lease agreement from my daughter and he told me that I can only access the document online. Obviously that is not true because is a clear part of the LEASE AGREEMENT under NOTICE (You are entitled to a completed copy of this agreement). Clearly this sales person “mislead me again” and provided a wrong information.
    • I asked for a copy of my old lease and he refused to give it to me, or to show it. I told him I wanted to check the time/date that passed since the end of my contract.
    Then he argued with me about that if the contract expired Spring can keep collecting indefinitely the “lease”. I told him that every lease have terms in how to proceed after the end of the lease ENDING THE LEASE AGREEMENT”.
    • Important to mention that I never received a call, an email or SMS telling us about the ending of the contract. In the case of my daughter, she continued paying for her phone even after she finished paying for her.

    Another unsolved problem: while traveling abroad the Wifi-calling had some problems. While within the wifi and during a call, the local network charged me for roaming minutes (kindly see the bill from November or December in India and Mongolia).

    Another billing problem, when we returned via San Francisco I requested prior to our arrival (December 1) to change from Seasonal Standby to regular and toucan see double charges there.

    My request: to allow me to get my new upgrade without having to pay for any buyout or similar charges, get the additional credit and an apology.

    Robert Britton on behalf of Kati Britton

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