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Limited Brands ACES ETM.

Everything you need to know about the Limited Brands Aces Employee Portal (Aces ETM)

How do login to the Limited Brands Aces website, how to your Limited Brands work schedule, and Human Resources contacts and phone numbers.

What is Limited Brands ACES ETM?

L Brands Inc. (formerly known as Limited Brands Inc and The Limited Inc.) is an American fashion retailer headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. The company has 94500 employees, working for these retail brands:

  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Bath & Body Works
  • Pink (sold through Victoria’s Secret)
  • Henri Bendel
  • La Senza

Aces ETM is L Brands’ Employee Portal. Employees can manage their pay, taxes, benefits and work schedule from within the website.

Limited Brands ACES ETM EMployee Portal – Advantages.

After login with L brands, you can:

  • Check tax details.
  • Make employee reports.
  • Check your paystubs online.
  • View Your work schedule at Limited Brands.
  • Manage your health benefits and 401K

Limited Brands ACES ETM Login.

Please, note that there are 2 different login pages for the Limited Brands Employee Portal.

If you need to get to the main employee ACES ETM login page, then please visit:

HRAccess Login


Aces.Limitedbrands.com Login

Log in with you user id and password.

After you have logged in to the employee section, you will see various links on the left hand side.

Click the “My Job” link.

Your User ID is your 6 or 7 Limited Brands associate ID number without any zeros in front. You can locate it on your paystub. Your password is the password you created when you joined Limited Brands.

ACES Scheduling – Management Only

This login page is used for scheduling.

Store Management Login:
– User ID is your 6 or 7-digit Employee ID number, not including the 0’s at the beginning
– Your password is the password associated with your Employee ID.

DMs and Home Office Associates Login:
– Use your Network ID and Password

Register as a New User.

New store users can Register with the help of this page.

  • Enter the SSN or SIN. Only need to type the six last digit of your SSN number.
  • Enter your date of birth, as Month, Day, and Year. Write it in numbers.
  • Enter your email address and retype it in the second box.
  • Enter your password. You can choose your password. Your password should be the mix of numbers, letters, and other characters. Passwords must be at least 8 and less than 20 characters in length and contain at least 1 number.
  • Read the terms and condition then submit your form. Then, click on the submit button.

Make sure that you typed all of the correct information currently on-file with human resources.

Only store users can use the Register Now option. Other users should login with their L Brands network user credentials.

If you have a problem when registering, please contact the LTS Consolidate Services Desk at 1-877-415-7911 and report the error code: “ERROR 002: PeopleSoft lookup failed. Your registration was not completed successfully”.

Your L Brands associates account will be deleted 30 days after you have resigned form your job.

I Forgot My User ID.

If you a Home Office user, then your user id is your associate number without the leading 0 (Zero).
Otherwise, your User Id for self service is your L Brands network user ID.
Look at your paystub, to find your associate id number.

I Forgot My Limited Brands Login Password.

If you have forgotten the password of your account then call 1-877-415-7911. This service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

If you don’t receive the user name or user id and PIN code or Password then please contact your employer.

Limted Brands Aces ETM Login
The correct Limted Brands Employee Login page will look like this.


L Brands (Limited Brands) Headquarters.

You can contact L Brands corporate office on this address:
L Brands, Inc. World Headquarters

Three Limited Parkway

Columbus, OH 43230



L Brands (Limited Brands) Headquarters phone number: 1-614-415-7000

L Brands (Limited Brands) Human Resources HR phone number: 1-877-4157-911.

Limited Brands Carreers and Jobs.

If you are interested in getting a job at Limited Brands, or if you are an existing employee, who wants to change job, then visit the L-Brands Careers Page. The Job Search page is found here.

Please share your experiences with the Limited Brands Associate ACES ETM website, below.

12 thoughts on “Limited Brands Aces ETM

  1. Hello, I am looking for current training videos to watch while I am off. I was recently hired permanently after working seasonal. I know that I’d benefit from this. I’d love to become more comfortable in all aspects of the store especially when doing returns

    Thank you for your time,


  2. All the links to ACES ETM for LBrands point to the managers’ page. Even after clearing my cache and browsing history, I cannot get to the associates’ login.

  3. When I sign it it doesn’t show anything on the side. Just an X in the right hand corner. I don’t know what to do in this situiton and there is no information online about who to contact. Not even an email. I’ve tried chrome, firefox, and internet explorer. I’ve even tried using my phone.

  4. Dear Sir Mr leslieh.Wexner

    My name is Gina Camara, I am an employee at one of your Victorias Secret Store in Dulles Virginia.   You are a great man with great achievements and values and respected by so many corporations.    Your work ethic and beliefs are incredible, that’s why I am interested in working with Victorias Secret, because I believe if I stop and smell the roses the truck might hit me, and I don’t want that to happen to me.   My goal is to succeed within Victorias Secret and be given allot of opportunities that are open, but my current manager continues to harass me to quit my job that I currently have within your store in Virginia, which it has not been the first time he negatively pursues me to quit.    I am shocked at the fact that he is putting my success in jeopardy.  I had always wanted to work at Victorias Secret and now that I have the chance, someone in your creation of opportunity is trying to ruin that success. 

    Well, I am hard of hearing deaf partially but I put my self out there to try to work, but now with only 4hrs of work a week what part does that make me towards success and knowingly that there are allot of opportunities the manager in this store is using his position to sabotage me, saying well good luck as in I am on my own to find that opportunity while he gives only people that will keep his behavior in secret opportunity hours and creates an unhealthy environment for me to participate.   He has blacklisted me from opportunity and I feel very offended.     You can reach out to Tlbeck@lb.com since I am trying to meet with someone more professional so that they can listen to my concerns without being intimidated or judge wrong.   He already attacked me verbally saying that Human Resources it’s on his side that his been authorize to use his management decisions that are hostile towards me.      I really hope my message gets to you, because I feel that you need to know and be aware that someone believes that they can be successful within your company, but they are being discriminated for opportunity wish you would never believe to be fair specially knowing that I am within your company already part of your family.      Thank you so much for your attention to this memo.


    Gina Camara

  5. I was very pleased and eager to work at Victoria Secret,all though, I was disappointed that no one has called me to say if I’ve been terminated from my seasonal job. My concern is that I call and they tell me , “call tomorrow management is busy”. I call and they tell me ,”we’re sorry I’ll get to the bottom of it and ill call you back”. And they don’t call back. So now, I’m in dept with some bills out of work because I haven’t had a call if I still have a job. I’ve gone to the store and it’s the same response. Over and over again. Can some please help me. Thank you,
    Myra Banda

  6. I worked seasonal hours and the last time i worked was Dec.5 or so ,i worked a total of 3 days the whole season. i check ever week and never see any hours just off off off. i dont understand it and i passed on a great job for this bad job . i think this is so messed up .

    1. HI Bamibi, I know what you mean, I had the same thing happening to me off off off thats all I saw, I guess till I kept on calling daily till they put a schedule on. People actually want to work and for some reason they don’t just care. Honestly, I think I gave it my all and yet they haven’t called me to see if I’ll be continuing to work for the company.

  7. i did the seasonal hours,then I see I have no work for two weeks. Everyday is off which just means Bye because no manager has said anything to me. Very very strange to not say a word at all.

  8. Just need to know if i am still employed by this company, considering the manager of the store i worked at will not accept my calls or return them.

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