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Everything you need to about the MyHR CVS Health and MinuteClinic Colleagues Portal.

See contact phone numbers, get login help, view your CVS work schedule and MyHR CVS payroll, and get answers for all your questions about the CVS MyHR employee website.

Contact MyHR CVS.

If you have an urgent question, you can call a MyHR CVS representative.

The human resources Toll Free phone number is:

1-888-694-7287 (888-myHR-CVS)

Press 2 for Health and Welfare.

The CVS MyHR hours are: 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday

CVS MyHR Address is: One CVS Dr. Woonsocket, RI 02895

For technical issuesCVS Job opportunities, please contact the help desk on 1-855-338-5609 or email cvshealthsupport@us.ibm.com.

What is MyHRCVS?

CVS Health, CVS Caremark and CVS MinuteClinic employees can log on to the CVS Human Resources website and manage taxes, paychecks, benefits and other work related issues from within the website.

The MyHR CVS website is operated by Aon Hewitt, the international human resources company.

MyHR CVS Login.

The MyHR CVS website has a login box for former employees and a login box current employees.

Make sure that you use the correct one.

The main website login page can be found at myhr.cvs.com.

If you have forgotten your User ID or Password, then visit the Login page and click on the ‘Forgot User ID or Password’ link.

Myhr Cvs Login
The correct Myhr CVS Login page should look like this.

Former CVS Employees’ Login.

The login page for former CVS employees is located here.

Store Colleagues: Use your 7 Digit Employee Id and CVSLEARNet password to login.

MinuteClinic Colleagues: Use your 7 Digit Employee Id and the password associated with your Federated logon.

Distribution Center Colleagues: Use your 7 Digit Employee Id and myHR password to login.

Non-Store and PBM Colleagues: For MyHR, please use your network Windows Id and password to login (computer login). Momentum: Use your 7 Digit employee number and CVSLEARNet password to login.

The website can not be accessed with and ip address from abroad, so make sure you visit the page from an USA or Canada location.

www.MyHR.CVS.com Payroll Login.

All employees have access to their CVS Learnet/MyHR CVS accounts. You can access your profile and check your previous payroll details whenever you want.

You can also create payroll reports for certain periods if needed. Generated payroll reports can be sent directly to your email.

All the employees of MyHR CVS get a unique ID and password to login to the CVS portal.

To log in now and check your CVS payroll, visit www.MyHR.CVS.com.

MyHR CVS Services and Features.

MyHr CVS member features include:

Paycheck View
Tax Status View
Life insurance
Adoption assistance
Employee Stock Purchase Plan
CVS Colleague Discount Card
Health and wellness programs
Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Vacation/paid time off
401(k) Retirement Plan (U.S. colleagues) / Puerto Rico Retirement Savings Plan
Health Savings Account and Health and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts
Free flu shots, health screenings, smoking cessation and weight management programs at MinuteClinic
Short-term and long-term disability coverage
Comprehensive health care coverage, including medical, prescription, dental and vision
Transportation benefit
Education assistance
Employee Assistance Program
Employment details for previous employees
Employee discounts

Additional Benefits.

These additional benefits can be added with an added payroll deduction:

Supplemental medical insurance plans
Legal Services Plan
Colleague Discount Program
Auto and home insurance
CVS Health Discount Center
Identity Theft Protection Program
CVS Health Discount Center

MyHR.CVS.Com Registration.

If you are new user, simply click on the “Are you a new user?” on the start page to set up an account.  Enter the last four digits of your social security number and your birth date, and you will get the option to pick a new username and PIN number.

When you create the password, you can also set up a ‘hint’ that will help you remember it. For example, if your password is “blue”, your hint could be “sky”. If you forget your password, you will see the hint.

CVS LEARNet Login.

CVS Learnet is CVS’s Health Learning Management System.

Use your 7 digit employee ID number and your CVSLearnet/MyHRCVS password to log in. Passwords are Case-Sensitive.

CVS Learnet be accessed at www.cvslearnet.cvs.com.

Please share your experiences with, or complaints about, the MyHR CVS Employee Website, in the comment section.

36 thoughts on “MyHR CVS Employee Login

  1. As an employee can’t get in on myhrcvs anymore .Are you changing website? Need to know how to get in to check payroll and 401k.


  3. I signed and returned an Employment Offer Letter from CVS Health on August 17th, 2022, since then I have been working remotely at least 8 Hours a day following instructions to set up a banking mobile app and checking account. I recieved acheck from CVS Health for $500.00 for paying CVS Vendors, I was instructed to pay two different vendors, and no my account is on hold and be investigated by Chase Bank Loss Prevention Group.

    You could help me speed up this process just by telling me if I am actually employed by CVS Health. Last 4 of SSN: xxxx, Birth Date: September 19th, 2022. Address: xxxxx South Beech Creek Dr., Sun Lakes, AZ.

    Can you tell me if I have really been hired? P.S. I have contacted EthicPoint.com

  4. I went to get my diabetic test strips yesterday. I got a 100 count box and a 50 count box because I had a a 5.00 coupon from when I got my new meter. When I got to the check out the Tru Metrx strips 100 count rang up for 80.99 and the 50 count rang up for 46.49. I brought it to the checker’s attention that I thought it was the wrong price she checked and rescanned them. Again they rang up at a much higher price and she assured me it was the correct price that they were an expensive item. Being recently diagnosed with diabetes I paid for my purchase and went back to the shelf they were on and the 100 count box said 23.49. I couldn’t find a price for the 50 count box so I returned to the check out to complain. She then came with me to see the price for herself and told me someone had put them in the wrong place. I pointed out that the sign matched the price and I didn’t see a 80.99 price anywhere on the shelves. I pointed out a 30 count for 9.99 and asked why would the 100 count be 80.99. She said I could have them for 23.49 while insisting they were in the wrong place. We couldn’t find a price on the 50 count and was still going to charge me 46.49 so I took a 30 count box that was marked at 9.99. She then refunded my card the 123.75 that I was overcharged. Would you go back to a place that overcharged like that and then lied to you about it??? I think not…

  5. ive been working at cvs since last year and i had to find me another job due to my hours being cut and only schedule to work 2 days and they never sent me the new schedule and when i called it was always something different i never quit or anything

  6. I just looked at my next paycheck breakdown, I am getting my hiring bonus BUT I’m only getting HALF of it!? You cannot advertise a thousand dollar bonus and then take half of it. Its false advertising. You can blame it on tazes if you want but you know exactly what’s in store when someone does get it and tou choose to omit that important detail. That’s incredibly unethical and dirty business. How does 488 dollars help me? It doesn’t. Also hey, maybe stop using WINDOWS 95 for your registers. Its slow and ridiculous. Our store doesn’t even have wifi so customers cant even use the cvs app! We try to tell people about it but it can’t even be accessed in the store! I left walgreens for a lot of reasons, I was there almost a full year and never got my bonus. I thought cvs would be different but you’re just the same. No guidance for getting my tech license. Because there is no trainer, new techs get treated like a nuisance when they get stuck constantly because we don’t know what we are doing.They make you take the test with zero training and they just cheat anyway! Did you know there are techs who haven’t passed or taken their tests who are using the pharmacists credentials because they aren’t sponsored anymore? What a tight ship you’re running here. That’s not what I was told in my interview. I was told I would have help and proper training. But its exactly the same as Walgreens. No one is actually learning anything-they are GUESSING and customers are literally paying for it. Way to go, cvs. Step it up.

  7. I have verbal altercation with a technician that she has been a problem with the entire staff here lately but today this is what happened CVS#06044 I told Shaquita Brown do not want her to print the entire QP total of 8 pages when we’re only supposed to print a batch at the time and she got mad and yelled at me in front of customers, Pharmacist , other Technician, very load looking at me with (temper and anger voice) SHUT UP, SHUT UP, YOU DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO and that because it keeps happening I beginning to feel threatened at work because Im not sure what she might do. I’m going to ask well has the store manager been notified and I’ll tell the pharmacist manager what happened and going with the technician for the verbal altercation but I’ll call HR tomorrow because you feel threatened and you don’t know what to do. This ongoing issue with me and all the staff.

    1. Get over it…it is stress of CVS…and I call it the pardon my french the B Syndrome….get over it people have issues…just like the customers…you are there working for your needs

  8. I want to say that I have decided not to take a job at this company because:
    1.) the first time I spoke to a human was the day I went for orientation
    2.) the orientation was a big joke (for 2 hours), sitting in a dirty office looking at a computer screen, listening to 2 people through a speaker phone, which by the way disconnected twice
    3.) being fully vaccinated (so I don’t have to wear a mask), I was told that masks are mandated
    I no longer feel this would be a job I am interested in, being 71 years of age, I was looking for a job to supplement my Social Security not a career, I had one of those with over 30 years of nursing.
    Thank You,

  9. the website for the pay stub never populates and gets me thrown out as not a working site. I need to print out all my to date earnings to make some revisions on the pay and compensation but I can’t get the employee pay stub portal populate on going from any network and any pc. I am tired of having to go through so much pulling teeth every time I want to view my current pay stub with worked hours and rates.

  10. I used to just login on current employees. Now it’s changed to go through another website! Can you make it more difficult?

  11. There was a girl I went to for my script and she was so friendly and checked me out quickly. I enjoyed interacting with her while there

  12. Dear Sir’s/Ma’am

    I’m looking for my hire page I was in good standing is it still after all theses years? I was always on time. ) My job sites weren’t used were they? Was there a pull? I didn’t receive it. North Park CA. All benefits as well please send to my new address in IL. Or I could pick up at an IL. location in JOLIET IL. I

    Thank You.

    1. Please contact CVS Career and Jobs Department through the portal at jobs.cvshealth.com for career related questions.

  13. I’m new at using a home computer. I am trying to login to CVS to obtain my by-weekly pay. How to I login? Please help.

  14. Can I look over my paycheck now I worked on piano holiday the same week worked overtime.
    Thank you very much

  15. I am writing here because I am a former CVS employee who worked in your San Clemente Store on Estrella and quit in August of 2016 to leave for Washington. I am still awaiting my W2 tax return from CVS so that I may file my taxes. Please mail it to me before the end of the month so that I may file my taxes.

  16. Hi
    I need cvs payroll manager help please.
    I need cvs hr payroll department to help me get my pay checks from july to nov.please.that i worked at midway cvs on us1 n jensen beach cvs.
    I spoke 2 weeks ago cvs hr.the young lady that i spoke with told me that.”since i was inactive in the system .cvs store manager had to find the hours that i worked n call the cvs payrol.so i can get pay the hours that i worked in both stores.”
    Jensen beach cvs pharmacy manager was so kind to inform that her store manager will work on that.
    So i called today n spoke with midway pharmacy manager.she told me that i need to speak to Bill(cvs store manager).so i spoke with cvs store manager Bill.
    He told me that “he cant do it .n i have to call cvs hr payroll department n they have to do it for me”
    I was surprised n disappointed.but i said “ok.thank you sir.”
    So i called cvs hr payroll n spoke with Cathleen.she told me that.cvs store manager has find out your hours from pharmacy n from computer n call us (cvs hr department) so we can pay you.otherwise we cant pay you.
    She told me that please tell bill that he has to call us.
    So i called bill again.he said he was very busy.he needed my info.i told him.i can give him all my info.he said that” i have no time for this.i m too busy.u have to drop off your info to me n hang up on me.
    There was no reason for him the way he acted.if he is not happy working as a manager.if its too much work for him to do his job.than maybe he shouldn’t b a manager at no where.
    I was shocked n felt very disrespected the way he treated me, because the way he was so cocky,rushing me off with a nasty attitude n treated me like a garbage.
    I was a manager at publix for 14 years.n i used to work 4am to 7pm .average 15 to 17 hours a day.i never treated any employees or customers or anyone with disrespect.i worked as a manager because i loved my job.i love working n i love people.
    So please help me get my paid my hours.n i ll never have to c or shop in Cvs to c managers like Bill.
    Thank you kindly


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