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WalmartOne Login.

Login securely to the WalmartOne Associate portal and view your weekly and monthly work schedules online, check your previous paystubs, apply for other Walmart jobs, and much more.

Get help with registration, typical login errors, password resets, and with contacting the WalmartOne HR department.

Walmartone Registration.

How do I Register for the WalmartOne Employee Website?

When you enter the WalmartOne registration page, fill in this information:

  • Walmart Identification Number (WIN)
  • Your Birthday
  • The date your were hired
  • Your email address

Submit this information and you will receive an e-mail with your login credentials.

One.walmart.com, Walmartone.com or Onewalmartwire.com?

Which is the Correct WalmartOne Login Page?

New users and associates often have problems locating the correct login page for the WalmartOne portal.

A common mistake is to attempting to access the ‘Walmart Wire’ in-store portal from home. This is not possible, as the Walmart Wire portal, for security reasons, can only be accessed is in-store.

The New Onewalmart Website.

The ‘WalmartOne’ website is the name of the version of Walmart Wire, which can be accessed from home.

However, to make it more confusing, the Walmartone portal has gone through a series of changes: A new combined Walmart Wire and Walmartone portal was recently launched at https://one.walmart.com. This new portal was orginally named “Walmart Onewire”, but the name was later changed to Onewalmart.

For a period, the original website at www.walmartone.com directed user to https://one.walmart.com, but now you can access from the old site at www.walmartone.com, also.

If you choose to the Onewalmart login page, visit https://one.walmart.com and click on the Walmart logo in the top left corner to open the official login page.

Walmart Schedule Login.

The official Walmartone login page for My Walmart Schedule, My Time PTO and other Onewalmart Applications can be found at https://one.walmart.com/content/usone/en_us/me/my-schedule.html.

Alternatively, employees are encouraged to download the WM1 app, and to login in via the app.

WalmartOne login
The correct WalmartOne Login page looks exactly like the image above. Make sure your are on the correct page before you try to login, to avoid any scam pages.

Where can I download the WalmartOne App (WM1)?

Use the WalmartOne app to view your paystubs and schedule from your iOS or Android mobile device.

The WalmartOne App is called WM1 and can be downloaded here:

https://play.google.com – Search for WM1 App

https://itunes.apple.com – Search for WM1 App

Simply search for “WM1” in the Google Play and iTunes stores.

A new app for checking your schedule, called “My Walmart Schedule” will be officially launched in November 2019.

Walmart Associate Call-In/Help Numbers.

If you are a Walmart associate/employee, and you have a problem or question, or if you want to call in sick, then there are several phone number available.

Walmart Call In Sick Number: 1-800-775-5944

The Walmart Associates Information Line is used by employees to report an absence or tardy.

You will be asked to enter the last four digits of your social security number.
You will then have to enter the month, day, and year of your birthday and your store number.

You will then be given a confirmation number to give to your manager, and will be transferred to your store so that you can to speak with a manager. Alternatively, you can log into WalmartOne.com and report your tardy or absence from within the portal.

Walmart Ethics Phone Number:1-800-WM-ETHIC.

Or fill out a report at www.walmartethics.com/ReportAConcern. The Ethics phone number is used by employees and customers who want to report a problem or ethical issue anonymously.

Walmart Associate Phone number: 1-800-WALMART (925-6278)

This is the main customer service and employee help line. Press 3 to get through to the help line for current and former Walmart Associates.

WalmartOne Login FAQ:

Frequently Asked Questions about WalmartOne.

Question: What if I forget my user WalmartOne user name or password?
Answer: Visit the Walmart One login page and click the link. You can ask for your user name will be emailed to you, or you can simply reset your password by answering your security questions. Call the WalmartOne associate service team at (800) 530-9929 and press 2,2, if you do not have access to your original email address anymore.

Question: When I try to register at WalmartOne.com, why do I see the error, “User not found”
: The information is different from the information in the WalmartOne system. Contact a HR Representative to check your login credentials.

Question: I am new to Walmart, or a re-hired Walmart worker?
After you have received your first paycheck, you can register. A re-hired worker must also re-register. 

Question: Which is the best browser for logging in to WalmartOne?
Answer: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are the preferred browsers.

Question: I cannot view my Walmart schedule? What am I doing wrong?
Answer: Log in and check the Schedule FAQ.

Question: How do I see view WalmartOne online paystubs?
Answer: Visit the WalmartOne.com portal and sign in. Find ‘Quick Links’ on the right side of the page, and click on ‘Paystubs’. Alternatively, locate the touch-screen printer in the Training Room of your store. From this printer you can print out your most recent paystubs.

Other Frequently Asked Questions.

See here:

Why can I not log in to WalmartOne?

How can I login to Walmart Wire from home?

How do I reset my WalmartOne password?

How do I sign up for WalmartOne?

I have forgotten my WalmartOne Login name. What can I do?

Where on the Walmart One portal can I find my online schedule?

Where can I download the WalmartOne app?

Add any other questions or complaints below the page in the comment section.

70 thoughts on “WalmartOne Login – Onewalmart.com

  1. Please fix the air conditioner in the liguer store before the employees start passing put to the floor. This has been down for quite sometime.

  2. Can’t get on wire on phone for past 2 weeks get error code 15199799170190957654 I’m an associate at 7654

  3. I am a customer host and have had the same schedule for weeks. There is a different schedule in the computer. I was told by my coach to work my regular schedule. Last week I was called to personnel office and instructed that I had to work the schedule in the computer with different days off. I was also told by co- manager that if I didn’t adher to the schedule in computer, I would have to work 1-10 and no guaranteed hours. My coach was and is still on vacation so it was my word against three Walmart employees. I just want to know if this is okay according to Walmart policy. Thanks


  5. I got hired at Walmart back on 3-8-22. I am having problems with the people that are in charge of me. They dont treat me fairly at all. They swear at me, make me do stuff out of my job description, They just dont treat me like a human being. I was on an IEP in school and have special needs like more understand, be patient with me and it takes me a little while to really catch onto things. I have spoke with the people in charge of the store but havent heard me. Like they dont care about what I’m telling them. I would like to speak to someone other then the people in store # 2682 about this. I need to be heard please. My phone number is 1-802-622-xxxx.

  6. Why have part time associates had their hours cut down to practically no hours?how does Walmart think we can live on 6 hrs a week?

  7. Why can associate put stuff on layaway for Christmas also how come we always have to be at work to login for certain sites at work we don’t have alot of time and can’t punch in early or punch out late or we get points added. I wish the point system was a little different.

  8. Yes would like to say there is a safety issue that I think that needs to be addressed….Mangers do morning walk throw things in cardboard boxes for us cashiers to sort and they put all kinds of stuff and stuff breaks and last week the boxes had glass all over things…. and we where not told there was glass and I put my hand to start sorting and almost got cutt. This has happened before I was just more concerned about the miners working….

  9. They dont care what a hard ship it is when they cut your work hours down to half of what you were working a week

    1. What Walmart has done to part time associates by gving them no hours is not fair. They don’t care how we are going to pay our bills or.if we have money to pay for food. I feel that we deserve better than this. Especially now with the prices of gas food and every thing else has gone sky.high
      We worked every day for them thru the pandemic for over 2 years and this is the thanks we get now. Not aceptable.

  10. terms of use on the new device. Once you do this, the terms of conditions should now be gone in the first device, where you co

  11. Walmart has the worst management in its stores especially 556, the company does not check or keep up with poor mgt and what goes on in the stores. Associates are not treated as assets to company at all just worker ants to them and poor mgt and HR personnel , team leads, coaches are only ones acknowledged for all the work the associates do, while they do nothing but walk around and talk crap about other associates they dont like. And take breaks n leave wenever they want. Also the point system walmart uses is being abused by mgrs. And used to target aasociates they dont like.

  12. I haven’t received my last check or my 2021 w-2’s. The last check was issued then taken back I want to know how I can get paid and get the w-2’s without calling the IRS and turning Walmart in for the infraction. Any help will be appreciated

  13. Just to let you know I feel I was fired wrongly. I was sick and going though dr care and they fired me for missing too much.

    1. Yes same here but my coach upfront and Hr personel are buddies and change peoples points and LOA approvals in system fraudulently and are getting away with it because our mgr is a steroid junkie and drunk that comes to work under the influence and never knows or cares wats happening in his store at all.

    2. I was hired and employed by walmart store 556 for 5 months under wrong social security number and birthdate. I couldnt direct deposit or get discount card and my earnings withholdings from my paycheck was being credited to someone else, i had no work history showing at walmart or accumulated pto n ppto hours due to not being existent in system . But i worked, and they kept putting me off fixing it. I wasnt able to log into anything or clock in n out because they attempted to fix it by firing me then rehiring in system but then i had to have new win and that made worse because i then had 2 wins in system and neither would work . Also none of my time was recorded in system had to be written down and my schedule as well. This rocked on for 5 months til i finally got fed up and emailed doug mcmillan himself and asked for help.

  14. Been trying to get separation paper from store 5890 June 12 th when I went in again. The manager said I wasn’t in there system anymore I believe I was wrongfully fired because of having 5 points I had excuses from my doctor which the manager said he could take some off because I came in for them on my days off and came in early for them as well I love my job not sure what to do. Thank you

    1. Im in exactly same situation and same thing happened to me and i was one of their best n hardest workers but because new coach didnt like me because she saw me as a threat to her job because i succeeded so fast and eager to learn n be leadership, she went in system and changed my points and approvals fraudulently and cant get any other mgt to do anything because they all are buddies

  15. I have been given 2 points against me regarding a scheduled day at work. Under the associate handbook, I should have been given 1 point. Not 2. After several attempts thru management at my store, I’m still hanging with 2 points. I’m at my witts end here.

  16. The reason behind this, use of this script was minimised to local users along controlled functionality. If you don’t like them, you can get a money back refund and find a brand new host. Time and benefits – A reliable colocation service means that a business’s skilled IT technicians are freed up, letting them focus on more valuable front-end business applications — like thing that may create a long-term, positive difference to the efficiency, dynamism and suppleness associated with an organisation.

  17. my name is Richard Wilson, I was hired 1/16/2018 and worked 3 weeks, my dad passed away so I had to quit to help the family, when I went to the bank wal mart had taken my money out of my account, they said so I wouldn’t get paid twice, they said they sent it to me with a check, its been 3 weeks and nothing, now I have to go to the labor board , irs and have an appointment to talk to the aclu just to get 200 dollars from a multi billion dollar corporation, it is store number 4521, my supervisor was Mike T and my co -mgr is a man named Steve, my trainors were Chandra and Mylika, can you help me get what is owed to me before I start the law suit. any help would be appreciated. thank you Richard Wilson

  18. Since you updated the paystub om Walmartone I cant get into it. I get my schedule and stuff but cant get paystub plz help

  19. The phone #18005309929 has been totally useless. I have been trying to log my wife in for approximately 3 weeks without success. The Help line has been unable to help me and suggests that I take it up with my Personnel Dept. I have done this already and they say they cant help me.
    This has all happened since they changed the Web page.
    Is there anyone who can help me?

  20. Hey I work at the 51501 location. I can say, since I been a employee at my store I work for, I have not had any complication on signing in on anything.

    1. Is there anyway to reset the walmartone account? My Gmail account that I used to set my account up was hacked and I had to set up a new email but I can’t access my account because it’s still linked to my old account

  21. I am getting ‘access denied’ message, when trying to login into mytaxform.com

    I entered all correct information that I previously used. Now it is just not letting me login anymore.

  22. I worked for Walmart previously last year for a couple months, how can previous employees access their W-2 online

  23. I am a former Walmart employee and I have moved since and was wondering is there another way for me to be able to access my w2 forms for my taxes?

  24. Walmartone the best loading screen web site ever, great update you guys. did I mean who want’s a WORKING website when we can look at a loading screen. I sure hope no one needs to call off since that part doesn’t work now.

  25. This is the worst experience I have ever had. I’m still trying to register. I have tried several different computers/ phones and still nothing ???? They have four steps and I can’t get past 2.

  26. I am a former Walmart associate and need a copy of my last 2 pay stubs. I cannot access my account anymore so is there a number I can call to get those and my tax paperwork sent to me.

    1. Herbert, to get your W2s go to MyTaxForm.com and the company code is 10108. Your password will be your 2 digit birth month and 2 digit year in this form mm/yy.

  27. Hello, I’m a former employee who recently moved away from my residence where I lived while working there, how do I go about getting my tax return forms moved to my current address??

  28. I get a Internal Server Error when I try to look at my benefit Confirmations page!!! I don’t understand, I have divorced and changed the information and changed my email address and phone # and now I can not look on my WalMartone account without this message. Please advise me on fixing this problem. Thanks Matthew Keeley

    1. Matthew, if it is a 500 Internal Server Error then it is a generic server-side error. This means that problem is with WalmartOne’ server and not with your computer or Internet connection. To verify this, try clearing your cache, or accessing from another browser. If problem persist, please call WalmartOne’s Employee service phone number on 1-800-421-1362

    1. Sherrie, some people are reporting that they cannot find an “Accept” or (X) on the Terms and Condition pop-up, or that the pop-up won’t disappear, when clicked on. Try refreshing the page. If it does not work, then download the app via another device, iPad, computer, or another phone. Then accept the terms of use on the new device. A you do this, the terms of conditions should now be gone in the first device, where you couldn’t accept it. This glitch is quite common and appear on certain phones and devices.

  29. So I downloaded the app on my Iphone but every time I go to put in my Verification number from the email it keeps bringing up an error message?

    1. Noah, try downloading it on another device, desktop or ipad, and enter the verification code, and accept the terms and conditions. On your iPhone, you need iOS version 7.0 and higher, by the way.
      Also, try avoiding peak use time, as many get error messages during these times.

  30. I can’t access my schedule from home. I was told I could but i’ve tried SO many times but it just says “we don’t have an username registered with us” and if I try to see if I have the wrong username it says that Wal-mart doesn’t have an Email registered with us. Now the only way I can see my schedule is on company time and it irritates me to no end.

    1. Austin, your will get that message “User not found” if the WalmartOne Username you entered does not match the Username in the system. Please pay attention to Lower case an Upper case letters and 0 and O. Also, try with another browser. Please contact your HR representative to get your correct Username again. Call (800) 530-9929 and use Option 2,2 to get through WalmartOne technical department.
      Also, make sure that you are even registered in the system. New employees are not always aware that they need to register first, but after receiving the first paycheck. Visit the login page, and click on ‘register’. You will the following information to register:

      Your Walmart Identification Number (WIN)
      Your birthday
      The date you were hired
      Your email address

  31. Walmart One will not let me log in. I have changed my username and password several times and still cannot access my info.

    1. Hi Katrine, try deleting your WalmartOne history on your computer, your Browsers’ WalmartOne cookies and clearing your cache, if you can. You should then quit your browser and restart. It often works. Otherwise, try with another browser.
      If you are logging in from a desktop computer, then try accessing from a smartphone, or vice versa.

      Please call the WalmartOne service team at (800) 530-9929 Option 2,2, if the problem persists.

  32. I have tried a number of time to get on the walmartone app at on my computer to get my schedule etc. Does not work. It keeps saying that the validation code I received by email is not valid after I enter it.

    1. Shirley, a lot of people a reporting glitches and problems when registering and using the WM1 app. Try just signing up online on walmartone.com, instead of in the app. Agree to the terms and conditions, then go back to the app and sign in. From there, you should be able to use the app without any problems.

  33. I cannot see my schedule or nothing else on the walmart one app or the web. I have restarted and redownloaded the app but it is doing the same thing. I need to know how to get my schedule.

    1. Rebecca and Demetria, a lot of employees are reporting glitches and problems with the WM1 app. Try signing up online on walmartone.com, the website, instead of through the app. Agree to the terms and conditions, then go back to the app and sign in.

      Also note that if you may an old phone, the app may not work properly. The WM1 app for Android requires Android version 4.0 and up. The WM1 app for iPhones requires OS2 7.0 and up.

      If you still receiving problems with the WalmartOne app, you can try emailing us-support@walmartonesupport.com.

  34. I went to a local Walmart to get a Money Gram Money Order using My Debit Card Direct Express ( SSDI BENEFITS) to pay my rent only to be told it was Red Flaged by my Leasing Management. Now my card cannot be used. Why was this placed on my card. I went back to the Walmart Store but now that store is Closed. I need help on releasing this Red Flag because I cannot used my Debit Card.

  35. I have the Walmart app on my iPad, but I am not able to get past the terms and conditions page; I’m assuming if I agree to the terms and conditions, I can actually get to the rest of the app, but there is no where to say I agree. What’s up with that?

    1. To Debbie and everyone else who is having the terms of use problem. It is a common glitch with particular phones and devices. Try downloading the app via another device, iPad, computer, another phone. Once you do this, then accept the terms of use on the new device. Once you do this, the terms of conditions should now be gone in the first device, where you couldn’t accept it.

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