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MyWegmansConnect Employee Portal.

Everything you need to know about MyWegmansConnect Employee Portal, including MyWegmansConnect.com help for common login problems, lost password help, Wegmans Human Resources phone numbers and contacts, and general information about Wegman’s associate portal.

What is MyWegmansConnect?

MyWegmansConnect is Wegmans employee portal, where you can access your personal account, paystubs, schedules, manage health and 401K plans and get up-to-date with company news.

The Official Wegmans Employee Website can be found at www.mywegmansconnect.com.

How to Log In to MyWegmansConnect.

Visit www.mywegmansconnect.com to log in to your Wegmans Employee Account.

When accessing the employee website, you will be redirected to a login.microsoftonline.com webpage.

Don’t be alarmed! Thas IS the correct MyWegmansConnect login page.

Locate the login boxes on the right hand of the scree, beneath the red Office 365 logo.

Enter your username with @wegmans.com after it, in the ‘Email or Phone’ box. An example would be 123456@wegmans.com.

There is also a box for your password, but you don’t have to enter your Wegman’s password at this time. Simply hit enter or tab on the keyboard to move to the next step.

Your username will carry over from the login screen to the ‘Wegmans Veggies’ page. On this page, enter your password, then click on ‘Sign In’ to log in to My Wegmans Connect.

How to Register or Recover a MyWegmansConnect Account.

If for some reason, you cannot access your Wegmans Employee Account, you will need to recover it with your Employee User ID. An User ID will have been given to you as a new Wegmans Employee.

Click on the ‘Can’t access your account?’ link on the login page.

You will see two options: ‘Personal Account’ or ‘School or Work Account’.

Choose the ‘School or Work Account’ and enter your Wegmans UserID on the next screen, and solve the CAPTCHA. The CAPTCHA can be tricky. Please take note of upper-case letters and lower-case letters. Click on the refresh button, to get a new CAPTCHA to solve.

Your account login information will then be emailed to your address on file.

To register a new account, you will also need to access the ‘Can’t access your account?’ link. Enter you UserID and you will be taken to a page where you can enter additional information.

Wegmans Careers Benefits.

As an employee at Wegmans you can enjoy a variety of benefits, including:

  • Dental coverage
  • 401(k) retirement savings plan
  • Wegmans retirement plan
  • Scholarship competition
  • Paid vacation
  • Medical spending and dependent care reimbursement accounts
  • Life insurance
  • Adoption distance

Wegman’s offer two different health plans for employees:  A traditional PPO plan with low deductibles or an HSP with a lower weekly cost and  company match to a Health Savings Account.

Dental plans covers cleanings, fillings, crowns and braces.

Wegman’s also offer screenings and coaching from in-house pharmacists and health tips from Wegmans Registered Dieticians.

Wegman’s Financial Benefits.

Wegman’s in addition offer these financial rewards or benefits for employees.

  • Starting pay rates are equal to or greater than those of competitors.
  • Premium pay above your base rate for hourly employees, who work on a Sunday or a recognized holiday.
  • Regular, scheduled pay increases throughout your time with Wegmans.
  • Career development programs.
  • 401(k) plans that match 50% of your contribution up to 6% of your pay.
  • The Wegmans Retirement Plan contribution.
  • Discounts on mobile phone services, personal computers, and tickets to movies and amusement parks.

How much do Wegmans Employees get paid?

The average pay in 2016 for Wegmans workers was:

The average salary for a full-time customer service employee: $34,884  or $16.77 per hour.
The average salary for a store department manager $62,945 or $30.26 per hour.
The percentage of employees who are female: 53%
The percentage of employees who work part-time: 64%
The percentage of workers receiving health insuranc: 85%

The average pay for part-time employees is lower, typically 9-12$ per hour. Starting pay for high school workers is  7.25$ per hour.

Part-time employees who work more than 30 hours a week and full-time employees are offered health insurance.

Wegmans Contacts.

Wegmans Headquarters Address:

1500 Brooks Ave PO Box 30844

Rochester, NY 14603-0844

United States


Wegmans Headquarters Phone Number: 1-585-328-2550

Wegmans Toll-Free Number: 1-800-934-6267 (1-800-WEGMANS), ext. 4760.

Wegmans Fax Number: 1-585-464-4669

Wegman’s Resources.

Wegmans Careers and Jobs

Wegmans Available Jobs

MyWegmansConnect Sign In

Wegman’s on Facebook

Wegman’s Perks at Work.

Please add your experiences with, or complaints about, the MyWegmansConnect website in the comment section.

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  1. I am a new employee, unable to access the site as an employee. Need help! Orientation should include a computer there to do this when the assistance is readily available and the information is fresh.

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